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[APAW-SAN] AN-04 Programming Where it is Safe

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    [APAW-SAN] AN-04 Programming Where it is Safe

    When Bert Thomas' son, Alex Nighthawk, programs the game of S'taurrior Advanced with Bogbayer and Timefrost's assistance, they commence on an adventure of gaming worlds to entertain the next generation.

    Nighthawk Foxtaur Island, Free Anime Reactive Media World.

    [APAW-SAN] AN-04 Programming Where it is Safe.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    In the coming week, Home City Hero, a game based off of good deeds and heroic actions was released on the DONK.OS young gamers list, although all ages could play the game. The more a chore was ignored in the game, the more likely the NPC parents would complain about it. This was a game that Alex was personally playing as was Timefrost and Falconsong.

    Opening day of BODS_HCH was only 1,011 players. But this didn't bother Alex at all. Less players meant less issues to deal with. An easier player database. Had the public known that Alex was personally playing this game, the numbers might have been higher. Alex made good use of the in-game timer idea that his father tried to have in the original S'taurrior and for a game like this, it worked. The player got to choose how long a standard gaming session was, either three, four, five or six hours.

    If one of the four choices was entered, when reaching that cutoff point, the game would ask you to take that number times ten minutes break from the game and doing so would give the player an experience reward. If a player left a game earlier than usual, upon coming back, your character had bonus energy for doing more tasks. It was a very clean and useful system. What probably kept players away from this game is that Alex chose not to provide an Intro Video on the game page; only random game play images.

    Expecting a cheaper game without an intro video likely resulted in the players being blown away by the familiar music provided in the game itself. Zelda and Dragon Quest themes.

    After reaching Level Seven in the standard game, Alex turned off the game and then he said good night to the on-screen donkey assistant before turning off his laptop, going into his bedroom, stripping out of all of his clothes and sliding himself into bed to get some needed sleep. But we he turned on his side to grab one of his plush animals, he found himself nose to nose with Mack Roo(?) whom looked exhausted and had a sleep mask over his eyes. Alex held and hugged the Roo anyways and proceeded to get some sleep since it was his bed.

    The next morning, when Alex awoke, the sleep mask was no longer covering the Devil Kangaroo's eyes and the Roo was gently rubbing his paw-hands all over the boy's body while the tail was gently rubbing Alex's tail-hole. With a smile, he kissed the Roo on the muzzle which almost made the boomer twang into attention. Alex could see that it wasn't Mack Roo at this point, but he looked so much like the main guy. Plus the tail tip rubbing his anus was feeling good. "Mmm, how far can we go, sexy?"

    From the side at a table set up with breakfast foods and drinks, the real Mack Roo said, "Yas can have all the sex yas want. But stay out of the pouch if yas want to stay 'uman."

    Alex giggled as he whispered, "He ruins all your fun, doesn't he?"

    The Lawyer Roo kissed back and quietly said, "Ah called the alpha when yas got into bed naked with me last night. Normally a boy doesn't just strip for one of us without being coerced."

    Alex licked on the Roo's lips. "Since he gave us permission to have fun, I'm going to. Of course, that permission also applies to you, sexy stud."

    That is when Alex learned how flexible Devil Kangaroos could be. They had sex at the same time without entering the pouch.

    When it was over, Alex moved to get out of bed. "I think I need to go use the bathroom and shower up. Then I should change the sheets on this bed. Make no mistake, I enjoyed our time together, Mister Roo. You have taught me a lot. It was good research. I would bet that my dad has never researched the Devil Kangaroo in the way that I have. Do you need to get cleaned up or do you like smelling like my sex scent?"

    The Devil Kangaroo Lawyer/Roocruiter smiled. "The scent would make my brothers jealous; but Ah should get cleaned up if yas don't mind a Roo in the Shower. Ah need to wash out my pouch."

    Alex smiled. "You got cum in your pouch?"

    The Roo grinned. "We all 'ave pouch cocks we call Red Kings. If yas sit on one, that is what 'elps yas to get changed into our species more than anything."

    Mack Roo then said, "Getting cleaned up does not mean pouching someone where Ah can't see. They always end up in my pouch after a conversion. 'ave fun getting clean in there."

    Once Alex and the Roo Lawyer were in the Shower, the Roo said, "Remember earlier when yas said that 'e ruins all of our fun? 'e just did. But that's the 'uman in 'im."

    Alex turned on the lukewarm water and grabbed the shampoo bottle as well as two scrub brushes with sponges on the ends before helping the roo into the tub with him. "What was the plan?"

    The Roo smiled. "Ah was going to 'ave yas 'elp me to wash my pouch. But Ah see yas 'ave two scrub brushes and some Suave shampoo. Yas 'ave trouble reaching yer back?"

    Alex grinned. "I'm not flexible like you are. I can barely reach the outer edges of my back on each side. That's what the brush is for. As for the other brush, I recall Mack saying that if I stuck even one hand into your pouch, I would be sucked in and get stuck in there. So in with the substitute. A sponge brush for washing the inside of your pouch. Does the suction trap work even if only one finger is inside the lip of the pouch or does it have to be the entire hand?"

    The Roo tilted his head. "Yas know? We were never educated in that. We were told that the enzyme inside the pouch would dissolve clothing while the cum and body oil would cause suction."

    Alex said, "Sound to me like the University may have failed to teach you guys everything they should have known about pouch trapping."

    He then added, "So, if the cum and oil are touching the inside of the pouch lip and I use a finger to open the lip, I get sucked in? How much cum did you fire off inside your pouch?"

    The Roo had a puzzled look on his muzzle. "Ah'm not sure, but the oil is everywhere, even on the outside of my body inside the layers of my fur and 'ide."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Alex asked, "So when I held and hugged you last night in bed, I got this oil all over my body? And when you returned the favor this morning when you were rubbing back, more oil?"

    The Roo said, "The oil alone doesn't do much to a 'uman. It is like a lubricant to make sex easier. But when the oil mixes with the pouch cock fluids, then it can do something. An after effect of the mixture is the enzyme fluids and mist that can dissolve clothing, make a victim erect, and cause them to want to be fucked by the next animal they meet. Even if that animal is a Devil Kangaroo. But Ah like yas, Alex. Ah wouldn't want to get yas stuck as one of us permanently. But there is a way around that... if yer interested?"

    The boy smiled at the Roo. "I am always interested in more game research. What is the method?"

    The Roo said, "First thing we should do is to take yas to Lord Guily to make sure yas 'ave enough species learning slots available to yas. Yas 'ave used one to learn 'ell'ound. An ideal amount would be to ask to gain a new species learning slot for every two years of yer life. Yas just turned fifteen, so next year, yas would gain another species slot for learning a new species. Even numbers make it easier to remember 'ow many slots yas would 'ave. Age fourteen would be seven slots. So at age sixteen, you 'ave eight slots. Easy, right?"

    Alex smiled. "An easy system for remembering how many forms and slots I have at my disposal. Should we go ahead and bathe or would Guily care if we were clean or not?"

    The Lawyer Roo said, "A clean boy would impress 'im a lot. But 'is fee to 'elp yas is to see yas as a butt naked 'uman boy, front and back. 'e won't ask for sex."

    The two proceeded to take their morning bathe together and avoided the temptation to explore the roo's pouch. But Alex was damned curious. He then used a body towel and he plugged up a hair dryer and used it to dry the Roo's fur coat all over before using it on his own head of hair. Then he unplugged it and put it away. "Should I get dressed since he wants to see me naked?" The Roo replied, "Yes, since yas will want yer clothes dedicated to yas when yas learn the Devil Kangaroo form." He then added, "Besides, Mack might ask where we're going if yas try to leave naked. And it would be better if 'e didn't know what we were up to today."

    Alex and the Roo emerged from the bathroom and the boy posed for Mack Roo. "Is any food on that table human-safe? Or will I need to go into the kitchen?"

    Mack said, "This is Roo food, Alex. Yas will 'ave to get something from the kitchen. Ah'm sorry."

    Alex said, "Your lawyer is going to be escorting me today on an outing, Mack. He wants to introduce me to Lord Guily so I can get a late birthday present from the nice lord."

    Mack grinned. "Ah am sure the present will be nice since we all know 'is fee. And its not money, mate."

    Alex smiled. "Your Lawyer Roo told me the fee. And its little to ask since he's never met me before." And he led the lawyer into the kitchen of the programming quarters. "I am going to fix a Hot Pocket breakfast. It has meat, sauces, cheese and a crispy crust. Do you want one?"

    The Roo smiled. "Sure, Ah'll try one if yas want to make one for me. Ah already like yas a lot for even putting up with me for this length of time. Most of my brothers tell me to get lost after a while of my trying to be social with them."

    Alex kissed the Roo on the muzzle again. "I think you're fine as you are. They don't know what they are missing." And he put two Hot Pockets into the microwave.

    When the food was ready, Alex poured two glasses of milk and then they had breakfast which was quite good.

    After breakfast, The Lawyer Roo held on to Alex and teleported directly to Lord Guily's plateau in the Underworld. The Roo called out, "Lord Guily? Ah brought yas a boy yas 'aven't met."

    Lord Guily came out of his cave with a yawn and he smiled when he saw that roo had not fibbed. "Well, let me see the merchandise. And then tell me what one wish you want granted."

    Alex stepped up to stand before the Guilmon and he removed his clothes before posing and slowly turning so the Digimon could see both sides of the nice boy.

    Lord Guily. "A fresh one. They are so rare these days. Okay, put your clothes back on and tell me what wish you want granted. You only get one, so word it right and all will go well."

    Alex began to get dressed. "I am a game programmer, Lord Guily. my partner and I take requests if you have one you have always wanted made right. As for my wish, it has nothing to do with our programming business of Bog-Owl Data Services on the DONK.OS game listing. This may sound a bit odd, but occasionally I like to do game research into different species by learning to change into each species. My request is, within reason, that for every two years of my life, I get access to a new available Species Learning Slot so I can learn a permanent species to place into that slot. This would be ongoing. I already have a Hellhound learned, but in order to learn more than that without throwing my humanity away, I need these character slots magically set into my mind and on a whim able to project the slots around me so I can know what all I have in my list and how many slots are still unused. If this is two wishes, I apologize. I just want to make sure I don't get mixed up when learning forms. As a programmer, I can do a programming job of your choice to earn the entire request. Um... you are really good looking, sir. I am Bert Thomas' son back on FARM World. But I use the name Alex Nighthawk."

    He shut up at that point since it looked like Lord Guily was thinking.

    Lord Guily smiled. "You have manners, Alex. Such a nice boy. Program a non-sexual Guilmon game for DONK.OS and make sure you get permission from Toei Animation and Bandai of Japan and I will grant your entire request for you. Come on back when the game is done and play a game with me. I don't get visited by nice boys with manners too often. I usually see obnoxious boys whom are greedy and selfish and screw up their wish something fierce; and then they have the balls to say that I tricked them into making the wrong wish." And he granted the wish.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Alex tested the new ability while still in Guily's presence. "When I turn sixteen next year, I should have another free slot available and then the next on my 18th birthday. I just turned 15 last week. This nice lawyer said I should come see you to get a late birthday present." Guily could see Jeopardypaw on his slot platform with the Jeopardy board behind him.

      Lord Guily asked, "What funny nickname did you give Jeopardypaw? I can see his name on the slot platform."

      Alex didn't want to stun the nice Guilmon, so he chose not to do the transformation this time. "Jeopardypaw also known as Owlex Trebayk."

      Guily ended up rolling on the ground laughing. "Oh you DO like games! Well enjoy the wish I granted to you! And make that game I requested! Non-Sexual and in-context!"

      The Lawyer Roo then held on to Alex and teleported with him off to another out of the way and obscure location. "This is the 'ome of a Devil Kangaroo Shaman named Infernomire. 'e can grant yas the Devil Kangaroo Form of yer choice. 'e will ask yas a few questions; but the final choice is always yers. 'e knows a lot of Devil Kangaroo tribes throughout the planes. 'e can tell yas about each one and then let yas choose the one whose form yas want to learn. Unlike the 'ell'ounds, yas get to know this shaman's name."

      The two entered the cave which was hidden by thick moss and it smelled like Kangaroo sex within the cavern. Alex said, "You know, the Shaman might be busy with a lover and may not have time to assist a human boy with learning a new Devil Kangaroo form. I mean, it smells super rich of kangaroo sex in here. Even though Mack doesn't know that we came here..."

      Two braziers along one wall suddenly burst into flame which killed the kangaroo sex scent in the outer chamber. Standing between the two braziers was a fantastic looking Devil Kangaroo Shaman whom had pouch partners bouncing up and down within his pouch apparently on his red king. "Whom says Ah don't 'ave time to assist a 'uman in learning the Devil Kangaroo form? Ah am the great and powerful Infernomire. My mates were pleasuring me this morning since Ah see so few visitors any more at all. What is yer desire?"

      Alex introduced himself fully and then he explained how he did game research into Underworld species by learning the species form so he could associate with the others up close without endangering his humanity in the process. "The Lawyer Roo here said you would ask me a few questions before helping me to learn the species form."

      Infernomire looked at the lawyer and said, "Could yas step outside, please and make sure no one else comes in." After the lawyer left, the shaman asked, "Drop yer pants please; Ah need to make sure yer a boy with my own eyes. Ah 'ad a Tom-boy try to trick me just last month." And when Alex unfastened his pants and let them drop down around his ankles, he then pulled his underwear down as well. "I showed Lord Guily my goodies earlier. Tom-Boys are nasty. I am surprised one could find you here."

      "Me too." The Shaman examined the boy's penis and balls. "Yer the real thing all right. A real boy that is. Pull yer clothes back on. What tribe would yas like to learn the species of?" Alex refastened his pants. "No one told me the tribes, sir. Is there any whom do not have a nasty body odor when in contact with surface world conditions or a type that does not put off a mating scent. Ah do not need that kind of distraction in my every day life. I would like a clean Devil Kangaroo boomer if possible."

      The shaman grinned. "There are lots of clean Devil Kangaroos, problem is they don't stay clean for too long when socializing with other Devil Kangaroos. Tell yas what... Lets design a new Devil Kangaroo tribe for yas alone and we'll see what comes of it. Describe yer fur color first, then tell me the eye color and give me a standard height for yer new boomer's tribe. Also be thinking of a good boomer name for yer new Devil Kangaroo. Once the creation is made, then yas can make up a Tribe name for the new Boomer species."

      Alex had some ideas for names already. "Overall fur coloration... the same color as my hair (light brown spiky fur) with rosettes the color of my skin (pale tanned cream.) Green eyes, same as my human species. Standard height for the boomer's tribe would be 5 foot 9 inches tall, somewhat taller than my human self. His name would be Roobus of the Escherian tribe. Escherian means 'optical illusion'. Roobus is a play off of the word 'rebus', which is a picture puzzle which usually spells a common phrase. What do you think?"

      Infernomire giggled. "Yas like to play games. What a fun sounding tribe. Now, for the part yas may not like. What is yer tribe's defense scent? This is the light or loud fragrance or odor that makes people think twice about threatening yas. And yes, yas 'ave to choose one. All Devil Kangaroos have something like this. The body odor yas mentioned earlier and the mating scent distraction is exactly what Ah am talking about. So what makes yer tribe feel safe?"

      Alex grinned. "Game Show Euphoria. When my tribe feels threatened, the offender is hit with a mental hallucination that puts him as a contestant in a game show he may or may not like. He will imagine the host asking him questions and he will answer them as if he were on this game show. While under the effects of this euphoria hallucination, he will wander back into a public locale where he will entertain passers by until the effect wears off in two hours. While under the effect, his eyes will look glazed over and have that swirly appearance."

      Infernomire was laughing at this point. "Ah would hardly call that disgusting, just annoying to the public."

      Alex said, "Basic powers would be equal to what any other Devil Kangaroo might have. Teleportation, telepathy between roos; but sitting on my red king would not send the victim to anyone else. And I get to choose if I want the rider to change into the species or not. Not everyone should be a Roo. If Roobus is the first of this tribe, wouldn't that make him an alpha by default? I just want to make sure I understand how all of this is going to work so I don't offend anyone else."

      Infernomire smirked. "Ah am mentally checking to see if yer tribe matches any in the planes; but Ah 'ave a suspicion it won't. To transform, yas use the phrase Boomer On; to change back, Boomer Off. Ah'm sure yas know the rest. Give it a try."

      Alex struck his pose and said, "Boomer On!" The transformation glow coated his entire body as his surroundings briefly changed into the set of Concentration with the numbered board behind him. He felt himself fully transform from his human identity into his Kangaroo form which had light brown spiky fur with rosettes in pale tanned cream. His small devil like horns appeared between his ears on his head almost hidden in his fur as his official collar with ID tag appeared around his neck. His pouch formed on his stomach which he could feel his red king seated at the bottom before he found himself on his feet where he beamed proudly before turning to face the audience. "Roobus of the Escherian tribe!"

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Roobus hopped in place to get used to his new body. "'ow do Ah look? My voice... Ah forgot Ah would get the accent, too. Ah'm a newbie. Aw well, Ah guess Ah will learn. Boomer Off!" and he changed back into his human form with his clothes still upon his body. "Oh good, the dedication part still works. Any luck finding a planar match, Shaman?"

        Infernomire grinned. "Ah've found a few similarities but no exact match; seems like yer the only one at the moment. Lets get yas back to your lawyer friend. The chaos yer gonna cause."

        Alex approached the shaman and said, "Before I go... I want a closer look at your adorably cute mates. How are they all sharing the one red king in your pouch?"

        In a comedic stop, the pouch mate lovers all stopped bouncing and looked up at the human with the dopey look on their muzzles. "'e asked that question, love! We win the lottery!"

        Alex said, "There are six of you in different colors and Devil Kangaroos only have one red king or so I was told."

        Infernomire leaned in and gave Alex a deep kiss on his human mouth. "Ah'm an elder power mate. That means Ah can 'ave as many red kings in my pouch as Ah want. Much like the dragons."

        He then grinned. "But Ah get to do it as a Roo. Sweet, huh?"

        Alex smacked his lips from the Shaman's tongue taste. "You taste minty."

        The Shaman ushered Alex out of his cavern. "'ey lawyer Roo... Yas need to get yer boy out of 'ere before Ah claim 'is butt in a mating. 'e got his Roo form learned and what fun it is."

        Alex was left with the lawyer. "I asked him how all six of his mates were sharing the one red king in his pouch. His answer was funny."

        The Lawyer Roo grinned. "'e used the dragon cock joke, didn't 'e?"

        Alex nodded his head.

        The two then teleported back to Mack Roo's personal realm where the Lawyer permitted Alex to learn an anchor point for personal teleportation within his own quarters. "Now yas can come visit me whenever yas like. Since yas 'ave merchant status, yas don't 'ave to worry about the butt sex to leave rule. Let me see yer Roo form and then Ah will return yas to yer workshop. Yas 'ave a few games to work on. Yas can study Devil Kangaroos another day now that yas 'ave protection."

        Alex struck his pose and said, "Boomer On!" The transformation glow coated his entire body as his surroundings briefly changed into the set of Concentration with the numbered board behind him. He felt himself fully transform from his human identity into his Kangaroo form which had light brown spiky fur with rosettes in pale tanned cream. His small devil like horns appeared between his ears on his head almost hidden in his fur as his official collar with ID tag appeared around his neck. His pouch formed on his stomach which he could feel his red king seated at the bottom before he found himself on his feet where he beamed proudly before turning to face the audience. "Roobus of the Escherian tribe! Beware my Game show Euphoria defense!" he exclaimed as he winked at the Lawyer Roo!

        The Lawyer Roo then asked, "'ow does yer defense work so Ah am fairly warned?"

        Alex grinned. "Game Show Euphoria. When my tribe feels threatened, the offender is 'it with a mental 'allucination that puts 'im as a contestant in a game show 'e may or may not like. 'e will imagine the 'ost asking 'im questions and 'e will answer them as if 'e were on this game show. While under the effects of this euphoria 'allucination, 'e will wander back into a public locale where 'e will entertain passers by until the effect wears off in two 'ours. While under the effect, 'is eyes will look glazed over and 'ave that swirly appearance."

        The Lawyer Roo smiled. "'ow are yas coping with speaking in the Aussie Lilt that all Roos speak with?"

        Alex said, "It surprised me at first. Ah 'ad forgotten that Roos speak that way even though my ears 'ear it all the time. At least Ah learned 'ow to make the dopey roo grin." He did it.

        The Lawyer Roo laughed and hugged Alex. "Yes, yas learned it well. Time to go back up topside. Maybe next time, Ah can help yas to break in yer red king. Ah sadly 'ave law work to get back to and Mack would be upset if Ah neglected my cases that Ah am involved with. But Ah still love yas, Alex. Ah wish Ah was yer personal lawyer; then Ah could live with yas full time and not 'ave to worry about coming back to this 'ot and sweaty dump of a realm 'ome. Yas 'ave air circulation at yer place."

        Alex said, "Boomer Off!" and he changed back into his human form with his clothes still upon his body. "I would love to have you as my personal lawyer. How would I go about earning you?"

        The Lawyer Roo said, "We'll 'ave to ask Mack Roo about that. But Ah think it might 'ave to do with my finishing up my existing cases first."

        The two then teleported back to BODS_ where they came out of the kitchen and saw that Mack was still seated in a side business office looking over paperwork and getting calls over a crystal ball which allow him to see whom was calling. The calls were mainly congratulatory calls over his having found the missing legal papers. Nothing law changing important. Alex waited until Mack ended the call before saying, "Mack? How would I go about earning the services of this Lawyer Roo for BODS_?"

        Mack glanced up and smiled. "So... yas went to see Lord Guily first; and then yas went and got a roo form from Shaman Infernomire. 'e called me to let me know yas boys were there. 'e said yas were especially nice to 'is mates. Ah wouldn't expect any less from the nice boy everyone likes. Ah 'ope the Roo form yas learned is a good one and doesn't stink during a rain." And Alex then activated his slot display so Mack could see Roobus on his slot platform. Mack said, "Handy trick that. That must be a bonus yas got from Guily."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Mack then said, "'e needs to finish up the cases 'e is involved in. While yas were going, 'is clients called to ask where 'e was. Today is a court day. If 'e defends 'is current clients well and comes back with good recommendations, Ah can permit 'im to link in to being a BODS_ Lawyer. But Ah imagine 'e is really doing it for yas; not Bogbayer."

          Alex said, "Speaking of Bogbayer... I haven't seen him since the morning after we found the legal document for you. I don't know where he is. The game company could be in trouble without him since he was the one whom donated most of his stipend into the company funding account. I don't want to yell foul play this early but he had initially been working for TGU before I met him and then TGU rejected my application form right after I told Bogbayer whom I really was. I know it sounds suspicious."

          He then added, "He had full control over the other account before I closed it out and opened it as a ACE Ventures account under your recommendation."

          Mack asked, "'ow much control did yas 'ave over the financial account before yas closed it?"

          Alex said, "The account read that I had to have Bogbayer's signature in order to make withdrawals for company reasons. Thankfully, I had used my own funds from my personal account to purchase the Zelda and Dragon Quest music used in HCH. I had been suspicious of S'taurrior Advanced from the start and now with Bogbayer missing, I have to wonder if TGU has reformed."

          Mack said, "Go fetch yer laptop, Alex. Ah tried to connect to the net this morning after yas joeys left and my laptop said there was no net anywhere in the building. If Bogbayer did this last night, then 'e must 'ave 'ad this planned for a while."

          Alex said, "He probably thinks I stole his stipend since the old account doesn't exist any more." And he went to fetch his laptop. When he returned, he looked unhappy. He dropped the broken laptop on the work desk. "There was a note attached: Asshole, when I get my stipend back, you'll get an apology from me. I also used my authority in the business to shut down your net as well as to send word to DONK.OS that you wanted out of the BODS_ business. So as of this morning, you have no business at all, Thief. I want my money back! I was told not to trust Bert's family but you had been so nice to me so you fooled me. My father wants me serving in the war effort anyway. So send my money back to my father or else face legal charges in Imperial Court. I'm not like the former gamers; I was a Loyalist of Orion's games from the start. - Royal Prince Bogbayer, he whom is higher rank than you will ever be."

          Alex then transformed into Jeopardypaw and he mentally reached out to Timefrost and Falconsong, telling them what Bogbayer had gone and done overnight and how he was out a laptop now.

          The two showed up with Zeusfang and Bert although his father was using a hand-held Internet detector to scan for any net energies in the building at all. He went outside to the box outside the building and having Zeusfang help him, he repaired the sabotaged Internet box to restore net in the building. Then they came back inside. Bert said, "Net restored, guys. And Mack, please remove permissive access for Bogbayer being able to re-enter this business building at all from now on. I think he is one of the Imperials we missed from the old days."

          Mack got on that request immediately. In the meantime, Timefrost and Falconsong handed Alex a flat unopened DONK.OS laptop box that had the words, DONK.OS version 19.199 Security Edition. Alex opened it immediately and opened up the lid and hit the on button. When the donkey came on the screen, he asked, "If you are restoring an old backed up laptop, please enter your username and password and wait a few minutes." Alex typed in his username and password and he pressed continue. "Welcome back, Master Alex. Bogbayer really thought you would be stupid. He cannot kick you out of DONK.OS without your specific laptop permission. So by destroying the old laptop, he locked himself out of your quitting the business. Please wait while we copy in your coding, personal files and program preferences." The progress bar began to move slowly across the screen.

          Alex said, "I not only use CodeLock but I also use Auto System Backup that occurs every time I shut down my laptop fully. I never told him that part, so when he destroyed by old laptop, he likely thought that I hadn't saved my files manually in a while. Mr. Donkey, while this laptop restore is going on, could you have Duncan Donkey do a specialty scan on [Around The Underworld in Eighty Factoids]. Have Duncan look for minute code editing. Last I checked, that game was not written in CodeLock. Check the sections around his name in the coding. I suspect that he did the edits to steal the game himself from the two ladies. Am I wrong that they are still maintaining their innocence?" Duncan's voice was suddenly behind Alex as he hugged the boy fondly. "We just did and you are right. There were edits around his name that occurred during two separate dates. Also, you need to change the company name."

          Duncan continued. "Bogbayer tried to process an edit of BODS_ into TGU2_ last night and it failed because he didn't have your override permission to make the change."

          Alex said, "Purge all games related to S'taurrior Advanced out of the DONK.OS database and cite that the removal was performed due to copyright and trademark infringement."

          Duncan nodded his head. "At once, Alex. We all like you. We could care less about Bogbayer. What will you do with his company stipend?"

          Alex remarked, "Since he has requested the return of his stipend, then that is what he is going to get via Mack Roo Law Services. Dumb Ass didn't know I was in process of acquiring a Mack Roo Lawyer for the business. He also doesn't know this, but I know the exact amount of funds he put into the company account. That is what will be returned to him; NOT the interest. And Dad? Terminate his NFI email account. He obviously breached the contract for having one of those accounts. Sequester his outgoing and incoming emails for legal reasons."

          Moments later, Bert, Mack and the others were reading over all of the outgoing and incoming emails between Bogbayer and members of the TGU players. Back-stabbing and hateful suggestions were often given in regards to the Thomas family on how they couldn't be trusted. The mention of destroying the computers, sabotaging the net, and demanding company funds returned were all mentioned in the last email or be taken to Imperial court. In fact, the word Imperial was often used throughout the emails. He never signed his real name to the emails.

          Instead, the signature read as Emperor Darktaur.

          When Orion heard and saw that name, he growled. (Alex wasn't sure when the Foxtaur arrived.) "Darktaur was one of the biggest pricks in the old S'taurrior game and we never caught his stupid ass. He would cause a load of trouble in game and then be conveniently elsewhere when we were rounding up Imperials and Loyalists." Alex showed the Foxtaur the damning note from Bogbayer that mentions that he was an original Loyalist from Orion's games.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Orion growled. "Way way back when he first joined my game, I asked him if he knew any programming! He said no; but he mentioned having beta tested a lot of war games! I want this S.O.B. placed on the Underworld Bounty List! He is no teenager! He is a full blown adult! I want the orders on his useless hide set to Slay on Sight; No parleying!"

            Orion added. "And I want his lifeless corpse stretched over a spiked Metalli-Dildo Tree for all to see! He makes the Kisumes seem tame by comparison!"

            He then looked to Alex. "Terminate your game friendships with his useless ass for your own protection."

            Alex looked to Duncan Donkey. "Could you make it so any friendships I have with Bogbayer/Tidetail are removed from all DONK.OS games on both sides without my having to log into them. Also, the Bog-Owl group we set up in [Party Pack Deluxe] needs to be terminated. He gave me joint ownership; but I don't want to play in the game anymore. I want to keep playing in Freelancers 2: Further Adventures. But when I am on, I would like to be placed on undetectable status. That way he cannot check the online lists to see if I am on."

            Duncan Donkey said, "You are permitted to change your name in F2:FA at least once, especially if there is problems with your old username."

            Alex said, "Once the friendships are terminated, change my character name on F2:FA to Roobuspaw and move my character from the populated server to one that sees little use."

            He then added, "I'll just do as dad did in the old days; play solo since I was doing that anyway before meeting Tidetail."

            Zeusfang said, "If you join the Aegean server in F2:FA, you won't see hardly any players at all. But that is my personal server if you want to pal around me occasionally."

            Alex smiled. "Sounds like a plan."

            Bert said, "I am glad you are in the process of getting a Mack Roo Lawyer, son. They are good at what they do."

            Alex then said, "New company name should be the first order of business. With Mr. Faker wanting to ban me from the old company name, we'll make him and his crooked friends think that they succeeded. The BODS_ account will be removed entirely from the DONK.OS game company list. Then a brand new company will be created and added to the list. How does Roobus Action Puzzle Services sound as the new name, abbreviated to RAPS_; I know there is no current listing for that company in the lists. I was initially going to make it as a personal company for me to make games and programs with. Now it becomes my personal company thanks to the usurper bailing overboard and lying to me at the same time. The premiere game will be Home Town Hero rebranded under the new company name. Later, I may be nice to the good sci-fi players and give them a space game. But it won't be S'taurrior."

            He then addded, "Now or ever. I knew there had to be a reason I never wanted to play in that game aside from my programming it."

            His new laptop then announced, "Restoration from save status has been completed, you may now log in and personalize your account and resume work."

            Alex went into settings and he clicked on change account from Day_Owl to Roobus_Gamer. Then he updated his primary on-screen assistant to look like a Mack Roo Lawyer and the secondary remained as a donkey for updates and system messages. He also changed his password just in case [turd bottom] figured it out somehow. The interactive wallpaper was made to look like a Kangaroo Amusement Park. Next up, he logged into the DONK.OS account login area and he deleted anything he had in the DONK.OS company account (landing pages, game files and information pages) leaving nothing behind. Then he filed a company account termination command and he answered the security question to prove he was the programmer. Once the company was deleted permanently along with a company title prevention command to prevent anyone from remaking the company for 10 planar years.

            Next, he erased the company account from the MeTube site and he created a new company account on MeTube Premium. RAPS Games on MeTube Premium was the new account.

            Next he uploaded a video to explain why BODS_ was terminated but he refrained from mentioning whether he planned to start over or not. This would prevent TGU2 from finding out easily what he was up to. Now that he was ready, he returned to the DONK.OS Games list and he entered the Premium area and he created the all-new RAPS_ company account on the premium version of DONK.OS games. This meant that players had to pay for his games to play them. Except for Trial versions of the game which would be free to try and if you liked the game, you would click on the [Purchase Full Version] button and after payment was received, the game would download the rest of the files to permit access to the full version. He hated to go the pay to play route, but the pricks had brought it upon themselves.

            He now opened his company logo creation program and he custom created music to fit the new graphic. He wanted it to sound like a brand new game show theme. The next part was to set up a background that looked like a puzzle board and a contestant podium with a red buzzer on it near the bottom base of the camera lens. Then he changed into his boomer body and he carefully put on a tuxedo and as held on to a microphone in one paw hand, he moon-walked backwards into the scene while his camcorder was running and he stopped and turned to the camera and the contestant (game player) and he took a bow. Then white words appeared along the top of the company graphic which read as [Are you a Puzzle Master?] Those words would then fade only to be replaced by the slogan [Roobus Action Puzzle Services]. The animated musical logo would then fade to black.

            He then got out of the tux and he reverted to his human form as he completed the new animated company logo for the company. No one would know the Devi-Roo was him.

            Then he uploaded the new Logo video to MeTube Premium as well as to his DONK.OS Premium game company landing page.

            Editing the previous company name out of Home Town Hero was next and replacing that with RAPS_Premium and replacing the BODS_ logo with the new RAPS_ logo. Then he saved the work and clicked on Convert coding to DONK.OS even though it already was in that coding. This would remove any code editing artifacts that TGU might recognize as an edit. Then he uploaded the new version of Home Town Hero to his RAPS_Premium account. Players whom had helped to test the game when it was free got continued access to the premium version.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Good Players were then instructed how to convert their old BODS_ accounts into RAPS_Premium accounts. As long as you helped to test one of Alex's games, you got free access to the game in question when it went live. Character accounts would be kept as well.

              Now Alex began work on the all-new space game to replace the SA Failure. He began working on the script for the new Intro first.

              "Thinking themselves superior to all other species, the self-proclaimed chosen spread their rule across the galaxy." It would show space going Taurs in the opening scenes in an improved video format. "Eventually greed got the better of them and they desired more... they opened the ages old sealed star gate into a neighboring galaxy only to relize the horror of their newest mistake." Spidertaur Fighter Ships poured out of the open star gate and began destroying the unsuspecting Taur army ships. Then a horrifying scene of Taurs being sliced up and served to the Spidertaur masters as meals is shown briefly. Ewww. "The Spidertaurs quickly began to hunt down their quarries to have as their meals. Few of the Chosen escaped to seek out help from those they thought themselves superior over." Now it showed the remaining Taurs meeting with Hounds, Felines, Mice, Kangaroos and Humans in a distant galaxy. "A new chance to bring Social Alliances together to defeat the ever-growing Web Nebula Spiders, this is their fate. This is their destiny. This is the Quadrant: Aftermath, a drama based on a proud fallen species seeking to rise again with the help of social alliances with one enemy in mind. Are you the Chosen or are you an Ally or perhaps you are merely lunch." Ship battles and social interaction aboard ship bridges and at space ports are shown, combined with love, romance, and lots of action. "Quadrant: Aftermath! Can you bring the galaxy together to defeat the spiders?" There was no mention of S'taurrior in this intro movie at all.

              An hour later, he showed the intro movie to his father, Bert, as well as to Falconsong, Timefrost, Orion and a representative of LucasArts. Ship designs resembled nothing from Star Wars nor Star Trek at all. It was all new based off of Anime show designs vaguely. Watching a species get cleaved up as a meal made several turn their heads. Finally Bert said, "Oh wow... I felt like doing this to the Taurs in the old days. But you ran with it."

              The LucasArts Rep whom had watched via video link excused himself to go use the nearby toilet.

              Orion managed to say, "I approve, Alex and I want to help test this game when you get it made. If a Taur dies at the claws of a Spider, the meal is obviously the result. What if they die any other way?" Alex said, "I am so glad you asked, first time deaths up to ten times get to solve an easy word puzzle game to be resurrected at your last save point. Eleven to fifty deaths results in a medium difficulty word puzzle and anything over fifty deaths is a hard word puzzle or the player can choose to start a new character."

              He then added, "...and let the old one fade out of existence, meaning, it will auto remove from your account after 30 days if you don't solve the puzzle given."

              Alex said, "Remember, Orion... this is not a Taur specific game regardless of how I made the opening movie look. You can play any species. You don't have to fight the spiders at all. If you choose to fight the spiders, those battles always occur in the chosen's galaxy; not the player start galaxy. Prick players whom try to conquer the Alliance Galaxy will get a short movie showing a court martial and their banishment back into the Chosen Galaxy to confront the Spiders, by themselves. No allies; no help; no resurrections."

              Orion said, "Meaning they might survive if they are lucky enough. Right?"

              Alex grinned evilly. "No fueling stations. The Chosen Galaxy is PVE meaning the Spiders are always chasing you. Get stuck in a web and you're toast - literally."

              Orion said, "What if a player wants another chance without dying at the claws of a spider?"

              Alex said, "In the player menu there will be a link listing which will read as [Self Kill]. Clicking this will send the player straight to the word puzzle screen. Solve the puzzle to get back to the last save point before your mistake in trying to conquer the Alliance Galaxy. Otherwise, no second chances. Screw over the staff too many times and get a ban from the game. Cheat the system to have your save point moved permanently into the Chosen galaxy where you can fight all the spiders you want."

              He then uploaded the new Intro movie to his MeTube Premium account and into the coming soon section of his RAPS_Premium account on the DONK.OS games list. A warning was added to the video description section. "Due to the graphic nature of this intro movie, some players may get violently sick to their stomachs. View at your own risk." Quadrant: Aftermath, a social alliances Sci-Fi drama for advanced players. Coming Soon.

              During the next few weeks, Alex constructed the new Sci-Fi Aftermath game. While he did this, his Mack Roo Lawyer completed his other cases and moved into Alex's business and home with Mack's blessing. Alex was such a good boy to visit. In the meantime, DONK.OS initiated a new rule preventing users with dirty infected computers from having accounts or access to/on DONK.OS for any reason. Former accounts from dirty computers were suspended as if the player themselves had done it. Attempting to visit any DONK.OS page now resulted in a virus detection page which revealed every infection and trojan on your filthy PC or Laptop. In addition to this, an email from the user's dirty computer would be sent to the Big Three's company that the computer originated from to let them know that a consumer was attempting to overwrite their system with the Donkey Takeover Virus and the security software on the system in question was preventing them from viewing the page. This also spread the viruses back to the home company in question. Eventually, the parent companies would track these users down to put a stop to them for trying to sabotage their companies, never suspecting that this was a DONK.OS Protection program result.

              Global Chat was now only available on planets the player was currently on; if a player was on another world, they would not hear chatter on another planet. Full Game Communication was now being called Sector Chat. Sector Chat had to be kept squeaky clean; the vulgarity filter would stop nasty messages from being posted. Private messaging included PVID and TEAMVID. This was the only exception to the filter and the other chat methods. You could be as nasty as you dared in private as long as it didn't bother others.

              Then came the day Alex invited his elders to test the new game to look for glitches and exploits.

              Bert gave the thumbs up for the release of Quadrant: Aftermath. Alex added one last prevention to the DONK.OS download page. A special questionnaire.

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Visitors could watch the intro movie which would then make the download inquiry link appear at the bottom. This led to the questionnaire. What Genre of games are you most interested in? Please check all that apply. There was the standard list of game type with check boxes next to them. It was standard except for Social War Gaming, All-Out War Gaming and War Games Other. Hovering your pointer over a choice gave a tool tip of classic games the choice entailed. Social War Gaming's choices were polite war games which included S'taurrion Knights; All-Out War Gaming gave intensive classic combat games as examples; War Games Other listed S'taurrior among other choices in the tool tip.

                It didn't matter what you chose unless you clicked the listing that gave S'taurrior as a choice. If you included War Games Other in your check list and clicked Submit, you were then taken to a thank you for your interest page just before being forced out into the standard arrival DONK.OS Games list page. Yes, a player was kicked out for choosing S'taurrior. Otherwise, players were directed to the download links. The choices there were [PC], [Laptop], [Android] and [Emulator (No music files)].

                All Download files were the same size except Emulator, which had no music nor voice files in the full format. Only 8-bit.

                The purchase price for Quadrant: Aftermath was $15.99. Home Town Hero had only been $9.99. Upgrades to the games were free. In most cases, you might not ever notice an upgrade.

                On opening day, several complaints over being kicked out of the download/purchase page were sent to the Donkey Brothers. All complaints originated from the TGU Supporters group and they were told that S'taurrior supporters could not gain access to the game since the game was NOT Taur Specific. Once these new identity players were identified, they lost access to DONK.OS as their operating systems were reverted back to the OS systems they had originated from. The Donkey Brothers were tired of this group.

                IP Addresses were no longer used; instead, DONK.OS read your computer ID number in settings which most users did not know how to change. It took a programmer to know this stuff.

                Despite the TGU rats finding the new company, opening day saw an outrageous one billion plus players whom purchased the game and were playing it. Flawlessly. Thank the gods for multiple game servers which permitted users to log into a less congested server to continue play. Friending was permitted across the servers. The only catch was that if you wanted to team up with a friend, you had to join the less congested server. This prevented opening day crashes. Friend lists were reasonably unlimited. There were no guilds.

                Most players assumed that guilds would be part of an upcoming update. Little did they know that guilds would never be part of Aftermath.

                Alex played a Chosen named Angelic Quadwalker, a descendant of Lukas Quadwalker, created with his father's permission and usable later in his father's games if he so chose to play there. As Angelic, Alex often met other players in game whom had no idea that he was Alex and he never mentioned whom he really was, which was taboo anyways. One day, he encountered Lukas at a star port whom gave him a hug along with a credit donation to his PM box.

                Apparently Bert did a mission which paid a bit much and he was gifting part of it to his descendant which you could only do in person. There were no anonymous gifting in game.

                While Alex could have unlimited funds if he wanted to; he never cheated in his games. Must have been his involvement in Home Town Hero that prevented him from being dishonest.

                In the meantime, TGU tried every trick in the book to gain access to Quadrant: Aftermath. The had been watching game play videos from players uploaded to their standard MeTube Accounts and they desperately wanted into this game. Although there wasn't anything resembling S'taurrior nor guilds in the game, they still wanted in. With the loss and permanent removal of S'taurrior Advanced, they wanted to deliver payback.

                One day in Home Town Hero, Alex was contacted by another player face to face. "Alex? The TGU guys are bothering me in other games begging me to find out how they can get a playable version of Quadrant: Aftermath. I cannot even login without finding them waiting for me for news on the download information. Please help me." Alex replied by saying, "Tell them that AdmiralGeeks have a dumbed down free version of the game that they can acquire and play without purchase. Do not mention that the dumbed down version is one without the music/voice files and has no access to chat services whatsoever. Full play is otherwise permitted. Dying requires playing S'taurrior Tiddlywinks on Hard mode to get the resurrect that our players get by doing a word puzzle, That was my father's idea." And then he parted company with his loyal HTH game player.

                Later in Q:A, Alex received an Admin message from one of the dumbed down players asking for access to S'taurrior Advanced and all grievances would be dropped forever. This was giving him an idea but he would need his father's and Orion's help to make this work just right. During the next few hours, a Collar Game version of S'taurrior Advanced was produced with the old TGU2 company Logo replacing the old BODS Logo. They had to get Daniel Donkey's assistance to convert the DONK.OS programming back into Macrosoft code.

                A message on the loading screen mentioned that this was a parody version of Classic S'taurrior and created without LucasArts permission, but legally authorized as long as no Star Wars references were ever included in the game. Lukas and Clan were removed as NPCs from the game at Bert's request. Once the creation was completed, the player was contacted and told where they could get their collar version on Anime World. They were also told to be careful in whom they assigned as Admin since they could only have four Admins on staff at any time. Also, if the game ever crashed, which was not expected, they would be on their own unless they learned Macrosoft Game Programming skills to make repairs. The Collar version did NOT use DONK.OS. Lawfully owned extras owned by Bert Thomas were not included in the game at all. No Global Chat; No PVID. And others.

                Any attempts to remove the parody message would terminate the game as if it had crashed. The legalese had to stay on the welcome screen. The intro movie was the classic one without any mention of Orion Foxtaur Games included whatsoever. Medina's toilet tutorial was left in the game. Hey, this was parody after all. After the TGU players had their game, player numbers in Aftermath dropped down to the hundred millions. Alex noted whom all had flocked back to S'taurrior and their accounts were terminated with full refunds.

                Attempting to log back in after playing in the collar version informed former players that they voided their Terms and Agreements they agreed to and their accounts were gone. After seeing this message, they got the funds refunded message and the game was uninstalled off of their computers. They did it to themselves by abandoning Aftermath to go play in S'taurrior Advanced. Complaining to the Donkey Brothers resulted in the DONK.OS ban. As was mentioned before, they were tired of these TGU supporting complainers.

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Alex never heard back from any of the S'taurrior Advanced TGU guys at all; they had their game and all was running well. But for how long before someone tried to insert a Star Wars related character or planet name into the game world. Imperials were still allowed because Star Wars were not the first to have Imperial villains in movies. One day, Bert was contacted with a question that he had been expecting. "Hey Bert. We are trying to program our own version of Global Chat for SA and you made it look too easy before switching to DONK.OS. What's the big secret. We can't ask your son since we made a promise not to harrass him anymore. But you made Global Chat the first time. We need help so we don't crash the game. Please? 'sad puppy eyes'" The request was pure comedy in itself and he actually laughed when he read it. He posted the Full Game Chat MS Code into a page of his original Blog website and then he sent the gamer the link. "Just copy and paste if you want to use the exact code in your game and it won't crash. You can modify permissions in the Admin Menues. This will only work for the Collar versions of the game. It won't work in DONK.OS which I use exclusively these days. If I wanted to be a prick, you wouldn't have gotten anything. But as in the old days, I was above that petty grievance even when the players backstabbed me constantly. Enjoy the Full Game Chat once it goes live. And thank you for keeping your word to my son." He also told them that programming the old PVID was a complete bitch in the old days and even Orion had to help make it work right. It took programming knowledge to get it right.

                  When the admin reported back to the other Admin on his success with talking to Bert, they were amazed that he agreed to give them the old code. They thought he would say no.

                  Sometime later, players were rewarded with the return of their version of Global Chat in game. They were calling their version, Area Talk. But it looked the same as before.

                  One SA player asked, "How hard was it to get BT to give you the code?" Due to security Bert imbedded in the code, mentions of his name in any variation abbreviated it to BT.

                  Admin replied, "As long as we were civil to him during the request, he freely provided it to us. I guess being polite to him gives good rewards. We got the chat."

                  By now, Alex was creating the non-sexual Guilmon game that Lord Guily had requested because that was the agreement in exchange for the wish granted. "Guilmon, Digital Monster, he wants to be your friend! Guilmon, Digital Friend, he wants to be your Champion! Train with him in fun games and play in the Digital World!" This would be the only completely free non-sexual kid-friendly game included in the Free Games list of DONK.OS. Best of all, he had Toei and Bandai's permissions in place as long as he stayed in context.

                  Easiest game he had ever created for a client. Both Lord Guily and Toei were satisfied with the game which placed Alex high on their preferred Programmers list.

                  Now Alex was working on the next massive world adventure to occur on the thirteen seas. It was an old idea that his father had toyed with but had lost interest in. And now Alex wanted to revive the idea under his company logo. Pirates And Privateers Extreme Rendition. Writing the script for his version of the Intro movie would be first. Selecting appropriate music would add to the theme of the old world styled game. RAPS_PAPER was misleading at best, but the game and intro movie would blow players away.

                  Hopefully not at the end of a ship's cannon. There was to be no Sci-Fi technology in this game whatsoever. Little did he know that this would become the DONK.OS game of choice once it was completed and running. Players would be permitted to create and own their own island lairs in game which had their own docks and warehouses. Upon returning to your island's home port, the game automatically saved for a player. This means you could respawn at your island after a defeat.

                  One month later, Alex was having his mentors give the new game a test run. Eventually Bert said, "Nice revamp of the Privataurs game to accept multiple species. This is going to be a hit, son. If the public doesn't agree, it's their fault; not yours." Alex said, "Do you think the inclusion of the donkey boys was a bit over the top? I wanted to do something nice for the Donkey Brothers." Bert smiled. "I think they will hug, kiss and give you praises for adding their species. And thanks for dumbing down sexual activity."

                  Alex said, "Oh, it's there, dad. I assume you ignored the settings menu on page four."

                  Bert said, "I never saw a mention of adult settings in the settings menu."

                  Alex showed his father page three of Settings at the very bottom. [Adult Settings Ahrr? Yes or No]. It was defaulted to [No]. "During purchase, this is the default setting."

                  He clicked on Yes and clicked on submit. Page four appeared in the context menu. Switching to the new tab revealed the terms and warnings agreement. A player had to click [Yes] on every issue listed on the agreement before clicking submit at the bottom. An added message read that if you ever turned adult settings off, then you had to re-agree to these conditions again if you switched back to adult settings. Then the true adult settings menu was available for all to see. [Sexual Orientation] was defaulted to [M/F].

                  The other choices were [M/M&F F/M&F] and [M/M or F/F]. Alex avoided using the words Straight, Bisexual and Gay.

                  Another setting was [Pregnancy Capability] was defaulted to [Off] but the other choice was [On].

                  Yet another setting read as [Blood Spatter?] and it was defaulted to [Off]. The other two choices were [On, Minor] and [On, Full Gore].

                  And there were other adult settings; most were defaulted to [Off].

                  Alex returned to page Three and switched Adult settings off. Page Four tab vanished after clicking submit. "Does this change your mind about the game, dad?"

                  Bert hugged his son. "Did you add a warning to let other adult players know when a player is not using adult settings?"

                  Alex grinned. "Way ahead of you, dad." Bert said, "Then you are ready to upload this bad puppy."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Despite having a $19.99 price tag on this game, players still purchased and played the game. It really got promoted when the Donkey Brothers learned that you could play a donkey boy in this new pirate game. Opening Day player totals were in the trillions of players. And most never even knew about the adult settings.

                    Alex received a player compliment that he recognized. "BEST GAME EVA!" It was Bert's ottertaur buddy Loopy.

                    Alex then got up from his programming station and he went off into the kitchen to prepare some dinner for himself and his live-in lawyer. A while later, Alex and his Roo lawyer were enjoying a nice meal and drink together. "How did the work day go for you, stud?" The Roo smiled. "Ah 'ave a few ungrateful clients this time around whom Ah will be glad when their cases are completed. Now Ah know what Masya goes through when 'e deals with Mages. One client lied to me about 'is legal situation and when we got into court, Ah got a chance to look at the defendent's claim and my client started getting obnoxious when Ah asked the judge if it was okay to sequester the life video records of both 'umans for legal purposes. In fact, both 'umans objected to my idea. The judge gave in to my request since the two men were against it and then we learned that they 'ad both lied to their respective lawyers to try to get the upper 'and. They both 'ad illegal ulterior motives and at that point, Ah moved that cases be dropped until the men learned 'ow to be honest in a court of law. My client exploded at that point calling me vulgar names and suggesting that Ah learned law from soap operas. The defence was also vulgar and the judge 'ad the two men taken away to cool off in the same cell with a video camera watching them. Earlier, Ah told my dad about their be'avior and dad said that Ah did all the right things and to not let it bother me. Ah think from now on, before Ah accept a client to take to court, Ah am going to sequester their life video records." Alex grinned. "You should."

                    The Roo then leveled a gaze at Alex and said, "Since yas feel that way for me, then Ah need to tell yas that Ah sequestered yers as well. And yas never fibbed to me once."

                    Alex giggled. "You can watch mine as often as you want; I am sure my bathing scenes are quiet revealing."

                    The Roo lawyer smirked. "Ah am just protecting myself and making sure Ah 'aven't missed anything important in yer life 'istory."

                    He then asked, "What's yer next programming project going to be like? Unlike yer dad, yer projects are wildly successful. Several of 'is flopped initially upon being released."

                    Alex smiled. "I've been planning a game which is code named as Earn Your Way Out. This will be a game aimed at humans primarily. The character is captured or recruited by an Underworlder just before one of those lovely planar skirmishes. They wake up as the new species and then it becomes the survival game as they try to earn not only their humanity back but a legal visa for returning to their home on Earth. I would like the Underworld species in game to be as accurate as possible. When making their characters, the players are asked to provide their three favorite animals or mythic beasts as well as their least favorite animal or most despised species. Planar VIPs would make appearances as support NPCs or occasional advisors. The game would not end by successfully getting back to Earth depending upon whom the human befriended while in the planes. Updates would provide bonus missions for the human via job tavern like instances and you know how those work. Touch the job ad and you become the species during the job (mission) to get game rewards and opportunities to re-meet those whom you befriended the first time. In order to get a visa near the end, the player must report to the Visa Union along with someone they befriended to vouch for them; otherwise, the Union returns the friendless character back to the home realm or army they escaped from. You can see how this could take several sessions to solve and win if the players are being racist. I will have no Taurs in this game since the Taurs have their games currently and there has been no request to bring another Taur game into the market. EYWO will be free to play with a teenagers on up or parental permissions rating. Because of how some Underworlders are, this will be ranked as a Mature Players only type of game, although not necessarily Adult. As long as the player is mature and not a prude, they could play the game."

                    The Roo lawyer smmiled as well. "Ah think the Underworlders would love the game more than Earth people."

                    At that moment, from Alex's laptop, the on-screen Donkey assistant said, "Master Alex? Bogbayer's Alpha has sent you an email. Since you never blocked him; the email was delivered to your inbox. I took the liberty to scan it for security purposes and it is surprisingly clean as well as non-vulgar. No trick-traps are embedded in the email. The subject of the email seems to be about his son Bogbayer; just so you are warned up front."

                    Alex looked to his lawyer and said, "I wonder what he needs to know from me or if this is a status report about his lousy son?" The Roo lawyer remarked, "The Alpha 'as never been 'ateful towards yas and 'e knows yer father well. Give 'im a chance unless 'e requests that yas forgive 'is toilet 'ole of an offspring. Yas did return the stipend as requested, so 'e 'as no reason to dislike yas. Returning the money proves that yas are better than 'is son ever was. Orion was the one whom requested legal action."

                    Going over to the laptop, Alex opened up the Bray Email client and he opened the email from the Bog Alpha. "Jeopardypaw: I am sure you recall how Orion Foxtaur leveled legal action against my son, Bogbayer. Recently Imperial Army soldiers were walking through the Dildo Tree Forest and they found my son with horrific wounds on his body and stretched over a Dildo Tree. The timer on the tree indicates that he had been there since a few weeks before you supposedly met him in Freelancers 2. I called for Mack Roo to verify the find and determine for himself if this was simply another trick. Since Bert is a friend of mine, I wanted this done right. Mack will be speaking to you later; but he said that I could go ahead and send you this email. I know the impostor had issues with you, but Mack determined that the injured hound was indeed my son. The Bounty was cancelled on his specific name since the Bogbayer the soldier hounds found does not have the other guy's appearance at all. I am not asking you to give him another chance; but I felt that you deserved to know what has been occurring in the Underworld since you were last down here. Signed, Alpha Marshstar. PS: For future reference, Hell's Alpha hounds prefer -fang."

                    Alex sighed. "If this information is true, then the asshole I first met played me to get me to give his Taur friends their game since until I applied to program for them, they had no programmers at all. Even Orion mentioned that this dick admitted to having no programming knowledge at all but had beta tested several war games. I was the sole programmer. If Bogbayer proves to truly be the real deal, I will attempt to be his friend in games first; but I am still against his joining me in business."

                    The Roo lawyer said, "Aside from Bert giving them the old code for the S'taurriors Global Chat, the Taurs 'aven't contacted yas nor 'im since that one time."

                    Alex grinned. "We may be hearing from them after I do one specific thing remotely; but you have to pretend you know nothing about what I just said."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Four.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Fix Our Game!.