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KLAW (Kazma's Live Anime World)


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Grouped together are the partnered adventures of Basil Douglas, Dennis Thane, Ethan Edwards and Monty Springfield in Montropolis.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AWT-06] BC-02 Ace of Spades
Blackjack (2/16)
Couriovermon (3/21)
DigiChampion (1/6)
Dragomon (3/26)
Pawtek (1/2)
Skywatch (4/40)
Kahidomon (1/11)
Ys-Gundam (0/0)
When Robert Rogers and his friend Ralph Potter attend the Mesa Institute of the Code of the West, they become involved with the Planet of Animated Western Steam's newest hero team, The Western Stars.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AWT-01] APAW-RR-01 Anime Star University
Years after the original Furry Tales adventure ended, a director on Anime World seeks to make a movie based loosely on the first novel with permissions from the publisher in place, sabotage and intrigue eventually lands their real world human in the World of Rale with an all new fellowship.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[Dasher] LAW-DM-02 The Jade Crown
The story of what happens when an anime artist ends up in the Red Rabbit Army Academy.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[KLAW] RQ-01 Legal Academic Ways
The story of what happens when a former Trekkie delivers a sold Starfleet Captain's uniform to a buyer off-world.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[KLAW] PQ-01 Adventure Engage
Join the all-new adventures of Felix Kornel in Mystic Glen.
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Lord Pouchlaw
APAW-FK-03 Mystic High Rumble
Felix Kornel's Brother Quinn is rewarded with a Battlecard partner after he rescues a magical ball for two devil unimon herd members.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[AWT-08] QK-01 Five Golden Horns
When Bert Thomas and his father Ricky move into an Quadraen community on King Kazma's Live Anime World, Bert must learn to associate with the local Quadraen society as he participates in the local game of choice S'taurrior where he learns to work with a Quadraen S'taurrior partner.
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While his brother Dennis attends Montrocol, Paladin embarks on his own adventures around Montropolis.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[APAW-DA] PT-01 Druidic Arcanum
When a piece of Battle Cat's Grayskull forged armor barding is broken and sent to Earth through a dimensional wormhole, it merges with a human teenager named Alexander Daryl Annatrova who unwittingly activates it to become the most powerful white lion in the universe - Pureheart!
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When Bartholomew Barrington seeks a career in Anime Productions, his dormant werewolf side arises to put a new spin on his otherwise normal life.
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Adventures at the Surreal University of Mechanics with The Valordictorians as they defend the home turf from Fuji University.
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Artemis Archer
TV-01 Fresh On Campus
The RP (2/22)