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HTH-JP-02 Powers Altered

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    HTH-JP-02 Powers Altered

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs on Earth that is not part of any of my given serials. It is about an American teenage human boy who is empowered to transform into a Hungarian Vizsla Dog with the desire for victorious and sporting activity after an accidental encounter with one of Krypto's doggy aspirin tablets. Enjoy.

    This was started on September 5th 2017 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)

    Tags: Human, cartoon, Anime, Dog, Reindeer, Cat, Devi-Mouse, Transformation

    Victory the Vizsla (Hero the Hound)
    Jason Hartly Prince
    HTH-JP-02 Powers Altered
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    March 12th, 2019

    Chapter One

    Finally, the Yuskay Groomers instructed Zatanna to cast a spell to make the three infected hound victims vomit up all traces of the mutated Secret Ingredient so they could cleanse the boys once and for all. But things were about to throw a monkey wrench into that plan as well. ".tneidergni terces negatum eht tuo timov ot sdnouhlleh denrut syob numah remrof eht dnammoc I," chanted the magicianess from the Justice League as she pointed at Dick, Wally, Jason and the other former human boy. The normal Hellhounds who sat off to the side whom had chosen to help the other boy to try to get Jason out of the camp simply watched the cure attempt with a blank stare. Apparently they thought the attempt was not going to work.

    As all four Hellhounds hit by the spell began regurgitating nasty white fluids out of their muzzles, their bodies glowed as the substance reacted to Zatanna's magic and there was a sudden flash of brimstone and hellfire which resulted in the naked boys being seemingly expelled out of their Hellhound bodies where they lay on the floor appearing completely restored to normal while the Hellhounds continued to vomit out the Secret Ingredient fluids until the hounds seemingly glowed brightly one last time before turning to fine white powder.

    One of the actual Hellhounds sitting to the side then made a verbal comment. "That didn't seem very heroic. I thought you were only going to restore the boys; not to kill the hellhound forms they had become." And the other Hellhound remarked, "I feel sick to my stomach if this is the face of heroism in this new day and age. Despite that, we request that you honor our offer to serve Jason at the Dog Sphinx of Solitude since that was the original deal for our helping Jason to escape from the Recruiters Pack."

    Zatanna said, "As long as you let him be human when he needs to be and don't try to mess him up again, we will permit your offer to stand. I didn't know the hound bodies would react to my magic in that manner. I haven't dealt with Hellhounds in my career; especially not good looking ones as you two seem to portray." She shook her head. "Why did I say that last part for? The only Fell beasts I have dealt with have always appeared to be the most grotesque monstrostities that have ever escaped from the Underworld."

    The second Hellhound said, "In times past, that would have been accurate. However, in the more modern times, Hellhounds have chosen to make their appearances to be the best looking hounds a human would not mind being around. Particularly sexy cute male humans. We are sorry Nightwing and Kid Flash lost their clothes. But that was the Alpha's doing with the magic on all the fluids and sweat in the Recruiters' pack. Throwing him into his own Omega Pens was a class act. He will be angry over that for sure."

    The animated human teenager then remarked, "I will attend school in Apollo's home region and I will live in the Dog Sphinx with these two on the animated world side of the clubhouse. Then when Jason wants to come visit us, he can make the crossing and we can pal around in his alternate headquarters. I gave my word at the same time these two did; so I also must serve Jason when he asks."

    Jason coughed a few times as his human body threw up one time before finding his voice. "By what name do I call you if you plan on serving me? Your human name; not what the Hellhounds were calling you."

    The animated Teenager said, "My name is Devin Vasilis, originally, I had an odd sort of power that was rather dropped on me. I can change my shape into any known canine superhero, complete with all of their powers and their very appearance. The only thing that doesn't copy is their voice and their eyes. The problem is... the only form I have practiced really good is the Brave and the Bold Bat Hound. If I change into any other canine hero, I get stuck in that form until I sleep or get knocked out. Then I revert to human form. Getting stuck is so embarrassing."

    Zatanna said, "Then allow us to see your Bat Hound form."

    Devin nodded his head and lowered himself to all fours and there came a fluid flash and in the boy's place was what appeared to be the new age Bat Hound from the Brave and the Bold cartoon series; not the Bat Hound from the Krypto the Super Dog series. "How do I look?"

    Ace who was standing near Apollo remarked with a surprise, "Oh man... You look hot! Okay, change back now."

    Devin then caused the fluid transformation again and he was back in his human boy identity. "So you see, I need training and help with my powers but the only hero school that existed before I got captured by the Recruiters was MIT. In other words, the moment the recruiters learn that a human has acquired the power to change into a dog, they are after you to bring you into the pack... one way. Preferably permanently."

    The head Groomer said, "Recruiting in the Law planes of the Underworld is supposedly illegal so this pack must be living outside of Hell."

    Ace looked to Apollo. "Now you have something you can tease me about. I got aroused over this new boys' canine transformation power. So go ahead, Apollo; make jokes about me."

    Apollo placed a paw around Ace's neck. "In private I would. But this is public, so I will do this instead... Devin? Ace here runs a new hero school who can help you with your powers. He recently opened a branch of his school in Angel City. The original is located just outside of Coolsville."

    Ace was surprised that Apollo was going to be civil to him for a change. Apparently with Krypto off in space, canines behaved themselves. "He is right, Devin. The Maverick Youths of Tomorrow Hero School, or MYTHS for short was getting so crowded at Coolsville, I chose to open a branch of the original college here in Angel City. We don't train you to be mavericks; the teaching methods are maverick. We are Union supported and big name heroes come in to share their experiences with students. And you don't have to have powers to attend. We will train anyone who wants to be a hero. We would even take in Young Justice if Batman and Black Canary would allow us to. I still like having Dick around."

    Apollo smirked since the joke was left open by Ace. " your ass, ace?" He fell over laughing after saying that.

    Ace slyly grinned. "I knew you couldn't hold it in for long, Apollo. This is the Apollo we Super Pets are used to, guys. Always with the jokes; primarily about me."

    Zatanna said, "I will ask Black Canary about allowing Young Justice to attend MYTHS, Ace. I just hope you don't regret dealing with Impulse."

    Ace grinned at the magic using female. "We have a student arcade, Zatanna."

    Jason asked, "Would I have to complete Heroton High to attend MYTHS, Ace?" And Ace replied, "You could enroll today. All classes are completed on site; on campus dorms as well."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    After getting a tour of Angel City's MYTHS school, Devin and Jason filled out the enrollment forms for classes. Devin headed off to claim his dorm bunk and Jason shook Ace's paw before he headed back to the Dog Sphinx of Solitude. Upon arriving, the two Hellhounds were waiting on him and they both nuzzled the legs of the nice human. And thankfully the two hounds smelled as if they had utilized the bathing chamber within the Sphinx. "Hey guys... you both smell clean." He examined them both close up and he smiled. "You guys did a great job."

    One said, "Actually, Jason, we have a place we cannot reach. Would you care to help us to clean that last spot so we are clean all over?"

    Jason petted on both Hellhounds. "With Krypto still off in space, I would be glad to help you guys to get all the way clean. Lets head back into the bathroom and we can get started on the places you guys cannot reach." And he rose back up and escorted the two Hellhounds back into the bathroom.

    Arriving within the bathroom, Jason removed his clothes and he knelt down to examine the two Hellhounds closely. "So, where is this spot that you guys cannot reach?"

    One said, "Just under the back of our tails. We each tried to clean it ourselves, but we aren't built to reach that particular spot. Please see if you can see why we cannot get it clean. We will suck your cock in exchange for your help."

    Jason grabbed a cleaning cloth and some foaming soap as he applied the soap to the under portion of the tail base trying to be careful, althugh frowning when he allowed too much to drip down over the Hellhound's tail hole. He wiped up the excess before he handed the bottle back to the other Hellhound. "Hold on to this for a moment, handsome. This isn't as easy as I thought it would be; I accidentally made things a little slippery back here."

    The one in front said, "It feels like you poured lube on my back side, Jason, but if all else fails, go ahead and mount me. Perhaps that might help get the excess off of there. Its worth a try, wouldn't you say?"

    The Hellhound behind the young man poured lube on his own cock and prepared to mount the boy the moment Jason slipped and mounted the other Hellhound. And sure enough, it eventually happened when Jason slipped on the oily floor exactly as the two hounds had planned it and he felt himself press his erection into the hellhound's back side just before he felt the one from behind him sandwich him between the two hounds as he felt the knot tie into him from behind.

    "Agh!" he cried out as he felt himself get stuck between the two hounds. "We are going to have trouble getting clean if we are stuck together like this. Are you two in rut?"

    The first who was enjoying having Jason inside of himeself replied, "Hellhounds experience both rut and heat every other week, Jason. Last week was the rut; this week, we are in heat; we don't mind your doing this with us. We have open minds, Jason; just try to enjoy it instead of being afraid of possibly liking it. If you were in your hound form, you could tie with me."

    The second Hellhound slyly grinned. "We tend to take turns, Jason; plus, we love you." He then proceeded to hump into the boy from behind. "Go ahead and clench your anal cheeks on my shaft. You will make me happy if you do."

    Jason proceeded to do as the Hellhound was asking which rewarded him with a knot tied inside his backside and that led to a flow of warm semen inside of his body. And the next thing Jason realized was that he was back in his hound body and tied with the Hellhound in front of him. "I didn't know that I could change into my hound form without saying the word. Now I am stuck and I am leaking into your partner. I promise I will help you guys get cleaned up once we finish this activity."

    The first hellhound smiled. "Oh don't worry so much about it, Jason. We are okay with the playtime you give us. Besides, we love you."

    The second Hellhound said, "When we finish, we will show you how a hound properly cleans themselves. You might actually enjoy it."

    A few hours later, after getting quite fat on mating fluids, the hound version of cleanup occurred which involving licking and sucking on each others tools and anuses. Jason got quite a buzz from the minor Secret Ingredient in their fluids, but it didn't cause him to forget who he was. And later came the birthing of the pups they had made with each other. What should have hurt a lot for a first timer, for reasons unknown didn't hurt a bit when he was with his two Hellhound friends.

    The first Hellhound said, "We will now teleport our pups off to the creche at the home pack grounds where they will grow up as all Hellhounds are prone to do. And then we will take a decent shower and get clean the normal way. We love you, Jason."

    Once they were all back in the showers again, the second Hellhound helped to wash Jason with the fur shampoo and hot water. "We have pack names, Jason. I am called Halofang and my brother is Randomfire, but he prefers to be called Randy. I often permit the shortened name of Halo. The two pack recruiters often change their names so as to hide their true identities. Meaning whatever they told you when you first met them is not their true names. But we love you and we want you to know who we really are."

    Jason hugged the two Hellhounds. "Halo and Randy. I think I can remember that. And thanks for the educational playtime. I had a lot of fun."

    Randy smiled. "I am glad you are accepting us, Jason. Now for the really good news; as long as you give pups to the Hellhound pack at least once a year, you don't have to join the pack; you can stay yourself and remain topside."

    The boy in hound form kissed Randy on the muzzle for telling him the good news. "I really love you guys now that you have told me that part."

    After the three were all cleaned up, Jason resumed his human form and then he looked over his homework one more time to make sure he had done all of it. "Good, I am all caught up with my Heroton homework. I just hope Ace doesn't get in trouble for having me enroll in Myths before I have actually graduated high school." Halo remarked, "That was a rather dumb rule that was in place on QC Planet, but on CAMP World, Ace abolished the old rule making it so long as you had sponsor consent, you could enroll legally no matter what your age was." And then the Hellhound gave Jason a lick on his face. "Perhaps you should see about getting home so they don't sent the cavalry after you."
    End of Chapter Two