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[KLAW-BA] BD-04 Override Infection

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    [KLAW-BA] BD-04 Override Infection

    Montropolis/Mystic Glen - Anime World

    [KLAW-BA] BD-04: Override Infection
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Within the Fantasy Forests game booth, Basil had used the override code that Vale had shared with him and he acquired two partners. The first was a silver anthropomorphic unicorn buck with a pure white mane and a pure white tail. His horn and hoofs were ivory in coloration and the partner had an ever-clean power that was always on. He had a permanent scent that made him smell like a person's favorite smell-good essence. Regardless of how overworked and sweaty this unicorn became, he never stank at all. Throw in magical and priestly spell abilities and you got a partner that anyone would desire to have. Basil named him Essence. The second partner was a dark green scaled anthropomorphic cloven hoofed dragon mount of the donkey variety whom was a dragon in every sense of the word. His eyes were dark brown and he had the smell of a fresh Summer's day. Combined with full Psychic abilities and the teleport without error power, and this dragon was a pleasant friend to player and friends alike. Basil named him Reminder. With his two Fantasy Forest partners loaded into his card launcher, he then proceeded to check out the other game booths.

    Within the Nightmare Zone game booth, Basil had only entered because he thought he had seen a donkey's head on the screen within the booth. He input the override code and he typed in the species, Donkey, when asked to type the species of desire. On screen appeared the very donkey's head he had seen earlier. The words that appeared on the screen were, I cannot find my back to the game booth. I should never had used that code. If only someone would save me from this place. The came the ghostly question just below that. WoUlD YoU LiKe To JoIn In HiS qUeSt To SaVe HiM? yEs Or No? Without thinking, Basil tapped the Yes spot on the screen. And without warning, Basil found himself holding the donkey in his arms as they stood in an endless expanse of darkness save for themselves of which they could see each other. "Hold on tight, my friend!" The donkey boy didn't need to be told twice to do this. Basil was the first person he had seen since he got stuck in the game world. Basil then activated his personal transport power while holding on to the donkey boy and the two of them appeared just outside of the Nightmare Zone game booth in the open.

    The donkey boy kissed Basil deeply. "Oh thank Kazma you found me! I have been stuck in there ever since I tried a code I found on the banned code website. It said the code would work for this game and I stupidly tried it thinking I would get a maximum ranked partner. What is today's date?" Basil quietly told him the truth only to watch the donkey boy crumple in his arms briefly before looking at the card launcher on the human boy's arm. "Is that how the new partner beacons look these days? How do they work?" And as he touched the window of the card launcher, the donkey boy transformed into a partner card with the game's logo on the back. The card explained who he had been and what his stats were. And the date of his disappearance. Basil chose not to claim this partner since the way he became a card spooked him. He went to the front of the shop and when he saw King Kazma standing there, he handed over the card and explained what had happened and what the donkey boy had said before changing into the partner card. "I knew not to claim and activate the card, sir. The way he changed into a card scared me." He then returned to the game booths to resume looking for new partners to claim.

    Kazma showed the card to Hoofentail whom stated, "This is the name of an Austin Limits student who disappeared out of our shop a few years before the mud flood occurred. At the time, the Red Rabbit Army helped us to search for this boy and we couldn't find any trace of him. And now this..." Kazma then said, "I might be able to restore him to normal and then he will need an anti-card detox to remove card world energies that might still be in his bodily genetics. Again, that boy is a hero."

    Hoofentail said, "The website Basil mentioned that this donkey boy visited was taken down by Medina when she determined that it was a trapper's repository for tricking people into getting stuck in game worlds. Now I hear she is investigating new players lost in a game world."

    Kazma hummed. "I need to forward this data to Medina and it might help her to solve her latest investigation."

    Within the Circus Carnival game booth, Basil had used the override code again and he was now looking over the choices available. Like before he wanted two partners. The first was an anthropomorphic sexy goat boy who had skills with the flute and mandolin. He named this sexy young partner as Caprihoof The second partner he created was a slinky sexy hunk of an anthropomorphic reindeer buck with Flight, Time powers, and Super Smarts at the advanced high school education rank. Basil's hope was that this partner could help him with any homework he might end up with from school. Not to mention, he was a sexually pleasing buck with a nice smile. He named this partner as Learner.

    Basil next found another rodent game which was called, Small Packages. Using the override code again, Basil began to make a horny mouse and a sexy rat. The horny mouse had a halo with white fur and soft white feathered wings. His nose, fingers, and toes were pink in coloration and he sported a nice package between his legs. He named the mouse, Golly Gosh. And then he made the sexy Demon rat in the opposite colors of the mouse, he was black with a dark brown nose, fingers and toes. Instead of feathered wings, he had leathery wings and instead of an outward package, he had a bulging slit which had its own version of a rodent samate inside. He named this demonic rat as Good Night.

    Within the final game booth which was called I Jackass, Basil used the override code one last time as he crafted his wearable living donkey costume partner whom had internal genitalia as well as outer genitalia, Enhanced Health, Triple Regeneration, and Quadruple Semen Fertility. Basil was getting horny from just looking at his new donkey partner. He still loved Doug, but this donk was just over the top in the sex department. Basil chose to name this partner as Stretch.

    Basil then returned to the front of the shop where he gave Butfupper a fond hug. "Where did your partner go, handsome?"

    The unicorn smiled as he rubbed over Basil fondly. "He went with King Kazma and Spinner to get the transport pads set up to both locations. Dracornumire is getting the parking lot and mud flat side docks set up for us. We have some time to ourselves, if you want. What's on your mind, Basil?"

    The boy rubbed a hand over the unicorn's large sheathe. "I would like to experience your cock once, if that is okay."

    Butfupper took Basil into the unicorn's personal sleeping chamber where he showed the boy the best time he could muster as he pulled himself entirely into the boy's backside before slowly filling him while deeply kissing the boy on the mouth with his long exploratory tongue. When the session ended, Butfupper cleaned up the boy and said, "Come on back anytime when you want another educational round of fun with the unicorn. But I think you need to see about going home. It is almost midnight. The back door now leads to the mud flat and the front door leads to the parking lot out front. The transport pads are well marked in side areas of he main shop."

    Basil grabbed his backpack as he headed out the front door where he saw Dracornumire sitting down at the curb with all of is samates out of his slit where he was feeding them what looked like bottles of milk. The boy walked over to the dragon and knelt down near the samates where he resumed petting on the one that allowed it the first time.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Basil said to Lord Dracornumire "May I have permission to come visit your samates this weekend, sir? I have to go home since I have school in the morning." The dragon said, "I live way out in the swamps, Basil. Let me take you out there and show you the safe teleport landing near my lair and when you return this weekend, you can aim for that locale. And I would advise that you leave your clothes at home when you visit." Basil nodded his head and moments later, the boy was being allowed to memorize the landing zone. Then Basil transported himself back to Austin Limits where he saw Spinner talking to the Circus Donkey Brothers.

    "There you are, Spinner. I was hoping I would get to see you before I went home. I have school in the morning. Plus, I wanted to fulfill that other promise I made to you to get your card launcher repaired. But if you are busy, I can come back tomorrow to take you on that outing."

    Spinner smiled when he saw that his friend was still human. "Guys, this is the boy I was telling you about. Basil Douglas wants to work part-time for you guys."

    The eldest Donkey Brother looked Basil over and said, "Do you think you would be okay with brushing the quadruped hoofies once a week say on a Saturday morning?"

    Basil replied, "As long as I am not wrapped up in some other dumb thing, I could teleport out to the circus and do that job for you guys. You can pay me based on how well you think I do with the brushed hoofies. If it looks like I didn't do so good a job, then you can assign me to something else or just tell me that I failed before you release me."

    The eldest Donkey Brother said, "We will give you several chances. Spinner said you had an open mind. And you are worth the effort, he said. Run along home and we will see you on Saturday. Have a good evening, Basil."

    Basil had twelve partners now and all sexy. He hugged all three donkey brothers before turning to Spinner and shaking his hand and hugging him as well as he turned to depart to go find Vale who was waiting for Basil near the Austin Donkey statue. "Bro... I am going to handle the transport this time to show you where the other game shop is. You can check it out tomorrow since we have school in the morning." Holding on to Vale, Basil transported the two of them over to Hoofentail's Partner Emporium in the parking lot where he let his brother memorize a teleport arrival spot. Then the two boys popped back home to get their baths and prepare for school in the morning.

    Tuesday morning was a rainy day. Vale and Basil thankfully got in enough rest despite getting home late. Vale said to his brother, "I am going to grant you a spell effect for staying dry no matter how much rain water tries to fall on you. Have fun in school, bro."

    Before heading off to school, Basil told his mom Karen what the game shop Devil Mouse had told him in regards to the Sibling Rivalry rule and what town was responsible for it.

    Karen was not too happy about it, but she didn't let on that she was all that angry since the reason was competitive and cute bunny rabbit family members.

    During the course of this school day, Myrdramon and his buddies began to notice that Basil was acting strangely; as in far different than he had on the first day of school. So like any good friends, they brought this issue to Principal Agumon. "And that's what we noticed in the bathroom between classes, sir. Basil was acting over-sexual with some partners that we didn't even know he had. And they were doing it in the boy's bathroom. We are concerned since we don't want to have our new friend fall behind in his classes due to whatever this sickness is. We are requesting that you call in Medina to give Basil a complete Card Energy physical. He was barely able to focus in one of his favorite classes just earlier before lunch. Please, sir... we care about Basil."

    Since this was a serious concern, Medina, Captain Rabbit, and King Kazma came into the school system where they pulled the boy out of one of his classes and took him to the nurse's stations. Naturally, Basil was agitated over being pulled out of a class. "What the Hell is up with you people? Kazma? I just saw you last night!"

    While Medina got the examination started, Captain Rabbit looked Basil in the eye and said, "Lezco told me that your brother bought you some new partners, Basil. Earlier today between classes, Myrdramon said you were having sex with one of them in the boy's bathroom. Agumon pulled the security tapes and Kazma and I viewed them to see if there was any truth to this claim. Look to the screen and tell me what happened, Basil." And he showed Basil the very act he had been in with his partner, Stretch, from the game of I Jackass. The look on Basil's face when he saw what was being shown on the monitor was surprise. "I don't remember doing that, Captain." Captain Rabbit and Medina were then removing Basil's card launcher from his left wrist where a data cable was attached to the USB port and the other end was attached to a reader device. On screen during the time Basil was in the bathroom, there was a clear record of when he called the partner out of his card launcher and proceeded to have sex with him inside one of the back stalls. When Basil saw those words, he repeated himself. "I don't remember doing that; I'm not lying."

    Medina then got the results of the medical she just conducted on the boy. "Guys... Basil Douglas is suffering from Override Infection and this same infection is upon nearly all of his card partners. There are a few who seem to be resisting the infection. Those on the clean list are as follows: Skywatch of Lunar Gaiden, Stripe the Mobian Shaman of Mobo Zero, Marshal Chitter Critter of Western Varmints, Essence the silver unicorn of Fantasy Forests, Caprihoof the musical goat of Circus Carnival, and Learner the reindeer of Circus Carnival. The rest are super infected and will need to be quarantined for Basil's own safety. He will also need to have the powers of the shared partners from the infected list removed from his body and the removal will bring Basil back to his senses. although Basil will need to undergo a detox and his personal living quarters will also need to be detoxed. I'm sorry, Basil, this infection almost killed you. Now I need to know... where did you get the override code from?"

    Basil sighed, "One of my brother's boyfriends who runs a game shop in Mystic Glen permitted him to learn the code so he could get partners of a higher rank than usual. When Vale invited me to go with him last night to acquire a few more partners at his own treat, I guess he would input the override code on the first few and then he would let me make my new partners. The name of the code is shadowwareoverride which is inputted into the promotional code box. When we went to Austin Limits, Vale flat told me what the code was in case I wanted to get a partner and he wasn't there to help put it in. At Hoofentail's partner emporium, I saw Kazma there while they were preparing to use an idea I came up with to get the game shop to a more accessible location. I didn't know anything was wrong with me. I had even gotten a Young Fury partner while we had been at Maverick Adventure Games. Brazil the Super Donkey. But I only had that one out once when I activated him; how did he get infected since I only used him once? Or was it simply because my brother typed in the code before I created my character? Because if that is the case, then all of his partners are infected with this virus. He told me that he never used the code on Lorraine's partners; she is our sister who stays home at the farm. I hate being sick. Just fix this so I can make it up to Doug who is lonely; I can remake Brazil."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Medina said, "The Override Infection is spread through two factors; one is species; and the other is same gender sexual activities. Your other donkey partners were infected, so through species association, Doug caught the virus because he had sex with you at least once. As for the ones who seem to be immune to the virus, as long as they remain focused on their games' goals, they could shirk off the infection. But if you have sex with them, you are infecting them. If we are lucky, we can rescue a few infected partners and detox them down to a safe partner level. They may not be as fun after detox, but they would still be loyal."

      Basil then said the expected response, "If I cannot have them be fun, then why would I want them?"

      King Kazma said, "You are usually more subtle than this, Dr. Zamak; I assume your investigation has not been going well."

      Captain Rabbit said, "Basil... your brother shouldn't have used the override code for you. Because of that code, several of your good partners are sick. But we can do our best to save the ones you really care about. Your original partners do not deserve to have this kind of treatment. Had your school chums not noticed, then you might have failed your Freshman year in High School and then your mom with the scary eyes would have found out for sure."

      Basil just hung his head. He was about to lose some of what he thought were good partners and he was beginning to not care about anything at that point.

      Medina said, "If you must know why I am being blunt; its because we dragons do not like getting rained on. Now lets get Basil cured of this shit so I can go back to my other job of finding those missing players in Jackland."

      Captain Rabbit petted on Basil's head. "She is not normally like this; As she said, dragons hate getting rained on. Let me make a phone call to a tech expert I know and we will see about saving your partners and making them well again." And Captain Rabbit stepped away to make the phone call.

      Basil then said, "What if the missing players were transformed into available Jackland citizens and then when a new player makes what they think is a new character, they simply link into one of these victims and when the player renames them, their old memories are overwritten by the new character which makes the so-called new partners depressed and lonely like Doug was when I named him. If this scenario proves to be true, then the missing players you have been looking for have been in plain sight this whole time. I will hate to lose Doug if he turns out to be one of these missing players, but it is a necessary sacrifice if it means returning him to his old life. I can always make a new Doug the Donkeymon in another donkey friendly game without the nasty virus code."

      Medina arched an eye as she looked at Kazma. "I see what you mean by Basil can come up with some good ideas. That is a prospect in my investigation that I never even considered."

      Thirty minutes later, J.T. Heartstone, the younger brother to Karal Heartstone, arrived with his partner DeviTygromon as J.T. walked over to Captain Rabbit and said, "My brother told me to bring you this partner card downgrade device. It will remove override energies from all partner cards processed through it."

      DeviTygromon said, "I was able to acquire an exact copy of the Lunar Gaiden anniversary safety bracer for Basil's usage when he reloads the clean and detoxed partners into it." And he handed it over to the Lapine hero.

      And then Karal carried in the detox booth. "I brought it, Medina. Mom said you can use this as often as you need to. Shadow Ware Games was raided earlier and the owner and all of his game booths were cleared out. It seemed as if he cleared out weeks ago. Which is impossible since Basil said that he and his brother had been in there just last night. Anyway, a few red rabbit guards are watching the place."

      Basil said, "You're the guy with the Flamakaemons, right?"

      Karal smiled. "That's right, kiddo."

      Basil said, "SWG's main entrance is located down an alleyway to the right-hand side of Anchovy Lane between Gold Medal Games and Mystic Toys Galore. If the raid didn't go to that entrance, then they hit the wrong place. The shop owner is a Devil Fox called Vules Pez. Lord Arden knows the guy. I think Vules seduced my brother and that may be why my brother went overboard in using the override code. Despite my brother liking the foxes, and I am normally into rodents and donkeys, but I've expanded it to all cloven hoofed species... I recall that Flamakaemon have cloven hoofs. Would it be bad if I had one as a partner once I am cured?"

      DeviTygromon said, "The adults can be over-sexual, but the younger ones are trainable if you have the patience to work with them. Just don't let them mate with you if you don't want diamond sharp eggs emerging from your anus. You could bleed to death if you let your guard down."

      Basil sighed. "There went that idea..."

      King Kazma contacted the Red Rabbits to ask if they went to the right place. He also wanted Lord Arden on board or else he could return to QC Planet.

      Basil then asked, "Can I get something to drink?" Karal took a canteen out of his utility belt, opened the top and he handed it to the boy. "Try some of this." Basil tipped it up to his lips and took a healthy drink before making a weird face. "What in the blitz was that stuff? Its making me feel funny." Karal took the canteen back and sniffed it before closing the top and packing it away. "It is Vulpan No-Yiff Tea. I drink the stuff to make my erection and horniness subside."

      Medina stepped over where she slapped Karal pretty hard! "Stupid! He's never had any of that stuff before! Have you forgotten what it can do to normal people?!"

      Karal rubbed on his slapped face. "I'm sorry. He said he was thirsty and I simply reacted."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        J.T. said, "Lets load him up into the portable detox chamber and get his detox started. Perhaps that will prevent the tea from doing anything to the nice smelling boy."

        Basil said, "One of my partners had the ability to vanquish Body Odor. So if I smell nice, then his power could be bleeding through me."

        Captain Rabbit processed the partner cards through the portable card cleanser starting with the clean list partners. Skywatch of Lunar Gaiden, Stripe the Mobian Shaman of Mobo Zero, Marshal Chitter Critter of Western Varmints, Essence the silver unicorn of Fantasy Forests, Caprihoof the musical goat of Circus Carnival, and Learner the reindeer of Circus Carnival. Once these partners gave a clean reading, they were loaded into the replacement copy of Basil's card Launcher.

        When the good rabbit captain attempted to process the infected cards, a small alarm sounded and each card phased out of existence. The only infected card he didn't try to process was Doug the Donkeymon which Medina had in her quarantine utility pouch. The rest had disintegrated. "That cinches it, guys. The Override Infection cards were booby-trapped to evade cleansing and they chose to wipe themselves out of existence. Medina has the Doug card in quarantine in case he is a missing player. As soon as you are detoxed, Basil, I will personally escort you to get replacements for any partners you really wanted without the override code. As for your brother, I am having a few of my teammates go pull your brother out of school for his detox. If he resists getting a detox, you could lose your brother to the infection. He would become a statistic."

        Basil quickly said, "Warn your teammates that my brother is an accidental citizen of Lezco's home tribe. That means that he has a copy of all of Lezco's powers."

        Captain Rabbit quickly updated his teammates who were on their way to the school. "It is a good thing you remembered that, Basil. We do not want to harm your brother."


        "PHEW!" "WHAT'S THAT HORRIBLE ODOR?!" "I CAN'T BREATHE!" exclaimed several pizza hounds all over Mystic Glen.

        Captain Rabbit giggled. "Germ warfare is the one thing we never tried on my enemies in the old days."

        Medina made a nasty face. "I am going to focus on detoxing Basil. Besides, I know you will help Arnie get clean, dry, and smelling good later."

        Captain Rabbit smiled. "And I can do it without sex."

        Within the Portable Detox chamber, the first thing that occurred with Basil was the removal of all if his partner given powers, this was followed by a complete enema to remove all infection fluids that had been pumped into Basil's body whether up his anus or down his throat. He was lucky that he hadn't had lunch yet since he was going to be hungry once this detox session was completed. Finally, his card energy safety levels were measured to make sure he was at the human safe minimums for a boy his age.

        In the meantime, Karal did a search for Flamakaemon related Digimon donkeys of the Sunsheart Digital Realm and he found a herd species of Flamassaemon which were player-friendly; Built like the Lesser Flamakaemon but instead of fire foxes, they were fire jackasses with cloven hoofs and long prehensile tails. Instead of outward sheathes and sacs, they had a slit like a dragon which contained their phallic and auxum cocks. Crafting a partner card for Basil named Faen the Flamassaemon whose occupation skill was Digimon merchant. The species was capable of both upright movement as well as quadruped mobility. His hide was as warm as a nice Summer's day year round. Karal then brought the new partner card over to Captain Rabbit for the safety check. "Do you think this is a safe partner for Basil?"

        Captain Rabbit smiled. "I've never seen one of them before; where did you find him, Karal?"

        Karal replied, "They live around the outskirts of Sunsheart and they are a Merchant occupation player-friendly species."

        Captain Rabbit said, "Let me scan him and see what the safety reader has to say about him." And he ran the card through the safety reader and it got a clean bill of health. "Looks like he passes the test, Karal. I think Basil will love this partner."

        One class hour later, Basil's detox chamber chimed to indicate that he was completely clean once again. Medina said, "All Infection is gone from Basil's system. Now I need to go perform a cleansing on Basil's bedroom at home as well as making sure Vale also gets his detox completed."

        J.T. said, "Karal, DeviTygromon, and I will go with you, Medina. Captain Rabbit will fulfill Basil's partner agenda in the meantime."

        Basil got back into his school clothes and then he put his brand new Lunar Gaiden Safety Bracer card launcher on his left arm. "So I activate my partners as if I first got them?"

        Captain Rabbit said, "Yes, Basil. And Karal donated this Flamakaemon Sunsheart Donkey Digimon for your collection. His Merchant name is Faen but you can rename him if you want."

        Basil tapped the Skywatch window as he shouted, "Activate!" And after activating the card, Skywatch appeared in the room facing Basil and Captain Rabbit. The ratman remarked, "For choosing me as your partner, Basil, I will share my Lunar Scout Teleport ability with you." Basil smiled at his ratman partner. "I am glad to still have you as my partner." He gave the rat a hug. "How come you weren't affected by the Override Infection like a majority of my other partners were?" Skywatch replied, " I am a Therianthrope, Basil. We are immune to all other viruses. If you would like, I could give you that ability as well."

        Captain Rabbit said, "I think you should, Skywatch." So Skywatch gave Basil the virus immunity ability as well before saying, "I will see you later, Basil." And the ratman vanished back into his card. Basil then prepared to activate his newest donkey partner.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Basil then inserted the Flamassaemon partner (picture side up) into his card launcher in position number two before looking at the generic appearance of the partner. Basil tapped the window and said, "Partner Edit Mode, please." The partner was projected over the card launcher as Basil altered the flame cousin donkey jack to an almost creamy bronze overall fur coloration. Then he said, "Save new coloration, please." Once the new colors were saved, he said, "Name edit mode, please." The slot for the character's name appeared with Faen preset into the box which he changed to Douglas Faen. Then the nickname slot appeared and Basil set the nickname to the shortened name of Doug. "Save name changes, please." And one the card took on the new attributes the holographic display vanished. "Now to activate this partner." Basil tapped the card and said, "Activate."

          In the next instant, the semi-morphic fire-based jackass had appeared in the room in front of the two individuals. "Hello partner. Thank you so much for accepting me from Karal as a replacement to your other former donkey partner. I will now share two of my abilities with you before I return to Sunsheart to join my brothers." And then the new Doug shared the Advanced Math ability with the boy as well as the Share Form ability that the old Doug had shared with him. "Share Form only works with a partner that has bonded with you. Regardless of game, it permits you to transform into the species your partner represents. Going back to normal is just like the Power Rangers. You say, Power Down. To Share Forms, you touch a partner's picture and say the words, Share Form. When you are wearing a partner's form, you will still be yourself on the inside. And there is no danger of getting stuck as the species. Advanced Math is an always on ability."

          Before Doug could leave, the boy said, "My name is Basil. We should be on a first name basis."

          Doug replied, "Thanks again for accepting me into your collection, Basil. See you soon." Doug then vanished back into his card.

          Basil tapped the number three position card and said, "Activate." In the next instant, the natively dressed Mobian two-tailed skunk warrior appeared in the booth with him and said in that Mexican accent. "As I promised you when we first met, Basil, you are my adopted best friend regardless of what form you may wear. I come from a tribe of shamans; therefore, I will grant you the basics of Shaman magic which you may develop later on in our glorious career." After completing this action, he stepped away from the boy before vanishing back to the Mobian Academy.

          Basil tapped the number four position card and said, "Activate." Appearing in front of himself was his Marshal mouse partner having a laid back smile on his muzzle. "Welp... howdy, partner and heroic friend! I'm Marshal Chitter Critter, and I will share my Equipment skills with Basil in addition to my tribal abilities of Weather Control and Mouse City Gate. The latter will permit people to come visit me in Mouse City whenever my player likes. When visiting, I will deputize the group. Sound good, handsome? Welp, I need to get back to Mouse City now, partner. Call on me when you need to teach a bandit a lesson." And he vanished back into his card.

          Captain Rabbit said, "With the Share Form ability, you could become a mouse like him at will. Now lets get you to a Young Fury game booth so you can remake Brazil the right way. I will front the payment of your replacement partner cards. After we get your partners settled, I will take you out for an Arden's Pizza lunch. The hounds like me."

          Within Maverick Adventure Games, Captain Rabbit smiled at the Hellhound clerk. "Is my money still good in here, Maggie?"

          Maggie smiled in return. "You know it is, Gerard. I heard how Basil got that virus. Just make things right for the nice boy. I try to run an honest shop."

          Basil entered the Young Fury game booth while Captain Rabbit watched from the booth's door. He as before found that this Battlecard game permitted a player to play a superhero of their own design who could participate in actual superhero activities as if they were the actual hero instead of the partner card. When suited up, the player was the custom hero; when powered down, the player returned to normal. All players were given entry level membership in the Justice Fury team in Heroes Reach under Captain Rabbit himself. Basil designed a SEXY anthropomorphic Angel-donkey boy with a Red mane and Red tail tip, White fur over most of his body, and having Dark Blue hoofs on his feet and Azure eyes. He was a Gymnastic partner having a gold with white pin-striped cape as well as golden gloves and golden shorts which he named Brazil the Super Donkey. He was the anthropomorphic donkey version of Superman. Captain Rabbit stepped into the booth and produced his black card and ran it through the payment slot. "Payment received." It said.

          After receiving the card, Basil said, "Now lets see how Brazil turned out this time." Basil inserted the new heroic partner card into partner slot number five and he touched the window saying, "Activate!" Instead of his partner appearing, Basil transformed into Brazil in the fur. This time he felt no sexual build up whatsoever. which indicated that Vale had lied to him the last time about feeling the need to have sex being the normal result the first time. As if! As Brazil, Basil felt just fine. Instead, he hugged the rabbit and said, "Thanks for letting me reinvent this character so I could participate in your team."

          Captain Rabbit said, "In that form, you remind me of Donkey Lord Candlewick. And it is my pleasure to help you to settle your partners. Lets go handle your other partners."

          Brazil let go of the rabbit before powering down to his human form.

          Captain Rabbit asked, "Did your brother permit you to get a partner from Gold Medal Games?"

          Basil shook his head. "No. He helped Lorraine get three partners while I visited with the nice Devil Mouse clerk. He and I got along great. I would like to see him again."

          The next stop was Gold Medal Games where Captain Rabbit and Basil both hugged and petted on the Devil Mouse. "Basil's brother didn't let him choose a partner from your game shop, so I am paying for Basil to actually get one from you. That's okay isn't it, Gomez?"

          Gomez the Devil Mouse grinned. "Of course it is. Basil knows how to pet on a mousy. He can come back and see me whenever he likes." He then handed Basil a free partner certificate and said, "Go find a game and use this one-use certificate to get a free partner. Captain Rabbit can stay up here with me and pay for the use of the certificate while he rubs me in all the right ways. Rub my spots, rabbit!"

          Basil smiled as he headed back into the game shop to find the game he would like a normal partner from.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Walking into a game booth with fantastic mouse artwork all over it, Basil was now checking out Another Mouse Planet or AMP for short. The catchphrase for the game was You don't have to aim big to rev up the amps. Although it was one of the newest game booths in the shop, it had next to no player usage nor signs of activity within the booth itself. In this game, planar mice had taken over the Earth after mankind had ascended or descended, depending upon what you made of the idea for the afterlife. True it was a fantasy based concept but the rodent appeal is what drew Basil to check it out. On the screen were the words, "Mice are more humble than men. Are you brave enough to play a mouse?"

            Basil tapped the yes button and the screen changed to show a more colorful intro screen of mice in varying sizes and armor styles. Question One: "Do you want to play a MALE or a FEMALE (as if we didn't know?)." He thought that was a turn off that might make players just walk out of the booth without continuing. He nimbly clicked MALE and then a follow up question appeared. "Would you play a FEMALE if we gave you a free advancement to the next rank? Yes or No." Basil grinned as he clicked No. At that point, the message of "Thank you for your interest. Have a nice day." appeared on the screen. And then the game was back at the opening screen.

            Before exiting the booth, Basil transformed into Brazil before he power punched the game booth which broke the card booth's screen.

            When Captain Rabbit and Gomez heard the breaking glass they went back to check on what had happened. When the Devil Mouse saw what Brazil had done to the game booth, instead of showing anger, he started laughing. Then Brazil explained to Captain Rabbit what the game had done in regards to the gender question and how it kicked the player out after insisting upon the player playing a female. This made Captain Rabbit laugh himself at what Basil chose to do in defiance. "So, Gomez, who provided this game to your shop?"

            Gomez checked his delivery device and replied, "Arcadia Games and Entertainment Division. I cannot wait to hear their reaction when I send then the broken game booth back to them." He giggled again since he didn't think Basil did a bad thing. "Most Battlecard players on this planet are male and they usually want a male partner. So to enforce the female choice or else be kicked out of the game would result in what you did to the machine. I am not mad at you, Basil. You may still choose a game to get a card from. Although if you want a mouse, I do have a game that has fallen out of favor in the back store room. Rebel Imperial Guardians featured Devil Mice and Hellhounds as partners. The catchphrase was Are you rigged?. Due to a hack attempt at one of the more shady shops which caused a player to get transformed into a Hellhound, the Gaming Commission placed some heavy restrictions on RIG that made most players dump the game in favor of more dragon based games."

            Brazil powered down to Basil. "I want to see it, Gomez. And I might want one of each species, if that's okay."

            Later in the storage room, after Gomez plugged in the older game booth, Captain Rabbit and the Devil Mouse watched as Basil entered the booth to check the game out.

            The Devil Mouse and the Hellhound on the game booth screen smiled at Basil and in a word balloon they both said, "Are you rigged?" Basil clicked yes. Then came the Gaming Commission disclaimer agreement that explained the restrictions toward having partners from this game. At the bottom was two selections. The first was I AGREE; the second was EXPLAIN MYSELF. After carefully reading over the restrictions and how it removed most of the fun from the game itself, Basil clicked on Explain myself which brought up a form screen where he could type in a message to explain his disagreement with the disclaimer decision. What Basil typed was, "An honest player like me would never do what that one player did to try to change the system in his favor just so he could get a more powerful partner; that takes the whole fun out of the game. Oh sure, anyone can play a dragon who starts out as a bad ass but when you start at the top, there is only one direction left to go. I would rather start at the bottom and work my way up. I would also like to have both a Devil Mouse and a Hellhound from this game since they will likely know each other anyway. I cannot believe you are going to penalize every player in the game just because one schmuck decided to cheat to make a more powerful partner. I can think of loads of other games that would be worse than this one." He then clicked continue.

            One the next screen, the word Processing... flickered a few times until a new image appeared on the screen that looked like a Devil Mouse wearing an Imperial Council uniform and a Dragonhound who was wearing an Imperial Army partial uniform. When the characters spoke, the word balloons were in use. The Dragonhound said, "Hey, this player is a sexy cute boy. I half way expected to see a computer nerd judging from the explanatory message we received." The Devil Mouse smiled. "We don't get many honest cuties like this boy contacting us. We were impressed by your explanation, player. We are the CEOs of Underworld Entertainment Unlimited, the makers of the Rebel Imperial Guardians game you are checking out right now. As long as you play honestly with partners you acquire from our game, we will lift the restriction from players provided that they agree to play the game as honestly as you are opting to do." The Dragonhound then added, "In addition to your honest gaming statement, we will also gift you with membership in the UEU Beta Testing Core group. These are honest players whom we rely on to test new games that we are about to release. We will also give you a safe teleport ability to come visit UEU any time you like." Then together as one, the final word balloon asked, "Do you agree with our offer? YES or NO". Basil clicked yes since the two on the screen were arousing him something fierce. "Now maybe I can be creative in making and acquiring my partners," he said. Basil felt the promised Beta teleport power appearing in his powers list.

            The first character was a blond haired blue eyed Devil Mouse with sandy-blond fur all over his body. His small devil horn nubs were ivory/dark red in coloration. He wore an older Imperial Scout uniform from a long defunct army division of the imperial rebel forces. Basil gave him the Aussie accent and clean teeth. He then selected Fire and Magical Lightning from the base powers list and then he selected Limited Wish capabilities as well as Minor Alter Reality ability as an inborn species power. Basil smiled as he named this Devil Mouse partner as Balto. Then the game indicated that Basil would now be able to make his support partner exactly as he indicated in his explanation.

            The second character was a black furred red eyed Hellhound with Navy Blue rosettes all over his body. His small devil horn nubs were ivory/Neon Blue in coloration. He wore an information specialist Imperial SysOps armored uniform from another long defunct army division of the imperial rebel forces. Basil also gave him the Aussie accent and fresh breath. He then selected Stealth and Programming from the base powers list and then he selected Infiltration capabilities as well as Porn Star ability as an inborn species power. Basil smiled as he named this Hellhound partner as Kamandor. Then the game asked for the payment certificate.

            Basil inserted the one-use certificate into the slot and the booth then dispensed his two RIG partner cards into his grasp. Basil then noticed an all new Gaming Commission message on he screen based on his explanation he had provided. "Gomez! You should see this! I just saved this game from the gaming commission restriction!"

            Gomez and Captain Rabbit stuck their heads into the booth and they read the new disclaimer including the honesty agreement. Gomez smiled. "You are a real hero, Basil. Now I can move this game booth back out into the main shop. You have made me so happy."

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Standing out in the open, Basil tapped the Balto card window number six and said, "Activate!" A blast of infernal black smoke and orange light produced the Devil Mouse scouting partner. "'ello mate. Ah'm Balto the Scout. Because yas rescued our game from the dislike charts, Ah am all too pleased to share all four of my abilities with yas." And he did so before vanishing back into his card.

              Basil tapped the Kamandor card window number seven and said, "Activate!" A blast of infernal black smoke and orange light produced the Hellhound SysOps partner. "'owdy Basil. Ah'm Kamandor the SysOps Specialist. Because yas rescued our game from the dislike charts, Ah am all too pleased to share all four of my abilities with yas. Ah kin play with yas later, mate." And he shared his abilities before vanishing back into his card.

              Basil then said, "Now I need to find a Fantasy Forests game booth so I can replace one of my lost partners. We can find one at Hoofentail's Partner Emporium just North of Terrydale Cove. I know the shop owners there."

              Captain Rabbit said, "I can escort you there, Basil. Although Brazil can fly like I can, so shift into Brazil and we will both go there right now."

              One transformation later, followed by Basil's controlling the weather to make it stop raining temporarily, and the two heroes flew down to Hoofentail's new location.

              Entering the shop, Captain Rabbit and Basil caught Vules talking to Hoofentail and Butfupper. The lapine hero said, "If you are innocent, Vules; then don't run away!"

              That stopped Vules since he was about to teleport just before the rabbit said that. "What am I being accused of, Captain Rabbit?"

              Captain Rabbit replied, "The override code that you have been giving out infects the players and their partners with a deadly virus that Basil here almost died of. And his brother Vale will be getting his detox as soon as he can be captured. He was resisting capture the last time I heard any word of the activity up that way. You were being sought out to prevent you from unknowingly dispensing the virus out to anyone else. If you really care about these boys, then please stop running away. Override Infection is serious business. I am escorting Basil around to replace the partner cards that didn't survive the cleaning process."

              Vules said, "I will tell you where I acquired the code, Captain, but when Medina checks it out, she will be furious. I was instructed to only share the code with boys who agreed to have sex with me. I never gave Basil the code although I won't lie when I say that I think he would be fun in bed. Any stable minded player knows not to have sex with a Devil Species of any kind and Vale dropped his pants and mounted me without my having to coerce him into doing it. He may have been infected before I met up with him."

              Captain Rabbit asked, "So where did you get this code?"

              Vules replied, "Heartstone Card Enhancement Division. You can easily find the site on the web. The site is maintained by Karal Heartstone who creates and uploads the codes himself. That's why I said Medina would be furious when she checked it out. Either Karal or one of his sons made this code."

              Captain Rabbit paw-slapped himself and then he pulled out his black card and handed it to Basil. "Go get your replacement partners while I help Vules to avoid lock-up."

              Basil headed back into the shop to visit the same booths he had visited before to get clean versions of his partners. He honestly felt sorry for Vules since he acquired a dirty code that had landed him trouble with the law. Basil decided to get Vale a new clean fox partner for usage after his brother's detox. If it wasn't too late. He pulled out his cellphone and he tapped in his brother's one-touch calling number. When it was answered, Basil heard a quiet, "Who is this?" Basil said, "It's Basil. Vale... if that is you trying to be quiet, please stop resisting... you are infected with a virus called Override Infection. It infects all of your partners as well as the player as well. It can be fatal if you don't get treatment. I almost died from this stuff myself; but I got help. I want to help you replace any partners you may lose due to this virus, bro. Please don't make me into an only brother; I care about you. Vules told Captain Rabbit and I that he got the code from the Heartstone Card Enhancement web site and apparently it isn't a clean code. Don't make me be droopier than Arnie Roo when my brother dies. Please surrender to them so you can be treated. I don't want to lose my brother to a careless virus."

              Shortly after that, Basil heard through the open phone line. "Okay, Justice Fury... I surrender... my brother just called me to warn me of this sickness I have. He really cares about me. As for you, Arnie Roo..." And there sounded like a genie effect going off as the Devil Kangaroo lost all of his stench. "I hope this makes up for my resisting. Please get me to detox before it is too late." He then said into the phone. "They got me, Basil. And thanks for caring." The call ended at that moment.

              Basil breathed a sigh of relief. Now to fetch his replacement partners. Entering a game booth called Merry Foxes of Knottingham, Basil crafted as sexy of a gay male fox that the game would allow without an override code. He then dressed the fox up in the Disney's Robin Hood ensemble while granting the fox magical powers as well as the skills of a rogue and thief. The equipment included a rope, a short sword, a dagger, a long bow, and a quiver of energy arrows. Topping it off with the hat with the feather and yellow leather moccasins, Basil named Vale's new gay male fox partner as Reynard of Loxley. Once he got the card, he pocketed the card since he made it for Vale.

              Within the Fantasy Forests game booth, Basil recreated his second partner who was a dark green scaled anthropomorphic cloven hoofed dragon mount of the donkey variety whom was a dragon in every sense of the word. His eyes were dark brown and he had the smell of a fresh Summer's day. Combined with full Psychic abilities and the teleport without error power, and this dragon was a pleasant friend to player and friends alike. Basil named him Reminder. With his two Fantasy Forest partners loaded into his card launcher, he prepared to activate the two Fantasy Forest partners.

              Basil tapped the Essence card window number eight and said, "Activate!" Appearing quietly in front of him was his silver anthropomorphic unicorn buck with a pure white mane and a pure white tail. His horn and hoofs were ivory in coloration and the partner had an ever-clean power that was always on. He had a permanent scent that made him smell like a person's favorite smell-good fragrance. Regardless of how overworked and sweaty this unicorn became, he never stank at all. Throw in magical and priestly spell abilities and you got a partner that anyone would desire to have. "Greetings, Basil. Thank you for not activating me back when you first got me or else you would have lost my card when you lost the others. I will make your time with me worth your while. Although I do like to have sex occasionally, I won't ask you to do it all the time."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Essence continued the rest of his spiel. "Now to share my abilities with you and then it is back to my glade. Transport to any game world you own a partner thereof, the ever-clean power that I am proud of, as well as the ability to always smell clean. Perhaps you will come to see me someday. Back to my card for now." And he vanished back into his card. Basil tapped the Reminder card window number nine and said, "Activate!" Appearing quietly in front of him was his recreated dragon-donkey partner in dark green scales. "I am Reminder, a very loyal partner and mount. I will share my abilities of Teleport Without Error and Psychic powers with you so you can learn to be as good as I am myself. I need to return to my Summers cavern for now. And no, I do not live in Sunsheart; they are far too sexual for me." And he vanished back into his card.

                Within the Small Packages game booth, Basil recreated his horny mouse whom had a halo with white fur and soft white feathered wings. His nose, fingers, and toes were pink in coloration and he sported a nice package between his legs. He named the mouse, Cream. And then he recreated the sexy Demon rat in the opposite colors of the mouse, he was black with a dark brown nose, fingers and toes. Instead of feathered wings, he had leathery wings and instead of an outward package, he had a bulging slit which had its own version of a rodent samate inside. He named this demonic rat as Cocoa.

                Basil tapped the Small Packages card window number ten and said, "Activate!" Appearing quietly, one on each shoulder, was his new angel mouse and his new demon rat. "I am Cream." "And I am Cocoa." Then as one, they said, "And together... we are hot chocolate." Cream then said, "We are going to share our obviously wonderful abilities with you, Basil. Invisibility at will making it so only those you want to see you, will. If you are holding someone when you turn invisible, they will turn invisible, too. But if you release them, they reappear. It is your power, not theirs. Next up from me is Data Recall. This will permit you to recall all events you are interested in; in as much detail as he desire. And third, the ability to take on my appearance and my flying ability as well." Cocoa spoke up next. "Next up from me is Intangibility at will; like invisibility, same rules. This allows you to pass through solid objects to get from one place to another. Or to escape from somewhere you don't want to stuck in. And as with Cream, the ability to take on my appearance and my flying ability as well. And a power from my samate, an immunity from getting samated just in case you have any dragon friends with trappy lovers." Cream then said, "You don't have to use your card launcher to summon us. Just say or think, one of our names, followed by the words, comes in small packages. We need to return to our home dimensions now, Basil. Thank you for agreeing to have us as your case workers. Let's go, Cocoa." "Right!" And they vanished back into their cards.

                Just outside the Circus Carnival game booth, Basil tapped the Caprihoof card window number eleven and said, "Activate!" An anthropomorphic sexy goat boy who had skills with the flute and mandolin appeared in front of him with a smile. "I am Caprihoof, your music instructor and sexy boyfriend. I am going to share the basics of the flute and the guitar with you as well as my knowledge of dancing. I will also grant you the ability to come visit our circus and carnival whenever you like. Well, back to the big top for me." And he vanished back into his card.

                Next, Basil tapped the Learner card window number twelve and said, "Activate!" An anthropomorphic reindeer buck who had the powers of Flight, Time, and Super Smarts at the advanced high school education rank appeared in front of him where upon the buck hugged and kissed him on the mouth. Basil's eyes almost glazed over since he forgot just how sexually pleasing this reindeer partner could be. "I am so glad I get to be your partner, Basil," he said with a nice smile. "As you know, I am Learner, your homework tutor. With me as your partner, I will make sure you never fail any subjects you take in school. I will share my School Subjects Focus ability with you as well my Time manipulation powers. Stopping time, slowing time, time traveling (backwards or forwards,) as well as Reindeer telepathy which will work with any reindeer that exists. I need to return to my stable stall home now, sexy boy. Come and see me sometime and I will share Christmas cookies and eggnog with you." And he vanished back into his card.

                Within the game booth which was called I Jackass, Basil typed Stretch into the code box and a message appeared on the screen. "This is a partner that has already been created using a banned code. Would you like an uncoded version of this partner? YES or NO?" Basil clicked Yes and then he watched the system recreate his wearable living donkey costume partner whom had internal genitalia as well as outer genitalia, Enhanced Health, Double Regeneration, and Triple Semen Fertility. Basil was once again as before getting horny from just watching his wearable donkey partner get recreated. This donk was, as before, just over the top in the sex department. The machine dispensed the card.

                Basil inserted his donkey costume partner into the number thirteen position of the card launcher and then he tapped the Stretch card window number thirteen and said, "Activate!" Appearing in the booth with him hugging and kissing on him was Stretch. "Thank you for saving me from the card world void, Basil. I love you so much. I know I am supposed to share my abilities with you, but as you probably know, my abilities are not very useful. I am a stupid breeder. What am I to give you?" Basil thought about it before saying, "Share your Enhanced Health and your Double Regeneration abilities with me and then when I am older, you can teach me about better sex." Stretch smiled as he shared those abilities with his new partner. "I better get back to my breeding quarters. Call on me anytime, sexy." And he vanished back into his card.

                As an afterthought, Basil located and entered a game booth called, Digital Disc Savers. Basil began crafting a special fox/dragon/goat partner that similar to the one in Digimark Disc Savers, which was a Red Todramon, Golden Key of Hidden Secrets. Standing at three to four feet in height, Todramon Gold appeared to have the head and legs of a morphic gold scaled fox, the anatomically correct body and prehensile tail of a dragon/drake, and having cloven hooves. His apparent base ability was to unlock things. In battle, this translated as the "unmake" ability. Anything he attacked, as long as its not living, would be undone and fall apart. He could launch a Lightning Bolt from his muzzle in battle as a distance attack. In addition to unmaking things, he was also a great digimon mechanic. He _could_ fix things, too. Then Basil swiped the black card through the payment slot and the booth dispensed the new partner card which the boy inserted into his card launcher.

                Basil stepped out of the booth and he tapped the Todramon Gold card window number fourteen and said, "Activate!" Appearing in front of him was the familiar Todramon with gold scales. "Hi partner! I am a Todramon! For choosing me as your partner, I will share my unmake and repair abilities as well as my lightning power! If you want me to have sex with you later, then you are going to have to prove to me that you are worth it! Until later, partner!" And he vanished back into his card.

                Basil now circulated through his cards and performed the Share Form ability on each and every card. Then he pulled out his cellphone and he called Principal Sunpaw. "I am Vale's younger brother attending school in Montropolis. My brother is undergoing detox and may lose all of his partners and his Card Launcher. Is it okay for me to buy him a new Card Launcher or does it have to be one from Gold Medal Games where Gomez works?" Sunpaw replied, "As long as one of his partners is from Houndimon Olympics, then the Card Launcher can come from anyone's shop, Basil. Your brother told me about you and how much he cares about you. Why did Vale need a detox?" Basil replied, "He is suffering from Override Infection which he gained from using a dirty code that the shop owner whom shared the code with him thought was a clean code." Sunpaw said, "Oh my... then he will be excused from his classes until he is well enough to return to school. Thank you for letting me know." Basil hung up the phone and said out loud, "He seemed nice. I wonder what he is like in bed?"

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Basil then headed back into the front of the shop and said to Hoofentail the donkey, "I need to purchase a new card launcher for my brother since his old one will have to be purged so no one else gets an infection from it. I called Principal Sunpaw and he said that Vale's launcher can come from anyone's shop as long as one of his partners came from Houndimon Olympics."

                  Captain Rabbit said, "I will let you make that purchase with my card, Basil. I got a call earlier to let me know that none of Vale's partner cards survived the cleansing phase and Vale only barely made it through detox. He is extremely weak."

                  Basil sighed. "Then he will get a nice surprise from me since I learned a promotional code trick in regards to previous made partners. You can reacquire a free clean copy (minus any virus codes) of your former partner by typing in the partner's name into the promotional box and clicking yes."

                  Vules said, "I will permit you boys to get clean versions of his partners from my shop. I still love Vale, though."

                  Hoofentail handed the new card launcher to Basil who looked to Captain Rabbit and said, "Shall we go replace my brother's partners so when he is feeling better, he will get a nice surprise the same way I did?" He then handed the rabbit's black card back to him.

                  King Kazma arrived with a Red Rabbit records officer and they proceeded to interview Vules for the official record. While that was going on, Captain Rabbit and Brazil departed the Partner Emporium and they headed up to Vules' shop where the first three partners were to be acquired. Moonraker Trice, Speed Jack-O'-Lotto, and Lets Go-To-Bed. Their next stop was at Maggie's shop. Artifox and Blazefinder. The final stop was in Gomez's shop. Tarknot, Browniemon, and Bounce.

                  Basil then loaded up Vale's new card launcher as follows: window one contained Tarknot; window two contained Browniemon; window three contained Bounce; window four contained Blazefinder; window five contained Artifox; window six contained Reynard of Loxley; window seven contained Moonraker Trice; window eight contained Speed Jack-O'-Lotto; window nine contained Lets Go-To-Bed.

                  And for the official record, Basil's own card launcher was loaded as follows: window one contained Skywatch the Wererat; window two contained Douglas Faen the Flamassaemon; window three contained Stripe the Two-tailed Skunk; window four contained Marshal Chitter Critter the Cowboy Mouse; window five contained Brazil the Super Donkey; window six contained Balto the Scout aka Devil Mouse; window seven contained Kamandor the SysOps Specialist aka Hellhound; window eight contained Essence the Silver Unicorn; window nine contained Reminder the Green Summer Donkey-Dragon; window ten contained Cream the Angel Mouse and Cocoa the Demon Rat; window eleven contained Caprihoof the Goat Boy; window twelve contained Learner the Reindeer; window thirteen contained Stretch the living Donkey Costume; window fourteen contained Todramon Gold.

                  After the card rescue outing was had, Captain Rabbit took Basil to his promised Arden's Pizza lunch where they enjoyed the Justice Fury discount. When their lunch ended, the good lapine captain took Basil back to Montropolis High School. "Here you go, Agumon... Basil has been cured of his illness and he has had his lunch. You can now place him back into classes." And then Agumon was updated on Basil's new partner list so there would be no surprises later.

                  Agumon grinned. "An education tutor is something that I feel every student in the whole zone needs, at times. Well, Basil, you've missed your fifth hour class, so run along to your sixth hour Game World Mechanics class. We will gather any homework assignments you may have missed throughout the day."

                  At that moment across Montropolis, it wasn't Medina that was giving Karal the third degree; Oh no... Medina had contacted Karal's parents. BOTH OF THEM. Usually it was bad enough for Mrs. Margaret Thatcher Heartstone to be giving the children Hell, but when their father Jameson Theodore Heartstone Senior had to get involved, you either had to meet the gaze head on or divert your eyes in shame. J.T. Junior, Jag, and Tyg were glad they were not the ones in trouble this time.

                  Arriving in Lunar Gaiden, Basil went off to find Skywatch so he could spend the next four game world days with his partner. However he noted that his arrival in he game world was not at the location he had arrived at originally. So finding his partner would be a challenge. Not long after he departed the clearing, he heard an explosion in the clearing indicating that two players were dueling in the clearing. He was tempted to watch to see how a typical Lunar Gaiden duel went off, but the last time he attempted to a watch a duel, Skywatch had yanked him backwards. Standing on a distant rise with a solid row of trees behind himself, he found that he had a good view of the duel clearing to watch to see how things work. One thing he noted was that one of the two players seemed to be heavily enhanced to make his Werewolf partner even more powerful than necessary. The opponent was a Wererabbit who was just barely holding his own with the commonly available mods that was legally available for original players of the game. When Basil saw the Werewolf powering up for a slam-down on the already defeated Wererabbit, that was all the boy needed to see. It was time to do something.

                  Basil held his card launcher at the ready and he spun the windows to card number five and he tapped the window as he shouted, "Donkey Power!" In a flash, Basil became Brazil the Super Donkey and he launched himself hoof first through the forest as he charged up his hoofs with Fire from Doug and Lightning from Todramon. He surprised the Werewolf and his player when his hoof kick caused a massive explosion that knocked the Werewolf out of the opposite side of the clearing. He then picked up the Wererabbit in his arms and flew with him through the sky until he saw the communications tower. As Brazil landed within the upstairs headquarters of Skywatch the Lunar Rat Scout, Slyeye the Lunar Rat Gambler, Moonfang the Lunar Puma Engineer, and Radar the Lunar Wolf Mechanic, the four gathered there all tensed up for a fight since there wasn't supposed to be any donkeys in Lunar Gaiden. Brazil laid the injured Lunar Rabbit out on a cot seconds before he said, "Power Down!" and he resumed his Basil Douglas form. "Guys! I rescued this Lunar Rabbit partner who was about to be particlized by a Lunar Wolf who has far more mods than would be legal for this game. His player is obviously a hacker judging from how much gear the wolf had. He had already won the battle against this rabbit and I chose not to let the stupid futz wipe this guy out of existence. Help me patch him up."

                  Skywatch came over immediately and he began to examine the Lunar Rabbit partner who was just awake enough to know that a human boy saved his life. "How long are you here for, Basil? I don't want you to overstay and not be able to return to Montropolis."

                  Basil smiled at his partner. "The typical fifth hour class stay. Four of your nights. When I saw what was about to happen, I just couldn't watch and do nothing. I am sure the wolf's player is going to be wondering when the card company allowed donkeys into the game world. Um... I think our new friend is awake."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    The Lunar Rabbit smiled at the human boy. "I am Farmpaw the Merchant Rabbit. Recently my player, a hutch bunny named Wagner Sunstar of Bunny Town, ratted out on an illegal Card Enhancing hackers group. He was on his way to get to the safety of the school counselor when one of the punishers of their group caught him in a Lunar Gaiden challenge. The next thing my player knew, he and I were in that duel and we didn't have the gear to fight back against his ramped up Lunar Wolf Destroyer. And then when all seemed bleak, you appeared out of nowhere and you fire and lightning kicked his wolf partner through the forest to get him off of me. I owe you my digital life, Basil. I am sure my player will be thankful that you saved me... if he is conscious enough to realize that he didn't just lose one of his best partners."

                    Basil then pulled out his cellphone and he tapped in the Justice Fury emergency line number. "Cap? Medina? Fly up to Bunny Town High School. There is an injured student there named Wagner Sunstar. He is a teen age hutch bunny. He was attacked by another student for his being honest to the authorities against their hacker group. I just rescued his partner here in Lunar Gaiden from utter destruction. I am with Skywatch right now." "We read you, Basil. On our way. Better there than within hearing range of Heartstone Industries. Medina called Mr. Heartstone to come in and punish Karal for the override code." Basil replied, "Glad I am in class now. Basil out." And he ended the call.

                    Basil then performed the Share Form ability to transform himself into Stripe the Two-tailed Skunk Shaman as he began applying the healing arts upon the rabbit. "Don't worry, Farmpaw. I am still Basil in this form; this is simply the best way for me to apply my healing powers upon you to repair what the stupid hack wolf did to you."

                    Farmpaw smiled at Basil once again. "You are okay, Basil. I wish you were my partner. Are you dating anyone?"

                    Basil continued to work on healing Farmpaw. "I am still a Freshman in Montropolis; while I have had sex a few times, I am not dating anyone in the animated world nor in the game worlds. What would your partner say if you suddenly wanted to join another player?"

                    Farmpaw smiled. "You saved my life, Basil. That's all that matters."

                    The boy wasn't sure how to respond to that. No one had ever voiced a crush on him before. He had heard of crushes on Vale and Lorraine but never toward himself. In an odd sort of way, he was interested. But it might change his list of animal favorites and that rightfully scared him. But still... Farmpaw was attractive and his interest was genuine.

                    At least, Basil hoped the interest was genuine. He had a lot to learn about relationships.

                    Basil changed himself back into his human form when the healing was done on the Lunar Rabbit. "Want me to escort you back to your Lunar Gaiden home, Farmpaw?"

                    Farmpaw smiled. "I live in a warren with other Lunar Rabbits to the East."

                    Basil then looked to Moonfang and asked, "Is there a way to divide the original Lunar Gaiden from what your former programming co-worker added to the game world? Say, the original world and original species would be Lunar Gaiden Classic and the more dangerous species would exist in Lunar Gaiden Advanced. Will you look into this concept, Moonfang? I know you loved the original game and if you did this, then you might be able to stay with your own creation and let someone else govern over the Advanced version of the game."

                    Radar the Lunar Wolf then said, "I would be honored to monitor the advanced version of the game. I am getting bored with the current arrangement and I've been stuck here for a while. I think Basil has a good idea, Moonfang."

                    Moonfang said, "This would have to be done before tomorrow afternoon because there is an upcoming Lunar Gaiden Tournament on Wednesday afternoon. And aside from segregating the more dangerous phenotypes into their own class ranking, it isn't very fair to the original four species in the game. The advanced species like to pick on the weaker original species who were in the game since the beginning. I'll work on it, Basil, in exchange for some fun time with you as a reward."

                    Basil said, "For the record guys, Skywatch shared his immunity to game viruses with me earlier today, Animated World time, so if you were hoping to infect me; I am just giving you the warning up front. I almost died from Override Infection."

                    Slyeye scowled at Skywatch. "You are always ruining my fun ideas, Sky. Oh well, maybe I will be able to get another boy in trouble."

                    Basil said, "Just do your best, Moonfang. I will return after I escort Farmpaw home." He transformed himself back into Brazil and he picked up the Lunar Rabbit. "You will have to direct me, handsome. I've never been in the East before."

                    Farmpaw said, "Aside from the rabbit warrens, the advanced game placed the Lunar Lions in our territory."

                    After a good flight through the Lunar Gaiden skies to the East, Farmpaw directed Brazil toward what looked like a tiny clearing directly in front of a round cave opening on the side of the hill. Brazil landed in the tiny clearing where he set Farmpaw down on his feet before shifting back into his Basil identity. "Where to now, handsome?"

                    Farmpaw smiled. "This is the back door to the warren; the front is all the time seeing Lunar Lion activities. Right in that opening and then left at the first cross section. I am glad you changed back into your human form; Brazil would have trouble fitting through some of the passages in there."

                    Navigating the narrow tunnels in the warren wasn't all that simple. There were a few times where Basil was asked to push Farmpaw on through the narrow spaces.

                    And then Farmpaw said, "This next area is rather slippery so please watch your step while pushing me forward through this last narrow passage. We are almost to my personal lair. I will be glad when the game gets split into the two separate versions, Basil. I still owe you a reward for your assistance in saving my life."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Four.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Virtual Moonlight Tournament.