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[APAW-SAN] AN-02 Bog-Owl Data Services Online

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    [APAW-SAN] AN-02 Bog-Owl Data Services Online

    When Bert Thomas' son, Alex Nighthawk, programs the game of S'taurrior Advanced with Bogbayer and Timefrost's assistance, they commence on an adventure of gaming worlds to entertain the next generation.

    Nighthawk Foxtaur Island, Free Anime Reactive Media World.

    [APAW-SAN] AN-02 Bog-Owl Data Services Online.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Within the Underworld Freelancers Job Tavern, Alex had just been asked to show off his new Hellhound form to those attending his birthday party. "One hound, coming right up!"

    Alex struck his pose and said, "And the answer is..." And then he caused the golden glow to return which coated his entire body. "Quest on!" Alex's surroundings briefly changed into the set of Jeopardy with the big board behind him with Job tavern listings as the golden glow continued to overtake his body and he felt himself fully transform from his human identity into his canine form which had light terracotta (golden brown) body fur all over his body while his undercoat was an off-white in coloration. He had a short-haired HOT Retriever like Hellhound body as his head inflated to become that of a Retriever Hellhound in appearance with his golden owl-like eyes and his retriever like tail also grew out behind him and then the Freelancers Job Tavern official collar with ID tag and the number VIP-J15 appeared around his neck. Then there came a second flash of golden light as the game seal of the Freelancers 2 role-playing game appeared in his background briefly before he found himself on his feet where he beamed proudly before turning to face the audience. "Jeopardypaw!"

    Jeopardypaw grinned. "And now for your host... Owlex Trebayk!" He winked with a sly grin. Bogbayer knew what that meant even if the others didn't. But they were too busy cheering for the new Hellhound that had appeared before them. That is until he turned his eyes to gleam at the others. Then they went silent. "Don't like my eyes? It was my choice, my friends."

    The Shaman smirked. "A good name and a creepy eye extra to acquire as well. That should scare burglars at night. Shall we have some cake and drinks?"

    Jeopardypaw powered down into his human form before going over to the arrival area where Alex used his other ability to learn the teleport spot and then he returned to the table and sat with Bogbayer, Falconsong and Timefrost. Alex said, "I missed seeing you, Timefrost. Don't stay gone so long next time. You are family."

    Timefrost said, "Now that you don't smell like a fresh virgin, I will be around a lot more often. There is much knowledge I can share with both you and Bogbayer in your new business."

    Alex said, "Oh? So you have a thought about S'taurrior Advanced? Let's hear it. We don't have anything programmed as yet."

    Bogbayer leaned forward in his seat; Timefrost was a wealth of programming information. He knew his stuff.

    Timefrost said, "Based on what we know of the old S'taurrior players, this is my idea... You can take this with a grain of salt, but this is what I think will happen. The players will bitch and complain when they see other species in a game that was Taur-specific to start with. They never wanted Bert's human inclusion into the game at all. And that is one of your planned species to put in by LucasArts own request. So to solve this dilemma, you program the game this way... For prejudice players, they can play their own species genre in the game for up to Level 20 before they reach a screen that says, [Congratulations for winning the game. You will now be shown the high scores list before you are taken back to the welcome screen to either start over or delete your character.] The High Scores list will be for prejudice players only. If they played Taurs only, then they are shown the Taurs only high score list. If they were human only, then they are shown the Humans only high score list. Same for Hellhounds except I think Hellhounds are more open minded toward having human assistance in their star ship crews. Taurs are whiny cry babies if they don't get their way. The only way to see the entire game is to have all three species in play during your playing experience. I know you were planning on Difficulty ranks, but for prejudice players, they should never be allowed to play above Easy Difficulty and they should never have access to PVP ever. Their minds cannot handle an advanced game. And the game would not be advanced without all three species at a player's disposal. Anyway, that is my thought. For prejudice players, the game ends at Level 20 despite the intro movie mentioning over a hundred levels of game play. It would be their own fault for being racist. Teach them a lesson. Thoughts? Comments?"

    Nearly every Hellhound in the Tavern cheered and said that Timefrost knew what he was talking about.

    Bogbayer asked, "How would we get the prejudice player into their own selfish game? I think they would be too immature to go into settings to turn on Taurs only or the rest."

    Timefrost grinned. "After setting up their player accounts, a message would appear below the greyed out Login button that read, [Do you wish to experience all three species during your game play? YES or no.] If they click no, then the following message appears which reads as, [Choose your species genre of choice: [Taurs], [Humans] or [Hellhounds].] Regardless of what they choose at this point, their player account is locked to Level 20 and it is their own fault. To fix this, they either have to delete the entire game from their DONK.OS laptop or ask an admin for help if they accidentally chose no. We would be able to see if they played to level 20 or not. If they lie about clicking no and play to level 20, then we tell them that their player accounts must be purged in order to fix the problem. They lose everything. No back-ups permitted during prejudice playing."

    Alex smirked. "That would make them bitch even more! But I like that idea. But on the Yes and no choices, there should be a, [Are you sure you want to make this choice? Yes or no.] That way if they click no and change their mind, they can click no again to return to the first yes and no selection. Otherwise, it continues on into the prejudice species choices. And their choice is recorded in admin records so we can look at what they did no matter what they say they did."

    Timefrost smiled. "Now you're thinking ahead. Good players will say yes and get the entire game. Prejudice players will get up to Level 20 and no longer be able to continue."

    Bogbayer smirked. "And make it so if you chose the Prejudice route, you cannot communicate with anyone else in the game except other racists of your genre and the Admin staff. The rest of the game would be off limits in every way to them.

    Timefrost said, "I think you boys are starting to figure this out. Reward the good players and punish the racists. And follow the same format in any other games you develop."

    The D.I. Imps then said, "It is time to establish your personal account and company account. What is the company name first, if you don't mind telling us?"

    Alex said, "The company name is Bog-Owl Data Services or BODS_ for short. It is already listed on the DONK.OS game companies list and has one text game linked to it."

    At that point, the Direct Investment accounts were set up and Bogbayer deposited a good part of his stipend into the Company account.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    After setting up Alex's personal account, as per the plan, he went over and looked over the job board choices to see about trying a job while he was down there this first time. He didn't want Falconsong to know that Paulo had gifted him with Planar Teleport for returning whenever he liked. Unlike his father, if Alex got frustrated topside, he could always pop back into the tavern and get cheered up by the other hounds. It was a good plan for that just in case scenario. Bogbayer tagged along and quietly explained what some of the tags and lettering was on the job ads. He didn't want his new partner freaking out if a job didn't end when it said it would or if it turned out to be worse than it read.

    Alex eventually found an escort job with a DR Rating of +2. Bogbayer had told him that ideal jobs were +9 or higher while species altering jobs were in the minus range. The time listed said One RC hour. Bogbayer had explained that no matter how much time seemed to be passing in the job realm, only the time in RC would pass at the tavern. So One RC hour meant that he would only be gone from the tavern for one hour while it might seem that he was in the job longer in reality. Time displaced realms is what that literally meant.

    The pay was listed at fifty thousand credits with a possible bonus if he pleased the subject he would be traveling with. All he had to do was go where the client went even if he didn't like the conditions of where the client was entering. It also mentioned that meals would be provided during the job. Socializing was completely up to the employee. And that's when Alex recalled one of the instructions he had gotten topside in regards to the tavern jobs: Don't be a stick in the mud. Make an effort to be friendly. He might get a hidden reward out of it.

    Falconsong had informed him of that during the do and do not list that they explained to him before coming down to the Underworld.

    The escort job didn't mention sex and it seemed okay and it was in the plus side of the danger rating. "See you in one hour, Bogbayer." And he touched the escort job and vanished out of the tavern. The job listing was auto-removed after he touched it as well. Apparently it was a one shot job that they needed someone to do on the spur of the moment. Falconsong wasn't stupid though, he had taken a camera photo of the job listing that Alex was continuously interested in and while seated at his table, he called for an IDM to find out what the job fully implied and where it was taking place. Needing a hound for high pay to do an escort job at such a low DR rating with a RC time listing usually indicated something the job wasn't mentioning. "Find out everything you can about this job that Bert's son took a moment ago. I cannot afford to lose the kid in the Underworld even though we told him the rules."

    Alex appeared at the job locale in his Hellhound form where upon he saw a quadruped donkey with Cloven hoofs standing nearby. "A weird start for an escort job. I don't see the client."

    It seemed to be a barn yard that smelled of chocolate, sex and donkeys but aside for the one donkey standing near his arrival point, there was no one else at that location. "Excuse me, Mister Donkey, I am here for the advertised Escort job that was listed in the Underworld Freelancers Job Tavern. I am to escort a client wherever he wants to go except now that I am here, you are the only one whom I can see just standing here. I don't see anyone else. It was to have lasted One RC Hour with a Danger Rating of Plus 2. Can you point me to the client?"

    The donkey turned his head to look at the hound. "You have manners. You must not be a real Hellhound. I can tell these things. You might be upset over this, but the job offer you accepted expired a few months ago. The original Client got another hound to help him and the hound hated the job and reported the Lord for all of the shit the Lord put him through. Supposedly all of the job ads were removed but apparently a few were missed. However, to your benefit, you could still get paid as long as you serve a client. And since I am the only one here, you can come with me to escort me on my rounds. I cannot pay you money, but I can make it worth your while in other ways. I am called Sugarfudge Darkhoof. I normally work in a chocolate factory here in the Underworld. If you will escort me today, I will make it worth your while and share some goodies with you as well."

    Alex said, "When I am in Hellhound form, I am called Jeopardypaw, but my human name is Alex Nighthawk. I am Bert Thomas' son. Today was my 15th birthday. I had a party earlier at the Freelancers Job Tavern where I was gifted with my Hellhound Form. A Devil Mouse gifted me with Planar Teleport ability. I recently got into a business of game programming with Prince Bogbayer. I would love to see where you help make chocolate some day. As for the escort, let's do this... and..." He sniffed the air. "Um... you smell like fresh chocolate."

    He then added, "And the smell is giving me an erection. I am so sorry, Sugarfudge. I've never gotten aroused over someone's scent before."

    Sugarfudge came over and petted on Alex. "It's okay, the chocolate fumes from the chocolate mix that I work with sticks to my fur and yes, it makes people aroused. I am not insulted, Alex. Let's make the trip and then I'll show you where I work." He then kissed the Hellhound on the muzzle. "I would like to see your human form some day, in the nude. I'll bet you are the sexy guy. I've had ideas for computer games myself, but no one was interested in my ideas. That's why I got into mixing chocolate."

    Alex said, "Bogbayer and I would listen to your ideas. You would get credit for the idea when the games were made. Maybe we can be friends long after the job ends. Would you like that?"

    Sugarfudge smiled at Alex. "I would like that a lot. I haven't seen the realm owner in this realm in over a week. He might be stretched over a Dildo Tree for all I know. Some people like it, I am told. Devil Mice and Imps love being stretched on sexual things. I would never ask you to do something like that. It has to be a personal choice if you want to try it. But for your own safety, only try it in your Hellhound form and never in your Human form. I know Humans are not built to be stretched. Every Underworlder has been on one at least once."

    Alex asked, "Including you? What was it like for you?"

    Sugarfudge smiled. "I hated it at first, then it got really pleasureful. My father only had me on one for one hour. But that was long enough to teach me a lesson."

    And then Alex escorted the Devil Donkey around on his delivery route handing packages over to various customers along the borders of the realm.

    When the deliveries were completed, Sugarfudge took Alex inside the chocolate factory and coaxed the Hellhound cock into a milking device and then he placed a water trough under Alex's muzzle and told him to drink water to help him make cum for the device. This was still part of the job. Alex drank the water and produced a lot of rich thick sticky cum that got sent somewhere in the factory. When he glanced over to see what the donkey was doing, he saw that Sugarfudge was also hooked up to a device like his own and he was also producing cum.

    When they had made all they could produce, Sugarfudge took Alex over to a door in the back and told him to go in and get comfortable and he would join him shortly.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      As Alex cleared the door into the chocolate rich scented chamber, he felt himself fall into what initially felt like thick sticky mud, but he soon smelled the Chocolate fudge all over his entire body; now he knew how Bogbayer felt when he was stuck in the bog in the F2:FA game. Only Alex's head was barely sticking out of the gooey sticky chocolate that seemed to hold him in place. And then Sugarfudge came into the chamber and dropped into the fudge with him as the donkey hugged Alex close to him and kissed him on the muzzle deeply.

      When Alex was allowed to get some air, he said, "I'm a mess, Sugarfudge! I have a massive erection under the chocolate and my butt is feeling like... It feels like I am sitting on your cock. Damned this stuff smells good. Its probably too rich for me."

      Sugarfudge grinned as he helped himself into Alex's Hellhound tail hole. "Feel free to eat some of the fudge, Alex. The job did say meals provided. I have more deliveries to make tomorrow, but while we're stuck together, I will talk to you about my game ideas. I still want to see your sexy human form later. I've been with Hellhounds before."

      Alex said, "The tavern job is keeping me in the species form, Sugarfudge. I cannot change back into my human form until the tavern job ends. So if you want to see my human form, we would have to make an arrangement for that. I wouldn't mind having a safe teleport into your quarters as long as it didn't mean that the realm owner would fuck me and get me pregnant before I could leave. I was warned about that little rule."

      Sugarfudge proceeded to fuck Alex while he spoke of his game ideas most of which involved sticky chocolate fudge like what they were stuck in. "Could you imagine how the stupid Taurs would feel if they got stuck in stuff like this gooey mixture? I know that not all Taurs are stupid; but the S'taurrior Taurs in the old days were hateful and mindlessly war-like."

      Alex said, "Dad said that they were being mind controlled by both a Hell Dragon and an Imperial evil Sorcerer from outer space. Dark Witch kissed the sorcerer with a curse and Lord Io dealt with the Hell Dragon when the dumb dragon forgot to seal the contract he had with a Foxtaur by having a Contract Imp and a Law Imp officiate the deal. The Taurs whom were able to be cured of the Mind Control were rescued and currently live on Nighthawk Foxtaur Island; the rest whom were too far set into their racist ways were left behind on Anime World."

      Alex at some of the fudge and his vision blurred and he began to lose consciousness just as Sugarfudge came up his anus. He wasn't sure how long he was incoherent...

      ...But when he awoke hours later, he found himself again hooked up to the cum milking device and there was a nozzle strapped to his muzzle which was feeding him more of the drug like liquid fudge down his throat. This prevented him from getting out of the devices and made him very groggy and incoherent to everything around him. He couldn't even use mental speech at the moment. Alex was very stuck feeling as if he was under some sort of mind control himself. But it didn't taste like dragon fluids; it tasted like a mixture of himself and donkey.

      His golden fur looked more like slicked down dark brown chocolate than anything he was familiar with. You couldn't even tell he had fur at that point since it looked so slick and shiny.

      Some weeks later (realm time,) Alex awoke to the feeling of giving birth to a lot of large creatures. He was barely coherent, as before. But this time he wasn't hooked up to the devices and that is what permitted him to regain his senses. He didn't want anymore of that chocolate. It was obvious to him that Sugarfudge had gotten him pregnant for some reason. Sex was never part of the job description. He knew he hadn't been escorting the donkey during his unconsciousness, so why was he still in this job?

      He quietly said, "I need a Job Tavern Union Imp, please." He wasn't sure if there was such a thing, but he was desperate to get out of this job at this point. When the Imp showed up floating in front of his muzzle, Alex explained quietly whom he was and whom the client was and how he had been stuck in this job for over a month it started as an escort job but since passing out, he was sure he hadn't been escorting anyone. He had escorted Sugarfudge Darkhoof during the first day but since then, he's been fucked up on this drug like chocolate.

      Then he mentioned being with Falconsong and the imp took the request seriously at that point. Casting a force pregnancy emptying spell on Alex, the boy turned Hellhound rapidly gave birth to all the donkeys that was inside of himself and then when he was empty, the Imp used an Imperial Scroll to force end the Tavern Job to get Alex out of there and to the Union Medical Clinic. Word was sent to Falconsong and Bogbayer about what had happened. Alex had befallen a pregnancy trapper's job ad and was currently getting medical attention.

      Alex's account was credited with what was promised to him while Sugarfudge found himself stretched over a Virginity Restoration Dildo Tree on the Ninth Plane of Hell without warning.

      Falconsong and Bogbayer came in and sat out of the way awaiting Alex to be detoxed of the nasty chocolate. The smell was giving everyone in the clinic an erection. Falconsong was still wearing his nose plugs and he had given a set to Bogbayer so he could resist the smell as well. "Now you know why I carry nose plugs with me."

      Bogbayer said, "I always thought Tavern Jobs were regulated to prevent this sort of thing. Especially within the Underworld Freelancers Job Tavern. That was supposed to be one the most secure job taverns in the Planes. How did a trapper sneak a job ad like that on to the board without being detected?"

      The Job Tavern Union Imp came in and said, "All it takes is for the bartender to not be watching and an ad of that nature can get on a board. More lately, trappers have figured out how to empower a tavern job ad so it seems legit. The union passed a law that forces even trappers to pay the offered amount of the job if the victim manages to get away. If they cannot afford the payment, then their realm becomes the property of the victim and all former occupants and holdings are removed from the realm during the cleansing."

      He then said, "The fudge donkey trapper whom had Alex as his prisoner didn't have the funds to pay for the job offer so his realm was liquidated and an available Pack Place Realm deed has been accredited to Alex as compensation for his ordeal. He can make his realm into whatever he wants. The holdings of the former realm were auctioned off and the amount came up to what was promise to Alex Nighthawk. So his account has fifty thousand credits in it as well as the Pack Place deed in his human name as well as his Hellhound name of Jeopardypaw."

      The Imp added, "As soon as his Yuskay grooming is complete, Alex should be back to normal. I just hope this first experience with a tavern job doesn't spook him into not wanting to try again with a decent job later. He did the right thing by calling for a Job Tavern Union Imp when he was coherent enough to try to get help to get free. That was the trappers only mistake; removing the drug fudge nozzle from Alex's muzzle. That permitted him to fully wake up and call for help. Thanks to the photo you took of that ad, we can stop this shit later."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        The Yuskay Groomers had to do two sessions to cure Alex of the Chocolate erection infection that the stupid donkey trapper had filled him with. What that meant was that had they not discovered the dirty trick, then every time Alex smelled chocolate scent, his cock would pop out of his sheathe in a big erection. So that had to be cured before his release.

        Falconsong and Bogbayer met with Alex and escorted him via teleport back to the Freelancers Job Tavern to pick up Alex's birthday presents. Then they teleported off to Pack Place to look over Alex's new realm property. Permitting Alex to enter his realm while holding his deed first, they were soon looking over the realm and getting things arranged and set up. Alex wanted a shortcut between the programming business and a building in this realm. And he wanted a second shortcut between the building and the Freelancers Job Tavern because what happened to him wasn't the bartender's fault. The dirty trapper did the crappy deed and made Alex's first solo outing so bad. Once the living quarters were arranged in Alex's realm, the shortcuts were set up; employees or friends of the family could make the trip between the locales without having to worry about the getting fucked for trespassing rule.

        Alex didn't want to fuck family and friends for something as silly as that. But he would have sex with Bogbayer if he asked. That would be mentioned in private later.

        Soon, Alex and Bogbayer were topside on Nighthawk Foxtaur Island at the new programming base where the shortcut teleporters were secured in a room in the living quarters in case Alex and Bogbayer wanted to go play down below or if Alex wanted to visit the job tavern again later. he didn't hate any of the Hellhounds for his accident nor did he want to blame the imps nor the Devil Mice. It was all that trapper's fault. He hoped the trapper's tail hole got super tight on that Virginity Restoration Dildo Tree. It just sounded bad.

        "Welcome home, Bogbayer. This is where we will be doing our public work on the games. And yes, we can share a room in the living quarters if you'd like."

        Bogbayer was happy that Alex was offering that. "Maybe we should focus on trying to get something game related programmed."

        Alex said, "Before we get into that, I had a thought based on what Timefrost told us in the Job Tavern. Listen to this variation and tell me what you think: When a player visits the game page and watches the intro movie on the DONK.OS game page, when they click continue, it takes them to an on-page inquiry asking if they plan on playing only one species during the game. If they say yes, then they get the are you sure message. If they say yes again, then they are shown the three species choices. After selecting the one they want, they are taken to the download page for the game that matches that species. What I am suggesting is four different downloads. If they are racist players and only want to play one species, then the download they get is for a game called [S'taurrior Continuity]. Downloading the racist version of the game does not require the creation of a Player account. They simply get the login button and that takes them to the New Character platform. And since they are racist, they only get one character to play. Just like the original game. And the entire game is skill based; not level based. The difficulty rank is automatically Hard from the start. And when you die in game, that's it. Your character is erased and you start over from scratch. If you had guilds, they are deleted and all members kicked out. You get to save nothing. Just like in real life. They get the full game, but Harder than fuck and they only get to see the phenotype they chose in their version of the game. Taurs see Taurs only. Humans see Humans only; Hellhounds see Hellhounds only."

        He then took a breath and continued. "But then in the real Advanced version of the game, start-up is different. They choices are [Input DONK.OS User Name and Password to continue], [Create BODS Player Account if you are not a DONK.OS user] or [View Terms and Regulations]. Only after the account is entered will a player see the [Login] button. At the Character Creation Screen there will be three platforms one for each species. Good players are required to create all three species characters at the beginning. During Tutorial, you play as each character you created as you try to reach the escape ship. As one character arrives, the tutorial then switches to the next character they created and they have to get that character to the escape ship; and then they control the third character. Once all three are aboard the escape ship, They take up positions at species specific control consoles and pilot the ship off the planet. If you get a character killed before reaching the escape ship, you see a message telling you that all three characters are required to pilot the ship off the planet. And then the tutorial starts over with the character you let die. This will stop assholes in case they manage to find their way into the real game. If they let any of their alternate characters die at any point in the game, they see the game over screen with the explanation that all three character species must survive in order to win the game. Then they can resume play from their last save point. SAVE OFTEN so you don't get caught with your pants down!"

        Alex smiled with a wink. "What do you think?"

        Bogbayer was giggling as he listened to the new variation. "I think that would satisfy the racists. They get the full game without seeing the other species, but quests are slightly different so they get their species specific version and not the truly advanced version of the game which has the real ending. But what is the real ending? We never decided on that. I hope you have something fantastic in mind."

        Alex smirked. "At the end of the racist versions, they attack the Death Star but something goes wrong and they are destroyed when the Death Star shoots them. As the screen fades to black, a message congratulates the player for making it up to the Death Star Gambit. They are told that they are winners but the empire will always be more powerful than a single species. In this case, their characters are not erased. This means that they can resume play forever as long as they avoid the Death Star Gambit mission which they will always lose."

        He then paused and said, "In the full version, the empire is defeated and a planet wide party occurs back at Rebel Command. Everyone whom is anyone is there of the NPCs from throughout the game and everyone wants to congratulate the winning crew. When the party ends, the player's crew boards their ship and speeds off into the distance vanishing in a pinpoint of light where the message of [You have completed the game!] appears on screen. [Stay tuned for further adventures in upcoming updates.]"

        Bogbayer smiled. "I like that idea. I hope we can get this game done the way you are suggesting."

        Alex said, "The reason for giving the racists the semi-full version of the game is so they will see that it is as large as the real file. That way, they are none the wiser."

        Bogbayer was giggling. "I can see why you are planning it that way, now. If they saw a short download, they would get suspicious."

        Alex said, "Exactly right! Now let's see what we can get done!"

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          While they programmed on their project, eventually Bert came in and set a DVD case down on the desktop next to Alex and quietly said, "Your intro movie with music was completed and there are additional music files on the DVD as well to use in your game. LucasArts really scored this time. How far into the programming are you boys?"

          Alex grinned. "Go visit Bog-Owl Data Services on MeTube and you can watch the intro graphic for the company logo. We haven't uploaded any other videos. We have already gotten over a million hits on the new company video. As for programming, The game page on DONK.OS is prepared for the grand opening. We were waiting for the new Intro Movie for the game page. When the game is fully ready, after watching the video, there will be download links for the player to choose from. We have the tutorial for both versions of the game ready."

          Bert said, "As long as you don't do what Medina did for the Tutorial rewrite back when we revamped S'taurrior originally. Taur Toilet Training." He winked with a sly grin.

          Alex said, "We chose to be more tasteful than that. Every time a character eats, a subtle link that reads [use toilet] appears in your choices list. The longer you put it off, the bolder the choice becomes and the further to the top of the choices it gets until it finally reads as [USE TOILET NOW OR ELSE!] Ignoring the command choice at that point causes the character to have an accident in their command chair or down their legs. This is accompanied by a familiar odor that must be cleaned off or else you start drawing flies."

          Bogbayer then said without warning, "Doing this three times awards the character with the title of [Lord of the Flies] which has a Charisma penalty attached!" He then started laughing.

          Alex said, "He's right. We also set an inquiry to ask what your favorite species was in game as well as your least favorite species. When you create your stats for the main character, the second liked species gets stats one point less than the favorite at start, and the least favorite two points less than the favorite at start. This can change throughout the game. If you use a least favorite species as door bait and they survive, their rewards are greater than those who lagged behind where it was safe. The Door-bait character always survives."

          Bogbayer grinned. "This is called game balance!"

          Bert laughed as well. "Humor to explain game balance, I can see that as successful. Were you going to use global chat in your game?"

          Alex said, "Global chat only works in star ports. And it has an echo range. The further away you are, the more garbled the message becomes."

          Bogbayer said, "Just use private text if you want to be heard clearly. We felt that global chat would be abused. In space, no one can hear you whine and complain like a cry baby."

          Bert asked, "I just recalled that you said there was to be two versions of the game. How does that work?"

          Alex said, "In the actual Advanced version of the game, a player must create and play all three species. In what we are calling the racist version of the game, the player is permitted to chose the one species they want to play in game and then forever thereafter in the version they downloaded and installed, they will only see that species genre in their game. At the end, the empire wins and you are congratulated for reaching the Death Star Gambit quest. The player is a winner but the empire will always be able to beat a single species."

          Bogbayer said, "The racist versions are as follows: Taurs Only; Humans Only; and Hellhounds Only. Those versions are called S'taurrior Continuity. But in the full version which is called S'taurrior Advanced, you play all three and it is the only version where you can win versus the empire and see the true ending scene and true end of game message. Alex came up with that idea and it just makes sense to do it that way. Character Creation is ready. Tutorial is ready and we are in the process of working on quest missions and skills."

          Alex then said, "We already informed LucasArts on what we are doing and told them which version would be the full version to play. SC can be played in the classic 8-bit format."

          Bogbayer said, "SC only gives you the one character slot. SA gives you multiple Crew slots and each crew slot contains three characters, one of each species and at least one female."

          Alex laughed. "Taurs are the only species in game which can be Hermaphrodites. So their gender choices are Male, Female or Both."

          Bert could see that these two were having fun with this version of the game. "Let me know when this goes live. Orion and I want to try out this game."

          Alex said, "We were hoping you, Orion, Timefrost and Gawain would all beta test the end product for us to make sure we didn't make any errors that could stop game play."

          Bogbayer said, "We are using CodeLock, sir."

          Bert said, "Good for you. I wish I had used it back in the old days when I worked on S'taurrior the first time. I do use it in S'taurrion Knights." He left the boys to finish their work.

          Alex began to splice in the music into their game and then they worked on getting the game landing page set up with the downloads in place. It was while they were doing this, Alex's original laptop back at Bert's house suddenly received an incoming email from the TGU source. After removing the viruses and Trojans, the on-screen donkey said, "Message of body is quite vulgar, Bert. It contains a threat against BODS_ to stop development on S'taurrior Advanced or be attacked at every given second. They go on to say that LucasArts had originally given them permission to develop then SA story line for the upcoming game and they are demanding in Credit mention for coming up with the idea. What do you want me to do about this, Bert? I do not think Alex should see this as yet." Bert said, "Send a safe copy of this email to the Donkey Brothers including the headers and new email they are using. As for the permissions, those were voided when they plagiarized video footage from other people's games for their intro videos. We found the original games and informed the owners. The seduction video footage came from a fantasy dating app that they re-dubbed to give it that Imperial [let's have sex] feel. The Spidertaur emperor footage came from a horror game. The ship battle footage was taken from several different space games that had fallen out of favor. TGU thought that no one would notice. Someone did and that's why they had to pull that video from their old game page. LucasArts gave Alex permission to develop this game and that's that. I'll help Alex set up a major firewall to stop intruders."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            When Alex learned from LucasArts about the cease and desist email from TGU that they had sent, he changed the game page's title to Starrior Continuity. A deliberate misspelling of the game name. He also designated that if you had a DONK.OS account, you were automatically redirected to the real game page when you tried to watch the Intro video.

            An all new 8-bit Intro Video was created and posted on the old misspelled game page. The 8-bit intro went something like this with the 8-bit music playing in the background:

            "Some time ago in a sector close by... the Imperial majesty established a great peace following a massive war that shattered alliances throughout Frontier. When a new Emperor arose and replaced the old one, the Imperial forces chose to launch their challenge for the control of the entire galaxy. A lone band of Rebels have vowed to put an end to the emperor's vow of galactic conquest. This was S'taurrior, where your Quadraen destiny was supposed to rely on forging alliances."

            "Over time, the game was taken over by a bunch of zealous and hateful players whom didn't give a shit about playing the game they way it was intended, and over time, the original Game creator, Orion Foxtaur of Taur Star Games, hired a human boy, Bert Thomas, to come in and repair his game and try to forcibly install game balance into this racist game. The players fought back against the revisions, tooth and nail, until Bert Thomas contacted LucasArts and reported this Star Wars rip-off game that had been running under their noses."

            "The hateful players demanded that Bert throw away his humanity and become a Taur like themselves if he were to make changes to, yes, they were this pompous at the time, THEIR GAME. By this time, they wrongfully thought that Orion had created the game and given it to THEM! Full rights and all. This was a falsehood and eventually, exceptional kernel errors occurred in the game that they did not want repaired."

            "...And when the game was hacked and transformed into S'taurrior Tiddlywinks, they threw a juvenile tantrum kicking and screaming on the ground instead of trying to save the game themselves. For you see, not one of these so-called fans were programmers. Years after the fall of the original S'taurrior, a bunch of the hateful fans banded together and formed Tzar Games Unlimited, a fake company with one goal in mind. Reviving an Advanced version of S'taurrior."

            "But again, none of these fans knew a thing about programming and refused to learn how to do it. Their plan was to trick other programmers into working for them to make the game and then have their access revoked when the game was up and running. However, there was one skill these fans did know how to do. Plagiarize other people's intro video works. They spliced together videos from other DONK.OS videos and edited out telling markings on battle ships to create a combat video for the new S'taurrior Advanced that they were promoting."

            "Not a single Taur appears in the combat video at all. When an alert game video reviewer recognized where the scenes in this video came from, TGU had to pull the video down and create a new video from other sources. This time, they combined a dating app's video with a believable re-dub to make a seductive video of an Imperial Officer wanted to turn himself in to the Rebel Forces. This was combined with a jump scare of a hideous spider being from a known Horror game on DONK.OS to replace the combat video."

            "In the meantime, as proof of their wanting to make this new game, they had submitted both videos to LucasArts whom were not paying attention to possibility to Plagiarism and they gave a temporary permission to TGU to develop the S'taurrior Advanced game under the Provisions that they had Orion Foxtaur's written permission to use his creation, which they did not have. Choosing to continue to hire virtual unknown programmers whom wanted to get into the business, they had a set protocol toward hiring these programmers."

            "One, the programmer could not reside behind a firewall of any sort. This means they were not allowed to protect themselves from Trojans and Viruses. Two, original programmers from S'taurrior were to be rejected immediately. They wanted new talent to make the new Advanced game. New naive talent whom had no former experience dealing with liars and cheats. When they chose not to hire the best programmer whom could have made their game their way, this programmer contacted LucasArts when he saw the artifacts of editing in the plagiarized intro."

            "LucasArts revoked permissions from TGU at that point and had their lawyers as well as the DONK.OS lawyers try to track down these game fans. Afterwards, they awarded full permissions to Bog-Owl Data Services, BODS_ for short, to make the new S'taurrior Advanced game. TGU went into temporary hiding just long enough to switch Internet companies and register a VPN to disguise their IP address and they acquired a new email address as well."

            "When they saw that their idea had been given to someone else, the following letter was sent to BODS_ to cease and desist in the making of THEIR game unless they were given full credit for coming up with the idea. Remember: Orion Foxtaur is still the owner of S'taurrior." At this point an exact copy of the email appeared on the screen hiding nothing. "When BODS_ learned of this threat to do them bodily harm, they chose to release a racist version of the game to the hateful TGU fans."

            "This was S'taurrior Advanced renamed and dumbed down to become Starrior Continuity. In this version you can only play your favorite species. An advanced version of the game would permit multiple species which LucasArts approves of but TGU hates the idea of since they wrongfully believe that this is THEIR game. The Advanced version of the game exists, but is currently being restricted due to the threat that TGU presents. Enjoy Starrior Continuity in its original 8-bit environment which is all TGU deserves to get."

            Below this video was a form that read: "If you have a legitimate DONK.OS User name and password, please enter it now. This will be verified to make sure your account has not been hacked by members of TGU. Yes, this will delay your gaming pleasure, but we are here to protect the gaming public from these wannabes. You wanted credit, you got it. In a way that was blatant and honest. Virtues which you cannot respect. If you do not have a valid DONK.OS account, then you may request a BODS_ Player account, again, we will back trace you to make sure you are a real player and not a member of the TGU bullies. Otherwise, click on continue to be taken to the SC download page. Choose your favorite species and download the racist version of the game and enjoy it. Since you only like one species, you do not deserve an Advanced version of the game. PS: We were going to be nicer than this."

            "But this email changed everything. Unlike Bert, I don't have time for whiny cry babies whom won't learn programming for themselves."

            "Signed, Owlex Trebayk the Jeopardypaw Hellhound of BODS."

            Players whom read the programmers message could understand where the guy was coming from, in truth. But the TGU guys were thinking that it was a human.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Opening day for [S'taurrior Advanced] saw over a hundred thousand players playing the advanced game and about twenty-five thousand players playing the racist versions collectively. The numbers told the story especially since LucasArts was helping to advertise the new game. There were no complaints and no attacks.

              Although Bogbayer was playing in the Advanced game himself, Alex was choosing not to participate since he felt that playing in a game you designed was cheating in some minor way. So, he worked on another project entirely. His new project was called [Home City Hero]. Nothing big; nothing fancy; but enjoyable for those looking for a quieter game to play. In HCH, you played a human boy or girl whom could eventually get empowered to become either a Taur hero or a Hellhound hero. But reaching the empowerment rank was not immediate.

              A player had to perform good deeds in the game and enough good deeds is what raised a character's experience levels. It would be easy at first. A player started at Level T-Minus Two Performing one good deed without being asked to do it leveled the character to Level T-Minus One. Points would be spent at this point and then it took Two good deeds to reach the next level, which was Level Zero. Point spending occurred again. Then the number of good deeds was Five to reach Level One. Ten to reach Level Two and so forth in multiples of Five times the next Level number. Fifteen good deeds for Level Three. It was an easy system to remember. Taking out the trash each night counted as a good deed, as did cleaning your room, mowing the lawn and washing the parents car. Other good deeds were often found away from home. The first ten levels in the game were done solo. The next ten permitted the player to team up with a friend. Skills could be purchased in place of increasing stats. However, the more advanced the skill, the more it's cost. Every five levels starting at Level Five, the player got to select an advanced skill for free or advance an existing skill for free for no cost. Designing an Earth like suburb would not be all that hard in a game like this.

              Fighting bad guys would begin after Level Twenty in the form of bullies at first and advancing to thugs and actual villains later.

              Choosing to contact Legend of Zelda creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Zelda Composer, Koji Kondo, Alex inquired about using the Zelda Over World and the In Town music scores for the background music in his new game. He would credit them as the contributors to the music in the credits of his new game. They were reasonable and only asked for a small fee for him to purchase the sound tracks that he would want. Gladly making the purchase from his Direct Investments account, he soon had the music to use in the developing game.

              Eventually, Bert whom got tired of playing S'taurrior advanced, came over and looked over his son's shoulder. "This looks good, Alex. Any thoughts on an Intro Movie as yet or is it too early to think about that?" He could see the hometown hero plans and notes explaining what would occur. The experience system was fair and the music was not obtrusive to game play. It was a younger version of Protectaurs RPG which starred humans. Something that would turn off the TGU dumb asses.

              Alex said, "I have to purchase more music before I can make a proper intro movie for this game. I need to contact Yuji Horii and Koichi Sugiyama of Dragon Quest fame to see about using their music in my game. Permissions is what makes the world go round. I already have certain Zelda sound tracks for inside the house music, inside store music and local neighborhood music. Now I need music for locales away from the home neighborhood and the City Zone Map. I want the game to sound right."

              Bert said, "I want to test drive every game you make, Alex. I trust you, but I want to see if I can find a new favorite from the new talent. I've already stopped playing S'taurrior Advanced, Alex. There are no glitches but I guess I am tired of Sci-Fi games."

              Alex smiled. "Its okay, dad. I didn't want to play it either since I had programmed it. Knowing everything in advance is not a good game experience. That's why I am focusing on this game which occurs in an Earth like neighborhood at first. Then when your character gets empowered, the action gets more exciting and crazy."

              Bert hugged his son and said, "I'll be in Westaurn Ho if you need me for anything. Lukas and I are going to go on a cattle drive." And then he departed to do that very thing.

              Alex smiled. "I know he means well, but he is actually lonely in truth. I spent nearly every day with him while I was growing up, when I wasn't playing with Timefrost's and Falconsong's tail ends. They didn't seem to mind. Orion thought it was funny. Then when I beat dad in an honest game of S'taurrior Tiddlywinks, he taught me DONK.OS Coding. I took the Donkey brothers tests and was awarded my programmers certificate. Giving Falconsong a blow job a few weeks before my 15th birthday was my introduction to gay sex."

              Alex pondered. "Timefrost put on a condom before he fucked me since I was sucking his pack mate. He said he used the condom since he didn't want to claim me. He respected Bert still."

              Alex grinned. "The Condom broke though and I luckily didn't get pregnant from him or dad would have had a Hellhound fur coat. I still like Timefrost, though. He is still fun."

              From behind Alex, Timefrost said, "I am glad you still think I am fun. And thanks for not saying all that in front of Bert. He is lonely. Like Bogbayer, he didn't have a lot of friends."

              Alex said, "Did you get bored with SA, too? I know you were in the game, same as dad was. I know Orion is still in there."

              Timefrost hugged Alex. "Games are not fun unless your friends are there with you. When I saw that you weren't playing, I logged out." He then kissed Alex on the side of his face.

              Alex smiled and kissed Timefrost back on his muzzle. "Since you were once human, then you might like this new game I am making more than the Sci-Fi shit. You start human and when the empowerment occurs, you get to choose between Hellhound and Taur. You could play yourself while young and then when you get your Hellhound form, then you could play a facsimile of the real you in game. How does that sound, stud boner?"

              Timefrost said, "When I was only human, I was a clean and decent sort of person. After I became a Hellhound, my life got dirty and very sexual. So if you based the game on my life, then the first part of the game would be clean, then the second half would have to exist in two separate parts. Young players and adult players; young players would never see the smut; adult players would get to see it all. Hellhounds are very sexual by nature and mostly bisexual or gay. Straight Hellhounds simply don't exist."

              He then added, "Taurs form a close second to Hellhounds and are cleaner in activities than us. But it is your game so you do whatever you want to do."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Alex said, "I think I need to go study some Hellhounds before I finalize this game. Would you like to come with me, Timefrost? I know how much you like me. Despite condoms breaking during safe sex. I guess they don't make them Hellhound proof."

                Timefrost said, "I think that is a fine idea. Research should never be done alone. And you should change into your Hellhound from before we head out. That way, no one gets the human pregnant and stuck behind a realms' borders. I will play escort for you to a few sexual realms that I know of. But before we do that, we should go by Rotunda City first and legally acquire a merchants license for not only both of us but for Bogbayer as well. That way, when you have to do realm research, you don't get stuck in a realm's dumb rules."

                Alex asked, "Is that the only law they changed due to my experience recently?"

                Timefrost replied, "Tavern Job listings were altered as well. You will know an old one from a new one on sight. The new ones require two more bits of additional information. Job Realm is a requirement now. As is Name of Realm Lord and person's name whom is posting the Job. Danger Rating jobs below Minus One get a red border; an absolute Zero has a white border; Plus One to Plus Nine have a Green Border; and any job above Plus Ten have a gold border. As I said, you can tell the new jobs on sight. Mack Roo made sure to update this law."

                He then added, "Tavern Jobs are replaced daily now. That way an old job cannot stay up for too long. If the employer wants to hire for the same job, they have to tell the bartender."

                Alex smiled. "Sounds safer. But I need to research Hellhound sexual habits. But first... I need my Hellhound form... And the Answer Is...?"

                Alex caused the golden glow to return which coated his entire body. "Quest on!" Alex's surroundings briefly changed into the set of Jeopardy with the big board behind him with Job tavern listings as the golden glow continued to overtake his body and he felt himself fully transform from his human identity into his canine form which had light terracotta (golden brown) body fur all over his body while his undercoat was an off-white in coloration. He had a short-haired HOT Retriever like Hellhound body as his head inflated to become that of a Retriever Hellhound in appearance with his golden owl-like eyes and his retriever like tail also grew out behind him and then the Freelancers Job Tavern official collar with ID tag and the number VIP-J15 appeared around his neck. Then there came a second flash of golden light as the game seal of the Freelancers 2 role-playing game appeared in his background briefly before he found himself on his feet where he beamed proudly before turning to face the audience. "Jeopardypaw!" Jeopardypaw said, "And now for your host... Owlex Trebayk!" He winked with a sly grin.

                Jeopardypaw smiled at Timefrost and said, "Let's go rock the Underworld!"

                Their first stop as Timefrost had said was in Rotunda City, the home of all of the unions where they acquired their Merchants licenses which was legal since they were both game programmers and had released products to the public. Timefrost instructed Jeopardypaw where into his collar to put the license tag so no one would get any funny ideas. The other location was embedded within their auras. A law imp delivered Bogbayer his license and tag so he would also have his legalized license for the same reasons.

                Their next stop was the Underworld Freelancers Job Tavern so Alex could see the new job board and get his Hellhound discussions started with whomever was in the tavern at the time.

                Thankfully, there were quite a few adult minded and decent Hellhounds in the tavern when they got there. When they heard the initial inquiry, they started laughing.

                A Hellhound with red fur and yellow lightning markings along his entire body said, "If my home pack had been like that, life would definitely have been different. I hate to be the one to pop Timefrost's bubble but this is the sad truth; Hellhounds whom are born to be Hellhounds do not automatically develop the sexual outlook on life. In fact, the only sexual hounds in the whole pack dwell in the Omega Quarters. And they are never permitted to run around loose in the Underworld. When a natural born Hellhound enters the Omega Quarters, it is for one reason only. To alleviate his rutting needs. Omegas are officers higher than Captain whom have chosen to assist the rest to the pack with their rutting needs. In fact, they are usually the only Hellhounds in those quarters at any given time. But if a Human male is ever dropped into those quarters, or chooses to enter willingly, that Human is given a sex education lesson like no other. In the ass and in the mouth. And once the poor Human is fucked up on Secret Ingredient, meaning the Omega's Cum which is like a powerful drug, the sexed Human is transformed into a Hellhound and cannot ever remember being Human at all. In fact, they have to be retrained as if they were a normal Hellhound."

                Another Hellhound whom looked like a Starry Night with falling stars scattered all over his black fur said, "When the Anti-Recruiting Law went into affect, there were few options open to former recruiters. They had to either, A - Go to work for Lord Impy in the Porn Industry; B - Join the Omega Core as a pack fuck toy; C - Become Lawyers so they could fuck over opponents in a court of law; or D - Get a Legal Visa/Green Card for migrating to Earth and acquire a new life there. The Programmers Pack chose choice D. You see, before the stupid law went into affect, the job of a Recruiter was to go out and convince a potential young person that your home pack had the best options in life that anyone had to offer. And one of the ways to prove this suggestion was to have sex with the victim to be recruited. What this sadly did was accidentally convince the joiner that life in the pack was highly sexual."

                A white angel hound standing nearby said, "They are all speaking the truth. The Programmers Pack were comprised of a bunch of these former recruiters whom could no longer conduct their business in the Underworld in the way they were trained and so they went to the surface world, meaning Earth, to learn a new skill to support their new pack with. When they saw how additive video games were, they opted to learn Programming and inter-mixed their former recruiting skills into the game programming to make games that would suck you in. Occasionally, they would meet a Human teenager whom showed a real interest in both the Programmer and their skills and they would ask how they could join the Programmers Core team to learn the skills themselves. This often led to dating and the eventual sexual copulation within the Human male's tail hole which would even link or tie the boy to the Hellhound permanently. If they were too young to be away from their parents, they were restored to human form and allowed to go live with their parents. But when they cam of age, they would then return to their new boyfriends and officially join the pack once again. And on that day, the Alpha got to mount and convert the former Human entirely into their pack."

                The Bartender said, "It is good that you didn't just change your newest game to match what Timefrost went through; had he been born a Hellhound, then his life wouldn't have any of this sexual desire embedded within it at all. The Hellhound whom he fell in love with was the Programmers Alpha himself. And yes, that meant he was likely getting fucked in the ass every night after his full inclusion. Oh he did get taught programming in the ways their pack were known for; but the sad truth is that inducted Humans always think that sex is the norm."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Alex as Jeopardypaw said, "So Timefrost's experience could have been different had he not been oversexed by a former recruiter turned programmer?" He was honestly curious since Timefrost had been convinced that the way he had learned it was legitimate.

                  The Bartender said, "Exactly right, Alex. He is also not lying from his own point of few. That was the Hellhound life he was educated in. Sex every night with his lover."

                  The angel hound then added, "Legally he doesn't have his alpha's permission to go after Falconsong's tail at all despite having tried to recruit the boy at a young age when he taught him about gay sex in a motel room in Pennsylvania. He accidentally linked himself to Falconsong, although recruiters never do anything by accident. It is always planned well in advance. Timefrost was in the process of establishing his own version of the Programmers Pack for which he wanted Gawain Arthon to be the first joiner to his new pack. He can complain that I don't know what I am talking about; but truth be told, until he had his legalized Alpha's license for which he still does not have, he cannot form a pack at all now nor any other time. Pack forming rules are strict. The Hellhound Council have to certify and verify all new packs that are to be formed. It is different in the Overworld; being angelic sucks."

                  A large collection of the Hellhounds all said at the same time, "Oh he knows, all right! The poor sap!"

                  The angel hound said, "I work in the library at Underworld University; but when I am not there, I like to hang out with hounds whom know how to have fun. And that's why I am here."

                  Jeopardypaw smiled at the angel hound. "Since you like to hang out with hounds whom know how to have fun and sex is fun at times, how often have you personally done it?"

                  The angel hound smiled back. "I've been mounted a few times and I have mounted others at least that many times; but no Hellhound wants to be pregnant with an angel hound hybrid pup."

                  Jeopardypaw went over and placed a paw-hand around the angel hound's neck. "Why don't you come with me so I can ask you some boring technical things in regards to another game I was thinking about doing? Having an angel hound's input could make the game even better." Taking the angel hound off to a inn room designated for Alex when he was staying there, he planted a kiss on the angel hound's muzzle deeply before sucking on the angel hound's cock and licking the hound's anal ring. "Since you need help in making a pup, I volunteer. I've helped others in making kids before. Since no Hellhound wants to help you with this, take a chance with me. Please?"

                  The angel hound was both aroused and intrigued. "How will this help with the game you are making? Or is this just a side activity while we discuss the new game?"

                  Jeopardypaw kissed the angel hound again. "Side activity. Plus, I need the experience with an angel hound."

                  The angel hound grabbed a hold of Jeopardypaw around his torso and teleported back to his personal realm in Pack Place where they would have not only privacy but time dilation for the necessary birthing. And then Alex as Jeopardypaw got to experience what an angel hound cock inside his own anal ring felt like from an adult of the craft. And he didn't just get it, but he was coaxed to give it as well. This was followed by the drinking of each others' Secret Ingredients to fill their stomachs and then the full blown pregnancies occurred.

                  The angel hound lay with Jeopardypaw and said, "I'm dilating time in my realm for this activity. My name is Gatefang of Pearl Pack. I recently acquired my Alpha license; but I am not recruiting haphazardly for my pack. I was being careful in whom I wanted to ask. But since you offered to help me make pups, they will get to be in my pack by default. Are you in anyone's pack as yet or has this not come up as yet in your adventure? By the way, this is simply for my own personal information."

                  Jeopardypaw replied, "Were you present at the job tavern during my 15th birthday? If you were, then you know that I formed a programming company with Bogbayer, but aside from that, I got no offers to join anyone's pack. Before that evening, I was only a Human boy. And then whomever had that Hellhound Shaman come in to gift me with the Hellhound form also did not request for me to join their pack. So at the moment, I have had no invites to join anyone's pack. Timefrost likes playing with me, but he fears my dad's wrath if he tries to claim me."

                  Gatefang remarked, "That is odd indeed. Normally during the gifting of a new Hellhound form, the recipient receives well over a hundred pack invites. But if you have received none of these, then someone is breaking the law. After we finish making pups together, I think we should go report this slight to the Hellhound Council. You need to meet them anyway."

                  When all was said and done with, they had birthed ten hybrid pups. One was solid white, one was solid gold and the rest were varying shades of the dawns morning light, white and yellow. Even though Humans were known to make females occasionally, all of Gatefang's and Jeopardypaw's pups were completely male. Placing the pups into the realm's creche with baby bottles of purified milk, Gatefang escorted Jeopardypaw to a local groomer station for a quick clean-up before they headed off to meet with the Hellhound Council.

                  Within Rotunda City's Hellhound Council Hall (which looked more like a huge stone courthouse than a gathering hall for the Hellhound Elite...)

                  Gatefang quietly escorted Jeopardypaw up to a Hellhound whom was guarding the small gate leading into the midst of the Hellhound Council. "Pardon us, sir guard. I am Gatefang of Pearl Pack and this is Alex Nighthawk of Nighthawk Foxtaur Island, FARM World. We need to speak to the council about an oversight that has been occurring, unless the laws have changed..."

                  The guard arched and eye and stepped through the small gate and went over to the head Hellhound military general in charge of the hall and he whispered the request to him. The guard returned to the two waiting and said, "Step inside and please do not be wasting council's time with some silly trivial thing."

                  Stepping into the center court, the two were soon facing the most powerful Hellhounds in the Underworld and beyond. Alex said, "Unless the laws have changed, good sirs... then recently when I was gifted with my Hellhound form on my 15th Human birthday by a Hellhound Shaman of whose name I was never told... according to Gatefang, I should have also received well over a hundred pack joining requests at the time of my gaining my Hellhound form. And I have not received any of these supposed requests to join any pack."

                  Gatefang nodded his head waiting to hear the council's response to this statement.

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    The head Hellhound general of the Council said, "Young man, step into the pentagram circle and face the blank circular oval." When Alex had done this, the General continued. "Focus on your 15th Human birthday and state your human name followed by your chosen Hellhound name and any nickname you may have added on to at the end. We will see what happened for ourselves."

                    "My human name is Alex Nighthawk, son of Bert Thomas of Nighthawk Foxtaur Island on FARM World. My chosen Hellhound name is Jeopardypaw. And the nickname is Owlex Trebayk."

                    Within the blank oval, Alex saw the birthday party at the Underworld Freelancers Job Tavern. Every Council hound sat up when they saw that Falconsong, the stud of all Hellhound studs, was in attendance of this party. They also saw Royal Prince Bogbayer, son of Swampfang of Bogbayer Swamp Pack, sitting at Alex's table. Then they noted the Hellhound Shaman arriving. What followed had the entire council watching on the edge of their seats.

                    Upon returning to the Freelancers Hellhound Job Tavern, Timefrost was present at Falconsong's table as was a throng of Hellhounds and as the boy cleared the door, the music started, "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Alex Nighthawk! Happy Birthday to you!" There were cheers at the end and everyone shook his hand and patted his back.

                    Then a shaman looking Hellhound padded up to the human boy and said, "When young Hellhounds turn fifteen, they are gifted with a power of their own. Because you are going to be partnered in a business with Royal Prince Bogbayer, we grant you this power boon that you may make use of to your heart's content. The power boon is the ability to change your species between Human and Hellhound at will. Just picture what you want your Hellhound appearance to look like and when I lay the power ability upon you, you will be able to change back at forth whenever you like by using the Freelancers preferred transformation phrase, which is, Quest On, followed by your Hellhound name. I hope you have a good one in mind. Nothing short or silly. To return to normal, you say, Quest Off. Will you accept this birthday gift?"

                    Alex smiled. "I will accept this gift on behalf of the Underworld Freelancers."

                    The Shaman then said, "Your clothing will be dedicated to you so you can change without stripping naked and they will reappear when you resume human form; although we feel that clothing is overrated. Transformation is also the auto-clean and auto-regenerate ability. So this will also clean your clothes without smelly detergents and heal all wounds." And then the Shaman laid the empowerment upon Alex Nighthawk which caused the boy's entire body and clothing to glow brightly in a golden light.

                    When the golden glow subsided, Hellhounds in the tavern were all chanting, "Show us the Hound! Show us the Hound! We want to see it!" Within the Underworld Freelancers Job Tavern, Alex had just been asked to show off his new Hellhound form to those attending his birthday party. "One hound, coming right up!"

                    Alex struck his pose and said, "And the answer is..." And then he caused the golden glow to return which coated his entire body. "Quest on!" Alex's surroundings briefly changed into the set of Jeopardy with the big board behind him with Job tavern listings as the golden glow continued to overtake his body and he felt himself fully transform from his human identity into his canine form which had light terracotta (golden brown) body fur all over his body while his undercoat was an off-white in coloration. He had a short-haired HOT Retriever like Hellhound body as his head inflated to become that of a Retriever Hellhound in appearance with his golden owl-like eyes and his retriever like tail also grew out behind him and then the Freelancers Job Tavern official collar with ID tag and the number VIP-J15 appeared around his neck. Then there came a second flash of golden light as the game seal of the Freelancers 2 role-playing game appeared in his background briefly before he found himself on his feet where he beamed proudly before turning to face the audience. "Jeopardypaw!"

                    Jeopardypaw grinned. "And now for your host... Owlex Trebayk!" He winked with a sly grin. Bogbayer knew what that meant even if the others didn't. But they were too busy cheering for the new Hellhound that had appeared before them. That is until he turned his eyes to gleam at the others. Then they went silent. "Don't like my eyes? It was my choice, my friends."

                    The Shaman smirked. "A good name and a creepy eye extra to acquire as well. That should scare burglars at night. Shall we have some cake and drinks?"

                    Jeopardypaw powered down into his human form before going over to the arrival area where Alex used his other ability to learn the teleport spot and then he returned to the table and sat with Bogbayer, Falconsong and Timefrost. Alex said, "I missed seeing you, Timefrost. Don't stay gone so long next time. You are family."

                    Timefrost said, "Now that you don't smell like a fresh virgin, I will be around a lot more often. There is much knowledge I can share with both of you in your new business."

                    The head Hellhound general of the Council said, "That shaman is one that is known to all packs. However, I see what he accidentally did. And if Gatefang will think about it, it will make sense when he reflects on what I am about to say: he said, quote, When young Hellhounds turn fifteen, they are gifted with a power of their own. Because you are going to be partnered in a business with Royal Prince Bogbayer, we grant you this power boon that you may make use of to your heart's content. The power boon is the ability to change your species between Human and Hellhound at will. Just picture what you want your Hellhound appearance to look like and when I lay the power ability upon you, you will be able to change back at forth whenever you like by using the Freelancers preferred transformation phrase, which is, Quest On, followed by your Hellhound name. I hope you have a good one in mind. Nothing short or silly. To return to normal, you say, Quest Off., unquote. When young Hellhounds turn fifteen. You were never a Hellhound. he accidentally reversed your empowerment."

                    Another Council Hellhound stood up and said, "Yes, it is obvious now! The Shaman assumed that those escorting Alex were his pack mates and that he belonged to their pack!"

                    Alex remarked, "The only one escorting me on behalf of my father was Falconsong. Timefrost showed up after I got my Virgin puberty taken care of. When I said that he was family, what I meant was that he was all the time assisting my father with gaming knowledge in the old days, so I grew up with that Human turned Hellhound around the house. In truth, he never lived with us; as that he and Falconsong lived elsewhere and were all the time visiting as I grew up. So until my 15th Birthday, I was never part of anyone's pack."

                    The head Hellhound general said, "Therein lies the mistake. The shaman assumed that you were a Hellhound whom had been taught how to assume human form, despite what he said at the party. However, this can be repaired now that Gatefang has brought this to our attention. Being a librarian at one of our best universities, he knows the Hellhound laws. And yes, you should have been gifted with several hundred Hellhound pack invites had everyone knew that you were without a pack at the party."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Aren't You Sorry You Asked?