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[AWT-08] GW-04 The ZOO Alliance

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    [AWT-08] GW-04 The ZOO Alliance

    [AWT-08] Gotte Wolfe

    Episode Four: The ZOO Alliance
    By James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon
    March 19th, 2020

    Chapter One - A Studio Owned TV Station.

    Bart grinned as he peered out the window at the line outside the studios. "That worked better than I'd hoped it would."

    Stan had also seen the line earlier and he was personally greeting those who came in and was having people head off to various sets depending upon the genre these people wanted to be a part of. By now, Charles was feeling a lot better and was back at work with Danger to help Stan sort out the arrivals.

    Sherlock, Peter, and Weston were at the studios today to lend support to Bart and the others.

    And Ace had returned with even more students in an extra credits seeking manner.

    The new UBS was hoppin'... Although the most interesting part of the evening occurred when the news greats of ZOO, the Network that brings out the beast in sports, arrived to cut a deal with Bart and Stan in regards toward permitting them to set up a TV station on their studio lot. Both Stan and Bart could immediately see the benefit of this alliance.

    Charles had seemed much better and far more focused and upbeat lately. And people had started to notice. He was a lot like how Danger said he used to be the others and Danger seemed much better because of it! Charles was actually somewhat fun to be around when he wasn't having his soul consumed!

    Sherlock had gotten a message from Clarence stating that he would be attending more of the 'extra credit' assignments if Sherlock was going to be there and that he enjoyed spending time 'out of class' with Sherlock.

    Peter was being his usual silly self though he did try hard to be helpful though he couldn't help pick at Weston when the opportunity arose. Weston mostly ignored Peter when he could, he wanted to make good impressions.

    One male arctic fox teenager handed Charles some flowers as he came in, then after speaking with Stan, he headed off to the sci-fi genre set.

    Bart smiled. "He looked hot and he gave you flowers, Charles. How sweet..."

    Sherlock made sure Clarence knew he was going to be there. Although it was also nice to have Hypknot around. Aside from horses, Sherlock also liked hounds.

    Stan said to Peter, "Your mom wasn't too happy with my joke yesterday, cutie... I suggested a nudie show with you as the star and she about bit my head off. I got lucky when she calmed down. So that idea got axed. Sorry." He winked.

    Charles blushed and giggled, nodding his head. "He is pretty sweet... I didn't expect that. I'll have to thank him later after work." He smiled and put the flowers aside carefully in a watered vase before going back to work.

    Danger chuckled and winked at Bart before asking, "So, does anyone know why there were camera crews stuck all over the place on Bosco's place and the Hawthorn residence? Did I miss something insanely newsworthy?"

    Clarence grinned as he came in. "HEY GUYS!" as big and studly as ever... and looking particularly happy today.

    David was already present with Sherlock since he walked in with him. "Your late."

    Clarence chuckled, "I was checking out the posted test results from yesterday. I finally passed that stupid test."

    David smirked, "It's not stupid if you couldn't pass it."

    Clarence looked like he's about to deck him..then smirked, "Touche', butt sniffer."

    Peter giggled and looked innocent after giving BOTH Clarence AND David a very very cold handed grope to both before running away... causing one to whinny in surprise and the other to yelp. Peter looked innocent as he hummed. "That's okay, Stan my Man not on a can...something, something...... Stan!" He hugged him with a giggle, "It work out okay. And I gotta have fun dis mornin'!"

    Bart giggled, then he went back over to his desk and shifted back into his human form and he got busy on his homework. The new school he and his brother had transferred into was different but more understanding since he had grown up as a human. The acting classes really helped toward his learning the career choice he had made before moving to the animated world. Bart then replied, "Bosco and Caesar put two and two together concerning Lance's exhaustion and apparent chores that only he was ever seen doing. So they contacted Child Welfare who in turn waited for Lance to arrive at school where they, a child psychologist, and a school appointed lawyer drilled him with questions until he revealed what he was being asked to do in the household. Turned out he did all the chores, all of the laundry, most of the cooking, and to top it off... get this, Danger... all, and I mean ALL, of his sisters' homework in addition to his own. The news crews were having a field day. I'm just glad my mom is off in Japanopolis today meeting with her publisher."

    Sherlock grinned. "Way to go, Peter!"

    Stan hummed as he welcomed incoming people. "I've even seen Wolf Stars rejects from the pilot episode coming in here. People IP rejected as not being wolf enough. What a prick."

    End of Chapter One.
    "Brave, bold, and with a nose that's true..."

    ~~James "Aragh Darktalon" Ghaleon