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MKS-1 Chaos Gem Factor

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    MKS-1 Chaos Gem Factor

    (This story is being rewritten as an update.)
    Not all tales in Mega Kat City are about the Swat Kats. Sometimes, even teen aged kats need to be brought into the limelight. Iris Dawson, a female feline with a nose for trouble. Doyle Tygerbard, a male feline with an ear for music. Kineta Leobold, a female feline who rebels against her lawyer father. Storm Saxon, a male feline anachronist who dislikes modern conveniences. When these four felines are forced into serving detention together, an alliance forms, and their adventures are just around the corner.

    Coming up next on the premiere episode of Swat Kats: Mega Kat Squared!
    Mega Kat Squared
    Episode One: Chaos Gem Factor
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 29, 2004

    Iris Dawson, Shadow Agent
    Storm Saxon, The Anachronist
    Kineta Leobold, Rebellion
    Doyle Tygerbard, Spell Singer
    Felina Feral, Cat Shot
    Blade Feral, Thunder Cat

    Also Starring:
    Jake Clawson, Razor the Swat Kat
    Chance Furlong, T-Bone the Swat Kat

    Police Captain Leonardo Leobold (Kineta's uncle)
    Commander Ulysses Feral (Felina's father; Blade's uncle)
    Mayor Manx
    Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs

    Dark Kat
    The Pastmaster
    Dr. Viper
    Mac Mange, Mechanikat male
    Molly Mange, Mechanikat female

    Chapter 01

    Detention. The act or fact of detaining or holding back.

    Iris Dawson sat down at her desk with a sigh. "I don't belong here. I saw a weirdo sneaking into the teacher's storage building and I followed him. I got caught coming out of there, but the weirdo somehow got away without being seen. This royally bites." Iris accidentally slammed her books down on the desk with a heavy thud.

    Storm Saxon glanced over at the sudden noise. "Not like any of us belong here. We don't belong anywhere. Outcasts in a modern world. Oh, how I crave the olden ways!"

    Kineta Leobold grinned behind the newspaper she was reading. "Unlike the rest of you, I probably belong here. I busted out a police car's windshield, while both my father and the police captain looked onward. God, I hate the law."

    It was at this time that Doyle Tygerbard entered the room, carrying his guitar case. Doyle sat down on a side bench and unpacked his guitar, fine tuning it. "Looks like I won't be alone this Saturday."

    Iris exclaimed, "Doyle Tygerbard? Why are you in here? You never do anything wrong."

    Doyle smiled. "Never say never. One of the other teenagers tried to steal my guitar, and I blacked both his eyes and broke his arm. Detention is a fine place to sit and stew."

    Storm arched an eye. "You're in here, but he isn't?"

    Doyle grinned, as he plucked a few chords. "He's in the hospital."

    Kineta put the newspaper down. "I'm impressed, Doyle! I never knew you had any fight in you."

    Doyle grinned again. "I only fight for what I believe in. And thieves are not one of my likes. So I would immediately fight them, given a good enough reason."

    Iris nodded her head. "I still shouldn't be here. All I did was follow that weirdo dressed all in black. He gets away Scott free, and I have to serve detention."

    Kineta nodded her head too. "That's one of the reasons I hate the law. They punish the innocent and protect the guilty."

    Just then, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong entered the detention room, and sat down at the teacher's desk. Chance exclaimed, "Your usual detention monitor is sick. We were asked to come in and watch you. Not like we didn't have anything better to do." Chance grumbled something unintelligible.

    Jake said, "I am Jake Clawson and this is Chance Furlong. I thought it might be interesting if we talked about why you're here. Chance and I have seen this room a lot, when we were kits."
    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Iris said, "I'm here under false presumption. I followed a guy dressed all in black in an area I knew I shouldn't have been in. He got away and I got caught. I just know that the guy was up to no good but no one believes me. I was the only one caught there."

    Storm said, "Sounds like you were set up, Iris."

    Chance hummed. "A guy dressed all in black, huh? What could be at the school that a thief would want? I mean, seriously... this is a school, not a museum."

    Doyle hummed, as well. "Actually, there might be something at the school. Mr. Dorchester brought a gem of some sort into one of the classes and was showing it off to the students. This gem was encased in it's own container, and glowed, as if it had some sort of power."

    Jake hrmed. "A glowing gem. I wonder..." Jake grabbed a newspaper from the desk and began searching it for something that he thought he saw there.

    Kineta said, "You mean... the Chaos Gems?"

    Jake grinned as he found the article just as Kineta said that. "Yeah, the Chaos Gems." He showed the article to the teenagers. "These gems were supposedly owned by a sorcerer long ago, and then, after the sorcerer's death, the gems were separated, to prevent their powers from interacting with each other."

    Storm smiled. "A sorcerer, you say? Now you're talking my age of understanding!"

    Chance said, "If someone is trying to get the gems back together, that would explain the kat in black you saw, Iris."

    Iris hrmed. "How long do we have to be in detention?"

    Jake grinned again. "Up to 6 PM, or so we were told. Talk about boring! Or... we can do something to make it fun. Right?"

    Storm grinned slyly. "Doyle, how about playing us a song? You're the bard among us."

    Kineta smiled. "Yeah, some music to liven up a dull moment. Not much we can do about the Chaos Gems while we're in detention."

    Doyle smiled, and pulled his guitar into position, as he began to play some appropriate music that Storm might approve of. "I am curious though... what would happen if the gems were brought back together?"

    Iris asked, "What would happen?"

    Chance replied, "Whoever was there when it happened would gain unheard of special powers."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      When 6 PM arrived, Jake and Chance headed out with the intention of doing some investigating, Swat Kat style.

      However, the four teen aged kats didn't exactly leave the school property right away. Instead, they proceeded to where Iris had seen the masked kat snooping around.

      Kineta examined the locks. "You're right, Iris. Someone tampered with the locks recently." Kineta pulled out her cellphone and began dialing a number.

      Doyle exclaimed, "Who are you calling?"

      Kineta replied, "My uncle at police headquarters. We don't always get along, but this is beyond normal junior sleuthing. Besides, I get enough grief from my dad for getting involved in things I shouldn't be in."

      Iris looked at Doyle, who in turn looked to... Storm?

      Storm was peeking into the window of the storage building. "Guys, there's people inside right now."

      Iris and Doyle came over and peered through the window.Sure enough, there were two black clad people searching for something inside the storage building.

      One was a slender skinny but agile kat, while the other was a bulky muscle bound kat.

      Kineta hung up the cellphone, and whispered, "Three minutes, guys. And if the intruders leave before then, my uncle said we should keep them in sight, but at a safe distance."

      Storm grinned, as he was already climbing the storm drain up the side of the building, heading for the roof. "I'll watch the roof, just in case."

      Within three minutes, the MegaKat City Police Squad had arrived on the scene, and Kineta drew the head officers over to the window, and pointed toward the two black clad kats within.

      The head officer kats nodded their heads, and made a motion to the others police kats to surround the building.

      Just then, Storm dropped down into their midst! "Chill out, dudes. Sheesh... Anyway, there's a really weird Swat Jet parked on the roof. But it won't be going anywhere..." Storm handed the keys over to one of the head officers. Then, he and his teen aged kat friends moved back to where they'd not be in the way.

      At that point, the police kats rushed into the building, shouting, "Freeze! Police Kats!"

      The two black clad kats didn't freeze, of course, instead, they leaped for their hoist lines and retreated to the roof, where... they came face to face with Police Captain Leonardo Leobold, who said, "The Swat Kats! I should've known! Tell me what I want to know and I won't arrest you! But if you resist... there will be a very humiliating defeat coming your way!"

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        T-Bone exclaimed, "We don't have time for this!" And he quickly started to jump for the Turbo Kat, when Captain Leobold pulled out the jet's keys and jingled them in clear view. That stopped T-Bone in his tracks. "Aw, man..."

        Captain Leobold said, "How are we going to handle this, boys? You talk to me or do I call in Feral to come and talk to you. He doesn't have your keys; I do."

        Razor replied, "We got a tip that Mr. Dorchester's gem he had brought to school had been stolen and we came in to look for clues as to who might have done it. I guess someone saw us come in and they called you, Leobold. And that's the truth. We didn't steal the gem ourselves; we simply heard about it's theft."

        At that moment, Leobold's cellphone rang and he answered it, keeping the Swat Kats in his line of sight.

        When the call ended, he handed the Turbo Kat's keys over to T-Bone. "You boys are off the hook, this time. That was one of my Lieutenants calling from Mr. Dorchester's house. Apparently he took the gem home with him and has it locked in his wall safe in his house. I am going to trust you boys to stay out of trouble this once. I am better than Feral. Don't make me sorry I gave you a chance to stay clean. Now get out of here."

        T-Bone nodded his head. "We will, Leobold. We may not like Feral, but because you're giving us a chance, we'll give you a chance, too." He turned to Razor. "Let's go, buddy."

        Razor replied, "Sure thing, pal."

        And the two hopped into their Turbo Kat jet and lifted off vertically as flew off into the night sky.

        Back on the ground, Captain Leobold looked at Kineta and her three friends. "I don't know why I put up with your high jinx, Kineta. Your mother was never like how you turned out. Can't you act just a little mature for the remainder of the school year?"

        Kineta placed her hands on her hips. "I didn't have to call you about the break in, uncle. But because I did, wouldn't you say I showed some maturity and responsibility?"

        Captain Leobold sighed. "There is no winning with you, Kineta. Some day... you are going to need my help and you're going to be too afraid to ask for it. And we're not talking about my job either."

        Iris said, "What happened to the gem? Mr. Dorchester said he was storing it here in the school's storage building."

        Captain Leobold replied, "Its been stolen, of course."

        Doyle arched an eye. "But you told the Swat Kats that it was safe and sound. If it was stolen, then why did you lie to them about it?"

        Captain Leobold said, "I lied to them so they would stay out of this case. This is something we want to handle without the Swat Kats getting in the way of real law enforcement officers. I mean, we're being paid to do this job. If the Swat Kats are going to be doing our job for us, why should we bother to even go to work? Why should we care at all?"

        Storm nodded his head. "I can see the logic in that, sir. Anyway, come on, guys... we might be able to hit the malt shop before it closes, then afterward... we can head on home." And the four teen aged Mega Kats headed off together.

        End of Chapter 04