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[APAW-ADU] AM-01 Digimon Beyond

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    [APAW-ADU] AM-01 Digimon Beyond

    Wind Element
    Adrian Majors & Adumon

    Adrian Majors, DigiDestined; He is a 18 year old human boy with spiky red hair, green eyes, and freckled skin. He wears a pair of aviation goggles on his head, a red and white polo shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Back when he was 12, he had entered a Digimon cereal contest and although he didn't win, He attracted the attention of former Digi-destined heroes.

    His partner is a rookie digimon named Adumon. Adu is a wolf/dragon/pony hybrid whose special ability is to read minds. In battle, his breath attack can launch a miniature blue fireball for minor damage. Perhaps someday when he earns his champion form, his abilities will be far more impressive. He trains at night and travels by day, resting when possible.

    At the age of 18, Adrian Majors no longer lives and breathes Digimon, but his old favorite TV Show soon comes to seek his help in the newest adventure of his pre-adult life.

    [APAW-ADU] AM-01 Digimon Beyond.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Shinjuku, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.
    Age 10

    The Majors family were being shown the last piece of real estate on the Realtor tour. It was a modest one story home with a nice lawn surrounded by a wooden security fence. It was in a nice neighborhood close to Shinjuku central; within walking distance of the Heartstone Cyber Cafe, Finn's Gaming Emporium and the local school. While the parents got a tour of the inside of the house, their only son, Adrian, wandered around the yard looking over the layout and just looking to see if the former owners had left anything of importance by accident.

    On the backside of the tree which had a ladder going up to a tree house in the backyard, Adrian found a carving on the tree where the bark had purposely been removed to make the imprint more permanent. "Vance Slystalker and Kahidomon forever. Partners no matter what." There was a human hand print carved into one side of the marking and on the other side, there was a facsimile of Kahidomon's paw-claw print carved into the tree. It seemed that there was an amber stone inside each print as if purposely placed there.

    Adrian placed his hands over each print and said, "Digimon Beyond! Partners no matter what!" There came a brief shock that caused Adrian to get gently slammed into the fence behind him. "What the heck was that? I like this place. I am going to convince mom and dad to buy it so I can explore more of this tree house and this new mystery. The old Slystalker home. I'll bet mom and dad have no idea about this place." And he headed off for the house to catch up with the adults.

    His father, Steve Majors, was looking at the man's side office when Adrian came in and found his father. "Dad? Oh there you are. This is the place. Don't let mom say no toward buying this property! I found a tree house on the property where the former owners left some cool things behind." Then he saw what had his father's attention. "Cool. Arturo's programming den."

    Steve said, "Arturo's den? You mean Arturo Slystalker from DAC Season One Episode Two? The only clean episodes of DAC? This is that home? Then you are right. We have to have this home. But we cannot seem too eager or else the real estate agent might raise the price. Your mom is with him in the kitchen."

    Karen Majors was indeed in the kitchen with the Shinjuku Realtor agent. "This home blows our old apartment away by leaps and bounds; it is in a secured nice neighborhood. Nice kitchen."

    Steve came in and hugged his wife. "Adrian can't wait to rake leaves in the backyard, Karen. And I like that side office. I am glad the place is pre-furnished."

    He then added, "But I cannot understand the extremely low price. This is like a dream home but the price is lower than those other places that had that ugh feel to them."

    The Realtor then volunteered some extra information. "This home is a rebuild of the original Stalker Home from DAC's first five clean episodes. Arturo Sly Stalker worked for Macrosoft as one of their main programmers. Ren Raiko Yori was married to him and was the town's sole martial arts instructor. Their one son was their pride and joy, Doro Fokushi Stalker, later Americanized as Vance and twin brother Marshall. After Ren moved out and put the place up for sale, a Macrosoft tank mowed the original home down looking for stolen goods."

    He then added at the end, "The City of Shinjuku pressed charges against Macrosoft and forced the software giant out of town. Everyone dumped the MS-OS at that point."

    Steve said, "Unity-OS, isn't it? The one all the locals swear by now. My superiors in the military talk about it at times."

    The Realtor said, "That and the newer DONK.OS system that is faster than all of them. I would say that if you're going to have a computer, use the newest one. Their Security Edition is by far the best one they offer and its free. As for this replica home, had the original home been sitting here, the price would have been out of this world since everyone wanted to see Vance's home from the series. The only thing the tank didn't destroy was the tree and tree house in the backyard."

    Steve said, "Vance's clubhouse before his crazy adventure started."

    The Realtor nodded his head. "Yes, the very same. So you are interested in this house?"

    Steve said, "As long as you don't jack the price up on us like Macrosoft would have done, then yes, we would like to buy this home. We are living out of our car at the moment due to what happened at the old apartment complex back in Sapporo. Our son reported drug use in a neighboring apartment and when the landlord learned of whom made the report, we got evicted for strange reasons. All the locals were calling Adrian a Narc after the incident. We had to leave the city at that point. Even the school wanted Adrian gone."

    The Realtor said, "That won't happen here. Also, the former Ick Street was sanitized finally and executive homes were erected along Planeswalker Parkway. I didn't show you any of those homes because the prices are way outside of your purchasing range. They are nice if you have loads of cash. It is more of a gated community these days. Your son is sure to make a lot of friends locally when he attends school here."

    After that, the paperwork was processed and the payment was made in Yen. The deed was signed by Steve Austin Majors and Karen Alice Terry-Majors. Even though Steve joked about his sleeping in Vance's room, the boy's bedroom was given to Adrian whom was happy that his window faced the tree house across the backyard. As night fell, and the moon rose over the back fence, Adrian soon became aware of a moon shadow being projected on his bedroom wall. It had the vague shape of Kahidomon from the DAC series. Then he turned to look at the window.

    Standing just outside the window were two Digimon. One was Kahidomon; the other was not known to him. Adrian yelled out loud when he got surprised by that! "AUGH!"

    His parents were in his room immediately. "What happened, Adrian?"

    Adrian was trembling. "I saw two Digimon standing outside my window. Could you guys please put blinds up on my window so I don't see that again?"

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Shinjuku, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.
    Age 12

    This was a commercial that had been airing on TV throughout the Spring, but usually after 9 PM... "From the makers of the Digimon Temperoland Trilogy comes the event you all have been waiting for. Four lucky young people will win the vacation of a lifetime. A family vacation to the island resort, Digitopia Caribbean. The winning families will be flown first class to Miami Florida where they will then board the Paradise Cruise Liner and enjoy a three day ocean tour before arriving at our luxurious resort. While there, the winning young people will get to meet and pal around with the actors and crew of the upcoming Digimon season, not yet named. But wait! That's not all, mom and dad! Your special young person will be given a chance to name the newest season for TV _AND_ have their name listed in the credits as the show title's creator.

    How do you enter, you ask? Have your youngster send in 100 UPC labels from the Digimon cereals, along with their name, mailing address, and phone number. 100 winners will be selected at random to receive $100 gift certificates at their favorite toy stores. 50 winners will receive a year's supply of Digimon cereal. 12 winners will receive the complete collection of the DAC Trilogy's action figures, non-anatomically correct of course. And the lucky 4 top winners... will come to our island paradise. So enter as often as you can, kids."

    "Who knows? You could be the creator of the newest season's Digimon title."

    Adrian oohed and bounced in place. "I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win." etc. Adrian said, "New World Digimon? No no no... that sounds too dreamy for Digimon. Besides... the NWM guys are HAWT! How about... My Little Digimon? No, that sounds too chibi... Although the boy ponies are super sexy on Devi-TV." wicked grin and triple giggle."

    One week later... The big TV announcement came during the 6 o'clock news.

    "The winners of the Digimon vacation contest were announced earlier today and we have the list for you... AFTER these messages."

    "Locally today, blah blah blah..." etc.

    Adrian arghed! "COME ON! YOU'RE KILLING US! GET ON WITH IT!"

    "In sports... blah blah blah... 14-26; in football... blah blah blah... Today's high was blah blah blah, and the low was blah blah blah..."

    and so... after the final commercial... "Many of us were surprised after a five year absence of the Digimon show when the following commercial suddenly started appearing on everyone's televisions and on rural radio channels." And the now familiar commercial plays. "Earlier today, the final announcement was made from the DAC crew and we have the lists. According to the judges, after selecting the random winners, the selected names went back into the drum for fairness. We will scroll the 100 random winners down the right side of your screen."

    "If you see your name, you will be contacted soon to receive your $100 toy spree gift certificate." The names began scrolling down the screen, much in the same manner as school closings.

    "Along the bottom of your screen, you will see the 50 random winners of the year's supply of Digimon cereal." And it began scrolling.

    "The twelve winners of the complete set of Digimon Trilogy action figures are:" they named off the names.

    Once all the names had scrolled by. "Before we announce the winning four, we will take a necessary commercial break and then the winning four can have heart attacks."

    And they switched to a commercial... Fortunately, it's only one commercial. One for life insurance.

    "You know... these deliberate delays were our producer's idea. And so if any of you kids want to punish him, he lives at" they TOLD THE ADDRESS OF THE PRODUCER!

    "And now for the final four winners... I hope there are some responsible adults nearby with tanks of oxygen when we read these names. I'm glad my kids are all grown up and gone already or I'd never hear the end of this." "I know what you mean, Fred." "You two are just unlucky, I say. I'm still a bachelorette. Anyway, enough chit-chat, boys. Now for the winning names..." Adrian shouted, "READ THEM!" They said, "In no particular order... Billy Strome; Tadji Rogelio; Raito Hiryuu; and Yosuko Yoshiaki. Congratulations you four. And have a wonderful summer vacation. We will repeat the winning names at the beginning of the 10 o'clock news. And now, stay tuned for Wheel of Fortune. Good night, all." Adrian was super disappointed. Not even a mention of his name out of hundreds of entries.

    Karen picked him up and carried him in to his bed. "I am sorry, Adrian. I tried to tell you what the chances of being chosen for a silly contest like this was."

    Adrian said, "Billy is that really strong kid in school. Tadji is the one restricted to thick mittens. Raito is the almost frail boy and Yosuko is the girl whom is like a teachers pet."

    His mom hugged him. "We'll find you something special to do with your Summer so you can be a winner without this rigged contest."

    Adrian said, "Mom? I am probably about to make you and dad very happy. I don't want you to buy me any more Digimon cereal. It was like you said; they knew whom was going to win already."

    Karen kissed her son on the forehead. "I am glad you came to your senses. Those cereal boxes had high price tags. For those one hundred labels, we paid out nearly fifty thousand Yen."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Shinjuku, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.
      Age 13

      It was the start of the final year of Primary school before he would be going to secondary school and the four prize winners and their families were long overdue for returning from the prize winning summer vacation to the Digimon Caribbean vacation. Adrian was wondering if bad weather had happened to the resort island. He didn't dislike the winning children but since they were chosen for some sort of bonus and they weren't back yet made him wonder what had gone wrong. "And to think that it could have been me overdue like a library book."

      His newest favorite breakfast food was Kahidomon brand Oatmeal it was far cheaper than the boxed cereal and it was nutritious as well. His mom was saving money by buying this.

      As he was reporting to his class room, the Principal's voice was heard over the school's PA system. "Students, we just received word that the winning families got caught in a surprise hurricane which nearly wrecked the cruise ship. The families are being air-lifted back to Shinjuku as we speak. Word is that they never made it to the vacation island. We don't have an official report from the Digimon Caribbean resort as yet. We can only pray that they didn't lose their lives in that surprise storm."

      Adrian blinked his eyes. "I had a dream about a storm last night, but I thought it was only that. A dream."

      During recess, when Adrian was sitting on a side bench with his new Security Edition DONK.OS laptop, he noticed someone sit on the bench next to him. Pausing his game, he glanced over to see whom it was. Sitting there appeared to be Raito Hiryuu. He had a bandage on his upper arm. "Welcome back, Raito. Sorry you didn't get to claim your vacation." He turned back to his game which was a collegiate aptitude game which was supposed to help young people prepare for college.

      Raito said, "No one believes me, Adrian. The cruise ship got attacked by an ugly water Digimon whom summoned the hurricane. I got hurt when I slapped the creature's webbed claw when it tried to grab my mom. And the damned thing slapped me back. Dad caught me so I didn't fall overboard. Billy punched the thing in one of its eyes for ruining his vacation. Tadji removed one of his mittens and he touched one of the creature's metallic bracers which made the thing dive back into the ocean which caused the tidal wave which almost capsized the ship."

      Adrian asked, "What was Yosuko doing during the attack?"

      Raito giggled for a change. "She was crying like a little baby while holding her parents. After we were rescued, I told her, for someone so interested in a Digimon contest, she sure was unprepared for Digimon when she first met one. That's when the adults started telling me that we encountered a giant octopus. NOT a Digimon. We boys had a close up look at this thing. Octopuses do not wear metal bracers on their arms; not tentacles, arms. I know the difference. That's when they said I had been hallucinating until Billy punched the stupid man in the nuts. And then he said, "I guess an Octopus did that, not a boy with a fist!" Adrian smiled. "That sounds just like Billy." Raito then asked, "What did you do with your Summer? I wish you had been at the cruise with us. You are able to keep a cool head."

      Adrian said, "As you know, I turned thirteen during the last week of school. And then mom and dad permitted me to get a part time job delivering newspapers on my bicycle, much like Doro did in DAC Season one. As you know, we live in the Stalker rebuild home. So aside from chores, the paper route and sitting in the clubhouse with my new laptop I also got a weekend part time job helping Finn with his gaming shop. I asked Finn if he was related to Nedwin from DAC and he said that it was the same family but he chose to stay out of productions."

      He then added, "Finn said that the gaming market was more fun."

      Billy was then seen entering the recess grounds. "Beware you bullies! I have returned with awesome Digi-Destined Moves!"

      One bully stupidly piped up, "Yeah and we see the Jinx and the teacher's pet right behind you! Imagine, being scared of a Octopus! HA HA HA!" The bully found himself flattened in the playground dirt after getting hit by a thin lightning bolt.

      Tadji then said, "I am not a Jinx according to Karal Heartstone."

      Adrian was looking at Raito again. "I thought you guys never made it to the island. He said he got to meet Karal whom is on the island."

      Raito said, "He is still effected by fatigue. We never reached the island."

      Adrian then got up as he closed his laptop and he stepped toward Billy. "Hey Billy! What was the resort like?"

      Billy replied, "It was super awesome, the ship dropped us off at the island docks and then we got to meet Marshall and then the stunt double Digimon carried our luggage up to the hotel. The parents got into a bit of trouble while we were there and when we went to the Zoological Park, Vance Slystalker asked us a strange question. He inquired where the fourth prize winning boy was. When we told him that only three boys and a girl were chosen, he got a disgusted look on his face and he left. We never saw him again during the trip."

      Adrian then pointed at Raito and said, "He told me just a moment ago that you guys never reached the resort. How is it that you are all remembering different things?"

      Billy said, "I don't know whom that is, Adrian, but the real Raito is with his parents in the Principal's office still."

      The fake Raito then hit the ground the same way the bully had as Tadji lowered his hand and outstretched finger. "Whom are you really, you Dopple?" As the phony Raito slowly rose to his feet, he took on the appearance of the monster that had attacked the cruise ship.

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        The water monster then explained himself. "My Master sabotaged the Digimon Vacation Contest so the entire team could not come together during the resort vacation. Without the leader, you would have been killed. The DAC crew knew this so when the vacation ended, then collected the suggested season names from you guys and told you that you would be contacted when the choice was made. But without the leader, they won't choose any of the names and you Digi-Destined will never come together to challenge the Master!" And then he started to laugh as he reared back to unleash an attack on the primary school children.

        But then super fast, something hit him in the back of the head cause him to fall on his muzzle on the playground with a huge thud. The rapid humanoid wolf-dragon-pony creature then landed on the ground next to Adrian as he snapped a sky blue wind card launcher on the boy's arm. "Name's Adumon! Work with me to defeat this stupid fiend! Kahidomon and I have been watching you since you moved to Shinjuku!" He grinned briefly at Adrian whom then realized that this Rookie Digimon had been the one he had seen near Kahidomon on the first night in the rebuild house. Adrian said, "Partners no matter what?"

        Adumon then said, "What did you first say before that?"

        Adrian exclaimed, "Digimon Beyond!"

        With this command phrase spoken, the card launcher on the boy's wrist went wild as a beam of blue light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Adumon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where he stood as the words Adumon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Adumon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The wolf-dragon-pony was then replaced by his Champion form of Fadrumon as a voice announced, "Fadrumon Champion!" The new creature looked like a humanoid dragon wolf with equine muscles.

        Fadrumon had also grown in height being almost twice the size of Adrian. Adumon had been his own self-same size as the boy.

        Then the other Digimon bounded in to stand with their chosen partners, the prize winners of the contest.

        Next to Billy was Storomon, Storo is dashing (if he does say so himself) and slightly vain (which he does not) avian/fox who's primary attack is a sonic burst and secondary ability is wind manipulation.

        Next to Tadji was Tajmon, Taj is a quadruped tiger/rabbit hybrid of four feet at the shoulder who has a shiny metallic chrome like collar around his neck. His primary battle attack is a claw/claw/growl combo.

        Next to Raito whom arrived with his partner was Ranomon, Rano is a feline/dragon hybrid with fuzzy, furred wings who looks more feline than dragon, a point Ranomon never seems quite content with. His most basic attack is charging at the enemy, trying to hit them with his horns and his Ignite breath attack that some digimon have commented is more like a gentle warm wind than a firestorm. What he lacks in potency, he more than makes up for in ego, much to the antithesis of his usually shy master.

        And arriving to stand with Yosuko was Yokorimon, Yokori is a quadruped female swan-unicorn creation. She has icy white furred feathers all over her body. Her basic attack is to freeze the ground beneath the enemies feet while firing an ice beam out of her unicorn horn directly at the opponents which can encase them in a sheet of ice. Flapping her wings can cause the temperatures to drop although she can pull cold air away from her allies if they need to stay warm.

        The partner digimon then affixed the appropriate card launchers their human partner's arms. Billy received the Steam Element in off-white; Tadji received the Lightning Element in gold; Raito received the Lava Element in crimson; and Yosuko received the Ice Element in light green.

        Billy remarked, "Why is Adrian the team leader? He didn't even win the contest!" Storomon replied, "Weren't you listening to what our enemy said? They sabotaged the contest so the team leader would think he didn't win! Adrian is the team leader! Get used to it!"

        Yosuko said, "What Adrian did didn't look so hard! Let me see if I can do that! Let's do it, Yokori! Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the girl's wrist went wild as a beam of pale green light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Yokorimon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where she stood as the words Yokorimon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Yokorimon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The swan-unicorn was then replaced by her anthropomorphic Champion form of Korangemon as a voice announced, "Korangemon Champion!" The new creature looked like a humanoid feather winged unicorn mare wearing an angelic shimmering ice cloak.

        Storomon said, "You let a girl beat us to the punch!"

        Billy exclaimed, "Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the boy's wrist went wild as a beam of off-white light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Storomon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where he stood as the words Storomon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Storomon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The avian-fox was then replaced by his Champion form of Torigamon as a voice announced, "Torigamon Champion!" The new creature looked like a humanoid falcon-fox.

        Raito exclaimed, "Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the boy's wrist went wild as a beam of crimson light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Ranomon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where he stood as the words Ranomon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Ranomon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The feline-dragon was then replaced by his Champion form of Raidramon as a voice announced, "Raidramon Champion!" The new creature looked like a humanoid dragon-lion.

        Tadji exclaimed, "Digimon Beyond!" The card launcher on the boy's wrist went wild as a beam of gold light shot up out of it and when it came back down upon Tajmon, Digital bands of energy began circling the Digimon where he stood as the words Tajmon and Beyond also slowly rotated around the transforming Digimon partner. Tajmon shouted, "Digital Evolution!" The tiger-rabbit was then replaced by his Champion form of Torusagimon as a voice announced, "Torusagimon Champion!" The new creature looked like a quadruped rabbit-tiger.

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          The Water monster that looked like the cross between a squid, an octopus and an ugly otter was rising to his feet once again. "You will pay for that, Adumon!"

          Fadrumon sent a stream of scorching blue wind-fire at the monster which caused explosions all over the beast making him fall and hit the ground again.

          At the Digimon Resort Island, an emergency meeting was being conducted by Vance Slystalker when it was interrupted on the big screen by game shop Finn. "Guys! You need to see this! A Digimon fight is occurring in Shinjuku right now! The prize winners and some new kid are directing the Digimon in fighting the evil monster! Now switching over to the playground! Live!"

          As the scene on the monitor changed, they heard Adrian shout out, "Fadrumon! Use your Tornado Fire Stream to wrap up this ugly thing! Yosuko, have Korangemon freeze up his moisture laden legs so he has no mobility! Billy, have Torigamon use his famed strength to topple the Dopple! Raito, have Raidramon evaporate his moisture laden slime so he stops drawing in moisture from the air! Tadji, have Torusagimon repeatedly lightning bolt the monster's stupid ass and you can use your special talent to help him!"

          Vance said, "That's the boy Kahidomon and I have been watching. His name is Adrian Majors and he is living in the Stalker rebuild home. He just turned 13 before the school let out for the Summer."

          J.T. remarked, "With those commands he just gave out, as long as the others did as he asked, they could win this battle in a few rounds. But what do you want to bet that they ignore Adrian's advice and just do whatever they want? I hate to predict this, but we saw how they were on the island."

          Karal smirked. "They couldn't lead themselves out of a Zip-Lock baggy! We will likely have to go in and steal their thunder!"

          Back at the fight scene, Adrian was disappointed when the prediction came true, no one listened to his combat advice; as they allowed the water monster to continuously draw more power increasing moisture in from the air. Fadrumon loudly said to Adrian, "I think you are the only one here with Digital Combat Strategy, partner! I did my part and then the others piddled around and let the monster get his power back! This will never work! They are not winners; they are losers!"

          The water monster was laughing as he slammed three of the other Digimon to the ground. "Of course they are losers, Fadrumon! Now that I have seen how they won't even follow the leader's advice, my master has nothing to fear from these worthless puds and their In-Training Baby Digimon! I cannot believe we were worried over these losers! They better stay away from the Digital World or they will lose their lives for sure! Even Faroth and the Racos put up more than a fight than these useless piles of meat bags!"

          He then added, "And no one is more useless than Billy Strome and that chip on his shoulder!"

          Billy shouted, "You take that back or else I'll hit you!"

          The water monster smirked, "My head was level with the deck the last time, loser. How are you going to reach my face this time?" And without warning a fast opening Digital Portal opened in front of the monster as a beam of purified holy light shot out of it blowing the water monster out of the playground as Celestidragomon flew out of the portal along with their core combat crew! "Where there are shadows, Dark Angels are there!" Two gigantic black angel like Racolupotamon with blades drawn were battling the beast outside of Shinjuku in the fields beyond. A Flamakaemon Lord was seen baking the slime off of the water monster as the new team were performing the very advice that Adrian had shouted off earlier. Something the new team could have done and chose not to.

          While the pre-teens watched the battle outside the school zone, they never noticed when Faroth and Vance confiscated their Card Launchers right off their arms before Vance bagged them all up as he stood with Adrian. "A shame the team didn't follow your excellent advice, Adrian. My team are doing the very thing you suggested and you can see how the monster is actually shrinking. For now, and I apologize for this, please hand over your card launcher. Kahidomon and I feel you still have what it takes. Adumon jumped the gun by handing these out to you guys. And from their actions alone, you can see why we allowed them to go home without a winning announcement at the end of the vacation. How they did in this battle is exactly how they acted at the resort. And the parents were worse. When I saw you were not among the winners, Adrian, I knew we couldn't rely on this bunch."

          He then added, "Kahidomon still wants to meet you after school. Just go to the tree house and I will supervise the visit. The launcher, please; you might earn it back."

          Adrian glanced at Fadrumon as he deactivated the Champion mode to return him to his Adumon form before removing the launcher and calmly handing it over to Vance. "Our team is too immature to be relied on currently, Vance. Perhaps in a few years, they might get their second chance. As for Kahidomon, when I didn't win the contest, I told mom not to buy the expensive Digimon Cereal anymore. However, I do enjoy the Kahidomon Oatmeal product. It is good. As long as I can dream, I will be around." He then turned to look at Adumon.

          "We may meet again someday, partner. But Vance is right; you got too excited, too soon. Try not to get offed back in the Digital World, Adumon. I don't want to train with Adumon 2."

          Adumon hugged Adrian. "I agree, partner. I just wanted to work with you in a winning fight. I can't believe my teammates listened to their immature partners instead of doing as you asked. Your advice was the best and we hadn't ever worked together before and we simply clicked. The others acted like their were playing a game of Pop-O-Matic Trouble, trying to one up each other during the fight. I know Storomon is usually more coordinated than he acted in this fight; and he let Billy shout useless commands at him."

          Billy was suddenly standing right to the side of the two. "My commands were not useless!"

          Adumon said, "Right! And that's why your partner fell, isn't it? Because your commands were so tactical."

          Vance said, "That's enough. The Scout was defeated during your bickering. Yes, that was a scout; not even one of the main warriors. Come on Adumon, let's get the Digimon out of here."

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Shinjuku, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.
            Age 16

            Before leaving Shinjuku during Adrian's last year of primary school, Vance and Kahidomon gave Adrian some pointers inside the tree house in regards to strategy and leadership.

            Three years later, Earth reckoning, Adrian came home from school, did his homework and then completed the yard work before he headed up to the tree house in the back yard. He was angry that he was overlooked for the softball team. He personally thought the coach and team captain made a mistake. But as he was sitting there sulking, his track-phone rang and he answered it. "Adrian here. Make it good." Very few people had his new phone number.

            "Adrian? It's Finn. Come on over to the game shop. I have something for you."

            Adrian put his phone away. Finn was just the sort of person whom could cheer him up. Adrian would stop by the martial arts studio to let his mom know where he would be.

            Some time later at the game shop, Adrian cleared the door and he saw Finn putting up a new game display along one wall. And he also saw something better. This was a game that used card launchers. He quietly read the details of the new game that Finn had gotten into the shop. You could custom create a partner for the game and even be able to add more partners later. When Finn was finished setting up the display, he took Adrian into the back rooms and he handed him a familiar card launcher. It looked just like his original one.

            "Here's the deal, Adrian. I found out that they wouldn't let you on the softball team and I learned why. Billy told the coach that you were not softball savvy enough to help the team win. So as an alternative, I spoke to Vance and he agreed that if you learn this game and win us a trophy by your 18th birthday, you will earn your original card launcher Digivice back as your personal reward. Adumon is waiting for you to win him back. He said he was bored and the enemy was still making life hard in the Digital World. Are you game to go beyond?"

            Adrian grinned ear to ear. "Partners no matter what! Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!"

            Finn said, "The name of the game is Digimon: Trophy Fight. I made a deal with the school where anyone whom couldn't get into the sports team of choice; Softball, Volleyball or Tennis; could get one of these game launchers for free. Since Billy made sure you couldn't get into Softball, you get one of the first launchers for free and the chance to custom make a partner for the game itself. Once you make your partner, we can register it over DONK.OS's DCR_D:TF game profiler program. Then you can see how you are doing at a glance."

            Adrian put on the card launcher and then he activated the partner creation system. "Choose two species except dragon since all partners will have some dragon in them." Adrian chose Lion and Wolf as his two species choices. "Choose your partner's primary adventuring profession from the following list." He chose Mage since he figured that most people would go for fighters. "Choose your partner's secondary adventuring profession from the following list." Mage was greyed out at this point. He chose to choose Thief this time. "Choose your partner's tertiary adventuring profession from the following list." Both Mage and Thief were greyed out. He chose Priest this time. "Choose a skill or ability from the restricted class list that you feel will benefit your partner the most." Now he got to see the full list of available Fighter skills and abilities from all Levels and Ranks.

            Hovering over the choices resulted in a tool tip explanation of the ability and most had horrible disadvantages since this was the restricted class list. But as he began looking into the Mega Rank abilities, he saw fewer and fewer disadvantages. Adrian was about to say fuck this when he finally came across an ability that read as Balanced Stats. For anyone playing a Fighter as their primary profession, you couldn't get this until you unlocked your partner's Mega Rank. It was almost like God-Mode when accessed by beginners.

            While keeping track of your primary stat scores and points spent on stats, it would add the four scores together and determine the average rounded up to place on every stat.

            Adrian chose to take Balanced Stats as his restricted skill. He was then permitted to roll for his stats. His base stat for Mage was first out of four rolls. He got an 87. His Second stat for Thief was next out of three rolls. He got an 84. His tertiary stat for Priest was next out of two rolls. He got an 83. Then his Fighter stat out of one roll was last. He got a 72 for that score. He now saw the words, "Now applying Balanced Stats." Adrian now had an 82 on each of his four stats. Not a perfect score, but adequate for a beginning partner.

            "Describe your partner in ten words or less." Adrian typed out [Lion-Robed Wolven Wind Mage of Light]. "Choose the combination which best matches your description." He was then shown a display of species; Lion, Wolf and Dragon. He set the base species as Wolf and then he draped a lion robe over the humanoid wolf and finally, he set the breath weapon to Dragon Breath (Searing Wind.) He then saw a warning message that read, "Dragons breath will take the place of any and all dragon parts or base forms. You may now make changes if you desire."

            Adrian then set his wolf's coloration to a reverse albino. Black Fur with Red Eyes. The lion robes were in Brown and Gold. He then equipped the partner with a backpack as well as a Mages Staff which had a Light Blue spell crystal embedded in the top of it. Then he hit the continue button. Now he saw the most important words of them all. "Please name your custom partner; choose carefully because you cannot undo this without forfeiting all settings you set in the partner. Click the [Finalize] button once you are satisfied."

            Adrian without hesitation typed in the name [Kahadumon] and he clicked [Finalize]. The card then appeared in his launcher's card window and it had a rainbow border.

            He now saw the words, "Choose a homeland for your partner from the possible listings." He recognized most lands from the DAC series but then he noticed a few that seemed new to him. He had never heard of the DAC crew having ever gone to these lands in their show or maybe they had a chance to but changed their minds. He found one that had a mystical sound to it. [Eclipse Cliffs] and he selected that one. The background of the partner card then took on the appearance of that homeland. "Card finalized. Would you like to play the tutorial?"

            Adrian called out, "Finn! I finished my partner and its asking me if I want to do the tutorial. Is it okay for me to do this indoors or should I go outside?"

            Finn called back, "Use the back room for now. Besides, we don't have your partner registered yet. What did you name him?"

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Adrian exclaimed, "I named him Kahadumon, but the card's title placard reads as [Kahadumon of Eclipse Cliffs; Level Zero Zero One]. The registration number reads as follows: [K1H1D21M15N-15F-5CL9SP5-CL9FFS]. It is like the game replaced all of the vowels with numbers."

              Finn exclaimed, "Wow, what a hottie! You made a good partner! Have fun in the tutorial! Practice matches don't score any experience nor points; it is only provided so you can learn the game!" And then he returned to minding the front of the game shop. he knew that Adrian would learn the game fast and soon gain levels either in actual face-to-face matches or in online matches. Since Adrian had the only partner in Shinjuku at the moment, he would have to play online matches to score any points.

              At the Martial Arts studio in town, Billy, Raito, Tadji, and Yosuko was asking Mrs. Majors where Adrian was currently. Billy explained, "My conscious poked me into fessing up to the coach to give Adrian another chance at the Softball team. I told him the truth which was that I was jealous of Adrian's luck in everything he got his hands on. We cannot find him, ma'am. Do you know where he is?"

              Karen Majors said, "He went over to Finn's game shop. Make sure you tell Finn exactly what you told me. He invited Adrian over to cheer him up with something new he got in stock."

              The group of winners then headed over to Finn's game shop and went inside where Billy proceeded to tell Finn exactly what he told Mrs. Majors.

              Finn then said, "Had you caught him before I called him, then he wouldn't have gotten his free gift from me to cheer him up. I gifted him with the newest game in the shop for free. I made a deal with the school where anyone whom couldn't get into the sports team of choice; Softball, Volleyball or Tennis; could get one of these game launchers for free. Since you made sure Adrian couldn't get into Softball, he got one of the first launchers for free and the chance to custom make a partner for the game itself. He's playing the tutorial right now."

              Finn reached over and click the on switch for a remote that controlled a TV monitor on a top shelf. The kids got to see Kahadumon and Adrian in a practice tutorial match against three randomized Digimon Badniks. Thankfully, the tutorial was explaining things as the match went on. Finn said, "Despite how it looks in there, Adrian's partner is scoring neither points nor experience while in the tutorial and the tutorials can be replayed often so you don't forget how to play the game. The school told me that all of you got into the sports teams you were vying for, so in order for you to get this game, you will have to buy it. I cannot bend the rules for you. The price tag comes up to 5500 Yen." Finn saw the sunken looks on the teenagers faces when that price was mentioned. Getting the game for free would have been ideal; since Billy had set Adrian to not get into the sports team, he was eligible for the game.

              Billy said, "That costs more than the Digimon cereal my mom bought just so I could get those UPC labels and then we were gypped out of our prize!"

              Finn stated, "Adrian's getting a free game is due to whom telling the coach that Adrian would cause the team to lose? Adrian holds down two part-time jobs and I have never seen you guys doing anything for pay around town. And you are jealous because he is starting to get things on a silver platter? He and his family got kicked out of Sapporo for Adrian's choosing to be honest to the police and then even the school over there turned on him. And you want some of his luck? You disgust me."

              Raito then said, "So Adrian Majors is this honest guy whom works his ass off and gets next to nothing as a reward. I am beginning to see why you are defending him, Mr. Finn."

              Finn said, "He impressed Vance Slystalker simply by being himself. Kahidomon and Adumon have been watching this boy since he first moved into Shinjuku."

              Tadji said, "So Shinjuku has always been a Digimon hot spot and that's why they keep appearing here?"

              Finn nodded his head. "Exactly right. And now they have a boy they are interested in and Billy wants some of his bad luck."

              Billy sighed. "I get it... you don't have to keep rubbing it in. I don't know Adrian at all."

              At that moment, the tutorial video ended and Adrian came out of the back room. "Oh hi guys. I was about to head home to download DONK.OS's DCR_D:TF game profiler program on my laptop."

              Raito said, "Can we come with you, Adrian, or are you still mad at us since the age 13 fiasco?"

              Adrian said, "I didn't ask to be a leader back then. But Adumon was convinced that I was one. When my original launcher and Digimon partner was taken away from me, I didn't cry, I just moved on. When I didn't get on the softball team, I didn't make a fuss in school, I just went home, did my homework and completed my daily chores before going to my tree house to sulk. And then Finn called me to cheer me up. I have that paper route every morning before school and I work part-time here at the game shop on Saturdays. Is everything handed to me; hardly."

              He then added, "Mom told me that because of the Digimon Cereal contest, they may not have the money to send me to college later on. So again, no platinum platter for me."

              Raito said, "May I come home with you? We do live in the same neighborhood."

              Tadji said, "I'll have to take a rain check on that. I just saw the clock. My parents will be by soon to take me home."

              Yosuko said, "My mom already nags me for hanging out with you boys in school and on the weekends. I better just go home myself."

              Billy said, "I don't want to go home yet. I want to know more about this new game. Let me come along, please?"

              Adrian smiled. "I would say, sure thing, Faroth, except he never acted like you are acting. You can come along this time. My chores and homework are all done."

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                Shinjuku, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.
                Age 18 - Present day time.

                Adrian posed for the last photo as he held the Digimon: Trophy Fight gold trophy for all to see; and once that was over, he handed the trophy over to Finn. "One trophy, as we agreed upon. Be sure to send word to Vance about my accomplishment. I need to go meet with my parents to see if my college plans have fallen apart. I win some; I lose some. Oh well, if I can't get into Tokyo University, I can always apply for Mascot U., instead. They always have rooms as long as you don't mind sharing spaces with costumed zanies."

                Back at the Majors home, Adrian spoke to his parents about his college funds. "So even with my cutting back on everything that would be a selfish desire or unnecessary spending, I still cannot afford Tokyo University. I'm not complaining; I gave up school rings, school jackets, the school yearbook, and even the Senior trip to save money for going to college and I am still shy by a couple of thousand Yen. I wonder whose cock I am going to have to suck in order to raise the rest of the money?"

                His parents both exclaimed at the same time, "ADRIAN!"

                And then the doorbell rang interrupting the family moment. Adrian got up and walked toward the door. "I thought everyone congratulated me at the game shop already."

                When he opened the door, his somber expression turned into one of joy. Adumon was standing there and just behind him was Vance, Kahidomon and the rest of the DAC Crew and their partners.

                Adumon hugged Adrian. "I came for you."

                Kahidomon smiled. "Why are you on Light Priest Hill?"

                Vance held up the original Beyond Wind Digivice partner launcher. "Where are the rest of your team, Adrian? It's that time, as we spoke of years ago."

                Adrian sighed. "Come on inside. Dad? Mom? I am sure you know the DAC Crew from the resort island. Vance... we were discussing my college funds. I am about nine thousand Yen shy of going to the best college even if I do the mission you have for us. While I can afford to attend Mascot University, it isn't the best learning institute out there and students whom cannot afford Tokyo University end up going there. I don't want to beg you guys for money since I feel that would be beneath my station. You arrived just as I was mentioning fellatios."

                Karal smirked. "We were only dirty in the show and not by choice. I really don't think you could handle my tube sausage. And that's not why we are here. If we can get your team started tomorrow morning, you could be back home in time for the next school season to start. Did Billy ever straighten up his act? Has Yosuko improved on her courage? Is Tadji still practicing with his lightning powers? Did Raito ever get any more meat on his body? Even his partner thought he was scrawny."

                Adrian held up his gaming launcher and he clicked on the display profile button. "Please don't be offended, Adumon, but this is whom I won the trophy cup with as my partner."

                In holographic format above the launcher, everyone saw Kahadumon, whom was a reverse albino. Black Fur with Red Eyes. The lion robes were in Brown and Gold. He then equipped the partner with a backpack as well as a Mages Staff which had a Light Blue spell crystal embedded in the top of it. "[Kahadumon of Eclipse Cliffs; Level Zero Three Two]. He gained that elusive level during the tournament and I spent his points and chose new skills wisely. I then updated the judges on my level gain and what I spent my points on as well as what skills I chose. After that, another player tried to accuse me of cheating. He said that I had a Level Booster hacked into my launcher. And I said, quote, It takes a cheat to suspect a cheat, unquote. I then presented my launcher to a judge and then I said, quote, Put your money where your mouth is. Present your launcher for examination, unquote. He then said that he didn't have to do anything since he did nothing wrong. The Card Police Guards grabbed his arm and forced an examination on his Launcher. The very thing he had accused me of was hacked into and installed within his own Launcher. He was removed from the Tournament after that."

                Adrian then said, "He then said something strange as he was being taken away. He said, When I see you in Temperoland, I will not hesitate to kill your worthless ass, you contest loser!"

                Devina said, "You mean they are still after you? I thought after the Scout was dealt with, they would give up that idea. Especially after we took your digivices away from you guys."

                Adrian said, "I guess when they saw that my game launcher looked similar to the original Digivice, they thought you gave it back to me."

                Vance said, "There is only one problem with that idea, Adrian. The Digivice cannot utilize the Trophy Fight game. Not even with a hack. Nedwin said as much when he, Karal and J.T. created the game specifically for your usage to cheer you up after you couldn't get into the Softball team. Now for the bad news, Adrian... one of your current teammate friends is an informant to the Evil Master back in the Digital World. They are not a Digimon in disguise this time. They were gifted with something they had not earned. We don't know whom it is."

                He then added, "Storomon heard chatter over the Minion channels that the spy was doing his job and the team leader had no clue that they could see his every move."

                Steve Majors said, "Since you just said, the spy was doing HIS job, I am assuming you think it is either Billy, Raito or Tadji."

                Devina said, "I spied on Yosuko for several days straight to make sure she wasn't the one. She never does anything suspicious at home nor when she is with the boys."

                Luke Masaki said, "I watched Billy after Adrian helped him to get his life turned around and he really enjoys that part-time job he has at the market that allows him to have extra cash."

                Karen Majors said, "Raito signed up for some of my classes two years ago and he has been astute about showing up for every lesson. Even though Adrian would never be there.

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  Adrian then said, "That leaves Tadji. He lives outside of Shinjuku with his family in a no-tech zone. No phones, no computers, not even electricity. His place was an Arden Rebuild home."

                  Vance sighed. "Yeah, David's home got destroyed multiple times by not only Macrosoft but by the Army General Macrosoftmon when they thought David knew where my father was hiding."

                  Steve said, "How is your father these days, Vance? No one mentions him much anymore."

                  Vance took a breath and released it. "My father, Arturo the Free-willed Stealthmon Agent, still comes around a little at Kahidomon's home to give covert reports on enemy activity."

                  Adrian said, "If Tadji is the one, then Tajmon is going to be so disappointed and I know how that feels. I'm not sure I want to do a mission with a spy in my team."

                  Kahidomon held Adrian's hand. "That's why one of the originals is going to be traveling with your team at times. To make sure you guys get to where you are going and to listen to all frequencies to see whose voice makes a report during the journey. Nedwin and the others know how to remove digital gifts and let me tell you now, it is not a pleasant experience. Owie. There is a lot of pain involved. Not to mention, Tajmon would likely help to kick Tadji's ass if he turns out to be the one."

                  Adrian then said, "If he is the one, then why give him a lame digital power that shorts out electronics. I hardly call that useful for a spy. I watched the Spy Kids movie the other day."

                  Karal said, "Guys, I think Adrian might be right; his suggestion just now, makes sense. He only has the lightning power since we fixed his genetic problem in our labs."

                  Nedwin said, "Not to mention, we would have seen the enemy's tampering in Tadji's Digital grid and we didn't see that. It must be one of the others which we must include Yosuko since enemies have never been known to tell the truth to good guys. Just because Devina didn't see her being deceptive doesn't mean she wasn't being that way. But if she was given a power, then she has never displayed it. Devina would have detected that. Adrian, in the last two years, whom spent the most time around you? Think carefully."

                  Adrian said, "Billy in a minor way since he wanted to know more about Trophy Fight and Raito the most. He's done sleepovers with me. He never tried anything DAC-like when I slept."

                  Karen said, "If he ever does, I will show up no matter where you are camped and I will beat his ass myself."

                  Steven remarked, "I hate to suggest this, but before you take the team to Temperoland, have them submit to a empowerment detection test to see whom has powers you were not informed of."

                  Vance nodded to Nedwin whom then pulled out a device and handed it to Vance. "We already thought of that, sir. And since you are suggesting this, you won't mind if we test Adrian first to see if he has anything at all." And he pulled Adrian to one side and had him hold still as Vance activated the device as the Major's boy got his scan.

                  The device had two modes: Powers detection and Abilities detection. Upon getting the Powers scan, the device indicated no known powers at all. Then the second scan was done.

                  Upon getting the Abilities scan, the device got a little loud. Adrian had a Mega ranked Ability called Learning Enhancement.

                  Vance looked to the parents at that point. "Adrian has no powers, but he does have an ability called Learning Enhancement at Mega Rank. Anything he sets his mind to learn, he learns."

                  Karal then asked, "Adrian, have you ever read or studied a strategy and tactics guide book at any time of your life?"

                  Adrian said, "Come to think of it, I have. It was one of dad's military books that his superiors wanted him to study for an upcoming promotion they wanted to give him."

                  Steve hummed. "Well, that explains his command strategy then. I only barely got my promotion; Adrian must have aced the book."

                  Karen smiled. "I guess that also explains his good grades that we always saw in his report cards. he only got a B once when a teacher was sure Adrian had been cheating."

                  Steve then said, "Now you have to scan the others. How to find them though?"

                  At that moment, Adrian's track phone rang. "Adrian here." "This is Billy. Can I come over and talk Trophy Fight with you for a while?" Adrian replied, "Are the other contest winners with you, Billy?" "Yeah, they are looking at your trophy, although Raito looks disappointed that it is sitting there." Adrian said, "Gather all of the Winners and bring them over to my house. I got contacted by Vance and the rest of the DAC Crew, they need our help." The call ended at that point.

                  Adrian said, "That was Billy, he wants to talk Trophy Fight with me for a while."

                  He then added, "Word of warning, guys, he also told me that Raito looked disappointed that my trophy was sitting at the game shop."

                  Karen cracked her knuckles. "Interested student, my ass..."

                  Devina said, "I know what you are thinking, ma'am. But don't jump the gun just yet. It may not be him. Just because he is acting suspicious does not mean he is the spy."

                  Karen sighed. "I hope you are right. But Adrian is also right, only Billy and Raito spend the most time around him at the tree house."

                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    When the prize winners arrived at the Majors house and we allowed inside, they were lined up along one wall where they saw the serious looks on the DAC crew's faces. Vance held up the scanner and said, "One of you has been leaking information to the evil Master in the Digital World in regards to Adrian's activities. And today we will find out who."

                    He then turned to Raito. "Let's start with you. Why were you disappointed to see Adrian's trophy at the game shop?"

                    Raito said, "When I first signed up for Mrs. Majors' martial arts classes, I noticed that she had an almost empty trophy display. I asked her why it looked so empty. She said that Dojo trophies were stored in that case and personal trophies were always taken home. So when I saw Adrian's trophy at the game shop, I remembered what Mrs. Majors had said and I wondered why Adrian didn't take the trophy home with him."

                    Karen said, "I did say that when he asked about the trophy case."

                    Vance said, "Think back over your explanation as I explain this to you. Adrian couldn't afford to go to the Tournament on his own since he was saving his money for college. So Finn was sponsoring Adrian for the game shop and that means the trophy was won for the gaming shop. That is why Adrian had to leave it there. Now hold still. I have to scan you twice. The first is for an illegal empowerment which Adrian had none of and the second is to detect unusual skills which Adrian had one of."

                    Raito held still hoping he wasn't the one they suspected. The first scan, like Adrian, resulted in no powers detected. The second scan revealed a minor skill ability although not as powerful as Adrian's had been. Raito had a Champion Ranked Balance ability. This indicated that he could do tightrope walking without falling. "Which scan sounded the alarm, Vance, sir? I don't want to be the one whom cannot be trusted."

                    Vance said, "You have a Champion Ranked Balance ability, Raito. Since it is an ability you were born with, it is not counting as a power. Congratulations." He then snapped Raito's Partner launcher back on his arm. "You may join Adrian on the other side of the room. With Raito cleared, we think have it narrowed down to two people, but we have to check everyone." He then turned to Billy. "You're next since you also spent time with Adrian at the tree house."

                    Billy held still as well, but he didn't seem worried. "Just remember that I have strength that I cannot explain and an aptitude for electronic games." The first scan indicated an empowered Strength boost but it didn't have the evil digital vibe to it. It did rank at Rookie Rank. The second scan did indeed detect the Electronic Games Aptitude that Billy had mentioned. And this was at Ultimate Rank.

                    Vance said, "Your statement has proven to be true. No evil intent detected. Your Aptitude ability is at Ultimate Rank. Congratulations." He then snapped Billy's Partner launcher back on his arm. "You may join Adrian and Raito on the other side of the room." He now turned to the last two, Tadji and Yosuko. "Fess up now or be dealt with when you are found out. You're next Tadji. We supposedly repaired your problem but I notice that you are wearing your mittens again. Mind explaining why?"

                    Yosuko then said, "I asked him that earlier today and he had no answer for me. I do recall when Nedwin and Karal solved Tadji's power surge problem at the resort. They both said he wouldn't need the mittens anymore and now he is wearing them again. I am tempted to yank them off of his hands to find out why."

                    Vance looked at Tadji and waited.

                    Tadji sighed. "Karal's fix was a belt worn surge arrest dampener and one day it stopped working and I was frying everything again. So my parents agreed that I should wear the mittens."

                    Nedwin then spoke up. "Nice try, Dopple! That wasn't Karal's solution, I came up with that device! If it stopped working, then you either broke it on purpose or had it destroyed by your new master!" Tadji shouted, "That's not true!"

                    J.T. said, "Vance, perhaps you should scan Yosuko first since Tadji seems to be faltering on his honesty."

                    Vance looked to Yosuko whom suddenly looked hesitant. "What's the matter, Yosuko? You look like you just got caught with your paws in the cookie jar."

                    Without warning, Yosuko had the pussy whip wrapped around her arms and torso. "Scan her, Vance," exclaimed Devina. During the powers scan the alarm went crazy as Yosuko tried to escape to no avail. Devina was a powerhouse of a DAC Digi-Destined. And During the abilities scan, a second alarm went wild. "This isn't even a human girl!" exclaimed Vance. "It is some sort of assassin Digimon in disguise! It's a female Racolupotamon!"

                    Rao said, "Our father Ra banished a whole bunch of these evil females way back before Macrosoft attacked the Elemental Pyramids." And as he finished speaking, the Digimon's human cloak failed and her true appearance was revealed.

                    The evil female Raco said, "Sabotaging Nedwin's device was a piece of cake for someone like me. Maybe next time you should do a real cure." And then her neck was snapped by Aro whom said, "Where there are distractions, the other LoBro is there. She will be disposed of in the data stream to be recycled.

                    Vance said, "What if there was a real Yosuko, Aro? We can never find out now." Aro replied, "Then we rescue her. Didn't it seem odd that the one whom visited the island was as scared as Mrs. Strome was. Yet this fake gained unheard of courage just in time for the Scout fight several years ago. I think the attack on the cruise ship (after it left the resort) was to hide the fact that they were planting a new spy into the team. These Dopplers seem to love taking on people's appearances to fool the heroes."

                    Vance then performed the scan on Tadji since the Yosuko fake chose to reveal herself.

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Digitopia City At Last.