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[KLAW-BA] BD-02 A Brother's Tale

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    [KLAW-BA] BD-02 A Brother's Tale

    Montropolis/Mystic Glen - Anime World

    [KLAW-BA] BD-02 A Brother's Tale
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Chapter 01

    Within the Back Alley Games Shop or BAGS for short, Basil Douglas stood before the Lunar Gaiden Partner Request device. From the dust on the keyboard, it appeared that no one had used the device in quite a while. He took the time to blow the dust off of the keypad before swiping the gift certificate through the gift reader which then deducted one game choice from the certificate. After that within the promotional code box he typed in the following code: LARGE-S38.

    Within the Lunar Gaiden World, Moonfang said, "Skywatch, get over here. Your boy just typed in the code. Place your hand on this reader and smile for the camera." When Skywatch did this, he, without warning, in the same fashion as Basil had earlier lit up Star Trek Enterprise style and he vanished out of Lunar Gaiden...

    ...And as the Skywatch Partner Card emerged from the request device, alarms began going off along with a loud electronic voice which said, "Mega Unique Partner Assigned! We have a winner!" repeat, repeat, repeat, etc. Basil quickly grabbed the card and slid it into his partner bracer picture side up and he tapped it as he shouted, "ACTIVATE!" And after activating the card, Skywatch appeared in the game shop right next to Basil as the ratman exclaimed, "Could someone please shut that thing up!"

    The clerk quickly came over since he wasn't warned how loud this device would be during a winning card selection. Using his key, he opened up the electronic door in the base and he pressed the reset button which abruptly shut up the voice restoring peace and quiet to his shop. Then he closed up the hatch and locked it once again. "No one told me it would be this loud when someone won a unique partner card. With that noise all of the sleazy challengers in town would be able to hear it."

    Basil said, "Then I better just get my other two free games and get back to the school." He looked at Skywatch. "You didn't mention that you would end up in the shop with me. But I am glad to see you." He gave the rat a hug. "Mr. Clerk, I will need the Battlecard Jackland terminal as well as the Mobo Zero terminal next."

    The clerk showed Basil where the two terminals were located. Basil and Skywatch both entered the Jackland terminal booth which was hidden by a black curtain where Skywatch taught Basil how to use the Lunar Scout Teleport ability. Then Skywatch said, "I will see you later, Basil." And Basil watched Skywatch vanish from sight.

    Moments after Skywatch had departed, a throng of sleaze bucket hoodlum challengers all entered the game shop and shouted, "Okay, Clerkie, where is the guy who set off the winner alarm? We wanna challenge his sorry ass!"

    The Clerk whom also liked Basil for having the Anniversary necklace chose to lie to the hoodlums. "He paid with one of those Heroes Reach credit cards and when the alarm went off, he grabbed the partner card without looking at it and he jumped in his car and sped out of town. He couldn't have gotten far, if you hurry."

    The hoodlums were then heard saying, "Quick, guys! To the motorcycles! We will kill that fucker if we have to! We have been trying to get that one card for over two years!"

    Then it got quiet in the shop once again. Basil chose to use his time in the terminal game booths wisely. Now that he had the scout teleport ability, he didn't have to walk back to high school. He could just port like most of the Digimon often did. The questionnaire for Jackland involved personal questions as he had been warned about. The questions ranged from his age, height, average weight on an average day, hair color, eye color, do you have any scars or blemishes (yes or no,) do you sleep naked on most nights (yes or no,) what color are your average shoes, not counting your own species do you prefer boys or girls to make friends with, do you prefer medium length ears or long ears and are you a country boy or a city boy.

    Then came the question, are you satisfied with your answers (yes or no? if no, then make changes before hitting continue.) After he hit yes, the partner character, an anthropomorphic generic donkey jack, appeared on the screen and there was a color slide bar just below the figure. The wording now read, change your partner's fur color using the slide bar. He can be as nice looking as you want to make him. Basil ended up making the donkey jack in an almost creamy bronze overall fur coloration. Once he hit continue, he was given the question, are you sure about all of your choices; once you hit continue, there is no going back. Basil thought it looked hot as he hit continue. Then he saw a entry slot for the character's name along with a warning message in flashing red which read, Derogatory names will result in your being banned from the game. He typed in the name Douglas. Then a question appeared which read, does he have a nickname (yes or no) and remember that the same rules apply. As he hit yes, a second name box opened and he typed in the shortened name of Doug. After he hit continue, a message appeared on screen which read, present your payment voucher or credit card and welcome to Jackland.

    When he slid the gift certificate through the gift reader, a message appeared on screen which read, you young man have taste. Most people are not as creative as you are. And then the Douglas partner card emerged from the terminal slot quietly. Basil took the card and he touched the card to his partner bracer which made the number two partner slot rotate into position before he slid it into place before he tapped the card and said, "Activate."

    In the next instant, the naked anthropomorphic stud of a jack had appeared in the terminal booth with Basil which literally floored the human boy since the partner had appeared in his lap. "Hello partner. Thank you ever so much for making me a nice combination of colors and giving me a nice background. I love you." And since the jack was facing him, Basil got deeply kissed on the mouth by Doug who was hugging him lovingly. When he let up the kiss, he said, "I won't let any hoodlums ever harm you. For the record in case you hadn't known, the ears question also doubles as the package question. And thank you for not making me so erect that I would hurt you during a sleep over. I will teach you one of my abilities and then I will go back to Jackland until you need me." And then he planted a deeper kiss on Basil's mouth as the boy felt the donkey's tongue on top of his own tongue as it felt like some sort of magical power transferred between his partner to himself. When this kiss let up, Douglas said, "Share Form only works with a partner that has bonded with you. Regardless of game, it permits you to transform into the species your partner represents. Going back to normal is just like the Power Rangers. You say, Power Down."

    Before Doug could leave, the boy said, "My name is Basil. We should be on a first name basis. How do I share forms?"

    Doug replied, "With the partner of choice in the viewing slot, you touch his picture and say the words, Share Form. That's all there is to it. I love you, Basil. See you soon; I hope."

    As Doug departed for Jackland via his own game's version of teleport, it dawned on Basil that his donkey partner was lonely and he was deeply in love with the human partner since he had no one else back home. Basil got up to his feet, picked up his gift certificate and he headed to the Mobo Zero terminal booth.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Within the Mobo Zero terminal booth, the message on screen read as follows... "So you want to join the Mobotropolis Mobian Defense Force? This is the sign up office. In this game world, Sonic the Hedgehog was killed by Dr. Eggman. (I never liked Sonic anyway; he was such a show-off and his final moments simply proved it.) Now we need cadets like you to help protect Princess Sally Acorn. When you are ready to start, type a partner name into the box and click continue. The name Sonic or any form of the name is reserved in memorandum and is thus restricted from choosing. Even Anton can get this part right; don't prove you are lamer than his French coyote's tail." Basil looked at the message before typing in the name of his future partner. Stripe. He then hit continue.

    On the next screen were the words, choose a species or mix and match parts from two species. When you are satisfied with your final choice, click continue; then you can choose colors. Below those words were rotation capable species pictures of every Mobian Species known to exist. Basil was glad for choice number two, since it made making the partner character easier. He chose skunk like Geoffrey St. John, then he rotated Tails around so he could see how the two tails joined at the tail base. Basil then placed two skunk tails on the back of his partner species in the same configuration as Tail's fox species. When Basil was done making the two-tailed skunk boy, he nearly had an erection right there in the booth. Then he hit continue and there were questions that read, Is your partner male or female and how tall should they be. He clicked male and then he made the skunk five feet tall. He had always considered Tails to be too short in both the video games and on TV. Then came the color choices. He then remembered in an Earthian mystery solving group that the Norse god Hel, brother to Hela, queen of the dead, had a black and white color pattern that looked hot on him. So the new skunk ended up with nearly the same identical coloration which included that one tail was black and the other tail was white. Basil was really starting to get horny now.

    After clicking continue, the unexpected question arose, Is your partner anatomically correct (does he have his tools or is he censored (yes or no.)) Basil made a remark before making his choice, "How else could he use the bathroom otherwise?" He clicked yes, then he clicked continue.

    Before joining the academy, what was your partner's native clothing like? Please choose a uniform from those pictured. Basil had to scroll the choices far to the right before he found one that matched what he had in his head. It was the tribal uniform of Tikal the Echidna only he modified it to look more Native American with a bare chest and a turquoise necklace. Shoes were discarded and the paws were partially wrapped in tribal leather. When it came to the starting weapons, Basil chose bow and arrows, hunting spear and a Mexican Bola. After hitting continue, the question above a massive list was shown. What is the one Mobian power your partner and all of his people back home have. Super Speed has been purposely removed to sustain game balance. If this turns you lamers off, please click exit and all of your choices will be erased. Basil thought that was a fair warning as he chose Two-tailed Flight.

    After clicking continue, there was a brief message, "It seems we have some smarter cadets this time around." And then the screen changed to the question, Using the drop-down menu, choose the nationality of your partner. This will effect his accent when he speaks. If you are easily offended by national accents, then please hit exit immediately. Basil knew a Mexican boy back in school on Earth and he always liked his accent. It took some searching, but he finally found the choice at nearly the bottom of the list. Selecting that nationality, he then clicked continue. That is when he saw the words which read, present your payment voucher or credit card and welcome to Mobo Zero.

    When he slid the gift certificate through the gift reader, a message appeared on screen which read, young man, I am the real Geoffrey St. John. You have a creative imagination. I wish more players were like you. I hope to see you in game soon even though I don't like humans much, I will give you a chance. And then the Stripe partner card emerged from the terminal slot quietly. Basil took the card and he touched the card to his partner bracer which made the number three partner slot rotate into position before he slid it into place before he tapped the card and said, "Activate."

    In the next instant, the natively dressed Mobian two-tailed skunk warrior appeared in the booth with him and said in that Mexican accent, "Thank you for creating me, partner. From now on, you are my adopted best friend regardless of what form you may wear. I come from a tribe of shamans; therefore, I will grant you the basics of Shaman magic which you may develop later on in our glorious career. Why are you blushing?"

    Basil felt ashamed of himself that he let a sexual fantasy get created like this. "Um, I am Basil. You were the hottest sexiest Mobian I could dream up and I don't want you to hate me because I indulged in making you so charming."

    Stripe smiled as he gave Basil a kiss on his mouth. When he let up, he said, "You are honest, Basil. I will not hate you. By creating my tribe, you impressed Secret Police Captain St. John. Skunks are not at the top of most people's list of likes. But giving us Two-tailed Flight was an extraordinarily good touch. Allowing us our tools shows me that you care about my feelings and you care about my people. When the tribe is created, both males and females fill that tribe. It would not have happened without a nice cutie like you, Basil. Now hold still..." That was when Basil noted that Stripe was getting on his knees in front of Basil and gently pulling the boy's pants and undershorts out of the way before... giving his new friend a much needed fellatio (or for you more crude readers, a blow job.)

    This was likely something that shouldn't have been conducted in the game shop, but his partner told him to hold still and he wanted to impress his partner. And yes, this was his first time of firing off his seed into someone's mouth. Basil would never have thought to do this for just anyone, but as he gently held the skunk's head in his hands, it felt so right.

    Basil was panting hard as he finished emptying himself. "Someday I will return the favor, Stripe. Why do I feel so drained?"

    Stripe smiled as he cleaned up his human partner before replacing the undershorts and pants into their proper place. "Was that your first time getting your cock sucked?" he then slowly stood up to his full height.

    Basil nodded his head. "I guess it was. But it felt so right to let you do it. I am so sorry."

    Stripe hugged Basil close to himself. "I copied the powers you had been given from your other partners while giving you a copy of the shaman basics from myself. I won't use teleport at the academy. But using Skywatch's and Doug's forms might be fun occasionally. I need to return to the Academy to report in. I am impressed by you, Basil. I promise to never hate you." And then he stepped away from Basil before vanishing back to the Mobian Academy. Basil then utilized his Scout teleport ability to return to Agumon's office.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Within Agumon's office, Myrdramon, Glitter, Sony and Slick were having a discussion with Agumon about Basil when the human boy suddenly appeared in their midst. "Um, hi guys." And in the next instant before any of them responded to his greeting, all five non-humans sniffed the air at the same time but only Slick sniffed at Basil's pants. "That's the source, guys."

      Agumon then got up and he escorted Basil out of his office and down to the school shower room where he had the boy strip and take a decent shower with soap. "So who introduced you to sex?" asked the school principal.

      Basil replied while lathering up good and washing his groin thoroughly. "My third partner, Stripe the two-tailed Mobian Skunk. I had a hard on after creating him and I was so embarrassed. I apologized to him for making him so attractive and charming. And he gave me a blow job to show he wasn't upset with me."

      Agumon giggled. "You crossed Tails with Geoffrey St. John?"

      Basil blushed again. "Along with a sexy Mexican accent, the garb of a Native American and... the fur colors of the Norse God Hel. You know... the guy with the flap in Hazardous Materials back on Earth?"

      Agumon laughed. "With all that, I am surprised you didn't spooge right in the game shop even without the fellatio."

      "I almost did. I was so embarrassed that I went that far with a character creation."

      "People often indulge with far less on their plate. What games did you choose?"

      Basil said, "Lunar Gaiden, as you know. I actually got Skywatch's partner card."

      Agumon then said, "There have been some sleazy bullies trying to get his card since the game first came out."

      "I heard part of what they said before they left; they think they can kill the player and then claim the card."

      Agumon shook his head. "It doesn't work that way; the moment you died, the card would vanish back into the system and they couldn't get it back unless they input the code you used."

      Basil then said, "The second game is Six Hoofs Over Jackland or as it is known in the lesser circles, Battlecard Jackland."

      Agumon turned the boy to face him. "Be very careful in Jackland; Medina is investigating player disappearances. You will likely encounter Dr. Joanie Zamak in the game world."

      Basil replied, "I guess that might explain why Doug the Donkey is lonely."

      Agumon said, "Just be his friend and be careful in Jackland."

      Basil then said, "Game number three is Mobo Zero."

      Agumon replied, "That one is supposed to be a lot of fun. Geoffrey St. John governs over the game itself."

      Basil said, "I was afraid that Stripe was going to hate me for making him so charming. But he said he didn't hate me since I invented his whole tribe."

      Agumon then said, "Lets get you rinsed off, dried, dressed, and off to your last hour class with the rest of your friends who were worried about you." And then the rinsing occurred before Agumon used a blow dryer to dry the human boy before toweling off the rest, and then Basil gathered and put on his clothes as well as his Partner Bracer.

      Basil was soon standing with Myrdramon and the others at the door to the final hour class. Basil took a moment to greet Slick and Sony.

      Sony said, "Those Multi-Partner bracers are super cool, aren't they? My sister Aurora and my brothers Vision and Nomad assisted Zecma, the Imp Brothers, Finnpaw and Raluta as well as his father Rao as the Dream team of all game creation dream teams to put this bracer together and make it work properly. They got tired of all of the idiot challenges that were occurring with Battlecard games that were causing property damages in the middle of city streets, in school hallways and more rarely, in church pews on Sunday when players who were forced to attend services got bored. When receiving a challenge, you can either decline the challenge or accept it and then... the challenger and you are transported to the game world in question where the match progresses along with a disembodied match narrator to give a play by play to the action that occurs. He also awards scoring at the end of the match before making sure both players and their partners get returned exactly to where they had been before entering the game world. So if they were in church before, they will still be in church when they return."

      Slick then said, "As long as you can physically see another player in the same area as yourself whether you can see their bracer or not, you can ask your bracer's narrator to send the other player by name a challenge. And yes, when you are by yourself, you can have a nice chat with the game match narrator. They are quite social."

      Basil remarked, "Sounds like a good combination. And I like the idea of being able to talk to the game match narrator just for fun. Anyway guys, let's get into class and try to have some fun." And then they all entered the last hour class doorway.

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Within the last hour class, Basil had Doug back out where he was sitting with his partner as they looked over amusement park ride pictures. "Agumon told me about the missing people reports happening within Jackland. I'll help you with your dream as long as I don't join the missing people list. Which I may have a way out of thanks to my partner Skywatch. I know you are lonely, Doug, and you have no one back home. I will strive to make your time with me as enjoyable as possible."

        "Doug, is there a time difference in Jackland as opposed to here?"

        "Yes, Basil. Three days in Jackland is equal to one hour here in Montropolis. Or rather seventy two hours in Jackland is one hour here. That is the equivalent to three full twenty four hour days being equal to one hour in Anime World. That would be a three day weekend in Jackland at a carnival and you would only be gone for one hour to spend time with me."

        Basil asked, "What would you like to do with our hour, Doug?"

        Doug smiled as he gave Basil a kiss, "You can share form and then we can go spend some time at my place in Jackland. Once you learn my farm, you can return there as your base arrival locale during future visits. Plus, I want to show you a good time."

        Basil smiled back as he activated his Share Form power and changed into a look-alike of Doug seconds before sharing the partner powers with his donkey partner. And then the two of them vanished out of the last hour class as they arrived at Doug's farm where they appeared in a warm stall that Doug lived in. Since Doug's form was a nude one, Basil was also in the nude at this point. Doug then proceeded toward showing his partner a sexually fun good time in the warm hay filled stall. This would literally be Basil's first time getting male/male sexual experience with anyone. But since he was in a donkeymon's body much like his partner, everything fit well and he received no pain whatsoever. Not to mention... it was a lot of fun.

        Doug grunt-brayed as he made his partner quite sticky with his fluids. "This is your first time doing something like this, isn't it?"

        Basil replied, "Stripe gave me a blow job but yes, this is the first time I've ever done something like this, Doug. I am surprised that I am liking this. How do you feel though?"

        Doug smiled. "I don't feel lonely with you here, Basil. I hope you aren't mad that I am pumping my fluids inside of your backside like this; I will let you do me next. We have plenty of time left over. Maybe your other partners will let you try them if you ask nicely."

        Backtracking a few hours to when Basil last saw his brother Valiance (Vale.)

        Monday brought forth the first day of school for the boys. Lorraine and Karen were staying at the farm house, while Samuel had already left for work in Mystic Glen. The boys were at the courier box awaiting their buses. And Basil was wearing the lucky clothes that Captain Rabbit had given him.

        Vale grinned when he saw his 'bus' coming. Except it wasn't a bus at all; it was one of Arden's Pizza delivery vans. "Looks like I'm riding to school with delicious scents, Basil. I bet you have a clunky old school bus." But Vale was about to lose his smile entirely.

        Digiporting in from seemingly nowhere was the famous blue furred Digimon, Garurumon. And he had a saddle on his back without a rider. "Which one of you boys is Basil?" he asked.

        Basil raised his hand with a grin. "That's me. But you don't look like a clunky old school bus." Then he winked and made a pointed motion secretly toward his brother.

        Garurumon laughed. "I sure hope not, Basil. I'm your personal daily escort to school from now on. Aren't I the lucky wolf?"

        Vale was of course very JEALOUS! Not only did he have to SHARE a ride to school in the pizza van, but his ride had to stay on the roads. He huffed and got into the pizza van.

        En route to his school, Vale sat moodily in his seat not really paying attention to anyone until a soft poof occurred in his lap and looking up at him was Lezco the Genie Fox.

        "Why the long face, oh super nice petter of foxy fur?"

        Vale couldn't help but to smile at that point. The last time he had seen the Genie Fox was when his brother Basil had made a wish to not only get their father a new job, but to get the whole family moved to Anime World into a new house. "Hiiii, Lezco! I thought you would be watching Basil since he was the one who made the wish."

        Lezco smiled back. "He may have freed me from the animal trap, but you were the one who petted on my fur when he was trying to decide what to wish for. And I like getting petties from a nice boy. Thus I came to check on you. So why are you pouting?"

        Vale told Lezco about that morning and how Basil's ride to school was the Digimon, Garurumon; while he had to share a ride to school in the pizza van transport.

        Lezco licked Vale's fingers. "He only got that ride for this first day. Tomorrow he will go to school by the alternate method. If you got jealous, then it was deliberate. The other school whines about sibling rivalry and then they pull tricks like this to force siblings to get jealous. But don't worry; I stay with you throughout the day."

        Vale rubbed his hands all over the Genie Fox's body and groin. "I am glad you are here, Lezco. Where are you going to cling to me while I am in classes?"

        Lezco grinned. "Inside your shorts is fine with me, sexy boy." And he transformed into pink smoke and vanished into the teen age boy's pants. "See? There is plenty of room in here for a foxy like me."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Upon arriving at the Mystic High schooling system, Vale got out of the van and he saw all of the young Pizza Hounds entering the school along with the anime human and monster students. "I think I got pouty a little too soon, Lezco. This school might be a lot of fun."

          Lezco smirked. "You can thank me in bed later."

          Sitting in Principal Sunpaw's office, Vale said to the golden furred Angelhound, "I am Valiance Douglas, although I usually go by Vale to my friends. My father is the new wharf master here in Mystic Glen. I got sent to your school due to Montropolis' silly sibling rivalry rule. My mom thinks the rule is very silly. But once I saw what kind of people were here, I was not so put off by attending here. Are there any special preparations I need to make before I choose my classes, sir?"

          Sunpaw stood up and padded around the desk to look up at Vale. "Before you choose your classes, we require you to go fetch your gift partners from the local gaming shop just down the street. I will provide you with a gift certificate to acquire the official partner game of choice, Houndimon Olympics, as well as two other partners of your own choice. When you have chosen your partners, return to the school and I will assist you in the selection of your classes. Regardless, you are to have Anime Physics in your first hour, Partner Training is an arena in your last hour class." Sunpaw handed Vale the gift certificate and told him what gaming shop to look for down the street. "Mystic Glen has three gaming shops; the one the school supports is the one you are going to; the gift certificate will only work there. If you do look in the other game shops and you see a partner you want, you will have to use your own money to purchase that partner. See you when you return from Gold Medal Games."

          Holding his gift certificate, Vale left the school with permission and began walking down toward where the shops were based at. When the Gold Medal Games shop came into view, Vale also noticed the second game shop just across the street. "Maverick Adventure Games. That doesn't sound awful, but why doesn't the school support them? I wonder where the third game shop is located?" Walking past the gaming shops, Vale soon reached a dismal alleyway between two buildings where he was about to return to the aforementioned school approved game shop when he noticed just down the alleyway on one wall a faded sign which read, Shadow Ware Games, the place for the only truly fun games in Mystic Glen. There was a windowless door on the other side of the sign. Vale smiled when he saw that sign. "Now that sounds exciting. I will check them out before I go use the free games certificate. I just hope they aren't too expensive." And he started walking down the alleyway; although as he walked toward the shop, he got that distinct feeling that he was being watched by alert eyes yet he couldn't see anyone around him. As he reached the door, he opened it and stepped inside what appeared otherwise to be a standard gaming shop. It simply didn't have any front windows. The clerk at the counter looked like an orange glowing eyed two-foot tall fox kit wearing a game shop tee shirt and nothing else. "This must be the place. I hope the advertising is right about the games in here."

          The magical fox smiled when he heard the boy speak after entering the shop itself. "Tell me what you seek and if you show me a good time, I could give you a massive discount off of the price of the games you want. What's on your sexy mind, boy?"

          Vale chuckled. "Why does every fox I have ever met think that I am sexy?"

          The magical fox grinned in a winning way. "I guess we just have good taste, young man. So what is your story?"

          Introducing himself by his full name to the gaming fox and what he likes to be called by his friends, he then retold the story of how his family got to move into the local area and of the Sibling Rivalry shit that even his mother is suspicious of. "And then Principal Sunpaw said that I had to go to Gold Medal Games to pick up my three free partners but I had to get a default partner from the game of choice supported by the school... a game called Houndimon Olympics. And sad to say, that game does not sound all that fun to me. I think playing in an animal breeding pit would be more fun than training my partner to play in the area Olympics."

          The magical fox quietly giggled before petting one paw-hand over Vale's arm. "And you would be right on all fronts. The Sibling Rivalry is something that Montropolis High made up to get the upper hand over area schools. In all honesty, Vale, do you really think that Lord Arden would allow Sibling Rivalry to exist in his personal city? A place where your father works at the docks in a top paying position? So believe me when I say that the whole thing is bogus. And as for Houndimon Olympics. It isn't just the game of choice for the school; it is the game of choice for the city. But again, you are right in your guess about it. The game can be extremely boring for a nice sexy boy like you. However... there are some shadowy ways of getting around having a boring canine in that game. I'll tell you how to put one over their system if you drop your pants and underwear and fill my bottom with your cock and semen. The more you give me, the larger the discount I will grant you off the cost of the games you buy in my shop. I will even go you one step further... I will let you work for me part-time whenever you need some extra cash. And you will be my newest friend. What do you say?"

          If Vale had been more alert, he might have realized that this whole offer sounded as trappy as Hell. But the offer of a discount, a part-time job, and an instant friendship got the better of him as he dropped his clothes from the waist down and he proceeded to mount the magical foxy with his erect penis. He really wanted the rewards being completely unaware of the trouble he would soon be in. Within the hour, Vale found himself unable to stop filling the foxy's insides with his personal life fluids; it almost felt like he was being drained of everything that made him human. But damn it... it felt so good. Near the end of the sexual session with the magical fox, a small full-color devil horned fox head appeared directly over Vale's tail-bone permanently to mark his agreement to the Clerk's offer. "Man... I feel so drained. As if I had skipped breakfast or something. And I know I had seconds. Are you okay, mister foxy clerk? I didn't hurt you, did I? I guess I really do like foxies."

          The magical fox replied, "I'm finer than I have ever been, Vale, or rather I should say, part-time employee and new best friend. And now... for my part of the bargain. I will let you choose any three games and partners out of my shop for free. They remain free as long as you have sex with me once a week say on the weekends or after hours. As for putting one over on the Houndimon Olympics game at Gold Medal Games, when you enter the game booth, in the promotion code box type without spaces the word, 'shadowwareoverride'. Spelled S.H.A.D.O.W.W.A.R.E.O.V.E.R.R.I.D.E. in lower case letters. Doing this will permit you to select canine partners from the vulpine list which is normally locked to high school players. In fact, if you use this same code in any game shops' game booths, you will get access to college ranked species for partners as if you were an adult. You cannot beat that... having an advanced partner before you have permission to get them. And the game serial numbers are legit; so if Sunpaw checks to see if the partners are legal, he will learn that you indeed used the gift certificate he provided and then he will simply have to permit you to have your partners. Otherwise, he will be in trouble with the Gaming Commission. As for your work for me, ask your brother after school what games he acquired at the other school and let me know what he said, and I will acquire those game booths for my shop so as to help other players get more fun partners instead of boring and dull partners. By the way, Vale... my name is Vules Pez."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Within the Shadow Ware Games shop, Vale searched through the booths until he found games that sounded like they would be fun. Inside the first booth which had the title of Knotting Buccaneers, Vale inserted the code Vules had provided him with and then he began looking over the offered buccaneer species in the game. What caught his direct attention was a large almost Biker Mice from Mars sized Throttle look-alike wearing pirate clothes and armors. Complete with the pirate weapons. Once he settled on the species, he was asked to give the partner a 'knautical' sounding name. Thinking over all the nautical terms he was familiar with, he named the new rodent pirate as Moonraker Trice, a six foot tall pirate sea rat with a compassionate love for his assigned partners.

            Vale's next stop was in a game booth called, Wind Boosters. According to the on screen instructions, these were partners involved in gambling races, although they were also combat capable as well. Inputting the override code, Vale starting looking over the more adult choices in the game. He eventually settled on a sports car sized armored quadruped dragon fox with a pension for racing, casino cards, and lottery games. Vale's partner had dark red fur with black armor which he named, Speed Jack-O'-Lotto.

            Vale's final stop was in a game booth called, Arabian Gay-Dens. What drew his attention to this booth was the fact that the artwork matched Lezco's genie fox outfit. After inputting the override code into the promotional code box, Vale designed a tall slender genie fox wearing the Arabian prince clothing of Aladdin the overall coloration of this partner was of a psychedelic pattern that could entice opponents into presenting themselves sexually. Vale named this partner as, Lets Go-To-Bed.

            The surnames were not so important, but if you had a dirty mind, a player might assume the wrong thing. Vale took his card choices up to Vules at the front desk. "These are the partners I chose, Vules. Will I get a card launcher or how will this work otherwise?"

            Vules smiled at the naughty partners that Vale had unwittingly chosen. "When you use the gift certificate at Gold Medal Games, show the partners chosen there to the clerk and he will provide you with an official card launcher safety bracer. You will need it for your sixth hour class. I cannot offer you one since ours have the shops' name on them and Sunpaw would know that you came here first. Besides, our card launchers are very expensive and I cannot give a discount on them. Here's what you do... put your free SWG partner cards into your pants pocket for now. Then when you acquire your free card launcher and load up the Gold Medal Games choices, leave the shop and return to my alleyway and then load up the partners you got from me. Remember... speed is going to be as big as a sports car. And when you activate your partners, they appear in the area with you the first time so they can share a partner ability with you. If you choose to visit Maverick Adventure Games, I would advise that you only get one partner from there since you will have to pay full price for the partners you get. And the partner price in there runs between Fifty and One Hundred dollars. Although the override code could reduce the price slightly but you would still have to pay a pretty penny for those games. Now get your underwear and pants back on, give me a muzzle kiss and get going. You have been in my shop for several hours. It is almost noon. Sunpaw will forgive you if you come back to school late. Just tell him that it was hard to make partner choices since they all looked so good. Let me wash your penis so the nosy hound doesn't detect my scent on you." And he helped Vale to get freshened and clean.

            Vale got back into his clothes at that point and he was out the door to go check out Maverick Adventure Games. Within the shop across the street from Gold Medal Games, Vale chose to call the school to explain that he was having trouble choosing free partners because of how good they all seemed to be and he would try to return to the school before the school day ended. Now it was time to see just how good the Maverick games were. When he saw the price tags, he checked his card account and realized as Vules suspected that he only had enough money to purchase one Maverick partner card. He would have little left after that. Probably enough for a quick lunch at Arden's Pizza and that would be pushing it at best.

            Checking out a gaming booth with the title of Young Fury, Vale found that this Battlecard game permitted a player to play a superhero of their own design who could participate in actual superhero activities as if they were the actual hero instead of the partner card. When suited up, the player was the custom hero; when powered down, the player returned to normal. Many species were allowed in this game; all players were given entry level membership in the Justice Fury team in Heroes Reach under Captain Rabbit himself (a hero his family had gotten to meet just last Sunday.) Vale used the override code and he designed a pouched Devi-Fox Blacksmith partner which he named Artifox.

            He then took the card he had just received up to the clerk who rang up the purchase. "Young Fury partner with the Douglas family discount as indicated by Lord Arden brings the final sale price up to thirty-five dollars and eighty-nine cents."

            Vale asked, "What is the Douglas family discount? No one told our family about this."

            The Hellhound clerk said, "Lord Arden said that as long as your father worked for his docks, the entire family would receive this discount. So at the old partner card price... with the discount, you could afford to pick up a second partner from our shop at the normal price for a single partner. If you wish to go select another partner, I can wait here, stud muffins."

            Vale said as he was heading back to the game booths. "This is the third time today that a canine thinks that I am sexy stud. I cannot figure out what they are seeing in me."

            The clerk remarked, "Did someone place a spell on you, Valiance? I am detecting some sort of claim magic on your body."

            Vale honestly said, "Vules made an offer to me which I completed in exchange for some free partners from his shop. Did I make a mistake?"

            The Hellhound clerk asked, "Did he ask you to have sex with him?"

            Vale looked at the canine clerk who obviously nailed it. "Yes."

            The clerk said, "You go choose your second partner. I have to make a phone call. Please do not leave the shop." And he returned to his desk and picked up the phone and started tapping in an emergency number.

            Vale returned to the game booths not really sure what the big deal was.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Vale suddenly afraid that they would make him give up his newly acquired partners, knew that he needed to get a card launcher immediately. So he sneaked out the back door of the Maverick shop and he circled around and entered Gold Medal Games to get his free partners from there.

              Once he was inside the game shop, he waved and smiled at the sexy Devil Mouse sitting at the counter showing his gift certificate in hand. "Sunpaw sent me to pick up some new partners for school. I'll be needing a card launcher when I make my choices."

              The Devil Mouse looked over his notes. "Vale Douglas, right?" When the boy nodded his head, the muse continued. "Sunpaw called ahead and said to give you this official multi-partner card launcher. Place it on your left wrist with the card slot pointed toward your elbow, window side up. When you claim a partner card, slide it head first and picture side up into the slot and then tap the window and say the word 'Activate'. Have fun choosing your partners, Vale. Sunpaw said you liked to be called Vale."

              Vale put on the Card Launcher and then he went into the back to quickly look over the game choices. He couldn't help but to see the Houndimon Olympics game booth which had a 'school approved' sticker on the side of the booth. he went in and entered the override code into the promotional code space. And as he was told, he saw the vulpine foxy partner choices. He still felt cheated to have to accept a partner for a game that was being forced upon him. Knowing that he had little time, he surfed over to a Hellhoundimon that had the Hellfoximon coloration and whose history explained that the species was the cross between a Houndimon and a Hellfoximon, which resulted in a stud of a sexy Hellhoundimon with the parent species' colors. Vale chose to name this partner, Tarknot. Then he inserted the card into his launcher and he touched the picture and said, "Activate!" And in a flash, Tarknot was in the booth with Vale embracing the boy and deeply kissing boy on the mouth. "Hi partner. You are a smart partner. I now share my Mimic Partner and World Teleport abilities with you. This will let you change into our forms whenever you like and the ability to teleport between your world and our homes at will. I should go back into the card now. See you soon, sexy." And he vanished.

              Vale then went into another game booth. The game was called, Devils & Dragons. Using the Override code, Vale accessed the college selection of partners. Crafting his dragon proved that the game may have been misnamed since the Devil references was actually dessert products; Devil's Food Cake. His hard chocolate scaled dragon was full of sticky gooey rich fudge brownie mix on the inside of his slit. And he smelled delicious. Vale named the dragon, Browniemon. He then inserted the card into his launcher and he touched the picture and said, "Activate!" And in a flash, Browniemon was in the booth with Vale embracing the boy and deeply kissing boy on the mouth. "Hi partner. I am glad you didn't make me as big as normal dragons, but my insides have inter-dimensional spacing. I now share my Convert Items to Chocolate and Water Walking abilities with you. This will let you change anything into the chocolate of your choice whenever you like and the ability to walk on any liquid without sinking. I need to return to Candyland now. See you soon, sexy." And he vanished back into the card.

              Vale entered the last booth at this point. The name of the game was Mobo Zero. On the the message on screen read as follows... "So you want to join the Mobotropolis Mobian Defense Force? This is the sign up office. In this game world, Sonic the Hedgehog was killed by Dr. Eggman. (I never liked Sonic anyway; he was such a show-off and his final moments simply proved it.) Now we need cadets like you to help protect Princess Sally Acorn. When you are ready to start, type a partner name into the box and click continue. The name Sonic or any form of the name is reserved in memorandum and is thus restricted from choosing. Even Anton can get this part right; don't prove you are lamer than his French coyote's tail." Vale looked at the message before using the Override code in the box first and then typing in the name of his future partner. Bounce. He then hit continue. On the next screen were the words, choose a species or mix and match parts from two species. When you are satisfied with your final choice, click continue; then you can choose colors. Below those words were rotation capable species pictures of every Mobian Species known to exist. Vale was glad for choice number two, since it made making the partner character easier. He chose a Mobian pouched Devil Kangaroo. When Vale was done making the marsupial boy, he hit continue and there were questions that read, Is your partner male or female and how tall should they be. He clicked Gay male and then he made the kangaroo six feet tall with a large tail as well as having a pouch cock in addition to his outward anatomical tools. Then came the color choices. He chose to make the kangaroo a combination of colors that looked hot on him. "Yummy!" So the new Kangaroo ended up with a coloration of caramel and chocolate with a creamy white undercoat. Vale was really starting to get aroused and horny.

              After clicking continue, the next inquiry was made. Before joining the academy, what was your partner's native clothing like? Please choose a uniform from those pictured. Vale scrolled through the choices before finding a match of a black leather vest with a bandoleer of utility pouches and a red headband around his forehead. When it came to the starting weapons, Vale chose the boomerang, a hunting spear, and a standard lasso. After hitting continue, the question above a massive list was shown. What is the one Mobian power your partner and all of his people back home have. Super Speed has been purposely removed to sustain game balance. If this turns you lamers off, please click exit and all of your choices will be erased. Vale like his brother thought that was a fair warning as he chose Dimension Hopping. After clicking continue, there was a brief message, "It seems we have some smarter cadets this time around." And then the screen changed to the question, Using the drop-down menu, choose the nationality of your partner. This will effect his accent when he speaks. If you are easily offended by national accents, then please hit exit immediately. Vale naturally chose Outback Australian. Selecting that choice, he clicked continue. That is when he saw the words which read, present your payment voucher or credit card and welcome to Mobo Zero.

              When he slid the gift certificate through the gift reader, a message appeared on screen which read, "Young man, I am the real Geoffrey St. John. Using that code is not really fair. But I can tell that some parts of the game may not be at your level of management. Choosing a kangaroo was creative. Even though I don't like humans much, I will give you a chance. You act just like Shadow the Hedgehog." And then the Bounce partner card emerged from the terminal slot quietly. Vale took the card and he inserted it into his card launcher where after he tapped the window and said, "Activate."

              In the next instant, the Aussie dressed Mobian Devil Kangaroo appeared in the booth with him and said in that sexy accent, "Thank yas deeply, mate. From now on, yas and Ah are an unstoppable pair. Ah come from a tribe of Dreamtime Warriors; therefore, Ah will grant yas my species ability of Dreamtime Door which yas may use to come visit me in my digital Mobian world. Ah try not to 'ave sex in public, so Ah insist upon a rain check for now. But later, call on me and we will learning just 'ow good yas really are."

              Vale hugged Bounce and said, "You can call me Vale or Valley, but you are the only one I am allowing to call me Valley. Talk to you later." And Bounce returned to the card.

              Vale returned to the front of the shop where he told the Devil Mouse what choices he made before heading out the door and returning to the alleyway in front of Shadow Ware Games. Once he arrived there, he brought out his other three partner cards and began inserting them into his launcher. Moonraker Trice, a six foot tall pirate sea rat with a compassionate love for his assigned partners was first. He was a sly partner who had a sly ability. He gave Share Partner Powers ability to Vale.

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Next up was Speed Jack-O'-Lotto, a Dark Red furred black armored Dragon Fox, who shared the Gaming Knowledge and Casino Skills abilities with the boy. And finally, Lets Go-To-Bed, a tall slender genie fox wearing the Arabian prince clothing of Aladdin with the overall coloration of a psychedelic pattern that could entice opponents into presenting themselves sexually. Lets shared his Gay Romantic Persuasion and Genie Magic ability with his partner before vanishing back into the card.

                Vale then used his new teleport power to appear back inside Maverick Games where he emerged from a bathroom and he stepped into a game booth called Caring Cousins based on the anime TV show, it said. Inside, Vale created a dragon wolf with the belly badge symbol of a compass over a flame. The overall coloration was black with pale glowing Yellow eyes that could turn red when danger threatened. He named the partner, Blazefinder. He acquired the card and inserted it into his card launcher before activating it as quietly as he could. Blazefinder appeared in the booth with him grinning. "You are a clever one, Master. I now share the ability to never get lost and to summon any partner cards you have ever created even if they are taken away from you. What you made, you get to keep, Master." And then he was back in the card once again.

                Vale then summoned the Artifox card to his hand and he inserted it into his card launcher before activating it. Instead of his partner appearing, Vale transformed into Artifox in the fur. He checked himself out before transforming himself back to normal. And then Vale as a human emerged to walk back up to the counter at the front of the shop. En route, he pulled out the two cards and when he arrived at the counter, he placed the cards down where the Artifox card had been laying originally. "I found another partner to claim, sir. From the Caring Cousins game."

                The Hellhound clerk was no longer on the phone and he rang up the two purchases which came to an even fifty dollars. "Lord Arden went to talk to Vules Pez about the claim magic. He asked me to tell you to stay here until he finds out who cast that spell. I am sorry if this is inconveniencing you currently. But for my benefit, I get to look at a very attractive boy."

                Since he now owned the cards, Vale inserted them into his card Launcher. The clerk didn't try to see how many partners he truly had. "How come you think I am attractive?"

                The Hellhound clerk said, "Because I am both gay and single. I have no boyfriends although I would make an exception to be able to date a human."

                Vale said, "Is that what's going on? All the male hounds in Mystic Glen are hard up for a boyfriend and because I am the new guy in town of the right age, I am the lucky potential date? I am flattered, but I am afraid I might get hurt by some of you guys' cocks and knots. The only hound who didn't try to get down my pants when initially meeting me was Principal Sunpaw. But I have to assume there is a reason he is exempt. Right?"

                The Hellhound clerk slyly grinned. "Sunpaw is already married and his wife would kill him if he tried to dump her for human tushie. So he resisted because of the marriage link." The Hellhound hugged the boy and said, "If it turns out that Vules did not place a spell on you, then he wins the new boy. But any deception at all will null any deal he gave you and then you will owe him for anything you got for free from him. As you just saw from the prices in my shop, depending upon the ranking of partners you acquire, their initial price can be sky high."

                Vale then told the clerk the truth about the override code that Vules told him about to get higher ranking partners from any game booth in any shop.

                The Hellhound clerk looked worried at that point as he said, "You better let me look at those partners so I can determine their ranking value based on their ID codes. Unless I am wrong, which I rarely am not, then you are in a lot of trouble with the value of these partners which you cannot afford." And as Vale began to comply with the request, the Hellhound continued. "Permit me to explain the value increase based on the kinds of partners a player can acquire versus what they would normally cost. Gold Medal Games provides High School ranked partners which have a value rank of between Five and Twenty dollars per partner. This is why the school supports GMG's shop. They can afford the cover cost of that. The most that a player has ever gotten through that shop were three Thirty dollar partners. See? Not even a hundred dollars but that student had to agree to join the schools' tournaments to pay back the school for the value ranking of the partners acquired. As you might guess, there is a money award involved in the tournaments which the school gets a percentage of when you win. You still get quite a bit, but that percentage pays for your high ranking partners within reason. Without the code you used, you could have gotten partners of that rank. Maverick Adventure Games provide partners of the College ranking for college students. Without the code, the value of these partners range between Fifty and One Hundred dollars per partner. With the Lord Arden family discount you would have gotten anyway, the prices are Fifteen percent less. Shadow Ware Games provide adult sexual partners intended for players old enough to no longer be associated with any educational institution. The normal price of their partners without the override code are as follows: Five Hundred dollars for a sexually interested Virgin partner whom is willing to learn sex at the same time you do; Five Thousand dollars for a sexually capable horny partner willing to take you down mating road; Ten Thousand dollars for a over-sexual 'Your Ass Is Mine' domineering partner. The Override code automatically raises the minimum rank up to the next potential ranking level."

                Vale sighed. "Then I am as good as fucked the first time one of my partners wants to have fun with me. I knew it was too good to be true. How much in debt am I?"

                Lord Arden came in with Vules Pez and one of Red Rabbit Officers just as the MAG Hellhound clerk was tallying up the value of the partners. "Tarknot is valued at Fifty dollars; Browniemon is valued at One Hundred dollars; Bounce is valued at Fifty dollars; Artifox has a value of Five Hundred dollars; Blazefinder has a value of Ten Thousand dollars simply because of what one of his abilities is; Moonraker Trice has a value of Ten Thousand dollars thanks to the override code you used in Vules' own shop; Speed Jack-O'-Lotto has a value of Twenty Thousand dollars thanks to the code you used; And finally, Lets Go-To-Bed has a value of Twenty Thousand dollars with the code. Therefore the total even before the Arden's family Fifteen percent discount is... Sixty Thousand Seven Hundred dollars and with the Arden Discount, the price is reduced to... Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Five dollars. Even according to the laws on Kazma's Anime World, this makes for an illegal entrapment case. There is no way even with the tournaments for you to pay off an amount of that size."

                Vules then said, "However, you are missing one important point, Maggie. I told Vale that any partners he acquired from my shop would be completely free as long as he was my part-time employee and he entertained me once a week. I didn't coerce him to agree to my offer, but I also did not expect him to use the code in my own shop."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Vules then continued, "I specifically told him to use the codes in the other shops. I guess he went overboard with the code. I should have explained it better to him. Even if you revoke his partners, he is still going to be in trouble since he has likely already shared his partner powers with himself as well as any other partner he acquired. The price of Detox is going to make the cards seem like chicken feed. And finally, Arden and the Red Rabbit were able to determine that I had nothing to do with the fox-attraction spell that is on Vale. Someone else cast that spell on the boy. That's why he so easily agreed to fuck me when I asked for it; but I was distracted or else I might have noticed that he agreed with my terms too easily and too quickly without lawyering up."

                  Maggie remarked, "So even with your waiving the costs off of the partners acquired in your shop as long as he has sex with you and works part-time in your shop, Vale is still going to owe a lot of money that even with a part-time job, he is not going to be able to afford. Yet that still leaves whomever cast that spell on Vale originally." He turned to the boy and asked, "Had you known any other talking foxes before arriving on Anime World?"

                  Vules said, "If I pull out of the offer I made to the boy, then any lord can buy off his debt and then none of us will ever have access to the nice boy. I actually like Vale."

                  The Red Rabbit officer said, "The first thing we need to do is to place an anti-buy-out marker on the boy's soul so no sleazy lord can buy off the debt this boy now owes. Give me a moment to do this."

                  As the Red Rabbit started to do this, Vale replied to Maggie's question, "Our being here on Kazma's LAW is due to Lezco the Genie Fox's involvement with my kid brother Basil Douglas whom is attending Montropolis High where I could have gone if it weren't for the Sibling Rivalry rule."

                  Lord Arden, every clerk, and the Red Rabbit all said as one, "LEZCO?!"

                  Vale arched an eye. "What? You guys are reacting as if he is the worst fox my family could have met!"

                  Lord Arden sighed. "King Kazma was also likely distracted since Captain Rabbit was involved in helping your family to make the move. Recruiter Lord Lezco is the right-paw fox lord to Devil fox Emperor Reynard Toddrick, ruler of the Underworld Fox Haven of Vulpernum. It is normally his job to transform a victim into a fox and then dump the newly created fox into an orgy in the home realm where the victim slowly forgets his old life and becomes a Devil Fox completely just like all the other over-sexually active Fell Foxes in the Underworld. Lezco had been caught by Captain Rabbit legally and he bartered with the rabbit hero to be free in exchange for granting twelve Christmas wishes to deserving good human children. Although originally Captain Rabbit could only provide a list of eleven names and the hero suggested that the genie fox used his best judgment to find a twelfth youngster to help. Lezco was so busy fulfilling these wishes, he never noticed when Captain Rabbit added another name to the list to make it a twelve name list. When Lezco completed the list, he made a red X through the list without counting the names and then he went back out to fulfill the last duty of his deal with the hero, not realizing that he had completed the contract. That is where your family entered this tale, Vale. Basil had been about to run away from home in the dead of Winter to join the circus just after your dad lost his job and then the family couldn't pay off the mortgage on the house. You people were flat broke. You had gone after your brother to protect him and then Lezco showed up to offer a heart-felt wish to Basil since he saw your brother first. While Basil was deciding how to word the wish, you petted all over Lezco because he reminded you of a bedroom plush you used to own before the family fell on hard times. Thus, you became Lezco's newest focus. Despite Basil getting the wish for your family, you treated Lezco nicely and he wanted to return the favor by giving you part of his own magic. But something must have went wrong because no one can find Lezco at the moment. He's missing and his energy aura is on the fox-attraction spell that is on you at the moment. Am I right, Officer Rabbit?"

                  The Red Rabbit officer nodded his head. "You are right, Lord Arden. And further, I am having a problem placing the buy-out protection on Vale. I keep getting a message saying that I don't have Vale's master's permission to cast this effect upon him."

                  Vules said, "Then the Claim Magic that Maggie detected is what is preventing the protection from being applied to Vale to protect him from being bought. If Lezco cast this spell, then only the idiot Genie Fox can undo it. If it isn't one thing its another. When did you last see Lezco, Vale?"

                  Vale retold what his appearance in the pizza van transport revealed. "...and when I last saw him, was when he changed into pink smoke as he went inside my underwear. After that, I couldn't even sense nor hear him."

                  Vules said, "But when you dropped your pants and undershorts for me, he was obviously not in your shorts. He wasn't even hilted on your cock. But wait... It is a possibility if he made the common mistake that Imps and Devil Mice make when they teleport into a boy's underwear..."

                  Maggie arched an eye. "What mistake is that? Mice and Imps tend not to tell people about their mistakes."

                  Vules looked Lord Arden in the eye as he replied, "When an imp or devil mouse first attempts this without practice of knowing the arrival zone, they sometimes accidentally merge themselves with the penis of the boy even though that is not their intention. Effectively the reason no one can find Lezco is that Vale is in fact Lezco or after sharing his magic with Vale, he was cummed out of the boy through his penis when he fucked me. And since I cannot detect Lezco inside of me, then the first option is more likely... that is unless Emperor Reynard didn't simply summon his citizen back to the Underworld the moment he sensed his right-paw fox in some sort of trouble."

                  Lord Arden opened his briefcase to reveal a laptop monitor which he turned on.

                  "This is Lord Arden calling Emperor Reynard in Vulpernum. I have an inquiry about your citizen Recruiter Lord Lezco whom is missing. He cast a spell on one of our rescued family boys whom he said he liked and now we cannot undo the mistake he made. Is Lezco indeed in the home realm? And if he is, why can't we detect his whereabouts?" In the blink of an eye, areal stud of a muscular fox appeared in the shop. He was wearing shiny jewelry and he had a single silver ring on his finger. His groin had an obvious bulge in his sheath. "Thank you for calling me, Arden. I have been out of touch with Lezco since Captain Rabbit caught him. May I examine the boy that Lezco cast his spell on?" Vale stepped forward and shook Reynard's firm hand. "I am Valiance Douglas, the boy that Lezco cast his spell on."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Vale then said, "Everyone is saying that it is a fox-attraction spell. But since I like foxes anyway, I don't know what the spell was supposed to do."

                    Reynard examined Vale's body giving him light kiss on his lips and then he knelt down and as he pulled the boy's pants and undershorts open to reveal his penis and sac where the fox emperor licked the boy's arousal. And then he arched an eye as he tasted the extremity again. "Strange... Yes, Lezco made a big mistake. Have you ever been transformed even temporarily into a fox species? Think back carefully, Vale."

                    Maggie then said, "Vale... did you activate your Artifox partner card briefly after you purchased the partner?"

                    Vale showed the partner card to Reynard as he replied, "Yes, I did activate this card and I was briefly in his body before I returned to normal."

                    Reynard looked over each of the partners and when he saw the Arabian Gay-Dens partner card of Lets Go-To-Bed, her realized what the Genie Fox had done. "Oh, Lezco... what have you done?" He then looked to Vale once again. "Vale, Lezco transferred his citizenship to you instead of part of his magical powers as he intended. And then he got merged into your Card Launcher."

                    Vale then asked, "Could you teach me how to undo the Claim Magic he cast on me. I could give you a body rub in exchange for this help."

                    Reynard said, "I could teach you that as well as how to bring Lezco back from where he had sent himself. Sadly, the citizenship he gave you cannot be reversed. He made that permanent. But I think your bringing him back and watching me punish him will have more meaning for you than the magic removal itself. Lezco is such a trouble maker. Although you are a sexy fresh boy. Enforcing a partner game on a player could be called an entrapment clause that King Kazma might be very thrilled about hearing. And to think he doesn't want his world to be like QC Planet was. And now this is going on behind his back. And sibling Rivalry which existed on QC Planet and it is now mysteriously on Kazma's Anime World when it should have been left behind."

                    He then looked to the group of people gathered in the shop. "How about this... since Vale is legally one of my citizens now, I give him the amount that he needs to legally purchase his card partners to remove the debt all the way around. And then if he wants to work part-time for Vules, he could still do that. And Maggie could date Vale if he permitted those outings. But in order for me to lend you this money, Vale, permit me to do with you that Vules had asked of you to him. I promise to be gentle with you. As Arden is my witness, I only want to help."

                    Vale removed the rest of his clothes and presented himself to the Fox Emperor. "Remember, you gave your word to be gentle. I still need to learn how to undo the spell Lezco placed on me."

                    And the rest of the hour was spent in an educational display of vulpine pleasure and slippery knots.

                    When the activity ended and Vale still looked human, Reynard then educated his newest citizen in how to use Lezco's magical powers and genie like abilities. "Now remember, Vale... for all intents and purposes, even though you are still human, you are the newest genie fox of my realm. It may be tempting to go wild with your new powers and get people in trouble. That is what caused Lezco to end up almost wiping himself out. Just be careful so you don't lose your humanity. Now that I have taught you on how to undo Lezco's magic spell, I would suggest that you do that after I pull out of you. And as promised, the full amount so you can pay off your unintended debt." He dropped the wad of cash on top of Arden's briefcase. Then he mentally touched Vale's mind saying, And remember... as a citizen of my realm, you are officially enrolled on the foxy mental network of my people. You can talk to any of us back home that you desire. If you direct a call to me, I will reply.

                    It took nearly thirty minutes to disconnect himself from Reynard's foxy knot and then he utilized his new powers to undo Lezco's spell that was cast upon himself before he used the next spell to resurrect Lezco right in front of the lords and shopkeepers. "And now Lezco is back in the fur. When you mess up, you don't fool around."

                    Lezco irked when he saw Reynard and Arden in the same place. "Would saying that I am sorry help? I still like Vale." He then looked to the boy. "I didn't mean to drop a copy of my citizenship on you, Vale. I wanted to share a copy of my genie powers with you for those times when I couldn't be around. Please don't be mad at me."

                    Vale hugged Lezco anyway. "You are lucky that I like all foxes or else I would very upset with you. Although your Emperor may have a punishment lined up for you back home; despite the accident permitting him to finally meet me." He then looked to Arden. "Will the power levels of my partners be reduced to their safe partner levels or do I have to suffer through with my choices as my punishment for going crazy with an override code?"

                    Arden looked to Reynard with a smile as he replied, "Sad to say, Vale... since they shared their advanced powers with you and we have received payment for the partners, you are stuck with them at their current levels. You will just have to be a good trainer and teach them how to control themselves to be good in the tournaments that you are going to be enrolled in. Sunpaw's school cannot cover the costs of the partners you acquired. So to pay the school back, you will have to play in the upcoming tournament. I am sorry."

                    Vale then said, "What amount is the current anime state lottery up to, Lord Arden?"

                    Arden replied, "It is currently at Forty Five Million dollars. Why are you asking?"

                    Vale said, "If I buy a lottery ticket on behalf of the school and it wins, that would more than cover the costs of my mistake. Right?"

                    Arden thought about that for a moment. "Right... but the odds of that are a mighty big if, Vale."

                    Vale turned the Card Launcher selection so that it showed Speed Jack-O'-Lotto. "You just leave that issue up to Speed and I. The school will get repaid for my mistake. Just wait and see. You might say that I have the luck of the draw with me." He winked at the audience (breaking the fourth wall to the readers.)

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Partner Introductions.