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APQC-EE-04 I Decree

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    APQC-EE-04 I Decree

    Heroes Reach - QC Planet

    APQC-EE-04 I Decree
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    The next morning, after Saul headed off to check on Kieth, Ralph, and Jake... Ethan worked on his school work one subject at a time. As he was completing the last subject, he reached into his backpack and instead of finding another school book, he found the mysterious scroll that Pardusius had dropped and Saul had accidentally placed into Ethan's bag. Curious as to what this scroll was and not seeing any warning not to read it, he opened it up and quietly read the instructions to himself.

    "Hold the scroll out in front of yourself and then speak the words 'I Decree' in front of the desire you want to have occur and then you slap the scroll to the ground as you release it. A small explosion will destroy the scroll and whatever you have asked for will appear. Be careful when using a scroll of this nature for the effect is immediate."

    Ethan then muttered quietly, "A foolish person might just use one of these and waste its potential. But I want to try this out for a while. But how to word it so this doesn't turn into a one-use wonder?"

    Closing the scroll and holding it out toward the floor next to where he was seated, Ethan exclaimed, "I DECREE TO PERMANENTLY HAVE THE ABILITY TO USE THE POWERS OF AN IMPERIAL LORD WHICH WOULD INCLUDE HAVING ACCESS TO A INFINITE SUPPLY OF IMPERIAL DECREE SCROLLS, SIMILAR TO THE ONES THAT OVERSEER ZECMA THE DEVIL MOUSE AND LORD PAUL PARDUSIUS UTILIZE!" After making this declaration, he three the scroll to the floor since it was starting to glow in his hand and upon hitting the floor, the scroll was consumed in a small fiery explosion which made Ethan's hair stand on end as he felt a rippling sensation all over his entire body.

    He shook himself as he ran one hand over his hair to smooth it out. "Did it work? I guess there is one way to find out. I am a little thirsty. I'd like a vanilla milk shake of the variety that Champion Pony can make, please." And he snapped his fingers. When he did that motion, a tall soda shop glass of vanilla milkshake appeared on the table in front of him. Taking a test sip of the drink, he found it to be the real thing. "Wow! I did it... but I really should resist the urge that befalls most people that suddenly get a lot of power; the dreaded power trip. This should make life more tolerable while living in Heroes Reach." He then drank the entire milkshake before sending the glass back to where it had magically originated from.

    Ethan smiled as he looked at all of his completed school work. "I'll just toon mail my school work back to my teachers in school and then I can decide what to do next..." And instantly all of his completed school work was instantly back with the teachers at school. "Man, this power works fast. I was going to toon mail the stuff myself, but that works, too, I suppose. I think I would like to have a TV monitor in all of my bedrooms that would be able to see what anyone I name is doing the moment I ask the screen to show me that person until I turn off the view." And again, instantly, TV monitors appeared in every duplicated bedroom he had access to. "Oh boy... I just have a worded thought and the effect just happens immediately. How do Lords control this without going on a power frenzy?"

    He then stood up and walked over toward the exit. "I think I will go visit the other donkeys and donkey boys here on the Donkey Continent to see how the others are doing. Saul didn't say that I couldn't." And Ethan headed out the door of the factory bedroom and soon, he stepped outside of the factory building where upon the smell in the air caused him to develop an immediate erection. "Man... they smell so ripe and aroused around here. I guess the factory has good ventilation since I couldn't smell this in my room." He then headed off toward where the scent was strongest.

    While Ethan was busy on the Donkey Continent, Ralph had gone into Nexus Town to look for more of his favorite animal types (Rabbits, Raccoons, and Unicorns.) Jake and Kieth were having some sort of business meeting with Saul at the original chocolate factory. Since the school was reportedly having no classes that day, Ralph thought it would be a good time to do some Underworld exploring. And such plans are how most naive nice boys get into trouble in the lower planes.

    While walking along a back trail behind Nexus Town, Ralph got lucky when he saw what looked like five humanoid miniature one-horned rabbit boys stepping through a tall clump of grass on the trail just ahead. They were each about as tall as he was and they were all sexy males. And then, three saw the boy approaching them. One said, "What are you doing walking along one of the border trails behind Nexus Town?"

    The human boy replied, "I was looking for a few of my favorite animals. Rabbits and Unicorns. You guys look like a cross between my two favorite animals. May I spend some time with you guys? My name is Ralph Edwards, in case you are wondering who I am."

    The unila boy smiled as he shook Ralph's hand in his own somewhat sticky paw-hand. "We are a hybrid of those species. Our tribal species is called Unila. Since you like people like us, you can hang out with my brothers and I back at our place. I'm the youngest brother and my name is Fyvla. These are my brothers Forla, Trala, Ducla, and our oldest brother is Pryla. We have Unila costumes back at our home that you could wear while you are staying with us. Would you like to try one one when we get home?"

    Ralph smiled in return. "If you are sure I won't get you guys in trouble, then I would love to try one on."

    Fyvla hugged Ralph and pulled him along with him. "No, we won't get in any trouble for making a new friend. Besides, you might learn something fun from us."

    The human boy said, "Then lets do it. I love learning new fun things."

    An hour later, the five unilas led Ralph into a sticky looking cavern where they showed him a pile of full body unila costumes. They then helped Ralph slide himself inside one of the one-size fits all unila costumes, guiding his feet into the sticky paw-feet and his hands into the sticky paw-hands, then they lined up the boy's penis with the sheath as the two oldest Unilas made sure Ralph's head popped up into the sticky unila costume head and lined up his nose and mouth properly. Then with the eyes aligned properly, the final part was to make sure the boy's anus was lined up with the tail hole of the costume. Once the costume was fully on the boy, Ralph felt himself fall forward on all fours since he hadn't learned how to balance himself while wearing the new costume. And then, the unilas pounced on Ralph and began to mate with him.

    This activity continued until a very pregnant Ralph passed out on the sticky floor. Sikla (or rather Ralph,) was now a sticky pregnant Unila like the other trappers.

    End of Chapter One