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JJ-TRR-02 Hells Angels of Anaheim

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    JJ-TRR-02 Hells Angels of Anaheim

    JJ-TRR-02 Hells Angels of Anaheim
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    December 8th, 2017

    Chapter One: Fallen Angels.

    Utilizing a clothing designer friend of Butch's, Jet and his friends were wearing their new Quad Hockey uniforms for Anaheim's Fallen Angels. Fully sponsored by Badge but capable of playing on their own. Anaheim was normally the home turf of the Mighty Ducks; but the ducks were the Ice Hockey team; Jet's friends were the new Quad Hockey team. They were not all canine either. Jet, Tombstone and Fireblade were definitively canine; Darkwing was a male Puckworldian duck with black feathers and a black beak; and Pariah was a female black panther originally from Paw Springs. Her brothers were in the Pride of Paw Springs. But gang life just wasn't for her. The canines all wore wrist transformers since they were all originally human. The rest of Jet's friends opted for assisting Mrs. Jenkins around her home as well as helping to train the Roller Rovers during their practice sessions. Even Sax got to have a new friend out of a human boy who showed interest in the musical donkey boy.

    Jet was as said before a male Bluetick Dalmatian Canosapien standing at 6'2" tall with a blackish-blue overcoat and having light grey star-shaped spots across his athletic body while his socks were dark grey and he retained his bright blue eyes, making him a heartthrob to look at. Tombstone ended up becoming an Anubian Hound Canosapien standing at 6'3" tall with a black overcoat with golden-yellow ear-tips, socks and tail-tip. He had the eye of Horus outlined in gold over one eye on his muzzle. His eyes were bright grey. His overall appearance made a person think they were looking at a dead dog. Fireblade got to become a Hellhound Canosapien with a light pizza scent all over his body. He stood at 6'1" tall and he had a bright reddish-brown overcoat and his eyes were bright orange. The constant pizza scent on him was distracting enough for anyone not used to it. Darkwing was as said a male Puckworldian Duck standing at 6'6" tall with black feathers, black beak, and black webbed feet. His eyes were dark brown although he usually wore dark goggles even at night. This was a duck who could blend into the shadows easily. Pariah was a female Panther Felisapien with Black fur and dark claws. Her eyes were bright green like most cat's eyes were. She was thrilled that a handsome dog like Jet was giving her a chance to play in a professional Quad Hockey team.

    Although Walda had been given some lessons from Jet on how to divide her attention while keeping one eye on the ball, without Jet on the sidelines, their game play returned to normal which gave Devil a chance to be on the rink floor once again so he could strive to fulfill his contract. He never complained about his position after being rescued from death's door by Jet. He was glad that Jet was letting him live in the downstairs basement apartment with him. The team were more careful about their accusations after Devil explained himself and cleared himself being a cash box thief. Goldrush was doing better although he still had a crush on Jet; Flash still wanted to get into Jet's pants for some after hours fun. Shade did give Jet the kiss she had offered to give him when they won a game; but she said kisses were rewards gained by winning a gambit.

    On that particular night, the new Fallen Angels were playing against the Disneyland Demons for the rights to be Anaheim's premiere Quad Hockey team. The losers had to leave Anaheim for good. This wasn't a problem for Jet and his team since they were from Garden Grove; right next door. Captain Cliffhorn had asked Jet for help against these criminal quad hockey players who were using the sports cover to commit crimes. He had his paws full against the Mighty Ducks and he admitted that he really needed help. The Disney actors guild members were afraid to come to work with the demons canvasing the staff parking lot.

    As the Pomona Phoenixes found out when they played against Jet; it didn't matter if he was on the floor or not, nothing escaped his attention. By half-time, the demons were behind by three goals and they knew it. They had a quick huddle discussion apparently to plan a dirty trick to force the Fallen Angels to either lose the game or forfeit the rights to their zone. And then the game resumed.

    But when they went to pull their dirty trick, they came to a halt when they noticed Mallard Thunderbeak of San Francisco's Puck Police standing to the side of the rink with his puck-blaster at the ready. He said, "If you guys would have stayed out of my area, I wouldn't have to be here now! I have finally tracked you Demons down! As soon as this game ends you are all under arrest!" And then as Mallard began to read off the Miranda rights; Jet joined in exactly as his mother had taught him. "You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to talk to a lawyer and have him present with you while you are being questioned. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you before any questioning if you wish. You can decide at any time to exercise these rights and not answer any questions or make any statements. Do you understand each of these rights I have explained to you? Having these rights in mind, do you wish to talk to the authorities now?" Mallard glanced sharply at Jet. "You are well versed in the police lingo. Well met, Jet. As for these hoodlums..."

    Jet then said, "If they leave in the middle of a game for any reason, then they are willfully forfeiting the game and their rights to be Anaheim's premiere Quad Hockey team, their own words. But I seem to recall that under regulations of Quad Hockey, if players have a criminal record, they cannot be a legal Quad Hockey team, premiere or otherwise."

    Mallard began placing handcuffs on the demons, although when the goalie tried to escape out the back, he was carried back inside by Check "Grin" Hardwing who slammed him down on his butt in front of Mallard. "Thanks for the assist, Grin. You know hoodlums did bad when even Dragaunus complained about their being in my area."

    Captain Cliffhorn walked over to Mallard and said, "Who called you, Mallard?"

    Darkwing smirked from the shadows of the rink. "Just us shadows..."

    Cliffhorn rolled his eyes. "I should have known!" He then looked at Jet and his team as he grabbed a microphone and said, "Due to legal complications, the Demons are no longer the premiere Quad Hockey team of Anaheim! Jet and the Fallen Angels now hold that title!" He threw the microphone to the side as he and Mallard carted the Demons out of the stadium for their date with justice.

    Grin shook hands with Jet as he said, "Wildwing is happy you helped Cliffhorn to bag the demons. He said your team will be treated to a real party back at your place. Tanya won't let us throw parties in the Pond anymore."

    Jet activated his communicator. "Hey Badge! We won! Anaheim is clean now!"

    Badge replied over the communicator, "Was there any doubt, Jet. Wildwing and the guys are all over here at your apartment right now. The party is being confined to the practice rink so the rest of your apartment stays clean."

    Jet turned off the communicator and said to his team, "Lets swing by a pizza station, preferably Ardens, and pick up a party pack to go so the guys at the victory party can taste the pizza that stopped several Underworld wars."
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Night of Victories.
    The party lasted up until Badge announced that he was heading home and he was offering to give a lift to anyone who wanted a safe way home for the night. Before Goldrush and Flash could reply, Jet tagged them both and quietly asked them if they wanted to spend the night with him in his quarters. They were surprised that he wanted them to sleep at his place, so they agreed to spend the night with him. Shade, Walda and Junkyard all departed with Badge.

    Sax had also gotten lucky that his male human friend was already cuddled up close to him in the guest bedroom nearest to the stairs that led up to Sax's father's backyard.

    Ripper and Deryk Roo were having another date and snuggle on the couch where they were watching an x-rated romantic drama.

    Once Jet had Goldie and Flash in his bedroom apartment, Jet made sure the outer door was locked before he approached the two canines and he began to strip for them in a sexy manner. "Do I have to do this all by myself, guys, or are you going to show me your bodies at the same time?"

    Goldrush was excited that Jet wanted to spend some naked time with him; although Flash was more hesitant as he recalled what Mrs. Jenkins had said about Mister Happy being shot off. Flash said, "I don't want your mom to shoot my penis, Jet."

    Jet smiled. "She said if you had sex with me without my consent. That means permission. I am giving my permission. As shade said once, affection should be a reward for succeeding in an event. We kicked the Demons' tails and we won. So I think I deserve a reward better than a kiss and a party. Goldie, you will be up first. Flash, you will get your turn next. You will notice that I locked the outer door. No one is going to walk in on us. One question, Goldie... Do you want to have sex with my canine form or my human form?"

    Goldrush said, "I first saw you in your human form but I got aroused by your Dalmatian form. So please don't be offended by my choice, but I want to have a shot at your Dalmatian."

    Jet looked to Flash. "Which would you prefer to have fun with, Flash?"

    Flash said, "As long as I am not going to get shot, I would like to take a chance with your human form, Jeffery. I will apologize if you get hurt when I mount you. But as your mom pointed out with Devil's recovery, transformation causes the Insta-Heal regeneration effect. But I will go you one better, I would like for you to mount me in return. I want you to mount me with both of your forms. Human first then Dalmatian and then you can choose which was more fun."

    Jet asked, "As long as we use lube, we shouldn't get too hurt."

    Flash smiled. "I always bring my own selection of lube in case I get to sample a new boyfriend." He then pulled out a bottle of lubricant with a sly grin.

    Within Sax's guest bedroom, the male teen aged human who was resting with the donkey boy woke up and he gave Sax a blow job. When he finished making Sax smile, the donkey boy proceeded to mount the boy and gave him a surprise filling even though the young man milked most of the donkey's cream out of his tap. While the mounting was occuring, Sax was kissing the boy very deeply. Sax was a great kisser.

    One of Jet's human friends made the crossing and he set a platter of sugar cookies on the coffee table in front of Deryk Roo and Ripper as he sat on the couch beside the roo as he placed an arm around the sexy gang roo. "Mrs. Jenkins said I had to share these sugar cookies with you guys. Freshly made. How is the movie?"

    Deryk Roo smiled. "Better now that a nice joey brought us some cookies and gave me a 'ug, mate." He turned and gave the boy a muzzle lips to mouth kiss. "Ah really like nice joeys like yas."

    Ripper picked up a couple of cookies and he sampled on one with a "mmmm" sound before he popped the other into Deryk's roo muzzle. "These are good, Devin. You can stay on the couch with us for now. I think everyone else went to bed for the night."

    Deryk Roo ate the cookie before saying, "That or they are 'aving sex."

    Devin licked his lips since the roo's lips and tongue had a strange taste and it was making the human boy feel funny. "What makes you think they are having sex, Deryk?"

    The gang kangaroo smiled. "That's what Ah would be doing with a nice joey like yas, if yas let me. Ever done it with a kangaroo before, Devin?"

    Devin sighed. "No; I don't want to take a special moment away from your boyfriend. But if he permits you to play with me, I'll undress for you, Deryk."

    Ripper asked, "Do you do any skateboarding, Devin?"

    Devin smiled. "Yes, I've done a little but I'm not very good at it."

    Ripper grinned. "Since you skateboard a little, I'll let you play with Deryk. Tomorrow I will teach you how to skateboard better on the practice rink."

    Devin began removing his clothes for Deryk Roo since Ripper was letting the Roo show him a good time. It didn't take long after the boy was undressed for the gang roo to show Devin how to receive a loving kangaroo joey's prehensile. Ripper chose to give Devin the experience to receive a deep throat from the lion boy's erect penis. Deryk Roo always aroused his boyfriend into wanting to participate with someone who proved to be nice to play with. Devin was soon getting filled both back and front. Devin nearly choked when he got a stomach full of Ripper's fluids and then he nearly cried when the hot kangaroo fluids filled his anus. Ripper pulled out from Devin's throat carefully before Deryk Roo moved around to give the boy a deep kiss on the mouth before stopping and saying, "Let's 'ead to the showers and get cleaned up, Ripper. 'elp me carry Devin so Ah can 'elp 'im get washed up properly. Devin, Ah really enjoyed my time with yas. Ah 'ope yer not 'urt. Yas made me feel so good."
    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Better Performances.

      The next day on the practice rink when Pro and the others arrived, they saw Jet, Devil, Goldrush and Flash already practicing without being coaxed to do so. And they really looked motivated. At the other end of the court, Ripper was teaching Devin how to skateboard; Deryk Roo was obviously off at his Martial Arts lessons.

      Pro smiled. "This is what I like to see, Rovers! True motivation! Okay, Junkyard, ladies, get out there and join them! We have a game this weekend!"

      Jet's team showed up a little later and then the practice session really heated up when Jet joined his Fallen Angels to give the Roller Rovers a good workout.

      Pro noticed that Goldrush and Flash were performing like they had gotten to have sex with someone new. Although he had a suspicion on what that meant, he kept his muzzle shut for now. He just wanted the team to do well enough to get a score against the Fallen Angels. If they could do that, then Pro would consider them ready for the game on Saturday.

      As was learned from their first having Jet in their presence, the human boy turned Dalmatian could divide his attention all over the practice rink. And Jet's team had reflective visors over their eyes so the flash bulb camera trick had no effect on them. If Flash attempted this trick, he would be blinding himself in the process. Game play was fast and furious; and it took some time for the Roller Rovers to manage the effort; but they finally succeeded in getting a score against the Fallen Angels. These former humans turned Animos locals knew their game something fierce. Pro exclaimed, "Good job, teams! I think the Roller Rovers are ready for their match against the Chino Hills Cheetahs!"

      Jet remarked, "Don't forget, Junkyard! That one cheetah said that your butt was his! Is there a story behind that?"

      Junkyard started to growl, but since the nice boy they all liked had asked, he stopped himself and replied, "It happened the day before I officially got married. I had been playing roller hockey one on one against the cheetah and the winner would get to mount the loser on the day of the winner's choice. I lost... and he chose to delay the choice of when he would get to mount me. My wife to be popped the question to me that night and she suggested that we get married in Europe and have our honeymoon there. When I was able to return to the states, Pro asked if I would be interested in joining his new Roller Hockey team and I agreed to do it. Not long after that, the cheetah saw that I had joined a pro roller team and he called me one night and reminded me of my honored promise to give payment the next time I was in Chino Hills. And that's the story."

      Jet said, "Maybe if I talk to him on your behalf, he would lay off..."

      Junkyard smirked, "Good luck!"

      Jet said, "I pulled your team together and I made friends with Firebeak after the Anaheim game. Maybe he would be reasonable if I spoke to him. You don't seem to want to pay off the debt you owe him."

      Junkyard shook his head a bit. "I think you would be wasting your time, Jet. We need to get our game arranged."

      Jet rolled over to Pro and quietly asked him if he would introduce himself to the cheetah in question before the game in Chino Hills. Talking to the guy couldn't hurt anything if it meant helping Junkyard get in the clear from the obligation. Pro quietly agreed to help Jet to meet the cheetah before the game.

      Ten minutes later within the Cheetahs locker room, Badge handed Jet off to the goalie for the Chino Hills Cheetahs before heading out to guard the door so Jet would have some privacy with the cheetah. The Cheetah like most cheetahs of his ilk was tall and slender. "Make it good, kid; I'm getting ready for today's game."

      "I am here to talk about your debt claim with Junkyard. When he made that bet with you and lost, he was single. But after you chose not to collect on your debt right away, his bitch whom he had been dating popped the marriage question on him and she insisted on their going to Europe to get married. Currently Junkyard has two sons and two daughters. Now that he is married, he is hesitant to fool around even if it is to repay a debt of honor. He thought it would be a waste of time for me to come talk to you about this issue. I am called Jet and I am the reserve player for Badge's team. I wanted to ask you if you would take a proxy in place of Junkyard; mind you, he was willing to make payment before he was married; now he fears the rolling pin of his bitch. I'm an open minded guy and the whole team likes me. I am also clean under my tail. That is more than anyone could say about anyone else you may have ever mounted. Would you accept my allowing you to mount me in place of Junkyard?"

      The cheetah goalie arched an eye as he had been ogling the Blue Tick Dalmatian's body anyway. "You must really like him if you are willing to take his place despite his telling you not to bother. I am called Myst McCloud, Mist for short; my team sometimes calls me 'The Blur'. If you can ditch your team this weekend, I'll permit you to take Junkyard's place at my clubhouse. More privacy there than here. Just make sure you keep your bottom clean before then, and there will be no problems. And the reason I put off mounting Junkyard is this; you sorta already nailed it. His bottom was filthy when he lost the bet. I told him to go home and wash his ass so he would be a clean fuck. Junkyard isn't the cleanest dog around. He doesn't have that street name for coincidence, Jet; he was one of the dirtiest dogs in L.A. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he wasn't infected with some sort of disease; before he lost the bet with me, I know he has had sex with at least fourteen other animals, some more questionable than others. His bitch wasn't the first female he's ever been with. And he had been with other boys before. If I was Badge, I'd have Junkyard medically examined just in case. The cleanest dog on that team is Devil."

      Jet shook Myst's paw-hand. "You got yourself a deal, Mist." And then he leaned in and gave Mist a deep kiss on his feline muzzle. "I have to get to the court. After the game, I'll see you this weekend. Just give me directions to your clubhouse."

      Myst gave the directions and then he said, "If you have permitted anyone on the team to have sex with you, then I would advise that you convince Badge to have the whole team checked for medical diseases, including himself. I know Goldie has a habit of fucking every team mate that will permit it. Walda is probably going to be the cleanest one on your team. If you managed to escape from getting a sexual illness from any of those dogs, I'll give you a huge reward. I had to be cured of something like that a few years before I met Junkyard. After my treatment, I was super cautious about whom I played around with. Promise me that you will convince Badge to get the whole team checked out by the team doctor. I know you would be mad if it turned out that you were infected after playing in bed with those guys."

      Jet turned and faced Myst as he crossed his heart. "I swear to inform Badge of this request. If I am not clean by this weekend, I will send you word about it."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Do It Or Else.

        When Jet and Badge returned to the team locker room, Pro dropped the bad news on the team in regards to what Jet found out from talking to Myst. Jet then said, "He was actually quite reasonable, Junkyard. He said you were off the hook as long as the entire team got a medical checkup to make sure no one on the team had any sexual diseases. He even went so far as to say that Devil and Walda were likely the two cleanest canines on the Rovers team. Unless you fancy my mom shooting Mister Happy instead..." He winked knowingly.

        One hour later, with the big game behind them winning with a score of three to one, Badge drove the team over to the hospital in Roverside where all twelve of them were signed in for getting a medical examination, specifically checking for sexual diseases. As expected, Badge, Walda, Devil, and the humans in disguise all took their exams like adults. The rest were fidgety and acted quite immature over the whole affair.

        By the end of the examination, Badge was was handed the results. The doctor stated, "Your new players are the cleanest specimens we have ever had in this hospital. Jet had a mild light infection that looked as if he had treated it with some sort of cleansing soap; otherwise, he might have been in serious trouble. He permitted us to give all parts of his sexual anatomy a thorough Vibrato cleansing with our strongest detergent. He took it like a man. When we asked him who all he had been with, he told us that he had a session with Goldrush and Flash the night after the victory party. He admitted that after the session, he insisted that all three of them take a shower to rinse off nasty stickiness. When we checked Flash, he had a duplicate of Jet's condition and we gave him the same cleansing that we gave Jet. Goldrush just can't catch an even break, Badge. He had a pretty high level infection both front and back. I am going to have to insist that he curb his overly sexual activities until he is over this. And now for the really bad news... Junkyard has a terminal ranked sexual illness; he is probably lucky that he already had children while in Europe. Without immediate treatment, he will lose his sex drive entirely within a few months. He resisted our testing him, as if he knew about his illness. Junkyard scored the highest disease we have ever seen on record. Aside from your newest players, whom all checked out cleanly, you and the rest of the originals, Jet included, all scored a light infection which was very easy to treat with a Vibrato wash and a one time injection serum. But unless we get to treat Junkyard, you will lose him. Since you are his manager, we need your permission to try to cure him."

        Badge sighed as he shook his head. "We will take a break from the game while Junkyard is getting treated. Perhaps this will be a good opportunity to train our newest players in our other activity for which they willingly joined but haven't gotten to participate in as yet. The crime fighting angle. You have my permission to keep Junkyard here at the hospital for his emergency treatment. I will send word to his wife to bring herself and their children in to have themselves tested, just to stay on the safe side."

        After signing the paperwork and making the necessary call, Badge gathered the others outside the hospital inside the team transport. "Most of us got lucky, team; Goldy? The doctor told me that you need to curb your sexual mounting activities while you let the serum cure you of this light infection. I know it will be hard, but the doc said you were a strong team leader. You can do this. As for those of you whom refrained from sex while in your animal forms, you scored a clean bill of health. The doc was impressed. Sadly, Junkyard's score was so terminal that I had to authorize emergency treatment or else his libido would have become inert making him more feminine that masculine. While Junky is getting his treatment, we will not be participating in the sport matches. Instead, we need to focus on the crime fighting angle. Our newest players haven't gotten to have a decent patrol outing as yet. Jet? You have my permission to go talk to Myst again. See about clearing Junky's debt once and for all. You know how to get home later."

        It took Jet about fourty minutes to reach Myst's clubhouse in Chino Hills, although he did pick up a bottle of lube as well as a package of condoms if it turned out that Myst wanted to play it safe, although Junkyard indicated that the Cheetah was someone who played in an all-natural sort of way. Jet approached the clubhouse door and he detected the smell of cooking meat and Swiss cheese. He then knocked on the door. The door opened and a cute naked teen aged male cheetah invited Jet inside. "Bro... the sexy Dalmatian is here... and you were right about his admirable looks and clean scent. Big bro is making dinner for us. He's in there." Jet was ushered toward the kitchen door.

        Jet went in and noted that Myst wasn't wearing anything either. "You take it all off when you aren't with your teammates, don't you?"

        Myst smiled and popped a small morsel into Jet's muzzle. "Try this..." And after Jet chewed up the meaty morsel and swallowed, Myst asked, "What is your honest opinion?"

        Jet smiled. "I think you are about as skilled in the kitchen as my mom is and my former father taught her how to cook."

        Myst hugged the Dalmatian. "You lost your father, too. I am so sorry. Our dad was in the military. When he was reported deceased, mom abandoned us and we haven't seen her since. I have to take care of my bro. I get paid for each game I participate in. I am the man in our family. But I do like to date nice guys on occasion. What did the doctor say about your checkup; and was I right about Junkyard? I mean him no ill will, but he was a hazard before he was whisked off to get married."

        Jet hugged the cheetah goalie. "I had a light infection that I caught from Goldrush. I let the doctors give me a full dose of the cure as well as giving me an enema using their potent genital washing agent. Junkyard's results is in critical condition. They insisted upon getting his wife and children to the hospital so the whole family could get treatment. If Junkyard didn't get treatment today, within a few months, he would have lost the use of his libido entirely. Badge is postponing all games until Junkyard is well enough to compete. He gave me permission to come on over here to keep my word to you. I picked up some lube and some condoms if you wanted to play it safe with me. But if you are more the all-natural guy, I will still permit your playing with me. If you didn't have my consent, then you would have to live in fear of my government mother and her military issue pistol that she likes using to shoot Mister Happy off of grabby rapists. She is rather protective; but when I am off at games, I have a bit of freedom."

        Myst smiled. "I am glad this was your idea and I do tend to be a naturalist. But we won't do this in front of my brother. We are going to have dinner first and then after I get his movie loaded up, you and I will hit the rumpus room in the basement. Maybe you will teach me how you can divide your attention all over the court like you do."

        After a good dinner, Jet was beginning to feel somewhat obedient as Myst led him down to the basement under the clubhouse. His mind wasn't able to focus on being suspicious since Myst had added a sexual drug to Jet's food to make him feel more submissive during that night's copulation session. Despite the Dalmatian having already given him permission to have this session in the first place, adding a dating drug wasn't really necessary. But Myst wanted this boyfriend to want him more after the session ended.

        But this was to be one of those nights where using a drug would be a poor cheetah's undoing as during the hot and heavy mounting session with the Dalmatian, the cheetah's tail accidentally brushed over the double Rs on the wrist transformer and the Dalmatian was replaced with the human in the blink of an eye. Finding a furless humanoid underneath him made Myst unload himself deeply into the boy's backside moments before he bound off of the boy and across the entire room to the exit door. "AUGH! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!" He was sufficiently freaked out. Also, the transformation caused the the boy to shirk off the dating drug that Myst had doctored his dinner drink with.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Badge to the Rescue.

          Jeffrey quickly touched the Double Rs on his wrist transformer to change back into his Jet identity and then he activated the emergency comm unit. "Come in Badge! This is Jet! That accident you mentioned finally occurred! Myst accidentally touched the double Rs and he got to see my human side! He is completely freaked out! You need to come over and get me out of here! Myst will likely never want to see me again! And ...I was starting to like him too..." Badge's voice responded with, "I hear you, Jet! I'm on my way! Just keep your distance from Myst and he should be okay! Gather your clothes and gear and be ready for extraction upon my arrival!"

          Jet lowered his head as he turned off the comm unit and said, "I am a human teen age boy from the dimension right next door to your dimension. When Devil escaped this last time, he jumped through the dimensional garbage vortex and he landed close to my home where I was practicing my own roller hockey. In my dimension, my people are the common species in variant skin colors. Devil tricked me into accepting the team icon and then he fled. When Badge went to summon Devil back for a game against the Pomona Phoenixes, he accidentally got me instead. When I heard that Devil had bailed on them making them a team member short, I agreed to fill in the position temporarily until they could get Devil back. Despite Devil being returned, Badge and the Roller Rovers all like me since I made them all laugh when I first met them. The Phoenixes were the first to learn that I could divide my attention all over the court whether I was on the court or not. Nosedive was impressed with my ability. I am still willing to teach you the ability; but if you would rather that I just go away... you'll never see me again. I promise." And he crossed his heart exactly as he had when he had made the first promise.

          Myst was fighting the urge to run away screaming about demons while trying to calm himself over the surprise he accidentally got. "Goldie and the others know what you really are?"

          Jet nodded his head. "He still wanted to have sex with me after learning what species I really was. Badge was the one whom told me not to reveal my real species to any locals. And from your reaction a few moments ago, I can see why he told me to keep quiet. I'm sorry, Myst... I'm actually only a few years older than your brother. You and Goldie are definitely older than I am. I was in the Junior Leagues back home until I lost my own goalie position to a bitch whom never even had to show the coach her abilities."

          Myst then said, "I'm sorry I lost it, Jet. I haven't had a steady boyfriend since Junkyard went to Europe. And no, I wasn't dating him. Until Badge gets here, may I resume my date with you. I really do like you. And I do want to learn how to divide my attention like you can." He closed the distance between himself and Jet once again. "I'd like to finish the mounting I was giving you." And he was once again upon and within Jet's backside.

          While this activity was occurring, Jet instructed Myst on noticing multiple things around his immediate area. Since they were in the basement, a game of 'I Spy' was used to train the cheetah in how to keep track of things around him. When the session was over, the two used the shower together to get cleaned outside and in. After getting dry, Jet got back into his uniform and gear. "If you would like to come over to my place sometime in Garden Grove, I can give you directions. We have our own underground training court right outside of my soundproof apartment. We have spare apartment rooms if you and your brother ever need an alternate place to stay. The Los Angeleos Lions guard one entrance while a donkey boy martial arts gentleman guards the other entrance. The safer way inside would be from Butch and the Pride Mom's residence; there is an outdoor entrance leading to the underground apartments." He then gave precise directions to the residence entry before he hugged Myst and kissed his cheetah muzzle one last time. "I am sure it is getting late. You need to check on your brother upstairs and I need to go see what is keeping Badge. He is normally on time when a team member calls in an emergency. I hope he isn't in trouble somewhere."

          Myst escorted Jet upstairs where they found the cute little brother fast asleep on the couch.

          Jet then headed out the door and sitting in the parking lot was Leo Kingsden behind the wheel of his car. Ripper and Deryk Roo were in each others laps in the back seat - lip locked. Jet went around and got into the front passenger side before looking at Butch saying, "Badge was supposed to have come up here. What happened to him?"

          Butch hugged Jet and sniffed him. "Dating drug. I could get Myst in trouble with Badge for spiking your drink with the dating drug, but instead, I need to talk to you before we get back to Garden Grove. As for Badge, he is out on a crime fighting training outing with your friends." He then started his car and drove it away from Chino Hills. "Remember back when we first met and you defiantly told Badge to his muzzle that you were a straight boy and you wanted the team to stop trying to get down your pants?"

          Jet blushed as he recalled his saying and doing that; he was afraid he was about to find out why Leo wanted to talk to him.

          Butch continued driving for a bit before pausing at a red light. "Since that day, I've had people watching you. You have nearly been lifting your tail for anyone willing to make a pass at you. A straight boy doesn't do this, Jet. Therefore, unless you want me to make a report to your mom and Walda about your Homo behavior, then I have to insist that you permit me to have sex with you at least once. Otherwise, you are being a hypocrite; or worse, a prostitute. Goldie and Rush told me about your session behind closed doors in your soundproof apartment in both of your forms. Again, no straight boy participates in these things, Jet. When I asked Devil if he'd been with you sexually yet, he admitted that he would like to, but only if you asked him first. Otherwise, he likes bitches. So do I get to sample your bottom tonight or do I get to ruin your fun with your mom and Walda? Think this over carefully, Jet. My father was a L.A. police lion before he was killed during his sleep. I would have died too had I not been with a parrot merchant over at the clothing outlets. Investigating runs in my family. That's another reason why Faraduck likes me." He drove onward when the light turned green.

          Jet sighed. "I don't know why I am so horny over here in Animos, Butch... I was never like this back on Earth nor for the first week locally. But then... I would catch myself looking at male tushes, bulges, and tails when they were blatantly within my line of sight. I asked my mom if animal attraction affects humans when the other person was an animal and she said no. So I wrote it off until after the Fallen Angels beat the Disney Demons; after which that night, I asked Goldie and Rush to spend the night with me and have sex. I knew they both wanted down my pants so I gave them the chance to have that experience. But when Badge said that a cheetah wanted to mount the rottweiler, I offered to talk to Myst before the game to see if he would take an alternate mounting in place of Junkyard. When he agreed to let me be that alternate, something about the offer made my libido rise and it made me get a hard on. Of course his having one as well didn't make it any easier for me. Earth animals don't make me go sexually crazy. But Animos locals have an effect on me. So if I have to let you play with me in order to buy your silence to my mom and Walda, then you better take us someplace where we can have privacy and the ability to get cleaned up afterward."

          Butch then said, "I think you are experiencing a puberty based heat. Rut makes you want to mount others; but a puberty based heat causes you to want to get mounted by anyone willing to show you a good time. And a word of warning... all felines of Animos prefer to have sex naturally; a condom would be an insult for the wilder cats. Now for the final warning, Jet... I know this isn't possible in your human form, but your male Animos Dalmatian form is capable of becoming pregnant if you are not careful."

          End of Chapter Five.