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[APAW-DC] DT-02 Magic on Campus

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    [APAW-DC] DT-02 Magic on Campus

    Montrocol - Anime World

    [APAW-DC] DT-02 Magic on Campus
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    February 7th, 2020

    Chapter One

    VIP Arena XVII... Montrocol Campus... 26 December... Saturday early evening...

    Dennis, Zecma, and Dean Tigromon met up with Felix Mendelssohn at the campus arena where the young man was to activate his dragon partner, hopefully under safe conditions.

    Mr. Mendelssohn had the DigiChampion training format all laid out along with his override control console at the ready. Zecma pulled out his personal override device out of his pocket. Tigromon stayed in the safety of the spectator bleachers. Zecma called out, "Dennis, we are ready! Step out into the center of the partner verification circle and activate your partner! Hopefully, our precautions in his case are simply over-worrying! Whenever you are ready!"

    Dennis turned his card launcher to slot number four and he tapped the card window. "Activate!"

    Appearing in the circle in front of him was Majesty Dragonus, whom was wearing royal blue robes lined with gold flourishes. He was a slender red dragon whom was very reminiscent of the Disney's Gargoyle known as Brooklyn, standing as Dragaunus would (the Mighty Ducks villain.) Majesty smiled at Dennis and said, "From one mage to another, you look nervous to be in my presence, Dennis. While many dragons back home are suffering from a mysterious dragon rut illness, it doesn't seem to affect dragons whom practice magic. I would never have sex with my partner unless you initiated the act first."

    Dennis released a sigh of relief as he studied his new dragon partner. "I am glad of that, even though you do look like that sexy gargoyle, Brooklyn. What power are you going to share with me, Majesty?"

    Majesty smiled as he held the young man's hand. "In exchange for any magic you can teach me, I will teach you all magics that I have access to myself. In addition to this, if you should ever be captured in a Western Dragon's slit, you may use the Dragon Slit Escape ability that all magic dragons have access to. In this case, you would vanish out of the slit in question and arrive safely within my private sanctum in Monstrotopia whether I am there or not. From my sanctum, you would be able to safely send messages to Big Z. Is this fair enough, Dennis? It saddens me that you expected me to mount you the moment I appeared. But with all of the dragon partners displaying pornographic mannerisms lately, I suppose that was the reaction I was doomed to receive when you saw me for the first time."

    Dennis hugged Majesty closely. "As long as we teach each other magic, then I will make an effort to not fear you when you are feeling aroused."

    Majesty then said, "Eastern Dragons like myself do not have a slit big enough to house a captured student. There is barely enough room in there for my penile shaft. But Western Dragons on the other claw, they are the ones with deeply enlarged slit chambers. Sadly, most players desire to have dragon partners of that nature."

    Zecma floated over close to the two. "I am glad our precaution was unwarranted. As you stated earlier, the majority of dragon partners are suffering from a mysterious rutting illness. I am glad you seem to be resistant to it, Majesty. For the record, Dennis offered to help Tigromon to police the unruly DigiChampion players around campus. Would you agree to assist Dennis in this activity? If you agreed, I could advance you to the esteemed DigiChampion Judge status."

    Majesty turned his had away in a display of embarrassment. "If it made my partner's life on Anime World more enjoyable as well as safer, I would agree to receive this upgrade that you are offering Dennis and I. What do I need to do, Big Z?"

    Zecma handed over a shiny gemstone. "Take this judge jewel and press it firmly into the center of your chest and hold it there as you send yourself back into your partner card. The next time you are out and about, that gem will be a judge emblem that will permanently be part of your body; for magic dragons, it doubles as a spell recharger that will only work for you or Dennis. If anyone tries to steal it from you, then they will have all of their statistics reduced to the minimums until they return it to you."

    Majesty took the gem and held it firmly to his dragon scale chest as he willed himself back into his partner card within Dennis Thane's card launcher safety bracer.

    Dennis said, "I am so glad he wasn't in rut. But then again, all of the partners I have acquired have displayed themselves as mature and polite. I guess we should clean up here and I should return to my dorm room for the night. We have had a long day getting me set up here at Montrocol."

    Mendelssohn exclaimed, "Could you give us a list run down of the powers your partners have shared with you? Only the shared Powers, not whom gave them to you."

    Dennis nodded his head. "Learn/Teach Magic; Dragon Slit Escape; Freelancer Teleport; Safe Visitation; Anti-Pregnancy; Energy Endurance; Acrobatic Jumping; Courier Roo Speed; Drug Addiction Immunity; and Martial Arts. That is the full list of the shared powers."

    Zecma then asked, "Is one of your partners a Devil Mouse, Dennis?" The young man nodded his head. "Yes, he gave me Martial Arts; Shinpei from Hai-Q. Did he do something wrong?" Zecma replied, "I am going to give you a Devil Mouse specific power to protect you from Devil Mouse accidents, Dennis. From now on, the two extra abilities you will have are Cheese and Chocolate Resistance and the Use Devil Mouse Powers ability. The only Devil Mouse power I will withhold is Wish Granting. You will learn the spell for that over time. Devil Mouse powers include Poof Style Close Range Teleportation, Blink Style Long Range Teleportation, Telepathy, Telekinesis (aka Floating/Flying,) Spell Learning Capability, Invisibility, Size and Species Transformation. The last one will enable you to take on the appearance of a Devil Mouse. Also, clothing changes sizes when you do. When you transform, clothing makes the change with you, so no ripped clothes later."

    Tigromon said, "I think you need to return to your dorm room now, Dennis. It is beginning to get late. You don't have to come out to my clan's barbecue tomorrow."

    Dennis gave Zecma a kiss on his nose before he headed off to return to his dorm room in Herdhart Hall.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Herdhart Hall... Room 305... 26 December... late Saturday evening...

    When Dennis quietly returned to his shared dorm room, he noted that Blacky and Andy were not home as yet. Only Rocky was there looking lonely on his assigned bed. Feeling sorry for the roo, Dennis went in and sat with him as he gave the boomer student a fond hug. "I came home, Rocky. What's the matter?"

    Rocky hugged Dennis in return as he sniffled and said with some quiet sobbing in his voice. "Ah got disqualified from participating in the campus dance contest since dance participants cannot use their tails during the dance. The tails must be 'eld up off of the floor. And Ah cannot do it; Roos like me are not built that way. Blacky 'ad to take Andy as 'is dance partner. And Ah 'ave to stay 'ere all alone. Ah am so glad yas came 'ome, Dennis. Ah feel like shit and Ah'm lonely."

    Dennis just held his dorm mate in his arms. "I'll stay with you until Blacky comes home later tonight. At least he better come home. I would have thought that the judges would have told you guys about the tail rule before you both signed up for the dance competition. To surprise you with the rule after you guys signed up sounds like contest rigging. I remember how happy you looked when you were practicing with Blacky before."

    Rocky sniffled. "Will yas sleep with me tonight, Dennis? Please...?"

    Dennis replied, "As long as you don't rape me in my sleep, I will sleep with you. Unlike the rest of the students on campus, I'm not much of a party animal. I try to keep an open mind, but I draw the line at molestation. I would never do that with you and I would hope you would be decent enough to return the favor."

    "Ah just don't want to be alone, Dennis," the roo said with sadness in his voice.

    The young man then said, "Have you ever considered getting yourself a plush or inflatable bed partner so you had something to sleep with? When humans are scared at night, they also have to get something to hold and embrace fondly so they can get some sleep. It's like a security blanket; except it would be in the shape of something depicting something or someone you really wanted to hold. You could even get one that smells like the real person."

    Rocky said, "Will yas 'elp me acquire the best one? Ah don't know where to get something like that."

    The young man lifted his head and called out, "I need a D.I. Financial Imp please!" POOF! The said Imp appeared floating in mid-air. "You rang, Card Judge Thane?" Dennis now knew that Zecma had registered his judge status into the system and all working class personelle now had access toward knowing his title. "Yes, did my finder's reward get deposited into my account earlier?" The Imp replied, "Along with the accumulating interest it had been building, your account currently has 585,000 credits." Dennis then said, "Good imp, sir... could a new account in my family's name be established and for the next thirty days where the ten percent interest that I would normally acquire be direct deposited into my parent's new account starting tonight?" The Financial Imp smiled since no one else had ever thought of this as an idea for controlling an account. "I just spoke to my boss and he thinks it is a splendid idea especially since you mentioned a time limit for deferral. We are doing this as we speak. Will there be anything else?"

    Dennis said, "I would like to acquire four magical life-sized plush bed toys, non-living, with warmth inducers, that would also smell like the species they are depicting. Would this be possible. I am mainly asking for this because my dorm mate here cannot sleep by himself. He gets scared when he is by himself. And I am requesting four so every dorm mate in our dorm can have one. I am not sure what Winters are like on campus and I am thinking ahead."

    The Financial Imp said, "Top of the line bed toys like you are describing run a hundred thousand minimum per toy for life-sized plush companions that are self cleaning. Otherwise, if you made a cummy mess in a toy, you would have to clean it yourself. And what would your mother say if she caught you with a sticky plush?"

    Dennis smiled. "I think I should wait and find out what species Blacky and Andy would want before just ordering something they might not like. Could you reserve my order for this until I have more information from the others?"

    The Imp nodded his head. "Easily, Dennis. Just call for me when you are ready to make the order in exactly the same way you did this time and I will return. You are so nice to be thinking about your dorm mates. Gotta go." And he vanished out of the room.

    The young male human hugged Rocky. "See, they do exist and we can get you the exact one you want."

    The boomer hugged Dennis. "Yas are the best dorm mate anyone could ever 'ave, mate. Thank yas."

    At that moment, Blacky and Andy returned from the dance contest with an Arden's pizza and colas. "Well... we lost," said the chocolate colored rabbit. "But as a consolation prize, we stopped by an Ardens and got us some human-safe pizzas and colas. The winners were a couple of wolves whom had been professional dance students from Studio City. They even had the costumes to match the dance they performed. Rocky? Dennis? Come and get it!" As the four dorm friends had their meal, Dennis asked them about the bed toy plush idea and what species they would want since he was footing the costs of these companions. Andy said, "Back home, I had a former friend whom had died before I came to join campus. He was a reindeer like myself and his name was Randy. We were best friends and if I could get a life-sized plush that looked and smelled like him, that would make me happy." Blacky then said, "Back home, everyone in the Warren are yiffy. But there was one friend I shared a sleeping spot with named Strawberry. He always smelled like a buck in rut mixed with real strawberries. If I could have a plush based off of him, that would be good for me." And finally Rocky said, "Ah was friends with a 'uman anime boy with Sandy blond 'air, pale silver-grey eyes, and tanned skin. 'is name was Cody. We were the best of friends and after 'e was in a Croc attack, 'is parents moved 'im away from the Outback and they sent 'im back to the states where Ah never saw 'im again. Ah would want my plush to look and smell like Cody so Ah could be with a facsimile of my best friend." Dennis asked, "Is missing him why you are so lonely, Rocky?" The kangaroo boomer sniffled, "Yes." Dennis said, "You said he was moved to the states and we are in the animated states right now."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Dennis then continued, "Suppose I get Zecma to help me find Cody so the two of you can be reunited here on Campus. How does that sound?"

      Rocky perked right up and was all smiles again. "Really?! Please do this for me! That would make me so 'appy!"

      Blacky and Andy shot a knowing smile at each other since Dennis seemed to know how to lift a student's spirits.

      Dennis then got up and headed into his sanctum for privacy where he called out, "I need a D.I. Financial Imp please!"

      POOF! The said Imp appeared floating in mid-air. "You rang, Card Judge Thane?"

      Dennis smiled. "I have the information and I am ready to place my order for the life-sized plushies as we discussed before. Andy is requesting the following: Back at his home, he had a former friend whom had died before he came to join campus. the former friend was a reindeer like Andy whose name was Randy. They were best friends and if he could get a life-sized plush that looked and smelled like Randy, that would make Andy happy. Blacky is requesting the following: He has a friend that he shared a sleeping spot with named Strawberry. He always smelled like a buck in rut mixed with real strawberries. If Blacky could have a plush based off of his friend, that would be good for him. And finally Rocky is requesting the following: He was friends with a human boy with Sandy blond hair, pale silver-grey eyes, and tanned skin whose name was Cody. They were the best of friends but after the boy was in a Croc attack, his parents moved him away from the Outback and they sent him back to the states where Rocky never saw him again. Rocky would want his plush to look and smell like Cody so he could be with a facsimile of his best friend. As for myself, I would like for my plush to be identical to Midnyte the Hellhound from the Freelance Crusaders Pack. I got to meet him recently and I am in love with his appearance. He touched my heartstrings. How much extra would it cost to set up a mental spirit link regardless of life or death between the former friends and the respective plushies so my dorm mates could mentally talk to their friends when holding them?"

      The Financial Imp smiled. "My oh my... aren't you the considerate young man to be so nice to your dorm mates? Normally it would be a thousand extra per plush, but for you, I will cover this fee myself since you are giving me so many good ideas. Wait here and I will return with your order." POOF! And he was gone.

      Dennis lifted his safety bracer and activated the call Zecma feature. "Zecma here. Lay it on me, Dennis." The young man explained Rocky's request for a monitored visit on campus between the roo and the anime boy, Cody, whom was forced to move back to the states after the croc attack. "Could you make the arrangements so Rocky isn't so lonely anymore?" Zecma replied, "Since you are helping a dorm mate with a loneliness issue, I will check into this personally. I wouldn't be a good game maker if I let a sad roo down. G'bye."

      Dennis grinned since he was about to make Rocky super duper happy.

      POOF! The Financial Imp reappeared with four large life-sized bed plush toys. "Here they are, Dennis. Exactly as you asked for them. Still in their individual shrink wrap The factory maker once I told him of your kind and caring request, knocked the price off by half, so your account charge only comes up to 200,000 credits, thus, your current balance is now 385,000 credits." When you need anything else from us, just call for one of us, or if you want me directly, my name is Mark Goldimp. But you can simply use my first name and I will answer to that. Don't forget that you agreed to sleep with Rocky at least once, regardless of the plushies and he agreed not to molest you in your sleep."

      Dennis smiled and as he went to give the imp a kiss, Mark stopped him. "I appreciate your thankfulness, Dennis, but if you get any imp fluids in your mouth, you will change into an imp yourself and you won't remember any of your old life at all. We can be hugged, but saliva, blood, and semen in your mouth would be the end of you. I am so sorry that we imps have this drawback. I need to get going." And he vanished with a resounding POOF! "Darn it, he got away," Dennis said in a non-serious manner.

      Back with the dorm apartment living room, Dennis handed out the plushies to each member of the dorm. "And Rocky, Zecma told me that he would look into making contact with Cody and his family for you. Enjoy your plushies, everyone."

      When Blacky popped open his plush, the smell of fresh strawberries wafted all over the apartment as if someone had sprayed the room with strawberry scented air freshener. Dennis remarked, "I didn't know it was going to be that loud, Blacky. But it might distract any inspections that might occur in the dorm building. And keep in mind, guys. These plushies are self-cleaning so if you have sex with your plush, it won't end up all nasty and sticky afterward."

      As Andy was checking his out, he arched an eye when he said, "I swear I just heard Randy... my deceased friend's voice when I was holding my plush." Dennis quickly explained the mental magic that connects the plush to the spirit of the friend, whether living or dead. "I just wanted you to be happy, Andy. I'm sorry if I assume the wrong thing." Andy shook his head. "No, Dennis, it is better this way. Thank you."

      Rocky said, "So this means that Ah can mentally talk to Cody regardless of the distance whenever Ah want? Yas are so nice to us, Dennis! Ah promise to repay yas for ths kindness no matter 'ow long it takes." Dennis said, "Zecma is making the arrangements so you get to see Cody in the flesh. Plus I did agree to sleep with you tonight. Just you; not Blacky and you at the same time."

      Blacky grinned. "What's the matter, Dennis? Are you afraid to try it Bugs Bunny style? Don't tell me that you are attracted to the Dean but you won't play with a safer student like me. If you end up naked at Tigromon's pride, you will get fucked. The main three he might have mentioned to you are not the only ones living there, buddy."

      Andy then added, "He isn't kidding, Dennis. Tigromon, Leomon, and Panthromon are pretty trustworthy, but the others won't take no for an answer. So if you had plans on going out there, then make sure you take your mother with you so they are forced to keep it in their sheathes."

      Dennis gulped. "Tigromon invited me to come out and enjoy some grilled steak with him tomorrow. But I do trust what you guys are saying."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Fire Arrow Media Entertainment (FAME)... Montropolis... 27 December... Sunday morning...

        Arriving in the storage room, Dennis was greeted by the Hellhound named Hance Chound and the Devil Donkey named Dast Lonkey. They both hugged him and kissed his face. Then he was given his employee apron which was affixed around his neck and his waist before they took him out to the front counter. "We are going to be doing inventory in the back all morning. You keep watch in the front and Help customers with requests they may have. If anyone acts suspiciously, you activate the Zecma emergency call button. But because you are eye candy, they might behave themselves. We do have a restricted customers wanted poster of players to be on the look out for. If anyone pictured on this poster comes in, then either push the Zecma button or do your best to horns waggle them." The poster had several pictures of players and their names on the page itself.

        Dennis asked, "Do you guys have a shell of a game booth in the back room without artwork and with no game loaded into it? I have an idea."

        Dast grinned. "Yeah, we have models like that. I cannot wait to see what you do with one."

        Dennis then inquired, "What rarity is the highest on record?"

        Hance replied, "I have heard that Judges have access to Ultra God ranked partners with a Rainbow lined Red border."

        Dennis smiled at Dast. "Go fetch me one of the available shell booths while I get the rest of this bad player punishment booth set up. And guys, please don't get stuck in this yourselves. I like you boys."

        While Hance and Dast went off to get the shell booth, Dennis called Zecma and told him what his plan was just in case something backfired. The response was, "I want to see this."

        Zecma teleported in as Hance and Dast brought the blank booth out of the back room. Dennis then used his magic to place the new artwork on the sides of the booth. It showed the most powerful dragon partners known to exist blasting the piss out of peon opponents. The words across the top of the Artwork read as Ultra God Wars.

        Then Dennis began programming in the words that would appear on screen within the booth. "Are you tired of playing games that seem too weak for your desired playing partners to be performing at? In Ultra God Wars, your partner begins at the famed Ultra God rank no needing to rank him up to that level over years of playing. You get all perks up front, no need for illegal hack codes. In this promotional release of the game, as long as you are honest with the first question, you can get one of these partners for free. Warning: Zecma has not authorized this game for the safety standards of the Dream Team. You will be playing at your own risk. If this sounds exciting to you, then step on up to the console and start making your partner. When you are ready, press the start button."

        Dennis then told Zecma that he wanted the example game matches to be nothing more than Dragon Judge partners fighting each other in the background without sound. Zecma went to get that video prepared for the punishment booth. Dennis was now writing up the game partner creation and effects part of the booth. In Normal card Partner games, would you feel the desire to adjust your partner with a hack code? Yes or No. Anyone clicking No would be instantly teleported to an arcade's bathroom stall in the neighborhood. Answering Yes would tell the dishonest player to proceed toward creating his completely FREE God partner. Game creation would be normal after that. During Practice matches where no scores could be tallied, game play would be normal. But the moment a dishonest player tried to enter a point scoring challenge, the punishment trap would activated. Right after the words, I challenge you! were given, the player would disappear instantly leaving his safety bracer landing on the ground while the player would find himself in a chamber with a rubber rod up his butt and he would be up to his neck in Emperor Strength Imp Glue. Only an official game judge or game lord could free players sent there. If Card Police tried to save them, then they also got stuck as butt naked as the dishonest players and would need to be saved as well. If this ever happened to Joanie, she would be angry for sure.

        A camera in the game booth would match the interested player with their mug shot from the poster; thus good players would never get stuck in the trap.

        Zecma suggested that good players be teleported to the newest Dragon Partner game booth in the shop where they would received an automatic free card voucher code for partner creation.

        Dennis made these changes and at the end, the four watched the finished video. It looked Damned Real! Zecma said, "You can plug this up in the evaluation alcove and I will occasionally watch players go in there from my factory. Have fun at work, Dennis. This is sure to teach a lot of hackers a lesson."

        Hance said, "Dast and I need to get to work in the back rooms. We will check on you later, Dennis." And they both headed off into the back of the shop to do inventory or whatever they really did in there on a Sunday.

        Zecma returned to his factory and he turned on the monitor to watch to see whom entered the new UGW game booth. Curiosity could drive a Devil Mouse crazy.

        Throughout the day, honest players checked it out but never tried to make any partners in there. Otherwise, about 93% of those on the Dishonest Players poster all fell for the new game. Only nine of those players were alert enough to return to the trap booth to try again for their FREE trap partner. By the time Dennis' shift had ended, Zecma called Dennis and told him that the sticky place had 63% of the 93% dishonest players stuck in it. Most were crying and sobbing in what seemed like a truly penitent manner.

        87% of the Poster list were High School aged students. The rest were college or adult aged.

        Dennis used his teleporter to return to his Arcane Sanctuary just above the dorm room after which he went down and had dinner with his dorm mates.

        He then shared the amusing event that they did during the day. Everyone laughed.

        End of Chapter Four