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[KLAW-BA] OT-01 Junior Adventurers Club Remnants

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    [KLAW-BA] OT-01 Junior Adventurers Club Remnants

    Digital Britain - Anime World

    Oren Tokala ends up with partners of the Pawtek clan (Magicwood and Starknight rabbits,) as well as having planar adventures.

    [KLAW-BA] OT-01 Junior Adventurers Club Remnants
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Oren Tokala (a teenage human boy of 14 or so with brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin, wearing a white and red ball cap, dark green tee shirt, white shorts, gym socks, and white sneakers) and his best friend Alexander Roarke (a teenage human boy of 14 and a half with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, wearing a blue blazer over a white long-sleeved business shirt, grey slacks, dark gray socks, and red/white running shoes) were emerging from the local arcade which resided in the local town's strip mall outside of the city limits when they saw a rare event that they might have never gotten to see otherwise.

    A box truck with a generic card launcher logo on the side came out of a side highway and got sideswiped by a speeding sports car which caused both vehicles to go rolling which made the back of the truck jar open and a small shipping box went flying out of the roll-track door in the back and over the fence where it was heard crashing through the brush.

    Alexander said, "Let's go find out what was thrown out of the truck. Emergency services will handle the accident scene."

    The two boys ran across the parking lot toward the fence where they had seen the small shipping box disappear into the brush beyond. Hearing the emergency vehicles arriving, the two boys climbed over the barbed wire fence and they jumped into the field of tall dry weeds and grass.

    Oren said, "At the speed it flew, I would say it landed about a hundred feet from the fence."

    Alexander said, "There is a drainage ditch a hundred and twenty feet from the fence. It is the same ditch that runs behind the strip mall. Let's go look."

    Following the trail of broken weed stalks, the boys came upon a traversable slope into the drainage ditch. Laying broken open and strewn over the concrete ditch was the shipping box two odd looking card launchers and a mixed up selection of booster packs for an unknown Battlecard game called Pawtek. Further searching revealed a rabbit partner card and a unicorn partner card. Both were outfitted in medieval jerkin adventuring clothes with appropriate weapons and bonuses. Examining the shipping box revealed a return to factory order with an odd message on it: Due to unusual glitches in the card launchers when loaded with Pawtek Battlecard partners and their booster cards, these unused booster packs and returned partners are requested to be destroyed upon return to game factory. And this message was followed by a weird message is archaic script. The shop owners and players tried to tinker with the card launchers to program in unlawful and illegal cheat codes. We are innocent.

    Alexander picked up the unicorn card and said, "You know what, Oren? I think I agree with the second message. We have been hearing about cheaters in the official tournaments for other card games. Why don't we game test these games for ourselves to discern the truth so we can report it back to the game company personally. They might give us a reward for our honesty." He then looked closely at the unicorn partner. "I really like how this buck looks."

    Oren looked at the unicorn partner and smiled. "I think you have a boner for unicorns. I better claim the rabbit give him a good examination." He picked up the rabbit partner card and said, "My buck isn't bad looking either. I just noticed that his level rank reads as Apprentice. What does yours say?"

    Alexander smiled. "Mine has the same listing." He then knelt down and picked up the two card launchers. A small hatch seemed to be open in both launchers which looked like a small circuit board next to a pen battery slot. "My brother has some busted card launchers in his store room in the family shelter and I have some brand new pen batteries at home. I think I can repair these launchers and get them working again. I just hope the partners understand that I am not trying to cheat; I just want to see these launchers in action. Want to come back to my place, Oren?"

    Oren replied, "I need to swing by home to let mom and dad know that I am going with you to play a game of cards. I just won't say what cards. Besides, they trust you as one of my friends. They don't like my other friends all that much."

    Alexander said, "I know how that is, Oren. I hung out with some kooky friends when we lived in Manhattan. I still keep in contact with Jansen (Jansy) Tanner and McCormick (Mick) Kane. The other weird friends ran away from home or something. One of the ones who ran off was the old adventuring club leader. The other was a dragon mate fan. He was very strange. He was infatuated with their penises. When we moved to this backwoods almost hidden little town, I thought my adventures were over and then I met you. And am I ever glad I did."

    Oren said, "We better get home; the parental figures are sure to know by now that the accident was close to the arcade we like going to."

    After collecting the booster card packs and dividing them equally between them, they pocketed the card packs and their new partners before pocketing the card launchers as well and heading back toward their homes on the other side of the highway.

    After checking in with Oren's parents, Zolar, his father, and Benalda Williams, his mother, and having lunch with Oren's older brother, Aristotle whom preferred to be called Ari, the boys headed over to Alexander's house where Alex left his working class parents a note on the kitchen counter which read: Dear Mom and Dad, Oren and I went out to the new clubhouse cavern to play a new card game. We will be back later. Alexander. Then Alex borrowed his college brother's electronic repair kit as well as fetching the busted card launchers and they headed out to the family cavern and storm shelter.

    Alex carefully worked on the two new card launchers, borrowing parts from the busted card launchers until he smiled and said, "Now, as Mick was fond of saying, time to close up these puppies and see if my hard work has paid off. In with the pen batteries, close up the hatches... and..." he screwed the small hatches back into place and then he handed one of the two circular card launchers to his friend. "Ready for the moment of truth, Oren?"

    Oren smiled. "Born ready!" And he placed the card launcher on his arm and using the new Velcro wristband straps, he secured it in place. Alex did the same and the two struck a pose with smiles. "I think we look professional. Now let's load up the cards and let's surprise ourselves by not examining each card in the booster packs. I want to try out this game while we still have some daylight."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    They loaded their partner cards into position first. Oren's rabbit and Alex's unicorn. Next, they pulled out the booster packs and looked at the covers. Alex exclaimed, "Pawtek's Buckingham Adventure: Magical Guardians of the Sword and Crown! What a great title! I cannot imagine anyone wanting to mod something that was already this cool!"

    Oren and Alex opened their booster packs and without looking at them, they loaded them up in a single deck into the support and abilities slot just under their partners.

    Oren looked at the back of the booster packages and said, "According to this, to start the adventure, we point the card launchers at each other, we tap the partner window, and say, To Pawtek. Away. And to end a session, we face each other again, we tap the partner window, and say Back Home. Until Another Day."

    Alex said, "That sounds easy enough. So what are we waiting for?"

    The two boys struck their pose again as they pointed their card launchers at one another, tapped their partner windows, and as one they shouted, "To Pawtek! Away!"

    The surroundings around the boys spun and blurred into weird colors and explosive sparkles as the words PAWTEK, OREN, RABBIT, and KNIGHT began to revolve around Oren's position while the words PAWTEK, ALEX, UNICORN, and WIZARD began to revolve around Alex's position. And then separate holes opened under the boys and they fell through the swirling vortexes of color and light until Oren landed in a dusty training yard in a strange land. And Alex was nowhere to be seen at all. Oren began to look around before noticing that he had large rabbit's feet and he then he noted that he was wearing his rabbit partner's clothes. He then reached up and looked at his furry hands before feeling up his neck and muzzle, whiskers, and finally his long rabbit-like ears. "Weird! I'm inside my partner! And if I am freaking out, then Alex has to be as well!"

    At that moment, an adult rabbit in armor emerged from the nearby training building and said, "About time you showed up, apprentice, I have been waiting nearly an hour for you to get here. Maybe now we can get your knightly training started."

    Oren said, "Wait a moment. There is something that I need to tell you. I am actually a human boy from the real world; otherwise known as Earth. My friend and I were trying out a new card game called Pawtek and when we activated the game devices, I merged with my partner and it dropped me into your training yard. My name is Oren Tokala. My friend's name is Alexander Roarke. His partner was a unicorn apprentice. And that's the truth, sir."

    The knightly rabbit stroked a paw over his chin. "I hired a rabbit apprentice named Oren from a nearby farming town. He never mentioned the family name when I hired him but I gave him a final night with his parents before he was to leave home to receive training from me. And here you are. As for the rest of what you told me... whether or not it is true remains to be true. Let us say that you forgot my name and I will refresh your memory before I give you some training. If you do well, I will escort you to the Wizard's tower personally and we will as the Wizard there if his apprentice arrived. He was to also receive one today. You may call me Sir Stormfoot but to my friends, I prefer to be called Stormy or simply Storm when we are in battle with enemies."

    Oren noted that Storm's overall fur color was the same as a daytime dark storm cloud with an off-white undercoat that was like daytime lightning bolts and he had dark yellow eyes. "As you say, Sir Stormy. But I promise that I am telling the truth. But since my partner did agree to your terms of contract, I will uphold his honor by accepting the training you are to give us."

    Storm grinned. "A fine partner Nero has. That was a test, Oren. I know about players and your partner's name is Nero. And yes, when you entered the game, you did merge with Nero. So try not to get him hurt or he won't be so happy with you later. I hired Nero but when you merged with him, you became him. But don't worry, you aren't stuck. If you do good with today's training, I will help you to resume your human form and then you can meet your partner in the fur. Looks like Damien, Jansen, and Mick were right about you and Alex. They arranged for you boys to get this game."

    Oren exclaimed, "Alex's friends arranged all this? The card launchers arrived broken and Alex had to fix them!"

    Storm grinned again. "Yes, it is a skill he is good at, Oren. He has repaired card launchers before. Didn't you find it odd that he could repair something that he didn't have any knowledge of repairing before in all the time you knew him? They arranged all this as a surprise birthday present for you. Tomorrow is your birthday, Oren."

    Oren found his hand on the hilt of his practice sword. "I really want to thump his butt for not warning me about merging with my partner. Lets get this training started."

    And the training commenced. It was hard at first, but Storm was a patient instructor. Successes resulted in hugs and kisses. When Oren got frustrated with a maneuver, Storm was understanding and he asked Oren to try again more carefully the next time. When Oren was able to parry three of Storm's strikes in a row, a halt was called in the training and then Storm touched Oren's left wrist which caused the card launcher to appear. "Damien? This is Sir Stormfoot; Oren has earn the right to be in his own body! Commencing stage two of his Battlecard training!"

    The male voice that replied almost sounded like a baby dragon. "Do it, Stormy. And Oren, Jansen and Mick wanted to tell you before we surprised you with this. We will hold Alex in place so you can wallop his unicorn butt. Damien Out."

    Oren said, "You mean, the club leader and the rest of Alex's friends are in the game world with us?"

    Storm grinned as he was fond of doing. "Yes they are. They actually created Pawtek as a present for you as well as granting you club membership as a Junior Adventurer like the rest of their group members. Now, let's focus on separating Nero from you so you can meet your partner face to muzzle." And after a brief instruction, Oren struck his pose and shouted, "Pawtek! Power Down!" This resulted in digital affects causing the young human to phase out of the apprentice rabbit, although Oren still felt sweaty from the training.

    End of Chapter Two