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[APAW-DA] PT-01 Druidic Arcanum

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    [APAW-DA] PT-01 Druidic Arcanum

    Montropolis - Anime World

    [APAW-DA] PT-01 Druidic Arcanum
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    September 5th, 2019

    Chapter One

    Thane Farm, Wheatland, Iowa... 23 December... early evening hours...

    Despite it being cold, Paladin Thane was out in the ruined fields trying to see if the farm could be saved with magic. All of the children in the family had been instructed in how to use the family powers by both parents, or more specifically, their mother whom was a former Von Hammer from Romania. Their father was very supportive for a Norm. It was a lot like the Bewitched household combined with the Green Acres family, only in Iowa instead of upper NYC. Right down to their own version of Mrs. Kravitz, the nosy neighbor whom was all the time trying to expose the Stevens family. Dennis was trying to get a single corn stalk to revive and grow despite the soil being nearly baked solid during the Summer's drought as well as the rest of the tornadic bad weather they had during the year.

    Dennis straightened upright when he saw that his efforts were not working as he looked toward the Heavens. "Is is so much to want plants to grow or did some bible thumper pray to you guys to make us fail and lose our farm. I'll bet it was Mrs. Dragovich, the hateful old bitch. I know I shouldn't insult canines by saying that she is one, but..." He then looked at the ruined crops one last time. "We're as good as evicted when the bank forecloses on dad's mortgage. And with Karen sick with God knows what... we need help."

    He then looked at the ground once more. "Or do we have to invoke the devil for assistance since the divine is ignoring us." And thunder was then heard in the Winter sky making Paladin look upward again. "Well it's an alternative. We are trying to be good people and this is the thanks we get?! You know what... just fuck it... I need to get back inside before my dinner is too cold to eat. Ain't no one up there anyway. Mom always said that angels and spirits listened to everything a spell caster said, but aside from a rumble of thunder, I haven't gotten any kind of assistance. So if one has to ask of the other guy, then it is better than wordless thunder."

    As he turned to return to the farmhouse, he saw what appeared to be a massive pony-sized armored Hell Goat standing there looking at him. "The devil is busy, kid. And souls have no profit anymore. Your younger brother is having an encounter with the Council's Overseer right now. If the Overseer chooses not to help your family, then give me a call. I am Flock Lord Mendesis. Even if the Overseer does help your family, I can see that you might be fun to hang out with to shoot the breeze. Call on me any time." And with a mighty blast of smoke, the large armored goat vanished from the field.

    And then to his left, he saw what looked to be an Arch-Angel. "I see I arrived a bit late. Mendesis did not contract you nor offer to assist, so perhaps he was just playing messenger. God is dealing with several issues at current; one of which is his own son. The other issues are Charley Barken and Itchiford. I don't know why Annabelle cannot handle them herself. Unless she is in heat again." And a blast of lightning fell out of the sky and made the Arch-Angel disperse into light particles.

    Paladin tried not to smirk at the childish display but he did make a comment. "I see there is no freedom of speech in Heaven. I need to get back to the house."

    When he arrived in the house, he asked his mother, "Mom, is it a bad thing to know an Underworlder named Flock Lord Mendesis?"

    His mother replied, "Despite what ministers and Catholics may say about the guy, he isn't evil. It is more of an unfortunate relation since his home realm is along Merchants Road in the first plane of Northern Hell. Word is that he likes good looking young men; and you and your brother are certainly that. It runs on my side of the family. Your brother should be home soon with Karen's medicine. You should sit down and have something to eat before you go to your room for your evening studies and bed time."

    Paladin then said something prophetic, "Mom, I find it rather odd that Karen's medicine costs so much and it hasn't cured her of her illness since she began taking it last year. The doctor said we should see results in as little as six months and its been longer than that." And then he began eating his soup and crackers.

    Mrs. Thane placed one hand to her chin and thought about what her son, Paladin, was recalling that the family doctor had said about Karen's illness. Paladin had a photographic memory and often recalled what people had said with precision. Which led to embarrassing situations throughout his life. Public officials did not like him at all.

    After dinner, Paladin excused himself and he went into his bedroom to study his evening tenets of Druidism and Wizardry, otherwise known to him alone as D'aw. The sound someone makes when you see something adorably cute. When he was younger, he made learning his magic fun which helped him to excel at it. This led him to getting contacted by extra-planar beings more often than any other member of the family. He would see Information Devil Mice and Law Imps more than anything else. Although he once got to see a Hellhound lawyer along with a Devil Kangaroo lawyer with an arriving Law Imp. He petted the roo in a friendly manner and he did the same for the hound lawyer so he didn't feel left out. Tonight, he had an IDM in the room with him as a tutor for helping him with a complicated magical equation. "You know, I feel bad that my family is so broke that I cannot properly pay you for your services." The IDM said, "It is being covered by your grandparents in Romania, but if you want to make a payment yourself, then see about employment at a job tavern in either Rotunda City or Nexus Town. Avoid Imperial City like the plague if you want to stay virgin." The rest of the evening went without problem.

    Paladin then did a strip tease for his mousy tutor before getting into his pajamas and going to bed. Stripping for the mouse was the best part of the IDM's evening.

    Thane Household... 24 December... the next morning...

    The next morning, Paladin heard his brother entering the bathroom for his morning shower, and he poked his head into his brother's room where he saw the Devil Mouse wearing a gaming jacket reading a miniature newspaper. "Good morning. I see my brother finally got a tutor." Zecma lowered the paper and said, "I am the CEO of ZecCorp and the publisher of Gaming Trends Monthly as well as being the Council Overseer. You must be Dennis' older brother. Was there something you wanted to ask me about while your brother is getting cleaned up?"

    "My name is Paladin Thane. Last night, Flock Lord Mendesis appeared out where I was evaluating the drought stricken farm land and he chatted with me for a bit before he vanished. What I want to know is if he is okay to be friends with." Zecma asked, "Was he wearing his battle armor or did he show up in the natural?" Paladin replied, "He had armor on." Zecma stated, "You can be friends with him when he isn't wearing the armor, but when he is armored, it implies that someone tried to steal his realm."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Paladin said, "He didn't look bloody. And he smelled clean." Zecma smirked, "Did he offer to let you see him again later?" Paladin replied, "He said I can contact him whenever I like. Is that something to be worried about?" Zecma shook his head. "Not in the slightest, as long as you keep your clothes on around him. He really likes young men, if you know what I mean..." He winked at the end to imply something more than simply friendly relations. "Anyway, Dennis asked me if I could help the family to get a new farm and a new house. He was going to let me look the place over today before I headed back to Anime World. I like your brother and you seem like a nice guy, too." Paladin then politely returned to his room where he wrote down the lord's name into his contacts journal. He could hear his brother getting dressed, putting on his warmest clothes and work boots before reporting to the kitchen where their parents would be this morning.

    As Dennis prepared a bowl of his favorite cereal, Kahidomon Bites with Strawberries, their father was fully focused on the Devilmouse game maker on Dennis' shoulder. "What is this, Dennis?" asked Antonio Thane as he sat at the breakfast table eating his own fried eggs and sausage. Dennis was lightly adding a little sugar to his cereal as he replied, "This is game master Zecma who is also the publisher of Gaming Trends Monthly, the magazine I have a five-year subscription to. He is a good Devilmouse who has Anime World connections and he says that he wants to sponsor me for college in Montrocol as well as give you and mom a new farm. He just needs to look over the property first. He also said he had access to professional doctors who can help Karen." Antonio focused on Zecma himself at that moment. "Seeing is believing, Zecma. We have had people make empty promises to us before." Zecma ate one of his fat-free wafers before replying, "I swear on the arcane codex that I am being sincere, Mr. Thane. I want to help. I have all manner of resources that aren't doing anything at the moment and I have spare land you kind people can use."

    "I thought only toons and anime were allowed to attend college at Montrocol," remarked his mother, Jennifer Von Hammer Thane; Von Hammer had been her maiden name which was also conveniently the same European Mage and wizard family of the same name. "You say you can pull the strings to get our entire family moved into a new farm on one of King Kazma's regional zones? Because if you can do that, Zecma, I sure hope you can arrange a farm much like this one. I grew up on a farm in Europe and my mother did most of the cooking. She taught me the craft and with the ruined land here, I miss growing our own vegetables and having fruit trees across the field to make pies and fresh cookies from."

    Zecma who had been sipping on a cup of hot cocoa turned to look at Jennifer. "I also come from Information Devilmouse stock and our job has always been to assist mages and wizards when called upon. Besides, I like your son Dennis and I want to help him realize his dream."

    Paladin then came in and sat down at the table with his pancakes as he reached over and grabbed the maple syrup. "So you are going to be the one who helps our family rise back up from our fall? I am Dennis' brother Paladin." then he mouthed quietly, As I told you this morning. "As long as you are here to help us, you are okay with me."

    Dennis grinned at his brother whom disliked being called 'pal'. "Zecma is a nice Devilmouse, unlike Minister Fitzroy."

    Jennifer smirked, "He is a truly prudish witch hunter."

    And then Paladin's younger sister, Karen, and the German Shepherd arrived to get their breakfast. She quietly sat down and before grabbing any food at all, she bowed her head and quietly gave a prayer for the morning meal. Only then did she proceed toward filling her plate. The German Shepherd simply ate from his doggy bowl while keeping the young ill lady in sight. Karen and Badge obviously.

    "If we hadn't had the droughts, we wouldn't be in this desperate situation now," Antonio commented as he read over the help wanted section of the newspaper; although doing so was pointless because there were no jobs available around Christmas time. "I really hope Zecma can pull off his promise, Dennis, because we're hurting here. Even if he is Montropolis' most successful game creation maestro, I can understand your wishing for a miracle around this time of the year. But if he does come through tonight..." he now glanced directly at the Devilmouse. "tonight is the holiest night of the year. I feel sorry for you having to be out and about on a night like tonight."

    Jennifer couldn't help but to grin at the thought. "I am sure Zecma will simply do his best or else familiar will be something in his future. Anyway, let's make the best of our Christmas since after tomorrow, Mr. Kalleck will be coming around to inquire about the mortgage payment. A shame that... but I really liked living out here on this farm."

    "He will succeed," Dennis adamantly stated, a bit louder than he meant to, which earned him a warning glance. Zecma then said, "Threats won't be necessary, Mrs. Thane. Come on, Dennis, time to give me a tour of the farm so I can look at the place for my terraforming idea."

    Thane Household... 24 December... that evening...

    "Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house," recited Antonio as he looked around the quiet living room which didn't even have a Christmas tree. "Some Christmas this is. I failed my family; we couldn't even get presents for our children; we will lose the farm if I cannot make payment the day after tomorrow." Jennifer hugged her husband. "We still have each other and we haven't heard from Zecma as yet." To which he replied, "What if he got too busy to mess with us?" She smiled. "Then I will summon him."

    Then there came the knock at their door. "Now who could that be?" Mr. Thane said as he slowly stood up. "If it is a bunch of carolers, I will bah humbug them into an early grave." And he walked over to the front door and opened it where he saw... King Kazma along with Zecma who was sitting on the shoulder of one those Mack Roo Lawyers and just behind them was a six foot tall Tigromon and a real world human doctor whom Kazma trusted, Dr. Tennyson, along with his trusted aid whom was another real world human albeit female, Dr. Joanie Zamak. "See? This is the place, King Kazma. The Thane family where I met Dennis Thane and learned about their unfortunate situation. I promised the young man that I would help his family and see about getting him into Montrocol and I need your help to do it."

    Antonio was in shock because Dennis' little friend turned out to come through on his word. After allowing King Kazma and the others to come into the house, the entire family was soon meeting with the Anime World founder as well as the muscled tiger Digimon dean of Montrocol, Tigromon. Floating in mid air next to them was Zecma naturally. Dennis was overjoyed when he saw the Devilmouse once again. "I told you he would come through for us. I knew you wouldn't forget, Zecma. Thank you so much."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      "Hey, I gave my word, Dennis," replied the Devilmouse with a smile. "Besides, I followed up with the college stuff you were saving money for. And so, under a joint scholarship from both King Kazma and myself, you and your older siblings can attend Montrocol. As for your farm, crop land and orchards, King Kazma will discuss this with your parents."

      Of course the Anime Rabbit was having his own conversation with Antonio and Jennifer to the side, and the topic was the location of the terraformed land that Zecma had donated for their new home. From what Dennis could overhear, the farmhouse was equally distant between Montropolis, Mystic Glen and Heroes Reach within a rural setting labeled on the map as Farms. There was a farmers market nearby where all of the produce and fruits grown could be traded openly without taxes between other farmers (for those who don't know, Mystic Glen is the city owned by Lord David Arden, CEO of the Arden's Pizza franchise.) Their new farm was being arranged under the 'Sponsor a Prince' protocol introduced by none other than American Rabbit, the hero who ran the Justice Fury team down in the Heroes Reach region. Since their family fell under the 'Rescued Sponsor Family' agreement introduced by Cheer Bear in the Cloud Kingdoms where Care-a-lot was located, they were being given the new property free of charge since a citizen of Anime World was speaking up for them. Namely Zecma who was not only a local recreation production manager of a games factory but he also doubled as the liaison between King Kazma and the Hell Council.

      While King Kazma discussed the upcoming move with the parents, Zecma and Tigromon helped the boys pack up what few belongings they owned into their suitcases. This only equaled out to the clothes that they owned along with a few personal items that they owned free and clear.

      Moments after Karen had packed her belongings, Dr. Tennyson and Dr. Zamak gave the girl an examination as Joanie read over the young lady's prescription. "Is this accurate? This is only a subscription for an expensive placebo." Dr. Tennyson looked at the bottles then he had Joanie go talk to the mother while he finished up with Karen.

      Neither Joanie nor Jennifer looked too happy when Mrs. Thane learned about the placebo.

      As the doctors did their job, King Kazma assisted the Thanes in getting their belongings loaded into the moving van that American Rabbit was driving along side two of his teammates, Brightburst and Arnie Roo. These days, when a family qualified for the program, American Rabbit volunteered to drive the moving van. King Kazma cast a spell on their old motor home used for park vacations which transformed it back into its like new condition. It once again had the look of the one which used to be seen in the live-action Shazam! Saturday morning children's show of the 1970s. Once they were loaded which included Badge's doggy bed, Often's litter box and the cage containing Honor, everyone got on board although Dennis rode in Tigromon's Montrocol transit bus with Zecma while Karen and Badge rode in Tennyson's ambulance. Behind the ambulance was the motor home being driven by Antonio and behind him was American Rabbit's moving van.

      They proceeded toward the local Iowa transportal to the Heroes Reach region of Anime World. As mentioned elsewhere, normally the Toonium City region which included Wonderland and Coolsville was located within the Terryville country and it was located in the equivalent of the Anime Georgia and Anime Florida zone of Anime America. The Meta Star City region which included Meta-Star City (which included Comita-Gotham (aka Jaded Shadow,)) Angel City, Hero Haven, Bunny Town and Japanopolis (near Anime Philadelphia) was located within the Meta-Star empowered hero region and it was situated around Anime New York City, Anime Washington D.C., Anime New Haven, and Anime Boston. Forest River's region which included Mega Kat City, Forest River, Hartland, and Clementine was located near Anime Chicago, Anime St. Louis, Anime Cape Girardoe, and Anime Baton Rouge (aka the Anime South.) The Stampede City region included every wild west setting one could imagine which included the C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, Quick-Draw McGraw (aka El Ka Bong,) and the Lone Ranger and Zorro. In the west was the remaining three regions of Anime World: Heroes Reach, the Werewolf Filming Mecca and Mythos Bay. Heroes Reach (Anime Oakland) contained Arden's Mystic Glen (Anime Eureka), Montropolis (Anime Portland,) and Mythos Bay (Anime Seattle.) The Filming Mecca consisted of Anime World's version of Hollywood and included Studio City (home of United Beast Studios, near Anime Los Angeleos,) Seaspray Hills (home of the music production studios, near Anime Malibu,) and Anaheim Beach (the usual home of Disney's Mighty Ducks, which was near Anime San Diego.)

      Fortunately, Iowa's version of Animation Park just north of Davenport (Quad Cities) saw little activity during the winter and had regional transportals which led to the appropriate region a tourist would normally book reservations prior to visiting. King Kazma led the convoy through the Heroes Reach transportal and they were soon driving along an anime landscape and highways on the Anime West Coast.

      Thane Farm... Game Master Lane... 25 December... early morning...

      By sunrise on Christmas Day, they were turning unto the Montropolis Valley Bypass Northeast and continued on until they saw Game Master Lane, which was a paved county road. Turning left on that road, they drove on until they saw the donated mailbox with their name on it. At that point, the convoy pulled into the large driveway on the south side of the farm road and that was when the Thanes got their first look at a perfectly duplicated and like new version of their farm back in Iowa; the absolutely beautiful farmhouse, barn, stables, a new tractor, a new lawnmower, crop fields on the side and orchards in the back were as if the drought never happened. The farm which was larger than they expected was surrounded by a wooden white fence and it had a large yard. Jennifer exclaimed, "Oh my. It is truly amazing what a little magic can do. Thank you so much, Zecma." The Devilmouse smiled. "It was the least I could do. My factory and the north side of Montropolis are just south of your orchard, beyond the back fence and through the woods. Easy access to my place whenever you need to talk to me."

      Giggling at his mother's observation, Paladin said, "Magic or not, I like it. All we have to do is arrange the furniture." Antonio smiled as he looked toward the side of the property. "I can see me working that field during the week." Karen sat there quietly holding Badge in her arms and he was protecting her as usual. But then she suddenly pointed toward a neighboring fence and said, "What is that?" The Thanes all looked in the direction their daughter had pointed. What they saw was a brown and white dragon like being who was the size of both Dennis and Paladin. It wasn't looking their way but it seemed to be paying attention to its own corn crop. Dennis said, "I'll go find out what it is; be right back." And he started off as his father warned, "Dennis! Be careful!" To which Dennis grinned at his father and said, "Dad... this is cartoon land. Duh." And Dennis was soon crossing the crop field as he headed toward the fence where the dragon like creature stood. From the convoy, the family watched as their son and the dragon like kid shake hands, then they talked at length about a few things. Finally, the Thanes saw Dennis returning with a smile. He stood beside the vehicles and said, "You aren't going to believe this! Our neighbors are Digimon! They grow corn in their field and pop the excess amount, coat it in caramel, and sell the result to the farmers market! The adult I spoke to was called Myrdramon! His son just started attending college at Montrocol a couple of months ago. And his dad says he is my age."

      End of Chapter Three