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[APAW-BA] EE-05 Back to the Fun School

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    [APAW-BA] EE-05 Back to the Fun School

    Heroes Reach - QC Planet

    [APAW-BA] EE-05 Back to the Fun School
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    The boys compared notes once more and then they went to get their final partners.

    Ethan then saw what he was looking for which was the Brand Andrews prize winning Buddyshift, a game based on Mobian battle tactics. A FAME exclusive. When it was first released, it required its own special bracer. But when several players complained about how unfair that was, it was modified to work for the safety bracers at a reduced penalty. The players never seemed to notice the penalty as they quickly reverted to their prickish ways to humiliate the game. The game was still popular and that's why it was available now. pulling out his laptop with USB cable, he hooked the cable into the example port and he did a search for Drum Bunker from Buddyfight on the world wide web. He then began creating his Mobian Buddyshift partner based off of Buddyfight's Drum Bunker's size and appearance without what he called a dorky looking helmet. Instead of being orange, his Mobian Dragon would be red with streamlined edges and small smooth scales. The foot and hand claws would also be Mobian appropriate since Buddyfight seemed to go too X-Men like Wolverine to make battle claws which was silly in Ethan's opinion. His partner would be as big as Drum Bunker with similarities but would be Mobian and original otherwise. The armor would be blue and gold and would also be streamlined for those just in case windy conditions. Aerodynamic instead of a kite design like the original Drum. And no dorky capes nor helmets. Unhooking the USB cable and putting his laptop away, he then put the finishing touches on Eurodrum or Drum Erosion Dragon being the card's official name. For powers, he gave Eurodrum Advanced Predictability, Laser Breath and Action Stopper. This last one would permit the partner to stop an ally before they made a mistake against an opponent in battle. Before finalizing, he saw the penalty in small print and he read it. At that point, he altered Advanced Predictability to include an Anti-Buddyshift Bracer Shield when another player was using the official bracer against a safety bracer player. This in effect, nullified the penalty making game play fair on all sides. He then presented his gift certificate and once he got the card, he slid it into the last available slot. then he tapped the window and said, "Activate!"

    Eurodrum appeared albeit cramped into the booth space with Ethan. "Nice one to alter one of my powers to remove the penalty. Most players wouldn't have paid attention to the penalty warning. A bit tight in here. I will share my Standard Predictability and Action Stopper powers with you. I don't think your mouth and throat are strong enough to sustain Laser Breath. But thank you for wanting to make game play fair. Also in case you didn't know... when you activate a Buddyshift partner in an actual battle, you transform into the partner. There is no chance of getting stuck but the action always alerts every Mobian is the area that someone is being active. You could meet a lot of the classics that way. Back to the card for now." And he vanished back into the card. Ethan didn't know about the transformation part of the game but he thought that it could be fun when playing with Warp the Hedgehog. He emerged from the game booth and looked for his brother Ralph.

    In the meantime, Ralph had entered the Dragonosaucers combat game booth. It was a fighting game based off of the Dinosaucers using dragons from outer space instead of dinosaurs from out of town. He made his partner into a Tricerodramon type of dragon. His head and collar were a lot like Tricero from Dinosaucers but the rest of the body was pure space dragon of a greenish-gray silver like consistency. He was given a prehensile tail strike, Claw/Claw/Bite/Wind Buffet attacks as well as his Cosmic (BAD) Breath Weapon which could take on the odors and scents of whatever the dragon felt like using; he would never taste it himself; but the smell would be overwhelming to the opponent. His entire back was armored naturally and his front side was coated in a Reflec breastplate. Ralph gave him extra powers at that point which included Safe Teleport Between Allied Bases, Long Range Telepathy Between Allies and a simple Dragon Health booster that amplified regeneration during recovery as well as mended open wounds and battle gouges. He then named his dragon partner, Cero. He wanted to keep this simple since the partner in his opinion was so awesome. He then presented his gift certificate and once he got the card, he slid it into the last available slot. then he tapped the window and said, "Activate!"

    Cero appeared in the booth although he appeared laughing. "Oh what an imagination you have, partner! We are going to make so many opponents gag and fall over!"

    Ralph giggled as he remarked, "And you can do it without beans!"

    Cero was again laughing about Ralph's humor. "I won't share bad breath with you; but I will share the Safe Teleport and Telepathy powers with you. Time to return to Lava Dome. See you in last hour class!" And he vanished back into the card. Ralph emerged from the booth smiling mainly because he made his partner laugh.

    The boys met up again and then they headed back to the front of the shop. After finalizing their card choices into the Game Commission database, the two boys returned to the school and showed Agumon their new partners. Ethan went first. "I have Yeo Orlando, Jr. from The Mighty Dukes; Jag from The Biker Kats from Callisto; and Eurodrum from Buddyshift." Each card picture was shown to Agumon and then it was Ralph's turn. "I have Bounty from Rocket Rovers; Punkie Pie from My Little Dragon Tales: Friendship is Fighting!; and Cero from Dragonosaucers." He showed Agumon each card and then with their tardy slips, they had their locker assignments and their class schedules as the headed off to their classes already in session.

    During the lunch hour, Ethan met up with Jake and the others. "Raluta suggested last night that I talk to you about your wanting to be my friend. But I thought we were friends already. As well as Arthurheart, Warp, and Myrdramon. What else is there to discuss. Even mom is giving you a chance since you explained your boyfriend's aura that you sport after a date with him. I am confused on what we need to talk about."

    Jake replied, "I think Raluta overstepped his bounds since he didn't know that we all spent the afternoon together on Sunday. You are a great friend, Ethan. We don't have to talk in school; but you can come over to my place anytime you like. My boyfriend's brother wants to meet with you, Ethan. But the way he asked makes me wonder something. He in exact words said, Could you arrange for me to meet with Ethan Edwards again? I miss talking to him. In exactly those words. Did you know anything about this?"

    Ethan asked, "What is his name, Jake?" Jake replied, "Saul Donkey. He's a Hell donkey like me. Born that way." Ethan then remarked, "This is the first time I have heard of him and that's the truth, Jake. I never met the guy on Earth; I would have remembered that. And the other times I've been available were here on planet and you were around for most of them. So when did I previously meet with Saul?"

    "He implied that in underworld time, it was just last week," replied Jake. "When someone monkeys with time on the surface world, it has no effect on the Underworld at all."

    Ethan said, "Then he is remembering a previous time line that I have no knowledge of; we can make arrangements to meet with him. Just remember that I do not want to be a donkey myself."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Warp grinned. "I heard that you convinced Principal Agumon to combine Digivice Dynamics with Game World Mechanics. Good job, Ethan. I approve."

    Ethan hugged Warp and said, "I wanted a Mobian Partner so I could train part time with you, Warp."

    Warp hugged the boy in return. "Thanks Ethan. Just remember that I am as human as you are. I just like to be in my Warp the Hedgehog identity. So whom is your Mobian Partner?"

    Ethan said, "From Buddyshift, I have Eurodrum. He's a Mobian Dragon of a custom variety. Aside from the Dragomon clan, he's my only High School approved dragon."

    Without warning, a student stood up and pointed his bracer toward Ethan and shouted, "I challenge you, Ethan!"

    And equally without warning, the Dragomon Shogun in full regalia clan armor stood directly in the line of sight between the student and Ethan. Ethan quickly said, "False alarm, Shogun. The only one present you could spare with is Raluta. You might be insulted to have to fight the one whom thought to challenge me."

    The shogun dragon looked at the opponent and then he turned to face Ethan. As you say, Master Ethan. Until I get the call again." And he vanished back into the bracer.

    Raluta then walked over and tapped in a safety code on the Dragomon window. "And this is why I didn't want Dragomon to use standard bracers. The standard safety bracers are not strong enough to prevent that sort of thing from happening. I just made it so your clan can only accept challenges from other Dragomon challengers. It was good of the Shogun to appear to defend you though." He then looked at the bully with a bracer. "You know the rules... you can only do that in the arena classes or outside of school. The cafeteria is on School property. You are lucky Ethan stopped the Shogun to explain that false challenge or else you would be severely injured."

    Agumon and Mendelssohn got up from the faculty table and went over to seat the student once again and also to revoke his bracer until he reclaimed it later. "You dragon worshipers were warned about making challenges in the school! Does anyone else want a punitive strike against them?!"

    "We thought not!" And then they returned to their own table to finish the faculty lunch.

    And then as if to make the day worse, the Northern Ice Judge stood at the cafeteria doors. "Arena Classes are to be canceled today and all students with Safety Bracers are to report to the main auditorium for a special gathering;" she said, "If you skip out on this, your card partners will be placed on the illegal mods list and prevented from playing in any tournaments nor will you ever get earned points ever again. Be there or else." And she walked back out.

    There were then whisperings, "Don't say it... don't say it!"

    A bully piped up and said, "How could this get any worse?"

    Several students lowered their heads muttering, "he said it."

    The members of Justice Fury walked into the cafeteria and Medina had Axydrum out in full view. Captain Rabbit, Arnie Roo as well as Brightburst White went and set up a detox table for students to take advantage of so they were not called out and humiliated later. Captain Rabbit said, "Any students whom wants their safety bracers and legal partners cleansed and detoxed please come over to this table one at a time. Those whom do this now will not have the ice glare on you later."

    Ethan got up and he approached the table along with his brother Ralph. "Pardusius cleaned my safety bracer and Dragomon clan last night; but in case he missed something, I will permit you to re-check my bracer just in case."

    Raluta paled and tried to sneak out of the cafeteria when Ethan volunteered to go first. But he was caught by Eagle Lord and Covert Fox. "No one said you could leave, Digimon. Return to your seat this second or taste my talons." Raluta returned to his seat and looked into his own lap.

    Ethan's bracer got the scan and at first, there was not problems with the High School partners but when it got to the Dragomon partner card, an alarm sounded. "Illegal mod added within the last few minutes. Who had access to your Dragomon clan card before we arrived, Ethan?"

    The boy replied, "Raluta said he was inputting an extra layer of security on the clan to make it so only other Dragomon challengers could access the clan. Did he do something wrong?"

    Captain Rabbit said, "Pardusius informed me of your dragomon's clan cleansing as well as the sex removal from the Defender clan member. Our scanner is telling me that the gay defender is back in your clan deck. He will have to be removed and permanently destroyed. And since Raluta himself did this, Dragomon is now in danger of being outlawed. His actions cannot be blamed on Zecma this time since he is in an Underworld Punishment without any access to the surface world at all. Sexual partner games are being restricted to the planar arenas. That means that we have to remove this game from your bracer and purge the game. Raluta is going to be under his father's mercies since apparently the Racolupotamon are DAC rapists that cannot be cured. By my authorization from King Kazma, Dragomon Beta is now an outlawed game as it exists now. If you still want this clan albeit cleaned up, we can see about making a clean version of the game for the players. I know students have been craving a new dragon game for a while."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      And then it got worse when Rao and Aro strode in wearing their Dopplemon hunting gear. Rao took one look at his son and instantly his blade was at Raluta's throat! "Where is my son, you Dopple!"

      Sailor Andromeda said, "I think I know, Rao... if you will permit me to do this one spell..." And she did a dispel magic spell on Raluta which revealed Zecma sitting in the student's chair. Instantly Pardusius and Founder Core were in the school to apprehend the evil devil mouse.

      Pardusius said, "Underworld council called me when the council went to ask Zecma a question and when it seemed that he had been silenced, they called in Mack Roo whom discovered that Zecma had activated a fail safe to swap places with Raluta leaving him in the punishment and unable to speak. We also learned that Jinx Volteroy is loose again. Founder Core hated dealing with her the first time and together we homed in on where Zecma was, to see you guys in the kill position."

      Captain Rabbit said, "The new Gaming Commission asked my team to help them to detox all active safety bracers that might be infected with the rape virus."

      And then all hope for Zecma drained out of his complexion when he saw Lord Prince walk into the cafeteria with Lord Mularr. "Since you think punishments in the underworld are to be mocked, Zecma, Mularr has agreed to entertain you in his time displaced realm. As for Jinx... she got stuck in her father's mirror prison again. The stupid cow has a one track mind."

      Before he could stop himself, Zecma shouted, "I told her to leave the Andrews family alone!" Then he felt as dumb as a brick as his deception was heard by all in the room. "I'll be back! You haven't heard the last of Big Z!"

      Albert Atticus said, "This time we have heard the last of you. Your Visa permissions for being on QC planet are being revoked as of this second. You are on the surface world illegally now. Have fun in Mularr's realm."

      Pardusius then added, "Your permissions for utilizing Imperial Scrolls have also been withdrawn since it was strange that all of your cousins could use the scrolls when they were pretending to be you."

      As Mularr took Zecma into his custody, Mack Roo brought a weak looking Raluta and sat him down at a table. Captain Rabbit got up and he faced Lord Prince. "So we finally meet. It isn't every day that you get to meet your counterpart."

      Lord Prince said, "I won't be a Lord for long, Captain Rabbit. Mack Roo and I discovered that Zecma had coerced me into agreeing to download the Lord Powers from the Platinum account into my body. His hope was that I would lose my humanity entirely. But when I fought back and stayed human, he had to find another way to get rid of me."

      Captain Rabbit said, "It might be confusing to have two Gerard Princes on the same planet. What are you going to do to avoid this confusion?"

      Lord Prince said, "I was informed that you have other identities that you don't use anymore, perhaps I can assume one of them and then change my human name to Stuart Gerard Prince while becoming the new version of the old identity that you have placed on standby status."

      Captain Rabbit said, "I can give you the list of my empowered forms and let you sift through them. Some are better than others, I can tell you that up front. Unless you want to be a bunny, I can filter all of the lapine identities out of the list."

      Lord Prince said, "Perhaps you should do that. Also, I like doggies. I had Hellhound friends before getting sucked into the Lord manure. Could I mix and match forms with powers?"

      Captain Rabbit smiled. "I don't see why not. We will work on this later. I have to detox safety bracers currently. You and Aqua Beaver will have a lot in common. He likes doggies too."

      Lord Prince hugged Captain Rabbit. "As long as you don't mind my calling you a cousin, then we will function just fine on our own."

      Captain Rabbit said, "Tell you what, meet up with me this afternoon at four P.M. and we'll get your new identity sorted."

      Lord Prince replied, "Deal. See you then." And he departed with Mack Roo.

      Captain Rabbit rejoined Arnie Roo and Brightburst at the detox table where they worked through several more students whom wanted honest partners without mods.

      Arnie Roo said, "What plans did yas make with yer counterpart, 'andsome?"

      Captain Rabbit replied, "He wants to utilize one of my identities that I don't use much of anymore. So at four P.M., I am going to take him over to the Yuskay Groomers to fulfill his request. He said he liked doggies."

      Arnie giggled at that mention. "So does Jawl."

      Brightburst remarked, "I hope he knows what he will be getting himself into when he takes on a new identity even if it was one of your old ones."

      Captain Rabbit replied, "He doesn't want to be Lord Prince anymore. But he agreed to be a cousin of mine, so that will evade the dupe accusations later on."

      End of Chapter Three