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NTS-HD-10 Night Time and Night Time Again

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    NTS-HD-10 Night Time and Night Time Again

    NTS-HD-10 Night Time and Night Time Again
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    October 3rd, 2020

    Chapter Ninety-One

    As I was getting fitted into my wedding tuxedo, my Big Brother was suddenly right there to one side of me. He always freaked me out when he would just pop in like this out of nowhere. It must have been business since he was wearing his Steel Prince Time Shaman uniform. "What's up, Timesy?"

    The Care Bear legacy tiger replied in a voice I had not heard from him before. It was deep and frightening. "I am making use of Timesheart's body at the moment to send you a warning, Night the Superdog. A few moments ago, there was a massive time quake that went off and it shook every time period except the one you are in. When I asked my time viewer to show me the epicenter of the time quake, it showed me your getting into this Tuxedo in preparation for a wedding that is not in the time records. Someone has manipulated your getting in trouble with Power Dog as a means of changing history. Will you do the right thing in stopping this time crime or will you ignore this warning and father a son whom will have no powers at all?"

    I then asked, "Whom are you that you so easily make use my big brother Timesy?"

    "I am Tennessee Queen, the head of Time Authority at the end of time. Several history books involving you, Night, are slowly fading away. Either repair the damages to time or lose everything you have ever worked toward to make life better for everyone. This could result in restoring MIT, the old Hero and Villain Union, as well as ruining both Ace the Bat Hound and Krypto the Super Dog from ever being successful in their lives. Will you be a real hero, Night, or is this all a game for you?"

    At that moment, what appeared to be another version of myself stood between Timesy and myself as he growled, "I'll handle this COME dupe, Night! You get to your wedding!"

    I almost flew out the door except something didn't seem quite right about this whole arrangement. So I stopped at the door and I shouted, "All-Stars Burning Bright..."

    All around my location, Captain Rabbit, along with his team, as well as the full membership of the All-Stars appeared in the closed quarters space with me as they finished the shout, "...All-Stars Shine Forever!" And as I suspected, neither my duplicate nor the Timesheart fake bothered to give the shout. Not to mention, my big brother was in his own tuxedo. I then quickly explained to the heroes what these two fakes had said and done before I chose to summon them to my dressing room.

    The real Timesheart then pulled an empty scotch bottle with cork out of his fur pocket. "Lets see if my fake is as sensitive as I am!" And he pulled the cork out of the bottle with a loud POP sound! Grams Bear, Trueheart, and Nobleheart all appeared in the closed space! The fakes never flinched at all as they continued to fight each other.

    The story was then repeated for the newly arrived but when I tried to mention the part about my duplicate, my words came out garbled. However, Tennessee's words were as clear as day. Trueheart then said, "Tennessee Queen told you the truth, Harold. As for the Timesy body he is making use of, it is simply another one of Timesy's bodies from one of the other time periods. Therefore, his warning that Power Dog manipulated you was indeed a time crime. Not to mention, your birthing River now is actually too early for him to be the same age for which your meeting him later would be. He stated that he spent his first six years on Lord Murphy's world, then the following six were spent on Jules' world. From age thirteen onward, he was on Toonscape, where you met him at. Before he was born, his version of Studio City was hit by the Anti-Canine movement to get canines out of the starring roles of TV shows. This movement killed Krypto's show entirely as well as your own show and Ace's college documentary series. Canines could not find work anywhere while the movement was active. It was only after the move to Toonscape when Canines were allowed to work once again. Here in our world, the Anti-Canine movement has not occurred as yet, therefore, until it does, you should not be forcing a marriage nor a child birthing. So yes, they tricked you into performing a time crime."

    Now I was growling. I had suspected that Power Dog's interrupting my date with Gerard Prince seemed a little suspicious since on any other evening, she would have been seeing to Warpdrive's needs at her place. "So how do we fix this time crime? Power Dog interrupting my date was definitely manipulated since on any other night, she would have been helping Warpdrive at her own estate."

    I then said out loud, "Whom all is game for a time fix? I know how much you caring cousins hate wearing tuxes." Timesheart, Lighty, Captain Rabbit and Warpdrive all volunteered since I was the victim in this time crime. Tennessee had said that history books containing information about myself were fading out of existence.

    Briefly stopping to tell the minister that the wedding was cancelled, I and the heroes bolted out the door. My big brother then opened a door into the time stream and we all hopped through it. Timesheart directed us back to the night I had been on the date with Gerard Prince before Power Dog showed up. Arriving in the lobby of the restaurant, Lighty peaked around the corner and verified that I and Gerard were indeed still stationed at the dining table. Then we waited in the lobby. Momentarily, a man in purple robes arrived escorting what looked like Power Dog. He hadn't see the rest of us as yet. "Go inside and ask Night the Superdog to help you with a problem. I'll meet you later back at base." And before he could turn to leave, Lighty said, "With all of Pentad locked up in galactic prison, that is a nice disguise, COME agent! But this plot ends here and now!" And Lighty attacked the man in purple whom seemed to be trying to use a device to transport himself out of the lobby. Captain Rabbit transformed himself into a glowing dragon whom tail slapped the Power Dog fake through the restaurant doors into the open street beyond where she was hit by a delivery truck and knocked unconscious rendering her as being a fake Power Dog since the original would have survived the collision while the truck would have sustained damage. As like anything colliding with Superman. The Captain reverted himself back into his Dark Rabbit identity as he smiled at me and petted on my head. "See? I have a dark look too. Just call me Fu Inle. There's a dog loose in the wood!"

    I had to giggled at Captain Rabbit's Watership Down reference.
    End of Chapter Ninety-One

    Chapter Ninety-Two
    I woke the next morning within my own bed at the Super Tower apartment with the feeling of three people with hands gently petting all over my body in a polite way. When I opened my eyes, I couldn't help but to smile since I knew the three people. Gerard Prince (Captain Rabbit,) Joey Williams (Supermouse) and Tristan Meyer (Pantheon.) Apparently they came to visit me to calm me down after our last adventure. Sure am glad I didn't really make it with Power Dog.

    "Did we fix time, colleagues?" I asked with a sensual feeling from the petting.

    Gerard said, "Timesheart told me that all damages seem to have been undone. Our team deals with time criminals all the time, pardon the pun."

    Joey said, "Ace suggested that it might be a good idea if I educated you in law enforcement, Night."

    Tristan said, "Just getting to spend a day with you makes me happy, Night."

    Gerard said, "I prepared a good breakfast for you, Harold. I hope you like it. My pancakes are probably not as good as Rudolph's, but I did my best. You need to eat so you have energy later. At least you're caught up on your MYTHS homework."

    I asked, "Do you have a canine form, Gerard?"

    Gerard grinned. "I have a ton of animal forms. My moon fox form turns divine canines on which is sometimes embarrassing. I assume you want to play with my fox."

    "I'm all caught up on my stuff and I feel frisky."

    "Eat first and then I'll romp with you. I almost had Ace make a mess one night. His rogue's gallery were laughing."

    I then stopped as I noted something off about Captain Rabbit. "Not to be rude, Captain, but I am detecting a rather pungent odor coming from your rabbit fur. Is this some sort of on-going issue you are having?"

    Captain Rabbit sighed as Supermouse stated, "I tried to tell him about this the last time I teamed up with him. He's gone to the Yuskay Groomers about this and despite their best cleaning efforts, the smell keeps coming back."

    I remarked, "Then it must be internal. Or you simply need to be dipped in either a professional solution that Superman has at the Fortress of Solitude or even to have a dedicated Angel Hound perform a Celestial cleansing of your entire infrastructure."

    Captain Rabbit said, "If that is the case, then I do have an angel hound ally in another dimension I can ask for help from and see if that fixes my current problem. I need to take a rain check on playing with you until I can rid myself of Shit-Ball Rabbit."

    I smiled. "You go get cleaned up, then I will show your fox a good time." I then focused on eating my breakfast.

    Captain Rabbit then activated his communications bracer and he said, "001 heading off to speak to our ally Halofang in EF-11; be back soon." And then the Captain struck a pose and activated his dimensional transporter ability making himself vanish from the room.

    One sniff of the rabbit's pancakes and I pushed them away from myself. "I hope he gets that problem fixed soon. His poopy smell was transferred to the pancakes. I cannot eat that. No offense to his best effort, I need a real meal. Let's go down to one of my favorite restaurants and let a professional make breakfast for us."

    Within the professional restaurant, I sat in a chair at a table with Joey and Tristan. "Whatever happened with Captain Rabbit going off with King Kazma?"

    Supermouse remarked, "That was the plan until Kazma had a falling out with the good captain. When he laid out his plans to create his own world which would have no Toonium within it at all, he told Captain Rabbit that all formerly empowered people would have to be stripped down to nothing and undergo a re-empowerment under the empowerment experts of his choice; then he said that all potential heroes and superheroes would have to attend his law enforcement college along side the rest of his rabbit soldiers, as, get this... rabbits themselves. They could not be their original species until graduation. Cap said that sounded too much like the old Cat Lord plots; Kazma exploded."

    "Eagle Lord told Kazma that he would go furry for no one. He was a Sh'makin first and foremost. Take it or leave it. Kazma told the All-Stars and Justice Force that they would never be allowed on his world unless they agreed to his terms. So Captain Rabbit told Kazma to take a hike off a short pier. Then the horse no one really likes told Kazma that acting like Lord Albert Atticus only made himself look as guilty as the cat himself. Clean up your act or no one will want to go to your world."

    Supermouse then said, "After Kazma left to work on his world, Pardusius, Amaterasu and Purzo told us that they were also planning a new world separate from QC Planet. We will be moving there, soon. Therefore, you will need your energy to help gather everyone together for the transfer to the campground planet that they are offering. QC has been nothing but trouble for not only you, Night, but for me and my team, as well as Captain Rabbit's team and allies."

    I chuckled. "With the Toonium fumes destroying Amaterasu's dresses, I can see why a new world is attractive."
    End of Chapter Ninety-Two


      Chapter Ninety-Three
      Cartoon Anime Motion Picture [CAMP] World

      "Thinking about planning a family vacation but the prices are out of this world? Why not go camping instead and save money at the same time? Welcome to Camp World, the mecca for Cartoons, Anime and Motion Picture stars and their families. Now you can visit the actual locales you would normally only see in television shows while enjoying an affordable vacation at the same time. Ask our Realtors about our real estate program for purchasing permanent vacation and retirement residences on planet. Accept no imitations! Only authorized Camp Realtors should be spoken to when planning to acquire a local home. Our prices will make you think you went back in time to the golden age of cartoons and anime when television was worth watching. Camp World is now open. For more information, visit our web site at the following address or call one of our Camp Realtors at the following toll free numbers."

      Safety Inspection Transportal Station; Planet Earth

      General Osric Sloan and the famed Granny Zee Switcher were manning the entry portal in Central Park of New York City on the opening day of the new animated world. Former QC residents were having to enter as if they were strangers via the all new SITS detoxification scanner. The Horse would be hating that! I stood with Krypto and Rudolph nervous as all get out. I knew the alarm would likely sound when I got scanned. But I steeled up for it and prepared to act like an adult for my five minutes of infamy.

      Gerard Klayton Prince and his team in their civilian identities were greeting Osric Sloan just ahead of where I stood with my sponsors. I hoped he got his issue fixed.

      After the Captain and his team went inside and no alarms sounded that I could hear, I led my group up to the transportal entry. "Harold Dangers also known as Night the Superdog; formerly of Cheer Bear's Sponsor Family program; current leader of the New Super Stars." I then glanced back at my team mates of Apollo, Arcana, Darcadia, Reliquary, Kangaroo King and Joey Boy, Warpdrive, Pharaoh and Egyptia. Osric said, "If you gained your powers by way of Toonium, simply say that up front to avoid any embarrassment. Otherwise, the alarms will go off like crazy in the normal scanning entrance portal." I replied, "There was Toonium involved in my origin, but not by choice. COME orchestrated my transformation for Shady Producers."

      Osric Sloan had me proceed in through the detox entry port and prepare to let the fine brushes and cleansers invade every part of my body. My team mates were all willing to enter where I was entering just so they could get the same treatment. I had a good team, in my opinion. I hoped that Darcadia and Reliquary didn't have too many issues putting Wolf Moon Bay back in order over in Camp World Germany. I had a world-wide team. I knew Kangaroo King would be getting the new Aussieland in order.

      This particular day was Toon Migration Day. Tourists would be permitted entry at the end of the week. As I emerged from my detox, some professional Angel Hounds of pure white fur wearing Hazmat Suits examined every inch of my body to make damned sure all Toonium had been removed. I had to ask, "Are you going to be doing this to the Yuskay Groomers and Arden's Pizza Hounds, too?" And the reply I got was, "They came through this morning without a whimper. The Groomers said that competition helps to keep businesses honest. And Arden agreed with them. We didn't get a single pollutant beep from any of them. Arden likes to keep his hounds super squeaky clean. Krypto could learn something from that bunch. I hope your sponsor father cooperates with the cleansing we were told to give him. Rumor is that he is the filthiest dog out there."

      I replied, "That's because of his love life. He has the lousiest taste in female dates. He has better luck with guys."

      That produced a humored pack chuckle.

      After detox, the next stop was quite crowded since it was the re-registration of all heroes and villains along with their claimed teams whom were going to be operating on the planet; no registration meant no authorized activity for anyone even if they had powers. Pardusius said that he would have no qualms about sending people back to Atticus' dirty sand box planet. "Obey our rules or get the fuck out!" Thus, everyone was getting signed up officially. They really smiled when they learned that there would be no renewal fees. The registration fee for the individual was all that was necessary. Forming teams would be free as long as the members were properly registered. The biggest gripe came from Justice Force when they were told that anyone whom had joined Cap's team could not be in Gerard's team since he was no longer Captain Rabbit.

      I was curious as to what the former captain was up to, but I needed to make sure my own team made it through processing. I knew Gerard was not happy with his less than enthusiastic (nor willing to participate) team mates. He once told me that animated prizes out of a Cracker Jacks box could do better than them especially since they wanted to embrace the formerly poopy rabbit hero. That was worse than embracing the Vagabond Hounds whom I hoped would be able to come to the new world. They were my unofficial pack. And you don't leave pack members behind no matter what. I suppose I would have to make special arrangements with Pardusius to get them over here. He helped me before.

      I decided to streamline the charter for the new Super Stars and during this transition seemed to be the perfect time to do it. Team members would now have access to 'Hiatus Status', which would permit them to take necessary vacations when they needed time away from everyone. Team members were permitted to be the leaders of their own teams if they so chose to have teams outside of the group itself. Those would be the only two new revisions. Otherwise, open membership was permissible as long as the incoming hero was NOT a former All-Star. No offense to my big brother and his friends, but we are not a club house of mystery solving detectives.​
      End of Chapter Ninety-Three


        Chapter Ninety-Four
        I went through Hell and back to be whom I became and I don't want the prime four screwing up my arrangement. Thankfully, Lighty wanted to shove his nose up Captain Poopy's ass. After the official re-registration and making arrangements for the Vagabond Hounds with Pardusius, I gathered my team and I informed them of the change in the team charter. Darcadia remarked, "I was sort of already doing the second part behind your back, Night. We fight the undead."

        I grinned. "I know, Darcadia, and I am not upset by your initiative. A team cannot be everywhere at once which is why I am opening this up to allow the rest of you the freedom to do these things without tripping on the old charter."

        Kangaroo King said, "Some other Aussie 'eroes were wanting me to 'elp them to establish a parliament of Outback 'eroes under my leadership. And yer change to the charter will allow me to actually 'elp them to get started. Thanks, mate. Yer a swell doggy."

        I blushed. "'eck, Ah just want yas blokes to be able to pursue yer own activities as yas did before joining my team." I chuckled before using my real voice again. "Sorry, my Aussie accent needs work. I still do all of that acting for the shows I signed up for. You guys just do whatever you want to do when you are not answering my team inquiries. Or personal inquiries. I am proud of each and every one of you."

        Across the registration chamber, my super hearing overheard Gerard's team getting a mite loud in regards to what he had told them earlier.

        Gerard said, "Okay guys! Let's hear this once and for all! Whom all is loyal to Captain Rabbit? Raise your hands if you want to support Captain Rabbit!"

        The Devil Kangaroo smartly kept his paw-hands down since he wanted to support Gerard, not the hero he became. But the others were not as smart as the roo. Hands went up from Jamie, Joanie, Lighty, Silver Shield and Rocket Rapier. The last two were former tire-kickers whom worked their asses off to prove themselves to Captain Rabbit. Gerard said toward the demon panther lord, "Pardusius! You saw what they did just now! You can bring him in now!" Then to his former team mates, he said, "There was a request to claim the Justice Force team title from another Captain Rabbit and he was waiting for the team title to become available. Since you just now admitted that you want to support Captain Rabbit, meet Benjamin "Bugs" Bonny, the Scottish Captain Rabbit. Ally to the Bunny Smugglers."

        In walked a Scottish looking human teenager with a smile. "Aye, me hearty adventurers!" He was of average height with a stocky rugged build and had brown eyes, short brown hair and ruddy skin. He was wearing his standard Highland farm clothes, a yellowed woven wool shirt, a plaid kilt and faded work boots. "And now for my rabbit!"

        Bugs struck his pose as he brought his fists over his chest to form the 'X' formation as he exclaimed, "Brigadoon!" A mighty flash of light empowered around his entire bodily outline as he transformed from his human identity into his lapine identity albeit still his armored uniform was that of a holy warrior of the Lapine Celestial Church. "Captain Rabbit! As you can see, I am the official Captain Rabbit and Gerard Prince is no longer challenging that role; so I get to keep my version of it. I am also claiming the Justice Force team title, with Gerard's blessing. Therefore, for those of you whom were going to be supporting me, my home base is on the Hub Star Port world of the Bunny Smugglers where I live with my mate.

        Gerard struck his starting pose and he shouted, "Justice Legacy Activate!" There came a magnificent explosion of cosmic galactic light. And when the light faded, standing where the human had been was an anthropomorphic rabbit in Celestial White with an extra-special space aged armored uniform that looked oriental in design albeit made with Blue Silk, Gold and Silver Leaf as well as Reflec Crystal. "Representing all Lapines throughout Frontier! Celestial, Holy Warrior of the Galactic Lapine Church!"

        Gerard said, "The Cardinal Pack helped me to sort out my powers and to assist me in losing the shit-ball rabbit effect. Lord Warren extends his blessing to me and under this new guise, I aim to establish a new team of dedicated heroes one week from now. This will give the rest of you a chance to see how Captain Bugs Bonny Rabbit performs as the official captain you just said you wanted to support. I need to speak to Ace about getting a refresher course in Team Management before I make a new team."

        Joanie griped, "You tricked us again!"

        Gerard replied, "What part of whom all supports Captain Rabbit equated to whom all supports Gerard Prince?"

        Arnie Roo then said, "Even Ah caught on to what 'e was implying when 'e didn't use his real name in the inquiry. That's why Ah didn't raise my hands."

        Gerard said, "Give Bonny a chance before you do the one thing you swore you would never do... admit defeat and QUIT the Justice Force and stop supporting Captain Rabbit."

        He then added, "I've already informed the space pirate rabbits of my heroic identity change before we moved here. Captain Rabbit is a space hero; I'm not."

        Pardusius remarked, "Are you people going to give the new leader a chance or are you going to prove Gerard Prince right?"
        End of Chapter Ninety-Four


          Chapter Ninety-Five
          He then continued by saying, "I've watched your group for years and it seems to me that you don't really care about this boy at all! You are always in the action for yourselves! A bunch of selfish and greedy adventurers whom should never have been allowed away from your families!"

          I winced as I heard Pardusius say that about a Maverick group of heroes whom had been on QC planet longer than I had.

          I approached Celestial and I quietly asked, "Have your team really been leading up to this confrontation in public?"

          Celestial knelt down and said to me, "You heard their complaints before I asked whom all wanted to support the captain. Then when we brought out the new Captain Rabbit, you heard their added complaints on how I had tricked them. Only the truly loyal ones did not fall for the wording of my inquiry. Now they have to put up with the new Captain Rabbit or admit that they were simply around me to sabotage my efforts. Also, you heard what I said about waiting a week before forming my next team."

          He then smiled at me. "I still owe you a date."

          I had to smile along with him on that one. He remembered.

          We then became aware of Lighty walking over to have a word with Celestial.

          The now clean rabbit glanced at the horse. "What do you want?"

          Lighty asked, "How long do we have to put up with this latest indignity?"

          Celestial replied evenly, "You heard what I said publicly; Captain Rabbit will be leading the Justice Force for the time being. I need a refresher course in team management and that means my forming a new team won't occur for more than a week. Just show Bonny more respect than you guys had ever shown for me and prove that it is possible to work with the guy. If any of you want out of the Justice Force before a month passes, then isn't that the same as giving up. If I catch any of you slumming around where I am to be taking classes or practicing my heroics, then I will inform Pardusius and the others about how the former team members are harassing me. It isn't too late to have a court order drawn up against the tire kickers. I know Ace has to rebuild his schools over here, so I won't be in classes until he gets one of them ready."

          I then said, "I was attending Marshal classes at Myths simply to have the peace of mind away from the Shady Producers. But in this new world, I might be at the same school as Celestial. I know Ace doesn't want troublesome team members teaching or attending his schools here on Camp World, so you might be out of job, Lighty, if you intend to keep teaching and be in a team at the same time. Ace is going to be demanding you do one or the other; but not both at the same time."

          Celestial said, "So as a teacher, he has a permanent job, but the moment he wants to join a team, he is fired."

          I nodded my muzzle. "That's what Ace was implying during his packing up of his belongings. You'd have to take it up with him."

          Celestial said, "No offense intended, but I would not want to attend a college that Lighty taught classes at. I would have to get a court order then."

          Batman Prime then approached Celestial. "The trinity were speaking to Supermouse earlier, Celestial. We came up with a suggestion that Pardusius and Amaterasu are agreeing with. In order to be an up and up public hero group, as like Superman represents, not only do you have to be unionized, but be filming a team show. To be non-unionized, as is the case with myself and most of the other Marvel City heroes, you can opt out of having your own show, yet guest star in someone else's show. I do this often with Superman; although I do have my own show under duress; I've never liked having one. Also, you must have more than one named arch enemy whom can be verified at the start of your career. Look at my rogues gallery if you need a hint. Magical and Divine heroes fall under Wonder Woman's faction which involve magic and the gods. However, there is a new city being built in Camp World's Connecticut region. Carnival Country is what it's being called. It's to be the Carnival Comics sponsored zone. Anthropomorphic heroes. To perform in that area, you have to have a Furry Hero identity; human citizens are not allowed."

          Celestial remarked, "That's going to flop. A Toonmaster's zone under another name won't work."

          I then added, "You'd have competition then, Batman. Flittermouse, the cranky bat on PMS, would be allowed there."

          Celestial said, "Sadly, he isn't kidding."

          Batman made a face when he remembered his female anthropomorphic counterpart.
          End of Chapter Ninety-Five