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[APAW-DC] DT-01 Druidic Majesty

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    [APAW-DC] DT-01 Druidic Majesty

    Montrocol - Anime World

    [APAW-DC] DT-01 Druidic Majesty
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 4th, 2019

    Chapter One

    Wheatland, Iowa... 23 December... early evening hours...

    The Devilmouse with the miniature satyr like nubs on his dark red furred head was wearing a green Christmas scarf around his neck and a brown leather strapped sling over a black thermal tunic which connected to his belt with pouches on both sides. But aside from that, he wore nothing at all. At least nothing that could be immediately seen. He was floating in mid air near a tree branch where upon he had just completed a Christmas gift giving spree to several lucky teen aged humans all over the Heartland. As he sat there drinking a cup of hot coffee, he saw a car break down along the roadway and a handsome looking teenage male get out and go to the front of his car and open the hood. "Aw man... We were almost home. Why did you have to die now? Karen needs this medicine." The Devilmouse was feeling good after giving away so many surprise presents and he could help out one more person. Besides, he liked how this young man looked. Slowly floating through the air just behind the young man, he said, "Car troubles, huh? I can give you a jump start. It is Christmas after all."

    The young man turned his head around at the Devilmouse. "Thanks ever so much Mister..." then he stopped and said, "Hey! Aren't you Zecma the game creation master from Anime World?" Zecma smiled as he replied, "You know me?" and then he focused on the car's engine. The young man bent over to look at the engine once again. "I saw your picture and interview on the cover and within Gaming Trends Monthly magazine. Its the only gaming magazine we can get out here in Iowa. When they announced they were going to discontinue the magazine in the next issue, I rallied the gamers here in Clinton county to write letters to the editors to keep the magazine coming. I never expected to meet you, Zecma."

    "You must be Dennis Thane whom the other gamers I have met locally were mentioning when I gave out surprise presents earlier," the Devilmouse said with a smile as he lightly recharged the battery with an electrical jolt from his fingertips. "Odd that no letter from you arrived at the editor's office. Why is that?" Dennis smiled as he replied, "I couldn't afford the stamp since I am saving my money for college. But if you would like to read the letter for yourself I have it back at home in my desk. But at the rate I am going with part time jobs, it might not be for another eight years before I can attend college. Farm work has been rather poor for dad and Paladin lately too, and with Karen sick, every little bit helps."

    "Let's get this medicine back to your sister so she can live to see another Christmas. I would also like to read that letter, too. I might be able to help your entire family, Dennis," suggested the Devilmouse with a smile. Dennis placed Zecma on the shoulder of his winter coat. "Let's see if the engine will turn over." And he closed the hood and went around and got behind the steering wheel and started the car. "Thanks so much, Zecma. When we get home, I'll see to it you get some of mom's fruit cookies. She is a good cook." and with that, he put the car in gear and pulled back out on to the street and drove on out toward the run-down farm which the Thane family barely owned.

    The Devilmouse folded his arms over his chest as he saw how bad the farm looked. "You and your family live here? This is bad." Dennis pulled the car up into the driveway and put the car into Park. then he reached back into the back seat and grabbed the medicine he had gotten for his older sister. "Time to head inside and meet the family. The farm used to be top-notch, but a few storms and droughts about put dad under. Then Karen got sick and now we're barely getting by. But we're still together." Zecma stayed on the young man's shoulder saying, "Let me look over the farm in the morning and I will see how I can help you and your family. I live on an estate just outside of Montrocol in the Montropolis region. I can even hire you part time and even sponsor you at the local college. You and your family can repay me over time at a low rate. As you might guess, I am not a greedy Devilmouse. But it is nice to have a handsome guy like you around." Dennis turned to eye the Devilmouse before opening the door to the farmhouse. "Are you always this forward?" Zecma giggled. "When my new friends have looks like yours I am. Let's get inside the house. It is cold out here."

    After handing off the medicine to his mother, Jennifer Von Hammer Thane, Dennis took Zecma back to his own bedroom where he dug out the letter he had written and handed it off to the Devilmouse as he sat down at his desk and pulled over a sketch pad, grabbed some charcoals, and began sketching his guest's profile. As Zecma sat on the young man's shoulder reading the letter. Dennis seemed to be a great artist. But the room didn't even have a computer system but stacked up on an end table was a collection of the Gaming Trends Monthly magazine from the last 2 years. Apparently Dennis had a subscription to the magazine.

    Zecma read the letter slowly and saw how detailed Dennis' words were in explaining why the magazine should exist. "You know, Dennis... I was handing out Christmas presents earlier to the other area gamers..." He then started digging in his pouches to see if he had anything left over he could give this nice young man. That was when he felt something in his right hand within the belt pouch. I thought I didn't have any of these left. He pulled his hand out to reveal a VIP Platinum Partner card for the new DigiChampion card game which was one of the many games that was popular around Montrocol currently. "Here, Dennis... your very own DigiChampion Partner card. His name is Majesty Dragonus. But before you can use the card, you will have to officially activate it. Normally this can be done with an Internet connection, but since you don't have a computer, we can wait until I get your family set up back in Montrocol. But if I hand this over, you have to promise not to sell it. This is going to be your partner card for playing the DigiChampion games after you guys get moved. So hang on to this, okay?" Dennis smiled. "Okay, Zecma. I promise not to sell it. Want to sleep in my bed tonight?" The Devilmouse leaned over close and puckered up his mousy lips gave Dennis a kiss on the side of his face. "I am glad I got to meet a nice boy like you, Dennis. In the morning, I will briefly meet your family, then you can give me a tour of the farm and after that, I make the Christmas arrangements with a new house. Don't you worry about Karen; I have friends who can give her good treatment." And the Devilmouse magically changed his clothes into pajamas.

    Dennis smiled. "I won't let the cat get you. You might like the parrot though."

    Thane Household... 24 December... the next morning...

    After getting up the next morning and showering, Dennis got dressed putting on his warmest clothes and work boots, he reported to the kitchen where he knew his parents would be that morning. As he prepared a bowl of his favorite cereal, Kahidomon Bites with Strawberries, his father was fully focused on the Devilmouse game maker on his son's shoulder.

    "What is this, Dennis?" asked Antonio Thane as he sat at the breakfast table eating his own fried eggs and sausage. Dennis was lightly adding a little sugar to his cereal as he replied, "This is game master Zecma who is also the publisher of Gaming Trends Monthly, the magazine I have a five-year subscription to. He is a good Devilmouse who has Anime World connections and he says that he wants to sponsor me for college in Montrocol as well as give you and mom a new farm."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Dennis then continued, "He just needs to look over the property first. He also said he had access to professional doctors who can help Karen." Antonio focused on Zecma himself at that moment. "Seeing is believing, Zecma. We have had people make empty promises to us before." Zecma ate one of his fat-free wafers before replying, "I swear on the arcane codex that I am being sincere, Mr. Thane. I want to help. I have all manner of resources that aren't doing anything at the moment and I have spare land you kind people can use."

    "I thought only toons and anime were allowed to attend college at Montrocol," remarked his mother, Jennifer Von Hammer Thane; Von Hammer had been her maiden name which was also conveniently the same European Mage and wizard family of the same name. "You say you can pull the strings to get our entire family moved into a new farm on one of King Kazma's regional zones? Because if you can do that, Zecma, I sure hope you can arrange a farm much like this one. I grew up on a farm in Europe and my mother did most of the cooking. She taught me the craft and with the ruined land here, I miss growing our own vegetables and having fruit trees across the field to make pies and fresh cookies from." Zecma who had been sipping on a cup of hot cocoa turned to look at Jennifer. "I also come from Information Devilmouse stock and our job has always been to assist mages and wizards when called upon. Besides, I like your son Dennis and I want to help him realize his dream."

    His older brother then sat down at the table with his pancakes as he reached over and grabbed the maple syrup. "So you are going to be the one who helps our family rise back up from our fall? I am Dennis' brother Paladin. As long as you are here to help us, you are okay with me." Dennis grinned at his brother whom disliked being called 'pal'. "Zecma is a nice Devilmouse, unlike Minister Fitzroy." Jennifer smirked, "He is a truly prudish witch hunter." And then his older sister, Karen, and the German Shepherd arrived to get their breakfast. She quietly sat down and before grabbing any food at all, she bowed her head and quietly gave a prayer for the morning meal. Only then did she proceed toward filling her plate. The German Shepherd simply ate from his doggy bowl while keeping the young ill lady in sight. Karen and Badge obviously.

    "If we hadn't had the droughts, we wouldn't be in this desperate situation now," Antonio commented as he read over the help wanted section of the newspaper; although doing so was pointless because there were no jobs available around Christmas time. "I really hope Zecma can pull off his promise, Dennis, because we're hurting here. Even if he is Montropolis' most successful game creation maestro, I can understand your wishing for a miracle around this time of the year. But if he does come through tonight..." he now glanced directly at the Devilmouse. "tonight is the holiest night of the year. I feel sorry for you having to be out and about on a night like tonight."

    Jennifer couldn't help but to grin at the thought. "I am sure Zecma will simply do his best or else familiar will be something in his future. Anyway, let's make the best of our Christmas since after tomorrow, Mr. Kalleck will be coming around to inquire about the mortgage payment. A shame that... but I really liked living out here on this farm."

    "He will succeed," Dennis adamantly stated, a bit louder than he meant to, which earned him a warning glance. Zecma then said, "Threats won't be necessary, Mrs. Thane. Come on, Dennis, time to give me a tour of the farm so I can look at the place for my terraforming idea."

    Thane Household... 24 December... that evening...

    "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house," recited Antonio as he looked around the quiet living room which didn't even have a Christmas tree. "Some Christmas this is. I failed my family; we couldn't even get presents for our children; we will lose the farm if I cannot make payment the day after tomorrow." Jennifer hugged her husband. "We still have each other and we haven't heard from Zecma as yet." To which he replied, "What if he got too busy to mess with us?" She smiled. "Then I will summon him."

    Then there came the knock at their door. "Now who could that be?" Mr. Thane said as he slowly stood up. "If it is a bunch of carolers, I will bah humbug them into an early grave." And he walked over to the front door and opened it where he saw... King Kazma along with Zecma who was sitting on the shoulder of one those Mack Roo Lawyers and just behind them was a six foot tall Tigromon and a real world human doctor whom Kazma trusted, Dr. Tennyson, along with his trusted aid whom was another real world human albeit female, Dr. Joanie Zamak. "See? This is the place, King Kazma. The Thane family where I met Dennis Thane and learned about their unfortunate situation. I promised the young man that I would help his family and see about getting him into Montrocol and I need your help to do it."
    Antonio was in shock because Dennis' little friend turned out to come through on his word. After allowing King Kazma and the others to come into the house, the entire family was soon meeting with the Anime World founder as well as the muscled tiger Digimon dean of Montrocol, Tigromon. Floating in mid air next to them was Zecma naturally. Dennis was overjoyed when he saw the Devilmouse once again. "I told you he would come through for us. I knew you wouldn't forget, Zecma. Thank you so much."

    "Hey, I gave my word, Dennis," replied the Devilmouse with a smile. "Besides, I followed up with the college stuff you were saving money for. And so, under a joint scholarship from both King Kazma and myself, you and your older siblings can attend Montrocol. As for your farm, crop land and orchards, King Kazma will discuss this with your parents."

    Of course the Anime Rabbit was having his own conversation with Antonio and Jennifer to the side, and the topic was the location of the terraformed land that Zecma had donated for their new home. From what Dennis could overhear, the farmhouse was equally distant between Montropolis, Mystic Glen and Heroes Reach within a rural setting labeled on the map as Farms. There was a farmers market nearby where all of the produce and fruits grown could be traded openly without taxes between other farmers (for those who don't know, Mystic Glen is the city owned by Lord David Arden, CEO of the Arden's Pizza franchise.) Their new farm was being arranged under the 'Sponsor a Prince' protocol introduced by none other than American Rabbit, the hero who ran the Justice Fury team down in the Heroes Reach region. Since their family fell under the 'Rescued Sponsor Family' agreement introduced by Cheer Bear in the Cloud Kingdoms where Care-a-lot was located, they were being given the new property free of charge since a citizen of Anime World was speaking up for them. Namely Zecma who was not only a local recreation production manager of a games factory but he also doubled as the liaison between King Kazma and the Hell Council.

    While King Kazma discussed the upcoming move with the parents, Zecma and Tigromon helped the boys pack up what few belongings they owned into their suitcases. This only equaled out to the clothes that they owned along with a few personal items that they owned free and clear.

    Moments after Karen had packed her belongings, Dr. Tennyson and Dr. Zamak gave the girl an examination as Joanie read over the young lady's prescription. "Is this accurate? This is only a subscription for an expensive placebo."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Dr. Tennyson looked at the bottles then he had Joanie go talk to the mother while he finished up with Karen. Neither Joanie nor Jennifer looked too happy when Mrs. Thane learned about the placebo. As the doctors did their job, King Kazma assisted the Thanes in getting their belongings loaded into the moving van that American Rabbit was driving along side two of his teammates, Brightburst and Arnie Roo. These days, when a family qualified for the program, American Rabbit volunteered to drive the moving van. King Kazma cast a spell on their old motor home used for park vacations which transformed it back into its like new condition. It once again had the look of the one which used to be seen in the live-action Shazam! Saturday morning children's show of the 1970s. Once they were loaded which included Badge's doggy bed, Often's litter box and the cage containing Honor, everyone got on board although Dennis rode in Tigromon's Montrocol transit bus with Zecma while Karen and Badge rode in Tennyson's ambulance. Behind the ambulance was the motor home being driven by Antonio and behind him was American Rabbit's moving van.

      They proceeded toward the local Iowa transportal to the Heroes Reach region of Anime World. As mentioned elsewhere, normally the Toonium City region which included Wonderland and Coolsville was located within the Terryville country and it was located in the equivalent of the Anime Georgia and Anime Florida zone of Anime America. The Meta Star City region which included Meta-Star City (which included Comita-Gotham (aka Jaded Shadow,)) Angel City, Hero Haven, Bunny Town and Japanopolis (near Anime Philadelphia) was located within the Meta-Star empowered hero region and it was situated around Anime New York City, Anime Washington D.C., Anime New Haven, and Anime Boston. Forest River's region which included Mega Kat City, Forest River, Hartland, and Clementine was located near Anime Chicago, Anime St. Louis, Anime Cape Girardoe, and Anime Baton Rouge (aka the Anime South.) The Stampede City region included every wild west setting one could imagine which included the C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, Quick-Draw McGraw (aka El Ka Bong,) and the Lone Ranger and Zorro. In the west was the remaining three regions of Anime World: Heroes Reach, the Werewolf Filming Mecca and Mythos Bay. Heroes Reach (Anime Oakland) contained Arden's Mystic Glen (Anime Eureka), Montropolis (Anime Portland,) and Mythos Bay (Anime Seattle.) The Filming Mecca consisted of Anime World's version of Hollywood and included Studio City (home of United Beast Studios, near Anime Los Angeleos,) Seaspray Hills (home of the music production studios, near Anime Malibu,) and Anaheim Beach (the usual home of Disney's Mighty Ducks, which was near Anime San Diego.)

      Fortunately, Iowa's version of Animation Park just north of Davenport (Quad Cities) saw little activity during the winter and had regional transportals which led to the appropriate region a tourist would normally book reservations prior to visiting. King Kazma led the convoy through the Heroes Reach transportal and they were soon driving along an anime landscape and highways on the Anime West Coast.

      Thane Farm... Game Master Lane... 25 December... early morning...

      By sunrise on Christmas Day, they were turning unto the Montropolis Valley Bypass Northeast and continued on until they saw Game Master Lane, which was a paved county road. Turning left on that road, they drove on until they saw the donated mailbox with their name on it. At that point, the convoy pulled into the large driveway on the south side of the farm road and that was when the Thanes got their first look at a perfectly duplicated and like new version of their farm back in Iowa; the absolutely beautiful farmhouse, barn, stables, a new tractor, a new lawnmower, crop fields on the side and orchards in the back were as if the drought never happened. The farm which was larger than they expected was surrounded by a wooden white fence and it had a large yard.

      Jennifer exclaimed, "Oh my. It is truly amazing what a little magic can do. Thank you so much, Zecma." The Devilmouse smiled. "It was the least I could do. My factory and the north side of Montropolis are just south of your orchard, beyond the back fence and through the woods. Easy access to my place whenever you need to talk to me."

      Giggling at his mother's observation, Paladin said, "Magic or not, I like it. All we have to do is arrange the furniture." Antonio smiled as he looked toward the side of the property. "I can see me working that field during the week." Karen sat there quietly holding Badge in her arms and he was protecting her as usual. But then she suddenly pointed toward a neighboring fence and said, "What is that?" The Thanes all looked in the direction their daughter had pointed. What they saw was a brown and white dragon like being who was the size of both Dennis and Paladin. It wasn't looking their way but it seemed to be paying attention to its own corn crop. Dennis said, "I'll go find out what it is; be right back." And he started off as his father warned, "Dennis! Be careful!" To which he grinned at his father and said, "Dad... this is cartoon land. Duh." And Dennis was soon crossing the crop field as he headed toward the fence where the dragon like creature stood. From the convoy, the family watched as their son and the dragon like kid shake hands, then they talked at length about a few things.

      Finally, the Thanes saw Dennis returning with a smile. He stood beside the vehicles and said, "You aren't going to believe this! Our neighbors are Digimon! They grow corn in their field and pop the excess amount, coat it in caramel, and sell the result to the farmers market! The adult I spoke to was called Myrdramon! His son just started attending college at Montrocol a couple of months ago. And his dad says he is my age." Jennifer smiled. "Sounds like you will have a friend when you attend Montrocol yourself, Dennis. Okay everyone... lets get unpacked and see about claiming bedrooms."

      Dr Tennyson said, "Joanie and I need to take Karen to the Montropolis Clinic to make sure she gets the proper treatment. If you would like to come along, Mrs. Thane, you may. Although we can wait until you are unpacked first." King Kazma then warned the family. "Earth animals who move to Anime World develop the fluent ability to speak English after a year. I am just warning you now so you don't freak out later when Badge and Often start talking out loud."

      Once they were unpacked and Badge was stationed in his doggy bed just inside of Karen's assigned bedroom, the family were looking over the rest of the bedroom arrangements. Antonio said, "According to the floor plan of the farm house, this is the master bedroom. And this is Karen's bedroom. And this bedroom is for Paladin and Often. And..." He paused, as he looked over the rest of the floor plan. "Ah, there it is. Dennis' bedroom when he comes home is... there." He paused again. "No, that can't be right. The last bedroom isn't even on the ground level." Dennis looked over the blueprint of the house. "So where is my bedroom located, dad?" Antonio said, "Believe it or not, Dennis, you have a private bedroom with a deck which has two entry points. One is the stairs on the other side of the kitchen, and the other is outside on our deck that goes up to your own mini-deck where beyond is your own private bedroom, bathroom, and college desk. Most of your bedroom is on the second floor of the stables which is on the opposite side of the house from the crop field. Your windows have a great view of the rear orchards and the property west of ours." Jennifer arched an eye. "Are you serious? Zecma must have really wanted you to have nice quarters." Dennis never complained at all honestly. He would be at Montrocol for the most of his stay in the area until he graduated. "Dad, while I am at Montrocol, I would like Paladin to make use of my bedroom here at the farm. He is the oldest and he deserves the private bedroom to do his studies within."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Montrocol Campus... Montropolis... 26 December... Saturday morning...

        After spending the night in the new farmhouse and having a good breakfast, Zecma and Tigromon awaited in Tigromon's bus for Dennis to come out and join them for his enrollment day at Montrocol. The drive wasn't all that far as they drove on to the east of the farm to the north-south road on the other side of Myrdramon's swamp and headed south until they were entering Montrocol along one of the more quieter sides of the campus. The bus was pulled to a stop next to Student Union and then the three piled out of the bus as Tigromon man-handled Dennis' suitcases as he escorted the young man and the Devilmouse across campus toward his office building which had an odd title on it: Dean Hall.

        As he followed Zecma and Tigromon toward Faculty Hall carrying the cage with Honor the parrot in it, Dennis saw a good looking two-tailed brown fox sitting at a picnic table across from another Myrdramon. Dennis couldn't help but to say hello. "Konnichi wa, fox boy and Myrdramon. Our family moved in next door to your parents and I already met your father. He is a nice guy."

        Myrdramon smiled. "That's great, Zecma owns the property so if we got humans for neighbors, we got good neighbors indeed." The brown Kitsune glanced over toward the young man with a smile. "You must be one of the Thanes. My name is Glitter Prower." He stood up and he shook Dennis' hand. "And what is your name?"

        "I'm Dennis Thane, the youngest member of the family," the human teenager said. "I am enrolling in Montrocol today under a scholarship from both Zecma and King Kazma." The two-tailed fox grinned slyly. "That's great. If you want to get into a nice dorm, ask Tigromon about Clarence Fox's dorm on the south side. That is where I, Myrdramon, Sony and Slick live. You would probably like it there as Clarence prepares breakfast for us every morning. We really know how to have fun on campus." Dennis grinned back. "Before I forget, this is my parrot, Honor. He is my responsibility. Would Clarence let me in the door with a parrot?" Glitter and Myrdramon both nodded their heads. "If he is allowing Slick to be in his dorm, then surely he would allow a parrot." Then he took his seat at the picnic table once again. "Thanks for stopping to talk to us, Dennis. I really hope you enjoy your stay in Montrocol. You're an okay guy." And with that, Dennis headed on toward Dean Hall where he saw Zecma waiting for him at the door. Dennis smiled at the Devilmouse. "Prower, he said. I'll bet his dad is Tails." Zecma smiled back. "His father and Sonic both teach here at Montrocol. You will likely see them around. Come on, Tigromon is waiting on you in his office." And they went inside.

        Within Dean Hall, there were doors with different Dean titles upon them. But at the end of the hallway was the door marked as Head Dean: Tigromon. Once inside, Dennis and Zecma settled down at the desk where Tigromon was now sitting. "Now, lets get your schedule set up, Dennis. Zecma tells me that he gave you a VIP Platinum partner card for DigiChampion. That is one of the more challenging competitive card games out there. I've seen people getting into fights over that game. And I want that kind of behavior stopped. This is a college, not a Norse Mead Hall. What career are you interested in, Dennis?"

        "Social Management and Motivational Psychology," replied Dennis. "Oh, and Glitter Prower mentioned my possibly getting into Clarence Fox's Dorm on the South side. Is there a process for choosing a dorm or is it by assignment?"

        Tigromon replied in kind, "Dorms are according to the general education of the courses you choose or by sponsorship. If you get sponsored, then it is up to those who handle your scholarship on where you dorm. Otherwise, from the career you have just stated, you would be assigned to Herdhart Hall which is just behind Student Union to the north and has access to Montropolis Woods, that woodland tract of trees that separate the Myrdramon swamps and your family's farm from the campus and Montropolis itself. Herdhart is the Socially interactive dorm for all aspiring social workers and psychologists. It is generally quiet in there having their own medical library as well as direct foyer access to Student union and Gaming Hall."

        Zecma then added, "And because I want you to have access to gaming hall, I want you to start your tenure there. Although you can make friends with whomever you like."

        Tigromon then said, "On Mondays I want you to attend a class in the afternoon from 1 PM to 5 PM covering Toon and Anime Physics. You will need that while you are on Anime World especially since you couldn't have gotten the knowledge on Earth. It is a four hour class and it is instructed by one of Pepe Le Pew's sons who is currently working on a TV series as CSI Skunk. He is a sorcerer himself by trade but he studied Criminology so he could have a real job. He is a nice guy to get to know and you might befriend him during out of class hours."

        "My mom would appreciate that, I think," said Dennis.

        "You will have a morning Psychology 101 Class for three hours on Wednesday and on Friday you will be attending a social club gathering which occurs in Gaming Hall in Student Union. It is instructed by Felix Mendelssohn. He will also help you with game mechanics for DigiChampion. He has the keys to all of the campus arenas used in card challenges and local campus tournaments. You will be assigned to an arena of your own and it will be there where you will learn about the game and anything else you choose to do in there. For the record, in case you haven't noticed... most non-human species in this region wear absolutely nothing at all. I am not saying you have to be naked on campus but if you ever do lose your clothes, just remember that there is nothing to be embarrassed over when around possibly new friends. We are not thinking about sex at every given fantastical leap and bound."

        Dennis smiled. "Good to know, Tigromon, although I would be lying if I didn't say that you come across as one of the hottest studs on campus. But tell me, is Gaming Hall ever closed down for cleaning or locked due to punitive lessons?" Tigromon smiled. "Actually, no. It is open 24 hours a day. In fact, the student union's campus gym has a connecting door to the hall and you can most times find me working out in the gym if you ever need my direct help. I have to keep in shape. Cleaning crews will politely clean around gamers and simply go about their business without disturbing anyone." Dennis smiled back. "What room will I be assigned to in Herdhart?"

        "Room 305 has an opening," said Tigromon as he read over the placement page. "I just sent a new student up there a few days ago and you will fill out the remaining part of their dorm room. The others in the dorm room are a rabbit, a kangaroo, and a reindeer. They are all involved in games and such, although you are the only DigiChampion player."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Tigromon then continued, "The rabbit and the roo share a dorm room which will leave you and your parrot with the reindeer. He has a parrot of his own so Honor will have a friend as well. What do you think of that, Honor?" "Brawk... Pretty birdie?" Tigromon nodded his head as Honor started bobbing his head up and down. "Brawk! Keep it clean!"

          Herdhart Hall... Room 305... 26 December... Saturday mid-morning...

          Arriving with Tigromon up on the third floor of Herdhart Hall, the door to 305 was found to be open and there was music cascading out of the opening. Just inside, the chocolate colored rabbit and the vanilla colored kangaroo were cutting a rug in preparation for a campus dance contest. The reindeer had the door to his bedroom closed where as he was studying or something.

          Tigromon reached over and flicked the record player off as he said, "Good thing this isn't an inspection, boys."

          "Dean Tigromon!" exclaimed the tall rabbit. "We're sorry, we were practicing for the campus dance contest."

          "As I said, no one is in trouble this time."

          And then the reindeer's door flung open as a lovely doe of a lady quickly darted out passed Tigromon and the others into the hallway, although she paused when she saw Dennis. "Um... Doreen," she said as she shook Dennis' free hand. "Room 205. Come on by some time." And she headed off toward the elevator.

          Tigromon grabbed Dennis and pulled him into the room. "Boys, this is Dennis Thane. He will be rooming with Andolph. Judging from what exited Andy's room, I have to question if the free bed is still clean."

          The Rabbit shook Dennis' hand. "I'm Blackover, but I go by Blacky more than my full name." Then the kangaroo shook Dennis' hand. "Ah'm Rockefeller, or shortened to Rocky is more to my liking. We won't shorten yer name, mate, unless yas give us permission to."

          Tigromon poked his head into the reindeer's room and shouted, "What have you done to the beds?!" Dennis peaked into the room himself and saw that both beds had been disassembled and were stacked up against one wall. "I won't sleep on the floor, Tigromon," he said. "Maybe I should just make use of the couch." Tigromon growled, "Maybe I should move Andy out into the woods since he doesn't like beds!" Dennis then noticed the door behind him in the small foyer and looked in through that at the space beyond. "Tigromon? Is this room used for anything?" Tigromon glanced back at Dennis and smiled a little. "Dorm storage and an access door to the building's roof. What are you thinking?" Dennis smiled. "My new bedroom in this dorm. I will have my mom come over and help me to prepare the upper area for the purpose I will be needing it for. Don't worry, there will still be a roof over that. But I am going to need that space for my other lessons." Tigromon then said, "I misspoke just now, Dennis, this dorm and all five others on this floor have access to the upper space. The roof is beyond that. What use are you going to need it for?" He was now curious since Dennis no longer seemed bothered about the lack of the bed. Dennis grinned before he replied, "I am a Von Hammer; do the math." And right as that surname came out of his mouth... Andy, Blacky, and Rocky all went dead silent for a moment. The most powerful wizard and druid clan in all of Romania and this boy was one of them. Dean Tigromon had about forgotten about that one little detail. A spell caster needed an Arcanum. No wonder King Kazma and Zecma were both interested in this young man. He had the potential to use magic. Very powerful magic at that. Tigromon then broke the silence. "Very well, Dennis, I'll let you and your mom revamp the storage floor of the building; we can move all of the usual storage to the basement. As for you, Andy, I want those beds reassembled."

          Andolph replied, "I can explain, sir. My antlers kept getting caught in the iron headboard openings and it was fast getting annoying and I needed some extra room in here just to get one of the beds apart. If you could replace the beds with beds that don't have a headboard, I wouldn't have this problem. Please, Dean... I'm begging you."

          Dennis then said, "Oh go ahead and grant his request, Tigromon. Better comfort may lead to better grades and more quality work in classes. I'll give you a body massage in the gym later..." Tigromon blushed when Dennis tempted him like that. "Very well..." he then looked to Blackover and Rockefeller. "Do you need your beds replaced too?"

          Blacky smiled at Rocky and said, "In all honesty, Tigromon, we were sharing one bed anyway. He can't sleep alone and I had extra room. So if Dennis wanted to use the spare bed in our room, then you would only have to bring in one replacement for Andy's room."

          Dennis then said, "There are going to be times when I'll need privacy when studying in bed. I can't do that if you guys have music blaring like it was before we arrived. But if you guys just want to hang out in my quarters after we get it set up, come on in. Once the Arcanum is live, we will see about get together arrangements. I'll have to see what my mom says about it."

          Honor chose to say something at that point. "Brawk... silly boys!" And then Andy's female parrot chose to pipe up as well. "I couldn't agree more!" She whistled, then said, "I'm Cleo. Pretty birdie." She posed all proud like and all.

          Student Union... Campus Gym... 26 December... Saturday afternoon...

          Sometime later in the Campus Gym, Dennis gave Tigromon the promised back rub while Jennifer worked on the new Arcanum. "A promise is a promise, eh, Tigromon. Look on the bright side... I will be able to get along with these guys for a while. And thanks for getting Andy a new bed. Tangled antlers would likely hurt immensely."

          Tigromon then said, "Just to clear up one more little issue you brought up when you chose your career classes... Clarence Fox's boarding house is not on campus; that is why when you brought it up, I had to instruct you on dorm policies regarding where you could dorm at or in sponsor conditions, with whom."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Tigromon continued, "His place is located just outside of the Southern border of the campus by about 25 feet. Had it been on campus, that could have been a choice for you to live at. Campus expansion is not permitted to claim private homes without their specific permission. The last time we did expand, we got close to his house and but only barely. The West edge of campus nearly touches Zecma's game factory. Nearly, I said. Most of the expansions have been moving East since we cannot go any further North nor South. And Montropolis city is West of here. So that leaves the lands East of here."

            Then Dennis had Tigromon roll over and he straddled the tiger Digimon's body as he began to complete the rest of the body massage. "So... professionalism aside, for whom is the boner you're sporting, sir? I can feel it just behind the seat of my pants."

            "If I said you, would your mom try to kill me?" Tigromon chuckled before getting serious. "I have a few clan brothers I meet with and that is for them. But I won't lie when I say that you likewise turn me on, Dennis. I am bisexual myself, although King Kazma is certifiably open-minded. I think Devilmice swing which ever way the most fun lies."

            Dennis smiled. "I remember your saying that the non-humans are not thinking sex all the time. But when they are thinking it, what should I expect then?"

            "Most of them will politely ask if you will help them," said Tigromon. "but there are a few who will just pull you down and take what they want. I hate saying that, but more often than not, I have found this to be true. Your best defense in these cases would be to learn some martial arts and then when and/or if anyone tries that with you, you can handle them."

            "I am glad you have such confidence in me, sir," said Dennis. "I am going to rub on your abs now so try not to split my jeans, okay?" Then he scooted himself down Tigromon's large body where his butt fell off of the Digimon's lap and barely missed that large tail. "One abs and legs rubbing coming right up."

            Tigromon purred aloud. "Don't forget my tail and feet. I won't have you rub on the big bulge as that wouldn't be appropriate in the campus gym. But if you wanted to try again back at my place, that is a different story."

            "Now who is getting dirty?" remarked Dennis with a chuckle. "Or is that what the college calls extra credits?"

            "On Sundays I have a decent barbecue in the clan backyard along the beach. You're welcome to come join us if you'd like."

            Dennis smiled. "How can I turn down free food, Tigromon? What is the dress code, anyway?"

            Tigromon grinned as he looked down his body at the human boy. "There isn't one but you can wait until you get to my place before you strip. I am sure Panthromon won't mind. He is rather laid back these days in his garden. Cheetamon is rather slinky and hot for nice boys. Jaguamon likes to sun himself a lot. But all good kitties like a good body rub."

            As Dennis worked over the dean's abs, he commented on a topic that Tigromon had mentioned earlier. "Suppose Montrocol were to be lifted up and placed on beach front property say within reasonable travel range of your clan estate. Then you would be able to have campus expansion room without being blocked by the city nor any private residences. If Clarence Fox wanted to remain near campus, his dorm placement would have to be likewise moved to the same side your estate was on. Are the lands north and South of Montropolis open for development? If so, then perhaps an all new Montrocol and new dorms could be arranged at those locations rather than being bottle-necked on the East side of the city."

            Tigromon replied with a smooth smile. "I'd have to discuss it with King Kazma. Campus expansions have been having issues and your idea is a good one." Then he paused when he noted that Dennis had reached on hand up the leg and was rubbing on the big bulge anyway. "I said you didn't have to do that here... but it feels so damned good. I would advise you wash your hands later when we are done here and use the hand sanitizer when you do. We don't want you changing into a Tigromon, do we?"

            Dennis said, "Just be glad I am not giving you a blow job. Back in Romania, according to mom, there are a lot of wolves; but I have always felt that wolves were over-rated. I don't mind various canines and felines, but some species fall on the wayside when it comes to preferences and favorites. That's why I have a mouthy parrot. Although he is more than meets the eye... Parrots in disguise..." He then got serious again. "Zecma said that my DigiChampion card was called Majesty Dragonus. I haven't activated his card as yet; although Zecma would like me to."

            Tigromon smiled. "If you are going to activate your card, I would suggest that we have Felix Mendelssohn be on hand to perform an over-ride in case your partner tries to over power you with some unwanted sexual act. The Digital Dragons of the male variety have been suspiciously horny lately. Even the city rut case, Kahidomon, has mentioned that it is too coincidental. He once told me that normal Kahidomon are never that out of control, not like the DAC producers induced him into being so that he would mount his partner nearly every episode after episode five during season one. I will authorize the usage of one of the training arenas for this purpose. You should also learn a good lightning spell to use on a dragon's nether regions if they try to get too frisky with you. Although if you would rather have something other than a dragon, then Zecma should permit you to exchange the partner for one of your choice. Nearly all of the newer Digital Card games have a partner creation system in place which gives players the choice to make a better partner than the preprogrammed default partners."

            Dennis replied, "If Mr. Mendelssohn wouldn't mind coming by this evening, we can get this handled before someone finds out that I have a partner and gets mad when I cannot use it. I am sure that has happened on more than one occasion. I've read about those instances in Zecma's Gaming Trends Monthly magazine. I have a subscription to GTM."

            Tigromon grinned. "I am glad you are up to date on the gaming issues. Maybe you can assist in policing these out of control gamers."

            Dennis extracted his hand from out of the dean's shorts as he said, "We need to get cleaned up now; I think you are about to fire off and I need to wash my hands."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Tigromon then said as an afterthought, "Most battlecard players usually have three partners minimum from different games. Since you only have one partner, after we both clean up, I will escort you over to the college approved gaming store, FAME, and I will foot the bill for you to purchase two more custom partners of your choice to bring you up to the zone minimum. Does that sound like a nice thing from the digital kitty cat? You will also need a safety bracer card launcher. Usually Zecma remembers to hand out these when he gives out a partner card to someone."

              Dennis said, "He might have had a lot on his mind, Tigromon. I mean, you did just hit him with the out of control DigiChampion complaint. But perhaps with me helping Partner Card Security, the rowdiness will cool it. And if it doesn't, my mother and I can call for a change in the seasons, Druid style."

              Fire Arrow Media Entertainment (FAME)... Montropolis... 26 December... Saturday mid-afternoon...

              After cleaning themselves properly, Tigromon escorted Dennis over to the FAME game shop. Behind the counter looking and smelling quite clean and wearing FAME employee aprons, were a Hellhound named Hance Chound and a Devil Donkey named Dast Lonkey; since receiving a rescue (within the Buddyshift series,) the two were currently working for Aro Racolupotamon, Squire Kloppenhauser, Phineas Bosco McCormick, and Jayce "Jason" Andrews. The two clerks were friends with Firebrand "Brand" Farrell Andrews.

              Hance smiled as the two came inside. "Tigromon! We don't see you very often! And bringing us some eye candy, too! What's the occasion?"

              Tigromon said, "Boys, Zecma gave our new student a DigiChampion card partner and actually forgot to give him a Safety Bracer Card Launcher. I brought Dennis Von Hammer Thane in to get a safety bracer and to pay for his getting two more custom partners. He originates from Wheatland, Iowa, on Earth. He is enrolled at Montrocol currently. Think you can help him out? Dennis, this is Hance Chound and Dast Lonkey. They are quite trustworthy."

              The two had gotten quiet at the mention of the Romanian maiden name, but smiled anyway when they realized what the last name meant. Dast said, "We will be glad to help Dennis to find good partners for himself." Hance stepped out from behind the counter and led Dennis behind the counter and showed him several Card Launchers. "These are the FAME Safety Bracers. Feel free to choose one in your favorite colors or if you cannot find one that suits your fancy, just describe what you want and we can input the design into the Safety Bracer creator and just custom make one for you." Dast then added, "The BAGS Safety Bracers created by ZecCorp do not have the newest safety feature built into them. This new feature allows you to redirect an incoming Battle Card challenge to an available arena if one is available. Your bracer will not inform you of a challenge until you are seated. Then you can look to see whom sent you a challenge and decide if you want to give them the time of day."

              While Dennis was looking over the Safety Bracer choices, his hands wandered over Hance and Dast's rear ends as he gently rubbed over them. "We may have to custom make a safety bracer for me, guys." Then he gave both of the two a kiss on their muzzles, right on their lips.

              Leaning up against one wall, Tigromon laughed when he noted that the clerks got aroused by the young man's attention. "Looks like I'm not the only one Dennis can turn on so innocently! If you ask him nicely, he might give you boys a body massage!"

              Hance said, "Brand doesn't even try to get this close to us during his visits. For now, we should focus on your safety bracer. We'll show you how the program works."

              And after a few moments on the laptop like console keyboard, Dennis designed a Safety Bracer Card Launcher in a luminescent blue base overall with three small red and yellow stars on its sides while reflective silver glitter coated its blue surface. "Can this be done, guys?"

              Dast asked, "What would the official catalog title of this custom bracer design be called in case anyone asks?"

              Dennis smiled. "The description would describe it as a custom-made Von Hammer design, while the title would be the Romanian Special."

              Hance tapped in this information and then he activated the creation lever. After a few minutes, a panel opened just under the console and the finished product was removed from the compartment and handed over to Dennis. Then Hance instructed the young man in the launcher's usage. "Is there anything else you might want to know about anything?"

              Dennis pulled out his DigiChampion card out of his pocket and showed it to the Pizza Hound stud. "Zecma gave me this DigiChampion card and he told me that the partner name was Majesty Dragonus. Would you guys know anything about this?"

              Dast pulled out the scanner gun and he scanned the bar code of the card and waited for a match to come up on the laptop screen. And even Dennis could see the list of possible partners that appeared on the screen in the DigiChampion database and none of them were Majesty Dragonus. The words that caught his eye were: Standard Partner Database. Dast then typed into the DigiChampion partner search field, Majesty Dragonus. The screen switched to a single card that looked nothing like the card that Zecma had given him. The card on the screen had rainbow borders and the rarity tag under the partner name said, Ultra Legendary. Dast looked at Dennis with a sympathetic gaze. "Zecma was so distracted, he quoted the wrong partner to you after handing you an ordinary partner card. Since you were promised a fantastic partner, we will let you choose three partners for the price of two and we will give you a promotional override code to use in each Card Booth you make partners in. The code to input will be: ULDVHT-OVERRIDE-FREE. This will bypass the payment requests in the game booths you get your partners from. Then bring the partner cards back up to the desk and we will register your new partners and then Tigromon can make the payment for the two paid partners plus the one free partner. Zecma should have known better. Good luck, Dennis."

              Dennis thought these two were being overly super nice to him, so he gave them both a deep kiss on their muzzles before he placed the safety bracer on his arm and he headed back toward the game card booths in the back of the shop. As he walked back there, he did find a DigiChampion booth and he walked inside of it. Inputting the promo code that was provided to him, the screen printed his name on the screen with the words 'YES' and 'NO'. Dennis clicked yes. And what happened next surprised him greatly.

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                The words 'ZecCorp Approved' appeared on the screen and then the Majesty Dragonus card with the rainbow borders and the rarity title of Ultra Legendary was being printed out of the dispenser slot. When it was finished, Dennis grabbed the card and looked at his dragon partner. Wearing Royal Blue Robes lined with Gold flourishes was a slender red dragon whom was very reminiscent of the Disney's Gargoyle known as Brooklyn, except the name and stats named this partner as Majesty Dragonus, Greatest Arch-Magi in Monstrotopia.

                Dennis loaded this partner into slot number three as he whispered, "Damn..." Remembering Tigromon's warning about horny dragon partners, he chose not to activate this partner as yet. Instead, he emerged from the game booth and he began looking over the other booths to see what he could find.

                Dennis soon discovered a game booth with the title of Hai-Q The artwork showed what looked like Information Devil Mice doing martial arts. Walking into the booth, Dennis input the promo code the clerks provided him with and then the booth guided him through the partner creation process. He quickly found that he could make his mouse as big as he wanted the partner to be. So, with a sly grin, he made this sexy stud of a Devil Mouse as tall as himself. And he named him Shinpei. The mouse was had an athletic slender body with misleading powerful muscular arms, legs, tail, and brain power. His overall body fur was a golden brown with a Miracle Whip colored undercoat extending from his muzzle down his stomach and over his sexy sheath. His miniature horn nubs on his head were golden in coloration while his eyes were brown like Dennis himself had. When Dennis clicked the finalize button, the card immediately began to get printed as it emerged from the dispenser slot.

                Loading this partner into slot number two, Dennis chose to activate the card. He tapped the card window and said, "Activate!" Directly in front of him in the game booth, Shinpei appeared looking to be in a defensive pose before noting his human partner as he bowed respectfully and he said, "Ah, Master Dennis. I am Shinpei. For the shared power I will give you, I will grant you Martial Arts." And he made it so. "For now, I will return to my card until you need me." And back into the card he went.

                Dennis emerged from the game booth glad that the Devil Mouse was actually so civil. He headed on through the collection of game booths looking for that seemingly right one that would balance out those that he had acquired. He soon discovered a rather interesting looking game booth that depicted pizzas and other take-out symbols all over the outside of the booth itself. The game booth's name was Delivery Crisis. Heading inside, he saw on the screen examples of play which seemed to show delivery partners fighting other delivery partners for various businesses. This interested Dennis since he used to work part-time for a delivery service before they fell on hard times. He typed in the promo code into the appropriate box and then he was asked to choose four species from the list of hundreds. He chose Hell Fox, Devil Donkey, Demon Rabbit, and Chaos Kangaroo. Then he was asked to choose two primaries of the four selected. For this, he chose Hell Fox and Devil Donkey. He was then shown possible combinations to result in two partners. And to select the two that appealed to him. For this, he chose a Fangaroo and a Drabbitaur. The Fangaroo looked like a short hair furred fox to his waist and from the waist down he was a pouched kangaroo. The Drabbitaur looked like a romantic rabbit from his long ears down to his waist and from the waist down, he had the full quadruped body of a sexy donkey jack; a rabbit-donkeytaur. Then Dennis was asked to choose a fictional business for his two partners to be assigned to which would affect their abilities in battle. He chose Pharmacy as the primary business and Chili Dog cart as the Secondary business. He was then shown several palettes of colors in which he could color his partners. Fangaroo and Drabbitaur ended up with reddened tan fur overall, having red and yellow-streaked mane and tail and having off-white underbellies, socks, and hoofs. When he was done, the singular partner card was then printed out; although strangely, the two partners were not displayed within the picture. Instead, the partner name read as Fandonkarabbitaux and it was labeled as an Ultra Legendary partner. As Dennis read over the abilities, he saw that Fandonkarabbitaux could split into the two partners that he had created, but in times of dire need, as a finishing move, Fangaroo and Drabbitaur could merge together as in Letting their powers combine... to create Fandonkarabbitaux whom would then be back to full health so as to get a free turn to defeat their foes. Despite being comprised of those choices he had chosen, the combined form looked like a tall sexy fox man with donkey ears, a rabbit's cotton tail, the knotted prehensile cock and sheathe of a fox/kangaroo hybrid, and having the legs of a kangaroo. The pouch was located up on the fox man's belly. He wore a stylish Romanian Overcoat with a stylish scarf around his neck.

                Dennis said, "This isn't what I was expecting, but I am going to prove that I am not a prick like I imagine a lot of local players are. I am going to keep you as my third partner. I hope you don't disappoint me." He loaded the partner into slot number one, then he tapped the card window and said, "Activate!"

                Directly in front of him in the game booth, all four partner choices appeared and hugged him fondly. Then they released him as two sets of them merged together to become Fangaroo and Drabbitaur. These two now hugged Dennis and took turns kissing him on the mouth. Then the two held hands as they glowed as one as they changed into Fandonkarabbitaux. "Greetings partner. I heard your vow and I am glad to the partner to an honest and honorable young man like yourself. The powers I will share with you are as follows: From the Hell Fox, I will grant you Anti-Pregnancy, meaning that you will not get pregnant against your will no matter how much sex you are given; you will always be in control. From the Devil Donkey, I will grant you Energy Endurance, meaning that you will always have twice the amount of energy and strength desired when performing activities that would wear you out in the normal amount of time given. From the Demon Rabbit, I will grant you Acrobatic Jumping, meaning that you will never miss the target in which you are trying to jump safely to. And from the Chaos Kangaroo, I will grant you Courier Roo Speed, meaning you will be as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog and will be able to run on water like the Flash. And from me, I will grant you Drug Addiction Immunity, meaning that if someone tries to dope you up against your will, you will simply shrug off its effects as if it was simply candy. And now, I should return to the card and let you think about the powers you have now gained from your partners. With the Anti-Pregnancy, no dragon can get you pregnant. And with the Drug Addiction Immunity, the illegal Underworld fluid known as Special Ingredient will have no affect on you." And then he vanished back into the card.

                Dennis was impressed with this partner now. He thinks he did very well indeed. He emerged from the booth smiling as he returned to the front of the shop. "Hi guys. I'm done now and..." That's when he noticed that Tigromon was no longer in the shop. "Um... where did Tigromon go? He said he would pay for these partners and... I have no money myself at the moment. If he doesn't come back, then I cannot keep these partners nor this bracer." His smile faded off of his face as he removed the Safety Bracer to give it back to Hance and Dast.

                Hance hugged the young man and said, "He got called about an incident on campus. He said he would be back. You are an honest young man, Dennis. Tell you what... Why don't you step behind the counter with us and put on a store apron. You can play with us while you wait for Tigromon to come back. And if he forgets to come back, then we will call Garurumon to fetch him to fulfill his promise to you. Sadly, you are making my partner and I very horny. I am afraid that if we have sex with you, that you will end up both pregnant and transformed into one of our species and it would not be deliberate." Dast added, "We don't get to meet handsomely nice and honest young men like you every day."

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  Dast then said, "You were promised a Safety Bracer and free cards; and that is exactly what you will get. Although, if you want to earn the cards from us to save Tigromon some money, you can get a part-time job with us in the store and pay for the cards and bracer over time. We are fond of you, Dennis. Please say you want to work here."

                  Hance then said, "We can arrange a teleportation shortcut between your dorm room and the store to make it easier for you to get here. We really want you to work with us."

                  Dennis said, "The only thing I would have to worry about is the unwanted transformation, guys. One of my partners gave me the power of Anti-Pregnancy."

                  Hance was now registering the partner choices that Dennis had made into the registry. "Dennis, we told you that you could get three partners for the price of two. We knew that Zecma was gifting you with Majesty Dragonus, so his card doesn't count in our deal with you. Please go back to the booths and choose another partner. We knew you were nice, but we want to do the right thing with you. By looking for another partner, perhaps Tigromon will return before you are done. The job offer is still open for you, regardless."

                  Dennis really liked Hance for saying that and he gave the two clerks another kiss on their muzzles before heading back into the collection of game booths once again. Putting the Safety Bracer back on his arm, he now studied the game booths once more time. He had good partners already. But to please Hance and Dast, he had to choose one more.

                  Within the far back corner, Dennis found a game booth that was nearly covered in dust and looked as if no one had used it in a long long time. The name of the game was Infernal Crusaders. He stepped into the booth and found that the air within this booth felt warmer that the atmosphere within the game shop. On the screen, he saw what looked like a black furred Hellhound which was wearing a gold with purple racing stripes backpack and around his neck was a dirty gold and dull silver metallic collar that had a tag with the letters IC on it. He slowly blinked his silvery-blue eyes as he released a sigh to no one in particular. Dennis felt sorry for this hound immediately. It reminded him of how his family felt just before Zecma rescued them from being homeless. "Don't you worry, puppy dog; I will be your partner. How can people forget about a game with a sexy stud of a hound like you on the screen? Well, lets make this official." And he typed in the promo code into the appropriate box and clicked continue. The Hellhound glanced up at the young man when he felt the processing protocol turn on unexpectedly. However, Dennis wasn't paying attention to the Hellhound's frantic motions to warn him not to continue making the partner card. Under species, there was two buttons; one read 'Keep original species' and the other read 'CHOOSE NEW SPECIES'. Dennis chose keep the original species. Then the next screen asked, 'Keep original colors' while the other choice read as 'CHOOSE ALL-NEW COLORS'. Again, Dennis chose to keep the original colors. Then on the next screen, the given choices were 'Keep original Name', 'Randomize Name', and 'CHOOSE NEW NAME'. He chose to keep the original name. Then on the final screen, there was the outline of a paw print with the words, 'PLACE YOUR HAND HERE TO FINALIZE YOUR CHOICES'. Dennis now stopped when he realized that all of the second choices were in all Caps like the final screen. The young man chose to pulled out one of his winter gloves and put it on his hand before laying the gloved hand down on the paw print. Then the screen flashed in red and purple as white words appeared on the screen which read, 'YOU CHEATED! YOU CHEATED! YOU CHEATED! YOU CHEATED!" As it did this, the partner card launched out of the dispenser as if someone had fired a rifle at Dennis's groin. Dennis was knocked backwards on the floor of the game booth which caused the dust to drop off of the booth outside. He picked up the partner card as he winced from the groin pain and he quickly scrambled out of the booth... just as the booth vanished from sight!

                  As Dennis sat on the floor holding the Hellhound partner card, he noticed that the IC on the tag had changed to FC while the Hellhound pressed his face up to the window and said, "You saved my life, young man. Putting one over on the machine is a nasty close call for a nice boy like you. My Freelancers name is Midnyte and I am with the Crusaders Pack. A horrible demon captured me and trapped me in the machine to use as bait to capture unsuspecting players. I will agree to be your partner if you please tell Overseer Zecma about the latest Trappers Game called Infernal Crusaders. If you had obeyed the all caps choices, then you would have appeared in the trap with me as a new species in the colors chosen and with the name chosen. And once trapped, the game booth would have teleported to the next shop to catch the next victim off guard. The only way to free a victim is to do exactly as you did. That's why I said you put one over on the machine. You freed me from the trap, although I am stuck in this card now. What rarity did the promo code assign me with?"

                  Dennis replied, "Ultra Legendary. Can't I help you get out of the card without loading it into a card launcher? You just looked so sad, that it made me want you as my partner."

                  Midnyte the Freelance Crusader said, "There might be a way, although it would be better if you contacted Zecma so he could use his official device for undoing this. But if you want to try this yourself without the device, then press your fingers though the card window and grab a hold of my paw or collar and pull me out through the window. The only problem is that the card might try to suck you in with me and then the card would be laying on the floor of the shop and no one would know that you were in here with me. And you are making me so horny. I don't know what is making me want to mate with you. Your aura is literally screaming, 'let's have sex'."

                  Dennis said, "How are you with tying a rope around yourself?"

                  Midnyte said, "I can do that if I had a rope; what do you have in mind?"

                  Dennis used his magical powers to summon a coil of strong cord and he tied one end of the cord rope around a pole in the back of the game shop and then he forced the other end into the card window. As warned, the card tried to suck the entire rope into the card until it encountered the metallic pole in the shop. "Tie it around yourself and prepare to be free of the card." The Hellhound did as he was instructed and then Dennis stood up while firmly holding the edges of the card from behind as he pulled himself away from the pole slowly. Midnyte's head and paws which were securely holding on to the rope cord emerged from the card window first. And then it was a struggle for Dennis to complete the rescue since it felt like the card was trying to suck the hound and the boy back into the card. But then thankfully, Dast grabbed a hold around the young man's waist and helped him to pull even harder. Hance was on the phone placing a call to Zecma in regards to what was happening in the back of their shop.

                  Instantly, Zecma was in the shop with his device for freeing victims from card traps and when he saw who Dennis was trying to free from the card, he aimed the device at the card and shot a weird pink ray directly into the card window which cause the trap card to make sounds as if it was violently sick and then Midnyte popped free of the card as he sling-shotted around the pole and he collided with Dennis whom was now sitting in Dast's lap. Zecma said, "Close calls, Dennis. I thought you were with Tigromon." And then he looked to Midnyte, "How did you get stuck in a trap card, Midnyte?"

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    While still being held by Dennis in a loving caressing way, Midnyte regaled Zecma in his tale regarding how he had been away from the pack performing one of his Freelancer jobs when this trappy ugly demon captured him and stuck him inside the latest Trappers Game called Infernal (name of the tribe the victim originates from). If the victim obeys the all caps choices, then the victim is teleported into the trap as the new species in the colors chosen and with the name chosen. And once trapped, the game booth then teleports to the next shop to catch the next victim off guard. The only way to free a victim is to do exactly as Dennis did. He put on a winter work glove on his hand at the end and placed that one the paw print to finalize the choices. Since the game couldn't record his DNA and fingerprints, it angrily freaked out and shot me (inside the partner card) directly into the young man's groin which knocked him to the floor of the booth. He then grabbed my card and scrambled out of the booth moments before it teleported away. It it hadn't been for Dennis, no one would have found me. I've been stuck in there for about three months, although I did make a bargain with Dennis for him to contact you and tell you about the trappy game booth. I told him that if he informed you of this latest trick, then I would agree to be his partner. But I made that deal when I thought that I had been permanently transformed into a partner card. I won't renege on a promise with a sexy boy like him. Since I am not an official card partner, that means Dennis gets to choose another game booth partner."

                    Zecma said, "Before he does that, I need to say this one more detail. Midnyte's alpha has put up a reward for his return to the Crusader Pack and since you, Dennis, found him, the reward will rightfully be yours. Your Direct Investment account will be accredited with 65,000 credits. You are no longer broke, Dennis. But since Tigromon offered to pay for your partners on this trip, he still has to pay for what he promised you. Is there anything else you need to tell me?"

                    "Hance and Dast offered me a part time job here in their game shop and also..." Dennis pulled the ordinary DigiChampion card out of his pocket and he handed it over to Zecma. "...When you gave me this card back on Earth, you said it was for a partner called Majesty Dragonus, but when Hance and Dast scanned the bar code of the card, it was discovered that this card does not match the partner you named. When I entered the DigiChampion game booth here in the shop, I entered the promo code that Hance and Dast gave me and the screen printed my exact name on it with a yes or no choice, and when I chose yes, the words 'ZecCorp Approved' appeared and the correct Majesty Dragonus card was dispensed from the card slot. Compare the card I handed you with the card I loaded into my card launcher." He showed Zecma the Ultra Legendary card with the rainbow borders. The ordinary card looked plain and like a low rarity partner card. "Now explain to me how this happened, please."

                    Zecma explained, "When I returned to the game factory, I went ahead and registered the partner to you, Dennis, since I quoted that the dragon partner would be yours. I will take back this low rarity card and say that I am sorry for giving you the wrong partner card. No harm done since you have Majesty Dragonus. Have you activated him yet?"

                    Dennis replied, "I was going to wait until I had Felix Mendelssohn on hand as a witness in case the dragon partner tried to mount me like most dragon partners have suspiciously been doing all over the Montropolis Zone. Dean Tigromon told me about the current problem and he wanted me to play it safe."

                    Zecma said, "When you go to do this, I will also be on hand with one of my override devices. Now go find and claim your final partner. I will escort Midnyte back to his alpha."

                    Dennis got out of Dast's lap and helped him up to his hoofs before brushing him off and giving him another kiss. "Thanks for helping me at the end. Sorry for landing so hard in your lap." Dast smiled. "Most fun I've had in a while, Dennis. Now go find your last partner." And then Dennis headed off to look over the remaining card booths.

                    Carefully looking around the many college leveled game booths in the back of the shop, he came upon a booth with a title which was the same as Midnyte's occupation. It was called Freelancers Stepping into the booth, he saw that there were four possible partner species to choose from on the example combat screen. Hellhounds, Hell Skunks, Devil Donkeys, and Demon Tokage (Miniature Lizard Men.) Clicking on Begin, the first thing the booth asked him was if he had a promo code to use, if he did to input it into the box and click continue. He entered the code that Hance and Dast gave him. ULDVHT-OVERRIDE-FREE. Then the next screen asked him for gender, male or female. He input male and then he was asked to choose a species. He chose a Hell Skunk and then he was asked to choose the partner's colors. Dennis made his skunk partner have shiny green emerald eyes along with black fur overall with no stripes or spots on his back, and then he placed twin silver lightning shaped racing stripes down the outside of both arms and both legs. There was a thin double white set of stripes around the neck, wrists, and ankles of his partner. The partner was then fitted with an enzyme proof brown jerkin vest over his torso along with a brown enzyme proof leather backpack on his back and he had an enzyme proof brown leather belt with belt pouches around his waist. And he had enzyme proof brown leather boots on his feet. He was otherwise naked. The fluffy tail as well as the open arm and leg fur were quite luxurious. His sheath and sac were also fur covered although his sheath was not small by any means. Dennis then named his Freelancer Patriarch. When he was finished, he saw the finished sexy product on the screen as he was asked if he wanted to make any changes and if so, to click the back button. Otherwise, click finalize to receive his card. He clicked finalize and he watched the card emerge from the card dispenser slot.

                    Dennis carefully removed Majesty Dragonus from slot number three and he loaded his Freelancer Hell Skunk into slot number three and then he loaded Majesty Dragonus into card slot number four. Rotating the selection back to slot three, Dennis tapped the card window and said, "Activate!" Directly in front of him in the game booth, Patriarch appeared and promptly hugged and kissed the young man lovingly. "Greetings, I am Patriarch. It is customary for a partner to share one of our powers with our players, therefore, I will give you both Freelancer Teleport as well as Safe Visitation. The second power will permit you to visit any of your Partner's Home Realms with absolute safety. The first will permit you to teleport between the college and any Freelancer Employment Acquisition Center, whether they be taverns, restaurants, or even the main Freelancers Headquarters. Mostly Hellhounds hang out at the last place." And after doing so he said, "I will return to my card until you need me." And he vanished back into the card.

                    Dennis then returned to the front of the shop and he showed Hance and Dast the last partner he had chosen. "Patriarch the Hell Skunk from the Freelancers game; Fandonkarabbitaux the Hell Fox, Devil Donkeytaur, Demon Rabbit, Chaos Kangaroo hybrid from the Delivery Crisis game; and Shinpei The Devil Mouse from the Hai-Q game."

                    Registering the partners and the Card Launcher Safety Bracer into the college database, Hance and Dast handed Tigromon the payment receipt and the Dean then presented his college credit card and authorized the payment for the purchased cards, not realizing that every partner that Dennis had acquired was top of the line in rarity.

                    Dean Tigromon an Dennis Thane then departed from the game shop and proceeded to return to the college campus where they would soon meet up with Felix Mendelssohn at the arenas.

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Magic on Campus.