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NTS-HD-09 The Night Before Christmas

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    NTS-HD-09 The Night Before Christmas

    NTS-HD-09 The Night Before Christmas
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle
    March 5th, 2019

    Chapter Eighty-One
    Mid-December in Meta-Star City. Sitting in the warmth of my penthouse apartment, I watched the snow falling from the sky in the darkness of the night. No, I don't have doggy dandruff. I still hadn't gotten over the idea that I had killed someone on Earth; never mind the fact that the rotten prick of a werewolf had cheated by using spells. I was letting him use his teleportation, but to use a sight spell to counteract a power I had naturally during the challenge was too much.

    Earlier I had worked on my MYTHS homework. Every time I think I am getting caught up, something happens to make me fall way behind. At least Ace is being understanding about this whole shile of pit. He told me that he was dating someone nice. Aside from that, he wouldn't tell me who it was. Only that his date rubs a doggy in all the right ways. And worse, Ace was smiling when he said that. I don't know what's getting into him. I'm just glad Krypto and Rudolph aren't like that.

    Currently I was writing up the newest script for my TV series. Yes, I had finally bitten the bullet and was actually writing my own material. I had the license so I had best make use of it. Writing up lines for yourself is one thing, but writing up lines for every member of your show is very tiring. Especially when you have to clear the draft version with every star in the series. No one said it would be easy; now I know why Krypto never writes his show scripts himself.

    But my winter's eve was about to get a little interesting. As I said, just as I start to get ahead on my homework, something unexpected crops up and well... there you are.

    "A fine thing ye be doing on such a brisk winter's even, Harold, but perhaps ye wouldn't mind helping out an elf with an important job, yes?" Standing there on the frozen water of my penthouse swimming pool was a small slender three foot tall elf wearing blue and white clothes.

    I grinned when I saw him. "Jack Frost." I got up as I closed my text book and padded over to look at him. Yes, I was in my full quadrupedic canine form. "What brings you to my warm hideaway? Nothing in here but a dog who is behind on his MYTHS homework. What's the job?"

    He popped a doggy treat into my muzzle and then he petted me on the head. "Normally I would get your sponsor dad to help me except he is off planet with Superman again. So according to the union records, its either you or your cousin River. And you need more air time. So how about it? Help a cute elf create some drafts, snow in places that need it, and necessary ice covering waterways in danger of missing a good skating surface?"

    I probably would have helped him without his bribing me with this candied doggy treat. But that treat was GOOD! "Okay, Jack. You got yourself a super dog of the night fantastic. Where to first?" I opened the terrace doors and stepped out into the snow that was piling up there. "A little cold on my tootsies but I'm game for a flight."

    The flight through the snow covered city and around the waterways of the Meta Star City canals went as expected... at first. But as we began to use my super cold breath to freeze a flow of water sitting all over one street, a blast of heat vision fired down through the clouds and began to melt the very ice that I was creating. Of course Jack Frost urged me to refreeze it since the poor boys and girls would be so sad if I didn't. And in the midst of my doing this, a second heat ray fired down from the clouds as both Krypto and Superman came into view as the owners of the ice melting heat vision strikes. When I saw the two of them, I turned to look at Jack Frost with a look of shock.

    "Jack! What's going-" but before I could finish my statement, the cute elf was no longer there. Floating in mid air in his place was none other than that mischievous imp from the 5th dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk. "YOU! You tricked me!" And that was when the laughing imp saw my eyes change from their usual color to that eerie phosphorescent purple as my voice deepened and the surroundings became cloaked in that inky black fog which seemed to prevent the imp from leaving. "Unlike Krypto... I have no qualms about killing you!"

    The spooky voice strikes again. Gods, I love using that voice. One of the advantages of joining the Archon Pact Commander's faction. I get to use ALL of my formerly owned powers... well, the ones I want to use. Darcadia can keep the blood draining ability. That even creeped me out to the degree of making me sick.

    The imp from the 5th dimension was heard filling his shorts loudly as he screamed for help. Ironically, he actually yelled for Superman to save him. Oh the irony. Hee hee.

    Then I set off my Hell fire effect and that did not improve the situation within the black fog. Fortunately, the man of steel grabbed Mxyzptlk while Krypto slapped a paw over my flaming eyes. Of course he yelped when his paw struck my magical flames; I quickly doused the fire to prevent more unintentional pain. "I'm sorry, dad!" And instantly the sky was back to its snow falling normal state as all of the inky fog vanished. "Are you hurt?"

    Krypto was wincing and trying hard not to whine. Magical flame was the one flame that could hurt the entire Super Family and I had access to it. "I'll... I'll... owowowow! I'm not mad at you, Harold. That imp brings out the bad in anyone who deals with him. Help me back to your penthouse apartment... quick. I need to soak my paw in an anti-magical solution. Rudolph knows how to make the stuff. Ow ow ow..." The last was more painful since he had tears in his eyes.

    Okay, now I felt bad about this situation; I hurt my Sponsor Dad. And I actually love him. I escorted him back to my sky rise apartment where I called Rudolph on my communicator and asked him to quickly bring the goods for making the anti-magical solution. He arrived pretty fast after that. I stayed out of the way as I watched my Sponsor Mom doctor up Krypto's paw. I was upset over being tricked like that and I was upset that I hurt my dad. I hung my head as I awaited to be spoken to.
    End of Chapter Eighty-One

    Chapter Eighty-Two

    Some time later, Rudolph came over to me and held me gently. "We're past the danger zone now, Harold. The anti-magical solution that Mrs. Claus taught me how to make worked well as usual. I know you are feeling bad over accidentally hurting Krypto's paw but it wasn't your fault. He should have remembered that your Hell flames were magical. Come on, I'll make us some pancakes. They always cheered you up when you lived at home with Krypto and I. We still love you, Harold."

    "Can I... I mean, may I watch to see how you do it this time?" I still felt bad but I was hopeful for learning Rudolph's secret for how he could make pancakes without hands.

    And that was the day that I learned that Rudolph could transform into a humanoid reindeer. The costumed armor he was wearing looked pretty damned important. Rudolph told me it was the uniform of the Reindeer Warriors. And to think that my Yummy reindeer form was pretty darned impressive. Rudolph out-shined me yet again. But he is sponsored by Aurora so it is to be expected that he would be shinier.

    Thankfully, the pancakes did cheer me up and we played a game of Sorry afterward. It was only appropriate since I felt that way. My next encounter with a superdog would surprisingly be with another human who was a fan of mine and he had underwent the human to canine transformation like I had. He was even the same species and color as me. But he was even more Southerner than I was. The main reason I had not learned about him was because Leviathan (remember him from Episode Three?) had him in his specialized Frontier based hero school which is nicknamed as ISHTAR. Whistleplix also works there which explains where the cute dormouse went.

    Back to working on my Myths homework, I became aware that I was being watched. When I lifted my head, I saw Ace the Bathound looking at me. "What do you want? I am trying to catch up on what I fell behind on."

    Ace said, "Someone important has asked for your presence at another school. Since they are a graduate of mine, I agreed that you should attend. They have a student who is about to graduate from a hero school in Frontier. You were busy with your events so that is why we didn't tell you about this. When you were missing for three years, a new canine hero wanted to use your name and they allowed him to use it as long as you didn't reappear. That is why we think you should meet Varick Sutton. He is a real Southerner as well as being another COME victim. Will you do this for good old Ace? I will personally help you get caught up on your homework."

    I had to smile at Ace. "What ever happened to your boyfriend?" I then closed my text book and put my homework on standby for the moment. "Okay, I'll go see this graduating canine. I guess I owe it to a new Night the Superdog. I suspect that COME knows not to target me anymore since we have High Command assisting us in locating their scummy butts."

    Ace rubbed a paw over the back of my head. "Krypto has been hurt by magic before, Harold. That is why you shouldn't blame yourself for an accident that he caused when he slapped his paw over your flaming eyes. He should have known better. He still loves you." He then giggled. "As for my boyfriend, his life is completely Hell on wheels. Yours is bad, but Captain Rabbit's life is far worse. Bad guys from the future won't leave him alone. Every time we think we have the boy in some protected area, they show up and invade the safety haven. We have no idea on why they are looking for him. If we knew and could stop it, then he could likely have a life of his own once again. He still likes you, Harold. You did help him to resolve his costume malfunction."

    I made a nasty face in memory of that day. "I shouldn't have stuck my paw up his butt like that while on a patrol. But he had no idea that his tail hole was exposed."

    Ace smiled. "He almost crashed when you did that and then he cried and you sat there with him holding him closely. He appreciates your honesty. He knows you like girls, although he is bisexual himself. The space rabbits think the universe of him. Now lets go to ISHTAR."

    Arriving at what looked like a Battlestar in space, there was a sign in lights just outside of the landing bay which read, ISHTAR, the Institute of Super Heroic Talents And Rules. There was a lower docking bay with a sign which read, Battlestar Pendragon. The place was literally two businesses in one. The top side was the designated hero school; the bottom side was the headquarters of the inter-galactic military. As Ace landed his Myths shuttle in the docking bay, I noticed Leviathan and Whistleplix waiting on us nearby.

    After the hatch of the shuttle opened, "Ace smiled. "Ah, Dean Leviathan. You look good. And good old Dorwin... You have been missed. We could have come through the school transporter but I wanted to show Harold the flight route for getting here."

    Leviathan gave Ace a hug before looking to me. But he refrained from giving me the strong hug since my Hell Hound power flared up in defense. "Calm down, Harold. When did you get that power? Last I recalled, you had the spooky black fog."

    I grinned at his comment. "Oh, I still have that power, but I have gone through a lot of powers since you have last seen me. I have Hell Hound powers mixed in with my super dog powers and my werewolf powers. When Ace told me of the request for me to come up here, I was trying to get caught up on my Myths homework which I am behind on, yet again."
    End of Chapter Eighty-Two


      Chapter Eighty-Three
      All of the students had returned from their R&R outings and learned of the results of Alexander Madison's (a male human psionic called The Puppeteer) situation and of the fake Alex and of the now newly met roommate. Everyone conveyed apologies to Alex although Salim Starmane (Tribunal Equinox) felt that since he had angered Alex the most, he made the decision to withdraw his registration from Ishtar, for now... and perhaps re-apply at a later date. And so... the large centaur forger departed Ishtar en route back to his home world. And Tristan Meyer (Pantheon) chose to accompany him, for a short while, mainly because he wanted to see where his friend called home.

      Commander Thunder (a male reindeer Space Navy Admiral and leader of the famed Reindeer Warriors) was on hand to present the awards to those students who had excelled at their finals. (Sadly, Salim would have gotten an award himself, but he quit Ishtar the day before.)

      Varick Sutton (the new Night the Superdog,) Jasper Masterson (a male dragon called Blayze Master,) Stanley Armswelt (a male rhino called Tank,) and General Beauregard Jackson (an adult married male red skunk called Red Riverboat) got the top awards for their cooperative outing. And they were also awarded with... the formation of their own new superhero team: The Enforcers. The four of them would create the core members and it was their decision on who else would be allowed into their ranks.

      Nicole Vinson (a female White Solar Falcon Amazon called Orbita) cheered, "Way to go, Varick!"

      Sero Proing (a male monkey called Sproing Monkey) smiled. "My hero skunk!" ba dum tish, he thought with a giggle.

      Tank grinned, picking up all the others in a massive hug, holding them up. Well except Jasper, he was a little too large even for Tank to pick up.

      Jasper smirked and looks over at Varick...then gave him a slow smile on the draconic muzzle. "Congratulations!"

      Varick smiled, beaming with pride. "Our own team. The Enforcers. I think we can do this."

      "And if any bad guys disagree," commented Beauregard. "we can have Tank break-dance on them."

      Leviathan smirked. "Now boys... set a good example for the other students."

      Tank tilted his head, "I um.. I don't dance... What's break-dancing? Does it have to do with breaking things?"

      Jasper smirked, "No. They were just making a funny."

      Varick floated in mid air extremely happy when suddenly, he saw floating on the arrival platform what looked like a mirror image of himself... only I looked far more confident and held myself a lot more assuredly. "Oh wow..."

      I had arrived in the fur. With a smile, I flew over to Varick and hugged him. "Congratulations, Varick. Ace told me that you were training to be the New Night the Superdog. And that is perfectly fine with me. I am the original Night the Superdog, but you can call me Harold. Now that you have your own team, we need to decide whether to give you a cape or a nice colored backpack so no one mistakes you for me. What is your favorite color?"

      Varick was excited! He was getting to meet his hero; the real one! "Um... I like Purple, primarily, followed by Gold. If that's okay..." He shied somewhat since he caught himself speaking as confident as I did.

      I smiled back at him. "Royal colors are just fine. These days, I prefer the Blue Backpack look, although sometimes I wear a Blue Cape. I'll make sure you get the ensemble in your colors that you want. How does it feel to be the leader of the Enforcers?"

      Varick blushed with a smile. "Like butterflies in my stomach."

      Beauregard giggled as he swished his skunk tail.

      Atsuma (a male Frontier Kitsune of Planet Tethys) was on a personal call to Tristan to let him know what he was missing back at the space station. "Yes, Night the real one, showed up, Tristan." The reply was "He would arrive after I take off to make sure Salim got home safely. I guess I have no luck at all." Atsuma replied, "Why don't you use your divine powers to set an anchor point at Salim's home forge and then open a portal from there to where I am standing so you can come see your hero. Night mainly came to congratulate Varick. Don't just roll over simply because you think you are a loser. You are still enrolled here. And bring Salim with you. I happen to like you guys. We all apologized to Alex so we are making a new start." The reply was "Verick is smarter than I am. I am going to have to remove myself from Apex's class; I don't get all that techno stuff at all."
      End of Chapter Eighty-Three


        Chapter Eighty-Four

        Atsuma stated, "Apex said some of the students might not be ready for his class, so if you pulled out, it would not hurt his feelings. Would you come back for me. Please? I'll let you give me a body rub and a kiss on the muzzle. In case you forgot, I am a canine species myself."

        Moments later, Tristan and Salim were arriving via the Divine Portal from the Solar Forges. When Tristan saw me, he whispered, "It really is him! But I am sure he doesn't have time for a nobody like me."

        I flew over and looked Tristan in the eye. "After I cheered you up at Myths when you were there and you think I don't remember you? How could you say that, Tristan? A smart boy like you who is far smarter than a dumb dog like me. I am behind on my homework again. These guys at Ishtar really like you, Tristan. And as for you, Salim... quitting is not the best thing you can do in a case like this. Heroes must be willing to forgive slights when a misunderstanding is made. I am not the most perfect student there is, but I do have my ups and downs. Besides, Commander Thunder wants to talk to you, centaur boy. You left before you learned about your grades."

        Reflexion (a male human with refelctor powers) and Chrysalystro (an asexual crystal being called The Diviner) were standing nearby with Alex since a new start was ideal in being better heroes in Ishtar.

        Salim trotted over to Commander Thunder and after identifying himself, he received his grade award despite his decision to pull out. Hurt feelings was no reason to quit. He realized what I meant at that point.

        In the meantime, I said to Tristan, "As a student hero myself, I don't mind getting a back rub from a friend. But I am into girls, Tristan. I would never mount you just to satisfy a need. I had to tell other heroes in another dimension this just last month. I was stuck in their dimension for three of our years although only twelve hours passed for me."

        Tristan said, "I recall your saying that you don't live in the dorms at Myths. Where do you live?"

        I grinned. "I have a penthouse apartment in one of the four super towers in Meta-Star City. Being up there does not stop my friends from checking on me when I haven't been seen in a while. The Vagabond Hounds are my unofficial pack." I winked with a grin when I mentioned them.

        Nearly every student made a bluh face at the mention of the stinky hounds that everyone has heard of. It never ceased to surprise me on how these hounds were even known about in Frontier where the legend of them shouldn't even be known of at all.

        Tristan smiled. "I might like to come see you someday, if I have permission to."

        I slurped Tristan's face. "Promise me that you and your friends won't quit and I will open up visitation for you guys at my penthouse. Thankfully, the Vagabond Hounds live in Railton Heights on the West Coast. I like to visit them, but I couldn't stand living with them twenty-four/seven."

        Tristan crossed his heart as he said, "I promise that I won't quit Ishtar. We will make an effort to succeed at Leviathan's school. He cares about us."

        "I hereby grant visitation permission to you and the Enforcers to come see me at the Penthouse. When I get home, I need to go Christmas shopping for some of my friends. Captain Rabbit has been having problems in regards to his enemies. I owe it to him to rescue his sexy ass." I wouldn't reveal that I had my paw in the bunny's rump.

        Atsuma then said, "Beau once mentioned that he was fond of you, Tristan. You weren't the only one who felt lost when Apex gave that class lecture. He is a married skunk and war hero, but his wife permits him to fool around at school. He admitted that the lecture involved the young people's way of thinking. Beau likes you, Tristan, as do I."

        Tristan said, "I had no clue that the war hero liked me. He was all the time spending moments with the funny monkey." He then turned to Atsuma and he hugged the Frontier Kitsune. "Thanks for convincing me to come back, Atsuma. I still don't feel smart enough for this school. But I am going to try to stick it out as a favor to Night."

        I slyly smiled. I enjoyed it when fellow students made my job easier. But now I had to collect Ace, finish my homework, and do Christmas shopping. I have a lot of friends on my list. The bunny rabbit hero needs my help, obviously.

        The month after Christmas would be bringing about an event that I am not sure I would be ready for, but I am getting ahead of myself, yet again.

        I flew over to Ace and hugged him with a lick on his muzzle. "Time to head home, Acey. I have homework to finish which you offered to help me with. Then I have to go Christmas shopping and I have to see about rescuing Captain Rabbit. His team must not be doing too good of a job helping him... I thought they were his friends; with friends like that, I can see why you alerted me to his situation. I really want to rescue him and make his life happier. But I still like girls."
        End of Chapter Eighty-Four


          Chapter Eighty-Five
          Back to my homework for the third time. Ace is helping me this time and I hope I get this finished without another interruption. We worked for several hours to get me caught up and we had just finished when Batman arrived on the patio. "Ace? I need you to help me tonight."

          Ace smiled at me and said, "You're all caught up. Go buy your Christmas presents, Harold. I'm on duty as usual. See you at school next week." And he grabbed his cape and cowl and affixed them in their proper places as he leaped out on to the patio to join his human partner. And then they were gone.

          I then affixed my cape and backpack into their proper places along with my collar and then it was off to buy presents for my team as well as Krypto and Rudolph. The shopping trip took nearly an hour. I am just glad I have access to the stores that accept Krypto at all hours. Most of the clerks were glad to see me; getting COME located made stores more agreeable to have me in their businesses. Although COME was still on the loose, Albert had the extra assistance in looking for the bums. I took my purchases back to my penthouse and stashed them into my bedroom. Now I had to go find and rescue Mr. bunny rabbit hero. Finding the hero in question meant speaking to Ace's arch enemies. They always seemed to know where a hero was at no matter what time it was. At least I hoped that would be the case this time. I was out doing a favor for Ace.

          The Rogues Gallery Alley for Pets.

          As I arrived in the alley without my sponsors, I saw Quizzler the white rat standing on his usual crate finishing a report to the other animals of the alley. "Quizzler? No one in this alleyway is in trouble currently as long as one of you can give me the information that I need. I am looking for Captain Rabbit. Who has him if a bad guy is involved or where is he relaxing at if he is free?"

          The Quizzler, whom was the Riddler's pet lab rat pivoted his head to look at me through his monocle and top hat and partial white tuxedo. "The All-Stars are out looking for him right now, Nighty my friend. But they never asked us if we knew anything. Yet you are here now. As Acey knows, you have to provide a payment of our choice if you want the information and-" The rest was cut off as my eyes turned phosphorescent purple and the inky black fog was starting to form in the alleyway. "-I see that you want to know right now, Nighty honey. Atticus has Captain Rabbit in one of the COME safehouses in Terryville. Yes, I know... almost point-blank with your sponsor yet in an out of the way locale where Krypto is likely to never think about looking. The original Terryville High School building along Impville Road is actually a COME safehouse and laboratory for converting humans into toons. In fact, word is... it was them that caused your transformation in the first place. If you are planning on going there, don't go alone; gather your allies for a full scale strike. They have battle droid guardians who will stop at nothing to defend their masters. You will likely destroy the place in the battle, but that is a small loss; unfortunate for the local Vet who was using the abandoned kitchen freezers for storing medical supplies. Now... as for the information payment. Just fulfill a Christmas list for us alley animals and you will be paid in full. Tis the season, Nighty my boy."

          I was seething mad now. That damned close and no one knew. Since COME was involved, that meant I had to contact Legacy Shipping as well as the All-Stars, Celestial Infinity, The New Protectors and the rest of my own team (The New Super Stars.) I would imagine that the Rebels of Talisman City, The Champions of MYTHS, and the Justice League would want to be part of this action. This mission would be major league chaos and me without any chocolate cake. I gathered the Christmas list for the Rogues Gallery animals and then it was off to contact the strike force. Tonight would be a hot night for sure. If Ace learned what was going down, he would likely show up with Batman. No one wanted to be left out of this mess of trouble.

          When Legacy Shipping arrived, they had their parental figures with them which included Double Dragon, The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Swat Kats, The Road Rovers, The Biker Mice from Mars, most of the Freedom Fighters from Mobius, and the New World Mutants. When the Justice League arrived, they had Young Justice with them. As I mentioned before, no one would want to be left out of this. And then I saw the Batmobile and Ace arriving with Krypto and his legion of Super Pets. When the All-Stars arrived, they had their oriental counterparts (Celestial Infinity) with them along with all of the Care Bears, the Care Bear Cousins, and the Cloud Land Legacies. Even No-Heart, Beastly, and Shreeky were present. And then the Legion of Doom arrived. Apparently no one liked COME at all.

          I then addressed the heroes gathered. "Ace asked me to locate Captain Rabbit. Atticus instructed COME to capture the good captain and hold him at this COME safehouse. Word from the Rogues Gallery animals is that this safehouse of COME is responsible for causing my creation. So for that alone, this is personal. Don't let your guard down in here. Legacy Shipping doesn't need to be told that; they have been hunting COME since the beginning."

          Doom Luthor said, "Captain Rabbit was apparently on his way to the Legion of Doom to cool off after the latest fiasco of a failed All-Stars meeting and when he didn't arrive, the All-Stars accused us of hiding him. If we had him, then no other bad guy would have been able to get at him. We like the boy."

          Connor of Young Justice then said, "Captain Rabbit accepted us despite our not being fully fledged heroes like the others in the world. We owe it to him to help save him. Why would Atticus want the rabbit anyway? What does Gerard Prince have that is so damned important?"

          And then Wepwawet, the white furred Anubian War Wolf Guardian of the Living and brother to Anubis himself appeared in the group's midst. "My friends... I have been on a secret mission which I could not reveal even to my scholarly friend Lightstrike and I return with vital information. Atticus embedded part of the Star of Destiny within Gerard Prince's fetus before he was born and this fragment is what the scummy cat lord is after. He stole it out of Heaven during the event of when Gabriel's Horn was being stolen."
          End of Chapter Eighty-Five


            Chapter Eighty-Six

            Wepwawet then continued, "Since all of the Angels were focusing on the Horn, they were no longer watching the Star of Destiny. And thus, when Captain Rabbit is located, I must remove the fragment from his body in order for him to finally be free of the chaos that has been plaguing his life. Therefore, I will be part of the charge with Night the Superdog, like it or not. Besides, I am also a healer, if Captain Rabbit has been injured during his capture."

            Timesheart and Lightstrike looked understandably upset over this news that has been plaguing their human friend all of this time.

            I then added, "Remember, guys... there is going to be Toonium all over the place in there. So do be careful. If you think you stepped in water or you fall into water, it will likely be Toonium. So be damned careful in there. Toonium infection has to be treated immediately. Don't put off the detox."

            Supermouse didn't look happy over this news. And Super Rat looked even more dangerous than him. "So these guys are responsible for my getting dunked so many times."

            And then the assault strike on the COME safehouse began. Superman and Supermouse ripped the side of the old School building right off of the structure which revealed what was waiting just inside for all of the heroes. And then all of the droids were dragged out into the open without meaning to at first. But then the X-Men arrived with Magneto who was using his powers of Magnetism to drag the robots out of the building into the open where the warriors could dismantle the damned things.

            As the droids were taken out of the way, a slew of monster toons erupted out of the hole under the old high school building. They reeked of Toonium and were mindless in their rampage. The Vision and the Martian Man-hunter laid hands upon Wepwawet and me phasing us through the chaos where we finally reached the inner labs where Captain Rabbit was strapped to an operating table laid out over a boiling vat of Toonium. The collection of heavily suited scientists wearing COME safety suits were in the process of beginning to move a laser scapel toward Captain Rabbit's chest. I set off the inky black fog as I grabbed Captain Rabbit by one foot and I activated one of my magical Hell Fire teleportation tricks. I reappeared on the far side of the lab chamber fully holding Captain Rabbit in my arms. "Ace asked me to find you, Cap. After we leave here, you are going to be my guest. Or prisoner. Or whatever you want to call it."

            Captain Rabbit was gagged, but he wanted to reply to my statement; I could tell. It was better if the bad guys couldn't hear his voice since it was easier to hide him in the inky black fog if he could not be heard. So instead, I just motioned the kiss on the muzzle motion. I had always heard that this boy was open minded and willing to date anyone.

            Wepwawet arrived at my side where he pressed his hand against Captain Rabbit's chest just below his heart and instantly it appeared as if the rabbity hero was in agony as something shiny began to appear in the war god's furry hand. When he was done, he said to me, "Get him out of here, Night. I'll return this to Heaven. I will explain this later."

            I continued to hold Captain Rabbit as I set off my hell hound teleportation power taking Ace's friend back to my penthouse apartment directly into my bathroom where I used my portable Toonium detector to make sure the rabbit wasn't infected with the nasty stuff that messes up nearly everyone's lives. When the detector beeped, I gathered up Captain Rabbit and transported him off to the Yuskay Groomers despite the business hating it when I came in for any reason.

            When I arrived this time with the rabbit hero, the reaction was a lot different than what I would normally encounter. I had barely mentioned what had happened to the good captain and they immediately took him into the operating room for his detox treatment. I was permitted to come along; a rare treat since these people didn't like me all that much.

            While one groomer interviewed me for the official explanation on how this happened, the others worked on detoxing the rabbit hero. I was surprised when they instructed the rabbit NOT to power down because that would expose his human form to the infection, if it wasn't too late. I never knew what the stupid COME scientists did with Captain Rabbit's costume; although Ace once told me that this rabbit had thousands of costumes.

            Several hours later, they were still working on Captain Rabbit as Ace, Krypto and Rudolph wearing his sleigh bells arrived to check up on us. Normally when the reindeer was wearing his sleigh bells it meant that Santa needed his for a sleigh flight that Christmas. But instead of being with Santa, he was here with the others. "Dad? Just how important is this rabbit? When I brought him here, the Groomers never blinked nor complained once that I was here, they just brought us in here immediately."

            Krypto looked at the Groomer and asked, "Is my adopted son safe to touch? We just finished our detoxes from the raid on the COME safe house. All of the lab people in there were captured and when their minds were read, half of them had taken the mind wipe drug to protect whomever their boss was. But the rest were nabbed before they had the chance. They admitted that Lord Atticus had hired them to get the Star of Destiny out of Captain Rabbit's body and then to dispose of the boy in the Toonium vat since he was a major problem. Ace and I have dated this boy occasionally over time and we both care about him. Normally, Lightstrike is the one whom checks up on this boy the most. But when the boy got nabbed en route to the Legion of Doom's sinister headquarters in the dismal swamps of the everglades, not even Lighty could find him afterward. And the future villains had an alibi this time, which checked out."

            Ace said, "Before you came along, Harold, Gerard Prince was the one we were all interested in since he wanted to be a hero like us. He had gotten empowered on Earth through an extraterrestrial event which almost killed him. The Arden's pizza hounds all adore this boy and it is through them that most of the Hell Hound packs in the Underworld would do anything for him. That is why you got to see a different reaction when you arrived with him this time. He is like VIP with these people. They would give him anything for free."
            End of Chapter Eighty-Six


              Chapter Eighty-Seven
              I then said, "When I used my portable Toonium Detector to make sure he was clean or not, it beeped, so I brought him straight here since I do not trust the Insanitarium."

              One of the Groomers said, "You did the right thing this time, Night. The stupid lab people not only injected him with a Toonium Paralysis venom but they coated his tail hole as well as the insides of his anus with a brush of Toonium fluids making it so if he managed to escape and power down, he would lose himself forever and forget everything. They had orders to retrieve the artifact and dispose of the body permanently. We are having to clean him out entirely. Could you imagine what would have happened if a lover had mounted him not knowing about the Toonium within his anus and then the lover would be in trouble too? It would have resulted in a big mess. Gerard's powers would have been contaminated and he could lose Captain Rabbit entirely. He is open minded, but if a former lover ever gets married, Gerard will no longer have any flings with them due to a sense of honor he has that prevents lust."

              I sighed. "I was starting to become interested in him. Everyone knows what my love life is like. a second version of Krypto. Although I still like girls. I have dated several females on planet that were usually one-night stands, pardon the pun. After one time with Isis, she told me that she wanted Ace. After one time with Brainy, she admitted that it was Krypto she was interested in and she was just using me to get closer to Krypto. Zoey entertained me one night at the North Pole, but Arrow interrupted the date and he threatened to kill me if I dared to sully her honor since I wasn't a reindeer. And then I showed him Yummy... and he had a messy accident in the snow."

              Rudolph asked, "Who is Yummy?"

              Krypto eyed Ace with a smile. "I think I know. We saw it one night, Ace."

              I then said to the Groomer. "You guys arranged this, so you know what I am about to show."

              The Groomer stood up and blocked the view to the operating table.

              I then transformed myself into that heart throb of a anthro reindeer that I had made specifically for Rudolph: The Bronze Buck. The reindeer form had a coloration of caramel and chocolate with a creamy white undercoat. I then struck a pose like I had often seen Lustre and Donder doing as I blew a kiss at Rudolph. "Hi mom."

              Ace smirked since he had gotten to meet the Bronze Buck when we closed down MIT and the old Union some time ago. Krypto panted hard as his Kryptonian Express slid out. "Harold... please change back... you are making me want to pounce you."

              I as the Bronze Buck smiled at Krypto. "If you want to make Cheer Bear mad, then here's my cute tail, dad." And I bent over and wiggled my tail in his face. He barely managed to resist as I changed back into my hound form. "Sorry dad. I know you are hard up and I feel sorry for both of us. Shanther is willing to help if we are willing to play dirty in front of the cameras in his studio."

              Unexpectedly from the operating table, Captain Rabbit was heard to say, "That actually sounds like fun. He was an essay project I had to do one time. He was a perfect gentleman to me."

              I asked, "What kind of grade did you get for that essay, Gerard?"

              He replied, "I actually got an A plus and an invitation to come back after I was done schooling to help operate the studio equipment. They all liked me. This was before you ended up with Sundered Hearts. I got to share a room with Blumepaw Pouchrooter who would end his Sundered Hearts run a few weeks after my time with the guys. He wanted to move on to star in a new series. I don't know whatever happened to him. He was especially good to me."

              I said, "I saw a poster of him when I joined the cast. Steris told me that he was a classic star whom they all missed. He was supposedly a demon kangaroo actor whose Green Card expired and he would have to go home if he didn't get into a new production before his time ran out. He didn't want to go home."

              Captain Rabbit said, "Then I'll have to find him. There are openings in a few of my shows that he would be fantastic in. As for you, Night... since you came to my rescue, I owe you some special time together - in bed." I blushed since I never expected the rabbit to suggest that to me simply because I rescued him. But I was interested in him. Especially since both Ace and Krypto vouched for this boy. I was wondering what I was missing. "Its a date, Gerard. I'm no dumb doggy, I hope. How fertile are you?" He replied with a smile that only the Groomers could see, "I am ripe, if that's what you mean. But you should see a doctor to make sure you are not about to enter a rut before we do it if you don't want me to give birth to a son you aren't ready for. Otherwise, wear protection. I do care for both Ace and your dad Krypto as well as your mom Rudolph. I have always played it safe with the reindeer since their penises are pointy and sharp. That could hurt and cause bleeding. But I have always trusted the doggies. Arnie Roo loves me a lot." Even I knew about the Devi-Roo and his Wake-Up Call service that could make people create toon holes in their own bedroom ceilings. It seems that the Rabbit has dated a lot of people.

              Krypto then said, "If that is going to be the case, son, then I should take you to see the family doctor. Being in rut with a nice friend is not the way to learn if you are ready for parenthood early in your life. And Ace and I both care for Gerard. If you do have an accident with him, we will make you raise that child."
              End of Chapter Eighty-Seven


                Chapter Eighty-Eight

                After Captain Rabbit was released from the Groomers, we took him with us to visit Krypto and Rudolph's personal doctor at the North Pole. Ace came along out of curiosity and to get a check up himself. He was fond of getting clean bills of health and since Krypto and Rudolph were sponsoring this medical visit, getting a free check up couldn't be beat. He would pay Krypto back another time. But the main two patients were to be the boy and myself.

                Gerard Prince ended up with an excellent medical score although they agreed that the boy was indeed ripe for the next date he had. When they completed my medical, one of the doctors misread my mating fluids as being clean and safe for dating and sex. When I was told the results of what I was supposedly good for, I actually smiled. If I had known that I was entering my heated rut, I would have been a lot more careful during my time with Power Dog. Especially after making such a fuss over never being able to do something like this with my friend Damien Cedalia. But what was to happen next is something that I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Ace managed to get a clean bill of health and Krypto managed to get a score cleaner than my actual score. If he knew that he was cleaner than usual for a change, he would be really happy.

                That evening, as Gerard and I were finishing our dinner, the boy said, "I really like you, Night. But the rest of the canines are nice too. I do owe you some time for getting you all hot and bothered earlier at the Groomers. How is your Sundered Hearts sessions going?"

                I grinned. "Remember how I said that I almost orgasmed; the cast and crew did. I had been motivated so much, Shanther gave me a bonus for making everyone cream down their legs."

                At that moment, Power Dog came into the restaurant and joined the two of us at our table. (Power Dog was the mentor to Warpdrive the Australian Husky.) "Pardon me if I am interrupting something important, Night, but Warpdrive told me that you might be able to help me with a problem I am having. And I would rather have a nice canine help me with this rather than having to go to a vet; yet again. Would you honor me with helping me with this problem?"

                Gerard said, "You should be a gentleman and help Power Dog with her issue. I need to go check in with King Kazma on the West Coast. You and I can resume our plans on another night, pardon your own name." He hugged me and then he got up from the table as he departed from the restaurant.

                I was almost upset that Power Dog had interrupted my date with the nice boy, but I didn't want to show anger in front of my teammate's mentor. "And what do you need help with, Power Dog?" And that's when a sweet scent hit my nose and it was coming from my new guest. "Oh, you're in heat."

                She nodded her head. "Warpdrive is younger than you are, Night; otherwise he would have been able to help me with this. He suggested that I come and find you."

                I then recalled that Warpdrive was still a virgin like I used to be, thus it made sense why he wasn't ready to commit to his mentor. I had been around a few times and I was the professional in the art thanks to my spin-off work in Sundered Hearts with Steris. "Okay Power Dog, lets go back to my place. It is very private there." Had I known that I was entering my rut cycle, I might have been able to resist Power Dog's heat scent.

                Not long afterward, Power Dog had sprawled herself out on my bed in anticipation for my helping her with this problem; and then I came in from the bathroom slicked up in my favorite lubricant as I joined the female Kryptonian canine. Once we were deep into a loving embrace, we got to have a session together exactly as Gerard and Krypto had done some months ago. My knot was tied deeply into the her vagina as we sexually got even closer. Being the Sundered professional in the art, I showed the empowered canine the best time of the evening. When morning came, we were a sticky mess and I was still tied to the heroic canine's lap in my bed. I then said, "Its a good thing that Thundermutt made a wish for Krypto's Canine Patrol team to be immune to diseases for a month. How are you feeling, love?"

                Power Dog replied, "I feel a little heavy in my stomach. Er... you are a great sex partner, Night. And your shaft and knot are still inside me. How did you get so good at this?"

                I smirked. "I get nothing but practice in Sundered Hearts. This sleepover was a lot of fun. I really like you, Power Dog. You never have to be alone when I am around. Although I should see about getting deflated and untied before getting cleaned up and also, we should see about getting this bed cleaned up. After a hot shower, we need to see about breakfast and then morning patrols for me. I just hope you are not pregnant." I was being funny at the end since I knew what those words always did to every mate I had ever slept with. And this time was no different as the Kryptonian canine female jerked as expected making the knot tie more tightly in her vagina.

                Power Dog said, "I think you did that on purpose. But you were good, Night. Do you think that I am stupid?"

                I hugged the she-canine tightly before I planted a deep kiss on the her mouth. "No more stupid than I was when I first got involved with toons. What brought this question on?"

                She replied, "I think I need to go see the doctor; I think you might have gotten me pregnant after all."

                I kissed Power Dog more deeply before saying, "I will take you to the Polar Hospital. Let's get ourselves as well as your bedroom clean, place the sheets and pillow cases into the washer and then I'll take you to Dr. Frostfang. If you are pregnant, I will take responsibility."
                End of Chapter Eighty-Eight


                  Chapter Eighty-Nine

                  Kryptoon Polar Hospital; Reindeer Solitude Village, North Pole

                  "Dr. Frostfang?" I began. "Power Dog needs a mating physical conducted upon her to ensure her suspected pregnancy is accurate or not. If she is pregnant, I have already offered to be a good parent since it was my fault. I don't date too many people, Doc; but I was told by your staff that I was not primed to cause a pregnancy during a date. I tried to be careful; but Power Dog was just so damned good last night. Don't worry, I'll be in the next room reading a magazine."

                  While Power Dog relaxed on the examination bed, Frostfang asked her a series of questions with the last question being, "How deeply did Night take you last night? And please don't be afraid; If I don't miss my guess, We will have to help you with your birthing here within the hospital. I am sure Night didn't mean to do this to you."

                  The young canine hero replied, "We used his favorite lube and yes, we did go quite deeply; he had me tied to him for over an hour. What seems to be the problem, Doc?"

                  Frostfang stepped into the open from where he had been looking at X-rays and the fluid results of Power Dog's medical exam. "While I am sure Night made a joke to you this morning, your fluid tests reveal that Night actually did get you pregnant. He will insist upon becoming your permanent mate as a result. He is a responsible human boy turned magical Kryptonian canine. You need to decide how you want to handle this family induced situation."

                  Power Dog sighed one time before remarking, "Contact Warpdrive at my estate to let him know that I won't be home for a few weeks. Also call Rudolph and let him know what happened up here. He should be here so Night has support during this situation. I know Krypto is supposed to be on set later this morning; but I think he should know what happened, too. But only those two. We do not need Krypto's entire team up here. Um... does it look like Night was in rut when we had sex?"

                  Frostfang replied, "Sadly, he was in rut and since you mated with him, you were in heat yourself. I will call Rudolph."

                  At that moment, I padded back into the room where Power Dog was still seated on the examination table. "I also have extremely good hearing, P.D. Krypto and Rudolph are on their way. I contacted them myself. I am choosing to be mature about this, love. While I am not sure if I would have chosen you for my first mate, it is too late now."

                  I then said, "Timesheart Tiger will help us. I know you don't want too many of our friends finding out about this situation. As long as you go ahead with birthing my pup, I will be a good mate during our raising of our child. I already have a name picked out if the pup is male and is of a particular color. I made a promise to an ally in another dimension in regards to naming a pup after him."

                  Power Dog said, "The doctor said you were entering your rut last night and since I was in heat, a pregnancy was expected. I will go ahead with the birthing as long as you are agreeing to marry me for the sake of our child. I am invulnerable like you are, Harold."

                  I hugged her and kissed her on the muzzle. "I am really sorry, Power Dog. I've never had an accident like this in Sundered Hearts. I am willing to marry you to make this right. I know you are still mentoring Warpdrive."

                  Power Dog hugged me in return. "I suppose that is what we will have to do. I wouldn't want my son to be without both parents."

                  Krypto and Rudolph came in and they conducted a group hug. Rudolph said, "If marriage is what you two want to do, we can get a room arranged at Power Dog's estate to remake it over into a future bedroom for your new pup."

                  Krypto stated, "There is small canine suburb is located just outside of Bunny Town which is next to San Franciscolt which is mainly a canine community within a nice wooded area. I have a home there as do most of the Super Dog Legion and most of the Bat Hound Legion as well. Night was thinking about getting a home there himself when he was ready to start a family. And now with this surprise pregnancy, he will need a place sooner than later. Rudolph and I live in Kennel Court just South of Terryville, as you well know."

                  Power Dog said, "I guess Harold and I should have prepared better before our bed fun last night."

                  I said, "Every couple has accidents, love. This could have happened to anyone. In fact, this could have happened during my filming sessions in Sundered Hearts."

                  Rudolph grinned. "I am sure Shanther would have loved to have that accident on film."

                  Krypto said, "We will focus on getting Harold and Power Dog an estate home of their own in Hound Hollow."

                  I hugged my new lover once again. "A two home estate. And don't forget, Warpdrive will have to move in with us. You said that he was your responsibility."
                  End of Chapter Eighty-Nine


                    Chapter Ninety
                    One week later, while Krypto was off in space with Superman, I got the important call. "Night! Power Dog went into labor! Come quick!"

                    When I burst into the hospital room, I immediately was at Power Dog's side holding up to her paw as the doctors worked on helping with the pup's birth.

                    Rudolph, Krypto, and Superman arrived in the room next. They had come with Batman, Bat Hound, Wonder Woman, Covert Fox, Charlie Barken and his pal Itchy.

                    Superman exclaimed, "The emergency call to get Krypto and me into space was falsified so someone could do something underhanded while we were off planet."

                    I then asked, "What color is the child's fur, Head Groomer? There is an important reason I am asking; I gave my word to someone in another dimension some time ago."

                    One of the groomers assisting with Power Dog's birthing said, "So far, the male pup has dark navy blue fur. We are already detecting that the boy will be empowered naturally. When we x-rayed the womb as well as the pup's closed eyes, we learned that he has ice blue eyes. How is this important to you, Night?"

                    I grinned. "I knew I could never do something like this with Damien Cedalia aka Apollo the Wonder Dog. So that marks Power Dog as the mother and Damien filling in part time as the godparent figure when Power Dog is off fulfilling other duties. My pup's name is to be... Hudson Hoover Dangers, also known as River the Superdog."

                    Power Dog moaned as she rasped between pushes, "A... fine... name..., love...!" Another groomer said, "He is almost free, Power Dog! Take a deep breath and push one more time!" And with the last push, out popped a very adorably cute dark blue male pup with his eyes still closed as the groomers permitted both Night and Power Dog to lick the pup clean.

                    I then sat to one side writing out a toon note. Dear Hudson of Toonscape, leader of the Rebels, I just fathered our counterpart of you and he looks just like you. Now for the surprise, Damien is not the mother; Power Dog is. You guys can stay in Talisman city if you want, but with the passing of this event, you officially exist in this universe now. Power Dog and I will be conducting the wedding ceremony soon. Timesheart Tiger and Champion Pony will be getting married the same day. Two weddings in one. The Rebels are invited. Enclosed is a baby picture of newborn Hudson. No, he has not opened his eyes yet. Signed, your foster father of choice, Harold Dangers, aka Night the Super Dog of QC Planet. He then paper-clipped the baby pup picture to the toon note and held it up in the air. "Toon Mail to Talisman City!" POOF!

                    I was then making the estate house arrangements with Superman and Krypto. A two home estate in Bunny Town's Hound Hollow. "The second home is for Warpdrive the Husky. The main home will be for our family. Much like Krypto and Rudolph's home. A magical shortcut will be arranged later between my penthouse apartment in the Super Towers and the new house in Hound Hollow."

                    Ace then said, "So that is where you will be. One of my patrols with Robbie goes through Hound Hollow. Although you will likely see Angel more than me out there. Sometimes I bring other Super Pets with me on that patrol when they have time."

                    After the family was given a clean bill of health from the Polar doctors, Power Dog and I went and picked up Warpdrive for the trip to the new living quarters in Hound Hollow. Another difference for mine and Power Dog's estate was that unlike Krypto and Rudolph's home which faced North, our home faced South. In other words, we were going to live on the North Side. Bunny Town's Hound Hollow was a small suburb dedicated to toon quadruped canines of all walks of life.

                    Superman and Supergirl furnished our estate home with duplicates of the furniture that would be in Krypto and Rudolph's home in Terryville. And then Warpdrive's estate home got its furnishings. Once the Super family departed the estate, the three of us moved into our new homes. The double wedding was that coming weekend. Only friends and family were being invited along with a minor few photographers. Nothing over the top. A media circus would quickly become a massacre if stupid people tried to bum rush the weddings. While Warpdrive got settled into his estate house, Power Dog and I went to bed to lay with our new first born pup, Hudson.

                    When I walked into Sundered Hearts to conduct my contracted filming session in the spin-off, Shanther approached me and said, "When do we get to see a picture of that cute son of yours, Harold?" I pulled out an envelope containing several pictures of Hudson with his eyes open and of him gnawing on his milk bottle nipple and I handed the pictures out to the guys on set. "Hudson Hoover Dangers is doing just fine."

                    All of the studs on set and in the crew were oohing and ahing over the pictures of the adorable blue-furred male pup with ice blue eyes. One porn star asked, "Has he started talking yet, Harold? We know you have a talented voice."

                    I grinned. "Not yet. But he listens to everything we say. He will surprise us some day. However, I think Power Dog is getting bored at home. She cannot attend to her usual patrols as she would normally do. I am the bread winner of the family."

                    Shanther said, "We aim to send you wedding presents, Harold. I know you would rather have gotten the drop on Gerard Prince, but that is a fantasy that most of us have."
                    End of Chapter Ninety
                    End of Episode Nine: The Night Before Christmas.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Night Time and Night Time Again.