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[AWT-06] BC-02 Ace of Spades

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  • [AWT-06] BC-02 Ace of Spades

    Montropolis - Anime World

    [APAW-03] BC-02 Ace of Spades
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Raluta exclaimed, "I always get excited when someone is building an awesome deck."

    The third card pulled into the open had rainbow reflective borders marking it as an ultra rare card, much like the VIP cards had. This one was the first of the two attack cards which read Elemental Strike - Combat. Like the other cards, this one had the description and some stats. "When activated, this card creates as many elemental swords in your partner's primary element as their health points dictate per round. On your turn, you may send as many swords as you prefer at your opponent inflicting one health point damage per sword plus an additional element effect per sword. On your opponent's turn every remaining sword acts as a damage deflection barrier to return half as much damage back at the attacker. Once the swords are expended, the card's power is rendered inert for the rest of the match." He then placed this attack card on the left hand side of the grid. The hybrid whistled when he saw the card. "A Platinum offense card. You got LUCK-KEY, Brand. Pull the next one." He was getting excited.

    The fourth card was the second defense card which read Opposition Dampener - Constant. Along with the description and pretty high stats, it read as follows. "When an attack element which is opposite of your partner is used against you, all damage is halfed while element effects are shared with the attacker. This can only occur once per match." He then placed this card into the remaining defense space as Raluta again commented, "That is one of the favorite defenses although it is weak versus your own element."

    The fifth card pulled from the starter pack was the other attack card which was a very common and statistically despised card by the majority of the DigiCard players. Most times when this card was found in a starter pack, it was often pitched into a paper shredder simply to be rid of it. This one, however, read Distraction - Duo Effect. "Twice per match, this card may be activated to cause your opponent to lose their next turn which permits you to heal either one health point or twice the regeneration effect if you have the appropriate ability during your turn. Unlike the common version of this card, you are additionally given ten more health points." Raluta was laughing when he saw the card being placed on the table.

    The last card pulled from the package was the utility card which read Blue Fairy - Utility. There was a description but no stats. "When your partner loses all of his or her health points, this utility card's power is then activated. This permits your partner to get in one last parting strike at the opponent which the other player must permit. Also remember that any beneficial card effects from other cards may still activate during this parting strike which includes regen effects from healing cards." As Brand laid this card into the 'floating' Utility card space on the table, Raluta commented, "The Blue Fairy. There are only so many of these cards in circulation. Now, I will place the glass lid over your cards and the next thing you need to do is step into this Cardmon training machine booth and press your face against the eye retina scanning mask and then speak your name into the microphone. This will activate the partner linking protocol in Monstrotopia and it will be from there that you will be assigned your VIP Platinum partner." Brand stepped into the machine booth and the hybrid slid the hatch closed to give the boy the privacy he would require for the partner linking. Pressing his face into the scanning mask, he was briefly blinded when a flash of light caught him off guard leaving stars in his eyes and then he said his name. "Brand Chase."

    VIP Assignment Services... Monstrotopia... 28 December... Monday afternoon...

    Giving the Cardmon Police the slip yet again, a crafty slender registered Platinum Partner monster arrived at at assignment services where he saw the others who had been in line now pressing themselves against the back walls as far away from the 'Next Please' light as they could get. "What the fuck is going on? You guys are acting like the next VIP partner is a girl. Well, since you aren't in my way now, you won't mind my heading to the front of the line." And he did so as he approached the sign in counter where the attendant who looked slightly annoyed at the others in the chamber remarked, "Finally. Someone with balls. Look over the card arrangement and then state your name as you place your hand against the VIP registration scanner. When you do this, you will be linked to your new partner."

    The slender monster read over the cards on the monitor one at a time. "Dragon Barrier; that's nice. Health Booster; good, good. Elemental Strike; ooh. I like that card. Opposition Dampener; very useful." Then he paused when he saw the next listing. "Distraction? The most useless card in the Cardmon decks? And he kept it? Boy, does he have a lot to learn. But what is the Utility card?" He read the last entry. "Blue Fairy." He started giggling. "The second chance card is in this boy's deck? I'm in." He placed his hand against the VIP scanner and then he spoke his name. "Blackjack Jerbodra." And the power started scanning him into the system as the counter attendant now recognized just who he let into the system. "The master thief of Monstrotopia? Oh no! Help! Police!" And he pressed the alarm button but it was too late as Blackjack vanished into the matrix transporter just as the police raided the VIP assignment station.

    But as was stated... they were too late. Blackjack was already being sent over and linking into Brand's VIP Platinum partner card.

    Training Arena 354... Montropolis High School... 28 December... Monday afternoon...

    In an attempt to stop the auto-linking protocol, the Cardmon Police stupidly tried to alter the VIP parameters to bring the fugitive back to Monstrotopia. Within the Cardmon training machine, Brand suddenly felt as if someone had not only injected him in the ass with a needle but an electrified needle at that as crackling bands of energy and power began rocketing up and down throughout the chamber while on the outside of the machine, Raluta saw the machine doing something he had never seen it do before. Fearing the worst, he did the smart thing. He yelled for Myrdramon, Renamon and Garurumon. From within the machine, Brand felt like he was being ripped apart as he screamed for help with tears dripping down his agonized face. The VIP Platinum Partner Card as well as the other cards within the sealed scanner begin to glow as one by one they vanished into a digital matrix and were sucked inside the malfunctioning machine. Brand's screams could be heard outside of the arena now as the others arrived and worked on getting the machine unlocked and opened to free their friend from whatever it was doing to him. Mentally, Brand heard someone's voice. Stupid Cardmon Police. They altered the VIP linking parameters. Instead of linking to the card, I seem to be merging with the boy. They are so stupid sometimes. What am I saying? They are stupid all the time. Okay kid... just call me Blackjack. I won't burden you with the rest. I am part dragon, part donkaroo and part rat. My species is called a Jerbodra. We are considered to be a very rare breed and we live for adventure. I just hope you and I can work together. Sorry about your clothes though. Just as the others were about to affect the emergency unlock on the trainer machine, the whole apparatus exploded which threw everyone against the walls of the arena. Dropping butt naked and face down in the center of the training field was the human boy himself still smouldering as the remnants of a new digital marking on his left hand slowly stopped glowing.

    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    Renamon called for the school nurse while Myrdramon and Raluta quickly leaped back toward their friend to shield his nudity from the female digimon who was using the emergency comm unit on the arena's wall. Garurumon was examining the remains of the trainer which was literally gone in all the worst ways as he noticed that the cards were also missing. As were Brand's clothes; all of them. Including his shoes and even his underwear.

    As Brand slowly came to, he noticed that Myrdramon was wrapping an ankle length trench coat around his naked body. "I lost my clothes like everyone kept warning me might happen. I am glad I didn't have my safety launcher with me when this happened. I would hate to lose all of my partners. Can we go home now, Myrdramon? Please?" The brown dragon digimon glanced up at Garurumon and nodded his head. "Let's get him back to the farm. He needs to recuperate in his own bed. As for the trainer, someone call Karal so he can examine that thing. They aren't supposed to explode like that." Raluta exclaimed, "I can't find Brand's special DigiCard, guys. It isn't here."

    Renamon then said, "It likely went to where ever his clothes went, Raluta. I have half a mind to suspect that Guido sabotaged the trainer somehow. In the meantime, I will send word to game master Zecma and let him know what happened here. Hopefully he can cheer Brand up later tonight. These things aren't supposed to happen to nice boys."

    Myrdramon and Garurumon helped get Brand secured into the saddle and then with Myrdramon holding on so Brand didn't fall off, the three bounded away from the school, leaping over fences and buildings as they went heading north toward where the Chase farm was located. "We'll get to the bottom of this, Brand," said the digimon as he held his friend in front of himself. "I promise." The human boy kept his head pressed into Garurumon's fur so as not think about his being naked in school.

    Chase Farmhouse... 28 December... late Monday evening...

    Brand was glad to be back in his bedroom in his own bed although he felt at a loss for losing his clothes to a faulty Cardmon device. "I guess it was hungry."

    Of course when his mother found out what had happened, a good many teachers and students at the school were getting that 'look' that no one ever wanted to get. That very evening, Donna had a conversation with Andrew regarding the events of the day. "...and the school is still investigating the incident with the Cardmon training device," said Donna. Her husband replied, "They had no explanation whatsoever?" Mrs. Chase shook her head. "I couldn't get them to tell me anything. That is when I used my 'look' on them; they earned it. Brand was even lost his underwear in that explosion." Andrew then commented, "Chuck sent word to us that he was getting along great with the college faculty and a few of his dormmates." Donna grinned. "I knew college was a good idea for him. The other students he is roomed with have some quirks, but that is to be expected when you go to a new learning institution. Irene looked over a few college brochures herself while everyone was gone. I am thinking about asking Zecma about a possible cure to Irene's throat injury so she can be independent once again."

    "They'll have to reassign Raluta and I with a new training arena because of what happened. I wish I had Zecma in my lap..." Just then, a voice made an unexpected comment. "You are so nice to offer me that privilege. Believe me." It was Zecma and he was in the boy's room having dinner on a floating platter. "I heard about the incident today, Brand. I am looking into it to see exactly what happened. But you are going to have to go back to school if you still want that carnival/circus job I promised you this Summer; I haven't forgotten. I found a place whom would like to hire you during the Summer months." The boy smiled at the Devil Mouse. "I lost my clothes in school. I even lost the Platinum DigiCard you gave me." Zecma floated over and hugged the boy gently. "Better a game card than your life. Want me to spend the night with you?" The boy nodded his head. "Would you, please?" The devil mouse nodded his head as he hugged the boy again. "Of course I will, Brand. We're friends, after all. Just let me finish my dinner."

    Cardmon Security Corp... Monstrotopia... 29 December... Tuesday morning... 12:31 AM...

    Thinking his surroundings were a dream at first, Brand didn't piece together that the body he was in was moving of its own accord as it performed stealth maneuvers from shadow to shadow and from ceiling tile to ceiling tile. What made him fully focus mentally on the circumstances he seemed to be in was when his body which wasn't human performed an action which he knew himself could not do as his body forced open an elevator shaft and he began shimmying up the cable toward the upper floors. The elevator itself was far below at the ground floor.

    Where am I? What's going on? But as he tried to voice these words, Brand realized that like the Jerbodra monster partner from before, his voice was only being mentally broadcast to whomever was in the driver's seat. Blackjack grinned as he whispered, "About time you woke up, partner. We are currently in the Cardmon Security Corp headquarters in the process of trying to acquire the fix to what those stupid monsters in the Cardmon Police did to get the two of us accidentally merged together. Unless you are starting to like having a backseat driver on Anime World that is... I would suggest you work with me here and I promise to teach you all of my tricks when we are separate. Although, I should explain that because we are currently stuck together like this, we now have the ability to cross the DigiCard barrier between your world and Monstrotopia whenever we like. Once we separate, which I plan to initiate back on Anime World, we will lose that ability. But it is a small price to pay to get this mess straightened out. You DO want your personal life back, don't you?"

    Well... he started to mentally reply but the rest didn't seem to want to come easily. There was some sort of weird enjoyment to be involved in whatever covert activity that Blackjack was performing at the moment and Brand for reasons unknown to even himself was starting to like this arrangement. Cross the barrier whenever we like you said, right? And you would want to give up this new escape ability... why? Blackjack just grinned in a sly manner as he continued his trek up the cable to the labs floor of the building; in a small way, he was hoping the boy could discern the advantages to this power the same way he had earlier before starting this mission. It was FUN to cross the barrier at will. Normally this was only allowed during Cardmon matches; doing it at will at any time... well, it was not only fun but sneaky as well. And as the boy just figured out, it was the ultimate escape ability.

    As they exited the elevator and covertly entered the ceiling tiles space once again, Blackjack crept forward ever so carefully until he reached a marked location where he ever so carefully and quietly lifted the Styrofoam tile and gazed down at a laboratory table top where a deluxe digital repair kit satchel was sitting but it was within a digital matrix alarm field. "There's our target, Brand," he ever so quietly said to his partner.

    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      The boy who could only observe the surroundings mentally had a wider focus than his partner did at that moment. Blackjack. There are two monster guards just inside the lab door facing this way. The moment you make a grab at that satchel, they are going to see us. The Jerbodra slyly grinned at his mental partner. "Good thing you were glancing in that direction; I was so focused on our prize that I almost fucked up the whole exercise. Pardon my language. Therefore... new plan; I grab the satchel allowing the twits to see us as we dive out that window next to the table."

      Aren't we on the upper floors of this building? I don't want to die here on your world, Blackjack. Brand had every right to be worried since he was paying attention to how many floors they ascended in the elevator shaft. But his partner replied, "Have you already forgotten, partner? I'm the greatest thief in Monstrotopia; I know what I'm doing. Just think of this thrill as a new roller coaster ride you have never been on. You'll see; I have done this before. This isn't the first time I've been in their headquarters." The next few action packed moments went so fast that the boy didn't have time to close his mental eyes.

      Blackjack dropped down through the open ceiling tile and grabbed the satchel which set off the alarms and caused surprise in the rough looking guards at the door. But before they could close the distance and with the prize in one claw, the Jerbodra flipped backwards toward the open window pane and the last momentum enforced flip sent the thief through the small opening in the glass where he pulled what seemed to be a rip cord located somewhere on his back which caused a jet black hang glider with turbo thrusters built in to deploy in mid air. Grabbing the handholds, their flight away from the building occurred where as those giving chase simply fell after they exited the window and they dropped all the way down to ground level and crashed through the concrete at the base of the building. Anime style.

      "See?" said the DigiCard partner. "Just like a roller coaster ride. Besides, aside from being purged by the Cardmon Police within their eradication chamber, monsters cannot die in Monstrotopia. So your dying in my world isn't going to happen. When we reach my hideout, I'll see about getting our digital frequencies split so we can try to have normal lives again."

      But what if splitting our frequencies means that you lose the ability to be my partner?

      This was the one possibility of the cure that Blackjack had not thought about. While it was true that it wasn't fair for Brand to be forced into this arrangement, the Jerbodra was starting to like having a partner to keep a lookout toward places where he might not be focusing on at the time. If the boy hadn't seen those two guards in the lab, then the two of them might be in the process of being purged right now instead of riding a black glider through the friendly night skies.

      Blackjack's Secret Hideout... Monstrotopia... 29 December... Tuesday morning... 2:34 AM...

      Within his own personal workspace, the Jerbodra partner was using the security kit's items to take a sample of his own digital matrix which he knew was altered by the boy's frequency to see what could be done to at least give the two of them some better peace of mind. "DigiCore Frequency is giving a 23.5 readout for the standard Jerbodra monster species, but the parameters are currently spiked all the way up at 190.1 which is the combination of all of the partner cards from the starter pack along with your own digital merging into my body, Brand. Humans have a Core Frequency of 100.0 as their readout. But for each card added to the mix, you add 11.1 to the ending frequency. Six cards plus the human partner plus the Jerbodra species equals the current readout. According to the scanner, neither I nor the equipment I currently have is capable of splitting our frequencies thanks to the DigiCards being merged in with us. We could still attempt this, but the ending result would not be our Core Frequencies; it would simply be the average which is still higher than normal. Now what do we do?"

      From your own mathematical parameters, Blackjack, commented Brand as he recalled what his partner had just said. if we added another battle card to the mix, it would be like having two human partners in one body. And according to Raluta, DigiCard Masters are often adding new cards to their deck over time which means that we could become more powerful. His partner then grinned in that sly way of his again. "He said that, did he? Do you recall where he stashed the other starter decks at, Brand?" Yes, but... oh no. What new idea are you thinking of now? "Don't worry, partner... it is nothing terrible. We just need one more card added to us to initiate our ability to exist in both worlds instead of being merged together all the time. And you better hope you are NOT still merged with me when I go into rut in a few months... if you know what I mean. I sense that you are still a virgin." Brand was not liking the thought of being around his partner during his mating season.

      Raluta's Home... Montropolis... 29 December... early Tuesday morning 3:20 AM...

      The Jerbodra partner was now in the mental backseat as he instructed his human partner in the art of sneaking into a friend's home. Because Raluta lived alone, there was no danger of encountering another unexpected and possibly alert roommate within their target location. Brand didn't like the idea of wearing a black skin tight outfit and the ski mask to match but Blackjack had a point that it was best that no one found out that the boy was actually doing something like this.

      Getting into the home wasn't all that hard since the Digimon teenager hadn't even locked his doors before hitting the bed to go to sleep. Getting to the duffel bag wasn't all that hard either. The only thing that stood in their way of getting away with the prize was the fact that Raluta had laid a belt with jingle bells over the top of his duffel bag. Moving that belt meant ringing those bells. Clever homemade trap. I have to give your friend points for thinking this up. However, it isn't fools proof. See that small bag of cotton on the counter next to where we entered from? Very carefully use a toothpick to push a little cotton into each and every bell without moving the bells. Then we simply move the belt, take the starter packs, and replace the bells over the duffel bag. No one will be the wiser. Get busy, partner; I will keep watch so you aren't surprised.

      Improvisation seemed to be Blackjack's answer to everything which surprisingly worked better than Brand thought it would. Following his partner's instructions to the letter, each bell was carefully stuffed with cotton and then they removed the starter packs from the duffel bag before laying the belt back into place and then, following the Jerbodra's odd request... removing the cotton from each bell and replacing the soft material back into the bag. Brand was glad when they were finally able to leave his school chum's house. The whole affair made him sweat.

      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four

        Training Arena 353... Montropolis High School... 29 December... early Tuesday morning 4:06 AM...

        "Why are we here, Blackjack?" the boy asked since being in one of the training arenas at this hour made Brand nervous. Especially nervous since there was another one of those Cardmon training booths nearby which they were using the card table connected to it for the preparation of adding another card to their mix. We can only do what we need to do if we have access to a Cardmon Reader Booth. I know the last one hurt you but I promise that you won't end up naked this time. Of course if you would prefer to play it safe, I would advise that you just strip naked here and now. I am obviously no girl and you have the same tools I have. Well, figuratively speaking. Brand wasted no time in getting out of his clothes and making sure his clothes were safely AWAY FROM the stupid Cardmon training device.

        Once the boy was in the natural, the starter packs were opened as Blackjack mentally explained the rules. We cannot add in a card that is a duplicate of another card already in our mix. Additional Partner cards are okay to have although I am hoping we can get another useful tournament card. When opening the packs, simply dump the cards out so they land face up. We will use another toothpick to move cards out of the way because the moment you touch a card with your hands, that will be the one added to the mix. And you don't want a lame and useless card part of our exclusive package. There are four remaining starter packs, so let's see what we can get as a bonus. The boy quickly said, "Um, Raluta also told me that each of these starter packs had at least one support card while most packs, if the player was lucky, might include a rare partner card." Your friend is a sneaky cheater. Let's get started.

        The first starter pack contained useless cards along with a support card that had a nasty drawback effect to add balance to the game. "I don't like the idea of forfeiting my next turn." I completely agree. What's in the next deck? The second starter pack had more useless cards and at least one duplicate of a nice card that Brand had already claimed. The third starter pack was the pack that Brand had almost chosen originally the day before. It contained five ultra lame cards which would disgust even the most novice player, but the sixth card was one that got both of their attention. It had the rainbow reflective borders marking it as an ultra rare card, much like the VIP cards had, but this was a card type that Raluta had not mentioned existing. It read Twin Master. Unlike the other cards, this one had higher than normal stats as well as a description. "When part of your deck, this card raises the primary DigiCard partner's frequency to the human minimum and activates an elite classification ranking which should never be used against novice players. Your partner's statistics ar increased to match the player's whichever partner's stats are better even before other card bonuses are applied and the player has the ability to transform into a similar version of the partner in question. If you have other partner cards, they also gain this bonus at the beginning of the match." Brand was surprised by this type of card; Blackjack had never heard of this card before. And he was familiar with the DigiCard rules.

        I hate to say this, Brand, but rather than taking a chance with this card, I think we better tell Zecma about this. He has been trying to locate unfair third party cheat cards and this one sounds like the type of card he would want to know about. And yes, that means he will learn that I am stuck inside of you. Hopefully he will permit me to remain as your partner. I have grown to really enjoy your company, Brand. As Brand went back over to his clothes, he pulled out his cellphone and he used it to call Zecma's emergency number. After a few moments, there was an answer. "Zecma here. Do you know what time it is?"

        The boy said, "Zecma! It's Brand. I'm at the training arenas at school right now. My partner and I just found one of those illegal cards you have been on the lookout for. My partner said it might be dangerous for us to mess with it and then he suggested that I call you. When can you get here? And if you come now, you will get to see me naked."

        POOF! Zecma appeared in a small cloud of smoke wearing his ZecCorp jacket. He grinned when he saw that Brand was indeed naked. "You just made my night! Where is this card?"

        Brand pointed to the card on the table before saying, "I need to tell you one more detail, Zecma... when Raluta was helping me to register my DigiCard originally, The Cardmon Police tried to prevent the card merger frequency and it caused my partner to get merged into my body instead of the DigiCard. He has grown to enjoy my companionship and he wants to remain as my partner. He is wanted by the police back home. He is called Blackjack Jerbodra."

        The devil mouse gamer then scanned the new card with his ZecCorp reader device. "Just so you know, Brand... your partner is the master thief of Monstrotopia. The Cardmon Police have been after him for months. There is a huge bounty for his capture on his head and sadly, you are linked to him now. That means bounty hunters may start coming after you to get at him." Brand replied, "Fat chance of their succeeding at that; due to the accident yesterday which the Cardmon Police actually caused themselves, Blackjack and I gained the ability to cross between our two worlds at will. So even if they did catch him and hold him in a cell, I could simply pop back over here and be free in an instant." The devil mouse rolled his eyes with an amused look on his muzzle. "That's what happens when amateurs change the linking frequency between a partner and a card. Well, we can safely say that the accident was not caused by Guido; it was caused by the Cardmon Police in Monstrotopia. They are responsible for the damage to the school's arenas."

        Zecma then placed a headband scanner around Brand's head and activated it. A digital display then allowed Blackjack to be seen in the arena. "Blackjack, would you like to have your own life back or do you really want to stay linked as Brand's VIP Platinum partner in the DigiCard game?"

        Blackjack replied, "In all honesty, Zecma, while I enjoyed part of the way the cheat card sounded, the Twinning part specifically... I really need to have my own life. Brand is a natural and since you like him, too, if you would permit it, then I would like to remain as Brand's official partner. The Cardmon authorities have been authorizing cheat cards behind your back for months now. The bounty hunters are unfairly more powerful than they used to be only a year ago."

        Zecma asked, "What is another cheat card you have heard of that the Cardmon Police approve of?"

        Blackjack replied, "You're going to hate this... the one card I know of is called, DigiCard Master - Tournament. Unlike the other cards, it has ridiculously higher that normal stats and when it is part of a player's deck, it activates an elite classification ranking which supposedly should never be used against novice nor intermediate players. The partner's statistics are quadrupled even before other card bonuses are applied and the additional ability of Adventurer is added to the player's primary controller. If the player has other partner cards, they also gain this bonus at the beginning of the match. And now for the really bad part, when the launcher with this card detects a challenge beacon being aimed at it, it begins to initiate a full blown tournament leveled match no matter where the two players are. No safety grid, arena or anything."

        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five

          Blackjack then concluded his explanation, "The assholes waited until after Dr. Zamak completed a safety inspection of Monstrotopia before they authorized these new cards. So she wouldn't find out about it."

          Zecma had a look that depicted that he wanted to rip some new assholes out of these cheaters. "It is a good thing you boys didn't add this card to your deck. It has a nasty drawback for those not on the Cardmon approved list. It would have pulled you both back to Monstroptopia and location locked both of you to the game world. Brand would have been stuck in your world without a stitch of protection nor powers and as naked as he is right now."

          Blackjack said, "The original plan was to add one more decent non-duplicate battle card to Brand's Digicard deck so we could safely initiate a demerger of him from me so he could have his own body once again. The combined frequencies were stacked as follows: DigiCore Frequency gave a 23.5 readout for the standard Jerbodra monster species, but the parameters were currently spiked all the way up at 190.1 which is the combination of all of the partner cards from the starter pack along with Brand's own digital merging into my body. Humans have a Core Frequency of 100.0 as their readout. But for each card added to the mix, you add 11.1 to the ending frequency. Six cards plus the human partner plus the Jerbodra species equals the current readout."

          Zecma said, "We better check the math on that, just to stay on the safe side... Human is 100.0 + Jerbodramon at 23.5 equals 123.5. There were originally six cards in the deck apart from the partner card. 6 times 11.1 equals 66.6. Add that to 123.5 and we get 190.1. Adding an extra card for the safe split makes it go over the limit to equal 201.2. 1.2 over the limit of safety. I don't think there is a card out there that would make the average break out even. We need a card equaling 9.9 or... we need to enhance Blackjack to a Bonded Legend ranked partner which would raise his average to 33.4. But if I grant this you, Blackjack, I want your honored word that you will not use this power to get Brand in trouble. No power trips. Do we have a deal?"

          Blackjack smiled. "I really care about my new partner, Zecma. Besides, if you didn't have my help, you would have a dickens of a time putting the Cardmon Police in their place."

          Zecma was being serious. "Do we have a deal, Blackjack? You are not getting extra power unless I know that I can trust you."

          The Jerbodramon held his hand out to Zecma. "We have a deal, but on my primary card, list my legend advancement as an Ace of Spades bonded assignment by the game maker. That way, if the Cardmon Police think about messing with it later, you are alerted immediately."

          Zecma shook the partner's clawed hand and then he said, "OK, now lets get you balanced so we can bond you to Brand's partner card. He still needs to get back home so he can be up in the morning for school. No one is supposed to be using the arenas at this god-awful hour." And then he opened the launcher window and he had Brand lay his hand directly upon the game card which was locked in place. When the boy did this, Zecma used his advancements device to send a shock through the boy's hand directly into the card. The rainbow borders were changed to a holographic silver border and new information was added to the card. The words VIP Platinum were changed to VIP Diamond - Bonded Legend.

          When Brand removed his hand from the card, he saw Blackjack's likeness on the card as well as the return of his starting Digicard deck. "Oh thank the gods, Zecma. I love you."

          Zecma then closed up the window on the launcher as he said, "Can we go back to bed now, Brand? You aren't the only one who has to be up in the morning."

          Brand grabbed his night clothes and shoes as he got dressed and then he sat Zecma on his shoulder and teleported back to his bedroom at home.

          Chase Farmhouse... 29 December... Tuesday morning...

          Just before the morning sun could rise, Garurumon was heard knocking at Brand's bedroom door. "Come on, Brand," said Garurumon as he debated stealing the entire barn. "I'm actually here early for a change. A whole hour early in fact. I want to take you somewhere and show you something nice that you might like to see. Don't make me steal the whole building." The boy opened the door and looked at the large Garurumon. He had his regular clothes on and looked as dashing as usual. "So where are you taking me? I don't want to go to school this early." Garurumon helped Brand into the special saddle and said, "Not school but something Zecma asked me to show you something that you like even more than school. Trust me... you'll love it." And with that, he began charging off across the fields, leaping fences and farm buildings as they went.

          Within the main farmhouse, Zecma had joined the Chase's for breakfast when Andrew having seen the two depart through one of the windows remarked, "...And there they go. Garurumon just kidnapped Brand. Perhaps today will be a better day for him." Zecma then changed the subject. "From what little I was able to find out, Mrs. Chase, apparently there was a digital energy surge that originated from the Cardmon training machine in which your son had tried to activate. The energies from the explosion is what left him in the nude in school. Further information we gathered reveald that the Cardmon Police tried to sabotage Brand's newest partner from bonding with him. Sadly, your son was the receipitant of the digital backlash and that is what caused the incident. I have spoken to the school to drop the charges against Guido since he was about to be blamed for this incident." Donna said, "Good thing they did because I was about to go postal on them with my famous 'look'." Andrew shuddered. "Heaven forbid, we don't want that."

          At that moment, Irene entered the room and petted on the devil mouse's head fur whom had been sipping his tea. Irene signed out, "Mom told me that you wanted to see about restoring my voice to me. What would you charge to assist me with this issue?" The underworld rodent glanced at the parents with a smile as he verbally replied, "I believe that I can help to restore your voice although you might not like the manner of treatment. This has been done once before to the Kornel's daughter and the process worked." Donna then said, "I have been invited into town today by some local mothers to discuss political things." Andrew remarked, "You just want to give new people that 'look' of yours." Zecma giggled quietly before turning to Irene once again. "Come with me, Irene, and within the hour, you will have your beautiful voice back... hopefully without the desire to kill me." He set his tea cup aside as he floated in mid air and beckoned to the teen aged girl. Irene began to follow Zecma out of the house and seeming into the barn beneath Brand's bedroom quarters. Zecma had read the young lady's mind to find out what she was the most afraid of and he was about to show Irene that very thing without warning. They had just barely gotten through the door when the parents noticed Zecma flying out of the barn quickly as an angry and verbally yelling Irene chased after him. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

          End of Chapter Five


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            Chapter Six

            Montropolis Fairgrounds... 29 December... Tuesday morning...

            Garurumon with Brand in tow arrived at an overlook, where down below Brand could see circus tents and carnival rides. The large Digimon wolf said, "Do you like what you see?" Brand was smiling widely now. "Wow! Heck yeah! You really cheered me up! Zecma is awesome for arranging this for me!" Garurumon grinned. "Zecma told me about his deal with you. This is the Digimon Fairgrounds. This coming weekend, the whole school will be coming here for all the fun they can handle. Its actually a reward for being so good in school. I am glad you like our school so much so you can have this reward along with the others." Brand smiled. "Well... losing my clothes did upset me on the first day... but... I am not going to give up on it. Thank you so much for showing me this." He HUGGED Garurumon's neck tightly.

            Garurumon chuckled. "Can I take you to school now?" Brand replied, "Yeah. Let's get to school. Um, do you think it would be wrong of me to ask... if sleeping with you some night would be warm and cozy?" Garurumon grinned slyly though not where the grin could be seen by Brand. "I don't know about you but I would like that a lot." And he turned and began loping off toward Montropolis High School. Then without warning, Brand heard his partner mentally, So you like male rumpuses, do you? No wonder you had an erection this morning. Brand and Raluta sitting in a tree... The boy thought back in return, Stop that! I don't think of stuff like that! Blackjack mentally grinned. That isn't what your groin is saying.

            Montropolis High School... 29 December... Tuesday afternoon...

            Most of the day went by without a hitch unlike the first day. A lot of the students were a lot more sympathetic about what happened to him the previous day and told him as much. When it came time for his fifth hour class, Renamon caught him by the arm and pulled him into a side hallway where she hugged the boy and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "About yesterday..." she said. "I know you were embarrassed because a few of us saw you naked and because you got hurt. But please; don't be. We see naked students all the time around Montropolis. And accidents tend to happen here in the monster mecca of Anime World. Besides... you actually care about what we think about you. And what I think is..." she softly kissed Brand again. "you are a really good friend who cares about people. If you need any help at all, just let me and Raluta know; we are on your side. Now, we better get on to class." The two proceeded to class and took their positions at their desks.

            Blur, Maximum, and Myrdramon came in next, followed by Mr. Mendelssohn. Guildramon came in last looking somewhat pale but his last class was Biology 2, so there wasn't any idea what their teacher had the students dissecting. Mr. Mendelssohn then turned to face the class as he said, "Students, after role call, you will each be off for your session in Game World Mechanics for the first time. Try not to get pregnant in the Digital Worlds this first time. Not like last year..." He winked with a grin. "Brand, I was told that you got your VIP partner card back safely. I hope you have a good time today. And now, let us get role call out of the way so you can get your fun hour started."

            Mr. Mendelssohn then opened his student roster and starting calling out names. "Myrdramon Seven." The digimon replied, "Here!" And he struck his pose. "Renamon Vulpinos." She rose up and struck her pose. "Here!" And then she shot a smile at Brand. "Maximum Prower." The two-tailed fox rose up. "Here!" And he struck his pose. "Guildramon Guilmon." He replied while holding his stomach. "Here... I may have to go see the school nurse, sir." He raised one hand before plopping his head on his desk. "Blur the Hedgehog." And the Mobian hedgehog stood up. "Here!" And then he zoomed around the room before stopping near Maximum and Brand. "Brand Chase." The boy stood up and held one arm aloft as his safety bracer appeared on his arm for all to see. "Here!" The male teacher then said, "After all of you get your class started, I need to head over to the college to help them with their own arena classes. Sometimes I think they need help changing their own diapers." Blur remarked, "Uncle Sonic agrees with you, sir."

            As the students lined up at the varied Game World Mechanics transport booths, Brand mentally heard Blackjack as he said, You should spend time with your other partners currently, Brand. The Cardmon Police are chasing me again and I know you don't want to pop into the middle of this shit. I didn't even commit a crime this time. Brand mentally thought back, Just tell them that you have Dr. Zamak on speed dial and see if that makes them stop and pause long enough for you to get away. And if not her, then Devina Daemon from DAC... I don't think she has pussy whipped anyone lately. Blackjack seemed to pale in fear at the suggestions. I'll try that. See you soon.

            Brand verbally said, "My DigiCard partner gave me permission to spend this hour with one of my other partners." Blur remarked, "That was nice of him." Brand said, "I agree and I need to balance my time between my partners. I rubbed on Kizar's tummy earlier in the boy's bathroom to placate him today. I have to do something similar with him once a day."

            Renamon grinned. "As long as he doesn't get you pregnant then you are safe. Just remember that you have the last hour class with sexy Raluta. Be sure to rat out on him to me if he wants to have sex with you at any given time. He is supposed to be dating me and you would earn big points by telling me if he gets frisky with you."

            Brand replied, "Raluta told me that we was bisexual; this seems to suggest to me that you weren't the first he's had relations with. I don't know if he retains those relations or not, but he did say that he loves you although your father isn't fond of him." Renamon growled, "I told my dad to stay out my love life. He's a radio disc jockey." Brand commented, "One of my partners is also a disc jockey with DJ Wars. The damned game wouldn't let me have my original choices when I was crafting my partner. I wanted to destroy the partner creation booth; it made me so mad." Mr. Mendelssohn stated, "DJ Wars is an adult themed game; so you likely encountered the safety filter that the gaming commission installed into a lot of the partner creation booths. Some of them are quite rude when certain choices are presented. Zecma should tone down a few of them to be polite to nice boys like yourself." Brand said, "I originally wanted Heavy Metal, Orchestral, and Romance and the bastard machine made me dump Heavy Metal for Horror. Rictlyn was understanding over the whole thing and he proved to be a nice partner despite the warnings that the booth was throwing at me."

            Mr. Mendelssohn said, "I don't see anything wrong with your original choices. But what is Rictlyn's species? Remember when I said that certain combinations result in a rude warning?" Brand replied while holding back exact specifics, "I combined Gargoyle's Brooklyn with a white Golden Retriever and a white pouched Kangaroo. The game started throwing warnings at me immediately in regards to the hybrid species choices that I had made. Then when I chose the music genres, it really got nasty and rude. It highlighted Heavy Metal with a glowing outline to indicate that I couldn't have that as one of my choices. When I changed it to Horror, it permitted it, but then on the naming screen, it said that I had been warned. And then Rictlyn turned out to be so nice; proving the card creation booth wrong." Mr. Mendelssohn remarked, "I don't see anything wrong with that combination either. I guess the machine must need an overdue tune-up. Anyway, have fun in the game world, Brand."

            End of Chapter Six