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JCS-09 Spring Mating Habits

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    JCS-09 Spring Mating Habits

    [Cardinal Sins]
    JCS-09 Spring Mating Habits.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    May 3rd, 2022

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:
    Despite the education, Firefang and Dragontail were never told about the Dildo Tree outing. And Repairpaw never brought it up ever again. Once was enough; he would strive to resist being that curious a second time. The rest of the Winter passed mildly; despite North and South Dakota having nearly ten blizzards, back to back.

    Almost no news broadcaster ever mentioned the missing Ridgeview South Dakota since it was a small town anyway.

    While the hounds mainly slept through the Winter, Isaac was as busy as usual. The townsfolk were not happy that he was charging what anyone else would charge for the work they were low-balling him with, according to Gerard Prince of Earth AS-1. Gerard even brought Isaac a standard payment chart for what Jacks of all trades on his world were charging. Isaac was blown away since even they were doing better than he was before he chose to adjust his repair fees. Maria was happy that Isaac was taking a stand finally.

    Then came the last Week of Winter when the mayor of Ridgeview approached Isaac at the farm with an ultimatum. The townsfolk were glad to have escaped the nasty Winter, but now they wanted to return to South Dakota so life could get back to normal. Isaac asked the mayor to hold off for a few days until he could speak to a few people about this. Isaac spoke to Maria, the McQueens, Ms. Sokoulis and finally the local Cheyenne tribe. Apparently not everyone was so hot about the greedy mayor's desires to cheat Isaac.

    Isaac then confronted Lord Impy and Zecma about the issue. "As much as I hate to wish ill tidings on anyone, the mayor is fast becoming a pain in the ass. Could you guys transport everyone whom agrees with him back in time to South Dakota to the day the rest of us pulled out. Maybe dealing with the worst Winter on record without my help would straighten out his foolish greed. We'll then see if Gerard Prince was right about my not being the only trusted plumber and carpenter in town. We can always repopulate our town."

    Lord Impy said, "So you want me to arrange it so the memory of their being down here was a dream they had the night before. I think that is doable. I just feel sorry for all those local children whom will be sharing their parent's punishment all because of the mayor's persuasion tactics. What say you, Zecma? The town got used to cheating Isaac for years and now they want to reinstate their old ways and cheat him again."

    Zecma hummed before stating, "Good children should be saved. Selfish and evil children should remain with the mayor and the others. They might survive. Not likely, but..."

    Isaac then suggested, "How about expanding Father Matthews place to include an orphanage for the good children we will be saving?"

    Lord Impy smiled. "I knew you didn't hate everyone, Isaac. But the mayor is bringing this upon himself and those whom agree with him. No Isaac to cheat; no Maria to treat their animals; no Ardens to cater to a bunch of evil assholes. Arden mentioned not liking how the town took advantage of you, Isaac. He always paid you top dollar for any work you did for his outlets; no one else in town even dared to do that."

    Isaac said, "Then we are in agreement. This is to occur after they all go to sleep tonight. All move data like zip and phone area codes will revert to what they remembered. Ms. Sokoulis has agreed to run a bakery for Desert View's tourists since they would have visiting children for her to dote over. The McQueens are also choosing to stay with us, as is Father Matthews. He once said we owed our lives to the good lord, Impy Kisume, for getting us out of the snow and ice. Maria and various others are not mayor lovers."

    Zecma grinned. "Perhaps I could ask Gerard Prince if he would be our Ridgeview's new temporary mayor. He is a fair young man. Of course that would mean dealing with his friends."

    Isaac smirked. "You mean the Tiger and the Horse as well as the others."

    Zecma giggled. "None of Gerard's dumb enemies are in your world."

    Isaac nodded his head. "Go ahead and ask him. It could be a small vacation for him at best."

    Lord Impy said, "Tell the mayor that all good dreams must come to an end and to be ready at sunrise. After that, return to your farm and stay there. Ridgeview Arizona is about to get a lot emptier. But new neighbors may want to move in once they learn about the prime real estate. I'll handle the advertising once the rotten townsfolk are returned to South Dakota. And with the Ridgeview All-Stars guarding the town, the crime rate will vanish."

    Isaac said, "Basil likes caring for our animals and talking to Recordspaw. I haven't seen him lately. What do you have the boomer doing?"

    Lord Impy grinned slyly. "He is still a porn star. He has to work; his vacation of caring for the hounds was all well and good but it wasn't paying him anything."

    Isaac said, "But I miss him..."

    Lord Impy smiled sweetly. "I'll let him know how you feel. Now get going; you have to deliver the reply to the greedy old mayor."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    The following morning, the absence of the former townsfolk heralded the arrival of new families whom had always wanted to live near the Grand Canyon and with a fresh town at that location, they were getting their chance. Firefang and Isaac had seen a news report about how the formerly invisible town of Ridgeview South Dakota had reappeared and how most of the families there had to be rescued from their own homes due to frozen doors and frozen water pipes. Apparently the townsfolk had resorted toward burning everything combustible since no one had any firewood. A job usually provided by the town's jack of all trades whom was still missing.

    Isaac frowned. "They brought it upon themselves, love. Still laying the blame for their misfortune on the sap of a jack of all trades they were cheating to start with."

    Suddenly Lord Impy's face appeared on their TV screen superimposed over a hypnotic pattern. "Ridgeview Arizona is now called Grand View Arizona, named after the view of the Grand Canyon you people get to have. It has always been Grand View. Over time you must forget the other town name was ever here. I am performing this trick on everyone throughout the entire region. Now say the new town name, loyal hounds!"

    Firefang and Isaac spoke at the same time. "Grand View Arizona." The rest of the pack in their own sleeping quarters also spoke the new name as did Basil Huxley.

    Lord Impy's face vanished from the television screen.

    Everyone whom had been on Isaac's trust list was given the new programming to know the town's new name as if that had always been the name.

    :Freeborn farm, Grand View, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:

    After breakfast, the Cardinal Pack were lined up as a group in front of a view of the Grand Canyon for a publicity shot to advertise the Cardinal Sins TV show. If you were associated with the pack, you were required to be on hand to be part of the promo picture. Firefang was in the middle with a fiery glow around him; Dragontail was off to the left with one paw on a floating slab of rock; Coingazer stood off to the right having a wall of billowing shadows behind him; Southpaw stood off to the left side of Dragontail having a mini-dust devil in front of him; Repairpaw was off to the right of Coingazer having his signature Heavenly glow around his body; standing next to Southpaw wearing her Desert View Tours and White Water Rafting jacket was Leila Hedley, the owner and operator of her own business nearby; and next to Repairpaw was Maria Phelps in her Vet outfit.

    Lord Impy was there with the cameras as well as Mack Roo. "Hold still," said the television executive imp. "We are almost done with the publicity shot."

    Southpaw remarked, "This will be good advertising for your Desert Tours business, Leila."

    Leila replied, "You boys did save my life; this is the least I could do for you since you like my treats so much."

    Maria stated, "I will be opening my vet offices late because of this, but having a picture of the hounds in the lobby will be a conversation starter."

    Repairpaw smiled. "I've gotten better at controlling my light powers. And I've experimented with redirecting weather we don't want to put up with. Boys petting us never gets old."

    Maria smirked. "Now don't be going gay on me, Isaac. I don't mind you playing with the television animals, but gay for a human boy will not be tolerated."

    Repairpaw grinned. "If that was the case, Coingazer and I could have depants Basil in the barn by now. He didn't want to join the photo shoot."

    Lord Impy said, "Spring Rut is coming up and unless you want to be mounted, then keep your distance from the hounds when they do it; they are going to smell bad enough."

    Leila said, "Like Maria, I have a business to run. But with television access to the show, I can watch safely from home. Is it okay if I give Southpaw another treat?"

    Southpaw had the 'please say yes' look on his muzzle.

    Lord Impy stated, "Glah! Never make that face in association with the sad puppy eyes or it's back to the dildo tree with you! Yes, you can give him one. We don't want him to be too fat later on. These hounds have to stay in shape and with the new hounds arriving this Summer, we need to show that we are not like Lazynose Couchpaw. Or is her lifestyle starting to grow on you hounds?"

    Every hound had their tongues stuck out at that point. Firefang remarked, "I complained about her early on. I would never want to be like her."

    Lord Impy then said, "All done. Back to your planned business day, boys. And try not to eat too many sweets."
    End of Chapter Two