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    [APAW-04] CC-01 Ys Dreamer

    Montropolis - Anime World

    [APAW-04] CC-01 Ys Dreamer
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Dalton, Georgia... 23 December... early evening hours...

    Charles Chase, whom preferred to be called Chuck, was an older teen age young man four years older than his younger brother, Brand. Chuck had short black hair, brown eyes, and darker-than-normal Caucasian skin. He normally wore a red and blue plaid shirt with long sleeves, blue jeans and cowboy boots. As he came in from where he had just put in the last hours at a former part-time job, he approached his father, Andrew, and said, "Well... I got laid off, dad. Exactly like you thought would happen. And now for the last money we will ever have coming in on my behalf." He handed over three hundred dollars to his father. I know it isn't enough to pay the rent on the house but it is better than nothing. We will have food for the family until after Christmas."

    His father glanced up at his son and said, "Pray for a miracle, son. No one is hiring during Christmas time. We are in a literal rut unless something major happens. I'm just sorry we cannot afford to send you to a decent college, like we planned."

    Chuck managed a smile as he made a joke. "I suppose I could go to Vegas and become a male stripper. The ladies down there pay a hefty price to see a man naked on stage."

    His mother, Donna Arden Chase, Davyd Arden's literal sister, cleared her voice from the kitchen. "If you want to get naked, you can always work for my brother and his pizza hounds. Davyd offered to help us with temporary housing if we get evicted from this place."

    Andrew said, "I just don't want to accept free charity, honey."

    Chuck then said, "I'm going to go out and check out a more obscure job board that I happen to know of. I'll be back in time to get some sleep. Man, it is really starting to get cold out there; we already got snow all over the place; which is unusual for Georgia." And he grabbed his heavy coat and headed back out of the house to return to town.

    Arriving at a lone depot on the Southern outskirts of Dalton, Chuck walked up to the almost unheard of and literally obscurely positioned job board in town. Stepping inside the rectangular foyer out of the cold air provided the young man with a temporary amount of warmth as he began to view what offers were posted on the job board itself. Chuck had gotten a part time job at this board before the full time employment that he got laid off from more recently. Tonight, however, there were only two ad fliers posted. One was asking for a young lady good at balancing financial records. The other was rather weird; it had a picture of Mickey Mouse wearing an armored mecha suit. The advertisement read as followed: "Are you a player who is down on your luck? Were you laid off recently from a decent job? Do you feel as if the world is against you as if you were a little mouse in a big world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Ys-Gundam might be what you are looking for. We are always looking for a few good young men who are not afraid of getting a little dirty while working on mechanical battle games. We need players or more to the point, Beta Testers. This is a paid position which you will be rewarded for. In addition to a regular pay check, you will also receive a partnership in a work group of your choice as well as a fully functional finished product in every game you test for us. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, then press your index finger into the following circle and state your name out loud. You will be contacted shortly afterward. Hope to hear from you soon." And it was signed with the company name of Mickey McCoy Games. Chuck whispered, "This is silly; but I need a job." He reached out and pressed his index finger into the circle on the advertisement as he stated, "Charles Chase. I prefer to be called Chuck." Almost instantly, Chuck found himself in a very warm warehouse. It was like he blinked his eyes and he got magically moved to this new location. And there was two man-sized mice people wearing engineering clothes standing before him. "What in the world?" One mouse dude shook his hand. "Mickey McCoy. I own the game company. I am so glad you decided to accept our offer. You will be contacted after Christmas. Now to get you back home." And before he could ask what the mouse meant by that, he found hiself standing inside of his bedroom back at home. "Man, I must be tired if I imagined going to town. Wait a minute... what am I holding?" In his hand there was a voucher with a promotional code that read: "CHUCK-IS-THE-REAL-MCCOY" along with instructions that explained that this code would only work in an official Ys-Gundam game booth.

    Chase Household... 24 December... the next morning...

    "You saw a what, son?" asked Andrew Chase, Brand's father, as they sat at the breakfast table. Chuck's younger brother was lightly adding a little sugar to his Kahidomon cereal as he replied, "Zecma said he was a devimouse who had Anime World connections. He promised me that he was not only going to get you a new job but he was going to arrange for us to have a house as well. He said he would be come back tonight to give us the details on what he had accomplished. He even said he had friends who could handle the welfare people for us."

    "I thought only toons and anime were allowed to live on Anime World," remarked his mother, Donna Arden Chase; Arden had been her maiden name. "You say Zecma can pull the strings to get our entire family moved into one of Albert Atticus' regions? Because if he can do that, I sure hope he can get us a farm; I grew up on a farm and I miss growing our own vegetables and having fruit trees across the field to make pies from." Brand chewed his crunchy cereal and swallowed before answering. "When he shows up tonight, we can ask him about getting a farm."

    Chuck then sat down at the table with his pancakes as he reached over and grabbed the maple syrup. "So this adorable mouse told you his name, did he? Since he was the devil, where do you suppose the angel mouse was at?" Brand grinned at his brother whom preferred to be called Chuck. "If she was smart, she should have been in front of a warm fireplace. It was really cold last night. But seriously, where ever the angel was at, I sure hope she was making plans to one up Zecma. Though I kinda doubt it. I'm not making him up, Chuck... Zecma's for real." And then his older sister and the Irish Setter arrived to get their breakfast. She quietly sat down and before grabbing any food at all, she bowed her head as if to give a prayer for the morning meal. Only then did she proceed toward filling her plate. The Irish Setter simply ate from his dog bowl while keeping the young lady in sight. Irene and Odin, obviously.

    "If I hadn't been laid off from the wharfs, we wouldn't be in this desperate situation now," Andrew commented as he read over the help wanted section of the newspaper; although doing so was pointless because there were no jobs available around Christmas time. "I really hope Zecma is for real, Brand, because we're hurting here. Even if he is only an imaginary friend, I can understand your wanting to cheer yourself up."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    His father then continued, "But if he is for real, then we will all see him tonight... which is the holiest night of the year. That poor devil mouse." Donna couldn't help but to grin at the thought. "I am sure even he has more money than we do. Anyway, let's make the best of our Christmas since after tomorrow, we likely won't ever have another in this house. A shame that... but I've never really liked living in town anyway." Brand adamantly stated, "He'll be here," a bit louder than he meant to. Which earned him a warning glance from his mother. "Sorry, mom. But I'm not making him up. He will come."

    Chuck still choosing to be funny said, "Maybe I can strip for this Zecma guy. If he has Anime World connections, then he has to have more money than the Vegas ladies do."

    Chase Household... 24 December... that evening...

    "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house," recited Andrew as he looked around the house at what was left of the furnishings that they had left over. The furniture rental agency had picked up several more pieces of furniture which the Chases had been renting and now the living room looked like an empty car garage. "Some Christmas this is. I failed my family; we're almost on the floor; and we lose the house in two days." Donna hugged her husband. "We still have each other." To which he replied, "But for how long?" Then there came the knock at their door. "Now who could that be?" Mr. Chase said as he slowly stood up. "If it is a bunch of carolers, I will bah humbug them into an early grave." And he walked over to the front door and opened it where he saw... the digital Anime rabbit with a devimouse sitting on his shoulder. "See? This is the place, King Kazma. The Chase family where I met Brand Chase and learned about their unfortunate situation. I promised the boy that I would try to help him and I need your help to do it." Andrew was in shock because Brand's little friend turned out to be real.

    After allowing King Kazma to come into the house, the entire family was soon meeting with the famed Summer Wars anime rabbit. Floating in mid air next to him was Zecma, naturally. Brand was overjoyed when he saw the devimouse once again. "I told you he was real. I knew you would come back, Zecma. Thank you so much."

    "Hey, I gave my word, Brand," replied the devimouse with a smile. "Besides, I followed up the rest of the stuff you asked me to find out for you. So during the Summer months, you will have a part time job. As for your new house and the job for your father, King Kazma has the data on that."

    Of course the digital Anime rabbit was having his own conversation with Andrew and Donna to the side, and the topic was the location of choice for their new home. From what Brand could overhear, the farm house was equidistant between Animania Valley, Montropolis, and Mythos Bay within a rural setting labeled on the map as Anime Valley. The wharf master job was located in Mystic Glen itself. Their new farm was being arranged under the 'Sponsor a Prince' protocol introduced by none other than Captain Rabbit, the hero who ran the Justice Fury team down in the Heroes Reach region. Since their family fell under the 'Rescued Sponsor Family' agreement introduced by Cheer Bear in the Cloud Kingdoms where Care-a-lot was located, they were being given the new property free of charge since a citizen of Anime World was speaking up for them. Namely Zecma who was not only a local recreation production manager of a games factory but he also doubled as the liaison between King Kazma and the Underworld Council.

    While King Kazma discussed the upcoming move with the parents, Zecma helped the boys get what little they owned packed up in their suitcases. This only equaled out to the clothes that they owned along with a few personal items that they owned free and clear.

    Irene packed up her own bags while Odin the Irish Setter watched her from the side. But when one of the welfare people looked in her window, the guard dog was immediately in their face barking very fiercely. "BOW WOW WOW WOW! Grrrr!" Andrew and King Kazma were in the bedroom immediately afterward as the welfare agent scrambled to get away as fast as he could. "Good job, Odin." Mr. Chase turned to look at the digital Anime rabbit at that point. "This is another thing we have been dealing with, King Kazma. Since my daughter lost her voice, Family Services have been trying to get Irene taken away from us."

    Moments after that statement, King Kazma's Mack Roo Lawyer arrived. (They were anthropomorphic pouched Devil Kangaroos who were quite impressive to look upon. In fact, like most other sex symbols, they were pretty damned hot in all the right ways. And clean to boot. Most of them stood around five to six feet tall and looked as if they were naturally athletic.) He was told of the situation with social services and once he had gotten everyone's names, he turned the focus of his job toward the welfare people.

    Odin never barked once at the lawyer. As the lawyer did his job, King Kazma assisted the Chases in getting their mobile home loaded with what little they owned. It was an older model of a home on wheels which could break down at any moment. It had the look of the one which used to be seen in the live-action Shazam! Saturday morning children's show. Once they were loaded which included Odin's doggy bed, everyone got on board although Brand rode in Kazma Limousine with Zecma just ahead of their vehicle as they headed out of Dalton, Georgia as they proceeded toward Anime World Star Gate where they would use the transportal to the Animania Valley country of Anime World.

    Just in case this hadn't been mentioned before, normally the Animation City region which included Wonderland and Coolsville was located within the Terryville country and it was located in the equivalent of the Anime Georgia and Anime Florida zone of Anime America. The Meta Star City region which included Meta-Star City (which included Comita-Gotham (aka Jaded Shadow,)) Angel City, Hero Haven, and Bunny Town was located within the Meta-Star empowered hero region and it was situated around Anime New York City, Anime Washington D.C., Anime New Haven, and Anime Boston. Forest River's region which included Mega Kat City, Forest River, Hartland, and Clementine was located near Anime Chicago, Anime St. Louis, Anime Cape Girardeau, and Anime Baton Rouge (aka the Anime South.) The Stampede City region included every wild west setting one could imagine which included the C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, Quick-Draw McGraw (aka El Ka Bong,) and the Lone Ranger and Zorro. In the west was the remaining two regions of Anime World: the Werewolf Filming Mecca and Animania Valley. The Filming Mecca consisted of Anime World's version of Hollywood and included Studio City (home of United Beast Studios,) Seaspray Hills (home of the music production studios,) and Anaheim Beach (the usual home of Disney's Mighty Ducks.) Animania Valley's region consisted of Animania Valley (Anime San Francisco,) Montropolis (Anime Portland,) and Mythos Bay (Anime Seattle) and Mystic Glen (Gold Beach, OR.)

    Fortunately, Anime World Star Gate had gate portals leading to various regions a tourist would normally book reservations in visiting. King Kazma led the motor home through the Animania Valley Star Gate and they were soon driving along the anime landscape and highways on the Anime West Coast. During the trip, Chuck remarked to his father, "I hope Mr. McCoy will still be able to employ me after my move to Anime World. Mickey McCoy was the guy who agreed to hire me after Christmas, dad."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Chase Farmhouse... 25 December... early morning...

      The family soon turned unto the Anime Valley Bypass South and continued on until they saw Crop Circle Road, which was a paved county road. Turning right on that road, they drove on until they saw the donated mailbox with their name on it. At that point, the digital Anime rabbit pulled his limousine into the driveway on the south side of the farm road and that was when the Chases got their first look at the absolutely beautiful farmhouse, barn, stables, a new tractor, a new lawnmower, and crop fields in the back. The farm which was larger than they expected was surrounded by a wooden white fence and it had a large yard.

      Donna exclaimed, "Oh my. I thought King Kazma said this was a small farm."

      Giggling at his mother's observation, Chuck said, "Maybe to him it did seem small; I like it." Andrew smiled as he looked toward the back of the property. "I can see me working that field on the weekends." Irene sat there quietly holding Odin in her arms and he was protecting her as usual. Donna suddenly pointed toward a neighboring fence and said, "What is that?" The Chases all looked in the direction she had pointed. What they saw was a brown and white dragon like being who was the size of both Brand and Chuck. It wasn't looking their way but it seemed to be paying attention to its own farmland. Brand said, "I'll go find out what it is; be right back." And he started for the motor home door as his father warned, "Brand! Be careful!" To which he grinned at his father and said, "Dad... this is cartoon land. Duh." And Brand was out the door and heading across the farm toward the fence where the dragon like creature stood. From the motor home, the family watched as their son and the dragon like kid shake hands, then they talked at length about a few things. Finally, the Chases saw Brand returning with a smile. He opened the door and said, "Our neighbors are Digimon! They grow corn in their field and pop the excess amount, coat it in caramel, and sell the result to the markets! The kid I spoke to was called Myrdramon! He goes to school at Montropolis High School; his older brother attends Montrocol!" Donna smiled. "Sounds like you made a friend, Brand. Okay everyone... lets get this motor home unpacked and see about claiming our bedrooms."

      Once they were unpacked and Odin stationed in his doggy bed in the mud room, the family were looking over the bedroom arrangement. Andrew said, "According to the floor plan of the farm house, this is the master bedroom. And this is a daughter's bedroom. And this bedroom is for an older son. And..." He paused, as he looked over the rest of the floor plan. "Ah, there it is. The last bedroom is... there." He paused again. "No, that can't be right. The last bedroom isn't even in the main farm house." Brand looked over the page of the map of the house. "So where is my bedroom located, dad?" Andrew said, "Believe it or not, Brand, you head out the kitchen door to the outside on the deck that goes over and connects to the side of the stables, then you head up these stairs to the second floor, and there will be a mini-deck and a door that leads into your bedroom."

      Donna arched an eye. "Are you serious? That sounds like a long trip for Brand to take every day to get to the kitchen and the bathroom. Are you sure that's the last bedroom." Andrew replied, "According to the layout, there is a bedroom on the second floor of the stables, and in the back of that bedroom is a walk-in closet hallway that leads to his own bathroom. But there is only one kitchen."

      Brand never complained at all, honestly. Zecma had promised that he would see about getting Brand a summer job at the circus, so he was willing to endure anything. Not to mention, he had made a Digimon friend their first day on the farm. His father was going to be checking in at the new work place in the morning for a briefing with the dock personnel, while his mother was going to be in contact with the Montropolis Valley High School, mainly to check to see if brand's school records had arrived as yet. Little did Brand know what Saturday morning was to bring. December 26th on the new farm was like the best Christmas present ever given. His dad had a new job; the family had a new home; and every sibling had their own bedroom. He had finished his dinner and helped his mom wash the dishes earlier, and now, he was out for a walk on the huge farm land, mainly following the fence line. Back near the woods in the far back of the farm, he saw good looking two-tailed brown fox gathering shiny rocks. Brand couldn't help but to say hello. "Konnichi wa, fox boy."

      The golden bronze Kitsune glanced over toward the fence then smiled. "You must be one of the Chases. My name is Maximum Prower." He walked over to the fence and shook Brand's hand. "And what is your name?"

      "I'm Brand Chase, the youngest member of the family," the human boy said. "What are you doing?" The two-tailed fox grinned slyly. "I am gathering shiny stones for my father. It is a punishment. I would rather be working on my dune buggy with Guildramon, Myrdramon, and my cousin Blur. They really know how to have fun." Brand grinned back. "I met Myrdramon already. He was pretty nice." Maximum nodded his head as he continued to pick up shiny stones. "He helps me with my homework." Then he stood up again. "Thanks for stopping to talk to me, Brand. I really hope you end up going to school in Montropolis. You're okay. My older brother Glitter is off a college. I have to get going now or my father will invent something else for me to do. Bye." And with that, he began spinning his two tails like a rotary helicopter and flew off through the woods to the Southeast. Brand smiled. "Prower, he said. I'll bet his dad is Tails. He even flies like him. I better get back to the house now. At least I learned some more local names." And he headed off and back toward the farm house.

      At the kitchen table, Brand sat down after washing his hands and he saw his mother with that rare 'look' on her face that no one ever wanted to get. "Um, mom... you have that... look... on your face... did someone do something bad again?" Donna looked at Brand and said, "I just spoke with the Animania Valley School Board. They have an interesting rule in regards to new students. And it concerns you, Brand. This coming Saturday, the teachers and faculty of Montropolis High will arrive to visit with you here in our own home and to help you choose your desired classes. Chuck is old enough to attend college and thus we need to see about getting him enrolled there. Thus, when the school buses come on Monday... you will be attending Montropolis High with Myrdramon." Brand was actually happy about that but he didn't dare show any happiness about it while his mom had that 'look' on her face. "So what are you going to do to prepare for the teachers, mom?" His mother replied, "I will have to bake some pies to serve to them so they will see that we can be civilized."

      "You are right, mom," he replied as he picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and bit into it. "That IS an interesting rule. But at least if I am with Myrdramon at Montropolis, he can help me stay out of trouble. Not to mention show me around so I know all of the nice places in the area. It might be handy to know my way around."

      "I saw you out in the back field earlier talking to a fox," Donna commented as she began setting the table for dinner.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        His mother then said, "You are just meeting new people left and right, aren't you?" Brand smiled as he replied, "Maximum Prower; one of the sons of Tails. He said he was gathering shiny stones as a punishment for his dad. He even flies like his dad. Two tails and all. Of course, there are multiple Tails and Sonics in the official canon, mom. Every time a new series comes out, it stars a different Sonic and Tails."

        "So that Tails is already married? Well... there goes my fun for the year." His mother was being funny now. "I'll have to seek out one of the other Tails for some play time."

        Brand giggled since that special look wasn't on his mom's face anymore. "And what would dad say about your sleeping with Mr. Prower?" And he threw in a wink at the end.

        Chase Farmhouse... 26 December... Saturday morning...

        The next day brought about both sides of the locals from Animania Valley. And that in itself was pretty strange in itself. The Sailor Scouts seemed very interested in Irene, which was typical for Anime females. Chuck was meeting up with Dean Tigromon as well as Track Coach Sonic I the Hedgehog, and Felix Mendelssohn from Montrocol. As for Brand, he was meeting with Ash Ketchum of Pokemon, along with Myles "Tails I" Prower, Guilmon, Knuckles, Pikachu, and Principal Agumon. Brand was happily getting to meet some of the greats of Montropolis. "Am I ever glad you guys showed up. I was starting to wonder if you would come at all." Ash said, "We were having breakfast over at Tai's house and we were reminded by Agumon that today was the day we were supposed to meet you. I'm sorry we were late to arrive."

        Knuckles shook hands with Mrs. Chase before turning to Brand once again. "Where is your dad at, Brand?" Brand hugged the red echidna with dreadlocks before replying, "Dad went to check out his workplace at the wharfs but he should be back by tonight. You're not into male humans who are over the hill are you?" Donna glanced over at the echidna and said, "Answer carefully; Andrew is mine." Knuckles measured his words carefully, "I am more interested in getting to know your son, ma'am." Brand grinned and whispered to Knuckles, "Mom is one of Davyd Arden's siblings who married my father, Andrew Chase. Thus Donna Arden became Donna Arden Chase. Uncle Davyd always made past Christmas days merry. But I guess he got too busy this year. I'll bet he will be surprised to learn that we are on Anime World now." He then pulled Knuckles over to the others once again.

        About an hour later, Brand and his high school teachers noted that one of the Sailor Scouts tried to pet Odin and Irene came unglued like she usually did as she grabbed the Sailor Scout and slammed the anime girl on the ground before grabbing a hold of Odin's collar and then the two headed back into the house pretty fast, going upstairs to her room. Brand noted that his sister looked upset. "I'll bet that Sailor Scout's butt hurts." Pikachu then spoke in English, but with an Japanese accent. "I am sure the Sailor Scout meant no harm to Odin." Brand looked at the yellow Pokemon. "You can speak English? In the TV cartoon, you can only say your name." Pikachu replied, "Human producers tend to only want the human stars to speak English or Japanese. If everything spoke fluently in the show, then the importance of the humans would be undermined. Therefore I choose to only speak fluently off camera. And in the Montropolis School System." Brand looked to Ash. "How do you feel about Pikachu talking?" To which he replied, "Oh he's a pro. A great actor. He's helped me many a time with my lines." Brand nodded his head as Myles came over with a glass of milk and said, "I am looking forward to see what classes you take in Montropolis, Brand." Brand smiled at the two-tailed Kitsune. "I saw your son Maximum last night gathering shiny stones." Miles grinned. "He was naughty so that was his punishment. He chose that over cleaning Sonic's toilet with a single paper towel." The famed two-tailed fox winked with a smile which made Brand laugh out loud.

        At that moment, Chuck came over and knelt down and gave Agumon a hug. "I used to watch you and Tai on TV before we couldn't afford to have TV back in Dalton. By the way, is there a game shop somewhere where I can learn about Ys-Gundam. I met some players the night that Brand met Zecma." Agumon smiled at Chuck as he licked the young man's face. "Yes, there is a place called Back Alley Games where we send high school students to get their initial partners for game classes in the school itself. The owner is a pretty nice Houndramon. The school has a deal with him. And since you are a fan of mine, I can gift you with a certificate top get three free games at the shop." Brand grinned slyly. "Why don't you sleep with him, too, Chuck. Maybe then, you can get other bonuses." His brother giggled at that point which obviously meant that he had considered it. Agumon smirked at that moment. "Behave, Brand or else you might get laid and pregnated yourself. And this isn't even DAC." Donna exclaimed, "No, I am DAC in this family. Donna Arden Chase. But if you mean the DAC that my brother Davyd was in, then all of you better keep your minds out of the gutter." Knuckles chuckled. "I was already aware of her full name, Agumon. If you're about to go into rut, maybe you should go bend over for Karal." Agumon remarked, "Not in a million years, Knuckles. That would be like your bending over for Robotnik." The red echidna replied with a disgusted muzzle expression, "I think you really are in rut. Can we focus on something more civil, please?"

        That evening at the dinner table, the Chase family was gathered for a meal and Andrew was telling the others what his job was to be like in Mystic Glen. "Hellhounds, ghosts and skeletons roam around the docks. And I have my old job back on the job site itself." Andrew remarked, as he spread some butter on his corn bread. "My old friend, Anthony Kornel, walked me through the routine there. He and his neighbor got moved to Mystic Glen by your brother when the Dalton officials bombed their houses."

        Donna said, "We met the teachers today, dear. They are a pretty okay bunch, although Brand's teachers get distracted pretty easily; one of the Sailor Scouts tried to pet on Odin and Irene slammed the anime girl to the ground. Chuck impressed the high school principal and received a gift certificate for some games at the local game shop." Chuck piped in saying, "I just showed him my etiquette that Uncle Davyd taught me, mom! The college faculty never got on your bad side at all. And the Sailor Scouts made you 'look' at them in that way we are all used to!" Donna replied, "Well, they were so focused on Irene and Odin that they never even noticed that we had sons and if it weren't for Brand, we wouldn't be living here at all."

        Brand was eating quietly but with a big smile on his face. He was kind of wondering who Guildramon and Blur were; the two others that Maximum had mentioned as being his and Myrdramon's buddies. Then he noticed everyone looking at him. "What?" His father said, "Your mind was in the clouds, Brand. Donna just said that we wouldn't be here now if it weren't for you." Brand chuckled. "I just got lucky, that's all. Besides... if my mind was in the clouds, the empowered heroes of Heroes Reach would be splatting into it as they flew over on their patrols. Could you just imagine-?" But his mother cut him off at that point as she cleared her throat. "Ahem. Not at the dinner table. Or do you want that 'look' ..." she paused for a moment. "tonight?" Brand kept quiet after that.

        When it appeared that his daughter was about to return to her room, Andrew said, "One moment, Irene. At the wharf, Anthony told me that their daughter's mute status was cured when she saw her brother getting nearly electrocuted and the shock of seeing that, made her mute status end. If it worked for her, then someday you may get your voice back too."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Irene then finished her dinner, made some sign language briefly, then stood up and headed up toward her room with Odin happily following her. Chuck then said, "Odin and Irene, sitting in a tree..." Andrew wanted to warn his son that their mother was right there, but it was too late as Chuck became the beholder of that special 'look' that no one wanted to get. Followed by that special 'scolding' that no one deserved to get.

          Later that night, Andrew and Brand were seated in deck chairs on Brand's private deck in front of his bedroom over the stables. "This is a pretty quiet spot, Brand," said Andrew. "You have a nice arrangement out here." Brand grinned. "I'm still surprised that my bedroom is actually out here with its own bathroom and away from the main house. It is almost like VIP quarters. And its a lot quieter in there than you might think, dad. I slept beautifully last night. Especially with my not having to hear Odin's snoring. He is worse than grandpa ever was." Andrew chuckled. "I think he is worse than your mother..." Brand giggled quietly. "You better watch your mouth, dad... you have to sleep with her tonight and she has a way of finding things out."

          Chase Farmhouse... 27 December... Sunday morning...

          Sunday morning was upon them before they knew it. And Brand heard someone knocking on his bedroom door. He got out of bed wearing nothing at all as he walked over to the door and opened it sleepily. Standing on his deck was Myrdramon, the Digimon boy from next door. "Morning Brand. May I come in? Your mom told me you were up here." Brand yawned and stepped out of the way, allowing the Digimon to come in. Then he closed the door and headed back toward his bed sleepily.

          Apparently, Brand was used to sleeping in on Sunday morning. "Nice erection, Brand." Brand stopped and blushed as he came awake immediately and looked over his shoulder at Myrdramon. "Um... how did you get in here...?" Having already forgot that he let the boy in.

          Myrdramon chuckled. "You opened the door for me, silly. Maximum told me last night that you met him. He said you were really REALLY nice. Thanks for being polite to him. He is a good friend. Anyway, I came by today to escort you over to Back Alley Games in town so you could get your game card partners registered. They are required for the last two classes in High School. Your mom said it was a good idea so you would have all of this handled before Monday morning." Brand yawned again and sat on the bed, almost missing it. "Okay, come on over and sit down with me while I get my clothes on. I normally sleep in on Sunday morning. Why are you up so early?"

          Myrdramon came over and sat very close to Brand. "Mischief," he whispered. "Don't tell anyone..." Then aloud he said, "Too bad you cannot just go naked like most of the rest of us do." Brand grinned. "My bedroom is soundproof, silly. Your whisper isn't going anywhere. I would go naked but my mom would find out and then she might not let me be friends with you and the others. Maximum said that you guys were building a dune buggy." Myrdramon hugged Brand and grinned back. "It is for you; we thought it might help you out if you had transportation for getting around Anime World. The fifth hour class in school is called Game World Mechanics. It is where you can go visit on of your partner's home worlds for the entire class hour. The last hour class is called Team Fighting; its where you and your Digimon, Pokemon, or card partner can work out for grades and improvements in the school arenas." Brand nodded his head quietly as he gathered his clothes for the outing to Back Alley Games.

          Myrdramon then asked, "What classes did you sign up for when Agumon and the others were here on Saturday?" Brand put on his undershorts and pants along with a tee-shirt and a black leather vest as he then pulled on his socks and shoes. "I took Digimon History in the first hour; Manga Literature in the second hour; Animathematics in the third hour; then its lunch period; Digital Sciences/Toon Physics/Anime Physics in the fourth hour; and Game World Mechanics in the fifth hour. And in the last hour class, Zecma gave me a tournament DigiCard that I can work with and I can see about learning how to work with the partner in the card. Funny that I haven't even checked to see what the partner is yet."

          Myrdramon grinned and licked Brand's face. "You got dressed pretty fast." Brand planted a kiss on the Digimon's snout in return. "Since you are going to be frisky, then so will I, Myrdramon!" Myrdramon grinned. "As long as we don't get sexual in front of your mom, then you can do whatever you like with me."

          That afternoon, the other two friends which Maximum mentioned a couple of evenings before joined up with him, Chuck, and Myrdramon as they escorted Brand to Back Alley Games in town. A red rabbit named Rosco was manning the front desk while Finnpaw the Houndramon did something in the security chamber where the Beta Testing Club often met on the weekend.

          Maximum was a golden bronze as was mentioned before; He lived through the woods to the North of the farm. A male purple and black neon colored hedgehog with pale grey eyes along with a Guilmon crossed with a Hell Dragomon rounded out the group of friends. Guildramon was built like a football player. "Hi. I'm Blur and this is Guildramon. Maximum told us about you, so we wanted to meet you here at the game shop." Guildramon smiled as he shook Brand's hand. "Blur and I are in a few classes together."

          Brand nodded his head and then he approached Rosco as he showed him the gift certificate that Agumon had given him on Saturday. "Agumon is letting me choose my games and launcher today to avoid an unneccessary delay on Monday. That's okay, isn't it? Also..." He dug out the VIP Platinum Digicard that Zecma had given him. "I need to see about activating this card sometime today. Zecma gave me this to cheer me up on Earth and since I didn't have a computer, I couldn't activate it before now."

          Rosco said, "Digicard players have been showing their asses lately and it is angering both Zecma as well as Finnpaw. I hope you don't turn out like they are being." Brand replied, "If I did, then my ass would be glowing brighter than Blur's neon fur is. My mom is Davyd Arden's sister. She knows how to discipline an unruly child." Rosco grinned. "The gift certificate permits you to choose three unowned card partners. As for activating your game card, it would be better if you waited until Team Fighting Class and then have Raluta Racolupotamon assist you in activating your partner. He occasionally beta tests some of Zecma's card games. You can attend Game Word Mechanics with one of the three you are acquiring today. Approach a game booth, look at the booth's game art and game name, then go inside and let the bar code reader scan the bar code on your gift certificate. Then proceed toward crafting a custom partner."

          Chuck showed the red rabbit his certificate as well. "I am Brand's brother Chuck. I hate my real name since it makes me sound like that blockhead, Charlie Brown." Rosco chuckled. "He is on the East Coast, Chucky my boy. No chance of meeting him over here. Have fun choosing your partners. Is there any game in particular you are after?" Chuck replied, "Ys-Gundam. I met some players whom told me how good it was and how it taught mechanical and electrical skills."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Rosco looked Chuck over with a curious eye. "Strange, you don't seem the type to go for a game like that. But to each their own. It is not for me to stop a player from choosing a game they really want to play." Brand then asked, "What is wrong with the game since you showed concern for my brother? And don't lie to me either or I'll call Zecma myself." The red rabbit clerk took a breath and then released it. "Ys-Gundam is a mousy styled mecha game. It can teach you everything you were told... but the partners are mouse sized. It would be like playing with an action figure instead of a serious tournament battle game. Since you don't have any mouse parts, I just didn't seem to think you would go for a game like that. But you will find out when you see the game booth art and the example animations on the custom partner creation screen." Chuck grinned. "Let me worry about that." The Clerk then handed the boys what appeared to be wrist worn card launchers. "When you acquire a partner card, slide them face side up and feet first into the slot and then tap the picture in the window and say the word Activate. Your partner will appear in the booth briefly and he will share one of his abilities or powers with you before returning to the card. And that's all there is to it. Good luck boys." Chuck knew his brother was aware of his liking a challenge so after Brand headed off to find his three gift game partners, Chuck set off to look over the Ys-Gundam game booth. However, his gift certificate was good for three separate game partners.

            Arriving at the game booth with the title Ys-Gundam, he paused to examine the game artwork which made the mice look smaller than normal. They certainly weren't the size Mickey McCoy was the other night. Then he stepped into the game booth and he watched the animations on the screen before preparing to make a partner. A message on the screen read as, "All artwork and animations are sized proportionately as you would see them in the game card itself!" Chuck smiled. "Now that makes far more sense. I think I am ready to create my partner."

            Pressing the begin processing button on the console, Chuck clicked the promotional code box and he typed in CHUCK-IS-THE-REAL-MCCOY before hitting enter. Then he was asked to choose a desired Mecha Design from the choices of three. In comparison, the first actually looked action figure sized. The second was human sized and the third was what he figured the standard size for a full blown mecha would be like in the anime shows. Choosing number three, the next step in the character creation prompted him to choose a team of four engineer types whom would operate the Mecha partner itself. At this stage, Chuck got to evaluate engineer applications as if he were the boss of the company itself. In the suggested engineers list, he was informed that he would need a pilot, a research and development scientist, a repair mechanic, and a medic. The player himself would be the morale booster of the team. Because of how intensive the character creation process was, he would be spending some extra time creating the operating staff for the mecha partner in question. When Chuck was choosing his repair mechanic, he noted that one mechanic had an extra skill in goods evaluation as well as a talent in haggling. He thought that would be handing in getting quality low-cost equipment for his mecha. In addition to the special mechanic, one pilot had an excessively high degree of outside the box creativity; one medic doubled as a high priest; and one scientist had a learning and knowledge booster bonus attached. Thus this became Chuck's mecha team: Gunther the mousy pilot; Archimedes (or preferring Archie) the radical mousy scientist; Greasy the mousy mechanic; and Surger the mousy medic. Finally, he had to name his mecha partner. Chuck chose to name him Moonstalker. Next he got to apply colors of choice to his mecha partner and then the game booth asked him to scan in the gift certificate.

            Once he did the last step, he watched as the game booth dispensed the custom made partner card. A final message on the screen read with the warning, Do not activate your choice three mecha partner inside the shop or you will inadvertantly cause property damage to the game booth as well as the shop itself! Chuck slid the partner card into his safety bracer face up and feet first, but then he refrained from activation because of the warning. Now it was time to find his next card partner.

            Casually admiring a game booth with the name Nightwatch as its title, Chuck noted the half-animal, partial dragon partners depicted in the artwork. Although the background art resembled not a scary Halloween locale but a corporate warehouse. Stepping into the game booth he watched sample animation matches on the main screen. Apparently the premise idea for the game was that your partner was the sole guard of an important warehouse and when challenged, the challenger was attempting to break into your warehouse to gain upgrade points for their own partners. And if you challenged someone else, you were trying to break into their warehouse for the same reason. Chuck began to process a possible partner for this game. In the promotional code box he typed in Security in the Most Obscure Places before hitting enter and then he began to make his partner. He was asked to choose or design an environment for which his warehouse would reside. He customized a quagmire like environment with sticky tar pits in the back, glue-like rubber pools to the left and right and an otherwise enzyme styled extremely muddy swamp surrounding the rest of the property save for the safety road leading to the front gates.

            Now he was asked to create his partner by choosing an animal from the list of those whom might be comfortable with the environment he had just created. He chose to combine a swamp rabbit with a duck, a rat, and a black dragon. Then he named his partner, Leprattanudramon. The final step was to choose a corporate sponsor the partner would work for and a list was provided. Chuck chose Tampengill, a company that made feminine hygiene products and the warehouse his partner guarded was loaded with the stuff. Therefore, if a challenger wanted to break into this warehouse, that is all they would acquire with a successful hit. The game then asked him for the gift certificate and he swiped it through the bar code reader. When the partner dispensed from the slot, he grabbed it and slid it into his safety bracer and said, "Well, no warning about his size, so here goes nothing." He tapped the card window and said, "Activate!"

            The hybrid security guard dragon appeared in the booth with him where upon it hugged him tightly and kissed him on the mouth deeply! When the hybrid let up he said, "Hello Master Chuck. I just shared my ability to protect your clothes from enzyme and otherwise clingy sticky stuff. I also gave you the ability to visit your partners in their home game worlds, round trip, at will. I hope you use it to come see me in my warehouse. And yes, I get the joke of how no one in their right mind will try to break into my warehouse unless they are desparate for feminine hygiene products. Most players make the mistake to create their starting warehouses as something so valuable that they become instant targets. When you come to visit me at my place, I promise to show you a good time while you are helping me to train. Just be glad it isn't the mating season for dragons."

            And after he taught Chuck how to use the new powers, Leprattanudramon vanished back into his card.

            Then Chuck spent a few moments calming down after remembering how to breathe after almost getting molested by his own partner. "That was an experience. Now to find a third partner and tell Rosco about my cleverness so he can laugh." This time Chuck had to do a bit of searching but apparently his brother was also still busy with a game booth or something so this gave him some extra time to find his third choice.

            Chuck soon saw a game booth that had fantastic looking donkey artwork on it. The game booth itself was called, I Jackass. Stepping into the booth, Chuck watched the images one the screen and noted that this was a game that he would like to try to learn to play.

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Within the game booth, Chuck typed in the promotional code of "Nice boy wants nice jackass please" and then he crafted his wearable living donkey costume partner whom had dual genitalia, inside and out, Enhanced Health, and Triple Regeneration. Chuck felt some arousal from looking at this yummy looking donkey partner with a chocolate cake coloration. This donk was overly sexy in appearance. He chose to name the partner as Donkamiro. He had made a sexy ninja donkey whom was a tinker and repair specialist. The game then asked him for the gift certificate and he swiped it through the bar code reader. When the partner dispensed from the slot, he grabbed it and slid it into his safety bracer and said, "Let's bring you into a nice partnership, stud muffins." He tapped the card window and said, "Activate!"

              The wearable ninja donkey appeared in the booth with Chuck and groped the human all over before kissing him on the lips. "When not in combat, you can use me like pajamas and the shared abilities I will give you are super stealth like a ninja and the I Jackass programming skill. The more you use the second one, the better you get at using it. I need to get back into the card before I lose control and mate with you. Thanks again, Chuck." He kissed the young man on the lips again before vanishing back into his card.

              Chuck panted and he couldn't wait to have a sleep session with his ninja donkey. He then chose to go report in to Rosco. At the front desk, he hugged the red rabbit and gave him a muzzle kiss. "One of my partner choices gave me a size warning saying that I shouldn't activate him inside the shop. And I would like you to witness this since Ys-Gundam is the one that gave me a huge mecha." Rosco agreed to witness the activation and he took the young man out the back door to a shop specific arena for huge partners. "Stand in the center of this arena and activate the questionable partner. I'll watch from the safety of the shop's back door." Once Rosco was out of the way where he was also putting in a call to Zecma and Raluta in regards to what Chuck had just told him... Chuck stood in the center of the arena and held his launcher in front of himself and he tapped the window and shouted, "Activate!"

              Five space shuttle sized quadruped mice appeared in the arena and then they began flying around Voltron style where upon they began to come together to form Moonstalker, Defender of the Universe. When the full sequence had ended, the crew mice appeared at the base of the mecha where upon they all hugged Chuck as one said, "Thank you for choosing us, Captain! Welcome to Ys-Gundam! I hope you help to make our game as great as the others!" The first shook Chuck's hand and said, "Gunther, head pilot." The second shook Chuck's hand and said, "Archimedes, radical scientist. But please call me Archie." The third whose hands were clean for a change shook hands with Chuck and said, "Greasy, team mechanic." and the final engineer hugged Chuck and gave him a kiss. "Surger, team medic. Um... you taste like donkey. One of your other partners, I surmise."

              Chuck replied, "That's right. His name is Donkamiro. What abilities will you guys be sharing with me?"

              Gunther exclaimed, "We are gifting you with the piloting skill that we all possess as well as the ability to transport yourself into the pilot's seat at will whenever you have your mecha out of the card. We really should return to the card now. Until you summon us again, Captain." And the four crew mice along with the mecha vanished back into the card.

              Chuck turned to look at Rosco. "This is the Ys-Gundam partner I ended up with."

              Rosco stepped out and placed one arm around the young man and led him into Finnpaw's office. The owner wasn't there, but there was a data catalogue computer at the ready. Rosco typed in Ys-Gundam and began to show the boy the typical partners from the game. On the left, the screen showed a standard player and on the right, the screen showed either the action figure sized partner or the man sized partner. There were no listings for a full mecha sized partner anywhere in the database. And then one bit of data got Chuck's attention. It listed the game owner's name as being Rod Denton. Chuck at that point said, "Rosco? I don't know who Rod Denton is. I was given a beta tester job by the mouse whom claimed to be the owner and the name he used was Mickey McCoy. He stood as tall as I stand but he was a Mickey Mouse look-a-like with slightly darker colors."

              Rosco tilted his head up toward the ceiling, "Law imp, please! This is an emergency!" And one poof later, a law imp appeared floating in mid-air near Rosco and Chuck. "What is the emergency?" Rosco then explained what Chuck had informed him of in regard to Ys-Gundam and the phony owner claiming to be the actual owner whom tricked the youn man into agreeing to work for his company. "The schmuck said his name was Mickey McCoy; the name your boss told all business owners to be on the look out for."

              The Law Imp uttered a dirty word in the Infernal language. "I need to scan you, young man. Did he have you sign a contract or was the job offer verbal with a handshake or was some other method used? Think back to when you learned about the job and tell me exactly what you did. If you signed a contract, then there is no hope for saving you."

              Chuck closed his eyes as he thought back to his going out to find a last minute job. "I had just been laid off from my last part-time job and I reported in to my parents at home before heading back out to a job board I knew of that was in an out-of-the-way location. One of the two jobs asked for girls; the other was a little weird but since my family were hurting for funds, I chose to do as the instructions asked. The weird ad flier had a picture of Mickey Mouse wearing an armored mecha suit; it read as followed: Are you a player who is down on your luck? Were you laid off recently from a decent job? Do you feel as if the world is against you as if you were a little mouse in a big world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Ys-Gundam might be what you are looking for. We are always looking for a few good young men who are not afraid of getting a little dirty while working on mechanical battle games. We need players or more to the point, Beta Testers. This is a paid position which you will be rewarded for. In addition to a regular pay check, you will also receive a partnership in a work group of your choice as well as a fully functional finished product in every game you test for us. If this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, then press your index finger into the following circle and state your name out loud. You will be contacted shortly afterward. Hope to hear from you soon. And it was signed with the company name of Mickey McCoy Games. I then whispered, This is silly; but I need a job. I reached out and pressed my index finger into the circle on the flier and gave my name. Almost instantly, I was teleported into a very warm warehouse. It was like I had blinked my eyes and I got magically moved to the new location. There were two man sized mice people wearing engineering clothes standing before me. I said, What in the world? The mouse dude claiming to own the company shook my hand and gave his name of Mickey McCoy and he said that he was so glad that I had decided to accept their offer. He then said that I would be contacted after Christmas and he said he was going to send me home. And before I could ask what the mouse meant by that, I was teleported to my bedroom at home holding a promotional code that I would use to get my new partner. The code read in all caps as CHUCK-IS-THE-REAL-MCCOY. And when I used the code today, I got a partner that Rosco tells me is not available in the normal game. I got a Voltron sized mousy mech unit with four crew mice as my partners."

              The Law Imp growled as he finished his scan. "They have an agreement geas on you that you got when you stated your name while touching the contract flier."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                The Law Imp then continued, "We were wondering how they were recruiting humans away from the surface world and this seems to be the method they are using. Mickey McCoy is a fake name they are using to catch people off guard. Rod Denton is the real CEO of Ys-Gundam it was literally his first battlecard game aimed at Devil Mice players who didn't have an exclusive game of their own to play. The agreement that they tricked you into touching makes it so you are transformed into a devil mouse like them while you work for their company. As long as Mickey McCoy hasn't contacted you yet, then we may be able to save you from completely vanishing from your human life."

                Chuck asked, "How can I get out of this geas contract?"

                Rosco said, "Chuck, you work with the Law Imp; I need to get back to the counter to meet back up with your cute little brother." And he left the office to wait for Brand to come out of the rear area of the game shop. He didn't have long to wait when he saw Brand approaching and he called him over. Brand approached Rosco. "What do you need, sir?"

                Rosco replied, "I am just making sure your partner choices are legally registered. This prevents game and tournament problems later on. Just hold up your bracer and I will scan each bar code into the register. And I will need your full name."

                "Brand Zale Chase; it was my father's idea to give me a middle name to match his favorite Toonmaster's character. Zale Kent, the crazy cat himself," he said as he lifted his bracer up to reveal each partner. "Carolate from The Dark Brazier, Mega Rare Elite... don't ask me how; Rictlyn from DJ Wars, Legendary Elite... again, I don't know how. However, the game booth wouldn't let me have my original choices and when I threatened to call Zecma to if it didn't let me have what I wanted, it continued to be a total bastard right up to my getting my partner. It said I'd be sorry; and finally, Nicodemus from Asinatra Anonymous, Mega Rare. He told me that most players weren't giving his game a chance, but I loved the opening movie and that prompted me to try the game. It was awesome. And my partner said that I nearly aced the nobility exam."

                Rosco smiled as he placed the registries into the digital record. "Zecma has often said that the player is always right when it comes to partner creation as long as they don't cheat in game. And since you nearly scored a perfect score on the nobility test, I will give you an extra free reward: One additional partner choice from any game in the shop. Your brother hasn't come back to the front yet. So you still have time." The red rabbit then whispered into Brand's ear. "The promotional code to use is rosco is nice; with the spaces. It will only work once."

                Brand then went back to the game booths to take one last look around.

                Within the office, the Law Imp had summoned Rod Denton whom greeted Chuck and when he tried to shake the boy's hand, there was like a lightning bolt and thunder clap that pushed the mouse away from he boy. "What's going on, Law Imp?" he asked. The Law Imp then explained the dirty trick that Mickey McCoy had used to geas the good looking young man. "My idea is for you to draw up a brand new contract and have Chuck read it over and sign his job services to you and that will automatically cancel the geas since the real owner of Ys-Gundam is overriding the phony contract. Chuck was offered Beta Testing status in your game company as well as a full pay check and a free partnership for every game he tested. But we know that if he was ever contacted by the McCoy fake, then this nice boy would forever be transformed into a devil mouse and never be human again."

                For the second time in Chuck's day, he got to hear an infernal dirty word as Rod said, "So this is how they have been getting around the Anti-Recruiting Law. Like Zecma, I like human boys as long as they stay human. I will offer the new contract to Chuck in exchange for my getting to see him naked. Take it or leave it, young man."

                Chuck didn't see a problem with letting animals see him naked and he removed his clothes in the office and struck a vegas stage pose for the Devil Mouse and Law Imp as he hummed the strip tease theme. Too bad Rosco was missing this.

                In the meantime, Rod was drawing up the new contract. "Since both your hands got geased, place your hands palm side down on top of the contract and verbally agree to transfer over the old contract to mine and then pick up the ink pen and sign your name to the bottom of the page. When you do this, you will be free of the geas. I will even go a step further by permitting you to get a free game partner from any game of your choice in Finnpaw's shop and I will pay Finnpaw myself. If McCoy hadn't linked his contract to my game, he might have gotten away with this. After signing the contract, get your clothes on before going to get another partner. The promo code to use is 'VIP-LEGEND-ROD-DENTON-OVERRIDE'. It will only work once so make it count."

                Still naked, Chuck placed both hands securely on the contract and without warning, nearly electrocuted himself as the geas tried to fight back. "I WILLINGLY AGREE TO TRANSFER THE OLD CONTRACT TO THE RIGHTFUL EMPLOYER ROD DENTON!" Once Chuck was able to make that statement, the shock treatment abruptly ended; his hair was still standing on end and his hand and finger prints were burned into the vellum contract. He then nimbly picked up the ink pen and signed his full name unto the contract. The Law Imp then notarized the contract as the official legal representative and the vellum contract steamed the ink dry. Rod pulled out a hair brush and he helped Chuck to get his hair back in order. The boy then got dressed before he knelt down and gave the devil mouse a hug and a kiss on the muzzle. "Thanks for helping me to get free of that geas. I owe you guys for this."

                Rod stated, "Accepted, unofficially. You can pay me back by being a good employee. I will never require you to be a mouse like me. But if you choose to try it, I hope I get to see another strip show like you did earlier."

                Chuck smiled. "I'll give you mice and imps that show any time. And thanks for being a really nice guy." Chuck then headed back out into the game shop to find his newest partner.

                Arriving at a game booth called Caring Cousins based on the anime TV show, Chuck admired the game booth artwork. He had gotten a chance to see the show on a friend's TV when he spent a night there and a game based on the show sounded like an awesome idea as he stepped into the booth. Inside, Chuck typed into the promotional code box the code he had been given... VIP-LEGEND-ROD-DENTON-OVERRIDE. Chuck then began creating a slinky sexy dragon fox with the belly badge symbol of dice and blackjack cards over a heart shaped roulette wheel. The overall coloration was black with intense glowing red eyes that could sense cheaters regardless of the game they were part of. Chuck named the partner, Gamesheart Dragonfox.

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  The game booth dispensed the card as Chuck grabbed it and inserted it into his card launcher. "Rainbow borders mixed with platinum. I've never had a card like this before. Anyway, here goes, stud... let's make our lives lucky." He tapped the game window and said, "Activate!"

                  Gamesheart appeared in the booth with him whereupon he grinned and hugged Chuck tightly. "You could have gone to any game in the shop with this code, master. But you chose me. I am now your VIP Platinum Legend ranked Caring Cousins partner. We will be able to get into some high class tournaments. I now share my cheat detection ability which will enable you to detect illegal mods in any gamer's deck. I am also going to give you the Luck of the Draw ability that will permit you to have the best possible chances to win when you enter any game of chance. which includes lotteries as well as carnival games. I love you, Master. I need to return to Care-a-lot." And then, he returned to the card.

                  Chuck then returned to the front of the shop whereupon he showed the chosen partners to Rosco. "By the way Rosco... I owe you and Finnpaw a private strip tease like I showed to the Law Imp and Rod Denton earlier. I don't want you and your employer to feel left out. Anyway, I have Mecha Team Gunther, Archie, Greasy, and Surger from Ys-Gundam; I have LeprattaNudramon from Nightwatch; I have Donkamiro from I Jackass; and the extra partner that Rod permitted me to get is Gamesheart Dragonfox from Caring Cousins and he is a VIP Platinum Legend ranked partner. In fact, he is the only one I have whom has a high rank." He then shared the funny secret about Nightwatch to Rosco whom indeed laughed and laughed.

                  Brand then came out of his final game booth and returned to the front of the shop where upon he said to Rosco, "Kizar and Razik from Good Intentions." He smiled when he saw his brother standing there. "Ready to go home, bro?" Chuck nodded his head quietly but his smile indicated that he got to have fun in his selections.

                  Chase Farmhouse... 28 December... Monday morning...

                  Monday brought forth the first day of school for Brand while Chuck would be going to Montrocol. Irene and Donna were staying at the farmhouse while Andrew had already left for work in Mystic Glen. The boys were at the mailbox awaiting their rides. And Brand was looking forward toward seeing how the first day at Montropolis High would turn out. Chuck grinned when he saw the Montrocol minibus arriving being driven by the Dean himself. "Looks like I'm riding to college with the Dean, Brand. Agumon mentioned that you were going to get to ride on one of the Garurumon escorts at first until you learned a teleport location at school." At that moment, bounding over the fences came the famous blue furred digimon, Garurumon, and he had a saddle on his back without a rider. "Which one of you boys is Brand?" he asked as he came to a stop in front of the two male humans. Brand raised his hand with a grin. "That's me. You can play escort for me anytime, Garurumon." Garurumon laughed. "I am glad to hear that, Brand. I'm your personal daily escort to school from now on unless you choose to teleport like most students do. Aren't I the lucky wolf?"

                  Chuck was still smiling himself since he was glad that Brand was getting good treatment in this new world. "I'll try to see you this weekend, bro. I have to go register at college. Try not to lose your clothes. Well, you can as long as its just Garurumon watching your backside." He then got into the minibus.

                  Brand was still giggling as he climbed up into the saddle on Garurumon and strapped himself in. "Okay, I'm set! Let's go!" And Garurumon then bounded back over the fences from the direction he had come from, heading south toward Montropolis.

                  Montrocol Campus... 28 December... Monday morning...

                  Tigromon led Chuck into his office where he had the boy sit down and then he helped the young man choose his college schedule. "Rosco told me how nice you are, Chuck. See anything you like in the class choices?"

                  Chuck said, "I would like to major in Grocer Economics although I would also like to take a class in Game Mechanics since I got hired to work for Rod Denton."

                  Tigromon remarked, "Rod is a pretty nice mouse. He has really worked hard to make a popular game. The Game Mechanics class occurs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But you only have to attend one of them in a week. Grocer Economics have classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The other days are yours to do with as you please. And now, we should see about assigning you to a dorm. Would you like to bunk with the game engineers or do you have something else in mind?"

                  Chuck replied, "If they don't mind my being in there with them, I could possibly make some new friends out of their number."

                  Tigromon said, "You'll be the only human in that dorm. Are you sure you want to bunk with them?"

                  Chuck inquired, "Do they do things that you don't approve of, sir?"

                  The Dean replied, "Not that I know of; at least no one has reported them of doing inappropriate things. But game engineers are often attempting to either hack existing games or create wildly unsafe games of their own. If you come across anything like that, please report it to me immediately and we can let the Dream Team know about it. You might even get a reward for the report."

                  Chuck smiled. "I am sure they are not as bad as all that, Tigromon. As long as they let me get my sleep, I can get along with anyone. Shall we head over to their dorm hall and see about getting me a room with a bed?"

                  Grabbing Chuck's suitcases, Tigromon escorted the nice male human across campus to the game engineering dorms where upon Chuck saw the sign out front that read, Gamers Experimentation Zone: Enter at the Risk of Your Own Sanity! Tigromon growled, "I told them to tone down the scare tactics in front of their dorms. Anyway, let's head in and see if the RA is actually doing his job." And they entered the dorm hall.

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    Game Engineers Dorm... Montrocol Campus... 28 December... Monday afternoon...

                    Sitting at the front desk of the dorm was a robot made to look like a male otter. It even had the RA baseball cap on its head. Tigromon looked the robot in the eye and said, "If the real RA doesn't report to the desk, then I will have no choice but to initiate a surprise inspection."

                    And before you could say Jack Rabbit Stew, a male otter wearing a toolbelt ran up to the front desk and said, "Sorry Dean Tigromon. I was helping the boys downstairs with a project. What do you need?"

                    Chuck chose to voice a question. "How sound proof are the bedrooms?"

                    The otter replied with a smile, "An explosion could go off in the labs and you wouldn't hear nor feel it at all."

                    Tigromon then said, "Lutramon? This is Chuck Chase, our newest student and beta tester for Rod Denton for his game of Ys-Gundam. Chuck is taking a Game mechanics class as well as majoring in Grocer Economics. When asked if he would like to bunk with other game engineers, he said that as long as they didn't mind his being in their dorm, then they could all get along just fine. Do you have an available bunk for Chuck or will we have to take him elsewhere?"

                    Lutramon replied, "The extra bunk in my room is available. The former student whom occupied it is currently in the hospital after he tried to hack the new Rale MMORPG. It blew up in his face and now he is confined to his hospital bed under Red Rabbit Army Guard. Kazma wants words with him about his stupid attempt to bypass security on a highly advanced game. I attend Game Mechanics class myself on Tuesday if that helps. I could help Chuck study for the class. Fast Food employees are usually involved in Grocer Economics which will tell you the kinds of people Chuck will encounter in those classes. The Pizza Hounds can get kind of horny around new people."

                    Tigromon nodded his head before remarking, "I am glad Lutramon brought that up, Chuck. If you do have any sexual relationships with other students, please use protection since I know the other students won't. Males can get pregnant in the animated world and unless you want to give your mother reasons to tease you later, play it safe."

                    Chuck made a sick face as he commented, "Is this what my younger brother Brand is going to be dealing with over in Montropolis High School? Cause if it is, then I may call my mother myself and warn her of this fact. I am sure she doesn't want my father to get knocked up at work."

                    Lutramon folded his arms over his chest. "Now look what sick idea you put into his head, Tigromon. Just because your estate mates can think of nothing else decent is no reason to squick a nice boy like Chuck. But since Tigromon brought this up, I will add that Digimon lay eggs, like a bird does. And if a Digimon mounts you, it won't be live birth; it will be a digital egg. I am a Pokemon myself. Depending upon the Pokemon, you might get eggs or live birth, but most of the time it is always eggs. I have and can provide condoms and birth control if you want to play it safe in our dorm. But you have to ask me for it before the sex session."

                    Chuck said, "As long as no one takes advantage of me while I am sleeping, then I will stay. And thanks for having the extra room. My Game Mechanics class is also on Tuesday. My other classes are on Wednesday and Thursday."

                    Tigromon said, "I will leave Chuck with you, Lutramon. I better not get any more bad reports from this dorm. Play nice or clean out the labs. I'm out of here." He set Chuck's suit cases down and departed.

                    The human boy picked up his suit cases and smiled at Lutramon. "Lead the way, Lutramon. The sooner you get me settled, the sooner you can get back to the other boys downstairs, I am assuming. You made it sound as if the labs were in the basement."

                    Lutramon led Chuck off into the RA bedroom just down a short side hallway from the front desk. "This is the two bed dorm room off to the right and across the hallway is our shared bathroom. I don't use it much since I rarely ever get dirty, so you might have more use of than I would. I have the bed to the right and you would have the bed to the left. You can store your clothes in the dresser closest to the your end of the bed. The night stand between the beds is where I keep my alarm clock as well as my laptop. We will naturally share the homework desk to the right of the bedroom door. We have two seats as you can plainly see. I will accept 'no means no' in our bedroom, but if you ever want to sleep with me, just ask and I will make room in the bed for you. And now I should go rescue the others from their project." And he left the bedroom.

                    Chuck spent his time wisely by going to the bathroom first to relieve himself and to take a quick shower before returning to the bedroom and arranging his belongings in just the way he wanted them. Then got into his new bed to test out the mattress. In no time, he fell asleep. He soon became aware of Lutramon patting his face with his webbed hand.

                    "Chuck? We are getting ready to order a meal and I was wondering if you wanted something to eat before you messed up your sleeping schedule."

                    Chuck opened his eyes and since Lutramon was that close, he gave the otter a kiss on his nose. "Cheeseburger and a side order of cheesy French fries; unless the dinner is pizza, then I am craving a three-cheese pizza with extra sauce. I didn't mean to fall asleep on the bed; I was testing the mattress and before I knew it, I was out like a light."

                    Lutramon grinned. "I take it that this mattress is better than the one you slept on back on Earth. During dinner you can meet the other dorm house mates." He backed off and went to give the dinner order.

                    Chuck replied, "Yes, this mattress is far, far better. Feel free to wake me up when you get back. If you boys are good, I'll do a strip tease for you guys." And then Chuck got comfortable in the bed and closed his eyes.

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Gundam Gold-III