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JCS-09 Spring Mating Habits

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    JCS-09 Spring Mating Habits

    [Cardinal Sins]
    JCS-09 Spring Mating Habits.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    May 3rd, 2022

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:
    Despite the education, Firefang and Dragontail were never told about the Dildo Tree outing. And Repairpaw never brought it up ever again. Once was enough; he would strive to resist being that curious a second time. The rest of the Winter passed mildly; despite North and South Dakota having nearly ten blizzards, back to back.

    Almost no news broadcaster ever mentioned the missing Ridgeview South Dakota since it was a small town anyway.

    While the hounds mainly slept through the Winter, Isaac was as busy as usual. The townsfolk were not happy that he was charging what anyone else would charge for the work they were low-balling him with, according to Gerard Prince of Earth AS-1. Gerard even brought Isaac a standard payment chart for what Jacks of all trades on his world were charging. Isaac was blown away since even they were doing better than he was before he chose to adjust his repair fees. Maria was happy that Isaac was taking a stand finally.

    Then came the last Week of Winter when the mayor of Ridgeview approached Isaac at the farm with an ultimatum. The townsfolk were glad to have escaped the nasty Winter, but now they wanted to return to South Dakota so life could get back to normal. Isaac asked the mayor to hold off for a few days until he could speak to a few people about this. Isaac spoke to Maria, the McQueens, Ms. Sokoulis and finally the local Cheyenne tribe. Apparently not everyone was so hot about the greedy mayor's desires to cheat Isaac.

    Isaac then confronted Lord Impy and Zecma about the issue. "As much as I hate to wish ill tidings on anyone, the mayor is fast becoming a pain in the ass. Could you guys transport everyone whom agrees with him back in time to South Dakota to the day the rest of us pulled out. Maybe dealing with the worst Winter on record without my help would straighten out his foolish greed. We'll then see if Gerard Prince was right about my not being the only trusted plumber and carpenter in town. We can always repopulate our town."

    Lord Impy said, "So you want me to arrange it so the memory of their being down here was a dream they had the night before. I think that is doable. I just feel sorry for all those local children whom will be sharing their parent's punishment all because of the mayor's persuasion tactics. What say you, Zecma? The town got used to cheating Isaac for years and now they want to reinstate their old ways and cheat him again."

    Zecma hummed before stating, "Good children should be saved. Selfish and evil children should remain with the mayor and the others. They might survive. Not likely, but..."

    Isaac then suggested, "How about expanding Father Matthews place to include an orphanage for the good children we will be saving?"

    Lord Impy smiled. "I knew you didn't hate everyone, Isaac. But the mayor is bringing this upon himself and those whom agree with him. No Isaac to cheat; no Maria to treat their animals; no Ardens to cater to a bunch of evil assholes. Arden mentioned not liking how the town took advantage of you, Isaac. He always paid you top dollar for any work you did for his outlets; no one else in town even dared to do that."

    Isaac said, "Then we are in agreement. This is to occur after they all go to sleep tonight. All move data like zip and phone area codes will revert to what they remembered. Ms. Sokoulis has agreed to run a bakery for Desert View's tourists since they would have visiting children for her to dote over. The McQueens are also choosing to stay with us, as is Father Matthews. He once said we owed our lives to the good lord, Impy Kisume, for getting us out of the snow and ice. Maria and various others are not mayor lovers."

    Zecma grinned. "Perhaps I could ask Gerard Prince if he would be our Ridgeview's new temporary mayor. He is a fair young man. Of course that would mean dealing with his friends."

    Isaac smirked. "You mean the Tiger and the Horse as well as the others."

    Zecma giggled. "None of Gerard's dumb enemies are in your world."

    Isaac nodded his head. "Go ahead and ask him. It could be a small vacation for him at best."

    Lord Impy said, "Tell the mayor that all good dreams must come to an end and to be ready at sunrise. After that, return to your farm and stay there. Ridgeview Arizona is about to get a lot emptier. But new neighbors may want to move in once they learn about the prime real estate. I'll handle the advertising once the rotten townsfolk are returned to South Dakota. And with the Ridgeview All-Stars guarding the town, the crime rate will vanish."

    Isaac said, "Basil likes caring for our animals and talking to Recordspaw. I haven't seen him lately. What do you have the boomer doing?"

    Lord Impy grinned slyly. "He is still a porn star. He has to work; his vacation of caring for the hounds was all well and good but it wasn't paying him anything."

    Isaac said, "But I miss him..."

    Lord Impy smiled sweetly. "I'll let him know how you feel. Now get going; you have to deliver the reply to the greedy old mayor." After Isaac departed, Impy returned to his studios and he located Recordspaw to let him know that Isaac missed the nice porn boomer. "He loves you and misses you, mate." Recordspaw made the dopey kangaroo grin. "D'awww!"
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    The following morning, the absence of the former townsfolk heralded the arrival of new families whom had always wanted to live near the Grand Canyon and with a fresh town at that location, they were getting their chance. Firefang and Isaac had seen a news report about how the formerly invisible town of Ridgeview South Dakota had reappeared and how most of the families there had to be rescued from their own homes due to frozen doors and frozen water pipes. Apparently the townsfolk had resorted toward burning everything combustible since no one had any firewood. A job usually provided by the town's jack of all trades whom was still missing.

    Isaac frowned. "They brought it upon themselves, love. Still laying the blame for their misfortune on the sap of a jack of all trades they were cheating to start with."

    Suddenly Lord Impy's face appeared on their TV screen superimposed over a hypnotic pattern. "Ridgeview Arizona is now called Grand View Arizona, named after the view of the Grand Canyon you people get to have. It has always been Grand View. Over time you must forget the other town name was ever here. I am performing this trick on everyone throughout the entire region. Now say the new town name, loyal hounds!"

    Firefang and Isaac spoke at the same time. "Grand View Arizona." The rest of the pack in their own sleeping quarters also spoke the new name as did Basil Huxley.

    Lord Impy's face vanished from the television screen.

    Everyone whom had been on Isaac's trust list was given the new programming to know the town's new name as if that had always been the name.

    :Freeborn farm, Grand View, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:

    After breakfast, the Cardinal Pack were lined up as a group in front of a view of the Grand Canyon for a publicity shot to advertise the Cardinal Sins TV show. If you were associated with the pack, you were required to be on hand to be part of the promo picture. Firefang was in the middle with a fiery glow around him; Dragontail was off to the left with one paw on a floating slab of rock; Coingazer stood off to the right having a wall of billowing shadows behind him; Southpaw stood off to the left side of Dragontail having a mini-dust devil in front of him; Repairpaw was off to the right of Coingazer having his signature Heavenly glow around his body; standing next to Southpaw wearing her Desert View Tours and White Water Rafting jacket was Leila Hedley, the owner and operator of her own business nearby; and next to Repairpaw was Maria Phelps in her Vet outfit.

    Lord Impy was there with the cameras as well as Mack Roo. "Hold still," said the television executive imp. "We are almost done with the publicity shot."

    Southpaw remarked, "This will be good advertising for your Desert Tours business, Leila."

    Leila replied, "You boys did save my life; this is the least I could do for you since you like my treats so much."

    Maria stated, "I will be opening my vet offices late because of this, but having a picture of the hounds in the lobby will be a conversation starter."

    Repairpaw smiled. "I've gotten better at controlling my light powers. And I've experimented with redirecting weather we don't want to put up with. Boys petting us never gets old."

    Maria smirked. "Now don't be going gay on me, Isaac. I don't mind you playing with the television animals, but gay for a human boy will not be tolerated."

    Repairpaw grinned. "If that was the case, Coingazer and I could have depants Basil in the barn by now. He didn't want to join the photo shoot."

    Lord Impy said, "Spring Rut is coming up and unless you want to be mounted, then keep your distance from the hounds when they do it; they are going to smell bad enough."

    Leila said, "Like Maria, I have a business to run. But with television access to the show, I can watch safely from home. Is it okay if I give Southpaw another treat?"

    Southpaw had the 'please say yes' look on his muzzle.

    Lord Impy stated, "Glah! Never make that face in association with the sad puppy eyes or it's back to the dildo tree with you! Yes, you can give him one. We don't want him to be too fat later on. These hounds have to stay in shape and with the new hounds arriving this Summer, we need to show that we are not like Lazynose Couchpaw. Or is her lifestyle starting to grow on you hounds?"

    Every hound had their tongues stuck out at that point. Firefang remarked, "I complained about her early on. I would never want to be like her."

    Lord Impy then said, "All done. Back to your planned business day, boys. And try not to eat too many sweets."

    Repairpaw and Firefang trudged back to their shared quarters to try to salvage the rest of their Winter hibernation energies. Repairpaw remarked, "I hope no other bullshit hits the fan while we're attempting to rest. Excluding Lord Impy, when a Kisume passes wind, all reality comes apart." Firefang nodded his head. "Maria will rip assholes for anyone disturbing us." Repairpaw said, "I hope you are right. I don't remember the last time I was so tired of jumping through hoops." Firefang pondered, "I wonder how the Prince boy is doing? He helped to get us out of the freezing Dakota snows. I am tempted to summon him here to hibernate with us."
    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three
      Repairpaw grinned. "Sounds like you are horny. It's not even Spring rut yet."

      Firefang said, "He mentioned that his enemies were all the time capturing him. If I summoned him, it would be an ally capturing him. And likely a rescue."

      Repairpaw giggled. "I won't say no. You are the alpha; do what you feel you have to do. Just remember that he often smells like dirty rabbit poop."

      Firefang laughed. "And where did I grow up, again?" While his mate settled down, Firefang focused on summoning their nice human ally no matter what mess he was in. What appeared in their sleeping chamber prone on the floor was a naked rabbit man all tied up with gray Duct Tape including over his muzzle. Even his ankles were taped together. "I knew it!" exclaimed Firefang as he got to work releasing their ally from his bindings. The muzzle tape came off first. "Whom did this to you, Gerard?"

      The boy in his rabbit identity replied, "My idiot enemies in the 52nd century in AS-1 surprised me during a college campus break. I had just returned from a patrol and was tired. Before I could power down, they got the drop on me."

      Repairpaw came over and laid a glowing white paw on the rabbit's chest. "I hope you don't mind my cleansing you; that rabbit poop smell has got to go."

      Captain Rabbit replied, "I hope you do a better job than the Yuskay Groomers have tried to do; they remove it and within a few days, it is back smelling worse than before."

      Firefang asked, "Did this smell ever happen before you were empowered?"

      Captain Rabbit said, "Not even a lick. I was always a clean boy before the cosmic shit ball incident. If I find out that this is a stinky tracking scent, then I may have to bathe in the red stuff in Limbo."

      Repairpaw said, "I am going to try something, but I need you to power down first."

      Captain Rabbit glowed and the rabbit vanished and the naked boy was in his place. "Step one done, Repairpaw. You'll be my hero if your plan works."

      Repairpaw then vanished for a moment and when he reappeared, he was coughing and nearly gagging. "Had to get a fresh lung full of air. Here I go again." And he vanished again.

      Gerard's body suddenly lit up as if someone had removed all of the boy's natural colors. He almost looked more like Casper the Friendly Ghost than a human being during that moment. Repairpaw reappeared and took another breath. "Almost done." And he vanished again. Gerard remarked, "I think he is cleansing the piloting chamber in my head; it is hard to tell though. I hope he hit the wheel room while he was in there." Mentally the boy swore he heard the words, "You can't do this to me! Ah!" After another hour, the boy's body returned to its normal appearance and color as Repairpaw reappeared in the room. "Try it now, Gerard. I just had a heck of a fight. Silver helped me."

      The boy stood up and said, "I hope you didn't break the process. Time to take it the next level."

      Gerard struck his starting pose and he shouted, "Hero! Legacy! Activate!" There came a magnificent explosion of cosmic galactic light. And when the light faded, standing where the human had been was an anthropomorphic rabbit in Celestial White with an extra-special space aged armored uniform that looked oriental in design albeit made with Blue Silk, Gold and Silver Leaf as well as Reflec Crystal. "Representing all Lapines throughout Frontier! Celestial, Holy Warrior of the Galactic Lapine Church!" The old Captain Rabbit was gone and Celestial had taken his place.

      Rapid close-ups occurred all around his body until the camera view pulled back to reveal him in his full glory.

      As Celestial, Gerard was looking himself over as he said, "Finally free of the Captain Curse. Celestial is an awesome name for a rabbit."

      Firefang smiled. "Nice improvement. Want to spend some time with the hounds while you are here? We are supposed to be hibernating in preparation for the Spring rut. But I had a whim to summon you."

      Celestial said, "I can spare you the visitation time while I rub on your body. But I cannot afford to be pregnant again. I was supposed to be finishing college."

      A camera imp from the upper corner of the room said, "We know not to film you, Gerard. So this clean up will remain your little secret for now."

      Celestial remarked, "Too bad I cannot enforce the team to clean up as I just got to do."

      Firefang inquired, "So you think they are filthy?"

      Celestial replied, "They wanted to be around the nasty rabbit poop version of me. Now that I am clean, they may leave." Powering down into his human form, Gerard removed his clothes and he proceeded to show the hounds a good time. They did save his life and help clean him up from smelling like a rabbit's outhouse. Firefang was enjoying this a lot more than Repairpaw was since he was remembering what Maria had said about not going gay on her.
      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four
        So Repairpaw said something about it to the human young man.

        Gerard replied, "I started out as straight as you did, Isaac. But several of my animal friends on both the animated world as well as from space have instructed me that as a human toward other humans I can be as straight as I want to be. But that no longer applies when the partner is not in human form. If you powered down into your human form, then Maria would have a definitive point about your play time. I would never have you cheat on her with another human. But I don't see a human getting my scratches and petting at the moment. I see an Angel Hound whom is loving the rubbing I am giving him. Repairpaw loves this as much as any hound does; the human underneath is nervous."

        Repairpaw said, "So you are saying that its not gay as long as I am in Hound form; but I should never have sex with another human male when I am in my human form."

        Gerard replied, "Unless you are married to Maria, you can play around as much as you like as long as she is the only human female in your life. Its only gay if you tell her to take a flying leap. If I recall correctly, she had a fling in college while you tried to remain true. And now she is telling you that you cannot do the same thing. What a hypocrite! The hounds and you have had sex before you found your hound form and no one called it gay at that time. You never thought about having sex with that Indian boy in your human form, although you did joke about it while you were in the form of Repairpaw; and Maria acted like that it was a crime. As a human, yes; as a hound, no."

        He then added, "As Isaac, you are a straight man; but as Repairpaw, you can explain it the way I refer to my non-human forms. Human straight; non-human equals open-minded. You make more friends that way."

        Firefang nodded his muzzle. "As a member of our pack, Isaac, I don't see you as a straight man; but as the jack of all trades whom is scared of Maria, very straight. When she isn't involved trying to control you, you are fun."

        He then added, "In this until the end... your own words, Isaac. You swore this in front of Dragontail. If you renege now, he will kill you for lying to the pack."

        Gerard resumed rubbing on the hounds. "Sounds like you are stuck, Repairpaw. This is why you show caution in making deals with Underworld citizens. It is like selling your soul to Firefang whom wasn't an alpha then, but he is now."

        Repairpaw sighed as he rolled the human boy over and said, "Then this is not my human behaving himself; this is an Angel Hound plowing your field." And he mounted the human boy tying his knot into him. Then he found the boy clenching his shaft and knot as his eyes glazed over. "You are enjoying this..."

        Gerard giggled as he rubbed on Firefang some more. "I never thought he would let his hound out to play with me. Since Isaac isn't human at the moment, then I'm not playing with a human currently; I am playing with a horny hound. Am I wrong, Firefang? You boys would not be my first time with a hound."

        Firefang giggled. "Ace the Bat Hound was your first and he's not here. I know you love him, but while he is playing around with Robbie and Isis, you have no interest in him."

        Gerard said, "That cat is a pervert. She likes to watch him fuck a human while hoping he will fuck her. She has been with other male cats; and I know Ace has been with other female dogs. Otherwise, his son Deuce wouldn't exist."

        He then added, "I sometimes wonder how many of the Bat Hound Legion are actually his sons pretending to be legion members."

        Firefang laughed. "He has never fucked the bird."

        Gerard asked, "Are you loyal to Isaac?"

        Firefang said, "I love him as if he was born as one of us. Even if he married Maria, his hound butt belongs to me. You nailed it when you explained the 'human versus hound' form difference. I am mated to Repairpaw; but I love his human form as well. I know you have produced females as well as males with Ace; but he often forgets about the female pups that you procreated with him. He embraces the male pups although the others still exist. You have pup children named Club, Spade, Heart and Diamond as well as Queen, Trey, Quatrain, Fiver and Jack. And not a single human child among them. Ace would freak out if you birthed a human child from HIS seed."

        Gerard smiled. "Isis would laugh her ass off."

        He then added, "It would be Bud and Lou's newest joke."

        Firefang grinned. "I think Repairpaw is rebelling from Isaac trying to enforce straightness on a planar hound. Isaac lost this round. I hope he remembers that you don't want to be pregnant during this visit."

        Gerard said, "Then I better stop clenching his knot and shaft so he doesn't have an accident."

        Repairpaw then said, "I was about to suggest that just now; I am close to firing off inside of you. And as a repair squadron hound, I could get you pregnant. Maria would be mad for sure then."

        Gerard giggled as he clenched one last time as he said, "Accidents happen!" Then as he felt Repairpaw fire off inside of him, he said, "A rule of thumb for your human form, Repairpaw, always give yourself an enema before changing back into your human form or the gay feelings will infect your human form when the human is in charge afterward. I didn't instantly bloat just now, so no pregnancy this time."
        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five
          Gerard then said, "But you should calm down so you can pull out of me. I hope you learned something that won't get you in trouble with Maria."

          Thirty minutes later, Repairpaw was out of the human young man as he said, "I feel dirty for doing that, Gerard."

          Gerard replied, "That is a feeling that never goes away." He grabbed his clothes and shoes and he started getting dressed.

          Firefang said, "Time to send you back, Gerard. Repairpaw and I need to get our beauty sleep. Just think of the destination you want in your mind and I will send you there." And picturing Krypto and Rudolph, the boy teleported.

          Sometime the next day, Dragontail emerged from the bathroom and as he was heading toward the kitchen, he noted Coingazer and Southpaw using the farm's computer within the den; so he went in to see what had them smiling. As he peered over their shoulders, he saw an online profile and picture of a human boy with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. The boy was wearing a black leather jacket over a white tee shirt with the logo, "Dogs are cool!"

          "What are you guys doing?"

          Coingazer remarked, "The AS-1 version of Gerard Prince visited Firefang and Repairpaw last night and that got Southy and I to thinking what the FE-11 version was like in our world. So we did a search for his name on the people finder and this is what we got. AS-1 Gerard is an adult in college; our version is still a teenager albeit on the run since the death of his parents. I was thinking that we might get him here to the farm and let him live here while helping to take care of us Hellhounds. He obviously loves dogs and Basil could have a friend helping out around the farm. Did we mention that the boy loves dogs? Incentive, Dragontail..."

          Dragontail rolled his eyes. "I think you are just horny. You can do as you like, but when you get in trouble with Firefang, don't whine to me for help. I'm going to go get some breakfast." And off he went. But the boy was cute.

          Coingazer smiled at Southpaw. "Told you Dragontail would be interested. His bulge was throbbing after seeing this picture."

          Southpaw said, "I want to meet this boy; but I should stay here to cover for your absence while you go get the boy. How will you find him? I was a scout in the wars and I know tracking someone is not so easy."

          Coingazer grinned. "I'm going to cheat; that's how. One of my non-hound friends is an IDM whom I can trust. He will help to locate the boy so I can bring him here. I'll help the IDM to win the lottery he is all the time wanting to enter."

          Southpaw grinned back. "So that's how you know the guy... he's a gambler like you are."

          Coingazer smirked. "Birds of a feather... anyway, I'll be back later." And he turned off the computer and teleported out of the farm.

          :Storm Shelter Cave, Eagle Lake, Maine; Planet Earth FE-11:

          Albeit that Maine was still seeing one of its worst Winters in years, within the secluded cavern outside of the closest town, the boy in question was curled up shivering in the near deep freeze temperatures. His fire had already gone out and now he was in near fatal peril. The blanket he was wrapped up in was no match for Mother Nature in this case. Coming to Maine probably wasn't the brightest of moves he had ever done, but when he couldn't get into the family homestead locally, he remembered the shelter cave and went out to find lodging in it. Then the snowstorm hit and now he was about gone.

          The IDM and Coingazer suddenly popped into the cavern and the Hellhound and the IDM grabbed the wrapped up boy in their arms and quickly teleported out of the cavern heading back to Arizona.

          :Freeborn farm, Grand View, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:

          Appearing in the farm hand bunkhouse which was connected to the barn stables, Coingazer placed the nearly frozen boy into an available bed. Then Coingazer used his own warmth to rub the feeling back into the boy. "That cavern was colder than Isaac's meat freezer. But we found our boy and now he can survive among doggies. I owe you, old friend. I'd have hated to lose this boy to the weather." The IDM said, "The usual payment will be fine, Coingazer. But why you wanted his counterpart is beyond me. The original in AS-1 has enough troubles."

          Coingazer said, "Had this been the old days, he would have been a hound by now. I wasn't doing this for myself, old buddy. I was doing this for the pack. Anyway, show me the latest bookie reports and I will do my thing."

          While the Hellhound looked over the bookie reports, the boy opened his eyes and noted that he was in a warm bed and the only people near him were a talking hound and a floating talking mouse. He closed his eyes and just listened.

          Coingazer soon said, "Boy, these races suck balls And not even the good kind. The fourth race has the best payoff; don't waste your credits on the others. Nightflash is a long shot, but he is going to do a miraculous run during his race. Word is that its his birthday and despite being on a losing streak, the others are going to let him win before the birthday party they will be giving him. Sadly it is to be his last race. Running has always been his life and now he is going to be training young racers in how to do the sport. No one likes being put to pasture, but he's old."

          The IDM said, "If I lose, I will come back and kick your tail!" And the mouse teleported out of the chamber.
          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six
            After a moment and as Coingazer was about to turn to look back at the nice boy, he heard, "Where am I and whom are you? The last thing I remember was the Winter storm shelter cave in Maine. I appreciate the warm blankets and all; but I must have died if I am hearing talking animals that can teleport."

            Coingazer slyly smiled. "I knew you were awake, Gerard Klayton Prince. As for where you are, I rescued you out of frozen Maine and brought you to our farm here in Grand View, Arizona next to the Grand Canyon. I am called Coingazer; one of the Hellhounds with the Cardinal Sins TV show. I am the one with uncanny luck. My buddy Southpaw the scout wanted to meet you since we know your dimensional counterpart from AS-1. Firefang the Alpha from the Hell Furnaces, High Prince Dragontail of the Militant Pack and Repairpaw of the Freeborn Repair Squadron of Arcadia don't even know I brought you here. Since you love dogs, I wanted to hire you to help out on our farm."

            The boy opened his eyes fully and sat up quickly. "Back up a moment. You just called me by my cousin's name. He and his father are down in Baja California, Mexico. My name is Justin League Prince; but I do love dogs."

            Coingazer arched an eye. "I'm sorry; your online profile said that your parents had died in a helicopter crash and it labeled you as on the run. It was also stated that you had the name I just used. Why was it mislabeled?"

            Justin replied as he reached out to rub on Coingazer's fur, which the Hellhound permitted, "My cousin asked me to set up my profile on that site to read that way so his CIA father's enemies would think he had died. So I did it."

            Coingazer (after getting the boy's hands warmed up) said, "You look just like your cousin, Justin. His counterpart in AS-1 is off in college and is in his late twenties, age-wise."

            Justin remarked, "My cousin is college aged after his schooling with an official tutor. His shitty mother wouldn't let him have a pet and his father divorced her, returning the cunt back to her family. My parents died when I was in the eighth grade and the authorities wanted to send me to foster care rather than sending me to any of my living relatives; so I ran away. When I couldn't get inside our Maine home, I went to the storm shelter just as the stupid blizzard hit the entire state. I had a camp fire initially, but when it went out and I didn't have more fire wood, I thought the world hated me and I would join my parents in the great beyond. But then you saved me."

            At that moment, Southpaw and Dragontail came into the bunkhouse to stand on either side of Coingazer. Dragontail stated, "Your luck is amazing, Coingazer. What a cutie. But I thought he was older."

            Coingazer then explained what the real boy had asked his younger cousin to do and where he had rescued the boy from. "At any rate, Dragontail, this is Justin League Prince, Gerard's younger cousin. And this hound is Southpaw."

            Justin smiled. "More doggies that can talk. Come on over so I can rub on your fur; my hands are still a bit cold but Coingazer was letting me warm them up by rubbing on his fur. Although it would be warmer if you boys were in bed."

            Southpaw was glad for the invitation and he climbed into the bed with the boy before helping the boy out of his clothes and hugging the boy's body entirely. It was like having a living thermal blanket against his naked body. "Since I was the one whom wanted to see you based on your profile, I'll help you rid yourself of your cold chill. Coingazer meant well by fetching you to the farm and I will take the rap with him when Firefang finds out. But dammit, we rescued you from freezing to death. Surely even he will see the goodwill we performed. But if you'd like to be a hound like us, human free will and all... you only have to ask."

            Dragontail cleared his throat. "Behave, Southpaw! I will help to clear this act with the Alpha since he and I are getting along so well. Rescuing people is like when we rescued Hedley from the bank robbers."

            Southpaw grinned. "Her treats are so yummy!"

            Firefang and Repairpaw then came into the bunkhouse and stood next to Dragontail. "So you rescued Gerard's cousin from freezing to death; since welfare is being a whore, I will ask Impy to adopt the boy into our farm environment. After reading the boy's aura, he added, "I will also send word to your cousin that you are here at our farm in case he wants to see you, Justin. Your parents must have loved superhero shows since your name is so much like Justice League. Our pack rut is coming up in the Spring and sadly, if you get mounted by one of us, you will end up as the newest hound in our pack. If that happens, then I apologize in advance. Basil Huxley knows to avoid us in the Spring."

            Southpaw explained, "Basil Orion Huxley is a Native American Cheyenne teenager with long black hair, green eyes and native tan skin. He helps Isaac aka Repairpaw to care for the other farm animals since his mother died."

            Lord Impy then popped in with Basil and the imp executive said, "Dealing with the Maine welfare was worse than Sarah Cavanaugh's bitties from the Wildfire cartoon show. I think they deliberately hate children. Anyway, I got the adoption papers arranged legally so you are officially one of us now, Justin. I am Lord Impy, the guy in charge of Devi-TV. And this is Basil Huxley; he will show you what chores to do here at the farm. Southpaw, I don't mind your giving the boy warmth since he almost froze to death; but please control your hormones and don't fuck him. Get consent first. Also, Recordspaw will be coming back soon during the weekends; he is a working class Roo."

            Repairpaw remarked, "He is also a great cook!"

            Firefang said, "You know, guys, we are supposed to be hibernating in preparation for the Spring Rut which Impy wants to film. His viewers love watching us perform smut." And he escorted Repairpaw back to his own quarters.

            Dragontail said, "I have a meaty lunch prepared if any of you hounds are hungry. It is human safe, for the record."

            Lord Impy said, "I am glad you remembered to be responsible, Dragontail. If Justin goes hound on us, make sure he is educated on pack conditions. If he won't obey an Alpha then he cannot stay. I have to go." And he left.

            Dragontail then said, "I think Lord Impy is dealing with a family/clan issue back in Hell."
            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven
              After Basil and Dragontail departed the bunkhouse, Coingazer got into bed with Southpaw and Justin with the boy in the middle. The gambling hound remarked, "Southpaw removed your clothes but that is just as well since we Hellhounds can warm you up faster if the clothes are not in the way. Be honest with us, Justin. Do you really love dogs as much as you keep saying?"

              Justin replied, "Of course I do. Why are you asking?"

              Coingazer slyly grinned. "As a dog lover, may I insert my cock into your tail hole for the purpose of giving you a direct cold defeating sharing of Hellhound warmth? You can return the favor to Southpaw in front of you, naturally."

              Southpaw remarked, "Learning to do it as we would would prove you really love dogs. I could even arrange for you to receive and wear a dog pajama costume that lets you feel and move about as we hounds would. Impy said I should have your consent before showing you a good time, so how about it? You already smell good and the smell is exciting me. Please... just for a little while..." Both Southpaw and Coingazer knew the nice smell was from the boy's human male virginity and until that scent was handled, the hounds would go crazy and they wanted to help Justin to deal with it before some other sleaze got a chance to.

              Justin replied, "You can as long as you promise not to hurt me when putting your cock into me. No one likes pain. As for the dog pajama costume offer, do I get to choose the hound's colors?"

              Southpaw grinned. "Of course you do. I served as a scout in the Hellhound army and the Stealth hounds were always impressing me in the way they could disguise anyone to look like the hound of choice. You describe the hound to me and I will make sure you get exactly what you want. Just remember that this will be a full body costume when worn. Other humans won't be able to tell that you are human yourself while you are wearing it. So what design do you fancy as a fun dog type?"

              As the boy was starting to reply, Coingazer slid his shaft into the boy's anal ring including the soft popping sensation of the gambler's knot going in as well.

              Justin remarked, "Ah..." And then he slid his penis into Southpaw's rump hole. "I have always enjoyed how Hunter of the Road Rovers looked, except his breed wasn't to my specific liking. Imagine a Golden Labrador Retriever with the overcoat being the same color as my blond hair with blue eyes just like my own, Off-White socks around each foot paw from the ankles down, while the undercoat being a Light Caramel coloration and the cock being the same color as my undercoat. A muzzle mask around my eyes and down my nose would be the same color as the undercoat. And on my tummy fur, a dark chocolate bow and arrow design over a red heart. Then I could be called Hunterheart Hound."

              Southpaw giggled as he placed the order for the hound transformation candy bar mentally before saying, "Man, you made me hungry by describing something that sexy."

              Coingazer said in an announcer like voice, "Hunterheart Hound, the Pack Master!"

              Justin began singing a little ditty that he had made up on the spot. "Who's that coming from somewhere deep in the wood? Hunting game as best as a Hellhound could! Whenever the pack needs to give a shout! He can go hunting to set food about! It's the Pack Master countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" This made all three of them giggle and laugh as the bed heated up getting rid of the Winter Cold that the boy had been feeling before. Then Southpaw received the candy bar order he had just made with Justin's described Hellhound preloaded into the confectionery treat. It was recruiter candy, the same variety used in the Hellhound Army.

              "Here Justin, eat this for extra energy."

              Justin popped the candy bar into his mouth without question and chewed it up before slowly swallowing it not suspecting a thing.

              Coingazer then fired off deeply within the boy's backside as Justin felt himself cum into Southpaw's tail hole. "I am sorry I came in you, Southpaw; I just lost control at that moment."

              Southpaw grinned. "You can do that whenever you like, Justin, I liked it. We should try to get some sleep since you definitely need it. Before we rescued you from that blizzard cave, there is no telling when you last slept. Tomorrow, we will get you a proper breakfast as well as something to drink. I have your pajama costume on order, if it arrives while you are sleeping, I will help you into it without waking you up. Then you won't need us sharing our heat with you. We'll help you to learn how to walk like a dog tomorrow. It is easier than you think. I love you, Justin."

              Coingazer remarked, "I wish we could get Basil interested in playing with us Hellhounds. Then we'd only need one more boy so every pack member could have a boyfriend."

              Justin yawned as he hugged Southpaw from behind. "Girls are icky. We boys know how to have fun. See you in the morning, guys; and thanks for rescuing me." He then closed his eyes to get some sleep.

              Mentally, Coingazer asked Southpaw, "What was in that candy bar you gave Justin? I'm not stupid, Southpaw."

              Southpaw mentally replied, "It was a recruiter candy bar from the stealth Hellhound army division; it comes preloaded with a transformation trigger, both ways, as well as the exact Hellhound form and colors asked for when you place the order. That's why I asked Justin to describe his perfect hound to us. He will transform overnight into his new hound form. After he wakes up, I will instruct him in how to change between the two forms and prove that he isn't stuck. When placing the order for the hound form, you can also ask for an empowerment; since he described a Caring Cousin like tummy symbol, I wanted his to be able to work just like the Care Bear Cousins."

              Coingazer sighed as he stated mentally, "I sure hope Firefang doesn't rip you a new asshole for doing this to the boy. I think Lord Impy suspected that you were planning it."
              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight
                It was mid-morning the next day and Southpaw had Hunterheart out on the farm property educating him on how to do things as a hound. Earlier, he had taught Justin on how to switch forms to prove he wasn't stuck. Southpaw had secretly gone a step further by having Law Imps and Mack Roo Lawyers as well as members of the Imperial Council watching this training session invisibly.

                Southpaw suspected that Firefang was going to complain about what he had done that the so-called Alpha had performed himself. He had even asked one of the Yuskay Groomers to be on standby just in case.

                And then as if on cue, Firefang and Repairpaw came out of the farmhouse whereas Firefang came over and sniffed Justin albeit in hound form and then he turned to face Southpaw as he growled, "My camera Imp told me that you had recruited a human to become a hound, Southpaw! You know that only the Alpha has the right to induct anyone into the pack! I suspected that I wouldn't be able to trust you when you were brought in to fill the available third position! I want you to change him back right now!"

                Southpaw arched an eye and remained calm. "Be that as you have stated it, but I don't see any Alpha in this farm yard, Firepaw. You don't officially become an Alpha until the pack has existed for an entire year. And it's barely past New Years. You see, I took the liberty to read over the Proving Rites rule book recently. The Proving Rites pack must consist of five authorized male Hellhounds, born and raised in Hell. Let's do the math, slave of the Hell Furnaces... Arrival night on Halloween in South Dakota... The phony shadow creation choosing to call itself Southfang; the female phony Dragontail whose real name was Lazynose nicknamed later as Couchpaw, the real Dragontail's sister; an assumed Hellhound from the Hell Furnaces calling himself Firepaw; don't interrupt, you'll get your chance; the female phony Spiritfang, formerly of Eyremist Pack, a supposed Totemic Shaman, later revealed to be Poisonpaw Bladetalon; and finally, a Shadow Demon Hound Alpha whom never revealed his real name whom was choosing to call himself Coingazer since the real version was in juvenile lock-up for trying to cheat a lord during a gambling card game. A total of five hounds arriving to do their Proving Rites. But the rule book says that all five had to be Hell-born Hellhounds of the male gender; no females, ever. If Isaac Freeborn had been thinking that night when the unholy ring a fire erupted on the highway, he should have sped right on by the arrival point without stopping. Another rule in regards to the Proving Rites states that the hounds in question are to have no interaction with any non-hounds at any time. You five broke all manner of rules while pretending to do your proving rites.Then after kicking the females out, only three hounds of the original five were left, although the real Dragontail had joined the group. Mister everything by the book didn't seem to know what the Proving Rites rule book detailed. And then there came the next failure for this pack. The shadow creation coined the pack name and everyone involved continued to use it. Since he had been outed, you, according to the book, should have invented a new pack name. And you chose not to and I know why... Next up in the rule book, Dragontail knew this one, the new Alpha doesn't have Alpha rights until the pack has existed for an entire year. Even Lord Impy stated this one on multiple occasions. Ergo, the real Dragontail, the real Coingazer and I are the only Hellhounds whom did not arrive on the original arrival night. Face it, Firepaw, the Cardinal Pack is a whopping lie! Being led by a rebel criminal whose father had him in a punishment in the worst part of the Hell Furnaces! The real Firepaw was recently located by his father and has been getting medical treatment to heal him of the attack you performed on him! You see, I also contacted your father the Hell Furnaces Alpha! I know everything! As for the boy turned hound I have, I'll restore him when you do the same thing to Isaac!"

                Southpaw then said without giving this phony a chance to speak, "I recalled that I haven't seen Isaac in his human form since the pack formed! Before the formation of the Pack, Isaac was using his human form every week! But after the pack formed, all I saw was a butt fuck slave presenting himself to your cock whenever you hinted that you wanted to fuck him! You even demanded that he share your quarters which is illegal until you officially become Alpha! I contacted Celestial to ask him if he thought Isaac was acting as himself during this last visit! He said there was a moment when it seemed that Repairpaw and Isaac were two separate entities! So what did you do to Isaac?!"

                Firepaw paw-punched Southpaw and said, "You are not in charge here! At best, you are a guest! A guest whom has worn out his welcome! You should be back on Dildo Tree Number Fifty Eight!"

                Southpaw stood back up and chuckled. "Now you show your true colors, just as Southfang did! You just fucked up again! I never revealed the Dildo Tree Number I had been banished to after an officer in the Hellhound Army overstepped his bounds! In order to know that number, you had to be in on it! You people can appear now!" And that was when all of the invisible authorities simply appeared as if they had been watching the entire exchange. "We instructed your camera imp to tip you off as to what I was supposedly doing out here and you fell for it!"

                Glancing off to the side, he saw Dragontail, Coingazer, the real Spiritfang's grandson Sightseeker, Hunterheart and the real Firepaw albeit in partial bandages in a group just behind the Hell Furnaces Alpha. "I was surprised when Southpaw asked me if you were really Firepaw and he asked me to do a pack search on all my sons in the Hell Furnaces! Then I found the real Firepaw in bad shape and I figured out the rest! You are in deep shit, recruiter scum! Snarebutt was caught trying to create a pack to defy the anti-recruiting laws and I dragged his ass to the worst part of the Hell Furnaces to pay for his crime! He encountered Firepaw and after roughing him up, took his place!"

                Glancing back at Repairpaw, Snarebutt saw the Yuskay Groomer wearing thick gloves while holding the so-called Angel Hound in place while said Hound's body was as bright as Gerard's body had been the previous night. Suddenly, an Arvandorian White furred Werewolf seemingly jumped out of Repairpaw's forehead landing on the ground! In his firm metal gauntlet covered grip was a dirty looking Fallen Angel Hound. "Finish cleaning him up, Groomer Seven! I am going to deliver this scum over to the Imperial Council! The asshole tried to fight me in there!" It was Celestial's werewolf guardian known as Silver, complete with his power sword on his back.

                Snarebutt hung his head at that point. Whenever Silver walked the land, the gig was up.

                Standing beside Overseer Zecma and Lord Impy was Celestial. The rabbit said to the werewolf, "Did he manage to hurt you, Silver?"

                Silver replied, "Not this time. It takes a lot to put the hurt on me. What do we do with this demonic sack of manure? You don't know how badly I want to touch him without the gauntlets on."

                Lord Impy said to Zecma, "My brother Dark Imp and I recently annulled the Kisume Clan adoption that Diablo Kisume conducted on us way back when he convinced us to join his clan. Inuyasha has chosen to side with us since he doesn't want to be on the bounty hunter block himself. I officially announced the fact over Devi-TV to all of our viewers everywhere. We want to be part of the new age, Zecma. My deal is not with the Proving Rites Pack; it is with Isaac Freeborn himself. It seems like we are going to have to have the hounds perform the rites all over again. I know Dragontail is going to be sick of having to do this. It only takes one to make this pack fail. And they all know it."

                Zecma said, "In order for the proving rites pack to be able to work with Isaac, the entire rule book will have to be rewritten to keep it up to date with the current times."
                End of Chapter Eight
                End of JCS-09 Spring Mating Habits.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Proving Rites Tales.