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[APAW-BA] EE-06 A New Boy in Town

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    [APAW-BA] EE-06 A New Boy in Town

    Heroes Reach - QC Planet

    [APAW-BA] EE-06 A New Boy in Town.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    On Monday morning, Ethan and Ralph accompanied Jake to School where Ethan noted that a new real world human was talking to Raluta in the Hallway before classes were to begin. The fourteen year old young man had dark platinum gray hair, silvery gray eyes, dark tanned skin and was wearing a plain white tee shirt and a leather backpack, dark red cotton shorts, and an old pair of sneakers. When Raluta saw Ethan, he said, "Hey Ethan, meet Saul Avery Votari, he just enrolled here in the school."

    Raluta then said, "He was beta testing Dragomon back on Earth, but when he found a glitch in the game, he got permission from his parents in the Big Apple to come here to enroll in our school and so he could outline the glitch he found to me."

    Saul smiled at Ethan. "I had been in a dragon research club in Central Park back when I was twelve. I got out of the club when a guy I was palling around with got too close to some dragons in his Samate research and he got Samated. Later, I had been following the development of RalutaCorp Games and when I read about how he needed some Dragon savvy Beta Testers for his newest dragon game, I sent in my application and boy was I ever surprised when I got the approval along with his newest dragon game to Beta Test. Dragomon was a fun game at first, but then I encountered the glitch where my partner spoke to me from the card and asked me if I'd like to go camping with him, ...if you know what I mean... In exactly those words. Because of my involvement with the Samated club member..."

    He then said, "I knew exactly what he was implying. I had heard of players getting kidnapped by their partners and that's when I decided to turn off the game and ask my parents if I could go enroll in Heroes Reach where I could personally give Raluta my report."

    Ethan folded his arms over his chest and he tapped his foot. "So my version of the game was the only one doing it, eh, Raluta? Open muzzle, insert foot. Now you are hearing one of your official beta testers telling you the same thing."

    He then said, "You better hope the gaming commission doesn't learn about this."

    Rao and Aro were suddenly right there. "Too late, Ethan. Saul called the Gaming Commission before he set foot on planet. We told him to go ahead and make his report to Raluta to see what his reaction would be. We remembered how your version was getting sexual."

    Aro then said, "Enjoy your time in school, Saul. We are going to take our son to the Gaming Commission and Pardusius where Dragomon will either get cleaned up or be discontinued when we purge it." And they grabbed Raluta and teleported away with him.

    Ethan said, "Have you spoken to Principal Agumon as yet? He can help you set up your classes and arrange for your three free partners and Safety Bracer from Golden Gate Games (3G.) He will request that your partners be three different species."

    Saul said, "I'll go talk to him right now. Thanks Ethan. Just before Raluta got caught and before you arrived, he was telling me how you are the guy to make friends with here in school."

    Ethan said, "I'll tag up with you later, Saul. You can meet everyone during lunch hour."

    And then the boy walked to the principal's office to get his classes sorted.

    Jake smiled. "I am glad you are getting to make friends with another boy your own age. Funny, he has the same name as my boyfriend's brother: Saul the Devil Donkey Boy Chocolate Confectioner. I know it isn't him since the chocolate smell cannot be washed off with soap."

    Ethan smiled. "And you're right; I worked at his factory to pay back his unloading a crate of his chocolate bars to a dragon in exchange for my freedom. All of those donkeys smelled like the chocolate they made in that place."

    Within Agumon's office, Saul handed over his transcripts from his last school in NYC. "I'm willing to take whatever is left, sir. I'm not picky. Ethan told me that you would help me with my starting partners."

    After Agumon explained how the gift certificate worked and provided him with his High School approved Safety Bracer, he sent the boy over to 3G to select his three free partners.

    Saul met up with the two clerks and explained how Agumon had sent him over to pick his three partners. The clerks explained the primary rules for the game booths and told him to enjoy himself during selection. Then he headed into the back of the shop to find his first game.

    The first game booth Saul found was a Crimp and Pimp exclusive which was called Design Your Own Game; the video screen showed the basics of creating your own battle card game showcasing various species. A warning was included that due to the excessive amount of dragon games on the market, dragons were the only species that could not be game created. Apologies were given. If the other companies were to cancel their dragon games, then this choice could be rescinded. Saul began to work with this booth and soon he had chosen to create a game called Messenger Wars which sounded boring, until you saw the four species permitted: Winged Hell Hounds, Winged Hell Lions, Winged Hell Horses/Donkeys and Mid-Sized Hell Drakes. The premise for the game was that the four factions were running messenger services during a time of war. Combat was conducted between messengers for the right to make the best deliveries. Otherwise, the game operated as a lot like other Battled Card grid match games; with messenger sounding attacks and special support abilities. Messenger Wars was to be only compatible with it's own game species; others would get a polite, [Thank you for your interest], message along with, [Challenge aborted!] He knew this would piss off hard core gamers, but since he would have the only partner in this, it was silly to cater to the other game players whom just wanted to show superiority. Saul created the very first Messenger Wars partner, a Winged Hell Lion which he named King Moonchaser. His partner was Golden Sienna in coloration with a bright Hell Fire Red mane and slitted Golden eyes that shined in the darkness. His attacks included (Metal) Feline Rake, Commanding (Deafening) Roar and (Lunar Fire) Paralysis Vision, which appeared as a pale blue light from his eyes that encased the victim in a golden glow during grid matches. The paralysis would make the victim lose two turns at the maximum although a willpower check could be permitted to break the moonlight hold after the first lost turn. Attack strikes were based off of the five base elements: Metal, Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. A standard challenge match would last up to Five rounds If neither opponent was out of defense pips by then, then the match was declared as a draw and both players received consolation points. Otherwise, participation points for winning and for losing were awarded. Winning awarded 30 points, losing awarded 10 points and a draw awarded 20 points for each participant. It took 100 points to advance to the next rank. 200 points afterward, then 300 and so forth. If you were 12th rank, then you needed 1200 points to reach the 13th rank. A game of this nature had never been planned out before; although it was an idea that the JAC members toyed with back in NYC on Earth when Saul was a member. And now he was getting to make the game. A Junior Adventurers Club Exclusive, would be listed under the partner card title. Partners were allowed two elements as their base although they could utilize any element in combat. Using your own element had a stronger effect. When he hit finalize after crafting his all-new partner, the create a game booth asked for his payment method and he inserted his gift certificate. The very first Messenger Wars: A Junior Adventurers Club Exclusive partner was then printed out. When he took the card, he saw the sexy quadruped crowned lion smiling back at him from the card itself. Loading it up into his bracer was next.

    The new game creation was wired via Internet back to Crimp and Pimp whom began to make the game immediately. They knew about JAC and for them they would add in the other species that the members loved. But the no dragons rule had to be obeyed.

    Saul then brought his bracer in front of himself and he tapped the game screen. "Activate!" The boy was neatly pinned to the console of the game booth when his partner appeared in the booth with him reared up and bodily looking him in the face. "Kind of cramped in this booth, partner. As per the rules, I will share a few of my powers with you. Flight, Command Voice and Moonlight Vision, the last which can be turned on and off at will. I hope this new game gets more players, Saul. It would be no fun to exist by yourself. I'd like to be in a challenge with someone compatible eventually. Well, back into the card I go. I will refrain from making a pass at you, unless you solicit me first." And he vanished back into the bracer.

    Saul stepped out of the booth. "That was quite the experience. I will know that for the next time, Quadruped partners take up more space than an Anthro partner."

    And then he headed off to find his second partner.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Saul approached the second game booth and after admiring the artwork on the booth, he went inside to watch the example video screen. The name of the game was Holidayfight. You chose a species aside from the normal ones associated with the normal holiday. Combat used holiday themed maneuvers and defenses. Saul crafted an anthro reindeer with a dark chocolate body and having a white chocolate undercoat. His eyes looked like yellow marshmallow cream. His armor looked like a combination between Valentine Hearts and an Easter themed Roman Toga. The reindeer warrior had armored gauntlets for Power Punching, while his antlers had the ability to shoot quick drying liquid chocolate fudge that you would encounter with chocolate Easter Bunnies. He also had Hyper Jump for leaping to the tops of building roofs during Christmas Outings. Of course Hyper Kick could really hurt. Saul named his Chocolate Reindeer warrior by the name of Rocky Cocotail. During a heated fight, Rocky would smell like arousing chocolate. The booth asked for his payment method and he inserted his gift certificate. The Holidayfight partner was then printed out. When he took the card, he saw the sexy anthro chocolate reindeer warrior smiling back at him from the card itself. Loading it up into his bracer was next. Saul then brought his bracer in front of himself and he tapped the game screen. "Activate!" Rocky appeared in the booth and he shook Saul's hand. "Hello Partner. For you, I will share Power Punch and Hyper Jump. Good luck in choosing your third partner. Back I go." And he went back into the bracer.

    Saul grinned. "He turned me on. Now to go find my third partner." And he headed off to find a third partner.

    Saul took a moment to look for something unique that would make him stand out in school. He came upon a game booth called Digital Fantasies and he stepped inside. The video screen showed examples of game play and then came the words of [Can you make a Digital Monster that can stand the challenge of time?] And Saul began to craft a new Digimon partner. He noted that choice three was defaulted with part dragon. But he got to choose the other two species to add into the mix. He found that he could edit the part dragon choice to select a specific dragon type, but you could not remove it from the choice window. Saul added a chromatic choice and then it read as [Part Black Reflec Dragon]. In the first two slots he inserted [Part Skunk] and [Part Raccoon]. Along with the third choice, he was ready to invent the name and he was given partial name suggestions. He typed in Skuro. Having Flexible black Reflec scales all over his body, he had a smoky gray scale mask over his eyes while he had double White scale stripes from the top of his head down his back and tapering off near the tip of his tail. His claws were partially webbed and he was very defensive in battle. But if forced on the offense, he would spit a Slush Ball attack all over his opponent. He regenerated two pips per turn as a default and he had the unlock ability that Notorious Crook was famous for back in NYC. The booth asked for his payment method and he inserted his gift certificate. The Digital Fantasies partner was then printed out. When he took the card, he saw the adorable anthro black and white Reflec Skunk/Raccoon/Dragon Digimon smiling back at him from the card itself. Loading it up into his bracer was next. Saul then brought his bracer in front of himself and he tapped the game screen. "Activate!" Skuro appeared in the booth and and bowed to Saul. "I know dragons make you uneasy, partner, but work with me and perhaps we can get you over that fear. I don't need Samates. I will share Regeneration and the Unlock ability with you. I can't wait to dip someone in skunk goo saturated with sewer water." And he went back into the bracer.

    Saul giggled at how weird that sounded. "Time to go register these partners and get back to the school. I wonder how long I took?" And he headed up front to the clerks.

    The two clerks, the anthropomorphic Archon Hound and the Japanese Ookami Wolf smiled at Saul as he approached. "Hold up your bracer so we can scan the bar codes and you state the partners names and the game they came from at the same time," said the Archon.

    Saul held up his bracer and said, "Position one was from the Crimp and Pimp exclusive booth, Design Your Own Game... King Moonchaser from Messenger Wars; Rocky Cocotail from Holidayfight; and Skuro from Digital Fantasies."

    The two clerks were reading over the game demographics for Messenger Wars on their security monitor. The Wolf said, "When Crimp and Pimp gets the new game booth ready for the shop, then other players can try out your new game. You can head back to the school."

    When Saul got back to school, he showed his partners to Agumon and then he was sent off to his second hour class which was already in progress. The rest of the morning passed quietly and then Saul saw Ethan and Jake together at a cafeteria table and he joined them with his lunch. "I was hoping I'd get to see you during lunch, Ethan. The classes aren't bad; and most of the teachers have been nice to me. But a few students have already shown their dislike toward me for getting Raluta in trouble with his parents. Frankly, I don't know why honesty is so frowned upon in the animated world. His game as it stood was on the verge of supporting dragon partners out to rape their partners and trap them in their video game world pregnant or transformed or something worse. If the dragon hadn't made a pass at me during beta testing the battle card game, then I wouldn't have contacted the gaming commission prior to my coming to the animated world. And my beta partner was designed to be far less sexually minded than most of the dragon clans I fought against during beta playing the game. And then came the night when out of the blue, my dragon partner asks me if I'd like to go camping with him, ...if you know what I mean... In exactly those words. I had to cut him off and shut off the game at that point. That was a major no-no for real world on-Earth players."

    Jake said, "Man, that would have creeped out any non-animated game player! It's no wonder you wanted to report it!"

    Then an older anime battle player whom had shown his dislike before walked up to the group and said, "I didn't know your beta partner broke the fourth wall that way. A lot of gamers had gone missing playing the officially released games; and for you to encounter that in a beta release of Raluta's newest dragon game was surely a red-flag; I am sorry I was hateful to you earlier, but Raluta has released good games before. He had at least eight that had no sexual direction at all. And now he makes Dragomon and the first thing Ethan encounters is a gay defense guardian, but since no other player had reported something like that, no one got on to Raluta for sexually gay battle game partners. And then you arrived to verify that Ethan's case wasn't isolated. Anyway, my name's Lyle Rokoshaka. Along with dragons, I liked lions."

    Ethan said, "If you're not seated elsewhere, you can join us. Jake and I had been discussing something else, but gaming talk is always useful too."

    Lyle replied, "I am seated with a group of my friends. I am going to return to let them know what your real story is, Saul. That should take a lot of heat off of you. About how many days before you called the gaming commission did this seductive attempt occur? I have a theory."

    Saul replied, "It took me two days to make the trip to come here. But I called the gaming commission the same day this date offer occurred. I had the beta device for a week before the incident and I never saw even a wink from my partner clan."

    Lyle then looked to Ethan. "Your version according to both Raluta and the fake Zecma appeared out of nowhere. Yours had a gay sexual clan member immediately. It could be that the fake Zecma crafted yours to have the flaw that would infect all the others the moment you came to the animated world. I know you've been on the planet for more than a week, which means you got yours on the same day Saul got his. Saul played his immediately after getting it and not a single sexual pass was made at him until two days ago. What do you think of my theory, Ethan? As I have stated it, it isn't your fault that fake Zecma set you up with the master controller. Comments?"

    Ethan said, "I know how we can find out, but we should get Medina on board for this since she investigates these things for the Card Police. We can get together for this after school provided Medina has the time to supervise this so we don't end up in trouble like noobs."

    Lyle remarked, "You're on. Where do we meet for this?"

    Ethan replied, "Let's do this from Mendelssohn's home since it is a place that I and Medina both know. My brother Ralph will likely meet up with any unicorns, rabbits and raccoons locally that he can find. He loves those species; unicorns on Earth were always in hiding."

    Lyle then returned to his own table to speak with his dragon loving friends.

    Jake said, "So what's the plan, Ethan?"

    Ethan said, "I have the ability to travel to my Dragomon clan's home territory without using the card nor device. I plan on having Medina perform a direct cleansing on the currently gay defense guardian to remove the corrupted programming despite Raluta not wanting tampering."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      That afternoon, Ethan and Saul met up with Lyle and a bunch of his dragon loving friends at Mendelssohn's home where they also met up with Medina and Celestial. Ethan smiled when he saw the two together. "I see you're using your new form. Where's the adorable roo? Anyway, the plan, Medina, is that since I have the ability to travel to my Dragomon clan's home territory without using the card nor device, you will perform a direct cleansing on the clan and the currently gay defense guardian to remove the corrupted programming."

      He then added, "Lyle and the others want to come along to see how my clan's base is set up. They have only heard of the game and want to play it. So based on first impressions, minus the corrupt programming, they might be interested in it."

      Saul remarked, "I think a dumbed down high school version would be safer to release at the same time the college/adult version came out. I thought it was strange to learn that this game was aimed at adults but the beta testers were all pre-college aged."

      Medina sighed. "Another nail in Raluta's coffin despite his claiming that the game wasn't sexual! What a hypocrite! Let's get this started before Raluta learns what we are up to!"

      Without warning, Aro and Big Z phased in from the shadows. Big Z said, "We're coming with you. Raluta won't find out anything since his father and the rest of the gaming commission are evaluating him right now. You should have told me that you had this power when we were talking about this the other day. Traveling into a gaming world is dangerous even if you are only going to the safe areas. Remember when the defense guardian raped you that one night?" Ethan said, "The Chaos Emerald was to blame for that one and getting transported there in the nude was not my plan, nor was landing butt first into his lap. He apologized after he had sex with me and he made sure the healer checked me out before sending me back home. But that happened back in the prior time before the rewrite; how could you know that?"

      Lord Pardusius appeared and grabbed Zecma by the neck. "Vacation over, Mezca! Your cousin Zecma was just on the line to me saying that he detected more of his cousins around and then I got the mental ping from Celestial on what just got said!" And they both vanished.

      Aro growled. "I should have read his damned aura! I'm still coming!"

      Ethan remarked, "What if I groped you like I did your brother?"

      Aro slyly grinned. "Then I'd have to rape you right in front of everybody!"

      Medina then stepped out from behind Aro whose eyes looked pin pricked before he fell over on the ground hallucinating. "I always carry knock out meds in some of my needles. Helps to keep unruly sexually minded Digimon in line."

      Lyle remarked, "You can move fast, ma'am. Are you sure you don't have some of Jimmy Trice's blood in your family somewhere?"

      Medina grinned back at the anime boy. "I am related to Southern Belle."

      Lyle went quiet after that.

      Celestial said to Ethan, "Styx is preparing for tonight's radio station performance. He has to ready by Eight P.M. He hasn't missed a deadline yet. I took the entire team into the Yuskay Groomers recently for a mandatory cleansing. I told them, either agree to get this done or you are admitting that you are quitting my team permanently. They all came along to get the cleansing treatment. Medina thought it was funny that no one wanted to quit. However, with Celestial in charge of the team, everyone has been more well-behaved than how they used to act, according to both Medina and Styx. Even Brightburst has mellowed out. However, as you already know, Ethan, I am planning another team to be run by one of my other forms. I don't want anyone from the original team to be in the new one."

      Ethan asked, "Would you like me to join it?"

      Celestial nodded his head without saying anything. "I think that is for another day, we need to get this cleansing trip underway, Ethan."

      Ethan nodded his head and had everyone stand in a group circle around him as he activated the transporter power which deposited them within the front gates of the V.I.P. Platinum Clan Dojo of the amethyst, black and gold flag. The planetary mountain dojo was home to Clan Stellar of the Dragoland region of Eveningstar which was just west and across a river from Dragomon City. Standing in the courtyard to greet Ethan as he and his group arrived were the Shogun clan leader which was the largest and most muscular even between the legs. His wings were strong and he had the flight power. He wore the colors of Clan Stellar; amethyst, black and gold; the amethyst was silk while the rest was armor and lining. His battle sword was a massive Zwei-Hander which he could use with one hand, a good thing since he had a shield on his opposing arm. Next up was the currently gay defense warrior whom had a prehensile tail as well as a force breath weapon. He was likewise clad in light armor although his weapons were his claws, his tail, and his breath weapon. Standing nearby on one side was the monk/healer whom was a beautiful female dragon clad in an armored silk dress with wooden shoes and a healer's staff. And finally, the skills and powers trainer whom was favored by the god of magic. She was lightly dressed in a lady's silk clothes. Her weapon appeared to be an armor covered spell book and skills guide.

      The shogun had his weapon at the ready as he shouted, "Prepare to repel invaders! ATTACK!" And the clan leaped into battle formation. This surprised Ethan since this had never happened before. "Wait! It's me, Ethan Edwards! I created your clan!" But his shout was ignored as they surged forward as if under mind control!

      Medina and Celestial were directly in the way instantly as the Dragomon warriors learned the hard way what fighting a medical doctor whom had Devina Daemon's training was like as well as a holy rabbit whom had the Wolf With No Name's martial arts training.

      Ethan exclaimed, "They never had this reaction the previous times I'd pop in on them! They are acting like they don't know me!"

      Medina asked, "Were you wearing your game device the previous times you visited?"

      Ethan replied, "Yes. What of it?"

      Celestial stated, "Mezca obviously had an ally protocol programmed into your device. When you visited with the device on your arm, they would see you as an ally; but without the device, you're an enemy, which is exactly how they are acting. It is a dirty trick to arrange that."

      Before Ethan could count to twenty, the entire clan were on their backs on the ground immobilized with one of Medina's medical stasis powers. "What did you do to them, Celestial?" asked Medina.

      "I hit them with Killer's Paralysis Touch strike that he taught me when fighting dragons. All I had to do was touch a bare spot where I could tag their scales. They won't be able to move to get up until it wears off, which is why I am glad you are using the medical stasis on them."

      End of Chapter Three