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[QCE] GDS-01: Staff Employment

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    [QCE] GDS-01: Staff Employment

    [Quad Counties Emergency] The Gage DeSoto story

    [QCE] GDS-01: Staff Employment
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    March 12th, 2018

    Chapter One

    Terryville Amusement Park; Backstage [VEIL], Andrews, North Carolina

    "Are you tired of the same old beach front vacations in crowded resort locales? Over-priced corporate multi-themed Amusement parks more aimed at adults than to children?"

    "You can now vacation in the animated World we fondly refer to as Terryville. Hosted by Lord Albert Talbot and his professional staff of various lords and ladies, you can now relax in either Warner Plains, Disney Vista, Hannah-Barbara Kingdom, Harvey Land, Terry Towns, Freleng-DePatie Horizon, Filmation Forest, Montropolis, Dragotopia, Devil Land and Candlewick Farms. Connecting all of these locales together is the central arrival city of Terryville. Our main officers and Realtors are located within this arrival city. All tour buses make their journey's beginnings from this location as well. For a low price, you can finally vacation in style with a price that will make you think you attended a local carnival instead of booking a resort vacation. Come one and all and meet up with your favorite cartoon and anime characters as they also relax in Terryville within Western North Carolina between Andrews and the Great Smoky Mountains. Book ahead by calling our toll free phone number or visit our brand new web site."

    The day before in the Camelhot zone of Nelvana City within the Disney Vista zone, Squire Flicker and Sir Loungealot were speaking to Flicker and Princess Flame's son Flail.

    Flail said, "But father... You just don't understand how messed up Camelhot is for a dragon knight in training like us. I've been a squire forever. I think its time I left Camelhot and went to AniSapien High in Terryville to meet with others my own age."

    Flicker replied, "I am just worried about you, son. And I have been a squire forever, too. So I know what you mean."

    From nearby, Sir Loungealot remarked, "It might be a good quest for Flail to prove himself upon where he can meet others of his own age, Flicker. He might learn something more of the Knightly Code that he cannot seem to learn here."

    Flicker glowered at the dragon he normally served. "Are you suggesting that I should leave Camelhot to become a knight in another kingdom?"

    Loungealot shrugged his shoulders. "I don't see the big to-do with being a knight anyway. Judge the idiocy of our services to King Allfire and the Square Table ...and then try to throw in common sense and reason... You will see quickly that Flail is right. Therefore, I say, let him go. He will likely come back eventually and beg us to take him back in. I know I couldn't function without you, Flicker."

    Flail got on his knees. "Puh-leeeaseee....? Let me go to Terryville. Pretty please? I'll do the 'dance' if you say no... Please let me go."

    Flicker shudders. "No! Not the 'dance'! Okay, you can go to Terryville. Just be careful, Flail. You are the son of the two smartest dragons in Camelhot. Don't be a bully."

    Flame then walked in from a side hallway and she said, "I will make arrangements with the Terryville Panther Guard so you have lodging in a nice place when you get there, son. Leave it to a she-dragon to think of living conditions when away from home. As for you, Loungealot, Queen Griddle was asking for your presence. Not Flicker; just you."

    Loungealot departed post-haste.

    The parent dragons then hugged their son as Flail made ready to leave for Terryville.

    Meanwhile, on Third Earth in the Starknight region, home of Lion-O and the Thundercats...

    A large blue-furred feline is confronting Lion-O in a private room in "Cat's Lair"...

    Bastan crossed his arms, "Dad, I'm tired of constantly being left out of things. You are constantly working on the Starknight policing force. You are not around here to see how the others treat me. I am considered a freak here; a mutant like Mumm-Ra's goons. No one on Third Earth really trusts me; all because you couldn't keep it in your pants. Not to mention, I'm the only digitigrade cat on Third Earth. Why won't you at least think about it."

    Lion-O growled, "Why do you even want to attend AniSapien High? Isn't this place good enough for you?"

    Bastan snapped, "It is not a matter of 'good enough', it's the fact that I might like to make some real friend. Jeesh, I would have thought you could understand that."

    Lion-O took a calming breath and said, "I can understand that..." He sighed. "I suppose your mother would like to see you and if you were attending school there, you would at least have a chance to meet her." Lion-O reluctantly gave his permission for Bastan to attend AniSapien High and went to make the arrangements.

    Drake Masterson was from Morgans Crossing which was a small township just outside of Andrews in Western North Carolina and it was the last chance for gasoline and camera film before reaching the amusement park to the North. On this day before the big day, he was touring the sets of the Cartoon Production Lots, watching his favorite cartoons getting made. He lived just outside the Quad Counties and was unable to attend school here but he watches cartoons a lot and loved to watch them at work.

    Particularly when they had to make 5-10 takes because some actor produced the wrong 'stars' effect or the safe cracked too soon, etc. Drake just loved the open production tours that the local tour buses often provided to the various cartoon studios.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Terryville City Council - The same afternoon...

    The DeSoto family had entered City Hall to see about getting the autographs of the toon greats who were mostly on council as they discussed the student exchange hopefuls. Ten real world human boys and ten real world human girls. The Black-Red Were-Panther Guardsman who was escorting the family around then opened the doors to the council chamber and led the family inside where he had them stand along one wall to the side of where the council were making their evaluations.

    After standing there for a while, Gage said, "Dad? I'm bored. I'd like to go exploring without the feline babysitter following me around. I noticed during our tour, there were areas the family were not allowed to enter. Mr. Panther Guard steered us away from areas that looked fun and this whole place is supposed to be an amusement park. You could fool me; I am not amused."

    One of the male teenagers standing in line said, "Hey, aren't you Martin DeSoto, the fire fighter who saved the little girl and her kittens from that burning house in Andrews?"

    Mr. DeSoto replied, "Yes, that is who I am. Lord Albert is hiring my family to handle emergency services for human visitors here in the park. We are supposed to go on duty tomorrow morning. My wife is a doctor; Captain Needles is what she was called in the military."

    Mrs. DeSoto calmly said, "Be'ave or yas will get one right in front of this rabble of joeys and fliers."

    Martin said, "Go ahead, Gage. We will likely have to get the councils' autographs another day. What was Lord Albert thinking?"

    Rebecca Everett-DeSoto then opened her black bag and pulled out not a hypodermic needle but a bottle of turpentine. "Truth or consequences time, guardie! Why did our family merit an escort around Terryville! We saw a large group of 'uman men, women and their children earlier without an escort! Tell the truth or else yas melt like the wicked witch of the west! And if yer not a toon, then Ah 'ave something in 'ere to fix that, too! Run along, Gage!"

    Gage didn't need a second warning once his mom fell into pure Aussie speak like that. He was out the door and down the stairs and nearly on the other end of the city before the council door could close and when he stopped to catch his breath, he saw Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo right there with him. "How did you guys catch up with me? You were behind the council table."

    Bugs Bunny remarked, "Toon Physics is the usual answer, Doc, but the toon greats in Council Hall are our Grandparents. We are the new age versions and as you can see, Doc; we are drawn better and have richer colors. When we saw you escape from the guard, we followed you to give you the real adventure you might have been expecting around here."

    Mickey Mouse said, "Lord Paul Pardusius is building a second park down on the Tennessee Georgia border which will be more publicly accessible than this weird place."

    Scooby Doo said, "You probably didn't know this, but if you leave the outer boundaries of the park, you will not end up on the Earth you are familiar with. That is why Albert has guards posted around the borders. But the dumbest rule seems to be: if you exit through those borders, you are not permitted to come back in because you have no proof that you paid to get into the park in the first place. Which means, you get stuck in the new world."

    Gage said, "That makes this whole park sound like a trap. I don't want a bunch of nice toons and Earth families to be stuck in a trap."

    Bugs Bunny said, "Then lets get you back to your family in the middle of Terryville so we can get them and you out of here. Perhaps Lord Paul's park would be safer."

    Gage then added, "Dad was really looking forward toward working with those Road Rover styled Dalmatian fire fighters."

    Mickey Mouse said, "Then we will grab them too. No one deserves to be in a trap."

    When the group arrived at the statue of a lonely cat man in the middle of Terryville along with the original Night the Super Dog, the Dalmatian Fire Fighters as well as Flail, Bastan and Drake Masterson, they saw Lord Paul chatting with Martin and Rebecca DeSoto in regards toward threatening a park guard. And then the arriving group laid the scenario on Lord Paul. The escort guard suddenly looked as if he wanted to escape when the truth came out. Lord Paul sent word to the Master Cat to conduct an audit on Albert's version of the toon amusement park and test it for safety reasons. And that was when the human warlock Albert Talbot arrived leading a huge group of humans and their children. Albert said to the Master Cat, "Sir, a cat lord pretending to be me built this park and was in the process of changing humans he caught into familiar cats. I restored these people to normal but they need medical evaluations in case I missed something. I will place myself under arrest until the other Albert is found."

    Mr. Pink was the next to arrive and as he stepped out of his limousine, he went to the trunk, opened it and yanked out a tied up and gagged cat lord of which the human victims all identified as the cat who was changing them into sexual familiar cats. Mr. Pink then said, "I caught him sabotaging my Ink and Paint Club supplies. Oh hello Albert. When did you come to this little Hell hole of a park?"

    Albert replied, "One of my government friends sent me word that an Amusement park had plagiarized my idea for producing a town based Toon Visitation center called Terryville. When I heard this, I came to check it out personally. When the gate guards started to refuse me entry, I told them that the government would probably enjoy an inspector being denied entry. And then they let me in. Lord Paul had asked me for permission to build a Terryville in his park which I recently granted; but I didn't even know about this one."

    The Master Cat said, "Martin DeSoto; I have heard of you. You deserve far better than this park. Perhaps Lord Paul could employ you at his park in the actual Quad Counties?"

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Martin said, "My family own a farm just South of this park and just north of Andrews, sir. That would be a Hell of a commute for my family, just as it would be for this young man, Drake Masterson, for traveling from Morgans Crossing to the Quad Counties every day."

      Albert then said, "With my connections with the government and the highway patrol in various states, we could utilize a Check-point gate system that would provide tourists and vacationers with a short cut between the states of origin and a park entry point at one of the four zones in the Quad Counties. If a tourist or vacationer calls ahead to book a visit, they can be directed to one of the four Transportal Check-Points located in various states without having to hop across the country just to visit the park say if you only have a few days free from work. Since fake Lord Albert's park is going to be closed down, we can set up one of these check-point gates here in Virginia. Another up in mainland New York, yet another in California and the last one in Georgia meaning the main park entrance. My only concern for visitation is for curious children, teenagers and adults whom may hike overland to enter the park without paying the gate fee. We certainly do not want people going to toon land simply because they are running away from something bad in their life and they want to live with toons. That would have the authorities visiting your park every week or more often than that. I present that possibility to you, Lord Paul. And remember despite being recognized by the master cat as a master warlock, I am not a cat lord nor a lord of any sort. I do own a few companion black cats. But I do not have sex with them. That would be disgusting for a human like me. Also, recruiting should be curbed to prevent missing persons. Otherwise the law would be visiting the park often."

      Gage then said, "Lord Paul, perhaps you could place an exact copy of my parents' farm just Northwest of Terryville within your park and have a magical short cut door between there and the original farm. I am sure Drake and I would love to school in Terryville without making the parents worry too much. Flail and Bastan could live at the park version of the farm since they were having trouble finding a place to live in the false Terryville for their Terryville High School year. Not to mention, New Age Bugs Bunny, New Age Mickey Mouse and New Age Scooby Doo have offered to pal around with me if I get permission to school in Terryville. Morgans Crossing is pretty close to our farm so Drake could come over to the farm in the morning before we made the crossing to the park and then we would get on the bus with Bastan and Flail to come into school in Terryville."

      Lord Paul said, "Northwest of Terryville are the communities of Montropolis, Dragotopia, Rotunda City and Candlewick Farms. Directly between Dragotopia and Rotunda City is a smaller community where the Impville Cockpits are located. There are warning signs up at that location so do be careful. And no, it is NOT an airport. Your copy of the farm would be on the Terryville side of the crossroads that lead to the other communities. You could make a lot of friends that way. But please try to keep your clothes on."

      Flail then said, "Camelhot is located in Dragotopia, so my parents could come check on me a lot easier if they chose to."

      Lord Paul then said, "Montropolis is the home of Battle Card partners, Digimon, the Mobians, Monster Rancher and Pokemon. They have their own school system along with a collegiate institution called Montrocol. Sonic the Hedgehog teaches Track and Field there. Dragotopia is the home to everything dragon related. As Flail has already mentioned, it can get really fucked up there. And so can you. They would mount you the same as they would a she-dragon. I apologize for the language, folks, but this is important for the DeSoto family since they will be living near that area. The Dragons have a college called Nine Scales. The dragons love the number '9'. Next up... Rotunda City is the home to all of the animated gods and goddesses from cartoon and anime shows as well as all demons, devils, Hellhounds and imps. The Planar Bazaar and the Planar Job Taverns can also be found in Rotunda City along with every Underworld and Over World guild in existence. The Imps and Devil Mice all belong to the Menial Labor guild which provides them with transformation insurance, medical coverage and dental. And finally, Candlewick farms is the home to all animated Donkeys and Donkey Boys. Think Island of Toys from the Pinocchio book and Pleasure Island from the Disney movie. The farms are where all the donkey boy recruiters to find bad boys are trained. They can easily be friended by bringing them presents of apples, carrots and heads of cabbage which they really love. Of course they have their own gardens but supply is hard to come by in the Winter months. Candlewick, Lampwick and all of their boys and fellow lords live out there. They even have a functioning carnival set up out there for weekend enjoyment. It is usually open from Friday evening up to Sunday evening. The rule of 'don't act like a jackass' still applies, so as long as you remember your manners and treat them with respect, you won't end up with long ears and a tail."

      Gage then asked, "What about Impville? You mentioned it earlier yet you didn't describe it just now."

      Lord Paul looked at Gage with a sly grin. "Do you really want me to ruin your exploration later by giving away the spoilers?"

      Flail leaned over near Gage and whispered, "I can tell you once all the adults are distracted."

      The Master Cat then said, "This park will be purged immediately and all access to it must be removed as well. Our Auditors have determined that the so-called cosmetic mines produce an addictive drug like transformation material that can make a human stop being human if they get any of the stuff on them or within their bodies. It has also been determined that this stuff is saturated throughout the parks' water supply reservoir. You drink it and you might become a toon or your body is primed to became a submissive recruit for a nasty minded bum like this fake Albert Cat Lord whom we will be taking back to the police hospital in Nirvana. It is a good thing his plot was found out so quickly. I would still ask that anyone who has come into this park submit themselves to a cleansing evaluation before you are released back to the Earth public. I do not want to hear how the same people ended up with Cat Lords yet again. As for the humans who ended up in Veil, they will be retrieved through a different method. These Were-Panther Guards are Veil Citizens. People of Veil dislike humans but if you join their species willingly then give you a fair chance; but you would never get that as a human. Lord Paul, we have our work cut out for us. Lets get this started."

      This process took about a week.

      New Age Bugs Bunny, New Age Mickey Mouse and New Age Scooby Doo spent the time with Bastan, Drake, Flail and Gage at the DeSoto farm along with the entire Dalmatian Rover Fire Fighter team and their families. The DeSoto family always kept an open mind where as some families were humanists in regards to toons and alien species. Drake's parents (a lawyer and a bank teller) had no problem with human toons and anime but they disliked animal toons and anime something fierce. While they permitted Drake to spend time at the cartoon and anime production studios primarily because there were humans there, they did not want their son to become involved with animal toons and anime due to either prejudice or unfounded fears. When Drake's mother mentioned she had a light allergy to doggy dander, Mrs. DeSoto produced a hypodermic syringe larger than an elephant's ass and Mrs. Masters never mentioned the fake allergy ever again in Rebecca's presence. Drake decided afterward that he would rather be with the DeSoto family since Rebecca did not put up with phony ailments while she was around. Just showing that hypo and needle had his mom singing a different tune.

      End of Chapter Three