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[KLAW-BA] BD-03 Partner Introductions

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    [KLAW-BA] BD-03 Partner Introductions

    Montropolis/Mystic Glen - Anime World

    [KLAW-BA] BD-03: Partner Introductions
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    That night, Basil and Vale were back at home having dinner with their parents, Samuel and Karen, along with their sister, Lorraine. Basil said, "So you say that Lord Arden as much admitted that this Sibling Rivalry issue was completely bogus?"

    Vale nodded his head. "That's right, bro. Even the Red Rabbit they had on hand also confirmed the statement. They said that Montropolis High were the only ones who complained about it. I was also told that more human transformation accidents occur at Montropolis High than in any other school in the region. King Kazma supposedly investigates the school on a regular basis and these incidents cannot be blamed on Sibling Rivalry which in truth originated way back on QC Planet."

    Samuel said, "There may be some truth to this, honey. At work, one of the other workers have children in both schools the same as we do. Mystic Glen claims that Montropolis has transformation accidents, but according to my co-worker, Mystic Glen forces their students to accept partner cards in a game that isn't very popular and then those students have to participate in these tournaments to compete against the other school. And most partners can be sexual if you aren't aware of what you are purchasing." He then looked to his sons. "Have you boys had sex with any of your partners as yet?"

    Karen set a warning gaze on the two. "Tell the truth."

    Kokomo squawked one time. "Busted!"

    Basil blushed as he replied, "Yes, but for one, he was lonely and I wanted to show him that I cared about him. And the other offered to suck my penis when I designed him too good looking and charming. I was so embarrassed when I made him that sexy."

    Vale irked. "Yes. I won't make excuses though. They told me that I turned them on. I even managed to impress two separate game shop clerks whom both want to date me. Lezco even let me have sex with him. But then again, you already know about my infatuation with fox species."

    Basil said, "Vale?! Even I knew not to expose myself to a genie fox with horns! He just acted way too eager when we met him! If he hadn't mentioned working for Captain Rabbit, then I would have called for a priest instead of making a wish to save the family! I have to wonder what I owe him since he granted me a wish!"

    Vale replied, "He told me that you were off the hook since I petted him all over before you made the wish."

    Basil said, "He promised me a part-time job with the circus this coming Summer, Vale; if I am off the hook, how do I know that he will keep his word on what I had asked for?"

    Vale smirked. "Is that what is worrying you, bro? Have a look at this..." And he pulled out a circus poster for the nearby town of Austin Limits where the circus and carnival were parked for the Winter. "Lezco told me to give you this so you could call the Donkey Brothers Circus about your working for them part-time."

    Basil went silent when he saw the circus poster. "He remembered! And Austin Limits is just West of here and South of Mystic Glen!"

    Karen then said, "I think the boys should keep with the promises they made and continue to school where they are enrolled. But I want this Sibling Rivalry shit dropped or else I will accuse Kazma of being like the Cat Lords of QC Planet."

    Samuel stated, "Let us meet your partners, sons. And if they can be civil in our presence, then we won't pull a prick move to have you detoxed of your partner cards. Deal?"

    Vale said, "Not in the house, dad! One of my quadruped partners is as big as a sports car! I don't want to damage the house!"

    Basil giggles at his brother's admission on a partner's size. "Thankfully, my three partners are not that big. Although... I did see some other game booths that I might have been interested in, but since I was limited to three free partners with the gift certificate, I guess I lost out."

    Vale said, "With my part-time job, bro. I can pay for any extra partners you want to acquire. Just remember that dad is asking to meet the partners."

    Lorraine then wrote out a message and handed it to Vale. The note read, "Its a shame that Lezco couldn't restore my ability to speak. Is there any hope for me, dear brother?"

    Vale was quiet for a moment. He knew that the reason Lezco didn't help Lorraine was because their sister was a girl. But Vale wasn't that close-minded, so he got up and walked around behind his sister and lightly laid his hands and fingers around her neck and he cast the Restore Voice spell on his sister's vocal chords before he walked over to the front door. "If you want to see my partners, dad, I need to go outside. In fact I suggest that we make this into a family event so everyone gets to see the partners at the same time."

    Samuel stood up. "That is a good idea. Lets go, family. Time to meet some partners."

    Once the family was out in the front yard, Basil stepped up to the plate first. "My first partner is a nice guy from Lunar Gaiden. His name is Skywatch the Wererat Scout. He really cares about me." And he summoned Skywatch into the space of the front yard where he performed a few of his moves before bowing to Basil with a smile. "A pleasure to meet the family of my partner. Back to the card world I go." And he vanished.

    Lorraine without warning said, "He was amazing and he had such good manners." Karen hugged her daughter. "You got your voice back! I am so happy!" Basil could figure out what Vale had arranged, but he focused on summoning his next partner instead.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    "My next partner is the lonely one from Battlecard Jackland. His name is Douglas although it is usually shortened to Doug to his friends and I am one of his best friends." And he summoned Doug the Donkeymon into the space of the front yard where he performed a few of his moves before hugging Basil fondly. "Thank you for not forgetting about me, Basil. Before you came along, I didn't have any friends. Call on me later." And he vanished back into his card.

    Samuel said, "He looked like he could be a benefit around the farm. And he likes you, Basil. So who is your third partner?"

    "My final partner originates from Mobo Zero where the synopsis is that Sonic was killed by Eggman and Geoffrey St. John has opened an academy for defenders to protect Princess Sally. My partner's name is Stripe and he is a two-tailed skunk." And he summoned Stripe the Mobian Shaman into the space of the front yard where he performed a few of his mystical powers before giving Basil a high-five. "I met Vale's partner at the academy," he said in that sexy Mexican accent. "He has a charm all his own. You might like him. i need to go report in to Geoffrey now. Nice meeting you folk." And he vanished back into his card.

    Karen giggled. "You crossed Miles Prower with Geoffrey St. John and made him go native. He is charming, Basil. Looks like you stayed out of the gutter on the surface level. Although you did say that you had some fun with two of them."

    Basil stepped back and said, "Your turn, bro."

    Vale stepped up to the forefront now as he mentally told his partners to behave in front of his parents. "My first partner is the school's partner of choice for the Houndimon Olympics game. His name is Tarknot." And he summoned Tarknot who was a vulpine foxy Houndimon of the appropriate colors. The partner appeared along with a weight bench with a barbell on it. "Hello Parents of my partner. I am getting ready for the tournament so pardon me if I don't demonstrate more of my abilities for you. I really should return to my training gym inside the card." And he vanished along with his equipment.

    Karen said, "He didn't seem so bad. Although he was butt naked with an erection."

    Vale said, "As I mention before, mom... Houndimon Olympics is the game the school forces upon their students. If he didn't have to participate in the tournaments, I would enjoy my partner a lot more than normal. And now for my next partner; from the game called Devils & Dragons, a Devil's Food Fudge cake dragon called, Browniemon." And he summoned his partner into the front yard.

    Standing three foot tall was a the chocolate scented Digimon like dragon whom did not look aroused at all. Although when he saw Basil, he bounded over and he sniffed Vale's brother with a smile before licking his face leaving a chocolate smear on the boy's cheek before he went back over and stood with Vale. "I am Browniemon. A chocolate Digimon dragon of Candyland. Because my sexuality is different from all other partners, I am most likely Vale's most trustworthy and family friendly partner." And he vanished back into the card.

    Basil sighed. "Now I smell like chocolate. But for some reason... he made me get hard."

    Vale said, "And now for my third partner from Gold Medal Games, from Mobo Zero, my Mobian Kangaroo partner named Bounce. He is a Dreamtime Warrior." And he summoned a Yummy looking Devil Kangaroo whom had a pouch in addition to his other male parts. "Oye, Ah am Bounce! Ah got to meet Basil's partner at the academy! What a cutey pie! And now that Ah can see Stripe's partner for myself, Ah would 'ave to agree; Vale's brother is a cutey pie! Back to the academy with me! Bye!" And he vanished back into the card.

    Lorraine smiled. "He was a hyper polite hot kangaroo. I cannot find anything bad to say about Vale's Aussie boomer."

    Vale said, "These next two are what I got from Maverick Adventure Games. First up, Blazefinder, my Caring Legacy from Caring Cousins. He is a dragon wolf with the belly badge symbol of a compass over a flame. He can never get lost." And he summoned the pony sized scaly wolf into the front yard. "Ahroooo!! Hello folks. I am Blazefinder. I am the Caring Legacy of Direction. I will never let my partner get lost." The Dragon Wolf approached Samuel and sniffed him. "Vale's father." Then he approached Karen and sniffed her. "Vale's mother." And then he approached Lorraine and sniffed her. "Vale's sister. And you smell like a German Shepherd." And then he approached Basil and sniffed him before licking the chocolate stripe off of the boy's face. "Vale's brother." He then whispered to Basil. "I like you a lot, kid. You smell fun." And then he bounded back over to Vale. "A fine family, Vale. But I should report in to Tenderheart." And he vanished back into the card.

    The family were surprised that Vale had chosen a Care Bear Cousin legacy as a partner and he didn't seem horny at all.

    Vale remarked, "This next one is from the game of Young Fury which comes with a junior level entry into Captain Rabbit's team in Heroes Reach. His name is Artifox. He is a foxy blacksmith who can create magical artifacts to use when fighting crime." And he summoned the partner, Vale transformed into Artifox. "Yes, dad... when I activate this game card, I become the custom hero in the fur. And as you can tell, I am not a horny fox since I am your son." As Artifox, he posed and presented his crafting hammer before replacing the tool into his holder and he reverted to his human form. "These last three are the partners from Shadow Ware Games..."

    Samuel said, "I know Captain Rabbit can help to keep you out of trouble. So how bad are these last three?"

    Vale sighed as he mentally sent a final warning to his Shadow Ware partners. Please, I beg of you guys... behave in front of my parents. I want it to look like I made good choices with you three. I will make it up to you guys later.

    "First up is my partner from Nautical Buccaneers, a large almost Biker Mice from Mars sized sea rat Throttle look-alike wearing pirate clothes and armors, complete with pirate weapons. He is Moonraker Trice, a six foot tall pirate with a compassionate love for adventure." And he summoned the partner into the open. When Moonraker appeared in the open, he had a pirate's treasure chest with him and it was open to reveal a vast collection of gold and silver jeweled wealth.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Moonraker Trice then said, "Arh, me hearty folks. Permit me to stay with yer son, and this entire treasure chest and all of its wealth is yers."

      Vale wanted to face-palm himself but he kept a straight face for now awaiting what his parents had to say about this pay-off to be permitted to stay as his partner.

      Samuel said, "Why would a pirate give up all this wealth, Moonraker?"

      Moonraker looked to Vale's father. "What good is treasure if yas can't share it with yer mates? Besides, here is something else to consider in regards to yer son choosing partners of our caliber... without a nice boy like him... we may not have ever gotten to see the light of day in that gaming shop. As a gamer gets older, they sway away from slender or intelligent partners like myself and the others. They want stocky muscular brutes in armor that often are as dumb as an oxen's pile. As long as a partner can fight, that's all most older players care about. It takes a young mind like Vale and Basil to see the potential of partners like us, despite our being made for a more adult audience. I would rather be poor than to be without Vale for saving me from game shop Hell. So... may I remain as Vale's partner?"

      Karen felt sorry for Moonraker now. And it seemed that the verbal spiel also did its job on Samuel as the boy's father said, "Okay... you can stay as long as Vale doesn't get pregnant from you. Ask before you knock him up so we can make proper preparations for Vale's missing school while pregnant."

      Moonraker grinned at that point. "Sir... a partner pregnancy only lasts four hours, tops. And the result is always a partner egg which hatches in a few days. Also, I could never get my partner pregnant since he chose me. Yes, I might be interested in sex with him, but since he rescued me, he would never be the mother of my eggs... but I can think of some males who could make fine substitutes." He winked before leaping back into Vale's card launcher.

      Vale said, "I was hoping he wasn't going to be that graphic nor that adult with you guys. I am so sorry."

      Karen said, "He had a point on a few fronts, Vale. You did save him from never getting bought by any player. Besides, he is linked to you. Who is next?"

      Vale said, "From the game world of Wind Boosters, is my sports car sized armored quadruped dragon fox with a pension for racing, casino cards, and lottery games. He has dark red fur with black armor and he is called, Speed Jack-O'-Lotto." And he summoned the large partner into the front yard.

      When Speed appeared, he had a card table with him and he was shuffling a deck of cards. "Hurry, hurry, hurry! Choose the highest ranking card and win a prize! Can you beat the house or will the dragon win a ride on you!"

      Vale wanted to kill himself when he heard what his partner said.

      Karen approached the table and she touched a card with her index finger.

      Speed said, "Are you sure you want that one, ma'am?"

      Karen picked up the card and flipped it over to reveal the Ace of Spades. "I win, Speed. I used to work in Las Vegas as a dealer. And this game is old hat for me. As long as you play cards with me occasionally, I will permit you to remain as Vale's partner. But no riding on family members. While in our household, you are one of my children. Agreed?"

      Speed smirked. "Your mom wins, Vale. I must agree to her terms. Well, back I go for now." And he vanished back into the card.

      Samuel laughed. "Okay, what is the last partner, son?"

      Vale said, "From a game called, Arabian Gaidens, is my tall slender genie fox partner who wears the Arabian prince clothing of Aladdin, and having the overall fur coloration of a psychedelic pattern. This partner is called, Lets Go." He purposely withheld the more raunchy parts of what this partner was capable of and he really hoped that Lets behaved himself far better than the others had. One bad impression and his parents would force Vale through detox. And he summoned his genie fox into the front yard.

      Lets appeared in the yard in a puff of psychedelic smoke as he bowed to Vale showing obedience and reverence. "You rang, oh master Vale. For what do you summon me forth from the card world? All you need to do is but ask and your wish is my command."

      Vale almost passed out from the act that Lets was performing. At least one partner had respected his wishes in regards to his parents.

      Samuel said, "I find it hard to believe that you chose such a civilized adult fox genie like this partner, Vale. I guess we misjudged you after all. You may keep all of your partners."

      Vale shot a mental thank you and wink at Lets Go-To-Bed. You have earned your reward later.

      Lets mentally said to Vale, Some of us can take direction, Master Vale. Moonraker and Speed are horny teenagers; so what can you expect from such? Are you really going to gift your brother with another partner? And what of your sister?

      Vale mentally replied, I just granted my sister her voice ability back today but she does deserve a few normal partners to protect her from child welfare despite her being nearly five years older than Basil. As for my brother, it isn't fair to him that I got partners from three different game shops and he only got to go to one. I was jealous when he got a school ride from Garurumon this morning, but then I came home with nearly triple the number of partners that he had. I am going to make it right between us.

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        While Samuel and Karen contacted Red Rabbit Financial to have the treasure chest of wealth converted into monetary funds for the family's usage, Vale took Lorraine and Basil to Gold Medal Games in Mystic Glen. For Lorraine, it was a trip so she could pick up a few partners of her own to keep her company and for her to learn teamwork with. For Basil, it was so he could meet the Devil Mouse shop clerk. Leaving Basil to talk to the mouse, Vale took his sister back to the game booths where he explained how the partner choosing process worked. He made sure to tell her that he was paying for the partners that she chose and just try to have fun in making her new partners. Then Vale stepped back to let his sister choose the games of her choice.

        Basil petted on the clerk, rubbing his hands down the mouse's neck and back with one hand and rubbing his other hand down over the mouse's chest, tummy and groin with his other hand. "You are so sexy and cute, Mr. Mouse. My brother was right about your good looks."

        The mouse replied, "I am good in bed as well. But I have to remain professional during store hours. Where do you go to school?"

        Basil replied, "Since I have a BAGS safety bracer, that is the tip-off that I got sent to Montropolis High when they told my mom about sibling rivalry."

        The Devil Mouse made a nasty face when he heard those two words. "I thought Kazma was going to abolish that silly rule. Which school did your mom learn of this rule from?"

        Basil looked blank. "All she told me was in verbatim; Quote, the Montropolis school rule is that we cannot send two children who are within four years or less apart of age to their school, so they can prevent favoritism among siblings in the school system. They told me that they have had problems with it before and they regret that this is the case now. Vale will be going to Mystic Glen and you will be going to Montropolis High, end quote. But from your inquiry, I am guessing that there is more to it than that, right?"

        The Devil Mouse said, "Do you know where the school board is based, Basil?" And when the negative shake of the head was given, the mouse continued, "It is located in Bunny Town which is located Northeast of Montropolis. Bunny children there are super competitive and thus, to keep fights at a minimum, families have to be sent to different schools to prevent in-school fighting between siblings. If you have seen any rabbits in Montropolis at all, that should explain it."

        Basil said, "I cannot wait to tell my mom what you just explained to me. Her and dad will definitely be taking this up with King Kazma if that is the stupid case."

        The first game booth that Lorraine found herself in was a game called, K9 Guardians. The artwork depicted the Road Rovers from the 90s, but the partners were all original allowing players to have any species they wanted as well as any nationality they wanted. Lorraine chose a German Shepherd with an Irish nationality. He wore a police uniform of the early 1900s with no shoes and a red leather collar which had his golden K9 Guardians Badge ID number upon it. On screen, she saw her partner standing there in front of a police ID board with a smile while holding a black nightstick. "Hello Partner. I am Parker O'Malley, Police ID K9GA-001. You are the first player to acquire one of my game's K9 partners from this game booth. I hope we become an awesome team together." Then the words on the screen said, Please present your payment voucher or credit card to finalize the purchase. Lorraine said, "Vale? It is asking for a payment."

        Vale stepped inside and slid his workers card through the slot and moments later, Lorraine had her K9 partner card in hand. Vale then said, "Lets find you another partner, sis."

        The second game booth which Lorraine entered was a game called, Dragon Song. It was a game which featured musical dragon partners who competed in concert competitions t win awesome prizes. Their musical skills were in truth their attacks when in combat. Lorraine chose a Medium sized bronze and gold dragon lady who had shiny silver and white eyes. Her musical instrument of choice was a Western style guitar and she wore a pale faded cowboy hat on her head. Lorraine named her Dolly Rogers who was a Country and Western performer. "Vale, it is asking for a payment again."

        Vale stepped inside and slid his workers card through the slot and moments later, Lorraine had her second partner card in hand. Vale then said, "Lets get you one more, sis."

        The third game booth in which Lorraine entered by no surprise was Mobo Zero. Apparently all of the siblings in the Douglas household loved Sonic the Hedgehog. The spiel was similar to how it was before with the exception of the more respectful message that Lorraine got from Geoffrey St. John. "I never expected a fine lady such as yourself to be interested in becoming a Mobian defender. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask." And Lorraine said, "How about a Mobo Zero safety bracer card launcher? I don't have a card launcher as yet." Geoffrey's response was, "Ask the clerk for a Mobian Class card launcher. I will cover the usual overcharge. I hope to see you in game soon." Lorraine then made her female Mobian Partner, Skipper Squirrel, who had the skills of Savage Squirrel and Slappy Squirrel, jointly. Lorraine said, "Vale? I'm ready."

        Vale stepped inside and slid his workers card through the slot and moments later, Lorraine had her third partner card in hand. Vale then said, "Card launcher time, sis."

        Vale and Lorraine approached the front desk where Lorraine showed her partner selections as she said, "Geoffrey St. John told me to say, I need a Mobian Class card launcher, please. Geoffrey said that he would cover the overcharge this time."

        Upon receiving the Mobian Class card launcher, Vale took his siblings outside where he instructed Lorraine in how to activate her partners and how they would share one partner power or ability with her when first appearing.

        Lorraine struck a pose and as she touched the window of her card launcher, she said, "K9 Guardian Activate!" Appearing in front of her for all to see was a German Shepherd with an Irish accent. He wore a police uniform of the early 1900s with no shoes and a red leather collar which had his golden K9 Guardians Badge ID number upon it; K9GA-001. He then smiled while holding his black nightstick. "Officer Parker O'Malley; K9 Guardian. At your service. And for choosing me to be your partner, I will now share my Law Stop ability which will freeze crooks in their tracks." He then jumped back into his card. Next up, Lorraine touched the next window and said, "Dragon Song Activate!" Appearing in front of her was the bronze dragon lady with her guitar and cowboy hat. "I am Dolly Rogers and I grant you my ability to sing country as good as any other country artist." And then she vanished back into her card. Finally, Lorraine touched the last window and said, "Mobo Zero Activate!" Appearing was a female Skipper Squirrel wearing guns and grenades.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Skipper smiled and said, "Who do we get to blow up? Eggman looks like a tempting target." She swished her tail with a sly grin. "I am Skipper Squirrel, fan girl of Savage Squirrel and Slappy Squirrel. And because you created me, Lorraine, I will grant you my clever and devious skills for crafting and destroying anything you want to get rid of. And as a bonus, I am giving you the ability to find a target's weak spot. Well, back to the academy now. Place nice." And she leaped back into her card.

          Basil blinked his eyes. "No one is going to take advantage of you now, sis."

          Lorraine grinned. "Damned straight!"

          Vale then transported Lorraine back to the farm house before returning to take Basil over to Maverick Adventure Games. "Ready to receive your extra partners so you have as many as I do, bro?"

          Basil smiled. "I sure am, bro. I noticed that Lorraine's partners didn't give her a transport power like ours did."

          Vale said, "First stop is Maverick Adventure Games where one of my two boyfriends, Maggie the Hellhound, works. Despite the name, he is a boy. The game I want you to see in there is Young Fury. It is a furry superhero type of game similar to Young Justice. That is how I got Artifox."

          Basil smiled. "Can't wait to see it. I am surprised that you are not dating the Gold Medal mouse guy. He was fun to talk to. He explained the Sibling Rivalry thing to me."

          Vale smirked. "I knew you would get along with the mouse. Besides, I cannot claim all the cute animals."

          Vale stepped into Young Fury and used his override code in the promotion box before getting out of the way to allow his brother Basil to go in and make his new partner.

          Basil found that this Battlecard game permitted a player to play a superhero of their own design who could participate in actual superhero activities as if they were the actual hero instead of the partner card. When suited up, the player was the custom hero; when powered down, the player returned to normal. Many species were allowed in this game; all players were given entry level membership in the Justice Fury team in Heroes Reach under Captain Rabbit himself (a hero their family had gotten to meet just last Sunday.) Basil designed a SEXY anthropomorphic Angel-donkey boy with a Red mane and Red tail tip, White fur over most of his body, and having Dark Blue hoofs on his feet and Azure eyes. He was a Gymnastic partner having a gold with white pin-striped cape as well as golden gloves and golden shorts which he named Brazil the Super Donkey. He was the anthropomorphic donkey version of Superman.

          After receiving the card and paying for the card purchase, the two left the shop. Basil said, "Now lets see how Brazil turned out." Basil inserted the new partner card and he touched the window, saying, "Activate!" Instead of his partner appearing, Basil transformed into Brazil in the fur. "Man, why do I feel so aroused and horny?" He then slowly checked himself out before forcing himself to transform back to his normal human self. "Man, Vale... I felt like I wanted to fuck you when I became Brazil. Is that normal?"

          Vale chuckled. "Actually, it is. Artifox was the same way. Now to show you Shadow Ware Games where my other boyfriend, Vules the Devil Fox, works. I really love him. It is also where I have my part-time job at."

          Basil then asked, "Do you think Austin Limits has a game shop of their own, bro? I was planning on checking theirs out if they had one and you might see a game there you liked. And then you wouldn't be jealous when I found another game shop that you didn't get to see."

          Vale said, "We will check it out after we are done in Shadow Ware Games."

          Within Shadow Ware Games, Basil greeted the cute Devil Fox owner by shaking his paw and rubbing a hand over his furry chest. "Hi. I'm Basil. My brother Vale is buying me a partner from all the game shops. He told me that you wanted to know what games I had chosen partners from at the other school. I got a partner from Lunar Gaiden as well as a partner from Battlecard Jackland which Medina is investigating right now. My third partner is from Mobo Zero which Gold Medal Games already has one of those booths. But if you were to get in another Mobian Battlecard game, I would be interested in that. I like rodents and donkeys as well as Tails and Geoffrey St. John. I made a two-tailed skunk in Mobo Zero."

          Vules smiled as he gave Basil a hug. "Thanks for letting me know what the competition are doing in Montropolis, Basil. I like your brother and you are proving to be really nice, too. I hope you find a good game in my shop. Since you like rodents, I have a game in here that sees almost no customers at all. It is called 007 Mousecapades. Your partner is a secret agent mouse or rat, the choice is up to the player. During tournaments, the partner navigates a huge holographic scenario map doing missions of varying difficulties which awards different amounts of prizes and abilities. Another game I have which involve rodents is a newer one which is called, Disney Mouse Battles. You can custom make a mouse warrior using the graphics of Disney to fight against opponents to try to gain the title of Magic Kingdom Champion. There is a third game booth dedicated to rodents that I keep in the back storage room, but it broke down a few months ago. I called the makers to come and repair it, but I haven't gotten any reply from them at all. I can permit you to check it out and if you find a working version of it in another game shop, then you could end up with a good partner. The game is called, Western Varmints. The partners are at minimum, three feet tall and most of them wear garments of the Old West, whether cowboy duds or Indian wear."

          Basil gave Vules a kiss on his nose before heading into the back to find his brother Vale. When he didn't find his brother right away, Basil went to the storage room and opened the door into the dark back room. Going inside, he felt for a light switch and there wasn't one. So he carefully made his way through the maze of old game booths until he saw what looked like a naked anime rat boy pictured on the side of what looked like a game booth. Basil approached that booth and he parted the black curtain to look inside the booth. The title over the screen read, Cheese & Chocolate but it looked as if someone had written in black marker over the title the words of RUN AWAY! Stepping up to the screen, the game booth activated without warning which startled Basil but instead of fleeing, he stayed in the booth to see what would appear on screen. There was no promotional code box to enter anything. And there was no payment slot either. On screen were the words of, Do you like (a) mice or (b) rats; select one to continue.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Since Basil already had a rat partner and he thought the devil mouse in Gold Medal Games was sexy and cute, he pushed the 'A' button on the console. On the next screen were the words, Do you prefer (a) male partners or (b) female partners? Choose one to continue. Again he pushed the 'A' button on the console. On the next screen were the words, Do you prefer (a) cheese, (b) chocolate, or (a+b) both? Choose one or press both buttons to continue. Basil pushed both 'A' and 'B' at the same time. On the final screen were the words, Enjoy your partner. This surprised the boy since as far as he knew, he didn't get to make a partner. And then without warning, the booth went dark as he felt himself fall straight down as if he fell through a trap door in the floor of the booth.

            The landing at the bottom was sticky, gooey, wet and weird feeling as he realized that he had lost all of his clothing upon landing in whatever this stuff was. "Why does it smell like cheese and chocolate mixed together in here? And where did my clothes go? HELP! SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

            Back topside, Vale returned from the bathroom since he had to go upon entering the shop, and when he didn't see his brother near his boyfriend the foxy shopkeeper, he asked, "Where did you send my brother Basil to, love? I have the payment card for his purchases. He doesn't have any money at all."

            Vules said, "He said he liked Rodents and I told him about all three of the rodent games I have in my shop. Two are in the shop and the third is in the storage room awaiting repairs. I sent him to check out 007 Mousecapades, Disney Mouse Battles, and Western Varmints."

            Vale said, "Disney Mouse Battles is near the bathroom door and he wasn't in that booth when I came out, Vules. In fact, the curtain to the booth was still in the open position. I am going to go look in the other booths." And he headed off to look for his brother. At the Secret Agent game, he called out, "He's not in 007, Vules! I'm going to check out the storage room!" But en route to the storage room, he found a door of black wood partially open but the sign on the door said, Recruiters Only. "Vules! The door to Recruiters Only is partially open! I am headed on to the Storage Room!"

            Vules quickly got up, closed the shop and locked the front door before heading back to the Recruiters special games room. Upon entering the back room, he leaped up and pulled the string for the ceiling light as he quickly looked around the room. Then he looked at the floor to follow Basil's footprints.

            Vale came out of the Storage Room as he called out, "Basil! Where are you? Vules! He wasn't in the storage room!" He then headed back to the Recruiters room and walked inside where he saw Vules walking slowly along a row of game booths. "Man... what are all of these things?"

            Vules replied, "These are recruiter trap games that are usually placed in Underworld taverns and they are use to trick someone into joining the species. Back when I was a Recruiter for my people in the Underworld, we used a whole bunch of these things to change people into the species desired. If your brother walked into one of these booths, then he is in trouble and will need to be rescued. You can look at the booth pictures safely, but if you walk into a booth, I will have to save you as well."

            Vale said, "Just look for a booth with either a mouse or a rat on it, he would have been drawn straight to it if that picture was on the game."

            Vules continued to carefully follow Basil's footprints in the dust.

            Vale walked down the other side looking at the pictures on the sides of the booths. "There are some pretty hot sexy stud foxes on some of these booths. I am getting erect just looking at some of these guys."

            Vules said, "Its a magical visual effect to make the viewer want to enter a game booth. So try to resist the urge to molest a picture."

            Vale then came across a small round table which had all of Basil's clothes, underclothes and shoes, as well as his card launcher sitting on top of it. "Bad news, Vules. I just found all of Basil's clothes and his card launcher on a small table over on this side. Where ever he is, he is butt naked."

            Vules said, "I was afraid of that, Vale. Your brother entered a booth if you found his clothes." Then Vules found the naked anime rat booth. "I just found the booth Basil's footprints entered. The game is called Cheese & Chocolate. If I remember the specs on this game correctly, it asks you some easy questions and when you answer the last question, you are transported naked into a vat of cheese or chocolate or both, if you chose that one where you become the species you chose in the questions and the sticky stuff makes you horny for sex with another of your own kind. So if he gets out of the vat, he would try to find more of the species he changed into."

            Vale then asked, "If I were to use my genie fox powers to summon Basil back to us, would that work? As in, would I be able to get him back to the shop?"

            Vules then exclaimed, "DON'T TRY IT! If your brother was still human, it would work, but if he got changed, then you would be committing theft from the lord of the Underworld realm your brother landed in. I just need to examine the destination log within the game booth's programming compartment. Then I will have to send word to the realm lord to ask for Basil's return; IF... he isn't already pregnant. Some of these realms need recruits to procreate the dwindling species. Our best chance to get Basil back would be if he stayed in the vat he fell in. If he got out, then his ass is as good as fucked by the next rodent he meets. Now give me a moment..."

            Vale leaned against the table his brother's clothes were laying on. "Poor Basil. I really care about him. Mom and Dad will really punish me if anything bad happens to him." He then went over to the booth that Vules was checking the logs within where Vale squatted down to look at the sexy naked anime rat boy. "Well Mr. Sexy Rat... you did your job by tempting my only brother. And he probably would have loved to had gotten a partner like you, if he had chosen a rat like Skywatch in Lunar Gaiden."

            Vules backed out of the booth where he sat with Vale. "Don't give up yet, love. I got the coordinate data for the two realms in the programming. One is for a Chaos Rat realm in Chaosmire's sticky swamps. The other is for an obscure Moon Mouse realm in Arvendor's Lunar Forest. I am going to attempt to call the two lords and ask them about their newest arrival." Vale petted on the Devil Fox. "Knowing my brother, when he landed in the sticky vat, he likely yelled for help." Vules said, "That will help. The first one is ringing..." And then the phone call was answered by an adult sounding rat.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Chaos Lord Wratherat speaking. Who is this and what can we do for you?" Vules replied, "This is Vules Pez, the former Recruiter for the recruiters union. Albeit retired and living in Anime World now. I just had a customer accidentally step into the old Cheese & Chocolate trappers game booth and he got sucked into one of the two available realms. One of the realms is yours, sir. Did a nice boy turned chaos rat arrive in your realm in the last hour or so?" The last arrival we had in our realm was a month before Hell passed the Anti-Recruitment Law and the arrival was female. We haven't had another visitor since then. I hope you can find your boy; there aren't enough rodent fans left in the outer worlds anymore. Everyone is into wolves, lions, and dragons. Sorry I couldn't help you. Is my teen aged picture still on the game booth? I sure looked different in those days. Vules smiled. "Yes, your picture is still on the left side of the booth. My boyfriend said the rat was a sexy stud. His brother is the one who got sucked into the trap. Thank you for your time." And he ended the call. "Chaos Lord Wratherat is the teen aged sexy rat you are looking at on the booth and he doesn't have Basil. Now to call the other realm."

              Vules dialed in the number for Arvendor's Lunar Forest realm and waited. And waited. And waited. Then after the third ring, a recording answered the call. The number you are trying to reach has been out of service for the last sixty years. If you believe you have reached this recording in error, then please call realm management services in Arvandor at the following number. and a number was repeated three times before the call ended. Vules said, "Bad news, Vale... Basil landed in a realm that is not occupied currently but might in fact still be owned. I am going to call realm management services in Arvandor to see what they have to say about the realm in question." And he tapped in the inquiry number in Arvandor.

              Soon, Vules was in a call with the Realm Management Services lord. "This is Vules Pez, the former Recruiter for the recruiters union. Albeit retired and living in Anime World now. I just had a customer accidentally step into an old Cheese & Chocolate trappers game booth and he got sucked into one of the two available realms. It is believed that he landed in the Moon Mouse realm in Arvandor; they would have had a cheese and chocolate factory within their realm. The nice boy would have gotten transformed into a naked Moon Mouse and dumped into one of the sticky vats in the factory. We are trying to get the boy back legally. His brother is worried sick about him." The Moon Mice tribe were captured during the Elysium Animal Wars a few decades ago. Their old realm was located within the Moon Unicorn and Moon Dog shared lands between Olympus and Asgard. Sad to say, there is a rule in regards to the old realm, Vules... if a Moon Mouse arrives in the old realm despite not being a Moon Mouse from birth, then the entire realm and its holdings are bequeathed as an inheritance to the new Moon Mouse in question. Thus, if your boy arrived there, then he is now the new Lord of that realm. And if he is the only Moon Mouse there, then you will not be able to summon him since he is not a member of the Summonables Union. Summoning Lords is illegal around the planes. Your best bet is to have a Mack Roo Lawyer or a Law Imp head up there to see if the Moon Mouse is your boy. If he is, then it will be worse than Hell to straighten this mess out. I hope we have been helpful to your cause. Thank you for calling. Vules was cursing at this point. "It just gets worse and worse."

              Vale asked, "What happened, love?"

              The devil fox shopkeeper spelled it out for his human lover. "Now I have to call Mack Roo. This night just gets more and more shitty. Thankfully, I don't need the phone for this." And he lifted his head up and shouted, "I need a Law Imp, please!"

              POOF! A floating Law Imp appeared in the room to the side of where the human and fox were sitting. "What can I do for you gents tonight?"

              Vules re-explained the whole mess to the Law Imp and asked him to go check to see if the new Moon Mouse was in fact Basil Douglas.

              POOF! The Law Imp disappeared in a small cloud of perfumed smoke.

              Vules said, "Now we wait. I am so sorry, Vale. I really thought the door to this room was locked."

              Vale hugged the fox closely again. "I believe you, Vules. Perhaps one of your old recruiting friends left it unlocked after a visit they made when they came to see you or something like that. This accident could have happened to me while I worked for you. Although I would like to get a copy of the sexy anime rat picture to take home to Basil's room for his collection. And if there is a sexy Moon Mouse boy on the other side, maybe a picture of that for his collection too."

              Vules says, "Thanks for forgiving me, Vale. I will make sure Basil gets whatever he wants for enduring this accident that should never have happened to him."

              Vale pulled Vules into his lap and snuggled closely into the fox fur. "Thanks. I am sure my brother will thank you for the free gifts."

              POOF! The Law Imp reappeared with a naked human Basil who looked as if he was all cleaned up. "I found him. Luckily, there were two Moon Mice at the factory who were glad to know that a nice human boy wasn't meant to land in their factory like that. Basil gave them a nice present in exchange for letting him return to your shop. The Moon Unicorns agreed to help Basil get cleaned up from the mess that he had landed in. Thankfully, the new lord was reasonable and he gave Basil open permission to come visit any time he wanted. Basil also provided a safe way to share his cum with a lot of the locals without getting infected by any of them. I even got an egg out of it safely. Basil is nice."

              Basil then asked, "What happened to my clothes and my card launcher, guys?"

              Vale pointed to a table across the room. "Right over there, Basil. I am glad you made some more friends. Vules said that he will give you freebies for any embarrassment you endured in his shop. Meaning you will get some full sized game posters of the rodents for you to take home to your room."

              Basil smiled as he walked over to get his clothes so as to get dressed again. "Thanks for quickly sending me some help, Vules. You will get another kiss for that. The law imp explained what kind of booths these were and how the room was supposed to be locked. So I am not upset with you."

              Vules said, "we figured out that some of my visiting ex-recruiter friends were the ones who accidentally left the door unlocked. The storage room door is actually over by the Centaur Lords game booth. Are you still interested in getting a rodent partner from my shop?" Basil nodded his head. Vules then said, "It will be free, Basil."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Inside the storage room, Basil asked Vale to magically turn time back on the broken Western Varmints to a time when the game booth was like new and perfectly functioning. He explained what Vules had told him about the company not replying to a repair inquiry for this machine.

                Vale cracked his knuckles and complied with Basil's request on the Old West rodent game booth. Then he stepped inside and entered is override code into the promotional code box before getting out of the way to let Basil come in to design his newest rodent partner.

                Basil looked over the schematics for the wild west rodent game. The partners stood between three feet tall, minimum, and six feet tall, maximum. The rest was up to the player. Deciding upon a nicely crafted cowboy with a native Indian upbringing, Basil created a cowboy rodent named Marshal Chitter Critter, a mouse who was raised by the Rawhide Rat tribe after the demise of his parents before returning to a Western town where he worked hard to become the newest law mouse in the old west. The partner stood at five foot ten inches tall and wore sexy stud leather cowboy garments of the Old West although he did have the garb for his adopted rat tribe back home whenever he chose to return to them for advice. Chitter packed a sexual package that would make any mouse fan pant uncontrollably. He had twin pistols, a lasso and an assortment of handcuffs for arresting hombres.

                Basil acquired his new partner card and inserted it into his card launcher before tapping the picture window and saying, "Western Varmints Activate!" Appearing in front of himself was his Marshal mouse partner having a laid back smile on his muzzle. "Welp... howdy, partner! I'm Chitter, and I get to share my Equipment skills with you in addition to my tribal abilities of Weather Control and Mouse City Gate. The latter will permit you to come visit me in Mouse City whenever you like. When you visit, I will make you my Deputy. Sound good, handsome? Welp, I need to get back to Mouse City now, partner. Call on me when you need to teach a bandit a lesson." And he vanished back into his card.

                Vale giggled. "He was awesome, Bro. I am glad you got a decent partner out of this ordeal. I am going to move the Western Varmints game booth back out into Vules' shop." And after he did this, setting the game booth close to the entry door as if it was the newest game that Vules had received, he looked to Basil again. "Shall we head over to Austin Limits and look for their game shop now, bro?"

                Basil grinned. "Sounds good to me, Vale." He walked over to Vules and he gave the devil fox the promised kiss on his nose. "Thanks for letting me get a partner from your shop, Vules. We are heading over to Austin Limits now. Vale moved the repaired Western Varmints game booth back out into your shop. I have a nice mousy partner."

                Vules kissed Basil in return right on his lips. "In Austin Limits, go to the corner of Long-ear and Hawthorn. That is where you will find Hoofentail's Partner Emporium. Hoofentail is an old buddy of mine who got his species changed into a donkey. He has a store partner who is a sexy stud of a slinky unicorn named Butfupper. Rumor is that they are both Polygamists. They sometimes date each other and other times share a date between them. I haven't seen them in a long time. If they are still there, tell them that Vules remembers them."

                Basil smiled. "We'll tell them, Vules. See you on the sexy side. Come on, bro!" And he headed out the door with Vale.

                When they arrived via teleport in Austin Limits, they asked a local where the game shop was. Getting directed to the city circle where a statue of Austin Donkey stood in a small park therein, the boys entered the shop and Basil approached what looked like a Goat boy which dried mud on his leg fur. He was otherwise naked save for a card launcher on his left arm. "Excuse me... but where can I find the unicorn who works in the game shop? I was told to come to Austin Limits."

                The Goat Boy looked to the human boy with a sly grin. "So you heard about Butfupper, did you? Well, you won't find him in the only authorized game shop in Austin Limits. You are in Battle Games Unlimited. The owners here are a donkey lady and a lioness. But I can tell you how to find the corn, if you really want to see him. I could lead you there as long as you aren't put off against getting muddy legs and feet."

                Basil said, "So there are two game shops in Austin Limits? Lets get going while my brother is busy looking over the game booths. I think he will be awhile. But he did share the promotional code with me on the way over here."

                The Goat Boy and Basil departed the game shop and they headed down one of the more unused streets toward what seemed like an unlit portion of town to the South of the circus grounds. "Before the floods and mud floes that cut the town in half, this was Long-Ear street and it was the busiest coastal street in town. As you can see now, almost no one comes this way anymore. During the big flood, Hoofentail refused to abandon his game shop although the rest of that section of town fled to higher ground. The current Austin Limits was built up on the higher ground. Where we are going into the mud flats is where the old town stood before the muddy waters made it unsafe to be there. I know the only safe path through the mud flats to reach their game shop. The weird part of their game shop is the fact that the shop seems to be on the only solid and high point in the old town. The flood waters and the mud split around their shop and converged on the other side. The game shop is the only building that survived the massive mud floods that occurred back then. Hoofentail and Butfupper still live in the shop. They won't give up the right to have their shop right where it stands. But they would probably love to see a nice by like you come in for a visit. By the way, my name is Spinner Goat-tail. I work part-time for the Donkey Brothers Circus."

                Basil smiled hugely when the goat revealed where he worked. "I am Basil Douglas. I was hoping to get a part-time job with the Donkey Brothers Circus and now I got to meet someone who works there. Is there any way you might be able to vouch for me working there myself? I am willing to do any job they have available that has an opening."

                Spinner slyly grinned. "If you let me have sex with you, I will definitely help you to meet the circus owners and get you a job there. That is all I want from a new friend."

                Basil pulled Spinner off of the street and into a dry side alley where he dropped his pants and he permitted his new friend to mount up on him. "I appreciate your offer to vouch for me, Spinner. Try not to hurt me back there."

                One hour of sex and released fluids later, the two got cleaned up and Basil packed his pants, socks and shoes into his backpack as he went with his new circus friend down the street to the mud flats. "Now remember, Basil. Walk where I walk or else you might end up in mud up to your neck that I will have to pull you out of and you will likely lose the rest of your clothes. There is enzyme in the mud in these mud flats. That is why I had you pack your clothes away for the trip to the game shop."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Spinner then said, "I hope your brother is still at the other game shop."

                  Basil chuckled. "My brother is into foxies. I like rodents and hoofies."

                  Spinner grinned. "Then I lucked out for being a cloven hoofed favorite of yours. I am going to love having you at the circus. Now carefully follow me. We cannot go straight to the shop because the old sewers caved in in the middle of the old street during the floods and if you step into that hole I won't be able to pull you out of it."

                  The two began wading through the mud flats in a maze like pattern which seemed to indicate that the goat boy had memorized the old sidewalks and streets when the town once stood in that location. It took another hour to reach the back landing of the game shop. It was at that point when Spinner and Basil sat down on the dry landing and the goat showed Basil where he could wash off his legs and feet so he didn't track mud into the shop itself. "The front door leads out into the big mud hole in the street out front. If you step out there, down you go. So this is the only safe way into and out of the shop."

                  Basil then said, "If a magical transporter pad were installed into the shop, then customers could use it to visit the shop without having to take a chance in the mud. We could link the shop transporter to that alley way you and I had sex in. Or better, to a location near the circus grounds. By the way, I was meaning to ask you, Spinner; what partners do you have in your card launcher?"

                  The goat boy looked sad at that point. "None. I dug this card launcher out of a garbage bin the last time I was in Mystic Glen. I cleaned it up and it had no partners in it. Then I realized that the power chip in the card launcher was broken. So even if I got a partner, I couldn't play any matches with anyone."

                  Basil examined the card launcher for the game shop ID that every launcher had. When he found it, he smiled. "You are in luck, Spinner. My brother dates the guy who owns the game shop this card launcher came from. We could maybe get this repaired for you and gift you with a partner as a reward for not only helping me to find Butfupper, but in simply rescuing this launcher in the first place. Would you be willing to try that?"

                  Spinner smiled as well, "I sure would, Basil! I am so glad I got to meet you!" And he kissed the boy on the mouth.

                  Basil felt dizzy when the goat kissed him like that and then he felt his penis get erect at the same time. "What happened, Spinner? When you kissed me, I got a hard on."

                  Spinner said, "Whoops! It is one of my powers, Basil. My saliva and sweat can cause arousal and sexual interest in those of the same gender as me. I didn't mean to do that to you. But it would have happened eventually. You are just making me so happy tonight."

                  Basil knelt down and proceeded to give Spinner an unexpected blow job right there on the landing and Spinner chose to return the favor since the boy was willingly doing this for him. After an unloading of fluids on both ends, Basil said, "That seemed to help out a lot. How do you feel?"

                  Spinner smiled. "I love you, Basil. I don't ever want to lose you as a friend."

                  The two got up and headed on inside the shop where they saw the donkey and the unicorn talking to an anthropomorphic dragon. "...and with my help, Hoofentail, I could assist in bringing you guys new customers. You guys are on the verge of losing your business to those females if you don't do something fast. You used to have a lot of eye candy coming in here daily and now all you get is Spinner and the occasional catch he brings in."

                  Basil then said out loud, "That is not a nice thing to be saying about Spinner. He is my friend. Apologize right now or else I will kick you in the groin."

                  The dragon glanced over his shoulder to the boy. "Speak of the occasional visitors... my boy... my groin is located inside my slit. If you want to kick it, you will have to go inside to do it. Not that I am inviting you, that is. If Spinner is your friend, have him tell you about dragon slits before you go inside one. Of course, my samates would love to meet a cute boy. Again, that is not an invitation. I am just wanting to help Hoofentail and Butfupper to make their shop more accessible."

                  Basil circled the dragon slowly. "Funny you should mention helping these guys. I also had an idea on how they could regain their customers. But before that... Butfupper, Hoofentail... Vules says that he still remembers you guys and if I saw you to treat you right. Now, for my idea... pick an unused alcove inside your shop and place a magical transport pad into it. Then you place another transport pad in the city of your choice within an alleyway or within a street landing just off of one of the main city streets with a sign to advertise where the transporter goes, then you could regain customers whenever they wanted to have a choice for a game shop. Or... just move the shop to a location closer to the main hub of activity here on the west coast."

                  Hoofentail replied, "The first idea sounds pretty good since it is one we hadn't thought of. As for the second idea, Butfupper and I need the mud these days since without it, we would both get sick and die. So if we moved the shop, we would also have to move the mud flats so we still had access to them. Because the dragon was also suggesting that we move the shop, the same stipulation applies. We need the current mud flats to survive. Any ideas on where we could relocate the mud flats to that wouldn't cause the locals to complain about an expanse of mud popping in out of nowhere?"

                  The Dragon then said, "If that is your main concern, then we might be able to do both solutions. King Kazma wants to drain off the Mud Flats to strengthen the land here to make decent farmland for growing crops. The only reason he hasn't started yet is because you two are living here."

                  Basil poked the dragon's slit with one finger and he saw movement under the folds of the scales as a result. Then he opened the slit and looked inside where he saw what looked like miniature versions of the dragon cleaning the insides of the cavity. When they saw Basil, they waved with a smile. Then Basil said to the dragon, "Okay, You said that both ideas could be done. Where could the Mud Flats be moved to and what town or towns would benefit from Hoofentail's game shop via the transport pad?"

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    The dragon smiled since Basil showed bravery and the boy got to see his samates. "Just South of the hill South of here and just North of the hills North of Terrydale Cove, there is a huge tar swamp and mud flat region where all of the slime in this mud flat was supposed to have been drained to originally before a levy broke and the flood wiped out the old Austin Limits. Since Hoofentail and Butfupper both need this mud to survive and their shop hasn't had any new updates in years, the move only makes sense for them. The transport pads are also a good idea. The shop could be moved to a solid lot next to the Mud Flats on one of the official delivery roads and they could have a new parking lot as well. The transport pads could link between Terrydale Cove to the shop and then use the next one to go to Austin Limits. That way, Spinner still has access to the shop and you get customers from Terrydale Cove. They don't have a game shop as yet and they need one."

                    When a samate was closer to the slit opening, Basil reached in and petted the cute scaly with one hand. "What do you personally get out of taking the Mud in this flat, Mr. Dragon? It seems weird that a dragon wants mud. And your samates are really cute, too. And I just noticed that you are a cloven hoofed dragon. I didn't know dragons had hoofs."

                    The Dragon said, "In truth, young lad, I had purchased the mud from another region and was transporting it via a mud drainage ditch that the Red Rabbit army had surveyed to be safe for the purpose at hand. A levy to the Northeast of the old Austin Limits wasn't as secure as the Red Rabbits first thought and it broke during a crucial moment which emptied my purchase down upon the town really fast. I raised the alarm as fast as possible but there was little time to evacuate everything. After the new Austin Limits was rebuilt to the North of the old town, the Red Rabbits Army, Kazma, and I crafted a way to move my muddy purchase as a whole to the new location only to learn that Hoofentail and Butfupper never abandoned their original shop. We were stopped again until I could come here to negotiate their removal from my purchase only to learn tonight that they are affected by the enzymes in the mud and now they cannot live without it. And now with your extra idea of the transport pads, we can move the game shop and the mud flats at the same time and arrange the new transport pads so the game shop can still access both Austin Limits and Terrydale Cove. Where do you live, my lad?"

                    Basil said, "My name is Basil Douglas and my family lives near Montropolis where I go to school. My brother is attending Mystic Glen's school because of the stupid sibling rivalry thing that my mother is going to find stupid when I tell her what I learned about it earlier tonight. My father works at the docks in Mystic Glen as the new wharf master. My mother and my sister stay at the farm with the family dog and the family parrot." He then petted on the samate some more who was leaning into the petting hand.

                    The Dragon then said, "I am called Dracornumire; The master of the dragon and unicorn swamp lands. Butfupper is in truth a cousin of mine which should explain why I have hoofs myself. As for my statement in regards to Spinner, did he tell you yet what he did for a living before he got his job with the circus?"

                    Basil was now looking at the goat boy again. "No... but I just assumed that he had no job before since he looks my age."

                    Dracornumire said, "True friendships are based on honesty and honor, Spinner. If you really believe that Basil is your friend, then tell him the truth. If he is as mature as he is currently displaying in front of us, then you might get to keep his friendship."

                    Butfupper then stepped forth and said, "Spinner might be embarrassed to start this tale so I will provide part of it. Before I fell in love with Hoofentail, I was a hoofed dragon just like Dracornumire. After I fell in love with my partner Hoofentail, I bartered for a wish to be able to exist in the real world so I could stay with him. I mis-worded the wish... and let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can keep their minds focused when making wishes... My entire homeland as well as all citizens were dropped out of the card world dimension where it landed where Dracornumire currently lives here in Anime World. I was in the process of transforming from a dragon into a unicorn and I had forgotten about my samates when I made the wish... they were all purged out of my slit where they changed into goat boys or satyrs. Most of them stayed with Dracornumire in the new swamp lands; all save one..." He looked at Spinner with that urging eye movement.

                    Spinner sighed. "Since I had been Butfupper's chief samate before the wish, I wanted to stay in service as close to him as possible. I was able to get a job part-time at the Donkey Brothers Circus where I shovel elephant manure out of their stalls. It is not a pretty job. My boss is the youngest Donkey Brother. As Chief Samate, my old job was to help new recruits to become more sexually capable for making Butfupper happy. I miss my old job; but at least he allows me to return occasionally to give him updates from town and to bring in food and drink supplies on Sundays. I am the only supplier they have. I never wanted to imply that I was trying to recruit you, Basil. I really do love you."

                    Dracornumire smiled. "Now that the truth is known, if Basil is a mature young human like he seems to be, then he won't dump the friendship made since that would be cruel and petty. Besides, as a bonus for keeping this friendship, Basil, I will permit you to meet the other unicorns in the swamp lands. Just remember that clothing means nothing to them. so if you care about your clothes, then leave them somewhere safe before visiting."

                    Basil then said, "I will retain the friendship with Spinner as long as I can get a partner from one of your game booths to add to my collection of partners. I will even help to advertise the shop when you get it set up at the new location. What do you say?"

                    Hoofentail smiled. "Its a deal, Basil. I can see what attracted Spinner to a nice boy like you. You are sexy. What species are you interested in?"

                    Basil said, "I would like to acquire a unicorn partner since I have met a few before. And I do not mean of the My Little Pony variety either. I stay within the same gender."

                    Hoofentail smiled. "A boy after my own heart. Go have a look at the Fantasy Forests game booth; it has unicorns of all varieties. Classic and Anthropomorphic; whatever you desire. It also has dragons if you want to get a cloven hoofed dragon partner as well. Since you are giving us access to two towns and you are going to advertise our shop for us, claim as many partners as you want from our game booths. And don't worry about cost. If Vules trusts you, then so do I."

                    Basil hugged the mud scented donkey boy whom had been a devil fox originally before heading off to look at the game booths.

                    Just after Basil disappeared into the game booths, King Kazma arrived in the game shop. "What has been decided here, Lord Dracornumire?" And after a brief explanation including Basil Douglas' input on what to do with the shop and their business... King Kazma said, "As I often mention to my citizens, human boys can be nicer than nice with their ideas. Now lets get the shop and mud flats moved to the new location. After that, I will authorize the transport pads. One of the better ideas that a nice boy has come up with."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Three.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Override Infection.