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[APAW-SAN] AN-01 An Old Concept Revisited

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    [APAW-SAN] AN-01 An Old Concept Revisited

    When Bert Thomas' son, Alex Nighthawk, discovers a continuation of a game on the Donkey Brothers games list that his father knows nothing about, Alex gets involved in a world of Quadraen adventure as he participates in the game of S'taurrior Advanced where he tries to solve the mystery of whom the owner of this game project is.

    Nighthawk Foxtaur Island, Free Anime Reactive Media World.

    [APAW-SAN] AN-01 An Old Concept Revisited.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    A fifteen year old human boy with spiky light brown hair atop his head, green eyes, fair skin, aviator goggles on his head, a red bandanna around his neck along with a white tee shirt, blue jeans and red and yellow sneakers on his feet sat at his brand new DONK.OS version 18.537 laptop. His birthday party had been awesome; but this is what he had been really wanting all year. Alexander "Alex" Nighthawk, the son of Bert and Maria Nighthawk, couldn't be happier. His god-uncle, Orion Foxtaur, was often around as was Gawain Arthon, a sexy Hellhound programmer, whose body coat looked like a hard-on inducing melted candy bar. Yummy!

    The previous year, his father Bert had educated him on how to do DONK.OS programming and now he had his own laptop.

    "Hey dad!" he called out.

    Bert called back, "What is it son?"

    Alex said, "Didn't you once tell me that you and God-Uncle Orion once worked on a game called S'taurrior during your youth?"

    Bert replied hesitantly, "Yes, son!" Already starting to get up from his chair.

    Alex said, "Then you better come in here and have a look at this game I found on the DONK.OS games list!"

    Bert, Orion, and Gawain were gathered directly behind Alex's chair at that point looking at the laptop screen. The landing page that Alex had opened read as S'taurrior Advanced by Tzar Games Unlimited. And there was a tag that read, Aspiring new programmers needed; programmers from the classic game need not apply. at the bottom of the page it read, "The copyright of the original classic game's name has long since expired and we feel the need to bring back this classic in a new format." And there was a [view intro movie] link provided as well. "Ready to see what these game-nappers have been up to, dad? I haven't viewed the intro yet. When I saw the name, I told you about it immediately."

    Bert said, "We keep the copyright on S'taurrion Knights up to date with LucasArts constantly so these guys are pushing it. Go ahead and click the link."

    Alex clicked the link and before anything else could occur, the on-screen donkey appeared and said, "I have determined that this link is not secure, Master Alex. I detected a gateway program on the other side of the link. I am actively blocking it for your own safety. Would you like to view the movie at this point?" Alex replied, "Yes, mister nice donkey, sir."

    The entire screen went black for a moment before an Imperial Jaguar Taur's face and muzzle appeared on screen. He was the most handsome and sexy enemy to ever appear in an intro. It was rendered in the most realistic graphic technology available for their time. "Greetings Rebel Commander. I am pleased to know that your security has blocked the Imperial Seat's tracking system. I am Imperial Lord Ankwar Taurdotte and I seek to defect out of the Imperial forces but I will only agree to be escorted by YOU to the Rebel trials. The Imperials will try to stop you if they discover that I have left. I am no good to you if we are caught or killed before reaching trial. I can even..." He loosened his uniform seductively. "...make it worth your while, if you are interested." He winked, again seductively. "I will meet with you on Planet Guppitaur, a peace enforced world in the Kestron star sector. If we make it, I will share all of my knowledge of the Imperial plans and other forbidden skills at my disposal. I need to end this call. They are scanning for outgoing signals again." And his image went black moments before the image of the ugliest Imperial Emperor came on the screen using the same graphics. It was one of those nasty Spidertaurs from the Web Nebula. "Odd, I detected an outgoing signal on this channel. No matter; I suppose we stopped it from reaching its destination. Continue constant scanning, gentlemen." And then that image vanished into blackness for a moment and then it was back in a jump scare really close up! "Boo!" And then it was gone again. There was no music playing at any part of the video until the end when the graphic for the game's name appeared on the screen along with the words, "Do you have what it takes to defeat the Web Nebulan Empire? Apply now and get early access when the game becomes available." and "Remember programmers, we need you to make this game into a reality." - Tzar Games Unlimited.

    Everyone in the room whom was focused on the intro movie passed wind when the "Boo!" part happened.

    Alex said, "What do you think, dad?"

    Bert replied, "If the game uses the graphics of the video, then they will have a hit on their hands. As for the intro, Imperial Lord Ankwar Taurdotte was an Imperial Commander name from Orion's original game that he never knew how to animate into the game since he was supposed to be a seduction artist for the empire. He was sexually gay and lithely shapely in all the right ways to lure a Rebel player off guard. We didn't have the proper coding back then to make this guy appear on screen in any format. You would cum down your legs by his touch."

    Orion stated, "The guy's name was mentioned in the old game, but only a player from the old days could know that. And that is likely why they said that programmers from the classic need not apply to their help wanted job offer. They are likely afraid that us old fogies will catch them usurping my old game."

    Gawain then said, "Old players won't join a drama game as this intro is likely suggesting. Unless they see ship fights and other combat situations, they will yawn and keep going. Remember how violent and bitchy the old players were? They would never go for something mushy like this."

    Orion said, "As much as I hate to admit it, but Gawain is right. Mushy Drama will not pull the fans in."

    Bert then petted his son's shoulder. "I will give you permission to investigate this, Alex. But if they insist upon game collar use, then you have to tell them that your parents won't let you use them due to all the hype generated from the old days. You are restricted to laptop play and virtual goggles. If they let you stay, then keep investigating. Otherwise mention that you were thinking about doing something of this nature with LucasArts permission yourself. If that doesn't spook them, nothing will."

    Alex grinned. "I am so glad you taught me the updated DONK.OS coding tricks dad. They won't know what hit them."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Filling out the Application Form for programmers in an email, Alex sent off his request to join the programming staff of S'taurrior Advanced. His return email address was [Day_Owl(at)NFI(dot)Org)]. NFI was one of those Organization emails that could only be acquired by adults over the age of thirty and his having one meant that his parent acquired it for his usage. It was also super ass fucking secure to prevent incoming or outgoing viruses. He had used this email during his DONK.OS programming finals to get his legal certificate. He sent in two programming examples as proof of his skill. One was called Foxtaur Running For His Life and the other was called Panthrotaurs Get It On.

    While he waited for a reply from Tzar Games Unlimited, he browsed over other new DONK.OS game releases.

    In the meantime, Bert contacted LucasArts to inquire if Tzar Games Unlimited had permission to use S'taurrior in a new game and what the proposed game was being called. The reply he got was that they wanted to get programmers together to put together a good example for the game before submitting it to LucasArts to get the permissions in place for finalizing the game. Apparently TGU had contacted LucasArts and the request was legit.

    Bert said, "Bad news... TGU contacted LucasArts. That means they covered their asses in case we old fogies found out about this."

    Alex said, "No email response yet, Dad. But I am seeing some nice games in the new game release list."

    Alex proceeded to join My Little Donkey: Digimon is Magic, Swat Kats Academy, and a continuation of one of Bert's favorite games, Freelancers 2, Further Adventures. Within F2:FA, unlike his father, Alex took the time to design the sexiest Hellhound he could create. He managed to somehow boost the Charisma up to 45 which was normally not permissible without scrolls. He had spent the remaining points on the other four stats. Strength, Wisdom, Agility and Health. The stats spelled the made up word of SWACH. Then he did the tutorial and almost immediately Ian Hellhound saw greetings from other players in game from multiple servers. Taking the time to send return greetings to every polite greeting, he resumed doing the tutorial. He soon saw the message of [Social Butterfly Bonus] flash across his screen. Apparently sending out ten greetings awarded the player with this bonus. Now his stats were all five points higher except for Charisma which had jumped ten points. High Charisma always meant better rewards for quests.

    When he finally emerged from the tutorial in the grand central station of job taverns, he was level Ten and all of his stats were 100 minimum through creative point spending. He had earned a title in the tutorial which was called [Hundred Years War Veteran] which came with a skill bonus, the Direction Sense ability at Level Ten for free. Soon Alex, as Ian, was off doing a quest mission within a Southern land of swamps and ruins. As he was following a quest route map he had luckily bought before heading out, he saw a Hellhound head sticking out of a nearby muddy bog. "Are you okay out there?" The Hellhound replied, "I don't know whom you are, but don't walk out here or you will sink like I did. My quest said I had to go this way and then I got stuck." Ian called out, "Are you working on the Wyzorre Keep Quest like I am?" The Hellhound sighed. "Yes. I think they put this here to make hounds like us fail at this quest." Ian said, "Right after you pick up this quest, a merchant outside the tavern has Southern Maps for sale fairly cheap. I bought one for a green bauble. It shows where all of the pitfalls and bogs are down here. Since you are already in trouble, I'll help you out and share my map with you. I am glad I bought this tool just in case. So hold still for a moment." Ian unpacked his crossbow and with a sharp bolt with a strong cord attached, he tied one end to a tree on his side and then he fired the sharp bolt across the bog and pierced the tree on the other side. "I'm going to go around and meet you on the other side. Reach up and grab the cord and pull yourself over to the solid ground on the other side." And he began the trip around the bog following the map's safe path. When he got to the other side, he saw the muddy sticky Hellhound standing there looking quite miserable and dirty. "I guess I lost the bonus for this quest." Ian said, "I have an idea... Drop the quest and then I'll share the same quest back to you and it will be as if your just took the quest and then your timer will be equal to mine. I still have time to beat the quest in record time. I cannot leave you here." The Hellhound looked at Ian and said, "I'll pay you back for this. I am called Tidetail. Dropping the quest now." And then he saw the share quest offer from Ian and he accepted it. He smiled when he saw his completion timer back up to full. "I promise to repay you for this. I am a good hound. What kind of name is Ian. Are you a human player?" Ian smiled. "I sure am. You must be a real Hellhound player. I was told by a reliable hound source that if I encountered people like you to make an effort to be a good guy. Come on, the keep is at the end of this pathway." He showed the map to the Hellhound. "Let's go."

    Tidetail said, "Once I get all of this mud washed off of me, I'll give you a high five. I don't have a lot of friends in the games. I am really glad you came along, Ian. I have been stuck there for a week or so. I had hoped that another Hellhound would come along and help to free me. But instead, I got to meet a nice guy like you, Ian. Thanks again."

    Ian said, "Maybe there is something you can tell me about since you play in several games. I signed up today for My Little Donkey and Swat Kats Academy but I haven't played in them yet. But before that, I submitted my programmers request for a game called S'taurrior Advanced. Have you heard about it? I also submitted some examples of my programming work."

    Tidetail said, "Yeah, they hired me last week and let me tell you... these guys have nothing but the two intro movies done. I don't think they know how to program a game to save their lives. If you submitted a request to join the staff, they will likely hire you whether the game gets done or not. But it seems rather suspicious to me that they have next to nothing done on this game. I would love to work with you and just take it over from them. As I said, I think they are fans of the old game; not programmers like we are. Anyone can make an intro for a game. I did a search on DONK.OS for any other games they have ever released and there is literally nothing. They only have the company name and the two intros."

    Ian said, "Can you email me the second intro to my email address? I have only seen the seduction and jump scare intro. My email is [Day_Owl(at)NFI(dot)Org)]."

    Tidetail said, "You have a NFI account? If you can get me one, I'll share anything I have with you. I would like to have [Night_Bayer(at)NFI(dot)Org)] if you can make it for me."

    Ian said, "I'll arrange it for you. What temporary password of eight minimum characters would you prefer to have before you claim the account?" After being told what he wanted, Ian said, "I'll see to it that you get the account. And I think you are right about programming a game. I know people. I even have my certificate from the Donkey Brothers. Today was my 15th birthday and my parents bought me the latest DONK.OS laptop and I'm using it right now."

    Tidetail grinned. "Happy Birthday, Day Owl. I think I really got lucky to meet a nice boy like you."

    Ian said, "I'm having your email account made right now. Give me a moment." He had his father Bert make the new account for Night Bayer. "All done, Tidetail. You can use the email now."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Alex said to Bert. "Night Bayer told me that those fan people hired him last week. Turns out that there are two intros. I asked him to email me the second intro so we can watch it to see what we're missing. He did warn me that anyone can make an Intro movie for a game. He said that after he was hired he saw that they had nothing done on the game at all."

      Alex also said, "That's why they wanted Programmers. To make the game for them. I made friends with Tidetail in Freelancers 2: Further Adventures. I got lucky that he got hired by them."

      Ian then sent Tidetail a friendship request and smiled when it was accepted. After they finished their quest, Ian noted that Tidetail was just standing there idle before he suddenly said, "Password changed and email sent. I don't know what you want with the combat intro. As I said, anyone can make an intro; I've seen better than that in my day." Alex showed his father what Tidetail had said about the second intro movie.

      Soon, Bert, Orion and Gawain were watching the second intro movie and that's when Gawain stopped the video and rewound it to a spot in the video where he pointed out where the video had been spliced to put several combat videos together seemingly flawlessly and then he pointed out where markings on the ships were painstakingly altered to remove identification markings from other games. Timefrost had taught Gawain well in how to see video edits. This second intro was a clear case of plagiarism. And that would void the permissions to make the game no matter what. Bert then gave Ian the bad news in regards to the game. However, he thought that Alex and Tidetail deserved the chance to make the game themselves professionally. "Alex, I will ask LucasArts if you and your friend can take over the project entirely. Orion and I can support the project from the sidelines; officially, TGU broke copyright laws with the second intro video. It was probably temporarily up before they put the seduction video into the game landing page."

      And then the email receiving sound chimed to alert Alex that he had gotten another email. "Hey dad, Its a reply from TGU. Lets see what the guys have to say." he clicked open on the email and the on-screen donkey appeared and said, "Attempted Trojan viruses were deleted from this email. I can display the body of the message if you want to safely view it." Alex replied, "Please reveal the body of the message. Place pound signs where the viruses were embedded." And then the message appeared. "Due to the firewall you are using, we are sorry to have to reject your programming request to join our team. Your samples show that you know what you are doing. Perhaps we will see future games from you on the DONK.OS list."

      Alex sighed as he activated a self-delete protocol on the samples he sent out and on the TGU computer, his samples simply ceased to exist. "Call up LucasArts, dad. TGU fucked up this time. They won't hire anyone protecting themselves from dirty computers." As Ian, he told Tidetail about the email he got from TGU and then he suggested that his friend run a full anti-virus scan to clean up his computer; he also suggested that his friend terminate his association with TGU since they complained about his firewall.

      Tidetail growled as he replied, "They rejected you? What a bunch of bastards! I think I can trust you, Ian. I want to remain friends with you. If you have any programming ideas, then I want to be on your team." And that's when Ian decided to see if Tidetail would retain the friendship after he told his new friend the truth. "Tidetail... my real name is Alex Nighthawk; I am the actual son of Steven Nighthawk, owner of Nighthawk Game Entertainment. I know Orion Foxtaur and Timefrost Hellhound really well. Dad said I should work with you to make a successful game; and also remember that I gave you access to a NFI account earlier. Please don't terminate our friendship just because of my relation to one of the big game makers. This is our age to make our mark in the game market. Dad supports our doing this and he said he wouldn't interfere in our work."

      Tidetail said, "You are Bert Thomas' son? Everyone said he was the cutest boy alive back in the day! And now I get to meet his son? I won't dump the friendship! This is my lucky day!"

      Ian asked, "May I ask what your real name is? I told you mine. Maybe we can arrange a real meeting someday."

      Tidetail said, "My actual name is Bogbayer. I was named for a swamp in my pack's home region. It was a fun and sticky place to play in when I was younger. I didn't have a lot of friends even then. When I got access to the internet and games, I learned I could use alternate names and attempt to make new friends. It was still hard since if anyone learned whom I was, I would never hear from players again. You are the first to want to keep the friendship alive. I promise that we will meet someday. I am not a muddy mess in real life."

      Ian said, "I wouldn't mind if you were, stud. We are going to be working together in programming."

      Tidetail leaned in and his character gave Ian a kiss. The only part of his body that wasn't muddy. "Let's go report in and get cleaned up. I'll let you know what other games I play in."

      Returning to Grand Central Job Tavern for Hellhounds, they turned in their quests for the full completion bonus and then Ian escorted Tidetail off to get cleaned up in the showers.

      Tidetail said, "Thanks to DONK.OS requiring games to categorizing their adult restricted games to their own list, accidents like what happened with your father have been reduced. In the old days, all the games were intermixed in alphabetical order. There was no way to tell if a game adopted an adult policy or not. I don't know whom first complained about it, but when DONK.OS enforced the age restriction category on these games, a lot of the games that once had thousands of players fell in player numbers to the hundreds. And Game Producers realized too late that they may have made a mistake; the better players were the teenagers and without them, the games lost their player databases. A lot of Hellhounds migrated over to your father's 3PMMO game which had no age limit to join. If you were a teenager, you received teenager styled quests that were just challenging enough to keep a player's attention."

      Tidetail then said, "3P was based off of your father's actual research on Underworld Hellhound packs and what they might have to do in order to advance in rank. It was super popular even before the 3PMMO: The World expansion. During the Underworld Games Fair, 3PMMO came in third place of high ranking Hellhound games. First place was Hounds at War and Second was Planar Risk. The report was that the reason 3PMMO did not score higher was because it had not been developed by a Hellhound. This angered several Hellhound elite players at the time. Your father knew all of them. On opening day of the other games, your father tried them out with a trial character and when he reported technical issues and glitches, his reports were ignored because a Hellhound had not pointed out these errors. Afterward, he purged his accounts off of their servers and during the games fair, he said that time itself would show what games would survive in three years time if the issues he reported were not repaired. The judges just told him that he was being a sore loser because he didn't get first place. And your father said, "Wait for it. I know games better than some of your best programmers do. I have nothing to be jealous over. I did my research. I saw the issues."

      Tidetail started laughing. "Within the first year, game number two went off-line due to a server Kernel error. And in Year two, game number one had a fatal crash."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Tidetail giggled. "At the start of Year three, only 3PMMO was still running flawlessly of the three top games from the Games Fair. At first, Hellhounds tried to accuse your father of sabotage; but this got shot down by the Programmers Pack since Bert was dealing with the Imperials on Anime World during the times when the two games separately crashed due to the very issues that Bert had originally pointed out. Had they fixed these errors, then Bert's prediction would not have come to pass. The judges, while awarding your father with the longest running Hellhound game award, asked him how he knew more about Hellhounds than the Hellhound programmers knew. And your father..."

        He started laughing again. "...he interviewed actual Hellhound alphas of major packs throughout the Underworld. And that's what he told the judges. He said that 3PMMO was based on that interview research. And after playing the game, the alphas congratulated him for keeping true to what they had instructed him in regarding their packs. The judges were embarrassed after that since they thought a human, your father, had just made everything up for the game. They had never played it."

        Ian chuckled. "As Judges, they played the other games but when it came to dad's game, they simply read over player reports. What a bunch of assholes!"

        Bert and Gawain were giggling in the background as they read over Tidetail's account of the Underworld Game Fair. Bert whispered, "He's nailing it on all fronts. Good boy."

        Bert then said, "LucasArts is giving you and your friend the green light to make your own S'taurrior Advanced game; they are sending their lawyers to find and close down TGU. Now remember, Alex, you don't just need a game platform, you need to jointly agree on a company name to use on the DONK.OS lists. And you should post an easy non-RPG game to prove you can make a game. Then you can start dropping fully made RPG games on the gaming public."

        Alex as Ian repeated this information to Tidetail explaining that his father verified Tidetail's story just now.

        Tidetail hummed while he showered. "We should take part of our user names or real names and combine them for the company name. I will submit Bog for my part and... I did develop a game that I never uploaded because my associates told me that it had a weak format. My game was called, [Around The Underworld in Eighty Factoids]. I had far more than eighty factoids programmed into the game and it was mainly text-based."

        Ian said, "Bog-Owl Data Services, shorted to BODS_ for the DONK.OS game listings. We want your Bods!" He then provided a winking smile Emoji. "What do you think?"

        Tidetail was laughing once again! "Oh, you're a riot! But its a good company name that doesn't reference your father at all!"

        Ian said, "How does this sound for an opening company graphic? The scene slowly pans over a lone sticky bog that is occasionally bubbling and it finally reaches an old rotted tree where a creature with feathers is seated on one branch. He slowly turns his head around backward and as his eyes gleam, he says, We want your Bods. Then the logo is compressed into an upright rectangle showing a Hellhound sitting on the edge of the bog and a golden owl on the tree branch. And the company name then appears under the lithograph picture."

        Tidetail was giggling like crazy. "Oh you have a wild imagination! and after the centered logo fades to black, the white words on a black background appear, reading as, Presents. Then the all new opening intro movie begins playing for the gaming public. The return of an old classic with a new story line and new challenges to overcome! With recommendations from Orion Foxtaur Entertainment and LucasArts comes the continuation of a legend! Species must work together to defeat the evil empire from destroying all that is good! Then we show more cut scenes from the game and action sequences and portions of actual Beta testing game play. Quadi Knight Lukas Quadwalker, and his comrade and friend, Smuggler Clan Single, return to give out missions for defeating the evil empire! The classic characters would be NPCs in this release; no offense to your father. Then we show more action scenes as well as close ups of the enemy forces. And finally, at the end, All this and more are awaiting you in the return to the S'taurrior universe in S'taurrior Advanced! We permit Rebel Guilds whom could participate in weekly PVP tournaments for premium prizes. Collectively all guilds would be part of the Rebel Alliance. What do you think?"

        Bert verbally said, "I think you scored by friending Bogbayer, Alex. He came up with a good idea for the new intro. And when it says Species must work together, you show a Taur, a Hellhound and a Human collectively as part of the same alliance group. If it was Taurs only, then you couldn't use the word Species. I can contact a symphony orchestra to play the music you want in the background of the intro movie and throughout the game. Orion, Gawain and I would only give programming advice when you boys needed it; but it would be your game."

        Alex as Ian then shared what his father said in verbatim into the game chat.

        Tidetail smiled. "Advisors are hard to come by for a new company, Ian. As long as they let us run our company our way, they can give all the advice they want. I didn't even think about eh symphony orchestra music when I was blathering earlier. Man... your father nailed it; that would make the Intro rock the gamer intensely. I suspect that TGU will be pissed when their sleaze-child is given to another company."

        Ian said, "They were hiring outside help anyway which proves that they didn't know how to program the game and then they were plagiarizing their intro movies from other people's games."

        Bert verbally said, "Since you boys want to do this on a serious level. I will construct your own offices away from my own in Hellhoundia near the shores of the Bogwallow Swamps where my old friend Loopy lives. And then I will gift you with a DONK.OS gaming server to use for installing as many games as you want to develop. I will authorize your company name with the Donkey Brothers and then, you and Bogbayer can live and work at the new base headquarters. That's what I did in the early days. And it worked. Just don't get depressed over stupid shit."

        Ian shared that info with Tidetail whom in turn got all excited again. "You mean, I get to live on Nighthawk Foxtaur Island with you! Am I ever glad I met you on your birthday!"

        Ian giggled as Alex verbally said, "He is over-excited over the news, dad. I think this is going to work out really well."

        Bert said, "Well, there is a small catch; if he isn't really a Hellhound like he is claiming, then he won't be able to get in. Honesty is his passport toward getting here."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Ian informed Tidetail on what Bert just said and the excitement stopped. "I really am a Hellhound, Ian! The only way to prove it would be for us to meet in person!"

          Bert verbally said, "Ask him if he has access to the Underworld Freelancers Job Tavern, and if he does, then ask him to use the video call booth there to place a call to us at the following frequency number." And he named off the code number. "When his muzzle appears on Screen, and he identifies himself, then you and he can talk in real-time. I'll arrange for someone to go fetch him from there for the trip up here. Besides, Alex, he is already on Strike One; the game he named is on the DONK.OS games list as being owned by people named Longtime_Bitch and Alpha's_Get."

          Alex said, "Ask Duncan Donkey to look at the coding of that game and see if those two names appear in the coding at all or if Bogbayer's name is listed in the game coding. I suspect those other two may have stolen his game after telling him that the format was weak." The on-screen donkey said, "Duncan is checking into your inquiry right now, Alex. In case you forgot, I am a direct link to the Donkey Brothers." There was a pause as Duncan Donkey's graphic appeared in the corner of the screen. "Alex nailed it, Bert. Bogbayer's name is there."

          Bert said, "Then I apologize for being overly suspicious and the stupid Hellhound cunts probably never checked the coding to make sure his name wasn't embedded in the coding itself."

          Duncan Donkey then said, "We also did a background trace on Bogbayer, he is a Hellhound prince of the Bogbayer Swamp Lands of Chaosmire. His father, the Alpha, has several sons but Bogbayer was the only one whom studied DONK.OS programming. So as much as you would like to be suspicious of this new Hellhound, he is legit. Besides, you need to get those offices set up or you will end up looking like a liar." And his graphic faded off the screen.

          Alex giggled. "Round one to the Next Generation. See you when you get the construction work done, dad."

          Ian then told Tidetail what just happened as Bert and Gawain headed out the door to get busy. Tidetail was laughing again. "Story of my life, in truth, Ian. But I am glad you are on my side. I wasn't going to hide being a prince to you but I wanted to tell you in private. But since that is behind us and the stupid cunts made a laughing stock out of themselves on DONK.OS, I suppose I will get the credit back at this point." The on-screen Donkey typed into the chat, "This is Alex's on-screen donkey. Duncan is relabeling your game under BODS_ so your company gets the credit for the game. Congratulations for defending a game you made. It is quite popular in truth. It's been downloaded over a million times by Underworlders and Planars. So it is obviously not a weak formatted game. They lied to you so they could steal it. But now that they have been caught, they are receiving a temp-ban from the games list and any games they may have joined. This is what Orion Foxtaur would call a Side Mission." Ian laughed himself now as did Tidetail. Ian then said, "As soon as you get moved up here, we need to get started on this monster of a project. In truth, I barely know anything about S'taurrior aside from knowing that my dad played it."

          Alex then opened a search on the side of the game he had playing and he typed in ["S'taurrior" screen shots Safe Archive] and he hit enter. The DONK.OS search engine spit out one hit followed by a warning message that all other screen grab sites were infected with horrible viruses and Trojans that made the sites unsafe to visit. Clicking on the one safe link, Alex soon saw opening screens of the old game along with Orion's original Intro Movie from the old days with the 8-bit music score. "Some time ago in a sector close by... the Imperial majesty established a great peace following a massive war that shattered alliances throughout Frontier. When a new Emperor arose and replaced the old one, the Imperial forces chose to launch their challenge for the control of the entire galaxy. A lone band of Rebels have vowed to put an end to the emperor's vow of galactic conquest. Welcome to S'taurrior. Where your Quadraen destiny relies on forging alliances." As Ian, he typed into the F2:FA game interface, "I just watched the original opening of the original S'taurrior intro movie. The one you suggested would blow this thing away." Tidetail said, "That wouldn't take all that much, Ian. They only had 8-bit in the past."

          Then Alex found what he was really looking for. Fan uploaded videos of actual game play. One video was marked as [Original Tutorial (before Bert Thomas repaired the game.)]. Choosing to watch the video, Alex got to see how shitty the tutorial really was. And at the end, he heard the player say, "And as you can see, the hype over the starting level was not wrong. All that shit and I am only level 2 upon completing the tutorial. I am already receiving death threats from other players to join their guilds or be constantly targeted in game for being an enemy. If I have to deal with this, I may not stay in this piece of Fucking Shit of a game. My Little Pony would be far more fun than this. I may have to tell Orion to shove this game collar up his anus. I don't want to play in a game where I am going to be under death threats."

          Orion came over since he was still in the house and he said, "Some players never informed me of these player threats. I tried to do good and then I admitted that I needed your father's help in order to save my game. I broke rules and didn't have permissions. I almost lost the game several times. Don't make the mistakes I did, Alex. Some people still think I am the devil in disguise for all the trouble the original game caused. We had so many addicts."

          Alex turned and he hugged the Foxtaur. "We won't, God-Uncle Orion. I am only viewing the archive so we don't accidentally re-use something from the old game. My plan is to keep the game as Laptop playable only with the optional Virtual goggles and Surround Sound headphones. Dad has forbade my modifying the game collars. So laptops are it. There will never be a collar version of S'taurrior Advanced. For the players own safety. Please respect my wishes, Orion. I know the collars were easier for you, but it wasn't safe."

          Orion smiled. "I won't break the rules. I do want to play the game when it gets released."

          Ian remarked, "Orion wants to play the new game when we get a running version of it uploaded. So that's one vote of confidence."

          Tidetail said, "I think we should have multiple tutorials. One for learning how to play a character through the basics, another for flying various ship types, and another for learning new weapons types. You would have to get a passing score in order to fly a complicated ship. Otherwise the game tells you that your skill is not adequate for flying that type of ship. And restrict players from using new weapons unless they get a passing score in using the base phenotype of the weapon's genre."

          Ian asked, "You want to raise the game's difficulty level?"

          Tidetail replied, "It is to be called S'taurrior Advanced, right? Advanced would mean harder game play. If we didn't add in difficulty, then it wouldn't be advanced."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Ian said, "How about this, Tidetail? Even though the entire game might be a hundred levels or more, After a player plays through the first twenty levels, they get a screen that says, Congratulations for beating the Easy Difficulty version of this game, would you like to play again at the Medium Difficulty version? And after that at Level forty, play again at Hard Difficulty Level? And at Level Sixty, play again at the Master Difficulty version? And at Level Eighty, play again at the Hero Difficulty version? If they choose to play again, their former equipment is stored away and becomes available again when they reach the levels where they first acquired them. Same with skills and ships. After Eighty, they continue playing at Hero Difficulty. Missions get more difficult and controlling ships and learning new weapons also gets harder."

            Tidetail grinned. "That really would be advanced. And since the entire game could only be accessed at higher difficulty levels, then no one could get bored. Completing a difficulty rank would place a Star on your personal profile to indicate that you are that many difficulty levels into the game. Five stars would indicate playing at the Maximum difficulty. I like that idea, Ian. Can we please do it that way?"

            Ian smiled and hugged and kissed the cleaner Tidetail in the showers. "You are safer to touch now. And of course we can do it that way. We can give players a choice to start over each time with a bonus to experience for starting over or continue to play with the higher difficulty turned on. A player would only get the bonus experience booster for starting over. Otherwise, they continue to play at normal experience gain."

            Tidetail proceeded to mount Ian while kissing him in the showers. "An incentive to starting over. I like it. By the way, are you a stranger to sex? I am sorry if I am about to do something your may not like. But this happens in games like this."

            Ian said, "Oh go ahead. I got sex education at an early age by Loopy. Speaking of games like this, you said you were going to tell me the other games you play in. Maybe I can join you in those games and send you a friendship invite. You said you didn't have a lot of friends. And you're too nice to be alone."

            Tidetail continued his actions since Ian gave him permission. "The beauty part of the old game collars were that they allowed you to feel the activity you were in. Anyway, the games I participate in are... [Swamp Runners], [Just a Phew Moor], [Sticky Missions], [River Merchants], [Party Pack Deluxe], [Make Puppies], and [Exiled to Earth Deluxe]."

            Ian was pinned down by Tidetail in the showers. "Make Puppies doesn't sound all that fun."

            Tidetail remarked, "It isn't. I am about to remove my account from that game. But I mentioned it anyway. E2ED is the best since all of the game play is set on Earth."

            Ian said, "Swamp Runners and River Merchants sound like the same game with different titles."

            Tidetail smiled. "Two programming brothers had the same idea and released their own versions of the game. One occurs in swamps and the other occurs on rivers. I am about to leave them."

            Ian said, "Just a Phew Moor makes it sound like the muddy swamp place stinks. Surely you aren't enjoying that? You are too nice to be embracing skunks."

            Tidetail sighed. "No, but I was invited in by another Hellhound whom asked me to safeguard his holdings there until he returned from his vacation. So until he comes back, I cannot quit."

            Ian said, "I might join you there because I don't want you to be alone. As for Sticky Missions... that makes me think that a player spends a lot of time in sticky stuff."

            Tidetail smiled. "During tutorial it will ask you if like Mud or Glue. I chose Mud. I don't see the attraction for Glue. You can wash Mud off; Glue has to wear off or be peeled off."

            Ian asked, "What is Party Pack Deluxe? The name doesn't do a lot for me."

            Tidetail thrusts himself into Ian's backside until he unloads inside this friend. "Party Pack Deluxe is by invite only. Any age can play. I can send you an invite and then you can quit the party if you find that you don't like their attitudes. It is a D&D like game where the pack party is comprised of invitees to the party. I got invited in by the hound whom is currently on vacation. The others would like to boot me out of their party since they don't like me. After being booted, I have twenty-four hours to establish a new party or my account gets removed from the game until I get invited back in. I really like the game, but the party I am in are comprised of selfish bastards and bitches. If only I could get out of their party without losing my account..."

            Ian clinched on Tidetail's knot as he asked, "Can you give your party any name you want?"

            Tidetail grinned. "Yes. Did you get an idea?"

            Ian said, "Log in and tell the party that your new job is about to prevent you from playing the game with them anymore and then tell them it is okay to remove you from the party. The moment they boot you out, establish a new party and name it Bog-Owl, then send me the invite immediately thereafter. I get the feeling that your vacationing Hellhound friend is not really on a vacation. The moment you are out of the old pack, monitor whether he suddenly logs in for no reason. And the moment he does, then you have caught him in a lie."

            Tidetail arched an eye. "What makes you think he is leading me on? He has always been good to me in the past. My father knows his father."

            Ian said, "Humor me and if I am wrong, I will apologize to both of you." Alex then used that moment to send an email inquiry to Just a Phew Moor to ask if the owner of the Holdings that Bogbayer was safeguarding has ever logged in during the last few weeks or so. He also mentioned that he is Bert's son. Something that always got results. Within moments, there was a reply to say that the hound in question had logged in just yesterday at a ridiculous hour when Bogbayer would never log in. Now Ian knew for sure.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Tidetail did as he was asked, unaware of the inquiry that Alex had performed by email. And he was booted out of the old pack and arrived back at the starting location where he began to register the new pack party called Bog-Owl. Then just after he sent Alex the email invite to join him, he noted the vacationing Hound's name pop up in his online list and then he saw the name vanish out of his friend's list as if to indicate that he had removed Bogbayer as a friend. Bogbayer got on the Public Shout system and exclaimed, "Player Odortail is a bastard! He lied about being on vacation these past few weeks! I am about to inform my father the Alpha about this slight!" Just as Alex logged in, Bog logged out.

              In Just a Phew Moor, all of Odortail's holdings were auto-sent to [auction services] in game with all collected proceeds to be paid to Boggy; best offer accepted. And then he logged out and sent his father the informatics about what Odortail had done to him these past few weeks and recently with removing his friendship in a game. Then he happily told his father about his new job with Bert's son. The Alpha was overjoyed since he knew Bert from the old days.

              Then Bogbayer logged back into Party Pack Deluxe where he assisted Owlex Trebayk the Hellhound in getting his character all set up and then he shared a friendship link and party ownership link with Alex so they would both be in charge of the new pack party. At that moment, the new party of Bog-Owl appeared on the top ten list of new party packs. They were listed at number four on the list, primarily because Bogbayer was 11th level and the new pack had two leaders. Bogbayer was giggling over the name and what it sounded like.

              Bogbayer then said, "You nailed it, partner. He was NOT on a vacation; he set me up. So when I saw you logging in, I went over to Phew Moor and sent all of asshole's holdings to the game's auction services with all payments directed back to my character. Then I told my father what was up. And when I mentioned working with you, he gave me full permission to work with you forever. He said that he had met Bert back during the interviews." He did a happy dance at that point.

              Owlex said, "I am sorry I was right about the guy. But it seemed suspicious to me that you got left holding the bag in a few games while he was gone. I sent an email inquiry to the owners of Phew Moor explaining whom I was and I asked if he had logged in any time in the last few weeks and they said yes at a ridiculous hour when you wouldn't be on. I knew he was lying to you at that point."

              Bogbayer sighed. "Well, as I originally said, I had very few friends and I made friends with you today and we get to be business partners. But why did you have me name this party after our business venture? I am curious."

              Owlex replied, "Only employees we hire for our new company will be invited to join us in this pack. Then we can discuss game ideas while adventuring."

              Bogbayer smiled. "That's a great idea. I love you. I still think your user name is funny."

              Owlex grinned. "And the answer is... The kinds of adventures can we get into while we have time to mess around in Party Pack Deluxe. And can I possibly get up in levels before we have to take a break in real life?"

              Bogbayer was giggling as he said, "I can play shield for you since I play a cleric in this game. If we work on enough quests, we can get you up to my level or more in three hours time."

              Owlex said, "Then lets get started."

              By the time Bert and Gawain returned in three hours, both Bogbayer and Owlex were 15th level in the game. And their pack party was sitting squarely at the top spot on the new pack party list despite only having two members. The former party was pissed that Bogbayer's new pack party had claimed the number one spot on both lists. Of course, they thought he cheated until they made an inquiry to the Game Owner whom learned whom Owlex Trebayk really was. After that, he was too busy laughing to reply.

              Bert said, "Your new business and sleeping quarters are all set up, Alex. Time to get you moved over there and then Falconsong can go fetch the fresh prince."

              Owlex then informed Bogbayer what was about to happen. "Time to log out while I am getting moved to the new building. Falconsong is going to come fetch you for the trip to the new headquarters. Go to the Freelancer's Job Tavern in the Underworld and await Falconsong there. He has been there before. I would love to make the trip with him, but unlike the old fogies, I don't have any powers of my own."

              Bogbayer said, "Ask him if you can make the trip with him anyway. I need to deposit a lot of my money into the company account so we have spending capital for whatever reasons. I will need you there to confirm that you are to be my partner in the company so we can get the new bank account set up. Plus, I can show you around the job tavern and explain a few things to you. I am sure Falconsong can verify everything I say. Your father trusts Falconsong, doesn't he?"

              Owlex smirked. "He says he does; I'll do it. Gawain Arthon is a really nice guy. Then we can meet in the Underworld."

              Owlex then logged out and Bogbayer did the same, and then Alex went to talk to Gawain about the request. Bert was standing right there, however. "And that's why Bogbayer wants me to come with you, Gawain. He said we need to set up a company D.I. account and I need to be there to vouch that I am to be his partner in the new company. So may I come with you this time? And Dad... company funds is something we forgot about. I am lucky that Bogbayer remembered that part."

              Bert didn't look convinced because he knew what could happen in the Underworld. "I will allow it, but I need to inform you of important things before you go. Please verify this, Gawain. You've been down there more than I have. Rule one, never ever make an open Wish in the underworld. If you do this around a Lord, they can grant the wish and then you will be in their debt for a million credits unless the system has changed. If you don't make a payment to pay off the debt by midnight, 20% of the original debt is added to the debt and then you owe the resultant amount. It can grow really fast. If you don't pay off the debt after one year, then you are teleported butt naked to the lord's realm where he can have you do anything for him for as long as he likes."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Bert then continued. "This can include male pregnancy, being changed into their species for life, being dropped into the Omega Pens, feeding you mind wiping Secret Ingredient and other nasty results. That's why wishes are bad. It may seem innocent enough but a lot of human boys get stuck in things like that."

                Gawain nodded his head. "That's one, Bert. Keep going."

                Bert then said, Rule two, Never offer to do anything in exchange for a given result. Lords and Devil Mice can all grant anythings at will. It has the same debt price as a Wish with the exact same results."

                Gawain nodded his head. "That's two, Bert. Keep going."

                Bert said, "Rule three, Never make a promise to a lord's citizen within the presence of that Lord or else you are bound by what you have offered to do for that citizen no matter what the subject was. This can result in literally anything possible."

                Gawain nodded his head. "That's three, Bert. Keep going."

                Bert said, "Rule four, only ask for random information from an Information Devil Mouse. If anyone else on the street answers your question that you ask, then you owe them one credit and they don't have to tell you that you have that new debt. And I already explained the debt system to you. The only way to raise money to pay off debts is to do job tavern jobs that pay a lot. And always remember that you have a time limit."

                Gawain nodded his head. "That's four, Bert. Keep going."

                Bert strained his memory at this point since it had been a while since he had a discussion of this sort with Timefrost, Falconsong and Zeusfang. "Um, Rule five, er... Never enter a realm without permission or else you cannot leave until the realm's owner fucks you in the ass and gets you pregnant at least once. Once pregnant, you cannot leave the realm at all because that would be kidnapping since you are pregnant with his kids. Once free of that task, you are free to leave. However, if you lost your clothes because of the activity, they cannot replace those clothes since they didn't make you enter their realm. They prefer nudity anyway. Covering up your good looks would be insulting to a sexual lord. And most of the realm lords are horny all the time anyway. Make the mistake of entering without permission and your ass is theirs."

                Gawain said, "I'll take it from here, Bert. You had trouble with that one. Rule six, If you do a job tavern job that teleports you into another realm, that is your only legal permission to be in the realm. When the job ends, you are instantly cleaned up and teleported back to the job tavern as was, clothed or not. Also, if you plan on doing a job tavern job, make sure you get a financial imp to set you up with a personal payment account so your payments from those jobs can be direct deposited into that account. And for the record, you might want to do at least one job just so you have some money of your own later. And now for the part your father is worried about... most Underworld employment tavern jobs involve sex unless they state otherwise. And... you can make friends with other employees if you encounter any doing the same job at the same time you are. In other words, don't be a stick in the mud. Make an effort to be friendly. You might get a hidden reward out of it."

                Gawain lowered himself to the floor. "Time to summon Falconsong!"

                Gawain struck his pose and touch his wrist unit while exclaiming, "Release the Falcons!" Gawain's surroundings briefly changed into that of the majestic view of Falcon's Reach in the original GO setting as a hellfire like glow overtook his body and he felt himself fully transform from his human identity into his canine form which was dark sienna brown overall fur with terracotta (golden brown) ribbon-like racing stripe flourishes along both sides of his body. He had a short-haired HOT Labrador Hellhound body as his head inflated to become that of a Labrador Hellhound in appearance and his Labrador like tail also grew out behind him and then the Freelancers official collar with ID tag and the number 459 appeared around his neck. Then there came a second flash of hellfire like light as the game seal of the Freelancers role-playing game appeared in his background briefly before he found himself on his feet where he beamed proudly before turning to face the audience to announce himself fully. "Falconsong! Freelancer!"

                Alex said, "I play in Freelancers 2: Further Adventures as Ian Hellhound. Do you have access to that game?"

                Falconsong smiled. "Yes, I can enter that world whenever I like. It is a product of Affordable Computer Experts [ACE Ventures] which is run by Bartleby Kalson (Timefrost.) So if you are having fun in that game, now you know whom to thank."

                Alex said, "I would except he never seems to be around anymore."

                Falconsong activated his collar comm unit and said, "Timefrost? Are you overseeing the Freelancers 2 Admin position at the moment? Alex plays the game as Ian Hellhound and he says that you never seem to come around the house anymore. He and Bogbayer are about to open their own programming business over in Hellhoundia and Alex misses seeing you around."

                Timefrost's voice replied, "Yes, I am in the game at the moment. All seems to be running smoothly. I know today was Alex's birthday. But lately, his scent has been driving me crazy and you know what that means for a Hellhound like me. I didn't want to be his first, like I accidentally did for you, Gawain. I would rather someone else help him with that so I didn't accidentally claim him. Take a good sniff of his butt and you will know what I mean. Try not to pop a boner, partner."

                Falconsong sniffed at Alex and deliberately sneezed with his head turned. "Oh shit... virgin scent! I didn't know you were at that stage, Alex! You hit your puberty later than your dad did! When a boy starts emitting the virgin scent, it is released from their anus and it drives male animals crazy. Especially male planar animals. Bogbayer will likely want to mount you when you meet him. And once he does, you better hope you get pregnant or else you will continue to make the virgin scent until you do get pregnant and give birth."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Alex said, "I don't want to trick him into becoming my mate. He is my friend."

                  Falconsong said, "Then what about Bogbayer's alpha? He says he knows Bert from the Interviews and he could help you with this so no mating with your friend occurs."

                  Bert said, "If you are making that scent, Alex, then I forbid your going to the Underworld. Everything with a cock would be trying to mount you."

                  Alex asked, "How come I cannot smell it?"

                  Bert said, "Because you are not a feral based animal or a special folk."

                  Alex asked, "How long would gestation be, Falconsong?"

                  Falconsong said, "It depends upon the magical species mounting you. And your father is right; everything with a cock will want to be the one to make it with you."

                  Alex said, "I'll be back. Don't leave, Falconsong. I need to go talk to mom." And he headed off into the back of the house to see his mother whom often had weird but useful ideas.

                  Bert looked worried now. "Every time his mother gets spoken to, I lose the argument."

                  In the backyard, Alex spoke to his mother about what the men folk were saying about his virgin scent and now he needed to go set up the Company account in the Underworld and Bert won't let him go now that he is making the male virgin scent that humans cannot smell. His mother Maria got up and took Alex inside the house and into the bathroom and had him bend over and touch his toes. And while he was bent over, Maria pulled down Alex's pants and there came the Ssst sound as something got sprayed on his underwear right over his ass crack before she pulled up his pants quickly and said, "You're ready to go now!" And then she fled back to the backyard! As Alex stood up straight he sniffed the air. "I smell grandma's nasty perfume!"

                  When Alex walked into the front room, Falconsong almost threw up. "What stinks!" the sexy hound cried out!

                  Alex said, "Mom sprayed my underwear with something and then she said I was ready to go."

                  Bert sniffed he air. "Did your mom's mom sneak back in? I smell her nasty assed perfume! Well... if that's what she sprayed your underwear with then no decent Underworld animal will want to mount you. You can go now. But tell me the story of how it went when you get back. I could use some humor." he looked sympathetically at Falconsong. "Escort him down there, Gawain. I just hope Bogbayer forgives Alex for smelling like this."

                  Falconsong placed some nose plugs into his hound nostrils. "That helps! Well, let's go, Alex."

                  One well placed teleport later and every loitering Hellhound and devil mouse in the job tavern zoomed over to the job board and touched jobs as fast as possible, escaping from the odor that just arrived. The bartender laughed. "I've been trying to get them to leave all morning! What is that interesting aroma so I can stock up on it!"

                  Alex pulled out the bottle that he swiped out of the bathroom and he set it on the bar counter in front of the bartender. "This is it, sir. My mom sprayed it on my underwear before the trip down here. I am Bert Thomas' son and I am supposed to be meeting with someone in the tavern later. I also need to call for a D.I. Imp to set me up with a personal account."

                  The bartender said with a chuckle, "Your puberty hit you unexpectedly, didn't it?"

                  Alex arched an eye. "How'd you guess?"

                  The bartender Hellhound replied, "Some people have tried to use nasty odors to cover it up but this is the first time I've ever seen it work. I like you, kid. Come on by anytime."

                  Falconsong was using the time to call the D.I. Account imps and advising them to wear a gas mask before teleporting in or they'd be sorry.

                  At that moment, Bogbayer came into the job tavern from the front door carrying a boxed birthday cake and wearing a backpack that contained a birthday present. He smiled when he saw Falconsong sitting at a table and he went over and set the cake box on the table and removed the backpack. "So where is he, Falconsong? I got him a human-safe birthday cake and a birthday present to show my appreciation for his making friends with me on his 15th birthday."

                  Falconsong turned the Hellhound slowly to face the bar counter where the boy was standing talking to the bartender as he quietly explained to Bogbayer what nasty thing happened to the boy just before his planned trip to come down here. "His puberty sneaked up on him and now he is making the virgin male scent. His mom sprayed his underwear with a perfume that only grand parents think smell good. The smell cleared the tavern earlier and the bartender thought it was funny."

                  Bogbayer frowned. "Poor Alex. I remember going through my puberty originally. My father had to help me. I was pregnant for four weeks because he plumped me too much. The only other alternative that I know of that is safe and only lasts four hours is to let a Devil Mouse get you pregnant. But since he smells like that, they may not agree to help him. But everyone liked Bert in the old days." He then raised his voice. "Hey Alex! I arrived! Come on over here!"

                  Alex smiled as he went over to the table and tried to keep his butt stench away from his friend. "My mom sprayed me before they would let me come down here. I am so embarrassed."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Bogbayer hugged Alex anyway. "I might be able to help despite what she did to you. I know people whom can make it short. Four hours, tops; and little pain. Are you interested?"

                    Alex said, "Yes. I am surprised that you still want to be my business partner what with what I am putting up with at the moment."

                    Bogbayer kissed Alex on the side of his face. "You are my friend. Of course I want to help you. Come on, Falconsong can guard the table and the cake. It is human-safe and I got you a birthday present, too. While you're getting help, I can either wash your shorts or replace them so you have fresh undies. Clothes are overrated though. All Hellhounds know this." And he took Alex out of the job tavern and escorted him to a Devil Mouse service that he knew of that kept their business as covert as possible.

                    "Hey Whilt. My friend needs to use your services for the next four hours. I am paying up front. His puberty hit today and he needs to lose the smell and does not want custody over the Devil Mouse offspring. He's the son of a celebrity and that should make it more than worth your while. What's the price tag for this task?"

                    Whilt was a Devil Mouse wearing a partial suit whom wore thick glasses. "Whom is his parent? We do not need a law suit later on."

                    Bogbayer said, "He is Bert Thomas' son, Alex Nighthawk. He and I are about to form a programming company and he doesn't want this scent distracting him during our work."

                    Alex smiled. "We have my father's permission to do this company and work together. My puberty played unfair since today was my birthday. It arrived late and obnoxiously. Can you please help me? You're mighty cute."

                    Whilt pulled out a tape measure and began to measure Alex's height. "I am not the one whom performs the service, young man. But thank you for saying that I am cute. The fee will be five hundred credits, Bogbayer. A hundred for each foot he is tall. I believe Paulo is available at the moment. Remove your clothes before going into Room number fifteen in the back. he's always wanted a son and no one wanted to do it with him. He's your size, Alex. Gestation time is only four hours and it will be over before you know it."

                    Bogbayer made the payment for Whilt and then Alex went toward the back rooms and stripped out of his clothes near a table at Door fifteen. he set his underwear away from his shirt, socks and shoes. The smell had transferred to the seat of his pants so he would likely end up naked from the waist down on this trip. Once naked, he knocked on the door and walked in. Inside, he was pulled over to a bed and passionately caressed all over before lubricant was applied and then... Alex's world was turned upside down.

                    He had role-played sex like this but this was for real. Not even Loopy had done what Paulo was doing for him. he felt a rush of warm liquids enter him as his stomach slightly inflated and then Paulo pulled out of the boy and started a timer on the counter. "I want to thank you for agreeing to help me make a son, kid. I've been waiting a long time. What kind of skills do you have in life? And would you like to be given an ability from me as a gift for helping me with this?"

                    Alex said, "I have a certificate in DONK.OS programming and coding skills.and if you want to share an ability with me, how can I say no to a nice guy like you? I'll accept it."

                    Paulo then proceeded to give Alex a rich creamy deep throat as he came down the boy's throat. When he pulled out, he said, "I have given you the teleport ability that all Hellhounds and Devil Mice enjoy. When you return to the job tavern with your friend, step over into the area called the receiving area and memorize a safe teleportation landing zone there. Then you can return there whenever you like. Back home, you can set another arrival zone so as to make it so you can return home from down here safely as well. When the timer ends..."

                    Four hours later, Alex felt like he was taking a dump in Paulo's bed and that made him feel guilty. But when it ended, Paulo bathed something in a wash tub and then he held up a very cute brown Devil Mouse boy in his arms in front of Alex. "Meet Lexus, our son. Now you can go find Bogbayer and go do the other things you wanted to do while down here. Congratulations, the virgin scent is gone and you are clean. I don't know about your clothes though. Hellhounds are not the best at laundry."

                    When Alex emerged from Room fifteen, he saw Bogbayer standing there with clean clothes in his size. and yes, there was a brand new pair of fresh underwear and pants as well. "Get dressed, partner. The shorts and pants could not be cleaned. Nothing the cleaner did could get that stench off of them. So I bought you new clothes." Alex said, "You will be paid back, partner. We are done here. Let's get back over to the job tavern so we can get our accounts set up." And he got into his new clothes and posed in front of a mirror. "Sharp."

                    Upon returning to the Freelancers Hellhound Job Tavern, Timefrost was present at Falconsong's table as was a throng of Hellhounds and as the boy cleared the door, the music started, "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, Alex Nighthawk! Happy Birthday to you!" There were cheers at the end and everyone shook his hand and patted his back.

                    Then a shaman looking Hellhound padded up to the human boy and said, "When young Hellhounds turn fifteen, they are gifted with a power of their own. Because you are going to be partnered in a business with Royal Prince Bogbayer, we grant you this power boon that you may make use of to your heart's content. The power boon is the ability to change your species between Human and Hellhound at will. Just picture what you want your Hellhound appearance to look like and when I lay the power ability upon you, you will be able to change back at forth whenever you like by using the Freelancers preferred transformation phrase, which is, Quest On, followed by your Hellhound name. I hope you have a good one in mind. Nothing short or silly. To return to normal, you say, Quest Off. Will you accept this birthday gift?"

                    Alex smiled. "I will accept this gift on behalf of the Underworld Freelancers."

                    The Shaman then said, "Your clothing will be dedicated to you so you can change without stripping naked and they will reappear when you resume human form; although we feel that clothing is overrated. Transformation is also the auto-clean and auto-regenerate ability. So this will also clean your clothes without smelly detergents and heal all wounds." And then the Shaman laid the empowerment upon Alex Nighthawk which caused the boy's entire body and clothing to glow brightly in a golden light.

                    When the golden glow subsided, Hellhounds in the tavern were all chanting, "Show us the Hound! Show us the Hound! We want to see it!"

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Bog-Owl Data Services Online.