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[APAW-ADU] AM-02 Digitopia City At Last

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    [APAW-ADU] AM-02 Digitopia City At Last

    At the age of 18, Adrian Majors no longer lives and breathes Digimon, but his old favorite TV Show soon comes to seek his help in the newest adventure of his pre-adult life.

    [APAW-ADU] AM-02 Digitopia City At Last.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Oddly, the powers scan on Tadji detected nothing. But during the Abilities scan, the alarm sounded. A Mega Ranked Lightning Affinity ability. "What we originally thought was a power, Tadji, is actually a mutant ability you were born with inherited from your grandfather. The ability skips a generation apparently which is why your father never got the ability himself. It is a Mega Ranked Lightning Affinity ability."

    Nedwin said, "Now that we know that it is a mutant ability, we can enact a real cure on Tadji, if he wants it."

    Steve Majors said, "Since you need Adrian for this mission, what will happen to his desire for college?"

    J.T. said, "We can authorize a scholarship for the entire team just for assisting us in the emergency for which we need them for. I recall that Adrian has enough Yen for Mascot University, but his first desire was Tokyo University. It may be a better college, but I feel he would be bored there over time. He would have a lot more fun at Mascot."

    Vance said to Tadji, "As soon as your newest cure is given to you, then we can chance giving your Partner Launcher back to you."

    Adumon was hugging Adrian again. "Partners no matter what! And I don't mind that you made friends with Kahadumon! He might be a fun partner to team up with!"

    Karen said, "You have our permission to take Adrian on this adventure, Vance. Just don't rape him or else I will show up with my version of the Pussy Whip."

    Steve said, "You really don't want that, Vance. I've seen her use it."

    Billy said, "I guess I better call my parents to let them know that the DAC Crew needs us again."

    J.T. said, "Make sure you tell them that the final contest prize is a fully paid college scholarship to the institute of your choice."

    Vance said, "I will call Yosuko's parents and let them know we are going to rescue their daughter."

    But when Vance made the call, he got a surprise. "Yoshiaki residence, Yosuko speaking." Vance blinked his eyes. "How long had you been at home, Yosuko?" Everyone turned toward where Vance was speaking on the phone. "My parents were having me go over college choices since I graduated when Adrian did and it seems I also have his problem; not enough funds." Vance then explained the final prize to Yosuko and asked her to come over to the Majors house right away to help the team with their mission. He then ended the call.

    Vance said, "The stupid fake was simply using her form while she was stuck at home going over college choices. She said she has your bad luck, Adrian. Not enough funds."

    Tadji said, "If my parents have a phone, they never let me near it."

    Adrian said, "I guess I wasn't the only one with lack of funds."

    When Yosuko and her parents arrived as a group, Vance scanned Yosuko with the device. No outstanding powers and no detectable abilities. She had the cleanest score of the team. He smiled as he snapped her Partner launcher back on her arm. "Congratulations, Yosuko. You're on the team again. Please try not to be scared of Digimon that you meet on the mission. Some are nice; others are disgusting."

    Mrs. Yoshiaki asked, "What mission?" Vance then explained that in order to gain the final prize, the team had to go on a Temperoland journey in the Digital World and learn to work together as a team. At the end, the scholarship prize would be awarded. Mr. Yoshiaki said, "A qualification test. I think that is fair. Yosuko could learn something." Vance was glad that the father was more open to the idea than the mother seemed to be. "This is NOT going to be a sex trip. No means no if your daughter insists; or the monsters can argue with Devina."

    Getting word to Tadji's parents that they could finally repair their son's problem was easier than they thought. And with the Strome and Hiryuu family in agreement, the DAC Crew opened a Digital Portal and escorted the team through it to the metropolis of Digitopia City. Kahidomon said, "Home sweet home. At least I live here now; back in the day, I lived out at Light Priest Hills with the rest of the tribe."

    Adrian asked, "I know you said there was trouble out in Temperoland and this city seems to be centered in the middle of Temperoland. How do you keep trouble out of the city?"

    Devina snapped her whip. "Marshall and I live here. That is usually enough."

    Nedwin and Karal took Tadji over to Heartstone Labs in the city to get his cure started. This time for sure!

    Everyone else was escorted over to Hero Square and Market where the Save-Point crystal was located. The team were asked to touch the crystal so they could learn this location. Once they had done this, they were shown around the center of the city. Fifty-seven explosions later, Nedwin and Karal came back with a smiling Tadji. they had him touch the crystal and then he was returned to Vance whom placed his Partner launcher Digivice back on his arm. "Welcome back, Tadji," said Vance. "We were waiting for you."

    Tadji pulled a light bulb out of is satchel and he held it up in one hand as the light came on and everyone applauded. He then put the bulb away. "I got my ability under control."

    Adrian smiled. "Excellent! That should come in handy when we're traveling!"

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Tajmon had Tadji on his quadruped back looking chipper; Yokorimon offered the same to Yosuko yet the human girl declined saying that she hasn't earned the right to ride her partner as yet. Marshall then approached the team and he said, "Once you're outside of the city gates, be ready for anything. Good luck. If you're lucky, I'll see you in a digital month."

    Vance added, "One of us DAC guys will check on you at every camp site to make sure no one has gone missing."

    Five minutes after leaving the city... Tajmon dumped Tadji on his ASS! "Okay kid! The city is good for being 'nice', but now that we're outta that dump, it's back to nature. I don't carry you out here. Now let's go." Tadji stood up rubbing his butt.

    Yosuko looked to Yokorimon. "If you treat me like that, we won't get far." Yokorimon grinned. "Tell you what; you show me your moves and I might go easy on you." Yosuko gladly showed her partner what moves she knew. Yokorimon hummed. "Not bad, Yosuko. But it will take more than moves to impress me. But it's a start."

    Ranomon took off the backpack from Raito and moved things around inside it, then PLOPPED a big boulder in the bottom of it and put the stuff back in and upon Raito's back, "Have fun. Strength training." Raito staggered, wincing, trying to balance the boulder in his backpack, "It's....heavy...."

    Tajmon grinned back at Tadji. "Did I hurt your little butt-butt?" Tadji pointed his hand at Tajmon and... ZAP! Tajmon is hit with an arc of LIGHTNING! throwing him to the ground as Tadji walked past him. "My butt is fine; how's yours?" Tajmon growled with a grin and bounded after a now running Tadji. "Get back here!"

    Billy looked over at Storomon who just looked back. Billy shrugged his shoulders. "You want me to show you mine?"

    Storomon raised a brow, "Why? I adhere to an older code. I will not judge your preparations. I will assist you in whatever manner you request. Up until the battle is joined. You will prove yourself then. If you survive then I will judge how well you did and if I will still recognize you as my equal. You have strength; but you lack control. You have power; but lack the wisdom to use it properly. You let your emotions range uncontrolled. While this is a source of strength for you; it is also a curse that you must overcome."

    Billy said, "...That doesn't help a lot." Storomon shrugged. "It's not meant to. As I said. This is your time to prepare. There WILL be battles and you WILL have to fight to survive. But I will not engage in pointless sparing with you for you will learn nothing from it. I know better than to tame a fire with heated words." Billy shook his head. "Your an odd one. But I guess I can respect that." Storomon nodded his head. "Good. Let us continue down the path. Together, for now."

    Adumon and Adrian simply walk onward down the road. Adumon is waiting until the city is definitely out of sight before he does anything to his partner. But right now... other Digimon might still see what he does to his partner.

    Raito stumbled and Ranomon gave him a hot breath to the legs to remind him not to fall as he pushed Raito down the road with his new 'burden'.

    Once the city was definitely not in sight; and it was late in the afternoon... Adumon said to Adrian, "Why do you want to be a hero?"

    Adrian replied, "In all honesty... this was sorta pushed on us." He explained the whole contest thing, five big winners, a chance to hang out with favorite stars; Kahidomon for sure! and how Adumon had brought him word of the emergency in the Digital World. If Adumon hadn't told him, he'd still be at home preparing for college. "Besides; I'd make a lousy villain. I like Kahidomon a lot. It's an earned like. And I don't mean in a naughty way. I just really liked the Light Priest aspect."

    Adumon grinned. "Yes, the Light Priest aspect was kept even in the remake. Do you still like it?"

    Adrian said, "Of course. It's neat-o."

    growl! Zap! Growl! ZAP! "Come here!" "No way, Jose!" GROWL!

    Yokorimon chuckled. "I see what he's doing, even though it doesn't look like it." Yosuko said, "What's that?"

    Billy just hoped Tadji was going to be okay... He watched him from time to time, while talking with Storomon. Storomon is an old school warrior who followed the ways of the Vulpans and Tigromon/Leomon (the originals).

    Yokorimon said, "Tajmon is training Tadji." Yosuko said, "Looks like their running and laughing to me."

    Ranomon said, "Training is different for every digimon and human."

    Yokorimon said, "But notice that Tajmon isn't letting Tadji stop." Yosuko then noticed that it was true. Tajmon kept Tadji moving at all times.

    Ranomon said, "Stamina for some... Strength for others..." He nipped at Raito's heels. "Whom keeps trying to STOP walking, move your lazy legs. Jeesh." Raito just groaned and tried to keep walking. Raito's too out of breath to even complain.

    Adrian said, "So what are you training me in, Adumon?" Adumon deeply chuckled as he and his partner continued traveling on down the road further away from the city. "We travel by day. We train at night. You'll find out soon."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      At Nightfall... Camp was pitched near a stream with fish and a field with Carromon. There were berry bushes nearby as well. Tents go up and a campfire was made. At that point, David Arden and one other Pizza Hound arrived in camp and set out some pizzas in Ever-warm boxes, containers of cola and a cooler containing mini-containers of Ardens Ice Cream.

      David said, "This stuff is for the humans; Vance's orders. They get good food the first night; after that, they will have to get used to what is available in the field and I hope they listen to dining advice provided by the oh-so-superior Digimon partners so they can stay human. Letting your partner get changed into a Digimon would mean that you have dropped the ball and want Devina to remind you with that Pussy Whip of hers that you are not ready for a mission like this."

      While Tadji lay on the ground exhausted, Tajmon caught some fish.

      Storomon stood and walked off a bit, refusing to eat anything he didn't catch himself. Which meant he's going hunting for himself.

      Storomon looked at Billy with a grin, "Will you eat the food your masters provide... Or will you hunt for your own food as well?" Billy crossed his arms. "I'll get my own, thank you." Storomon grinned, "Oh really... I hope you have a fishing line of your own... Or a bow or some way for that human body of yours to catch them." He laughed and flew off. Billy walked over to where the Pizza Hounds awaited with the real food. "Thanks for this. I think our partners expect us to forget that we are civilized and go native like them."

      Yosuko and Adrian joined Billy at the campfire to get some of the Ardens food themselves. Adrian said, "We should get used to what our partners provide for us later. As David said, this food is for the first night only." Adumon stood nearby waiting. "I can accept that, but I want to get in some training with my partner before he sleeps. We have little time and a lot of stuff to cover. He is a bit rusty from boycotting the Digimon shows and products when the enemy arranged for him not to win the contest. I don't know why they are afraid of him."

      Thirty minutes later... Raito collapsed down near the campfire as he trudged into camp, exhausted and aching. Ranomon hummed. "I suppose you earned some dinner, take a break and I' Right.. You just do that..." He started making a large pot of meaty stew, with fresh meat and veggies. Raito was unconscious.

      Tajmon said, "Is this training or revenge, Ranomon? I'm just keeping score."

      Ranomon said, "Both. Mostly training though. Of the four of them, his biggest weakness... is well just that. He's scrawny and unfit to be my partner unless he toughens up a good bit. Unfortunately, I'm going to go slowly with him cause he's at such a low starting point."

      Raito was Asian. Japanese to be precise. They tended to have slighter builds than Europeans did even if the muscle mass was the same.

      Tajmon grinned. "Tadji runs well. Speed is good both in battle and out of it."

      Ranomon nodded his muzzle. "I agree."

      Storomon returned and began to set out racks of fish to dry and meat to jerky as well as roasting over an open fire for tonight. He was a very good hunter; he learned from the masters and he learned well.

      Tadji was sitting up by the time the fish was ready although David was making sure he got some pizza and cola. "My legs hurt, Tajmon."

      Tajmon grinned. "Good. Tomorrow we train in something new."

      Adumon stripped Adrian out of his clothes, then he applied tribal body paint and following that, he took Adrian out of camp and began training him. And there was no sex involved at all.

      Yosuko watched Adrian get naked not out of lust but because she had rarely seen her friends undressed before. Yokorimon smirked. "He has a good body, doesn't he?" Yosuko blushed when her partner pointed out that fact. "Um, I was watching to see how Adumon was applying the body paint. It almost looks like camouflage." Yokorimon smiled. "Sure you were."

      After eating, Billy did head out to check out the perimeter around the camp site.

      Tadji ate his pizza dinner although his legs were in a lot of pain. "It feels like my legs are cramping, Taj. What should I do about them?"

      Tajmon grinned as he ate his fish. "Ignore the pain or hope something bad attacks us. During the heat of battle, you will forget all about the pain because you will be focused on other things. Like surviving."

      David said, "Don't forget that I am sitting here, Tajmon. One bad report from me and Devina shows up to babysit you Baby Digimon for the rest of your journey. If you are going to be Rookies, act like Rookies; the oh-so-superior attitude won't cut it around those of us whom went through near death situations."

      Outside of Camp in the darkness, Adumon had his boy trying to mimic his every move. "You're doing well, Adrian. You might earn my respect yet although it is too early to make that judgment just yet." Adrian replied quietly, "I am actually appalled that Ranomon is being so mean to Raito like that. It isn't Raito's fault for his misleading stature. He is Japanese and those type of people have a light frame work, but an opponent may see that as a weakness and underestimate the person's ability, as they end up flat on their backs on the ground from a martial arts maneuver." Adumon smiled when he heard that. "So you are saying that Raito's structure misleads his opponents into letting their guard down? That could be interesting for Ranomon later on. Try this maneuver that Kahidomon taught me." And he began to educate Adrian in the next part of the training.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Storomon (whom had been eavesdropping on Adumon) nodded his muzzle and said, "That's true. Now where is that boy? He stalked off out of camp and still isn't back. I hope a Venosaromon didn't eat him."

        Ranomon made an annoyed sound. "I'm sure he's fine. Maybe a little time off will help him learn whom knows what they're talking about around here."

        Storomon cut his eyes over at Ranomon with a dangerous glint to them, "Unlike you, I am only training my boy. I know him to be stubborn but I'm not going to want him to get killed. By my hand or by another. I'm not a human... like you seem to enjoy acting toward yours."

        David cleared his throat. "Gentlemen... I am still here. Not even a day into the mission and you are bickering as if the Evil Master has already won." He then commanded his Pizza Hound to go sniff out Billy to make sure he didn't get into something he thought he could handle alone. And the Pizza Hound chuckled before heading out.

        Yosuko was sitting quietly next to her partner and noted that Yokorimon was nearly perfectly still as if in a pose of meditation. "What kind of training is this?" Yokorimon quietly replied, "Just do as I do and drown out the noise in camp and listen to what is occurring away from camp. I will quiz you later before you get some rest. Getting a feel for your surroundings can save or doom your progress if you miss even a minute little thing. The boys are so noisy." Yosuko couldn't argue with that logic. She knew how Billy could get.

        Outside of camp, Billy saw a Ghoulmon seemingly spying on the camp itself. It was a creepy thing. Billy wasn't sure how to deal with it. Then he noticed the Pizza Hound next to his leg whom indicated for the boy to quietly follow him back to camp to report this thing being out here. Soon, Billy was back in camp and telling the others what he had seen looking into camp from just beyond the perimeter. "The Pizza Hound called it as Ghoulmon. I wasn't sure what to call it. I was actually scared for a change."

        Tajmon said, "His kind normally wander around the Digitopia City Cemetery. I didn't know we were close to the cemetery. What a poor place to make camp. We will know better next time."

        Adumon had Adrian back in camp and into his clothing again. "We had seen it earlier," remarked Adumon. "...but as long as it didn't bother us, we left it alone."

        David said, "If Devina had been here, she would have popped it in the eyeball for even daring to look at us in camp. Perhaps it wasn't spying on you as it might have seemed." Adrian asked, "What else could it have been doing?" David replied, "Tomb robbers often make their camps like you guys did just outside of the cemetery before they make their robbery attempts on treasures buried within. So Ghoulmon might have been looking to see if you guys were robbers."

        Yosuko said, "Hopefully the next camp site isn't close to where they bury the kings."

        David smirked. "You only got good food tonight, kids. For the rest of the journey, you will have to trust your partners. Now that I've taken my turn to check on you guys, you will get someone else of the DAC Crew to check on you at the next camp site. Most people forget this part, but DAC originally had nine Digi-Destined kids and I was not one of them. I am number ten of the group of friends. I am the civilized one. No hanky-panky with my being around. As for the others... you take your chances even though they say they are not like that anymore."

        Adrian asked, "You don't normally live in Digitopia City, do you, David?"

        David smiled as he replied, "I live at a place on the far Western coasts of Temperoland continent which is called Mystic Glen. Further South of my city is the learning capital of this Digital World, a city called Montropolis. They also have combat arenas there. One of Tigromon's cousins is the dean of the college there; One of Agumon's brothers runs the high school. And Garurumon is in charge of the police force in Montropolis. A few of the mainstream Digimon Season Digi-Destineds live and work there. I think Tai is on city council."

        He then added, "If push comes to shove and you need a spot to recuperate in, the Evil Master seems to only be focused on the East coast for now. The West could be your safe haven."

        Raito remarked, "The DAC Crew don't want you advertising the West, do they?"

        David shook his head. "Hardly. Luke Masaki and I already live out there along with the entire Digital World body of Houndimon, a few Unimon and Dragarulimon's people. They love to surf."

        Yosuko then asked, "Are there any Elemental Pyramids out in the West?"

        David replied, "The last one, the Pyramid of Order (Law,) was destroyed at the end of DAC Season Three. We utilize something different now. The Evil Master doesn't like it."

        Billy then inquired, "What are the limitations on Digital Teleportation? I noted that that the DAC Crew implied that nearly everyone used the highways here in the East."

        David smiled. "That is a very good question to bring up, Billy. That's thinking ahead. Unless you are using Save-Point teleportation, then you should avoid Digital Teleportation as much as humanly possible. There is a limit to how many times you can use it before you stop being human and you end up like the rest of us - Digitized. The limit is Nine times safely and on the very next usage of it, you arrive as a Digimon, the same species as the one you have been hanging out with the most. Walking, Swimming and Flying is fine, however."

        He then added, "But using the Save-Point Crystals to teleport is completely safe. They rely on Magic instead of Digital Power. You can thank Kirsto for that."

        Adrian then said, "I'm not sure if I want the DAC Crew checking on us every single night; we will need time to ourselves, occasionally."

        David said, "You guys have a good rest. I'll let the others know of your suggestion, Adrian. Come on, Pizza Hound." And the two gathered their gear and magically vanished.

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          The next morning, Adrian handed Yosuko a bar of soap and indicated where she could take her morning bath at. Adrian looked as if the non-painted parts were clean while the Adumon paint marks were still securely where the Digimon partner had placed them. "Why don't you look totally clean? Why didn't the paint come off?"

          Adrian sighed. "Adumon told me that while I am his training student, the paint stays on no matter what. It won't come off until either I graduate or change into a Digimon."

          He added, "I hope not for the second one. I want to be human. I am worried about Digimon Heat and Rut cycles. We should have asked David about it, but we forgot."

          After Yosuko headed off to get clean, Billy approached Adrian and asked, "Storomon refuses to bend down to human sexual desires, or so he says."

          Adrian then remarked, "What about Digimon sexual desires? Those are not human and if he says that they are, then he isn't a Digimon himself. And another thing..."

          He then stated, "I noticed that your partner doesn't follow the same rule that the rest of the team were forced to adhere to. Your first name's first two initials should be the same as your Digimon partner's first two initials and yours is the only one that doesn't follow that rule and he doesn't seem to be training you at all. the rest of us have had at least one training session and our partners follow the match-up rule. Unless your first name is Strome, then his being here doesn't make any sense. I am tempted to call Vance about this."

          Billy said, "During the partner choosing process, the names didn't pan out since most were female and that turned me off and then when we tried to match up likes, dislikes, mannerisms and attitudes, Storomon's name came up as a near perfect match." He was now looking at Adrian's training paint. "I thought you bathed; you still have the paint on your face." Adrian sighed and explained it again to Billy just as Tadji and Raito were approaching. So now the whole team would know why he still had the training paint marks.

          Raito remarked, "Your mom will strip his hide if she sees you all painted like this."

          Tadji said, "Oh I don't know... I think it makes Adrian rather hot to look at." He blushed. "Sorry, I didn't mean to say that out loud."

          Adrian lowered his voice and said, "There is an experiment I would like to try but I would rather that our partners didn't watch me when I did this. And Storomon seems to love to eavesdrop like a spy on everyone. For some reason, he is the one I don't trust. I have no other reason not to trust him aside from the fact he isn't giving Billy any training at all and his name doesn't follow the partner naming rule the rest of us all obey."

          Billy said, "I really hope you are wrong, Adrian, but every time I see the rest of you getting trained, and I ask what he is going to have me do, he says that the best training occurs in battle and anything else I did in practice didn't matter. His words confused me, but that's his stance on why he isn't training me. I think it is rather lame, since I want to train like the rest of you are getting to do. And then when I leave the party to do something on my own, he suddenly shows concern for my being away for too long, like he did last night."

          Adrian said, "I plan on aiming my Digivice beam into my game launcher and see what it does for my game partner. I think I would like to have some backup in case one of the Digimon turns out to another evil spy sent to make us fail."

          Tadji said, "The one place the Digimon never follow us to... is when we say we need to go release some manure at the toilet area. They either don't like the smell or associate it with creating Sukamon A.K.A. poop monsters."

          Adrian raised his voice, "Never fails! Right after I take a bath, I have to use the toilet! Be back soon, guys!"

          All three boys said, "We're coming with you in case someone attacks the toilet! Which they shouldn't!"

          Storomon and Ranomon watched the boys head off toward the designated toilet area. Ranomon said, "Humans and their bladders. They get a little wet and everything wants to come out."

          Storomon said, "Pizzas and ice cream can do that to you. We could have given then a solid meal had David not brought the junk food."

          Ranomon grinned. "Colas and Ice Cream can cause a fusion reaction for sure."

          Within the toilet area, the boys were watching Adrian hold his game launcher's window directly over the top of the Digivice window and since Adumon was off somewhere, he might not notice this was occurring. "Digimon Beyond," Adrian said quietly. The boys saw the Digivice begin to go wild as a beam of blue light shot up out of it and directly into the game launcher window, although Tadji saw more than that as the energy beam made Adrian's entire body glow as well. Digital bands of energy began circling the Adrian where he stood as the words Adrian and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming human as Kahadumon appeared back to back with him just behind his position. Kahadumon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The wolf-lion-dragon was then spun around as he merged with the human boy as a voice announced, "Kahadumon Revealed!" Then a digital map of Temperoland appeared in front of the boys as the Eclipse Cliffs slowly materialized into existence at a location somewhere between the East and the West. "Digital World Updated!" And at the end of the sequence, Adrian vanished out of the toilet area which caused all of the boys to freak out and return to camp fast!

          Storomon was in the process of packing up the camp with Adumon when they saw the boys running in fast without Adrian. "What happened out there?" Billy quickly said, "Adrian was trying an experiment that he didn't want Adumon and the rest of you to watch and something went wrong! He got teleported away from us when he tried to bring Kahadumon into the Digital World using his Digivice and his Game launchers in tandem!"

          Ranomon calmly said, "Explain what it looked like happened."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Tadji said, "While wearing both devices, one on each arm, he held one window side down over the top of the other window side up and he said the activation phrase. When the activation beam went off, it seemingly entered the game launcher window at first but then it looked as if Adrian's entire body was caught in the transformation glow."

            Adumon said, "Oh no! Then what happened?"

            Raito continued, "We saw the game partner back to back with Adrian as Adrian's name and the word Beyond circling them both. The game partner shouted, Digital Evolution, and then he spun around to the front of Adrian and seemingly merged into him, vanishing from sight. Adrian still looked human at that point. A voice announced, Kahadumon Revealed, and then a digital map of Temperoland appeared in front of us as the Eclipse Cliffs slowly materialized into existence at a location somewhere between the East and the West and a voice said, "Digital World Updated!" And at the end of the sequence, Adrian vanished out of the toilet area. And we came running back here fast. He said it was an experiment, but now that he's gone, I'm not sure what we can do. I don't think he meant for that to happen."

            Yokorimon said, "If I knew where to go, I could fly the whole team to Adrian's new location in my Ultimate form except Yosuko hasn't unlocked my Ultimate form yet."

            Yosuko whom was positioning the rest of her clothes said, "Adrian should have just let us supervise what he had planned. We could have stopped it from happening."

            She then added, "Are we sure he is even still in the Digital World? What if he ended up in the Trophy Fight version of the Digital World?"

            Adumon said, "If he ended up there, then he's in trouble for sure. I still remember his partner's enhanced stats and powers. Kahadumon knew how to use them, but Adrian doesn't."

            Storomon said, "Looks like we are going have to report this to DAC. I didn't want to since they might just take the mission away from us. If we could just find Adrian ourselves without telling the babysitters club about the accidental experiment, then no one would be the wiser. Yokorimon? How many people can you carry while flying?"

            Yokorimon said, "Rookie form, one; Champion form, two."

            Storomon turned to Tajmon. "As much you might hate this, how many people can you carry in your forms? Don't complain, just tell us."

            Tajmon said, "Rookie form, two as long as they didn't weigh a lot; Champion form, four armored warriors. What is your idea?"

            Storomon said, "Everyone shift to Champion form and then Yokorimon will carry Yosuko and Tadji while you carry the rest of us. We will simply try to go to the newly formed location of the Eclipse Cliffs in the Digital World and hope that Adrian is there. If he is in the game world, then we have to swallow our pride and tell the DAC Crew that we dropped the ball."

            Ranomon grinned. "And then we can make camp in the new zone that the Evil Master doesn't even know about."

            Storomon grinned. "Right!"

            Adumon said, "Without Adrian, I am stuck in my Rookie form. So the rest of you get to play the big guy game. Hopefully no one else makes Adrian's mistake later on."

            Yosuko said, "Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the girl's wrist went wild as a beam of pale green light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Yokorimon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where she stood as the words Yokorimon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Yokorimon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The swan-unicorn was then replaced by her anthropomorphic Champion form of Korangemon as a voice announced, "Korangemon Champion!" The new creature looked like a humanoid feather winged unicorn mare wearing an angelic shimmering ice cloak.

            Billy exclaimed, "Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the boy's wrist went wild as a beam of off-white light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Storomon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where he stood as the words Storomon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Storomon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The avian-fox was then replaced by his Champion form of Torigamon as a voice announced, "Torigamon Champion!" The new creature looked like a humanoid falcon-fox.

            Raito exclaimed, "Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the boy's wrist went wild as a beam of crimson light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Ranomon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where he stood as the words Ranomon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Ranomon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The feline-dragon was then replaced by his Champion form of Raidramon as a voice announced, "Raidramon Champion!" The new creature looked like a humanoid dragon-lion.

            Tadji exclaimed, "Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the boy's wrist went wild as a beam of gold light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Tajmon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where he stood as the words Tajmon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Tajmon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The tiger-rabbit was then replaced by his Champion form of Torusagimon as a voice announced, "Torusagimon Champion!" The new creature looked like a quadruped rabbit-tiger.

            Korangemon picked up Yosuko and Tadji in her arms and took to the sky while everyone else, including Adumon whom thought Adrian's stunt was his own fault, got on board Torusagimon's back. Billy said, "From what I can remember about the digital map that we saw, the new land is between the Maestro Plains and the Windswept Peaks."

            Adumon perked up. "The Windswept Peaks took the place of the Hills of Light after the last Continental Rifting."

            Raito remarked, "So the Eclipse Cliffs are the new version of the Mystic Light Lands where Kahidomon originally came from. Can that be a coincidence?"

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              With Torusagimon following Korangemon's flight path, albeit on the ground, they soon bypassed the Maestro Plains and came upon their first view of the Eclipse Cliffs. It was like looking at a Black Light poster in 3-D. The team came to a stop as Korangemon landed next to Torusagimon. "Adrian created this for the game? I'm impressed."

              Adumon got off of the rabbit-tiger as he said, "We are about to be met, guys. Best behavior if we are to get Adrian back."

              A collection of Lion-robed Wolf mages approached the spot where the heroes had stopped. They didn't look as fantastic as Adrian's partner had looked in the game card. Their leader said, "We are unfamiliar with your lands, strangers. For why have you come to the Eclipse Cliffs? Um, am I being understood by these people? Languages are so confusing in different worlds." He held out one furred hand in a show of friendship.

              Adumon shook hands with the mage as he explained whom they were and whom they were looking for. "My partner may have accidentally teleported himself to one of your champion's homes by accident and we made this journey to retrieve him so we could resume our mission to defeat a great evil in the East. Let me describe the nice boy to you. He is human. When we last saw him, he had spiky red hair, green eyes and freckled skin. He was wearing a pair of aviation goggles on his head, a red and white polo shirt, blue jeans and sneakers on his feet."

              He then added, "I had just applied student training paint to his skin the previous night marking him as my student so no one else got any funny ideas."

              The wolf mage lowered his staff and commanded the crystal to show them the location of the nice boy. Everyone saw Adrian cowering against the wall of a cave while Trophy Champion Kahadumon was demanding to know how the human got into his personal lair. The game partner looked angry that his sanctum had been invaded. Adrian looked as if he was trying to profusely apologize for teleporting in without an invitation. And he was begging Kahadumon not to kill him. Then it looked as if the game partner was taken aback and by reading lips, he asked how the human knew whom he was. That is when Adrian used the holographic profile display on his game launcher to reveal the game partner to himself so he could see the proof. And then the Game partner in real time thought about it before asking, Master Adrian Majors? And when the boy nodded his head and barely said yes, the Digimon partner hugged him!

              The wolf mage leader smiled. "It seems that your student met his old friend from a few months ago. Kahadumon has never seen the unseen Tournament Master until today. Come, power down and we will invite your team into the Eclipse Cliffs." When all of the Digimon partners powered down, they were escorted into the newly created Eclipse Cliffs and were given a VIP cavern for visiting lords since they mentioned being on a heroic mission. And then the mages said they would see about fetching their teammate and they departed.

              Yosuko then said, "On the way up to these quarters, I saw a good fishing area as well as a herd of Carromon and many berry bushes. And this cavern has a nice fire pit, a back chamber for toilet needs with a door on it and ample sleeping spots. I'd say this is a fine upgrade to where we slept last night. Or do you consider this too modern, Tajmon?"

              Tajmon sniffed around the chamber before sprawling out on a sleeping rug. "No, this will do for now. It is too early to do any decent hunting and fishing; and I am tired from the running I did to get here. At least we know that Adrian ended up here and not in the game world. I hope there are good training spots close by." And he drifted off to sleep.

              Storomon said, "I am sure there have to be. But I am also sure the Wolf Mages know how to punish someone whom breaks their laws."

              Adumon said, "We are the first honest heroes they have ever met outside of their tribe so the more we stay on their good side, the better the alliance."

              Billy was then seen come in from outside. "Guys, they left a guard just outside our Cavern entrance. I mentioned to him that our Digimon partners liked to do their own hunting and fishing for food at night and I asked the guard if we had that permission while we were in the area. He told me that as long as we don't attack the tribe, we are guests and can share the resources they provide. I then asked him why we merited a guard if they trusted us. And he told me that he was there to protect us from enemies."

              Ranomon said, "That was good thinking, Billy. Now we know what we will be permitted to do while we are here."

              Billy then asked, "Can the DAC Crew find us here?"

              Adumon smiled. "Let me reveal to you guys how they can usually find our camp each night. They have a device back at their base that when activated will show them where our Digivices stopped at on the Digital Map. I am sure they will be surprised when they initially cannot locate where we went to in six short hours of traveling. It took us that long to go from the City to the first camp site near the City Cemetery. They will expect us to still be in Central Temperoland."

              Raito smirked, "Then getting teleported and our following Adrian was likely the best case scenario for us to get in some necessary training and plan making before going after the Evil Master in the East." Ranomon said, "Show me what martial arts abilities you have and I will go easier on you during the rest of your training." Raito was glad that Adrian had spoken up for him to Adumon about his genetic stature and after explaining that he was a Green Belt maximum, he demonstrated his abilities to Ranomon.

              Soon, the wolf mage leader brought in Adrian along with Kahadumon and he left the two there with the others as he went to speak to the guard outside.

              Adrian looked apologetic to the team. "This wasn't supposed to happen this way, Adumon. I guess I blew it. My bad luck returns." Adumon hugged Adrian and said, "I'm not upset, Adrian. We made new allies during our mission and we have permission to stay here for a bit. I thought something I did made you pull this stunt. I'm sorry for being a poor partner." Adrian held Adumon and looked him in the eye. "It was my mistake, Adumon. My intention was to have my Game partner in this world as an emergency backup partner in case something went wrong in our mission. And I accidentally brought his entire homeland into the real Digital World and I don't know how to undo it. I am a poor leader."

              Kahadumon stepped forward and hugged both of them. "I can see how you two click. You were made for each other. No more sadness; there is training to be done. There are areas in the Eclipse Cliffs that simulate a night environment. You may use those areas to train in."

              End of Chapter Seven