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NTS-HD-10 Raising a River

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  • NTS-HD-10 Raising a River

    NTS-HD-10 Raising a River
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle
    March 7th, 2019

    Chapter Ninety-One
    When the clock on the wall reached the top of the hour, Gerard Blank suddenly felt the sharp knife sensation exactly as Night had described it. "OW! Man... you weren't kidding, Harold... that stings worse than bees."

    Rudolph and Krypto looked toward Gerard's backside and sure enough, there were two fox tails sticking out of Gerard Blank's backside. "Well, it has begun," said Rudolph.

    I said, "We will all help you throughout the transformation process. The final changes are so mind-wiping, you will likely lose consciousness. I did and you likely will too. I am so sorry you are experiencing this, Gerard."

    Rudolph then said, "There is no reason for all of us to remain up here to monitor Gerard's transformation. With Charlie and Itchy present, I think I can keep an eye on Gerard until his changes completely end. You two have schedules to attend to. I will contact you both when his changes reach their ultimate end."

    Krypto and I left the hospital reluctantly but they knew Rudolph was right. We both had job schedules to fulfill.

    One week later, while Krypto was off in space with Superman, I got the important call. "Night! Gerard's transformation ended and he went into labor! Come quick!"

    When I burst into the hospital room, I immediately growled when I saw all of the major Death entities lined up and waiting to one side of the room. The main Death had his book open. I growled, "No! I won't let you take him! Stay away or else I will call the Horse myself!"

    The other deaths all said in unison. "Only the living know fear!"

    The main Death said, "Had Gerard stayed human, he would have lived. Now, when he gives birth, Gerard dies. You can only save one, Night. Which will it be?"

    I hated being in this situation. "Please permit me to say goodbye to him properly."

    "We can give you that time. Not even the Angel dogs can prolong his life in this, Night. They were called back to Heaven."

    I faced Gerard Blank's Moon Fox form on the bed and I shifted into my humanoid black lab identity as I lay one paw-hand upon Gerard's forehead. And then I began to sing in latin, "Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation; Darkness stirs and wakes imagination; Silently the senses abandon their defenses; Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor; Grasp it, sense it tremulous and tender; Turn your face away from the garish light of day; Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light; And listen to the music of the night! Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams; Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before; Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar; And you'll live as you've never lived before! Softly, deftly music shall caress you; Hear it, feel it secretly possess you; Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind; In this darkness that you know you cannot fight; The darkness of the music of the night! Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world; Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before; Let your soul take you where you long to be; Only then can you belong to me; Floating, falling sweet intoxication; Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation; Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in; To the power of the music that I write; The power of the music of the night! You alone can make my song take flight; Help me make the music of the night!" Then with an unspoken wish in my heart, I said, Timesy, don't let this be my World Without Time. All-Stars Burning Bright-!

    Timesheart Tiger, Dalis Hailey, Miyuki Tsukino and Lightstrike Cavanaugh instantly appeared in the room facing the Deaths without warning as they finished the phrase aloud. "...All-Stars Shine Forever!" Directly on the other side of the bed appeared Arthurheart Lupin the anthro blue furred wolf holding his time Medallion which he pressed against Gerard's body which caused his death timer to simply stop! "Get rid of the deaths, guys! I have the timer stopped!" Then he whispered, "You come with me, Night. Hang on to Gerard; here we go..."

    The hospital faded away and although one death tried to follow them, that Death landed in the holy light of Lady Amaterasu's bathing chamber and worse, she was in there bathing. "HOW DARE YOU!" That Death's fate will not be revealed. Nor will what happened to the other three.

    Arthurheart Lupin and I arrived in the Yuskay Groomers where the Hellhound groomers had a second Gerard Prince body laying out on a side table resting peacefully. The head groomer said, "Game Master Zecma helped us to arrange this little miracle. We are going to transfer the unborn life directly over into the new body along with all of Gerard's memories of his mating with you, Night. Then we are going to implant a stillborn into Gerard's old body and then Arthurheart will reactivate the Death timer and then we will send the dying body back to the hospital room where we will exchange the All-Stars with the returned body. When Gerard's old body gives birth to a stillborn and dies at the same time; that should fulfill Death's entry in the book of life. We will then assist Gerard with his labor at this location. We already summoned Rudolph and the Angel Dogs back from where they had been falsely called away to in an attempt to prevent them from interfering with Gerard's death. When Lighty sees the bad boy maneuver we pulled to save the boy, he will instantly calm down."

    I remarked, "I sure am glad you are allied to Gerard. I love him. We were going to have you guys remove the infection from Gerard's Power Well that I accidentally gave him when I got him pregnant but Gerard told me that you wouldn't help while he was pregnant."
    End of Chapter Ninety-One

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    Chapter Ninety-Two
    The Head Hellhound Groomer said, "If that were true, Harold, then you guys would not be here now. We also love him."

    The labor and stillborn implant along with Memory transfers were then accomplished as they sent the dying body back to the hospital. When the All-Stars arrived in the chamber, the Head Groomer noticed that Lightstrike was unconscious on the floor. "What happened to him, Timesy?"

    The caring tiger legacy of time replied, "He almost told the Deaths about the trick we were conducting and I hit Lighty with a knock-out pulse moments before you summoned us."

    Miyuki said, "After all of our adventures and he still has problems with blabbing the secret plans to the bad guys without realizing he is doing it. If Timesy had not hit him with a time pulse, Lighty would be a fire toad right now."

    Dalis said, "Head Groomer, I need to use your memory monitor for a moment to bring up an image I stole a look at during the fight without the Deaths knowing that I looked in the book of life. May I use it, please?" The Head Groomer said, "Since you are conducting an All-Stars mission, the answer is yes."

    Timesy and Dalis went over to the monitor while Miyuki and Arthurheart slowly woke Lighty from his induced time-out nap. Rudolph, Krypto, Superman, Joanie Zamak, Jamie Zamak and Jawl Zamak arrived in the room next. They had come with Batman, Bat Hound, Wonder Woman, Covert Fox, Charlie Barken and his pal Itchy.

    Superman exclaimed, "The emergency call to get Krypto and me into space was falsified so someone could do something underhanded while we were off planet."

    To the side while the Yuskay Groomers were working, Timesheart exclaimed, "Ah ha! Good work, Dalis!" They then projected the two page spread from the book of life had been opened to and using an instructor's pointer, Timesheart pointed toward the entry where the Main Death's bony finger had been pointing to. "The name is not Gerard Klayton Prince. In fact Gerard's name does not appear anywhere on either page. The Main Death is pointing at someone named Lord Dregarr Sluttius! Apparently, Lord Dregarr lost his body within the last few weeks and the Deaths assumed wrongly that he had occupied Gerard's body during his coma on Earth."

    The Head Groomer said, "Lord Dregarr is a sex inducing incubi who originally created Sluttium. His power is to cause his sex partner to get him pregnant while thinking that the victim had been in either rut or heat. He was going to use the newborn to occupy himself so he could live on after the host body died." Miyuki grinned. "So all Dregarr is about to do is possess a stillborn." The Head Groomer replied, "That would be correct. And once he is in the new female body, he cannot reverse it, so he (I mean she) will die anyway. So no, Timesy, they did not assume wrongly. But they didn't want Dregarr to get away again."

    Lighty calmly said, "So he was the one who got Wepwawet and I in trouble with our firstborns. The shallow cunt deserves to die. If he gets away from the Deaths, I will hunt him down myself. Now that I know his name I cannot fail."

    The Head Groomer then said, "After Gerard gives birth, we will proceed with cleaning up his Power Well and clean out any leftover possession strings. Fortifying the fortress will have extra meaning for Gerard's living body and powers. However, Night... Gerard did offer to marry you for the child's sake."

    I then asked, "What color is the child's fur, Head Groomer? There is an important reason I am asking; I gave my word to someone in another dimension some time ago."

    One of the groomers assisting with the birthing said, "So far, the male pup has dark navy blue fur. We are already detecting that the boy will be empowered naturally. When we x-rayed the womb as well as the pup's closed eyes, we learned that he has ice blue eyes. How is this important to you, Night?"

    I grinned. "I knew I could never do something like this with Damien Cedalia aka Apollo the Wonder Dog. So that marks Gerard as the mother and Damien filling in part time as the godmother figure when Gerard is off fulfilling other duties. My pup's name is to be... Hudson Hoover Dangers, also known as River the Superdog."

    Gerard moaned as he rasped between pushes, "A... fine... name..., love...!" Another groomer said, "He is almost free, Gerard! Take a deep breath and push one more time!" And with the last push, out popped a very adorably cute dark blue male pup with his eyes still closed as the groomers permitted both Night and Gerard to lick the pup clean.

    Joanie and Jamie had to hold Jawl back since they could tell that he wanted to hug the newborn pup without permission. Leon and Rianne Prince entered the groomers at that moment; Leon handed the Head Groomer a prepared birth certificate with the correct date of the pup's birth in QC Planet local time.

    The Head Groomer then filled in the rest of the information. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Prince. You are both grandparents. Hudson Hoover Dangers was born canine, but once he learns how to assume his human form, he will be able to attend school normally. Your son Gerard wants to marry Harold Dangers so the pup has both parents. Will you give your consent or will they have to elope?" Rianne spoke up without coaxing. "I am not going to be a shallow cunt like my mother was to us kids. If Gerard wants to marry Harold Dangers, then I approve; Two Hunter pack children joined to make a child thus making the joined family lines stronger."
    End of Chapter Ninety-Two


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      Chapter Ninety-Three

      Gerard grinned. "That means W.W.N.N. is also a grandparent. How old is he getting?" He giggled.

      I sat to one side writing out a toon note. Dear Hudson of Toonscape, leader of the Rebels, I just fathered our counterpart of you and he looks just like you. Now for the surprise, Damien is not the mother. Gerard Prince aka Moon Fox and Captain Rabbit is. You guys can stay in Talisman city if you want, but with the passing of this event, you officially exist in this universe now. Gerard and I will be conducting the wedding ceremony soon. Timesheart Tiger and Champion Pony will be getting married the same day. Two weddings in one. The Rebels are invited. Enclosed is a baby picture of newborn Hudson. No, he has not opened his eyes yet. Thanks to a wish that Thundermutt made recently before this event happened, both Gerard and baby Hudson are perfectly healthy as I will be for a month. Signed, your foster father of choice, Harold Dangers, aka Night the Super Dog of QC Planet. He then paper-clipped the baby pup picture to the toon note and held it up in the air. "Toon Mail to Talisman City!" POOF!

      Gerard now said, "Joanie, Mom? I need an instructional in bathing our pup safely. We really don't want non-family members imprinting on our child."

      Rianne said, "There is an ancient Werewolf care-taking rule that all werewolf families obey. If someone imprints on your child, you either have to scrub the stranger's scent off of the child or you have to kill the pup yourselves as if it was poisoned with the plague. And then, you have to slay the imprinter no matter how young they are. Joanie, you and Jamie were wise in holding your brother back so he didn't accidentally perform this pack taboo and earn the title of Murderous Assassin and Public Enemy Number One."

      Joanie paled at the description of dealing with someone who imprints on an under-aged pup the way Jawl was fond of doing with the Baron's wolves in Germany. "Although that seems a bit extreme, Mrs. Prince. The Baron informed Jawl that it was okay to hug a pup."

      Rianne then glared Ice Daggers at Jawl. "Did he say it exactly like that or did he imply that you needed the parent wolves permission first and you would have to agree to have your human scent rubbed off of your body? Nasty ways of packs in Europe is to Slime the human in liquid wolf manure until you cannot smell the human's scent anymore. This includes throughout your hair. And while you are with the pack, you are not allowed to wash yourself."

      Jawl blushed as he trembled. "You are right, it is just that I am so infatuated with adorable canine puppies and marsupials that I often forget the rules. I am sorry if I look like I mean the pup harm."

      Rianne took on a more calm composure at that point. "See? That wasn't so hard. The main rule between the Barons pups and normal Werewolf pups is that the Baron's pups are generally only seen after they have learned how to change forms. And... the Baron's young were-pups are immortal. They can infect as if they were the alpha; by accident. In Night and Moon Fox's case, their pup is the mix between a holy knight, my husband's side of the family and two separate werewolf clans. The very dangerous Lombards who could easily take over W.W.N.N.'s job, except Armchair doesn't want it. And the Dangers line that produces the Wolves With No Name. When Young Hudson learns how to change into his human form, he can make all the friends his own age that he wants. And after he learns the transformation lesson, he can permit you to hug him with the parent's permission. If you accidentally break the rule before hand; the next time you arrive to visit Hudson, you will only find a tombstone. 'Here lies Hudson Hoover Dangers, slain by that anti-werewolf assassin, Jawl Zamak, an evil human who tricked even the Baron into a false friendship'. And then, the parents would want to kill you every time you were near their home. I can see you don't want to be the cause of getting a pup killed. You cannot treat a werewolf pup like a feral wilder. There are rules."

      Rianne then turned her attention to teach Gerard how to clean the pup with a warm soapy sponge at first. "...and do not let him chew on the sponge. You don't want him blowing bubbles out his ass in rebellion against you and Night. Your sister Lupa-Vega was all the time doing that. She thought it was funny." Gerard said, "You are making this sound like I will have to ween my pup." Rianne smiled. "No problem for Moon Fox. Remember all those times you laughed at Lighty for having to go feed his brood. This is your first one. A little easier to feed although earlier on, Hudson has to sleep with you and Harold so he doesn't get scared at night. This will last until he learns how to assume his human form."

      I was now making the house arrangements with Superman and Krypto. A two-level penthouse in Bunny Town's Hound Hollow. "The top floor is for Arnold Domingo and that floor will be a single unit apartment. Although Arnold will be permitted to have dinner with us on the bottom floor of the penthouse. The rest of the penthouse will be for our family. Much like Krypto and Rudolph's home minus the top floor apartment. A magical shortcut will be arranged later between my penthouse apartment in the Super Towers and the new house in Hound Hollow."

      Ace then said, "So that is where you will be. One of my patrols with Robbie goes through Hound Hollow. Although you will likely see Angel more than me out there. Sometimes I bring other Super Pets with me on that patrol when they have time."

      After the Power Well cleansing and the family is given a clean bill of health from the Yuskay Groomers. Gerard and I went and picked up Arnold for the trip to the new living quarters in Hound Hollow. Another difference for mine and Gerard's home was that unlike Krypto and Rudolph's home which faced North, our home faced South. In other words, we were going to live on the North Side. Bunny Town's Hound Hollow was a small suburb dedicated to toon feral canines of all walks of life.
      End of Chapter Ninety-Three