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[KLAW-BA] VS-01 Preserve the Light

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    [KLAW-BA] VS-01 Preserve the Light

    Shinjuku - Anime World

    Vance Slystalker acquires the new Lens Digimon game and partners up with a Light element Digimon and they have adventures beyond imagination.

    [KLAW-BA] VS-01 Preserve the Light
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)


    "Greetings. I was once the father of Vance Slystalker. My human name was Hank but these days I go by my Digimon name of Arturo. This prologue covers my unfortunate story of how I ended up as a renegade Macrosoftmon Beast otherwise known as a Stealthmon Hound."

    "I had an accident at Macrosoft Digital Integration Experience and I could not undo it. The Security Canine unit was actually my own personal creation. I allowed Macrosoft to look over the plans one day and not more than a few days later, they had mass produced the units except, their versions were malfunctioning. And I knew why. I didn't have the total obedience coding written on the blueprints. Their versions were often doing whatever they wanted to do. When Macrosoft begged me to go in and fix it, at first I refused saying that had stolen my patented Security Robot. I told them that if they had followed the blueprints exactly, then the robots would not be defying their programmed orders. But I had lied. I later returned after hours and I attempted to shut down their processing system for mass producing my creation and the device caught me by pulling my pants down, inserting a data rod into my anus, and after that, I felt a paralyzing jolt and then I heard programming being forced through my body until I had the appearance of a humanoid version of the robo-canine like what I had created."

    "When I first heard of MS D.I.E., I thought that it was a new gaming engine. But the truth was far more sinister than that. They were bio-engineering their own obedient Digimon warriors. Sad thing was... they were having problems making the Obedience part work. Their creations acted like their parent species in both a rut and a heat at the same time. Instead of obeying orders, they would rather mate with their assigned partner. A local data-thief had been out there once and had accidentally mentioned that his friend could solve the obedience riddle. That is why they were madly after the teen aged programmer at the moment. They wanted the obedience program to work so they could have trustworthy warrior partners."

    "Victor Nemesis was the one who had taken a video picture of my blueprints at the Macrosoft meeting so they could steal my idea. As his name suggests, he is my arch-rival who got hired by Macrosoft. I would never work for them as long as he was on their payroll."

    "Currently I am on the run from the Macrosoft Data Soldiers. I am quite the crafty programmer turned Digimon Stealth Hound. I suppose I am lucky that I was able to retain my ability to speak. Couple that with the ability to listen in on formerly private Macrosoft conversations at will, and you end up with what they are calling a dangerous renegade."

    "Status report! What is the word on Arturo? Have you clowns found him yet? I am not about to let him run around unchecked."

    "I am still AWOL, you assholes! And you have better stop trying to locate me, too! I CAN and WILL eavesdrop on the official channels whenever I like!"

    "Listen to me, Arturo! Unless you want something BAD to happen to your youngest son, then you better rejoin us right now!"


    "Sir, I think he may be trying to go to his son. Want us to go after him?"

    "Stay where you are. We already have some of our people watching over the family home. If he shows up there, then we will catch him."

    "Yes sir!"

    On a small rise overlooking the Slystalker home from the back, I hummed. "So they have my home staked out. I see Vance doing yard work. For now, I will have to hide out in the Digital World. Macrosoft be damned." And I loped off to one side, leaping through an opening Digital Portal before vanishing from view.

    "Welcome to the Temperoland Northwestern Territories. There are more Houndimon in this region than anywhere else on the Digital Planet. I have been coming here for quite some time when I needed to disappear from the blasted Macrosoft Trackers. The other Digital hounds leave me alone as long as I leave them alone. It is a good intra-pack relationship. If only there were a way I could initialize a cure for my condition, I wouldn't have to keep hiding like this. I wonder if Nedwin Finn has figured out a way for me to return to my normal human form yet. I made contact with him just after this accident happened to me. He can be a pretty smart young adult. He has a Houndramon for a pet in his comic book and game shop. That is what attracted me to seek out his help. I figured that if he had contact with the Digital World, then he might be able to help me to reverse this condition for which I am stuck in."

    "Here in the Digital World, the meat of choice for carnivores like us hounds are a Digimon species known as Carromon. They are like a hybrid combination between cow and sheep. Thankfully they breed once a month and new Carromon eggs are hatched with the herd mentality. However, only adult Carromon are any good for eating. The younger herd members have an extremely bad taste and smell until they surpass second puberty."

    "What do you mean you can't find Arturo? How hard can it be to hide a Stealthmon Macrosoftmon in the Digital World?"

    "Sorry sir, we haven't heard from all of our scouts yet. We'll present our report the moment they report in."

    "Dammit. They have a camp in the Digital World. That's where their top generals have been focusing on the Digital Power Pyramids. Gill Bates wants to claim their Digital Batteries so his corporation can control the monopoly on all Internet communications. Since the bastards are looking for me again, I suppose it is time for me to travel once again. There must be a Digital Overseer someplace who an help me to shrug off this curse and then help me to defeat Macrosoft."

    "You can run and you can hide, Arturo. But we will re-capture you eventually."

    End of Prologue

    Chapter One

    776 Lost Lake Road, Shinjuku, Japan; Kazma's Live Anime World

    About a week after school ended for the Summer...

    Mrs. Sara Slystalker was making cookies in the kitchen for herself and her son, Vance. They lived on Lost Lake Road which sadly was about three blocks from the infamous ...duh duh Dee DOOM... Treatment "Ick Street" Lane.

    Vance was a Caucasian male human boy of eleven years with short foxy brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a white tee shirt, blue jeans, and hiking boots. He yelled from out in the back where he was doing yard work with a push lawnmower. "How are those cookies coming, mom?"

    Sara smiled as she called back, "They are in the oven right now, dear! How's that yard coming along?"

    Vance looked around and he sighed as he noted how large their yard really was. "Well... if Dad were here, this would go a lot faster!"

    Sara looked out the back door and replied, "Your father has been working late hours repairing security at Macrosoft's local offices. He is a computer technician, so I can see why Mr. Bates is keeping your father on the payroll. But hey, the wages keep us off of Ick Street. Every little bit helps."

    Vance smiled as he thought of his father. "Yeah, he's my hero! We can at least eat thanks to him - I need to get back into this! Hopefully I can get done in time to go down to the comic and game shop to see what the latest goods are and so I can pet on Nedwin's dog! He won't tell me what breed it is! Plus, I need to pick up some more mouse food for Gizmo! He's running kind of low! At least he doesn't eat as much as Marshall does!"

    An hour later found Vance loading all of the leaves and cut grass into the family's mulching machine which he activated before heading inside the house to get cleaned up. "I got that chore out of the way, mom. I am getting ready to go down to the Cyber Cafe to check my email and read my Digimon newsletter."

    Sara said, "Have fun, Vance. And I remembered that I bought some mouse food for Gizmo and I accidentally put it in the pantry when I was putting groceries away. So you don't have to buy food for Gizmo this time. After the Cyber Cafe, you can go over to Nedwin's Fun and Games Shop." She then handed her son a fifty dollar bill as his allowance. "Don't spend it all in one place."

    After showering up and putting on clean clothes, Vance pocketed his money and he got on his bicycle and pedaled his way into town to the only Cyber Cafe in Shinjuku. A place which was owned by the Heartstone Corporation and ran by the youngest member of the family. A cute boy named J.T. These initials stood for James Talbot Heartstone. This boy much like a lot of youths in town was a programming and electronics genius. He was rarely in any trouble at all; unlike his older brother Karal. His older sister was already off at college someplace.

    Walking into the Heartstone Cyber Cafe & Arden's Pizza revealed very few others in the business aside from J.T. himself. When things were that quiet, it usually meant that Karal was off gathering computer components for a new project. Seriously, the older brother was always programming or building something weird. "Hi JT! Going to check my email!" And then he headed over to his regular spot in the private back room and hooked in his laptop and turned it on. "Let's see here... You can win 10,000 dollars by signing up with our third party partners... Spam." He clicked delete. "...Aw, how cute. Thanks Andrea... nice bunny baby. I'll save that to my save folder..." He clicked save. "...Oooo! My Digital Fandom Newsletter! Let's see what new stuff they are reporting this time..." And he started reading it quietly.

    A local tomboy, Gloria Pembroke, who hung out with a local gang then walked into the cafe and she bought a pizza from Kirsto, then she sat down at one of the open terminals. "Who all saw the last season pics for the Digi-Destineds for the old Digimon Season? I just saw the commercial on TV about an hour ago and I want to look it up on the web." She then logged into her account and began surfing. Yes, without a surf board.

    Kirsto Maxwell waved to Vance and Gloria but he had to yawn a little before he responded, "I did. Sorry. Just a bit tired. I had to pull an all-niter the day before to make enough for rent." He smiled. "I haven't seen the commercial yet. Let me know when you look it up to see what it's like." He then he went back to unloading pizza and tending to the warmers for the owners and their business associates. Kirsto really didn't have a lot and unfortunately it showed a bit but he always had a smile for everyone and didn't let his circumstances pull down others happiness.

    Vance grinned as he read over the email. "Seems like my Digimon Newsletter includes some weird things this time. Corporal Leaker is telling us that the directors are planning on introducing a new villain Digimon for the upcoming season that is totally quadruped, but highly intelligent and receives their orders via satellite download from the head villain. Really creepy stuff. But everyone knows that the new Digimon villains are always super sexy studs that you end up cheering for when you watch the show. It happens every year."

    Gloria remarked, "I know what you mean, Vance... last year, I really wanted that one Digi-Destined, Tiko, to get his ass kicked by everyone else. But he never did. But you are right about the sexy bad guy Digimon Generals. I got really hot and bothered watching Lewopamon talk in that suave sit-in-my-lap-and-like-it voice and... weirder... he was always trying to get down Alexan's pants every time they had an encounter during the show. And the damned show never explained the connection."

    Kirsto commented from where he's working, "And it never fails, one of the good guys end up joining the villains and trying to bring them around. It's a little bothering, really. Why are they always so predictable? Frankly, I'd like to see one season that was different." He sighed. "Not to mention, there are too many times when the bad guys are just evil for evil's sake. Why can't they give us a GOOD plot for a change? A head villain who is understandable... has a connection... a REASON for what he or she does?"

    End of Chapter One


      Chapter Two

      Kirsto then giggled. "But in any case, I have to agree ... most of the generals are always good looking. OH! I got an idea! Why not a STORY about THEM!? A group of GENERALS who become Digi-Destined working against their Bosses? Now THAT would be awesome. I mean, at least one of the 'heroes' goes and join and 'brakes free' anyway... why not about something better?"

      Vance giggled. "If Karal was back from his outing, I'll bet he could write up a good plot for a Digimon series. I only see JT holding down the fort today. Karal has a way of sucking a reader into the story he writes. Of course, if he wrote it... they would never be able to show it on TV either." He then turned his head to look at Gloria and Kirsto. "My favorite Digi-Destined last year was Marvin. I mean, usually a season has a bunch of Japanese named kids in it. But this time... Marvin arrives. And he has a crush on one of the two girls, whom his digi-partner can't stand."

      Gloria smirked. "I rather liked Alexan, except... he was always looking at Damio and asking Damio's partner personal questions about him. I would have to hazard a guess and say Alexan was gay. Seems like all of the good Digi-Destineds are these days." She then looked at Kirsto. "I think your idea is a great one! I wonder who we would have to talk to about getting it done?"

      JT giggled from behind the scenes, whistling innocently.... "Well I have a few stories already written with my brother... Only I edited it....HEAVILY edited" He winked.

      Kirsto blushed a bit before grinning. "Thanks.. but I don't know. I just...was stating my opinion." He looked over at Gloria and Vance then back at the pizza as he cuts it. "I guess a lot of them are that way but I don't mind that. I don't mind a lot of it but it really does need to be balanced. You need all types of characters to make a story interesting. It's just like with music... You need the dissonant notes to make the melody all the more meaningful. You need the shadow to frame and show the light. You need the bad to prove the good of the human condition..." He blushed and cleared his throat, "I get back to work..." He focused on his work now entirely.

      JT just grinned a bit. "Nice speech. Maybe when your done you can put a flute in your mouth instead of a foot."

      Kirsto blushed darker at that moment. "Yes sir." He worked harder... although JT made a face. He hated being called 'Sir' like a boss.

      Vance grinned as he pulled open Damio's profile on the Digimon Fandom web site. "I can't fault Alexan for fawning all over Damio. According to his profile, he is actually built like Karal and does skimpy photo shoots on secluded beaches for an adult magazine. His profile says... he is... very tubular... ahem... between... um... where it counts." He was blushing at the picture on the profile. "Um, yeah... But I did like Marvin."

      Gloria leaned her head outward. "Oh no... are you looking at Damio's profile again? Does he still have the nude photo up?" She then turned back to her own screen. "As if anyone had anything better to look at. Ah! Here is the latest season! Four boys and one girl. The partners are all female except for the girl's partner. And he's.... fucking ugly! What were they thinking?" She then read over the data. "The heroes names are: Rukai, Wimsey, Leroy, Skipper, and... Maxwell. And the partners are: Racolupotamon, Mirajimon (ughs), Potabimon, Guilonimon, and Blitzdramon. And that last one is HOT! Wimsey is the girl, for the record. And she's second in command. Maxwell sorta looks like..." she paused for a brief moment. ", Kirsto."

      Kirsto raised a brow? "Maxwell is my last name but it's a pretty common name... Racolupotamon... Raccoon-Wolves. Darkmoore origin, ninja like warrior....Guilonimon... those are Guilmon hybrids. Still, it sounds like they screwed the entire thing over." JT said, "You know your good at that, Kirsto."

      Kirsto said, "What?" JT remarked, "Give you a digimon name, and you can tell us almost anything about it." He giggles.

      Kirsto blushed. "well... I spend a lot of time studying digimon and making new ones and that means I have to know which ones already exist." JT smirked. "All on that what did he call it? 'Piece of stupid, ancient bull crap that should have been upgraded years ago' laptop." He giggled. "He gave you all upgrades just so he wouldn't have to look at it."

      Kirsto blushed and looked down, "Yeah... Sorry about that..." JT erfed, "Sorry! I didn't mean it like that, Kirsto!"

      Kirsto shrugged, "It's... okay, don't worry about it... But I do the best I can. Trust me. I always do the best I can." JT cleared his throat a bit. "Anyway. I actually think that's pretty awesome, though, Kirsto. Anyway... You've been working like a dog since you got here hours ago... why don't you take a break with some dinner yourself?"

      Kirsto said, "Cause I have to finish cutting these...and pulling out the others, warming them up and slicing them... and I'm... not really that hungry ye..." His stomach growled...rather loudly. "Er...." JT rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. "If you don't take a break, I'll get my big bro and make him kick yer butt. So do it! You know... He already threatened to kick yer butt for skipping breakfast so much. He'd kill me if you started skipping dinner too while I was I here."

      Kirsto remarked, "Uh Right... You're the boss." He then muttered," The last thing I need is Karal pissed at me." He got some pizza and a cola and dragged his old raggedly backpack and laptop over to a corner to plug it in and eat some dinner.

      Just then, Chester Ravenshire and Davyd Arden came in carrying boxes of cyber gear. The two immediately took the boxes off toward the storage room, as Davyd whispered to JT in passing, "Karal and Faroth are bringing in the last few boxes." Vance quietly snickered since he knew it would be a good day if Faroth Plains-Walker was around. But since Karal had recruited the guys to help bring in new purchases, the cafe must be preparing for an upgrade.

      Vance then commented to Gloria with an inquiry at the end, "Blitzdramon sounds like a Storm Dragon Digimon. Did they draw him correctly?" Gloria growled, "What do you think? They put the stupid bulge and sheath on the outside of his body. Don't they know that dragons are like lizards and have slits?"

      End of Chapter Two


        Chapter Three

        Kirsto stated, "Now that's ...pretty disgusting... At least give them proper anatomy. Jeesh..." He emailed Gloria a picture of HIS storm dragon digimon: Galedramon, The Tempest of Destiny! It's DAMN good looking. Lightly shining silvery-blue scales, powerful wings, awesome body. It's Champion form looked truly amazing and the other forms, while properly sized and showed a steady progression and they all looked RIGHT. The spinning three-D model bows to Gloria, rumbling in a nice voice, "Greetings, Gloria."

        Faroth came blitzing through, "COMING THROUGH! COMING THROUGH!! BOXES! PARTS! COMPUTERS! WATCH IT!" He was carrying huge boxes and happily heading toward the back with all the various things while bulging with things 'acquired' from the part store behind the owners back, humming happily.

        Karal came in last carrying more boxes and looking slightly annoyed. He stopped near Vance, muttering, "That damn THIEF nearly cost us our bargain pricing.... He's lucky the owner didn't spot the OTHER things he took when he wasn't looking. Why would he want to hack their servers and steal mailing lists? Jeesh, I'm glad Davyd didn't see that... He would have flipped out." He winked. "It was protected by one of Davyd's new firewalls... When you are ready, why don't you take a look my new project... It'll blow your mind, I guarantee you."

        Vance grinned up at Karal. "I hear you complaining, but you did recruit them both and everyone around knows that they hang out together anyway. So what are you up to? New project, huh? With all that stuff, I thought for sure you were about to upgrade the cyber cafe. I'll be glad to come back and look after I finish my visit at Nedwin's Fun and Games. I am going to be heading there after I finish reading my Digimon Fandom Newsletter."

        Davyd was heard saying in the back, "Carrying these boxes is more strenuous that working part time for my dad's pizza place. And he's a real demon when it comes to business." Whether that's a joke or not, who knows? Chester was heard saying, "I'd rather help Karal than to be cornered by Devina Daemon at the mall during a sale."

        Gloria smiled. "Now I could love sitting in his lap. Galedramon you called him? He looks sharp, Kirsto. Nice job. And he's polite, too. Here, let me send this web site link over to you so you can see this Maxwell Digi-Destined guy who looks like you. His page says that he studies Celtic magic." And she pushed a few buttons and sent the link to Kirsto. Galedramon 'plucked' up the web site link virtually and bowed to Gloria, rumbling politely, "Allow me, m'Lady. It would be an honor." He flicked his claw and sent it to his masters' laptop with a grin, leaning against the screen. "Now, You said you would love sitting in my lap? Perhaps I can do something to encourage you in some way?" An eye ridge raised with a toothy grin, "Perhaps something you would like of me, Mistress?" Almost too real to believe. Almost like it was live.

        Kirsto smiled, "Thanks! I'll take a look." He pulled up the link and took a look at the website, curious about what it was all about.

        Karal laughed a bit. "It's true, It's true... Well the upgrade comes tomorrow...the project comes first.... And feeds into the upgrade!" He winked again. "See you back there." He headed into the back, calling out, "Tails down boys! Nuts to the grindstone. Time to get to work! If you think carrying boxes were hard... we still have to run all the wires and get this project on it's rails!"

        Vance grinned over at JT. "When he starts barking orders, I know not to walk back there myself or else he might put me to work. How do you deal with him? A chastity belt?" he winked as he turned back to his laptop and the Digimon Fandom Newsletter. "Hey," exclaimed Vance. " says here that Alexan likes to use Cyber Cafes, but because he has so many weird fans, he can't use the same Cyber Cafe twice, so he is constantly visiting new cafes where he can use his computer in some moderate sanity. I wish he would come here. Even though we're fans, if he wanted some privacy, you guys do have the private booths with an inside lock on the hatch."

        Gloria smiled as she rubbed the screen where Galedramon was positioned. "Such a kind offer, although you are in there and I am out here. How would we arrange it?"

        On Kirsto's screen, he saw an older looking male teenager who uncannily had the family resemblance to him. Even those eyes. He was clearly a Celtic Maxwell. How could this Maxwell look so much like Kirsto since Kirsto had never met this Maxwell Digi-Destined at all?

        Galedramon licked where her fingers were teasingly and grinned with a wink. "Oh how indeed... But there are ways... I think we'll meet face to face, sooner than you think." He winked again with an odd twinkle in his eye as he sauntered off into the horizon, tail flicking mysteriously as he disappeared and the 'standard' rotating 3-D model re-appeared. That definitely did not seem normal.

        Kirsto hummed before commenting. "He is familiar... I don't know how he could be so uncannily similar. I mean... all my family's dead. It's really weird. What's even scarier is.... he even has the Kirsto Maxwell birth mark... It's like a few years older me! It's weird."

        JT chuckled, "Yeah... You see why I'm out here and didn't go peak." He giggled then irked as Faroth suddenly landed down in front of the cash register, looking around before running out the side door, "You didn't see me!" A few seconds later Karal comes bursting out of the back room, "FAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GET BACK HERE!!!!! YOUR NOT MAKING DAVYD DO YOUR SHARE OF THE WORK THIS TIME!!!!" He flying TACKLED the running Faroth and started dragging him back into the back room, "Don't make me get out the ropes and candle wax..."

        After they're done, JT released a slow sigh. "Yeah... Um... I think we're FINE out here, Vancy."

        Vance grinned. "I think you're right, JT. You're lucky Chester works out and can lift heavy objects. As for Davyd and Faroth... I've heard that they have dinners together at Davyd's brother's home; his name is Juan. Davyd also has a cousin named Pierre who operates the Arden's Pizza in France. Does Karal still sleep with that fox plushy?" He was now looking over the Digimon partners of Alexan and Damio.

        Gloria hummed. "How did Kirsto make this Digimon? He seems too real. And he was kinda flirty..." She then whispered, "...just the way I like it."

        End of Chapter Three


          Chapter Four

          There were a few loud crashes and curses from the back room as Karal was 'whipping' the boys into shape and getting things done as the lights and power dimmed briefly.

          JT just winced but he grinned to Vance, "Yeah... And he even snuggles it and calls it cute names... hehe. Vulpy Wulpy is a favorite." He winked. "I don't know about Davyd and Faroth but they DEFINITELY argue like a married couple! Kinda cute in a way."

          Kirsto hummed, trying to find more information on these Maxwells... He couldn't believe that there was someone out there so close to how he looked! He looked up for a second though at Gloria, "Did you say something? I thought I heard my name?"

          Gloria replied, "Your Digimon made a pass at me, Kirsto. So I was wondering how you made him. Galedramon looked too real. And sexy."

          Vance laughed. "Vulpy Wulpy is funny! Anyway, Houndimon and Imperidramon are well documented on this web site. Weird... they both have fan email addresses. Well... might as well send them some fan mail. I'll play along." He started writing up the fan emails to the two Digimon, although he didn't really believe it was really Digimon with the email addresses. He thought it was the actors who played them.

          Kirsto tilted his head. "Are you joking? How could it make a pass at you? It was just a model..." He got up and walked over to look at it. "See? It's just a model!" When his back's turned, Galedramon winked with a smirking grin at Gloria, sticking his forked tongue out at her slightly at the same time.

          JT giggled. "I've sent them messages myself. I got a few answers. They don't answer them like they're actors either... They answer entirely in character. It's pretty awesome. ESPECIALLY Imperidramon.... He's CUTE."

          From the back...

          Faroth yelled, "BUT THAT'LL NEVER FIT IN THERE"

          Karal smirked, "Just SHOVE, Faroth.... You too Davyd... It'll fit... We'll make it fit!"

          Vance shouted back toward the back room, "Treat it like someone's back side, Faroth! You heard Karal! Make it fit! I think there is some lube back there!" He giggled as he focused on the emails. Then to JT he said, "I liked Houndimon's antics during that season. He was always getting distracted by something's new scent. It often got him and his human partner in so much trouble."

          From the back...

          Davyd blushed. "We don't need to go the lube route. Come on, Faroth. Shove it."

          Chester chuckled from the section he was working on as he exclaimed aloud, "Save your work in the next five minutes! The power will be off temporarily so Karal can wire this thing up properly!"

          Gloria hummed again as she saw the wink. "I don't think..." she then quietly thought, ...Kirsto doesn't know that Galedramon can do this. Then this Digimon must be speaking to me from the Digital World. Something must be going on over there if the Digimon are reaching out to people.

          She then began typing on the keyboard. Galedramon? Are things okay over on your side?

          Kirsto sits back down, "Well if you want to see more of those I made, I'll send you the reference links and share them on the network here for you." He did so as he went back to his own research.

          Galedramon grinned, "Oh.... Your actually a quick one..." He flicked a claw against the screen, "But still a little..." Just then a paw SLAPPED Galedramon as the black panther walked over, "Shut up, Galedramon. Stop teasing the human, already. You'd think you were a Guilmon or something." He looked back at the screen... a Dark black pantherine figure with an amazing body, fluid and lithe and a deep shadowy black. Panthromon looked at Gloria, "Though, I have to admit... You have good taste. Just try to keep it quiet, will you?" He walked off, muttering, "I have to finish assimilating the new changes to my digital matrix. I can't believe he wanted to change my figure, AGAIN. That's like 50 revisions so far. Oh well... At least we only get better and better looking... if I do say so myself." Typical cat vanity.

          Galedramon smirked then grinned at Gloria now that they were alone again. "Stuffy cat, eh?" He leaned against one of your desktop icons, flicking his tongue out slightly as he made a face, "No tact when it comes to lovely females like yourself. Technically, you were half right. We ARE digimon... Real Digimon. The rest, though, you'll have to puzzle out on your own. I mean what's the fun in just telling?" He winked. "Besides... Dragon. We love our mysteries... Can you figure it out?" There was a tone of 'Are you worth it' in his voice but only slightly. Definitely a dragon.

          From the back... Faroth blushed only slightly but nods, "Alright... One more go..." Though his hand 'slipped' and hit Davyd's butt as he was picking up and pushing. "oopsee. Let me just grab it a little higher and twist... Okay... Push." Karal smirked at Chester, "Common then... By the way... Were you going to stay tonight? I rented that movie you suggested." He heaved and twist-locked the one he was working on into place and started to climb up into the crawl space to install the wiring. As the flashlights came on in the back and the shop plunged into a temporary darkness.

          End of Chapter Four


            Chapter Five

            Vance unplugged his laptop and he came out of his private booth with his laptop as he said to JT in passing, "I am going to head over to Nedwin's shop and use his Internet for a while until you guys' power comes back on. At least they warned us first; this time." And he headed out the door where he grabbed his bicycle and wheeled it down the street to a cross street where he looked both ways before crossing over to Nedwin Finn's Fun and Games Shop, home to Battlecard games, comic books and graphic novels and an unofficial gaming room in the back that often had Beta Testing club meetings. Locking his bike into the shop's parking rack, he entered the shop and said, "Nedwin? I am going to use the beta room to finish my Internet activity. The Heartstone boys turned their power off to install a new project."

            Nedwin smiled at Vance. "I'll unlock the Beta Club door and then you sit in your usual spot and go at it."

            Vance asked, "Could you send your dog in for me to pet on while I am in there? I really love how sheen your dog is."

            Nedwin giggled. "I'll permit Finnpaw to go join you in a bit. He was last having his lunch."

            With the door unlocked, Vance went inside and he sat at his designated spot of the club table. "Now to finish what I had started at the Cyber Cafe."

            Vance wrote a nice fan letter email to Imperidramon, telling him about Shinjuku and asking questions he had wondered about the Digimon in that season. To Houndimon, he told him about Shinjuku and mentioned some of the best hunting areas around the city's outskirts... places Vance liked going hiking. He also asked Houndimon about himself and sent him a virtual picture of houndy-treats and sirloin steaks.

            Vance got a reply from the Houndimon right away, answering all of his questions and expressing a keen interest in all the places he mentioned. The Imperidramon's reply came a bit later... And a bit stranger. Where as the Houndimon's reply could be explained away as an actor, Imperidramon's reply expressed KNOWLEDGE of the area... some of it dated but obviously valid... And he even mentioned some places that had EXCELLENT tree-house locations, including an abandoned one that Vance knew of! And he claimed it was BUILT by a digimon who had visited Earth originally.

            Vance sent more emails since they both replied. They seem friendly enough. He asked Houndimon about where he lived, and then he told Houndimon all about himself, what he looks like, how he liked playing with the local dogs in the woods, and more privately... his cute nickname (Foxy, because of his foxy-colored and foxy-styled brown hair.) To Imperidramon he asked more about the one tree house since it is supposedly built by Digimon. He mentioned living on Lost Lake Road near the edge of Shinjuku. He also asked how Digimon got to Shinjuku to build that tree house.

            The houndimon replied that he liked foxes... Especially the cute noises they made when in compromising positions. He told him all about himself too, including his own personal details and 'measurements'. 'By the way, you can call me Hunter'.

            The imperidragon replied with a lot of details about it but he doesn't explain how a digimon could have gotten there. 'By the way, is the Lost Lake Inn still there? I used to spend a lot of time there. I heard they were going to tear it down before I left. I just hated hearing that.'

            Vance informed Imperidramon that there is a building off of one road with a faded sign that reads Lost Lake Inn, but it's been closed and boarded up for a while. He could head over and check it out later to make see what repairs needed to be made, if he had some help... like a few Digimon or Demon Beavers. Vance then sent 'Hunter' the Houndimon another email asking him how Digimon might have gotten to Shinjuku and if the route was possibly still there. He also asked what a compromising position was and asked if he would like to be in one, especially since Hunter seems to like them so much.

            The Imperidramon said that he would really, really love to see it happen. He really would like to see the place reopened. It was a major hang out for him and his friends.

            Hunter replied that there were several ways. But without a 'Digiporter' the only 'natural' way were 'tears' and 'imp holes'... And 'tears' are one way trips and BAD!

            Vance told Imperidramon that he will work on restoring the Inn for the Digimon and he asked if there is anything he would like to see in the inn itself.

            Vance now asked Hunter about 'tears' and 'imp holes' and if he knew where any were in the Shinjuku region. He also asked how a Digiporter could be built and if plans for one could be sent to him. (His reasoning was that if he couldn't use the natural ways, the Digiporter could be set up in the Inn that Imperidramon was telling him about.)

            Imperidramon replied that he would love to see the original atmosphere of the inn be kept and he described it really clearly and even suggested ways to integrate modern computer components into the ancient inn in a way that would please humans and digimon alike.

            Hunter told Vance all he knew about them, especially noting that a Digiporter without an Empowerment from the digital stream could only be created on a tear.... And he said that Imperidramon knew how to make them but he didn't. He also told him that there used to be one that Imperidramon knew about and used.

            Vance asked Imperidramon about plans for building a working Digiporter to maybe had in or near the Inn.

            Vance then asked Hunter about where he lived and what all he and his buddies do there. Having learned about tears and imp holes, he would now be using a walking stick in the woods to probe for holes in the ground he can't normally see with his non-digitized eyes. Vance really wanted to meet these guys. Not to mention, since they were stars... spending time with them would be awesome! Hunter was more than happy to tell him all he wanted to know! Hunter was super excited over the idea of getting to meet and introduce Vance to the others and to meet him himself.

            End of Chapter Five


              Chapter Six

              Imperidramon admitted that the Inn USED to have one... once a upon a time. But something happened to it and he didn't know what. But he did e-mail Vance some blueprints... but they were SUPER complicated!

              Vance intended to claim the Inn as his own since no one used it anymore. And since the Inn had a Digiporter at one time, there might be an imp hole or tear at that location. He read over the blueprints slowly... as he wrote another email to Hunter on the side. Maybe we can plan a sleepover soon. I'll bet you are a great host. I can scratch your tummy and stuff when we do it. Houndimons seem like a lot of fun.

              He sent one more email to Imperidramon to tell him that he would check out the Inn fully and return to send another email with an update on what the state the Inn was in.

              Imperidramon replied that he would eagerly await that email. And the chance, if possible, to meet Vance.

              Hunter was excited at the prospect. Do you think you could bring some of those treats and everything too? they looked really tasty... and I'm sure I know how to 'treat' a Foxy. hehe. Though I can't promise you will walk straight the next day.

              Vance fired off one last email to Hunter. I'll be glad to bring the treats and the meat when I come to see you and your buddies. As for walking straight... I'm not sure what you mean. I'll be away from the computer for a few hours, so if you send an email back, I may not see it for a while. Hugs and kisses, Hunter. -- Vance.

              Vance closed out his connection, then he unplugged his laptop and he saw that Finnpaw had come in and was sitting close by. "Hi Finnpaw. Ready to receive a body rub and tummy stroking?" Finnpaw grinned as he went over to his large doggy bed as he sprawled out in preparation for the tummy scratchings.

              Since he had privacy within the Beta Testing Club meeting room, he stripped down out of his clothes to his underwear and then he laid himself down with Finnpaw and he began to gently rub all over the Houndramon's entire body. He recalled that Nedwin had often called Finnpaw a him, but as Vance was rubbing a hand over the canine's groin, he was a bit surprised to learn that this dog didn't seem to have the usual male genitalia. "Finnpaw? I know that Nedwin has often said you were a boy dog, but... you don't have a sheathe and sac like other boy dogs do. Did a nasty vet castrate you? I mean, boys have stuff like this." And he pulled his underwear down to reveal his own penis and balls.

              And in one swift motion, Finnpaw had his doggy muzzle over Vance's cock and balls as the dog began to give the human boy a blow job that nearly paralyzed him as Finnpaw pinned Vance down into the doggy bed to really suck Vance's arousing erection. And then, Finnpaw's groin produced a canine knotted cock and out of what looked like a slit in his sheen fur between his back legs and he proceeded to insert this cock into the human boy's mouth and throat. After an hour of sexual playtime, both dog and boy fired off a stream of fluids into each other's mouths and stomachs. The smooth dog had a taste of minty vanilla mixed with chocolate. Vance knew his own fluids would be sour and salty as all humans were. The the penises were removed from the mouths as Finnpaw French-kissed the boy on the mouth using his long tongue as the unusual dog inserted his dog cock into Vance's anus while the boy's own was guided into the doggy's own tail hole. Vance really didn't have much choice since Finnpaw was on top of him in the doggy bed. All of this might not have been so bad until Finnpaw tied himself into Vance's backside and he began to empty more of his fluids inside of the boy's bottom. And then Vance found himself returning the favor. At that point, Finnpaw released the kiss and he smiled at the human boy and what he did next surprised and nearly scared the boy to death.

              "You were really good, Vance."

              The human boy went pale when the very definitive and most male voice came out of the dog's muzzle. "Y-y-you talked! W-w-what the Hell... are you?"

              And then a digital illusionary field of energy arose around the doggy bed. "I'm a Houndramon, of course. A hound-dragon Digimon hybrid. I've been waiting for the day when you would show me your penis so I could suck it and share my secret with you. I really love you, Vance. You are the funnest foxy I have ever played with. You have been attracted to me from the first day you laid eyes on me. Normally I am Nedwin's Digimon partner for that new Digimon partner game called Lens Masters. Nedwin recently ranked me up to rank 2."

              Vance was still pinned down with a tied knot in his bottom. "Does Nedwin know you can talk?"

              Finnpaw grinned. "Today is the first day I have been able to use your language, Vance. In order for me to learn someone's language, I have to give them a blow job and drink their semen fluids. However, the reverse also works. Digimon speak a universal language, so when you were fed my fluids, you learned the Digimon language as a trade-off. Now that I have learned your language, I can upload the English language file to the Lens Digimon network and any Digimon wanting to learn English can download the file and add your language to those they already know. Learning our language makes it so the next time you meet a Lens Digimon, you will be able to communicate in their language."

              Vance asked, "If drinking your cum was to share languages, then what was the other part of your tying with me for?"

              Finnpaw grinned. "That was merely my way of saying thank you. It was just sex. Nothing bad will come of it for you. Although the next time you want to do something like this, I look forward toward spending that time with you. As soon as my knot deflates, I will pull out of you and I will give us both a Vibrio-Shower to clean off any sex scent from the both of us. Otherwise, all of your friends will know you finally had sex with someone. I am sure you wouldn't want your mom to be able to smell that on you."

              The human boy then asked, "How does choosing a Lens Masters Digimon partner work?"

              Finnpaw tested his inflated knot for a moment before replying. "Not deflated yet. You enter a Lens Masters partner booth and you select 'Partner Card Creation'. It will display a list of the Digital Elements on the first screen. The Light element isn't all that popular because everyone thinks that Light means piety and pure goodness. But that isn't always the case. However, since the Light element is so unpopular, the price for Light partners are rock bottom in the game. Any Digimon can be of any element."

              End of Chapter Six


                Chapter Seven

                The Houndramon licked on the human boy's face once again. "Shadow and Fire are really expensive since everyone thinks darkness and fire means more power. But that isn't always true. It really matters how you develop your partner in the game. The full list of the Digital Elements are as follows: Chaos, Earth, Fire, Light, Order, Purity, Shadow, Unity, Virus, Wind, and Water. When choosing your partner, you are permitted to combine a primary element with a support element and a defense element. Once you have your elements selected, you are then permitted to choose a primary species with a support species. The minimum two species are brought together to form a hybrid original Digimon partner. Coloration is based off of the elements you chose at the beginning. The elements chosen also helps to determine what continent your partner originates from."

                Vance asked, "Are other Houndramon as nice as you are? Or should I be careful around others of your kind?"

                Finnpaw remarked, "Some are playful like I am; others would nab you and drag you off to their mating lair. And for the record, Digimon produce and lay eggs. If you meant 'does my kind make for good Light elements?', then the answer is actually 'yes'. Now to get to the rest of the partner creation explanation... You will then get to choose the partner's gender, male or female. This is followed by their height slash length. I am personally comprised of Chaos, Shadow, and Fire and I originate from Continent 10: Chashadofyr. 'Lens Masters' players can have up to three Digimon partners. But you shouldn't get so many that you cannot show attention for every Digimon you acquire."

                Vance asked, "What are the other continents and their elements?"

                "Continent 1: Temperoland (Earth, Light, and Shadow), Continent 2: Feroluria (Chaos, Fire, and Order), Continent 3: Tropicola (Chaos, Earth, and Shadow), Continent 4: Aztecan (Light, Order, and Wind), Continent 5: Tathlum (Fire, Light, and Water), Continent 6: Tsukiyoki (Earth, Shadow, and Wind), Continent 7: Aussieland (Chaos, Earth, and Water), Continent 8: Kienlilutu (Fire, Order, and Wind), Continent 9: Puvisha (Purity, Virus, and Shadow), Continent 10: Chashadofyr (Chaos, Fire, and Shadow), Continent 11: Livisha (Light, Virus, and Shadow), Continent 12: Midaegir (Chaos, Earth, and Virus), Continent 13: Training Island (Shadow, Virus, and Water), and the Hidden Continent: Unity," replied the Houndramon as he tested his knot to see if he was ready to pull free of the nice human boy. "I think I am getting close toward being deflated enough to pull out of you, Vance. But how I love being in you."

                Vance smiled. "Thank you, but is there anything else I should know in regards to partner creation?"

                Finnpaw replied, "You will need to acquire a Lens Masters safety bracer to store your partner cards in. I can snitch one for you and then I will lead you to the Lens Masters card acquisition booth. When you load up your cards, insert them head first and picture side up. Then you tap a partner card window and say the word 'activate'. If you want to make a Houndramon, you may make one. When you choose species to mix together, the card booth will provide a list of species names that matches your species choices. Ah, I think I am deflated enough to pull my cock out of your bottom. I apologize if you got hurt during my play time with you. I still like you a lot, Vance."

                And then the Houndramon slowly pulled himself free of the boy's bottom. "Now follow me to the Vibrio-shower. Afterward, we will grab your clothes and then we will get you a safety bracer and then we will go to the card booth."

                The boy and the Digimon stood within the Digital shower stall and were quickly cleaned as were their anal regions. When they finished, Vance packed up his laptop into his backpack and then he got dressed in his clothes once again. "You know something, Finnpaw... it doesn't feel right to have my clothes back on. I love you, too. Let's get going."

                Finnpaw then opened a door in the back of the shower as he led the nice boy into the secret passage on the other side of the shower stall wall. After walking a short way, the Houndramon led Vance through another secret door into what looked like a storage room and workshop. "There should be a Lens Masters safety bracer box on the third shelf. I recall Nedwin placing it there. Fetch it and then we will go to the partner card booth."

                Vance moved a stool over to the shelf and climbed up to look for the Lens Masters bracer box and he found it and he climbed back down to show it to Finnpaw. "Is this it, sexy?"

                Finnpaw grinned. "Yes, that's it. Open the box and place the bracer on your left wrist, window side up and with the slot facing your fore arm." Once the boy had done this, the Houndramon led him through a normal door through what looked like an old card booth shop that was very obviously no longer in use. When they reached the Lens Masters card booth, Finnpaw picked up the plug and stuck it into a wall socket. "Go inside, and within the promotional code box, type 'Finnpaw Permission Yes'. Then make your partners as I explained earlier. I'll wait out here and keep watch just in case Nedwin calls for me."

                Vance stepped inside the booth after which Finnpaw pulled the black curtain closed to give the boy his privacy. Vance typed in the promotional code that Finnpaw had provided to him. Apparently the code made it possible to get free partner cards. He selected 'Partner Card Creation' and the screen displayed the list of the Digital Elements: Chaos, Earth, Fire, Light, Order, Purity, Shadow, Unity, Virus, Wind, and Water. Vance then selected Light as the primary element, Virus as the support element, and Earth as the defense element. Once he had his elements selected, Vance then selected his species to combine. He chose pony as his partner's primary species with a lion as the support species and a dragon as the defense species. But as he made to move on to the next section, there was an unseen glitch which changed pony into donkey. The combined species were brought together to form a hybrid original Digimon partner. And then he was permitted to set the colors into his partner based off of the elements he had chosen at the beginning. Next up was a pared down list of continents for which his partner could originate from. The choices shown were, Continent 1: Temperoland (Earth, Light, and Shadow), Continent 3: Tropicola (Chaos, Earth, and Shadow), Continent 4: Aztecan (Light, Order, and Wind), Continent 5: Tathlum (Fire, Light, and Water), Continent 6: Tsukiyoki (Earth, Shadow, and Wind), Continent 7: Aussieland (Chaos, Earth, and Water), Continent 9: Puvisha (Purity, Virus, and Shadow), Continent 11: Livisha (Light, Virus, and Shadow), and Continent 12: Midaegir (Chaos, Earth, and Virus.) Vance looked over the choices and he selected Continent 1: Temperoland for his partner's Digital homeland. Next up was to set the gender choice; this was a no-brainer as he clicked male. Now he had to determine the size of his partner. He chose to make it simple as he set the humanoid height at three feet tall. Looking over the species names, Vance chose a priest like Digimon called Kahidomon. Then the booth dispensed the partner from the card provider slot. He then grabbed the partner card and he inserted it into his safety bracer in the correct manner before taking the time to look at the picture in the card window. He didn't catch on right away that the partner didn't look anything like a pony.

                End of Chapter Seven


                  Chapter Eight

                  Kahidomon, the Lion-robed Priest of Light! This odd looking semi-morphic Digimon was about the size of a leopard but maned softly, his large dragon wings were tight to his back, and his long legs ended in clawed paws in the front and hoofs in the back. When he stood up, he was about three feet tall. He was wearing a beast like 'lion-like robe' and the tail was leonine but the tail tuft was more like a donkey's. His muzzle was very wide and asinine; in fact it's blunt in front but, like a lion's, it opened to show huge nasty ivory teeth. His long ears and large nose was like a donkey, quite soft, and his eyes were arrow shaped and very expressive, yet he could see quite sharply and clearly. His attack involved Light Arrows, which shot out exploding arrows of Light energy. He also had the powers of a minor priest, which included regeneration.

                  Vance now prepared to make his second partner since Finnpaw indicated that he could have three partners. Vance typed in the promotional code that Finnpaw had provided to him. He then selected 'Partner Card Creation' and the screen displayed the list of the Digital Elements: Chaos, Earth, Fire, Light, Order, Purity, Shadow, Unity, Virus, Wind, and Water. Vance then selected Chaos as the primary element, Water as the support element, and Earth as the defense element. Once he had his elements selected, Vance then selected his species to combine. He chose kangaroo as his partner's primary species with a fox as the support species and a dragon as the defense species. But as he made to move on to the next section, there was again an unseen glitch which changed Kangaroo into Devi-Roo, Fox into Demon Fox, and Dragon into Hell Dragon. The combined species were brought together to form a hybrid original Digimon partner. And then he was permitted to set the colors into his partner based off of the elements he had chosen at the beginning. Next up was a pared down list of continents for which his partner could originate from. The only choices shown were, Continent 7: Aussieland (Chaos, Earth, and Water) and Continent 14: Deepsouth (Chaos, Shadow, and Virus.) Vance looked over the choices and he selected Continent 14: Deepsouth for his partner's Digital homeland. as he was switching to the next selection page, the unseen glitch changed Shadow to Dark. Next up was to set the gender choice; this was a no-brainer as he again clicked male. Now he had to determine the size of his partner. He chose to set the humanoid height at three and a half feet tall while lanky and slender. Looking over the species names, Vance chose a rogue like Digimon called Dekandramon. Then the booth dispensed the partner from the card provider slot. He then grabbed the partner card and he inserted it into his safety bracer in the correct manner before taking the time to look at the picture in the card window. Again, in his distraction, he didn't catch on that the his partner looked different from the choices that he had originally made.

                  Dekandramon, the Roo-Cruiting Rogue of Darkness! This odd looking anthropomorphic Digimon was about the size of a large kangaroo boomer with small devil horns hidden in his foxy head fur, his medium dragon wings were tight to his back, and his medium length legs ended in large kangaroo feet while his foxy fluffed kangaroo tail extended out behind him. He stood at about three and a half feet tall. His entire body was covered in extremely fluffy fox-like fur which even hid his outward slit as well as his hidden Devi-Roo pouch opening which contained his dragon knotted pouch cock. His muzzle was exactly like a Kangaroo's snout while his eyes reflected an intelligent and crafty demeanor. His ears were longer than a normal kangaroo's ears giving him an alert sense of everything around him. His attack involved an almost hypnotic Pheromone breath weapon which made his victims very submissive to the point of permitting this boomer to mate with them with his prehensile male booster shot. He also had the abilities of a major rogue and thief, which included lock picking, filching, moving silently and hiding in shadows. This was nothing when coupled with his in-born Teleportation power.

                  Vance smiled as he prepared to make his final partner. Vance typed in the promotional code that Finnpaw had provided to him. He then selected 'Partner Card Creation' and the screen displayed the list of the Digital Elements: Chaos, Earth, Fire, Light, Order, Purity, Shadow, Unity, Virus, Wind, and Water. Vance then selected Chaos as the primary element, Fire as the support element, and Shadow as the defense element. Once he had his elements selected, Vance then selected his species to combine. This time, he chose Hound as his partner's primary species and the support species and the dragon as the defense species. But as he made to move on to the next section, the unseen glitch occurred again which changed Hound into Hellhound, and Dragon into Imperial Dragon. The combined species were brought together to form a hybrid original Digimon partner which in truth looked no different from Finnpaw at first. And then he was permitted to set the colors into his partner based off of the elements he had chosen at the beginning. Next up was a pared down list of continents for which his partner could originate from. This time the only choices shown was, Continent 15: Imperium (Chaos, Fire, and Shadow.) Vance looked at the singular choice and wondered why Finnpaw's realm was not displayed. Reluctantly he selected Continent 15: Imperium for his partner's Digital homeland since he had no other choices. As he was switching to the next selection page, the unseen glitch changed Shadow to Dark as it had before. Next up was to set the gender choice; this was as before a no-brainer as he clicked male. Now he had to determine the size of his partner. He chose to set the quadruped length at four feet tall at the shoulder and seven feet long from nose to tail-tip and as sheen and as stocky as Finnpaw himself. Looking over the species names, Vance chose a guardian like Digimon called Hellhoundramon, since Houndramon itself was not on the list. Then the booth dispensed the partner from the card provider slot. He then grabbed the partner card and he inserted it into his safety bracer in the correct manner before taking the time to look at the picture in the card window. This time he was not distracted because the card booth wouldn't let him make a Houndramon like Finnpaw.

                  Hellhoundramon, Guardian Tracker of the Imperial Plains! This quadruped wolfhound like digimon stands at about four feet at the shoulder and is seven feet long from nose tip to tail tip. He has short bluish-red smoky-black fur all over his body. He exudes an aura of heat when at rest. His eyes are twin circular orbs of golden-orange, with a red retina which glow in the dark when at rest and is flaming when in hunting mode. His shaft and sac are safely tucked into a slit near the back of his shaggy coat. Although he is capable of breeding, he can cart a passenger within his slit in times of emergency (however, the rider will end up smelling like Hellhound sexual enzyme fluids within which can also destroy clothing. If said fluids get into the rider's body, they may end up pregnant or on a drug-induced high of which only the pack herbalist can cure.)

                  Aside from colors, his name, and his home continent, he was much the same as Finnpaw. Now it was time to activate his partners. If Finnpaw had known about the glitches in the card booth, he would have unplugged the booth and pulled Vance to safety. But it was about to be too late.

                  Vance struck a pose and held his safety bracer at the ready. "Kahidomon Activate!" and he tapped the window as he said the words. Within the booth with him was the Digimon partner who said, "I am Kahidomon of Light Priest Hill in Temperoland. For choosing me as your partner, I will gift you with the light priest Miracle Healing ability. This will enable you to recover from injuries that are not your fault through regeneration." The partner then came closer to Vance and licked his face. "You taste clean. Not like some disgusting male humans. Well back in the card for now." And he vanished back into the bracer. Vance stood there feeling tingly all over. "Wow... what a rush. I can feel the power inside of my body. He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the next partner picture, "Dekandramon Activate!" Within the booth with him was the Digimon boomer partner who said, "Ah am Dekandramon of Ozmoor in the Deepsouth. For choosing me as yer partner, Ah will gift yas with the Shadow rogue abilities of Stealthy Movement and the in-born ability of Teleportation. The latter ability will only work to places yas can directly see, while Stealthy movement will give yas the ability to move silently and to 'ide in shadows. Yas may earn more abilities from me if yas work well together with me."

                  End of Chapter Eight


                    Chapter Nine

                    The partner then came over to Vance and he also licked the boy's face. "Yas taste like Zest soap and Perl Shampoo. Well, mate... back in the card for now." And he vanished back into the bracer. Vance could feel the movement ability and Teleportation power filtering through his memories of locales he knew of. "This will make getting around easier. Now for my last partner..." He then held up his arm so the bracer faced away from himself as he tapped on the first partner picture, "Hellhoundramon Activate!"

                    Instead of his partner appearing in the card booth with him, the entire booth was swallowed down through a Dark Digital Portal transporting the boy to the Imperium continent where the booth slammed into a Hellhoundramon training field and broke into a million pieces as Vance found himself sprawled out on the ground face down at the feet of his partner, Hellhoundramon. "Ow... what in Devina's name happened?"

                    Hellhoundramon said, "This is the first time I have ever seen a human boy fall out of our skies in that manner. I am your partner, Hellhoundramon. And sadly, you fell into the Digital World. I know it is customary to share a partner power with you, but if I share my abilities with you while you are in my homeland, you will transform into my species and then you might not ever get back to being human again. But since I am sure you didn't mean to fall into Imperium, I will tell you what the ability that I would share with you is. The ability is called, Flawless Tracking. This is the same ability that all Hellhoundramon pack members are trained with to track prey without error. This will also enable the partner to know how far the target is away from the hunter regardless of location. This ability can also be used to track lost/stolen objects as long as you know the item in question." He then closed the gap between the boy and himself as he kissed Vance on the mouth. "You brushed your teeth and used mouthwash this morning. I am so happy to be your guardian partner. I will do the right thing for you and help you to reach the crossing point between worlds so you can return home. You weren't supposed to have dropped into the Imperium the way you did."

                    Vance then said, "I guess it could be worse, I could have lost my clothes by falling into the Digital World. My name is Vance Slystalker from Shinjuku, Japan."

                    Hellhoundramon said, "You could still lose your clothes simply by walking through certain continents. So we have to be careful in planning your journey out of here."

                    "I think the card booth malfunctioned when I selected my partners," said Vance. "When I tried to make a normal Houndramon, I ended up with your partner card. I am not sorry I received your card now that I have met you. I hope I didn't interrupt some training session you were in."

                    Hellhoundramon stated, "Help me to pick up the broken debris from the card booth and when the superior officer inspectors come by, I won't get in trouble for making a mess of things. Punishments range from painful sex to unnecessary pregnancy. And if I end up pregnant, then I cannot escort you back to Temperoland."

                    Vance said, "We might be in luck with that. One of my partners gave me limited range teleportation. Just show me where the debris should be moved to and I will grab pieces, then teleport with the stuff to the dumping zone; I will go back and forth until it is all cleaned up."

                    Over the course of the next hour, Vance and Hellhoundramon cleaned up the training grounds of every little speck of the former card booth. While they did this, the two talked of how the boy ended up in the Digital World. The Digimon partner said, "...and you say that after acquiring a safety bracer from a hidden workshop, the Houndramon guided you to a card booth within what looked like an closed and unused game shop?"

                    Vance replied, "That's right. He wanted to do something nice for me since I permitted him to have sex with me. He actually said that we would be snitching the safety bracer."

                    Hellhoundramon remarked, "I get the feeling, partner, that the safety bracer he gave you and the card booth he had you use were both malfunctioning which is why they were off in what looked like an unused portion of the shop. Normally, a popular card booth will be sitting out in the open in the public portion of a game shop and the safety bracer would be among others behind the main counter. Now think back, did it seem to you that the safety bracer packaging box had been opened prior to your getting it?"

                    Thinking back silently, the human boy recalled how 'abused' the so-called new safety bracer box looked before being guided to 'an unplugged' card creation booth. "Oh my god... you're right! The box looked as if I wasn't the first to open it. And the card booth had been initially unplugged before Finnpaw permitted me to go in to use it. He even provided me with a promotional code so I could get my first three partners for free. Also thinking back, my partner choices didn't stay on the exact choices I made in species, elements and continents. Kahidomon was supposed to have been Lion, Pony, and Dragon in that order and the ending product ended up as Hell Lion, Demon Donkey, and Devil Dragon. Then Dekandramon was supposed to be Kangaroo, Fox, and Dragon. And thinking back, his hybrid results ended up as Devi-Roo, Demon Fox, and Hell Dragon. Then it only listed Aussieland and Deepsouth as his possible home continents and for reasons I cannot recall as to why, my curiosity made me choose Deepsouth. Then on you, handsome, I tried to make a normal Houndramon from Chashadofyr, and the results ended up with the species that makes you what you are and then the only continent choice was the Imperium."

                    Vance then said, "Activating the first two partners went as normal, but when I tried to activate your card, I crash landed here in your home training grounds as you clearly saw."

                    Hellhoundramon commented, "Its a good thing you didn't get transported to the Deepsouth or you really would have lost your clothes. Most of those lands are nothing but a huge sexual muddy slough. Fall in and your clothes are gone. And then the locals would be forcing themselves upon your naked body. Among humankind it would be called rape, but in the Digital World, invaders are sexually plundered as a punishment. And worse, the longer you are in the mud getting their cum fluids into your bottom, the faster you transform into their species, and usually one-way. You would have been stuck because a Digital Transformation is most commonly accompanied by a mind-wipe."

                    Vance made a face. "And let me guess... Deepsouth is directly in the way of our getting back to Temperoland, isn't it?"

                    The Underworld guardian nodded his muzzle with a sigh. "That's why I said you were lucky you didn't crash land there. As for 'in the way', there is a way around it although it is far more dangerous to go that way. We could both get killed for even being there. There is a less traveled road that connects all of the continents. But this road travels into the heart of the hidden continent. We would have to be painfully honest to the temple guardians there of or risk being reduced to Digital atomic particles."

                    End of Chapter Nine


                      Chapter Ten

                      The human boy remarked, "We will have to chance it, Hellhoundramon. I do not want to lose my clothes to a bunch of orgy minded Digimon in heated rut."

                      "They aren't all that way, but the majority of species in the Deepsouth are like that. Your Devi-Roo partner from there is lucky he was able to retain an ounce of civility toward you when he met you. Otherwise, like Houndramon, he would have had his prehensile in your backside. Lets get going."

                      An hour later at the entry portal to the Hidden Continent of Unity...

                      Hellhoundramon approached what looked like an ancient gong where as he picked up the mallet and he lightly struck the gong with the sturdy mallet before dropping it and waiting. Moments later, two Devil Tigromon guardians in full armor and weapons arrived at the gong as one said, "Who seeks an audience with the temple guardians?"

                      Standing forward and bravely, the conversation of honesty began. "I am Hellhoundramon of the Imperium. This is Vance Slystalker of Shinjuku, Japan on Planet Earth. He accidentally crash landed in my home realm when he was tricked into using a malfunctioning Lens Masters card creation booth in Nedwin Finn's game shop. The one who caused this circumstance is known as Finnpaw, a Houndramon of Chashadofyr who thought to innocently reward he boy for permitting consensual sex to share their languages. Finnpaw is Nedwin's Lens Masters partner on Earth. I have offered to not only partner with Vance but to also escort him topside to Temperoland to locate a safe Digital Portal so he can return to his home dimension. We could not travel through Deepsouth or else the citizens there would have molested this nice young man. May we have safe passage through your realm to the Temperoland Digital Portal?"

                      Vance added, "I really do not want to lose my clothes in the Digital World, noble guardians. And I promise that I seek nothing of value in your continent nor within the temple itself. We only seek safe passage."

                      The two Devil Tigromon guardians examined the human boy and then they scrutinized the safety bracer, sniffing it occasionally. Then one said, "Show us the Digital item within your backpack."

                      Vance opened his backpack and pulled out his laptop. "This is my portable computer. Please don't break it. I am not wealthy like the Heartstone family are."

                      The two guardians looked over the laptop turning it on and reading over things on the desktop. After a bit, they turned it off and handed it back to Vance. "Both of you, follow us." And they began to lead the human boy and his dragon hound partner along one of the temple roads.

                      Eventually, the two Devil Tigromon guardians stopped walking at the doors of what seemed like a zoo cage. They opened the door and had the two visitors go inside. Then the doors were closed and latched shut. "You are both to be cleansed in our version of the Vibrio-shower. We will send word to both Gotolmyrmon and Wyzowlmon. If either one vouches for you, then you will be permitted to continue to Temperoland. If they disavow knowledge of you boys, then this will become your new home. We will return shortly. Enjoy your detox cleansing." And they walked away as the Digital Shower began which tingled all over both the boy and the dragon hound Digimon.

                      Hellhoundramon laid himself down and said, "We're as good as dead. Neither one knew we were coming so they will disavow our existence and then... we become atoms. I am so sorry, Vance. But I did warn you that coming this way would be dangerous."

                      Vance petted on the dragon hound before saying, "Perhaps it isn't over yet, Hellhoundramon. I have an idea."

                      Hellhoundramon lifted his head and remarked, "If we try to escape, we will be killed for sure."

                      Vance lifted his left arm and turned the partner window to Kahidomon. "Hey partner... this is Vance. Hellhoundramon and I were captured by the Unity temple guardians while we were trying to reach Temperoland. Can you get word to Gotolmyrmon and/or Wyzowlmon that your human partner, Vance Slystalker, was dropped into the Digital World by accident. Hellhoundramon was trying to help me to reach Temperoland because there is a supposed shortcut between Temperoland and Planet Earth where I might be able to get home from. This is urgent, Kahidomon. If Gotol or Wyzowl doesn't vouch for us, then we are as good as dead. And then your partnership to me will be gone as well."

                      Kahidomon replied from the card window, "I'll get word to Gotolmyrmon right away. I don't trust the crazy owl to take this seriously."

                      Hellhoundramon slowly grinned. "The Unity guardians never actually looked at your safety bracer. That was good thinking."

                      Vance said, "Kahidomon's home tribe lives in Temperoland, and that is why I chose to contact him."

                      Several hours later, well after the Vibrio-Shower ended, the Unity guardians returned with what looked like the cross between an otter and a large goat like digimon. They then opened the cage door and said, "Okay you two; come out of there. This is Gotolmyrmon, the Guardian of the Digital Life Stream in Temperoland. He is vouching for you two and that is the only reason you get to live... this time. This was a close call for you travelers; normally, we would have killed you for even daring to set foot on our continent."

                      Vance said, "Thank you for giving us a chance to proven trustworthy. We will strive not make this accidental mistake again. Uh, I have to know... what was it on my computer that interested you two when you looked it over?"

                      One of the two Devil Tigromon guardians replied, "The fact that you had a Mackintod laptop instead of the untrustworthy Macrosoft business machines. Plus, the additional fact that you had been in contact with both Hunter the Houndimon and Admiral the Imperidramon. Lord Gotolmyrmon will escort you boys to Temperoland. Farewell."

                      End of Chapter Ten
                      End of Episode One

                      Stay tuned for the next episode, Arrival in the Land of Light.