NTS-HD-10 Night Time and Night Time Again
By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
October 3rd, 2020

Chapter Ninety-One

As I was getting fitted into my wedding tuxedo, my Big Brother was suddenly right there to one side of me. He always freaked me out when he would just pop in like this out of nowhere. It must have been business since he was wearing his Steel Prince Time Shaman uniform. "What's up, Timesy?"

The Care Bear legacy tiger replied in a voice I had not heard from him before. It was deep and frightening. "I am making use of Timesheart's body at the moment to send you a warning, Night the Superdog. A few moments ago, there was a massive time quake that went off and it shook every time period except the one you are in. When I asked my time viewer to show me the epicenter of the time quake, it showed me your getting into this Tuxedo in preparation for a wedding that is not in the time records. Someone has manipulated your getting in trouble with Power Dog as a means of changing history. Will you do the right thing in stopping this time crime or will you ignore this warning and father a son whom will have no powers at all?"

I then asked, "Whom are you that you so easily make use my big brother Timesy?"

"I am Tennessee Queen, the head of Time Authority at the end of time. Several history books involving you, Night, are slowly fading away. Either repair the damages to time or lose everything you have ever worked toward to make life better for everyone. This could result in restoring MIT, the old Hero and Villain Union, as well as ruining both Ace the Bat Hound and Krypto the Super Dog from ever being successful in their lives. Will you be a real hero, Night, or is this all a game for you?"

At that moment, what appeared to be another version of myself stood between Timesy and myself as he growled, "I'll handle this COME dupe, Night! You get to your wedding!"

I almost flew out the door except something didn't seem quite right about this whole arrangement. So I stopped at the door and I shouted, "All-Stars Burning Bright..."

All around my location, Captain Rabbit, along with his team, as well as the full membership of the All-Stars appeared in the closed quarters space with me as they finished the shout, "...All-Stars Shine Forever!" And as I suspected, neither my duplicate nor the Timesheart fake bothered to give the shout. Not to mention, my big brother was in his own tuxedo. I then quickly explained to the heroes what these two fakes had said and done before I chose to summon them to my dressing room.

The real Timesheart then pulled an empty scotch bottle with cork out of his fur pocket. "Lets see if my fake is as sensitive as I am!" And he pulled the cork out of the bottle with a loud POP sound! Grams Bear, Trueheart, and Nobleheart all appeared in the closed space! The fakes never flinched at all as they continued to fight each other.

The story was then repeated for the newly arrived but when I tried to mention the part about my duplicate, my words came out garbled. However, Tennessee's words were as clear as day. Trueheart then said, "Tennessee Queen told you the truth, Harold. As for the Timesy body he is making use of, it is simply another one of Timesy's bodies from one of the other time periods. Therefore, his warning that Power Dog manipulated you was indeed a time crime. Not to mention, your birthing River now is actually too early for him to be the same age for which your meeting him later would be. He stated that he spent his first six years on Lord Murphy's world, then the following six were spent on Jules' world. From age thirteen onward, he was on Toonscape, where you met him at. Before he was born, his version of Studio City was hit by the Anti-Canine movement to get canines out of the starring roles of TV shows. This movement killed Krypto's show entirely as well as your own show and Ace's college documentary series. Canines could not find work anywhere while the movement was active. It was only after the move to Toonscape when Canines were allowed to work once again. Here in our world, the Anti-Canine movement has not occurred as yet, therefore, until it does, you should not be forcing a marriage nor a child birthing. So yes, they tricked you into performing a time crime."

Now I was growling. I had suspected that Power Dog's interrupting my date with Gerard Prince seemed a little suspicious since on any other evening, she would have been seeing to Warpdrive's needs at her place. "So how do we fix this time crime? Power Dog interrupting my date was definitely manipulated since on any other night, she would have been helping Warpdrive at her own estate."

I then said out loud, "Whom all is game for a time fix? I know how much you caring cousins hate wearing tuxes." Timesheart, Lighty, Captain Rabbit and Warpdrive all volunteered since I was the victim in this time crime. Tennessee had said that history books containing information about myself were fading out of existence.

Briefly stopping to tell the minister that the wedding was cancelled, I and the heroes bolted out the door. My big brother then opened a door into the time stream and we all hopped through it. Timesheart directed us back to the night I had been on the date with Gerard Prince before Power Dog showed up. Arriving in the lobby of the restaurant, Lighty peaked around the corner and verified that I and Gerard were indeed still stationed at the dining table. Then we waited in the lobby. Momentarily, a man in purple robes arrived escorting what looked like Power Dog. He hadn't see the rest of us as yet. "Go inside and ask Night the Superdog to help you with a problem. I'll meet you later back at base." And before he could turn to leave, Lighty said, "With all of Pentad locked up in galactic prison, that is a nice disguise, COME agent! But this plot ends here and now!" And Lighty attacked the man in purple whom seemed to be trying to use a device to transport himself out of the lobby. Captain Rabbit transformed himself into a glowing dragon whom tail slapped the Power Dog fake through the restaurant doors into the open street beyond where she was hit by a delivery truck and knocked unconscious rendering her as being a fake Power Dog since the original would have survived the collision while the truck would have sustained damage. As like anything colliding with Superman. The Captain reverted himself back into his Dark Rabbit identity as he smiled at me and petted on my head. "See? I have a dark look too. Just call me Fu Inle. There's a dog loose in the wood!"

I had to giggled at Captain Rabbit's Watership Down reference.
End of Chapter Ninety-One