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[AWT-05] PE-01 To S'taur in a Party

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    [AWT-05] PE-01 To S'taur in a Party

    When Peter Ericson agrees to try out his weird uncle Leif's invention, he falls into the real world of Quadrugaia where he teams up with a party of Quadraen adventurers in exchange for their help in his getting back to his own reality. Eventually, Bert Thomas and Orion Foxtaur notice the young man's involvement within the world of Quadrutaurian Adventures.

    Quadrugaia - Quadrutaurian Adventures

    [AWT-05] PE-01 To S'taur in a Party.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01
    Enterprise, Oregon; Planet Earth

    Peter Ericson, age 16, had last seen Bert Thomas (See S'taurrior) on his 14th birthday and it had been two years since the day that the Thomas family moved to Anime World. Peter had short black hair, brown eyes and light brown skin. Bert Thomas often shortened his name to Pete but he didn't mind that. Peter's father had been a local police officer but after a gunning incident at a local restaurant, Peter was moved in with his uncle Leif Ericson, yes and all the jokes to go with the name as well. Leif was a scientist with the NASA division.

    One day, Peter came home from an outing with friends and he found a gift box sitting on his bed from his uncle, the professor. "Dear Peter, a colleague of mine sent me plans for a holographic projector which can recreate the holographic view of an screen shot from a video game in any size you wish to make it. I have assembled this device only to find that it only works with DONK.OS which my computer systems at work are not keyed to work with. I recall that your personal system runs DONK.OS. I would like for you to give the device a test run for me and then you make a report on how well it operates. Do this for me and I will see to it that you get vacation money to go visit your childhood friend. Signed, Uncle Leif."


    Personal reminder, folks: The next time I think something my weird uncle creates for me is cool, feel free to kick my ass!

    Opening the box, he found what appeared to be a device that could be attached to a laptop screen monitor. He then hooked it up to his laptop and then he plugged in the USB cable before turning on the DONK.OS laptop computer. After loading, the donkey head popped up and said, "We have detected a questionable new device attached to your laptop. Do you want us to monitor this device or would you like to monitor it yourself?" The two choices were Activate Monitoring (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) and Self Monitor (Not Recommended.) Peter had the laptop hooked up to the house electricity since he knew the battery power was low. Wanting to play it safe, he clicked on Activate Monitoring. The next message that appeared was, "New Device seems to be some sort of Video Capture device. We cannot find an appropriate driver for this device. We recommend that you disable the device immediately." Now Peter was getting pissed off at DONK.OS for telling him what to do. He then went in and he deactivated Activity Monitoring for the new device. The third message read as, "We have detected that you have deactivated Activity Monitoring. Would you like to make a safe back-up of your laptop's important files before you continue? Not doing this may result in your laptop becoming unresponsive." Peter's verbal response whether the donkey could hear him or not was, "YOU ARE STARTING TO ACT LIKE MACROSOFT! STOP PESTERING ME WITH THESE FUCKING QUESTIONS!"

    A small message appeared which read, "Safety backup complete. Please accept our apologies for bothering your legal activity."

    Peter panted raggedly for a bit before he activated a game that he had downloaded just before his friends had invited him to join them for a pizza outing. It was Liger Nighthawk Productions new Taur MMO game which was called, Quadrutaurian Adventures. It was a medieval world adventure where the player created four Quadraen adventurers to go on quests within the Quadraen adventure land. He had been waiting for this game to be released mainly because he thought SciFi games were overrated. The rules said that two of the Taurs had to be female, but it was the player's choice which ones got to be this gender. Within NGE_QA, the player controlled four taurs instead of only one. Instead of character slots, a player was designated party slots. Each party slot gave you a glimpse of all four characters in carousel format. A fighter might have his sword and shield at the ready. A thief might be crouched down in a pick the locks pose. A priest might have his or her holy symbol raised. And the wizard might have a paw hand raised with crackling energy around it. This game would see the return of player controlled guilds. There would be four continental starting kingdoms the players could start within. When choosing a starting kingdom, there would be a hover tool-tip box to let players what kind of adventurer traffic was within the starting kingdom in question. This would allow players the opportunity to avoid high traffic kingdoms. All four starting kingdoms had the same level of difficulty. Quests were available at certain levels and stayed available until completed. This game saw the insertion of a tax and tithe feature. Parties were required to donate ten percent of their questing intake to either the church or their king. The choice was up to the players. Players failing to do this ended up on the bounty list. Making the payment donation automatically removed that player from the bounty list. One advantage of being in a guild was that as long as a player was in a guild, only the guild had to pay the tax or tithe once per month. Otherwise, players were paying per quest. Guild creation was available at Level 20. And only the female in your party could register a guild. After registration, any male could run it. If your guild ever removed all of its females, the guild was dissolved instantly and the former guild owner ended up on the bounty list for being a Cad. To remove the Cad title, the player had to selfless help a hundred females throughout the game without any reward at all. Yes, for FREE!

    Each class in the game now had a Sub-Study to direct each character within. Fighter Sub-studies included, Knights, Paladins, Barbarians and Champions. For the Thief, their sub-studies included, Robbers, Assassins, Acquirers and Rangers. For the Priests, their sub-studies included, Healers, Bishops, Druids and Archons. The Wizards sub-studies included, Mages, Illusionists, Psionics and Cardinals. The most powerful sub-study was always listed last. The more powerful the sub-study, the more experience was required to level that character.

    Tournaments took the place of PVP events. And Tournaments always occurred at an Admin-controlled palace with great prizes available to all participants.

    Players were required to create a believable background for each of their party's characters. Backgrounds stating that the universe farted and the character woke up would not be accepted. Players had to explain whom the parents and home village had been before the character chose to go bond with other adventurers to form their initial party. Home villages could be placed anywhere throughout the starting kingdom and players could return to those home villages at any time to get bonus quests.

    "Are you tired of only getting to control one character in your favorite games? Have your favorite games eliminated player controlled guilds and made you angry because of the action? Do you feel like running out and slaying the monsters whom made these changes possible? Then we have a game to quench your blood thirst and bring back the classic days of adventure to your weary minds. Welcome to Quadrutaurian Adventures. You now receive party slots instead of character slots and each of your parties may include four characters all under your control. When you reach 20th level, you may opt to craft a guild to show your fellow players just how important you are." A vast sky traveling rush with the continents passing by beneath is then seen by the players as the title screen then appeared in full view in shining gold print with a black and shadowed background. Along the sides of the screen several monsters and dragons then say with evil looks on their faces, "Do you have the courage to challenge us, players? We do not think so! Join us, if you dare!" And then they all laugh as they pull back to allow the title screen to shine beautifully before the players just before the whole view is engulfed in flames and the normal login screen appeared. As Peter saw this opening, he had to clean himself in the bathroom. He then returned wearing his black pajamas as he sat down at the laptop once again. "Damn you, Bert! How many players did you cause to shit themselves with this surprising opening? But you do make great games! Now to make my characters!"
    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02
    Peter made the female Cardinal as a Tribal Ocelotaur named Aidra; he made the male Archon as a White Anubian Jackaltaur named Karlyle; He made the female Ranger as a Pink Donkeytaur named Jenny; and then he made his main sex-stud of a character, the male Arctic Black Wolftaur was a Champion whose name would be Peter; yes, he named the main character after himself. Writing the back stories were a little challenging but he somehow managed it. Peter's back story was a lot like his own; he had lost his parents in a forest fire, he was raised by his inventive uncle, before he chose to get Champion training. He played through the tutorials of the other three first and then as he had the Champion Wolftaur displayed for his character Peter. He got out of his chair as he turned on the holographic video projection device for his uncle's device. Standing in the center of his bedroom in full size and view was his Champion Wolftaur character. Removing his pajamas, so he was as naked as his character, he stepped into the holographic view and during one moment, he stepped into a position that aligned up his human body with Peter Wolftaur's front half. "My character makes me feel so horny. What a godly sex-stud I've made him into. Well, enough fantasy for now, time to get back to my gaming chair and proceed with Peter's tutorial so that I-"

    And before he could finish that statement, a thunderous boom occurred which plunged the entire house into pitch blackness as Peter felt as if he was falling down through the floor. He knew that the basement was only fifty feet below his bedroom but it felt like he had fallen a lot further than that and then there was the landing at the bottom which knocked him out temporarily. When Peter woke up, he found his surroundings to be at a weird angle and more disturbing, he was outside in a partial wooded clearing. He remembered that he had been butt naked in his bedroom. But now his home and the bedroom were no where to be seen. Then he noticed that he was in his character's body. "Oh Peter... we're in trouble... I didn't mean to merge with your body like this. Now what do we do?" And then he saw the transparent words appear in mid air in front of himself. Tutorial Part One: Report in to Your Trainer.

    Peter said, "Oh shit, the game is still running! I'm in the tutorial! Maybe if I don't move, the game will abort..." But try as he might to stay in the wooded clearing, he was forced to walk out of the clearing into the next section where he met up with his trainer, an armored Tigrotaur Champion.

    The Tigrotaur Champion said, "You seem a might skittish, Peter. Would you like to say something before we get started on your training?"

    Peter quickly tried to explain that he was a human player whom got accidentally merged with his character and now he was stuck here in his character's body.

    The Tigrotaur Champion replied, "That is indeed a strange tale, Peter. But stranger things have happened. I need to get your training started so you can meet up with the rest of your party. You really don't want to keep them waiting, you know."

    Peter then realized that it was a programmed response so no matter what you said, you would get that reply. The tutorial was absolutely private, no messages in nor out.

    The next few minutes were spent teaching Peter the basics of using both a starting Champion Sword and a starting Champion Shield as well as receiving his starting Champion Armor. When the trainer was satisfied with Peter's performance, he said, "Now to see if you can take a goblin with my assistance. Don't be squeamish when fighting these guys. They won't be nice to you." And then the words Tutorial Part Two: Defeat an Enemy appeared in front of himself.

    With the trainer as an escort, they soon located a lone goblin scout overlooking a nearby Taur settlement. The fight against the goblin went as the trainer expected until Peter chose to knock out the goblin with the flat of his blade rather than to go for a kill strike. Then Peter tied up the goblin to a nearby tree. The Trainer said, "Didn't you listen to what I said back in camp? The enemy will not show compassion for you, Young Taur!" Peter replied back a bit loudly, "A real Champion doesn't go around hacking and slashing like a Barbarian, sir! Besides, the scout might have useful information!" When the goblin scout awoke and heard the two champions bickering, he smirked and said, "A new squire, is it? I was wondering why I wasn't dead. Make it good, young Champion. What do you want?" Peter said, "A trade of information in exchange for your freedom. Also, don't forget whom spoke up for you versus the old gruff wannabe Champion. How many of your people are back at your camp?" The goblin scout replied, "Many hundreds in addition to the Hobgoblins and the Ogre commander. My turn, Young Champion... What are the numbers of the Taur soldiers in the nearby settlement?" Peter replied by asking a question, "How many have you seen so far before we found you?" The goblin scout said, "I've counted about 50 or so soldiers guarding the walls." Peter said, "The ones around the walls are the first defense, or what's known as the door bait. For every Taur you see around the walls, there are three to five more just beyond the walls with missile weapons. For every ten of those there is a middle officer and for every five middle officers, there is a high officer. The women and children of the Taurs obviously don't count. Therefore, the ending total for what you are seeking to know is... 225 to 500 soldiers, give or take what extra may lay within. Extra would be adventurers looking for quests and wealth. Hopefully there are no Barbarians within the settlement for every single Barbarian can easily take ten to twenty soldiers by themselves or possibly one ogre with a smile. Now, as promised, you will be freed to return to your people. My trainer would have killed you, but I am not like other Champions. I have to put up with the perfect cup of coffee..." He cut the ropes on the goblin's bonds as he gave that knowing wink. The goblin fled after that.

    The trainer said, "Well done, young Taur. Making him want to leave first means that he may not bother with you again. But he did have good information you may share with the settlement for when we get there. Now let's get going so I can help you with the next part of your training."

    Peter then noticed a new title award briefly appear on his screen. [Parley Master] +10 to Charisma, +5 to Smarts. It meant that his Champion would be more diplomatic later on.

    After arriving in the settlement, the soldier Taurs were giving the new information about the monsters and then Peter received a reward for gathering that information from the enemy. Then, Peter briefly saw the words Tutorial Part Three: Upgrade your equipment appearing in front of himself. Although he knew he shouldn't have, he did some gambling with some of the officer Taurs and managed to win an upgrade bonus to his Champion Gear. When he went to the outfitter, he went in and got his Initiate Champion gear which was all enchanted to be +1 better that normal Champion gear of the same ranking. And that was before the Officer upgrade benefit. Choosing not to use the officer gear upgrade token just yet; he went and he met up with his trainer. The Tigrotaur smiled at Peter. "You look a lot better than when I chose to train you, Peter. Now we travel to the Port City of Quadraen. Your adventuring party will be awaiting you there. With better gear, you should be able to handle harder battles, but I will fight along your side this first time to make sure you reach your destination. And remember the absolute creed of the Champions: There is honor in defending an ally." And then, Peter saw briefly saw the words Tutorial Part Four: Final Lesson appearing before him and then the two set off for the distant port. They were almost there, when some Owlbear monsters attacked the two Champions within view of the gates of the port city. "Leave me, Young Champion. One of us should make it. And it should be you." Peter hated what the Tigrotaur Champion Trainer was suggesting that he do... abandon an ally. Peter said, "That's what you think, Sir! Take this, Owlbears!"
    End of Chapter 02