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JCS-11 Tri-State River Pack

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    JCS-11 Tri-State River Pack

    [Cardinal Sins]
    JCS-11 Tri-State River Pack.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    April 6th, 2023

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Mountain View, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:
    By the dawning of the following morning, they were all in the nexus zone where California, Nevada and Arizona all met. The air smelled better at this location and everyone in town could not complain since Isaac was on their side; he could have just left them behind every time an emergency move had to be done. But they were on the honor list of those he trusted.

    Dragontail said, "Since you are to be our Alpha, Halopaw, I don't mind being in a pack whose alpha is lower rank than myself and Firepaw. And with the real Lord Impy supporting us fully, we should get a lot of shit done."

    Halopaw was checking out Justin and Basil through his Angel Hound eyes and nose. "Now I see what you Hellhounds mean by wanting to sex up the nice smelling human boys; in my canine form, their scent is driving me crazy."

    Coingazer grinned. "Yeah, Isaac, old boy... back when you would be spend time around us in your human form, we all wanted to fuck you to make your virgin scent go away. You don't make that scent anymore, but the new boys make that scent a lot. I think Justin would volunteer to let us remove his distracting scent. But Basil would only let Wolf, Fox or Coyote fuck him; its that Native American spiel. That's why a lot of us Hellhounds all wanted our own human boyfriends so we wouldn't be trying to fuck the farmhand boys all the time."

    Halopaw hummed. "So how do we constitute a request to have young human boyfriends in our show with us? We cannot just tell the public that we need some fresh virgin human boys to fuck in the asshole; the witch hunts would be on for sure. And this is also why Maria kept hammering away at me not to go gay originally. But she said I can be gay animal to animal since that happens in nature all the time. But human Isaac cannot have a human boyfriend. Any suggestions, my pack members? I want to provide you with your personal requests so I can be a good Alpha."

    Southpaw replied, "My personal opinion, Isaac, is that since that most Hellhounds are entirely gay, when you made the life commitment to Dragontail to be in this until the end, you were willing to perform gay activities with us male canines from the Underworld. Copping out now under the excuse that Maria is still pulling your strings is unacceptable. Gerard Prince was right when he said you should have been more careful before you made a deal with Underworlders if you still harbored feelings for Maria. She was not part of the original deal with Dragontail. If she wants to control you, then she should grow a dick to pleasure you. Am I wrong, pack mates?"

    This produced sly smiles and chuckles from every canine present.

    Sightseeker said, "She is destined to marry someone else, Isaac. Your friendship with her will always be there. But you have to perform what you have agreed to unless you want to perform porn along side Recordspaw Darkpouch on Devi-TV. An on-screen pregnancy would be big ratings in their networks. Especially if the one partner was a human male. But I think you are better off with us. You already verified with her on what I revealed to you the other day. She has more vets helping her now. Embrace what you agreed to do, Isaac. Although roast chicken is starting to sound pretty good."

    Firepaw remarked, "The best boys to get as boyfriends would be the ones whom we can catch saying the words that they would give anything to get something. We would have them over a barrel at that point, legally."

    Coingazer remarked, "We have fans whom would gladly drop their pants for us if we asked. I recall seeing a few letters stating that it must be awesome to be a hound like us."

    Southpaw smiled. "He's right. I was looking over the old fan letters myself and there are several like that."

    Dragontail then said, "Whomever we go after, they should not be too young or they should be either homeless or old enough to be away from families they are glad to be away from. As Isaac said before, we don't want the witch hunts."

    Halopaw said, "All in favor of extending the invite to fans raise your paw..." And everyone raised their paws. "Those against...?" And the paws came down. "It's decided. Now to process the lucky few and find out whom wants to be fucked by whom. And guys, once you have a boyfriend, no going after fresh nookie on a whim. I know it will be tempting, but please avoid the witch hunts. You are not on the surface world to recruit new pack members. My situation is different. I made a deal with Dragontail so I could be with you guys until the end. And since I am to be the Alpha, there won't be an end unless one of you get tired of me."

    He then smirked. "Don't prove Maria right."

    All as one, the reply was, "HEAVEN NO!"

    Sitting in the pack den, Lord Impy was informed of the latest pack decision to acquire individual pack boyfriends for the hounds. "We are going to screen the fan letters to see whom would not be missed if they became a hound."

    Lord Impy said, "I am glad you wisely told me about this. I can have Triple I help us to sort out potential young men whom love the show and want to be a hound like you. Maatz and his boys are pros and they look at young boy nookie all the time. They would know whom are the hound lovers. I am sure you wouldn't want to end up with a feline fan whom just wants a free ticket to the Underworld." He then explained the situation between Firefur and Franky. "Poor Eddie whom liked Mice and Hounds saw less and less time from his childhood friend after the Hell Lion got Franky's consent to be his boyfriend. And no, Eddie would not want to join you guys. He is dating Masya."

    Dragontail grinned. "The Devil Mouse whom deals with cranky mages would score on the cutest boy of the bunch."

    Halopaw arched an eye. "He's that cute?" Impy then summoned a crystal ball to show everyone the boy in his human form taking a bath. Halopaw smiled. "You are right. He is sexy cute."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    Halopaw grinned. "Too bad we don't have a fan that looks just like him or too bad we didn't nab him first."

    Lord Impy said, "Before he met Triple I, he only liked hounds. But after a few outings with Masya and Yasma, he was with the devil mice all the time."

    Halopaw was starting to get ideas at that point.

    Southpaw turned to Sightseeker and prepared a bowl of energy drink for him. "What are the chances, old chum, that Eddie was copied and a mouse loving version was left in his place to placate Masya and Yasma? Could the original hound loving boy still exist? I know how crazy it can get when a human boy has an Underworld adventure. I used to watch the Kiba and Friends show on Devi-TV so I know what I am talking about."

    Lord Impy said, "Funny you should mention that old show. We used real human boys when we originally filmed that series. A lot of Underworld species got permanent boyfriends out of that arrangement."

    Sightseeker took a sip of the energy drink before he went into his trance. His eyes glazed over and he began speaking. "Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams... let the mists of truth tell us... has the hound loving human boy been duplicated? Where is the real boy as of this moment? - - - A Hellhound Alpha called Cocoafang still has the boy after a few of his former realm citizens, Demon Donkeys to be precise, triplicated the boy so the Alpha could have the boy as Chargepaw, a second version could be summoned if anyone tried to rescue the original boy, and the last version would be changed into a pink demon donkey jack. The second version got summoned by Arch Angels in the outlying regions of Heaven and then rescued by the Triple I team in AS-1. The third was legally acquired by Masya's union and restored to his human form where his likes shifted to mice. Warneeri zapped a union official for mouthing off to her in regards to Masya's understudy."

    He paused as he took another sip of the energy drink. "The third Eddie is still with Maatz's team in Washington D.C. They think they have the original boy. Chargepaw's year of staying in Cocoafang's realm has come and gone and the boy turned Hellhound is doing odd Job Tavern jobs in the Underworld. Eddie was originally a Decoder type of person; that's what interested Maatz and Masya about the young man originally. You give him facts to work with and he would figure out the truth using those facts. If we want to acquire him for this pack, then we need to have Lord Impy offer to hire him for an extended contract to help out some nice hounds on Earth."

    As his eyes returned to normal, Sightseeker tiredly said, "Eddie had blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin, much like Gerard Prince. I think we would enjoy having him here."

    Sightseeker remarked, "Originally as Chargepaw, he looked like a clean Golden Retriever with the build of a Labrador Retriever. He currently has dirty golden fur due to the activities he has been involved in. He needs a grooming."

    Halopaw grinned. "I am glad this pack bathes often or else we couldn't stand each other. Impy, do not tell Maatz that we are acquiring Chargepaw. I suspect they would want to corrupt the original boy to like mice if they got him."

    Lord Impy grinned at Halopaw and said, "You just stated what the majority of the union mice in the Underworld all think of Maatz as a whole. Or as an asshole. They think he was an ex-recruiter before the law went into effect."

    He then mentioned, "Nearly all of the Devil Mice whom joined Devi-TV all stated that they do not trust Maatz Arelli as an employer. This would indicate that they are right about him."

    Halopaw said, "You would think that a guy whom runs an investigation business would know a real Eddie from a phony one. He forgot what tricks the Underworld can pull to keep the victim they want."

    Without warning, Masya appeared in the room with them. "For the record, guys, I have a spell set up so when anyone talks about the original Eddie, I get alerted to the location immediately. I know full well that the Eddie we have isn't the original. I am only dating him and helping him with personal knowledge to placate his suspicious mother whom has the mouser cat. Franky pretty much lives up Firefur's ass these days. We rarely ever see the boy anymore. Maatz is sitting on a Dildo Tree currently after a part of his illegal past came to the surface and the Underworld Law caught up to him. Before that, Maatz stated that he hated Eddie. So if you are about to get the real boy, never let him call home."

    Halopaw said, "We learned that the original Eddie loved hounds before he met you mice. After that, you guys were coercing him into liking mice more than any other species."

    Masya stated, "STOP! I need a Law Imp not associated with the Cardinal Pack, please!" POOF! Masya then repeated in excruciating detail to the law imp what was stated to him just a moment ago. Then to the hounds, Masya said, "Photographic memory." Then to the Law Imp, he explained what the Cardinal Pack's latest idea was going to be in regards to the hounds acquiring boyfriends. "...which sounds suspiciously like recruiting and Dragontail has often stated that they are not on the surface world to recruit people. So are you guys going to prove to be obedient lawful hounds or do we have to bring in a judge?"

    Halopaw then stated, "...And asking human boys to join Triple I and then dating said boys is not the same thing?" He was learning.

    The Law Imp chuckled. "Yuskay and Mack will get a kick out of this! Halopaw is apparently learning fast on how to pay attention to certain phrases. Your summoning me just backfired since Halopaw did not tell a lie just now. We have been monitoring the Cardinal Pack and Triple I for quite some time. Firefur came clean recently and with legal witnesses, he asked Franky if he would like to return to his former life before all the shit started. He stated, quote, Only if Eddie can return to normal and forget about the molesting mice when I return to normal life. Otherwise, Firefur has not been bad to me, unquote. However, it has been proven through Eddie's other friends that Franky is a selfish whiny little brat whom always wants things his way. In fact, Franky simply came out of nowhere to be in Eddie's life when Eddie first started Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. Eddie and his mother were originally from New York City. The selfish boy and his family were created by demons whom want Eddie dead. They feel that he is a major threat to their existence if he is ever permitted to be like Saberfang or Lord Eddie of the Planar Merchants."

    Dragontail said, "The demons have already been trying to sabotage this pack for reasons of their own. So the boy would be safer with us since we were not going to be hiring him as a human. He is currently a Hellhound like us."
    End of Chapter Two