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JJ-TRR-03 Rescuing a Jet Dalmatian

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    JJ-TRR-03 Rescuing a Jet Dalmatian

    JJ-TRR-03 Rescuing a Jet Dalmatian.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 18th, 2020

    Chapter One: Talk!

    Within Badge's team bus, the black jackal called Noose was tied to a chair facing down the entire Roller Rovers street hockey team. Goldrush growled, "You are wearing Jet's Hockey Team icon, scum bucket! What did you do with him?"

    Noose replied, "This is an anti-cop medallion! It protects me from cops! Do your worst, loser!"

    Walda stepped forward with an Iron Hockey Stick in hand. "His street name is Noose. I dated this guy way back before High Jackal Hell took over the Southern Warehouse district. He was decent back then before he got involved with Scimitar whom drugged him up. When Noose tried to escape from the gang, they caught him and had him under house arrest in their secret lair." She then squatted down and looked Noose in the eye. "Goldy didn't lie to you, Noose, but Scimitar obviously did. He set you up to have an encounter with our team. This icon forces you to play with our team and win one game minimum in order to earn your freedom. You traded one cage for another. Now please... just tell us where the Jackal Warehouse Lair is. We have been looking for it for some time. Or do we have to get Mallard's reserve team down here? Hellfire Duck hasn't taken anyone to Hell in a while!"

    Flash then said, "Jet is a decently nice boy, Noose. We love him. Please tell us where Scimitar is holding him. Just name your price within reason."

    Noose was still resisting until Mrs. Jenkins walked into their midst and she aimed her government issue pistol at Noose's groin. "Tell me where my son is at or else I shoot Mister Happy right off your groin!" Noose's eyes bugged out when saw this female demon with a weapon aimed at his sheath! "I'll talk! I'll talk!" And boy, did he!

    Shade shook her head. "That is your solution to everything, isn't it, Mrs. Jenkins?"

    "No male wants to lose their Mister Happy. And this Scimitar fucker is sure to lose his when I shoot him in the groin for defiling my son."

    Badge said, "You cannot just keep scaring the locals with your appearance, ma'am. Why did you come out here?"

    Mrs. Jenkins replied, "My bosses want an update on the Roller Rovers police dog project."

    Badge growled, "Can't they suck their own cocks without bothering us?"

    And then Butch entered the team bus with Yeti. "Noose... Do you really want Faraduck to have to come back up here? Or even Honeypuff?"

    Upon seeing Butch, Noose caved in and revealed where the main clubhouse warehouse was located at. "Scimitar's M.O. is to latch on to a new catch, invite them inside to party with him and share some of his candy and alcoholic sex drugged drink. When the victim is doped up on the drink, he has them inhale a medicinal powder which automatically floors the victim. The street clothes come off and after scent marking the new gang member, Scimitar gets the new recruit pregnant and then he leaves the victim in his underground drug dungeon. If the victim survives that, then the now fucked up gang member is trained to perform as the others do and later they get their proving mission: steal one item out of a cop's own office at police headquarters. If you're caught, then not their problem. But the victim is trained to protect the Jackals home base at all costs. Meaning if the recruit is caught, they are on their own until they escape. I got caught during my first outing and a doctor gave me an experimental medicine that made me immune to Cocaine over time. After that, Scimitar had me locked up nearly all the time since I had been trying to escape from him. Wear your gas masks if you intend to go in there or else you can forget about sports, because you will be as high as the jackal gang usually are. You might even try to have sex with your own teammates. If you can think of a drug, they are sure to have it in that place."

    Goldrush said, "I blew it with Jet and now I have to rescue him."

    Badge then said, "Its worse than that, guys. If they removed his Double 'R' bracelet, then we have to reach him before twenty-four hours passes or else Scimitar will find a scent marked naked human boy in his dungeon. Remember how Myst reacted upon first seeing a furless naked boy? Scimitar is sure to kill his prisoner at that point."

    Butch said, "I am going to need my father's bullet-proof cod piece if that's the case."

    Walda said to Mrs. Jenkins. "We'll get him back. I promise."

    Badge said, "Since we're about to hit the mother load gang headquarters, I need to call in our allies. I promised these guys if we ever got the goods on where this place was, I'd call them in. And believe me, nearly every gang in Los Angeleos will thank us for dealing with this. My team are good, but they are not good enough to do this solo."

    Mrs. Jenkins then said, "Can't we get Jet back here through the alternate method, Badge? You once said that you had to do that with Devil a few times."

    Badge nodded his head. "Yes, but we need his Double 'R' bracelet, ma'am. Only his will work for him. If he reverts while pregnant then the shock of being with pups in his body will tear him apart and none of our doctors will want to operate on a demon. So we still have to make the trip."

    Mrs. Jenkins said, "Get my son back here and I'll guard him while trying to get the scent marking odor off of him. And believe me... I think I know of a solution."

    Badge said, "No homemade cures, ma'am. Your son isn't a human at the moment."

    Mrs. Jenkins grinned. "You leave that up to me or else I shoot your Mister Happy."

    Shade whispered to Junkyard, "I swear... that is her answer to everything. I have to wonder how many males in her home dimension still have Mister Happies."

    Junkyard just shuddered at the thought of losing his baby maker after having had to get a detox at the hospital.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Convergence.

    Down in High Jackal Hell territory, the largest collection of gangs and law groups ever seen arrived from all directions as they met within range of the warehouse stronghold.

    Mallard Thunderbeak looked to his male team member whom wore the cowboy duds. "Flame on, Hellfire. We need to find Jet."

    Maverick Rhone transformed into his demonic flaming alter ego as he smiled. "I remember what the nice doggy smells like and what his aura is like! Prepare to follow me!" And he stalked toward the warehouse doors and as he laid his hands upon the outer doors, the entire door lit up outside and within in an unholy flaming light as an opening formed within the doors themselves. Hellfire Duck then stalked inside where upon gunfire was heard immediately. Carla McCall fired her stun grenade launcher over Hellfire's head and into the middle of the warehouse where a magnificent blast of light and stun gas went off which caused the gunfire to cease instantly. The gangs in gas masks then raided the warehouse as Goldrush and Badge searched for the trapdoor that had to lead to the basement prison. Mallard announced, "Watch where you're standing!" And he lifted his hand into the air as the floors buckled from one of his powers and that permitted Goldie and Badge to locate the trap door which they pulled open.

    While this was going on, more Jackals were showing up to defend the warehouse headquarters and most came to a hurried stop when they saw Honeypuff of the Molasses Marauders standing next to Dracos of the Gladiator Dragons. Two of the biggest gang leaders in Los Angeleos.

    From the basement, a shout went up. "Found him!" Another shout stated, "Got the Double R wristband!" In a now lit corner, Scimitar was wishing he could phase through the metal wall to get away from Hellfire whom was bearing down on him. "Tonight it ends, Kieth! I have the keys to Hell!" Bodily functions were heard from that corner as well as a blood curdling scream!

    Outside the warehouse, those waiting saw Goldrush carrying a really messed up Blue-Tick Dalmatian out of the Warehouse and then he laid Jet down on a stretcher as he stood guard over his teammate/cousin. Mallard then came out and knelt down next to Jet as he laid his hands upon Jet's nose and muzzle and he activated one of his magical powers to reverse what the drugs had done to Jet's insides. Some pretty nasty looking powder and fluids emerged backwards out of Jet's nose and open muzzle as the gunk was collected within an evidence container.

    Mallard said, "I've done what I can do, Goldie. Now he just needs to be detoxed of the Jackal urine."

    Badge emerged as he opened the team bus and went inside with the Double-R wristband. "Stupid jackal... he broke the wristband. Now I have to repair it or transfer Jet's genetic programming into a new wristband. And I cannot miss even a speck of the coding or Jet might lose his sexy Dalmatian form when he reverts."

    One of Faraduck's medical officers carefully examined Jet's prone and scent marked body. "Good news, Goldrush... Jet is not pregnant. He dodged that bullet." And then the officer backed off since Goldrush was in protective mode.

    Hellfire then handed Scimitar over to the police before he stepped over to where Jet lay out in the open. "Goldrush... There might be something I can do to get rid of the scent marking if you permit me to do this."

    Goldrush sighed. "I just feel like this outing is all my fault. What's that? Oh sure... go ahead, Hellfire. Just remember that his mom loves to shoot Mister Happies off." And then he stepped out of the way to let Hellfire do whatever it was he was planning on doing.

    Hellfire then leaned over Jet as he glowed with a pure white flame that had wisps of mountain stream blue mixed in as he enveloped Jet's entire body in what Jet if he were awake would swear felt like ice water. Hellfire kept this going for nearly an hour before he withdrew the white flame entirely as he stood up and said, "No more stink. But he should take a serious bath regardless once he gets a chance. His lungs and stomach should also be pumped professionally."

    Goldrush leaned in and he did a test sniff. "Thanks, Hellfire. I owe you one. Now if Badge can get the wrist transformer repaired all will be well again."

    After another hour, Badge came out and he helped Goldrush to move Jet aboard the team bus where they could fit the wristband back on his left arm. Badge asked with a smile, "Remember what you had me do to Jet's clothes when we first met him?"

    Goldrush replied, "Yes, I had you dedicate his human clothes into the team uniform so the clothes would make the change when he did. What of it?" And then the light came on in his eyes. "Let me guess, you activated the self repair feature in the wristband and then you had it activate so it would repair itself. Right?"

    Badge said, "Absolutely right, Goldie. That way I didn't have to replace the wristband at all. And Jet gets to keep the sexy Dalmatian. Nice job in getting the scent marking off of him."

    Goldrush grinned. "Hellfire did that after Mallard siphoned all of he alcohol and drug dust out of Jet's nose and muzzle. Hellfire suggested that Jet get a professional pumping anyway."

    Badge patted Goldrush on he shoulder. "One of Faraduck's medical officers told me that Jet dodged getting pregnant. He got lucky."

    Goldrush smiled. "He told me that as I watched him check Jet's body."

    Jet without opening his eyes said, "My eyes are stinging and I feel that I need to throw up."

    Badge said, "We rescued you, Jet. And now we need to get you over to the hospital so we can have the doctors give your eyes a professional washing and we need to have them pump your stomach properly to remove any leftover alcohol and Dream Dust that might be stuck in your body still. Goldrush found out that you are not his son and that was why he was avoiding you earlier. It wasn't because he disliked you; but your mom had implied that he might be your father in a new body. But we ran a test and we learned that he isn't."

    Goldrush said, "I didn't want to get you pregnant if it proved that I was your father, Jet. I still love you very much. Now I think we need to get you over to the hospital. Your mom is waving around that gun of hers. She wants to shoot Mister Happies, something fierce."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Recovering in the Dark.

      At the Roverside Hospital, the doctors finished cleaning out Jet's lungs and stomach. And then they flushed his eyes out with a anti-irritant eye healing fluid before they covered both eyes with gauze and bandages. The head doctor then said to Badge, "The eye gauze should stay on for twenty-four hours minimum. No light should be permitted to strike his retinas. I realize that this will prevent him from playing Quad Hockey, but he had a very close call, Badge. Let him heal. And that's an order."

      As Jet was resting in his hospital room, he heard someone come into his recovery room and close the door after telling someone to stand guard.

      Then he heard the person right next to his bed. "So you are Badge's newest catch. And further word we have is that you are a demon. If the hospital hadn't sent us word of your accident, we wouldn't have known that this was going on. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Animos Army General Cosmo Firemoon. I know you probably have questions that Badge won't tell you and that is why I am here now. You see, you are not the first demon that Badge has brought over from Earth. Here is how the spiel usually goes... Devil, the team recruiter, escapes to Earth and locates a person that Badge and his boys have had their eyes on. He tricks them into accepting a Team Icon that is prepared for a new Quad Hockey player. The icon is not Devil's original Team Icon. Then a signal is sent back to Badge and they wait ten minutes before Badge activates the emergency transporter to transfer their latest catch back to the team bus where it is explained that in order to go home, the recruit has to help them to win one game. But as you found out when you made the crossing, you are a reserve player. Unless one the others gets penalized, you may never get to play. After becoming your Animos form a set number of times, you lose the ability to resume your original species, which they make final by helping you to get pregnant at least once. Aside from Devil and Badge, I don't know whom else is in on this scam."

      Jet replied, "My mother is ex-military back home... and she has threatened to shoot Badge's Mister Happy if anything bad happened to me while I was helping his team here in Animos."

      Cosmo chuckled. "An inventive punishment from someone whom has dealt with the military in some way, shape or form."

      Jet then asked, "The Dimension technology that Badge has in the team bus... since he is a normal police officer, how does he even have access to such technology?"

      Cosmo replied, "Sadly, there is only one way he could have gotten such tech without the Animos government knowing about it... it has to be stolen tech that he and his department came into the possession of during a raid on a criminal lair. Once he learned what it could be used for, the forbidden fruit was too great to resist. It is like how he just happens to have access to Transdogrifier Mist tablets that is normally only available to the former Road Rovers team. And then there was the issue where the tablet you swallowed was contaminated with an Animos Heat inducer which activated whenever you were in the local form. The Shaman eventually contacted us to let us know that Badge had done it again to a pretty nice young demon. When we get a report of a demon, the report does not usually say that the demon was pretty nice. You are the first to have this said about them."

      Jet slyly grinned. "Is my local form too sexy?"

      Cosmo pulled the covers down on the bed and he was soon heard releasing a slow breath from his muzzle. "I don't know where Badge got this form from, but I have never seen a sexy stud of a Dalmatian in your colors before in all my life. And further, word is that you have an ambassadorial honest disposition about you so when you meet others in the field, they just want to be friends with you. Even when they find out that you are a demon, they still want to be friendly to you. Tell me, has Badge given you any police training yet?"

      Jet sighed. "He said he wanted to and then I got distracted with another roller hockey player in Chino Hills. Thank goodness it wasn't a rover or else I might have gotten pregnant for sure. And I have school to resume in a few days. I like the Roller Rovers when they are able to keep their focus, but as Walda often says, Privates need to be bashed if the gay stuff isn't toned down. Apparently she had an ex-boyfriend whom went homo on her. I feel I can trust Walda for support in this world. She is the Wall."

      Cosmo pulled the covers back over Jet's body. "It is good to have someone you can trust on the inside. In regards to school, what was the plan in regards to your schooling on behalf of Badge? He obviously wanted you on his hockey team, but was he going to let you school on Earth or did he suggest you try for a local school as I fear he might have suggested to you?"

      Jet sighed. "You nailed it again, General Cosmo, sir. He suggested that I try to get enrolled at either Angel Grove High in Garden Grove or at Anaheim High in Mighty Duck territory. But he was pushing for Angel Grove High since he said Nosedive was looking at my butt. I think Badge told Wildwing that I was from Earth. The ducks are okay in my opinion. I have to wonder why Badge is worried about my attending Anaheim High School. He wasn't acting suspicious before Junkyard got his emergency detox. But afterwards... it was like he was looking over his shoulder a lot. As if a superior had given him a firm warning about something."

      Cosmo smiled at that statement. "I recently asked Badge's boss if the illegally acquired government dimensional technology devices had been shipped back to our government compound and he stated that Badge had not finished examining the equipment as yet. Keep in mind that he has had this device for over five years, Jet. Any other detective would have written a report on it after a day and shipped the goods back to the government. As I said before, Badge got tempted by the forbidden fruit. Donatello of the Ninja Turtles team told us that a civilian should not have ultra-dimensional access devices for even one hour. And as I told you, Badge has been playing with this one for over five years."

      Out in the hallway, a small ruckus was heard. "The doc said I could visit with my team mate, Jet. Either you get out of the way or else I will shoot your Mister Happy off."

      Cosmo smirked. "Don't tell Goldie what we were talking about. He is in Badge's back pocket. or in his bed, as the rumors go. I better take my leave now. I look forward toward seeing you out and about soon. You're an okay demon." And Cosmo was heard leaving the room to save his guard from Goldrush and Shade. The black border collie was holding the gun at the moment. "Come along, guard. Jet is cleared. But his place of schooling should be his choice; not the team manager's choice." And he departed with his colleague.

      Shade watched the military general stud of a Hellhound cowboy type depart. "Goldie... that hound was Animos Army General Cosmo Firemoon with Federal Investigators of Animos, the FIA. I barely recognized him dressed in civilian clothes like that."

      Goldie said, "I wonder why he wanted to speak with Jet. Anyway, let's get in there."

      The two entered Jet's bedroom to find him not only out of bed but in the process of removing the eye gauze bandages from his eyes. "I know I am supposed to be healing but I just remembered that by using the Double R wristband I would be instantly healed as I returned to my normal identity. The doctor told Badge to let me rest and then that guy was let in."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Suspicions Aroused.

        Jet tapped the Double R's on the watch band and he changed into his human form as he checked out every part of his human clothes while Shade and Goldrush guarded the door. Then Jet reached over and touched the Double R's on his wristband which began his Transdogrifier gas transformation as his entire body transformed into his male Blue-tick Dalmatian CanoSapien form standing at 6'2" tall with a blackish-blue overcoat and having light grey star-shaped spots across his athletic body while his socks were dark grey. He had retained his bright blue eyes however as his tail wagged freely behind him. He then checked out his team uniform once again and he made damned sure his eyesight was up to par by reading an eye chart.

        "Lets go find the doc so I can get signed out of here."

        Finding the doctor was not an issue and getting him to authorize Jet's release was also not a problem especially with Shade aiming the military pistol at the doctor's groin. Shade remarked, "You told Badge to let Jet rest and heal and then you let that government investigator into Jet's room. Obviously you broke your own rules that you told Badge. Now we are taking Jet back home."

        The doctor remarked, "He flashed his government ID in my face, Shade. I obeyed his request because I didn't want to lose my medical license. The one you need to shoot is that local shaman whom called the government after the tribal cure was applied to your friend. General Cosmo mentioned several times that the shaman was the one whom called them. Jet is a demon of some sort, isn't he? His eyes are just so unnaturally blue for reasons I cannot fathom."

        Jet quietly told the doctor about how he was part of a police project that the Mighty Ducks knew about which permitted the use of a law-abiding demon to assist them with cases which was beyond their normal ability to handle. Without saying as much, it was the Roller Rover project program in reverse that his mom came up with.

        After that, Goldie, Shade and Jet departed the hospital. Once they were in Walda's sports car, the conversation started. Walda was behind the wheel while the others talked.

        "What did Firemoon want with you, Jet?" asked Goldie as he sat next to the boy turned Dalmatian.

        Jet explained how the dimensional tech that Badge was using was stolen government technology that the Ninja Turtles had helped the government to develop. Badge had legally found it in a gang's warehouse but then instead of returning it to the government, he began experimenting with it. And thus started his recruiting of Earth people to join his roller hockey team. He then directed a question to Walda whom was driving. "Walda? How many former Roller Rovers can you recall whom are mysteriously no longer with the team?"

        Walda stopped the car at a caution light and said, "At least six. You were lucky number seven, Jet. But we like you. The others had worse problems than what we suspected of Devil."

        Jet then asked, "How many Roller Rovers were with Badge when you first joined the team, Walda?"

        Walda replied, "Aside from Badge whom was calling himself Pro at the time, it was Devil the Doberman and the former goalie, a large Beagle named Cooler. He wore the black leather jacket and everything. After I got signed up with the team, Cooler mysteriously disappeared. Pro said that the guy had fulfilled his temporary contract with the team and was released. Later on, before Shade was hired, there were two others whom temporarily filled in for us until Badge could get a permanent player to fill that position. There was a Sheep Dog named Trip and an Irish Wolfhound named Herder. Trip often made High Jackal Hell super jealous since he often smelled like better drugs than they could get. Herder was all the time on the phone once he learned a few important phone numbers. I never learned whom he was calling. But it angered Badge something fierce whom told me that it was time for Herder to go. Then we got Junkyard and Shade at nearly the same time."

        Shade then added, "I recall the next three. One was threatened by Junkyard to keep away from his tail. Wily was an English Fox whom looked like he had been crossed with an American Coyote. Even I couldn't stand him. He was nice to Walda and myself; but then he was all the time trying to sample Junkyard's tush. Junky told Pro to replace the asshole or deal with a mangled corpse. The one whom Flash replaced later on was another female, a French-Canadian Poodle named Fifi. Gods, her perfume was always so freaking loud. She could embarrass normal poodles. Pro had all he could stand of her when she refused to wash herself before a game. And finally, the canine whom was replaced by Goldie... a giant Southern Bloodhound named Logic. Pro threatened to kill Logic if he didn't stay out of his police business. That bloodhound was far smarter than Pro gave him credit for and he knew the game better as well."

        Goldie then said, "Once Pro had the full current team put together, he said that we needed extra players to step in when we made a foul on the roller court. The one before you, Jet, was another female, a Tibetan Mastiff whom was fluent in Chinese. She looked like someone had crossed a maned lion with a shaggy dog. When she would get upset with Pro, the Chinese filth flew and I don't mean howdy. Flash and I were all the time using the Internet to see what some of those words meant. One word translated to an unwashed Yeti's bottom. Pro later told us after she left that she had bailed on her contract and he was having trouble getting her back as if she could defy the technology he used to find new players. And then you arrived, Jet. And we all took to you instantly."

        Jet then asked, "When did Pro decide to use the Roller Rovers as law enforcement? Because according to your telling, he got mad when the Bloodhound was doing that very thing and that wasn't that long ago."

        Walda said, "Devil told me that Pro had been considering it before Logic attempted to do it on his own. Pro didn't want hot shot loners on the team. There is no I in team. Most of us got a training outing with the Mighty Ducks days before you arrived, Jet. And that's another thing... just before a new player arrived, Devil would go AWOL only to turn up later with apologies for being gone and a promise to do better later on. I didn't put two and two together until now."

        Goldie looked understandably upset. Shade remarked, "So they have been doing this since the beginning five years ago. I so want to shoot Pro's Mister Happy."

        Goldie said, "So what do we do?"

        Jet said, "We confide in Cosmo Firemoon. He has been investigating demon sightings in Animos and he's had his eye on Pro since the stolen tech was reportedly found but not returned."

        Walda said, "Then a detour to the local military base is in order since that was direction Firemoon headed in when he left the hospital."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Military Backing.

          At the front gates of the local military base, Jet spoke to the gate guard, a sexy looking Sea Otter. "We need to speak to Firemoon about his investigation. Just tell him that Jet the Dalmatian is waiting at the front gates. Otherwise... you are one hot otter, sir."

          The male Otter officer seemed to blush since he had been trying not to display an erection for Jet himself. He got on the base radio and sent the word to General Firemoon.

          When the otter stud officer finished he leaned in close to Jet and he kissed him on the cheek. "A shame no one like you was around before I went into boot camp. The name is Lou Trainer. I get Thursdays off if you're free to play with a frisky otter."

          Walda had that look on her muzzle as if she wanted to bash the otter's privates. Shade muttered, "Not this time, Walda. We don't need to be in trouble with the military."

          Thankfully, Cosmo Firemoon arrived at the gates where he saw what the otter officer was in the process of doing. "Getting fresh with my contact, officer?"

          Lou replied, "Sorry sir... It's just that I've never seen anyone as arousing as him before. Now that you are here, I will return to my post." He was blushing again as he looked to Jet. "I am sorry for being so forward in front of your lady friends. I am bisexual and it has been weeks since I have been on any kind of date at all." He straightened up and he returned to his gate post.

          Cosmo leaned in and looked at Jet, Goldrush, Shade and Walda. "You look like you pulled an instant heal after I left. I assume you have some more information for me in regards to the Badge case. Lay it on me, Jet."

          Jet replied, "These three are teammates of mine whom I trust and they verified what you suspected in more detail than I knew of. They will take turns explaining what they know of the weeks before I arrived. I think you might find it interesting, especially with the Chinese canine lady whom told Badge off in her native language."

          The next few minutes were repeating what had been said before. Parts of the information made the general smile since a civilian police dog was getting the brunt of it. Cosmo then asked, "Did the former players ever try to tell you where they had come from?"

          Goldie remarked, "The ones I knew never confided in me or else they were warned not to." Shade confirmed that statement. "They never told me anything either." Walda then smiled. "I threated to bash a few of the males in the balls if they weren't honest with me and one did break type and he told me that Badge had summoned him to this weird world using his device which he was using to try to find Devil. Again, now that I recall... it was almost the same story you told, Jet. Except Devil returned on his own sometime later, rather than his being killed temporarily after tricking you."

          Cosmo looked as is he was grinding his teeth within his closed muzzle. "That many recruits? And all of them except Jet are unaccounted for? This is serious business. Badge is enough trouble for lying to everyone. From your telling, the team icon allows the machine to find you guys if you try to get out of your contracts. And in the case of Devil, it always works. All of a sudden, the Chinese player goes AWOL and Badge cannot locate her and gives up trying to. What that tells me is that Badge arranged for her to either get shipped home one-way or he sent her over to our version of China. I hope the former or else their anti-demon division will be calling the Animos government in America to ask what we are doing."

          Jet then said, "Lou Trainer, the otter officer, wants to date me on his next day off. I think you need to have a talk with him so he doesn't get in trouble with a nice young demon whom is trying to help you close the Badge case."

          Cosmo grinned as he glanced over at Lou. "He is a decent guy, Jet. He prefers his dates to be in public. No behind the door stuff with him. The last time he went on a date, he took the girl to a restaurant and then they hit a dance club where the ex-boyfriend of the lady butted in and tried to black Lou's eye before nearly getting the whey beat out of him by an officer with Martial arts training. Then the girl told Lou he was a cad for trying to kill her friend. Sadly, the manager had seen everything and he sided with Lou as he kicked the girl and her staging goon out of the club. Lou was invited back anytime he wanted as long as he wasn't with that slut. Exact words. He was depressed upon returning to the base and he stayed that way until today... when he met you, Jet. As I said at the hospital... you seem to have that diplomatic aura around you. New people just want to be friends with you."

          Jet said, "We have a roller hockey game tonight over in Otterside, literally your backyard, sir. Butch is supposed to come to the game with his neighborhood watch group so they can speak to Detective Faraduck about gang related activities. While we are all inside playing the game, along with Badge, you could investigate the team bus where he has his dimensional labs set up in the back of the bus. And if he catches you in there, then you can put him on the spot when you reveal that you are with the government and how your superiors want their dimensional technology returned to them. He will likely shat himself when you drop the truth on him. However... I assume you have met Badge before, right? Something in your story at the hospital suggests to me that you know Badge."

          Cosmo then explained quietly to the hockey players how he knew of Badge. "The Badge I met when I accidentally ended up on Earth about a decade ago proved to be a human young man whom was helping the Road Rovers to upgrade their team into the new Night Pack after Parvo blew up their old base. When I mentioned how our own Road Rovers were out of work, he offered to help me to get the Animos Rovers upgraded into the Animos Night Pack. I then learned that he had the ability to transform into a German Shepherd Cano-Sapien. He made the trip to Animos with me and we got the Road Rovers of Animos upgraded into the Night Pack with the assistance of Ardens Pizza. Badge then return to Earth to team up with his own new team. And then a year later, I heard that a civilian detective named Badge had been helping the police in Otterside. At first, I thought it was my old associate returned, except he promised to send me word if he ever made the crossing again. And he hadn't. So I began to investigate the new Badge whom was also a German Shepherd. The big difference was that before he got the illegal dimensional equipment, his background always suggested that he was an Animos citizen and he had seen the other badge in action and wanted to be a detective like him. So he had his name legally changed to Badge and he got his detective license. Not long after that, I got word that he was putting together a roller hockey team. And you know the rest."

          Walda growled when she learned this newest information. "I think you should confiscate the government equipment and authorize Jet and his mom to continue to use what they have of it at the Pride house. Then you can book Badge on the charges of government theft since he has had this machine for over five years and it doesn't take that long to write a report on recovered goods. As for our team, we can run the team ourselves. As for Devil... as long as he fessed up, he could stay on the team. I think we are all tired of the lies. Jet knows the game better than Badge does and he can keep his eye on everything that is occurring on the roller court. He's a natural and that's another reason we all like him."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Recovering Stolen Property.

            After returning home, Jet had his Fallen Angel friends promise not to go anywhere with Badge over the weekend since the manager was under investigation by the Animos government and then he informed his mother about what was going down in Animos before finishing his dinner and heading off to join Goldrush and the others for a night of roller hockey in Otterside.

            Aside from his misadventure in Jackal territory and the trip to the military base, this was the furthest away from the home base he had ever been with the team. The Roller Rovers would be facing off against the Oceanside Otters. Unlike some of the other teams they faced, the otters were clean players and played by the book. However, as often was the case when they hit a new arena, Jet drew a crowd unintentionally. Players and spectators alike gathered around him simply because he was like a runway model that just arrived from Hollywood and Vine or New York. His sexy stud looks struck again. Not to mention his soft spoken voice was pleasing to hear. After the spectators cleared away, Jet spoke to the referee about his ability to divide his attention all over the court and he willingly gave the referee a short lesson in how to do this before he returned to the Rovers sidelines where he raised his stick and shouted, "Rovers! Roll!" And then he sat down to watch the opening shot. Devil was seated next to him also a member of the reserve players.

            "So that's your version of the Roller Rovers battle call, is it? The old one, coined by Flash, went something like Run 'em Over! Rovers! Yours sounds better."

            Jet whom was still focusing on the open court said to Devil. "I know I am not wearing your old icon, Devil. So fess up and tell me the truth so you don't take a fall later. How long has Badge been recruiting humans from Earth to use as his personal gang army? I know you are the recruiter. That former Chinese player must have been a paw full to deal with, right?"

            Before he could stop himself, Devil replied, "She sure put Badge in his place before he sent her back to Earth and-" he then caught on to what Jet was saying and how the Dalmatian shouldn't even have known about what went on before he arrived. "I'm sorry, Jet. I cannot say any more without my lawyer."

            Jet turned to focus on Devil as he grabbed him by the shoulders and squeezed hard. "I had a visitation by the Animos Military Core while I was in the hospital. They are investigating Badge as we speak. Unless you want to go down the toilet with him, then fess up. Otherwise, the team will lose you when the government raids the Roller Rovers next weekend." Not exactly the truth, but if Devil thought he had time to save some face, he might talk. Devil was starting to get up to leave, but Jet wasn't finished with him yet. "If you leave this arena to go talk to Badge or to go find your lawyer, then don't bother coming back. Walda said that as long as you fessed up, you would be forgiven and could stay on the team. Otherwise, she wants to decimate your privates in private. I already know about Cooler, Trip, Herder, Wily, Fifi and Logic. They had enough to start their own team. So are you going to fess up or go AWOL for your own safety. And I already informed my mother about what was going down, so if you show up there, your Mister Happy is as good as gone."

            Devil sat back down since Jet was on the hot seat with the Animos Government and that wasn't fair to the sexy Dalmatian. "Okay, you got me. But don't expect me to repeat this in a court of law without my lawyer present. I will agree to be under house arrest with your mother as long as you don't let Pro strangle me. My real street name was Newsy and I was one of many information brokers in Los Angeleos. Before you ask, an information broker is someone whom can get information in not so desired methods and sell that information to the paying customer; sort of like the early paparazzi that you might have heard about. When I met Pro, I had about to get my life taken away from me for selling unreliable information which was correct when I learned of it, but by the time the gang boss tried to make use of the information, the conditions had changed, so he thought that I sold him out. Pro was a former gang leader from Torrance whose real street name had been Arsonator and he hated the police. After the cops broke up his former gang, he laid low for a while reinventing his image as well as trying to come up with a new street name. He had a chance to see the Night Pack hero called Badge in action and that gave him a wild idea on how to remake his gang; he would legally change his name to Badge and then he would get his legal detective license and pretend to be a goody-goody for a while during his recruiting phase. He lucked out after he had come into possession of the Dimensional Portal technology that the government had developed with the Ninja Turtles' direct assistance. Problem is, Pro couldn't make heads nor tails out of the programming code. He decided to hire an information broker to help him. But none of the others wanted anything to do with a cop; his disguise, remember? And then he came upon me about to die; the gang leader fled when he saw Pro with his badge and gun out. He then told me that by saving my life, I owed him a big favor or else he would shoot me himself. And that's how I ended up on his pay roll. I recognized him on sight and I wanted nothing to do with a gang leader whom would burn people to death - alive - while they slept. His former gang were the ones responsible for Butch's family dying in the apartment building fire. The rest of the gang were caught but as you can see, Arsonator himself, got away."

            Jet couldn't help but to feel sorry for Devil at that point. The Doberman was under a life debt to a complete scum bucket whom didn't even deserve the name he was using. "As long as you told me the truth, I'll vouch for you in front of General Firemoon whom is based nearby. We are literally in his back yard."

            Devil fainted when he heard how close the military inquiry were at that moment.

            Shade whom was close to Jet's benched rolled over and asked, "What happened to him, Jet?"

            Jet replied, "He is under protective custody for now. Not a word of this to Mister Fake Badge. I found out his real street name from Devil whom was once called Newsy."

            Shade quietly muttered, "The information broker? Word on the street is that he died at the paws of a gang leader."

            Jet said, "Badge was originally a gang leader from Torrance whose gang got busted up by the police and that should tell you whom the team is working for."

            Shade quietly replied, "Butch won't like hearing that. And he's right over there in the bleachers with Faraduck."

            Jet asked, "So where is Fake Badge?"

            Shade replied, "He is out in the team bus trying to locate the female player before you signed on, he said."

            Jet exclaimed, "Devil just told me that Badge sent her back to Earth, Shade! Badge is recruiting again!"

            At that moment out in the team bus, a confrontation was about to erupt in horrible ways. Cosmo Firemoon along with a S.W.A.T. team of armored officers entered the team bus and they slowly made their way back to the labs in the back of the bus. The door was open and Cosmo heard Badge saying, "A perfect Hockey player for our team. I am growing tired of dealing with Jet's mother and that means as good as Jet is, he has to go."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Combat and Explosions.

              Cosmo knowing how to use the equipment better than Badge thought he himself did, reached a hand inside the door and he pulled the emergency power cell out of the Dimensional Portal device which caused all of the lights on Badge's console as well as the viewing monitor to suddenly go black on him. Cosmo exclaimed, "Pro or whomever you really are! You are under government arrest! Don't pull anything funny and you might live through this! Albeit in prison!"

              Badge smirked as he used his foot to unlatch a trap door in the bus' floor under the lab. "You think you are so clever, don't you? I've been fighting since you were a pup." And without warning he jumped down through the opening in the lab floor before closing the hatch and beginning to make good his escape. But he came to a stop when he noticed that the rest of the S.W.A.T. officers were all over the parking lot and armed to the teeth. "FREEZE! OR ELSE WE OPEN FIRE!" Badge then showed them a remote control box and said, "There's enough explosives in this bus to level Otterside! So just let me get out of here or else I'll push the button!"

              Cosmo grinned from the door to the bus as he held what looked like a detonator circuit in his paw hand. "Go ahead and push the button. We would rather have taken you alive, but if its a corpse you want to be, then so be it. By the way, in order for you to have been doing this since I was a pup, then you would have to be over two hundred years old. I am a Hellhound."

              Badge was frantically trying to push the button but when nothing happened, he turned his head and saw what Cosmo was holding. "I surrender!"

              As Cosmo and the officers slowly approached Badge's position, Badge using his foot pulled a manual override switch inside the escape hole under the bus and hearing the tell-tale click, Cosmo barely had time to shout, "HIT THE DIRT!" And he and the other officers dropped to the ground just in time as the entire bus erupted in a massive atomic blast that destroyed the team bus, a great chunk of the parking lot, several nearby buildings, the Hockey arena, nearby homes and Badge as well. Thankfully being a Friday night, most citizens were off at a theater to the south of Otterside to watch the grand premiere of a movie they had been waiting to see.

              Inside the arena, when the blast occurred, Jet and Butch assisted everyone in the bleachers nearest the parking lot to flee to the East side of the building where the entrance to the fallout shelters were located. Needless to say, the game was canceled due to the bombing attempt.

              In the destroyed parking lot, Cosmo and the S.W.A.T. officers all heard a familiar duck's voice as he said, "It is safe to get up now, gentlemen, I am containing the radiation with one of my spells." The Animos version of Mallard Thunderbeak was floating nearby up in the air with both hands extended toward what looked like a globe of Atomic Energy. "One of the local power companies are going to be thrilled to get this free energy. Is everyone okay?"

              Cosmo got up and then he helped his officers to their feet. "We sure are lucky you were in the area, Mallard."

              Mallard replied, "My team and I were outside of the military base at a training field practicing our police training. Teleportation is a fast way to get over here. And then a containment spell was used to trap all of the radiation. Sorry about the city though."

              Cosmo said, "The Roller Rovers were playing off against the Oceanside Otters tonight. But this blast likely killed the game in progress. Badge turned out to be a gang fake, Mallard. His former team are willing to operate without him. But they will need a new team bus now that the bomb bus is gone. At least no one can make use of the dimensional tech he had in there anymore. We will still need to secure the equipment at the Pride house where Jet, Butch and the others are living."

              Mallard said, "After I dispose of this energy safely I will return and help the city to make repairs so they can get back to the business at hand. I am a Jet fan myself. I like the boy."

              After the super powered duck departed to a local power station, Cosmo had his officers lock down the area to prevent looters from getting any funny ideas as he went inside the arena complex. "Jet! Butch! Its General Cosmo Firemoon! I need to speak to the Roller Rovers and you as well!"

              When the Roller Rovers and the Los Angeleos Lions along with Faraduck were in front of Firemoon, the Hellhound opened Jet's team jacket and helped him to remove the wire for recording confessions. "Thank you for agreeing to wear the wire, Jet. Your former manager choose the road of death rather than be captured alive. Badge or Pro the Manager as you might have called him was in truth a former gang leader from Torrance known as Arsonator. His gang were the ones responsible for killing your family, Butch. He chose death over a life sentence in prison; it is over. You can finally have the closure you were wanting. As for the rest of you Rovers, your team is not dead. You just need a new team bus. Mallard Thunderbeak said he would fetch one for you after he disposed of the atomic radiation the blast created. If you would still like to train as police rovers, ask Mallard if he would assist you with that. I can get word to the Night Pack that this is your side interest. Regardless, as Jet and I agreed upon earlier, the Roller Rovers will have military backing from Otterside to continue to perform as a team." He petted Jet on the head. "You really are a pretty nice young demon. I am sure you won't disappoint Lou later. I had a talk with him and he said he would give you a chance as long as you weren't after his soul." He winked with a sly Hellhound grin.

              Walda then did something unexpected as she hugged Devil. "A former information broker has to know as much as a team manager would have to know, right Newsy? How about you being the new team manager for us? Unless you want to go back to the streets where your life would be on the line again..."

              Devil was surprised that Walda was going to be nice to him. "Shade? If I am to be the new manager, perhaps now would be the time to do that one thing you asked of Badge one time and he said no. Upgrading the team uniforms to a more professional look. The old look is barely above street gang standards. So how about we plan a new team uniform?"

              Shade smiled. "About time we got some fashion to work with! I assume we are all going to have to be measured again? Oh well, as long as the tailor doesn't get grabby."

              Butch then said, "My cockatoo friend in the clothing outlets was the one whom designed the uniforms for the Fallen Angels and you all said that it was good work. So how about I give Paros a call and let him help you with your uniform upgrade. Of course, a boar named Gerek Gervase will have to apply the team logo to the backs of the team jackets. He is normally a tattoo artist but for Paros he will do Jacket artwork." He then turned around and showed off the artwork for the L.A. Lions logo on his own jacket. "See? This is his quality."

              Flash then hugged Jet as he said, "My playing style is shoddy at best, Jet. So I would like to become the team photographer and let you join the team officially instead. Maybe we can shuffle up the team positions as well. Normally the team captain is the goalie and and Walda has never wanted to be a captain but she likes being a goalie."

              End of Chapter Seven.