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JCS-08 Declaring the Pack Again

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    JCS-08 Declaring the Pack Again

    [Cardinal Sins]

    JCS-08 Declaring the Pack Again.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    November 27th, 2020

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:
    Sitting in front of the pack den television, Coingazer and the other hounds listened to how the sports teams had done badly due to the hot weather and then there was the evening and early morning weather forecast for the Cameron zone. It was as Impy had said, but something got added at the last moment. "Bill, the national weather bureau told us to watch this depression that is coming up out of Southern California and Mexico's Baja region. They aren't expecting it to do much in our region, but we should watch it just in case since it has the potential to dump heavy rains that could cause flooding in dry river beds and drainage canals. I know the ranchers could use the water; so we are watching this small system just in case. And after these messages, the winning Arizona Lottery numbers for tonight. Good luck to everyone whom entered." Then the commercials began. A car dealership, a clothing sale at a woman's department store and a few fast food franchise commercials. "Coming up next on local channels will be Wheel of Fortune and speaking of fortunes, tonight's winning lotto numbers are: 6, 10, 38, 41, and 64. If you chose these numbers, congratulations. You will have until Friday morning to turn in your winning ticket. Thank you for watching."

    "WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Have a look at the prizes our contestants could win tonight!" Coingazer turned off the TV. "Nailed it! A shame I am am not eligible for the state lottery."

    Southpaw said, "Possible flooding. How does that change our travel plans tomorrow?"

    Isaac said, "I know Hellhounds hate getting wet so the rain gear we ordered for the pack will get used in case it is still raining when we head out. But I'd rather be in the rain over that shitty frozen ice cream we endured in South Dakota earlier this year."

    Firepaw grinned. "And how!"

    Dragontail smiled. "We are so lucky that you care about us, Isaac. I am not sorry that I gave you a chance to prove yourself in our pack."

    Recordspaw hopped in with a large mail bag and said, "Fan mail, guys. Impy said to give this to you after dinner. Mind you that some of the junk in here covers activities done in South Dakota and may have questions directed at the fakes, so answer these as carefully as possible."

    Firepaw then stepped out of camera shot as he deepened his voice and said, "With a fine meal in their tummies, the pack has retired to the pack den where they are surprised with fan mail from viewers at home. How will our heroes react to this unexpected surprise?" And then he stepped back into the scene and opened the mail sack and starting sorting out mail to those present. "Ooh, lots of stuff... almost reminds me of the Hell Furnaces where we often got to read other people's mail that they threw away."

    Isaac ripped open one of his envelopes and pulled out the letter. "Dear Jackpaw, It must be amazing to get to hang out with a bunch of dogs and do all manner of fun dog things. Will we ever get to see you mount Spiritfang, she seems to like you and I think she might lift her tail for you. Signed Aaron Dennings of Nome Alaska, Navy Base #29635; PS: Mainland US snow is nothing like it is up here. It was funny to see you guys complain about a little snowfall." This prompted some growling from the others. Isaac then turned his gaze toward his own camera imp as he replied, "Dear Naval Cadet Aaron Dennings, Until you have been in South Dakota yourself, never call it a little snowfall. The proving rites would have been completed in one week had it not been for all the ice and snow and other sabotage that we encountered. Due to the restart of the rites, we are in a new location in Arizona and hopefully the snow doesn't follow us or else we may migrate to the South Pacific to get these rites done. Also, I am no longer called Jackpaw since that name was labeled on me by a non-Hellhound demon DOG whom I hope is suffering greatly in the frozen underworld. As for Spiritfang, she lied about her identity and her standing; it was discovered that she was an assassin that was sent along with these nice hounds to make them fail in their rites. Signed, Repairpaw of the Angel Hound Repair Squadron. Mechanical and Reparation specialists." He then settled down and set the letter aside to let someone else go next.

    Dragontail opened his letter next. "Dear Dragontail, For a Hellhound whom originated from a military pack, you sure are lazy. Sleeping on the couch all day long watching TV while your pack mates are busting their chops in training in the hot sun doesn't seem right. With your claim of being in a war and then you act that way just seems way off. I would like to see you do something very militaristic. I'll bet you would be awesome if you could ever get off that couch; Maybe your pack name should have been Couchpaw. Signed, William Rupert Silvercrown the third. PS: I hate writing the number on the end of my name. My mother makes me do it. Can't we kill her?"

    At that moment, Isaac as well as all of the others in the room all muttered, "Lazynose." Isaac then added, "Couchpaw is a good extension to her nickname though."

    Dragontail rose up and looked to his own camera imp as he said, "Dear William, The fake version of me whom lounged on the couch whom we all call Lazynose had been betrothed to another Alpha in another pack and she chose to run away and escape to Earth through the very portal that was being prepared for me. I am the real Dragontail and you will never catch me being that lazy during the proving rites. As for killing a dragon... AS IF! No one in my pack can do that! They would like to think that they could; but we don't need the Kisumes breathing down our necks. As for mothers humiliating us into doing things we hate; they all do that, but they get theirs in the end. Evil Laugh. Keep watching and you will see how awesome I can really be, Signed, High Royal Prince Dragontail Warsurge."

    Isaac then said, "What does your look like Firepaw?"

    Firepaw grinned. "Pretty naughty in truth. The first is from someone I know. I don't want to embarrass them."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    The following morning, the Hellhounds and Isaac were in their rain coats made for canines as they headed out through the morning rain. Thank the Infernal that the rain wasn't cold like it had been in South Dakota. The camera Imps were equipped with miniature rain coats and umbrellas. Heading along the highway East of Ridgeview, the Hellhounds proceeded to Cameron where upon, they crossed the four-lane highway cautiously before heading north along Hwy 89 for 15 miles before turning on 160 East where they had to travel 35 miles to Tonalea, Arizona before their cross country trek to Wildcat Peak 5 miles to the Northwest could begin. Following the highway made it easier for avoiding the drainage ditches which were overflowing with run-off waters from the flooding. If they had simply headed off across country, they would have been in dire straights.

    As they arrived at the base of Wildcat Peak, the Camera Imp whom had been following Isaac whispered something to him and showed him something on the map of Arizona. This made Issac groan as he turned to face the other Hellhounds. "Guys. You might want to kick my butt when I tell you this, but according to my Camera Imp, there was a higher mountain just South of Cameron which is closer to home that we could have done. Wildcat Peak is half the size and since I've never been up here before, it only looked bigger on the map. Humphreys Peak is 12,000 feet high and would have been the better choice. In order to get there, we are going to have to backtrack to Cameron and then Head South on 89. I am so sorry."

    Firepaw said, "No problem, I memorized a spot back down there under an overpass and I can open a fire portal back to that location so we can rest before heading South. At least it stopped raining." After a vote was taken, Firepaw opened the fire portal and they all went through it to the space under the overpass just outside of Cameron to set up a temporary camp and rest in preparation South to Humphreys Peak 40 some miles away. Using the Fire Portal cut 3 hours of traveling off of their travel time. It was now noon and they needed to head South about 40 miles to the Mountain just north of Flagstaff. Later when they were to get there, they would find another benefit.

    At three PM, the Hellhounds arrived at the North side of Humphrey's Peak where they saw a single pickup parked which had a sleepover shell covering the pickup bed in the back. Directly out in front of the pickup was a chain gate leading to what the Park Service sign said was the official hiking trail to the summit. Closed during rainy weather. But the gate was obviously open at the moment. Isaac said, "What a benefit, guys. The state park commission put in a hiking trail up the mountain. This sure beats trying to climb slippery slopes like we did in South Dakota."

    Firepaw was sniffing over the pickup. "We need to be careful, guys. The driver of this pickup along with a male friend and a teenage girl are somewhere up that trail."

    Dragontail then said, "The license plates have a sticker which reads Desert View Tours and White Water Rafting. Whomever owns this rig lives right next door to Ridgeview, Firepaw. It could mean a free ride home tonight."

    Coingazer remarked. "Perhaps a mention that such hospitality may not be available for later packs as it seems to be turning out for us."

    Southpaw sniffed the air. "One of the nicer males is carrying a supply of beef jerky. I may wag my tail if he gives me one."

    Isaac said, "There is no crime to be had for appreciating a food offering. I just hope the girl with the males doesn't scream when she sees a pack of hounds wearing rain coats."

    The pack headed up the trail and thanks to the railed trail, they soon easily caught up with the three humans, although they soon saw that the girl was all tied up with her hands behind her back while a male held her from behind with a gun. The other guy was carrying the backpack containing the beef jerky although the backpack had the same sticker on it that the license plate had on it. And there was a patch on the girl's coat jacket which matched the stickers. The males were not advertising the service. They didn't look like nice folk at all. Isaac's eyes lit up without reason, or so one would think. "Guys... I am detecting evil intent coming from these two males. The girl is their victim. She owns the pickup and the beef jerky backpack. One the males has the keys to the vehicle. If we save this girl, then she might give us the lift we need later. Mr. Gun has the keys."

    Firepaw removed his rain coat and laid it aside before he fire teleported up the trail to appear right in front of the human hikers. And then in obvious Hellish English, he spoke, "Going somewhere, Children of God!" Firepaw was laying it on thick and he was still coated in flames which were all over his body.

    Coingazer used his stealth abilities to sneak right up behind the guy with the gun where as he frisked the man and found the keys to the pickup before moving back to permit the others to have their fun.

    As the man with the gun moved the gun to aim at the flaming hound, the young lady lifted her hiking boot and brought it down hard and fast into the man's foot. "You stupid bitch!"

    Isaac rose up on his hind paws and pointed his fore paws directly toward Mr. Gun's back where upon a crack of thunder went off as a lightning bolt hit the man in the back and threw him into his partner just ahead of their group.

    Dragontail rose up and came up behind the young lady... and while using his claws as daggers, he began to slice the ropes off of the lady's wrists. "We're with one of Lord Impy's TV shows, young lady. We're from Ridgeview," said a camera imp. The young lady didn't reply since she was gagged, but she held still for her rescuer. Southpaw darted through the scene and snagged the fallen backpack away from the other man and quickly returned to Isaac's side. "This pack is full of the good stuff along with whatever this green paper is."
    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three
      Isaac glanced into the backpack before commenting, "These guys are bank robbers and they captured this young lady to use as a hostage to cover their get-away. They likely brought her up here on the mountain to dispose of her body after which they would have made their get-away." He then looked to his Camera Imp. "Call Impy and have him get the law over to Humphrey's Peak. Although we didn't plan it this way, we are heroes." The Camera Imp made the call immediately and soon there were law enforcement vehicles all over the parking lot the hiking trail. Lord Impy in his business suit was riding the shoulder of the head investigating officer as they made their way up the trail and they soon found all five hounds in rain coats in a semi-circle facing the two robbers laying on the ground with looks that suggested that the devil himself appeared before them. And sitting off to one side feeding beef jerky to the hounds was the untied young lady.

      The head officer soon said, "I know these two men. Aaron Walker and his brother Wilbur Walker; notorious bank robbers wanted in five states. Their last heist occurred in Las Vegas where after robbing a bank they vanished into the Grand Canyon. Are you okay, Miss?"

      The young lady said, "I am Leila Hedley, owner and operator of Desert View Tours and White Water Rafting. I put all of the stolen money back into the bank bags they had been in before these stupid crooks tried to overfill my beef jerky backpack with the loot. One of Impy's camera imps told me that these hounds were from nearby Ridgeview where they were doing a TV show for Lord Impy. I know of Devi-TV networks since my uncle has a subscription. Since these nice hounds saved me from getting murdered by these two, I want to give them a ride home later in my pickup. I don't know why the hounds are on the mountain, but mine is not to question since they saved my life."

      With the police having gathered up the stolen loot and putting the two men into custody under the promise to protect them from the scary Hell Monsters, the police were soon gone from the parking lot. Lord Impy kept Leila company while the hounds resumed their planned outing to the summit. Impy tried to explain the concept of the TV show to the tour guide and how all of the hounds whom saved her were Hellhounds save for the Angel Hound special agent whom they all accepted into their brotherhood. He would not give away that the Angel Hound was once a human whom was now part of their quest. "So you see, this is actually part three of their proving rites. They were originally going to do to Wildcat Peak but when they realized that the peak wasn't high enough, they backtracked to come to Humphrey's Peak instead. Had they not made that decision, there is no telling when anyone would have found your body."

      Leila smiled. "Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for their decision to come here today. I won't bother them while they are doing their proving rites, but I would like to see them again some day. My business sees a fair profit and that one hound really seems to like the beef jerky I buy for my customers. It is a gourmet variety basted in honey-steak sauce and spices."

      Impy looked at the wrapper of one of the jerky sticks. "Oh yes, this variety; a little more pricey, but worth every chew especially to a dog. Devi-TV Networks will reimburse you for any stock my hounds ate from your supplies. The Cardinal Sins show is quite popular. A lot more popular than I thought it would be. The hounds hang out at Freeborn Farm in Ridgeview."

      At the summit, the hounds were blown away by the view. They could see all over the entire area. Not like how it was in South Dakota. And the temperatures and warm breezes made it worth it to come to this peak after all. Soon, Firepaw said, "As much fun as this is, we need to go back down and start the trip back to Ridgeview. It is starting to get hot and sticky wearing these rain coats. A decent bath and a grooming await us back home before one of Recordspaw's masterful dinners."

      It took nearly an hour for the hounds to descend the hiking trail and soon, they were hopping one by one into the back of the pickup truck. Now came benefit number three; Leila had a TV set with satellite antenna in the back. Isaac tuned it in to the local Flagstaff News and Weather Station. The top story was the capture of the Walker Brothers whom had robbed a bank in Nevada and then took a hostage in Desert View before encountering and being caught by a bunch of trained hounds from one of Lord Impy Kisume's TV shows. After the top stories, the weather report was given which thankfully for the hounds called for warm temperatures over the next few days. "Enjoy it while you can, everyone. There is snow in the forecast for next week; at least ours won't be as horrible as the third one that South Dakota is still digging themselves out of."

      Isaac grinned at Firepaw. "The home state got hit by another one. I sure am glad we listened to Gerard and got moved out of there."

      Firepaw grinned back at Isaac as he lick-slurped his muzzle. "I think even the camera imps were getting tired of that shit."

      Several imps murmured from their invisible positions. "And how!"

      Dragontail rose up and he tapped on the back glass of the cab to indicate that the hounds were ready to head home. Impy then had Leila drive the pickup truck up highway 89 and then turn on the familiar 64 West toward Desert View until Impy directed her to turn North along Business 64 through Ridgeview. Getting further directions from Impy, the pickup soon pulled up in front of the Freeborn farm entrance. The hounds and imps all hopped out of the back of the pickup as Lord Impy got out of the vehicle himself. "This farm is owned by Isaac Freeborn, a jack of all trades. The hounds all love him. I permit several of my network animals to live on Isaac's farm. But just so we are on the same level, Ms. Hedley, my animals are not of the normal variety. They can talk when they want to. Anyway, thank you for the lift. My hounds need to get cleaned up before dinner. See you around."

      Leila smiled as she pulled away from the Freeborn farm.

      Impy ushered the hounds into the showering and grooming building as he mentally sent word to Recordspaw that the hounds were back.
      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four
        After clean up and a good meal, Isaac and the hounds were given a rare treat. A chance to look over next year's participants in the proving rites program. Maria had shown up to check the hounds for desert sickness since a good many animals were often affected by this condition if they weren't used to Southwestern temperatures.

        A move from South Dakota to Arizona could give animals this result.

        The Hellhounds all admitted that they'd rather be sweating than freezing to near death in that bird poop up North. Firepaw admitted that the temps were currently cooler than the Hell Furnaces he originated from. Arizona was like lukewarm bath water compared to a boiling soup that the Hell Furnaces usually were combined with swimming in your own underarm sweat. Getting a professional grooming was the reward for these horrible outings.

        Firepaw said, "Okay, Recordspaw. Whom do we have on the upcoming potential proving list?"

        Recordspaw replied, "Since you guys got this rare experience, a lot more hounds are demanding equality. Sad to say, most of them failed the recruiting desire check; meaning they wanted to come to Earth to do as the fake Coingazer wanted to do initially. But we have weeded out the lucky few and this list is whom is left as eligible to come to Earth to do as you did under supervision. And try not to explode when you hear whom is on the list."

        He then began to read off the list in no particular order.

        "Rinnose of the Glacier Hunters Pack. Ice element; Stinkpaw of Garbage Collection Pack Number 17. Earth element; Sir Bluepaw of Dragon Hope Pack. Fire element; Nightpaw of Outcast Pack 573. Dark Lightning element; Easttail of the Merchant Bazaar Pack. Wind element. There would have been thousands more except they were monitored saying they couldn't wait to do recruiting on Earth after the rites ended. They didn't realize that with recruiting being illegal still... saying they wanted to do it voided them from the program."

        "Comments may now be stated," said the Devil Kangaroo archivist.

        Firepaw stated, "I am familiar with Stinkpaw's pack. He hates his name and would do anything for a name change."

        Dragontail commented, "And I am familiar with the Knights of Dragon Hope. Completely trustworthy; although I don't know Bluepaw."

        Coingazer slyly stated, "Having a merchant in the pack wouldn't be a bad thing at all. If Easttail got training from Lord Eddie, then he would be a pleasure to have."

        Southpaw remarked, "Before I went AWOL, my unit encountered the Glacier Hunters. They dumped an ice drift of slush on some fire demons as a laugh."

        Repairpaw said, "Since everyone else avoided talking about Outcast Pack, then I am going to assume that Dark Lightning falls into the Fallen Angehound category. I'd help him."

        Lord Impy appeared from his invisible state of being along with Zecma and an Underworld judge whom looked like the classic goat in robes. Impy said, "We were hoping you would approve of these hounds. Nightpaw wanted to commit suicide when he learned he was chosen to join the program; Sir Bluepaw was recently knighted for saving lives; Easttail is one of Lord Eddie's students; Stinkpaw is wearing a paper bag over his head; Rinnose said he could command snow and ice to leave you guys alone."

        The Devil Goat judge said, "You would right in your assumption that Nightpaw is from Fallen Angehound stock, Isaac. He could use a kindred soul to bring him out of his depression. The Outcast Pack are a bunch of hounds whom don't agree with the current underworld laws. I am glad that you said that you would help him. As mentioned before, he could use a friend whom isn't of the Underworld."

        Maria then asked, "When would these new hounds be making the trip join the program? Something tells me they wouldn't want to be here during the Spring rut."

        Firepaw remarked, "An Autumn arrival was just too cruel for us heat lovers to arrive just in time for South Dakota's worst Winter to date. Talk about a punishment."

        Zecma then said, "Good thing you hounds came down here to Arizona; South Dakota is getting hit by it's fourth blizzard right now."

        Every hound shivered since they hated hearing about freezing weather.

        Recordspaw remarked, "Shakak the Ice Spirit must be having a field day this year."

        Isaac replied, "I wonder if it's because more demons popped into South Dakota to look for us." Every hound chuckled at the mention of frozen demons.
        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five
          Performing the next two rites were considered the easiest of the batch. performing their powers in front of judges and establishing the pack. It was already a group decision that Firepaw should become the new alpha. Dragontail wanted to thumb his nose at his father and everyone else was fine with Firepaw leading.

          Then came the promised full scale dinner with fine drink. Isaac thought the pack and everyone involved deserved this.

          Alpha Firefang stood up and said, "In the Spring, we conduct the Pack Rut which is to be filmed by Impy's boys. But until then, if any hound would rather hibernate through the stupid Winter, they may. I know Isaac will be busy and I plan on being with him. The choice is yours, Cardinal Pack. We are supposed to get some snow later in the week but nothing like that bird poop up North that we escaped from five times over. I cannot believe they are getting a sixth blizzard already."

          Dragontail yawned as he rubbed his full tummy. "I need to get my exercises started. I will never be like the pack slouch; Lazynose Couchpaw."

          Southpaw nodded his head. "I need to join you, Dragontail. I was military too and a meal like this should not just sit in the tummy."

          Coingazer got up and he flipped his nickel in mid-air. "I'm going to make a short patrol around town and check out the newsstand on the corner. Walking isn't considered being lazy, I hope. Besides, Ardens is supposed to be putting in an outlet locally soon. I know some young people have been complaining since the move."

          Isaac nodded his head. "The youth of this town aren't the only ones who've been complaining. I used to go get us Ardens Pizza during the evenings and now we don't have one to visit anymore. My bank account is starting to get a replacement of funds once again since Lord Impy reimbursed what the fake almost did to me without our knowledge."

          The phone rang which startled everyone and Isaac picked up the receiver. "Freeborn residence. Isaac speaking." The voice on the other end was not someone he was familiar with at all. "Isaac Freeborn, I am a fan of your Devi-TV show and I would like to make a monetary donation to your bank account. I recall you saying once in an episode that it isn't cheap to feed the other hounds. So hopefully my donation will help. I just need your bank account's direct deposit routing number." Isaac then provided the number.

          "We just completed our proving rites, but season one is continuing. We looked over the list for the hounds for next time. Should be interesting." "When you have time, I would like to come by and talk to you sometime. My name is Guardclaw of Lord Blaze's realm. I am a Dragon Hound Border Guard and I watch your show each week. May I have permission to visit?" Isaac replied, "There is a shortcut through Devi-TV's executive offices; otherwise you would need a legal green card to visit. I know the demons don't care for laws."

          The call then ended and Isaac hung up the phone. "A fan wants to direct deposit a donation to me for our great work in the TV show. And he wants to meet me."

          Firefang asked, "Whom is this guy?"

          Isaac said, "A Dragon Hound Border Guard named Guardclaw from Lord Blaze's realm. He said he watches our show every week and wanted to help me with finances through donation."

          Dragontail said, "I know the guy. Honorable and trustworthy."

          Isaac asked, "Should I be worried about his donation?"

          Dragontail smirked. "You will think you won the lottery after the payment is made."

          Southpaw remarked, "Unlike full blown dragons, Dragon Hounds cannot Samate someone being inside their slit cavity. The good ones are like Guardclaw."

          Coingazer snickered. "The naughty ones will attempt to keep you in their slits."

          Recordspaw said, "Now don't be putting nasty thoughts in Isaac's head, Coingazer. Weren't you about to go do a town patrol? Dragontail and Southpaw need to get their workout started. Firefang, Isaac and the rest of us are going to watch a movie tonight. It's mushy, for the record. After that, Firefang and Isaac are planning on an early bedtime. The rest of us executives have some paperwork to fill out before we can rest. Now scoot, guys."

          The Hellhounds scattered at that point.

          Isaac and Firefang ended up in the pack den where the TV was switched on to the normal channel. The weather lady was talking about the expected snow and rain.

          "Thankfully, the temperatures will be a lot more decent than the current blizzard that the North is experiencing yet again. The expected lows will be in the 50s; highs at 68ish."
          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six
            The next morning, Isaac was out of bed in the nude as he was getting things in order within his house. No maid meant cleaning the place yourself. Not to mention the free show he was giving the camera imps during his vacuuming of the pack den and other areas the hounds usually bunked down at.

            One camera imp asked, "Do you also do windows, Isaac?"

            He replied, "Within my own home, yes. My human clothes are in the laundry because they were starting to smell like a fresh skunk. So you guys get to see me in the nude."

            Another imp remarked, "Clothes are overrated. Only you humans wear them. But occasionally we get to see you bare it all."

            Isaac asked, "Were you guys filming when I took my morning shower? I was naked then too."

            An imp said with a blush, "I guess we missed that."

            The rest of the cleaning took another hour. Thankfully there was no trash to pick up just vacuuming the floors and cleaning the draperies. Then he hit the kitchen where he washed the build up of dishes and glasses, along with the silverware. Lastly, he set out and hung up air fresheners all over the house. The hounds didn't seem to notice when a place smelled bad, but as a human, Isaac was conscientious about how a place smelled in case he had human visitors. Which could happen.

            "I can't believe Firefang is still sleeping in this morning unless he actually hibernated like he suggested that Hellhounds often do. I haven't even seen Recordspaw this morning."

            Isaac's personal camera imp said, "There's been a Devi-TV executive meeting going on since early this morning. One of the topics was that the Council of Alphas wanted to meet you as Repairpaw. Since you were not officially on the Proving Rites transport list, they want to evaluate you without the presence of the other Hellhounds. Lord Impy is wisely preventing them from using the elevator to come up here. And for the record, most of them smell like they rolled in doo-doo."

            Isaac finished up the rest of the cleaning and laundry before he got into his freshly clean scented clothes and then he lowered himself to all fours and he initiated his transformation into Repairpaw. Low Prince Halopaw was an Angel Hound Aspect whom had off-white fur with shiny silver eyes. Then he remembered to turn off the Heavenly glow before padding off to the bedroom to check on Firefang to let him know what was up.

            Firefang was laying there hugging a few pillows and muttering about having done his sanitation job in the Hell Furnaces.

            Repairpaw peered over the edge of the bed as he sang, "So many nights I'd sit by my window, Waiting for someone to sing me his song. So many dreams I've kept deep inside me, Alone in the dark but now you've come along. And you... Light up my life. You give me hope to carry on; You light up my days and fill my nights with song. Rolling at sea, adrift on the waters. Could it be finally I'm turning for home? Finally, a chance to say, "Hey, I love you!" Never again to be all alone. And you... Light up my life. You give me hope to carry on; You light up my days and fill my nights with song. And you... Light up my life. You give me hope to carry on; You light up my days and fill my nights with song. It can't be wrong, When it feels so right... 'Cause you... Light up my life." When Firefang opened his eyes, Repairpaw said, "The Council of Alphas are wanting to see me."

            Firefang yawned, "What time is it? And what could they possibly want?"

            Repairpaw focused on one wall of the bedroom as he caused a repeat of what Dragontail had told the Curetail fake. "Greeting each other was first; second is to scent mark our surroundings which means that we have to scent mark the fence posts by peeing on them; Next, we sniff each other's tails; Following that, we have to sniff all of the common animals in Ridgeview. Thankfully Maria has some packaged scent glands that are legal for our purposes. Otherwise, we would have to track down the real things and sniff their tails; The next step is a trip down into the canyon at night as a group where we have to bond with each other, meaning mounting each other and sucking on each other's cocks. And yes, we must fill each others backsides and muzzles. Then we return to the farm in the morning to get cleaned up before we prepare to travel to the mountains to survey our surroundings. That is why Isaac mentioned our climbing the mountains when you asked about it; Then we return to the farm and display our elemental Hellhound powers in front of the judges; the final step is to form and join a pack. Firepaw has offered to lead the pack when we get to that step of the Rites; following this in the spring is our mating with each other to make the new pack stronger; And finally, we have to return to Hell for presentation to the Council of Hellhound Alphas. Once they approve of our new pack, then we can either return to the farm for the rest of Lord Impy's TV show or we can claim a realm in the Underworld to live in for the rest of our lives. Regardless, we have to live in the claimed realm for an entire year to make the full rites successful." Repairpaw then said, "Please note what he said at the end. Apparently when you told everyone that they could hibernate, you forgot the entire 'by the book' itinerary of events for the proving rites. We're not done."

            Firefang bolted out of bed with a loud howl to alert the rest of the pack. "You are right! I don't want to be judged as inept!"

            Repairpaw said, "Since the Council of Hellhound Alphas have also apparently forgotten the rules, we should go confront them as a group for the pack evaluation."
            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven
              Gathering the pack wasn't as easy as expected, but they all came awake at the mention of the Council Alphas wanting to evaluate Repairpaw without the pack presence. Dragontail was pissed. "How could THEY of all people forget their own rules?! Let's go tear them some new assholes!"

              Momentarily at the door of the Devi-TV executive meeting room, Firefang poked his nose into the room and said, "Lord Impy? Pardon us for interrupting your important meeting, but the Cardinal Pack want to say something to your Alpha guests. May we have permission to come inside?" He was expecting the Underworld Television Lord to tell them to go away; but instead, he motioned for Firefang to proceed.

              And when the pack came into the room with their camera imps as well as Diablo, Zecma and the entire Imperial Council, the Council of Hellhound Alphas went pale!

              Zecma arranged a viewer to the side of the room just off to one side of Lord Impy and turned it on to reveal the current Hell Emperor. The Emperor said, "This should be good."

              Zecma stated, "When the standardized Proving Rites ended, Firefang gave permission to the new pack to hibernate until the Spring when the Mating Rut would occur to make the pack stronger. Only after the mating, were they to go check in with the Council of Hellhound Alphas for evaluation. Or have those rules and laws changed, Lord Diablo? When Dragontail recited off the entire list of rules in order, no one questioned his recital of his memory of those rules. And now the Alphas are demanding to evaluate pack members, Repairpaw."

              Diablo remarked, "I was in attendance when those rules were made, Zecma. The only difference in the rules was that Proving Rites are to occur in your home realm. The shady decision to send a bunch of Hellhound youths to Earth where there would be no supervision was at best considered a challenge of the original Proving Rites regulations. Whomever authorized that decision is truly to blame for this fiasco. Since the Cardinal Pack now exist as an Earth-based Hellhound pack, I think the old rules no longer apply."

              Repairpaw then spoke up. "Pardon my speaking at this point, but I have further information which should also be taken into consideration. When the Underworld Hellhounds first arrived on Halloween night on Earth, one of the fakers implied to me that those chosen for this experiment were in truth the pack troublemakers for the home packs they they originated from. Now that I know these hounds better, I find that hard to believe. The Dragontail fake, Lazynose Couchpaw, definitely qualified. Not her real name yet should be."

              Continuing, he said, "Poisonpaw Bladetalon masquerading as Spiritfang the Oracle also qualified. The Shadow Demon Hound pretending to be Coingazer as well as the fake Southfang Kisume also qualified as troublemakers. The only one whom never came across as a troublemaker was Firepaw Flamerush, currently the Cardinal Pack Alpha known as Firefang. When the real Dragontail replaced his pack sister and when the real Coingazer was baled out of jail to join us, they didn't seem to be troublemakers either."

              Diablo then said, "One of my young Brigade soldiers whom abandoned his post when he got scared, was later found serving time on a dildo tree. Southpaw Thothbearer originated from a pack of library Hellhounds whom were employed by Amon Thoth in Heliopolis. Southpaw thought library work was boring so he joined my army and he promptly got scared his first time alone at a watch post. Later he revealed that it was a Council Alpha working with a hound so dark you couldn't see where the edges of his eyes were in the blackness that had him planted on the dildo tree as a punishment for seeing an alliance that he wasn't meant to see. This means that one of you are working with the demons. And believe me when I say that a lot of us cannot wait to find out whom you are. Whose idea was it to evaluate Repairpaw without the pack presence?"

              At first, no one in the Alpha Council said a thing choosing instead to look at their current council members.

              Southpaw padded over close to Lord Impy and wrote out something on a private paper with the instructions to have each council member if they thought themselves innocent to say the words in quotation marks out loud one at a time. Impy rewrote the instructions as to read, If you believe yourself innocent of this accusation, then say the words "I have nothing to say." before handing the index card off to the next Alpha in line. Then he handed the index card to the first Alpha.

              Each Alpha read over the card when they got it and each made the statement. But just after number Eight made the statement, Southpaw pointed a paw at the Alpha. "That's him! The Shadow Hound after getting me stuck on the dildo tree directed a question at the Alpha and he replied with that phrase. I needed each Alpha to say the phrase one at a time so I could match the inflections in his voice to what I heard during my punishment. Later, Diablo told me that only a Brigade General has the right to dole out punishments."

              The Alpha went a shade paler than before as he disappeared from the chamber only to appear on the Emperor's monitor in the grasp of some Imperial Dragon Hellhounds of the Imperial Army. The Emperor said, "Fleeing marked you as guilty immediately. I don't want your soiled asshole on my cock. Since you think that hobnobbing with demons is so great, your punishment is a one-way trip to the bottom of the Abyss where you will receive your scent marking that has to wear off. You will never be an Alpha again with that smell."

              And the Alpha vanished from the throne room where a sickening KER-SPLUT sound was heard by one and all.

              Diablo then said, "Due to corruption within the Council of Hellhound Alphas that they themselves could not detect, I move that Hellhounds sent to Earth have to be evaluated by the Cardinal Pack as their current whole. Repairpaw despite being an Angel Hound aspect is a decent hound turned human and then hound again. Treat him with respect and he returns that kindness when the opportunity arises. He has given me steaks when I had not earned any. What say you all during this time of the Alphas clean up period?"
              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight
                Lord Impy then quickly remarked, "Father... I hope you remember to include yourself in on that clean up period since you admitted that you are also a member of the Thirteen Alphas that make up the Hellhound Council. We have Law Imps and the Imperial Council listening..."

                Zecma grinned. "Nailed by your own child. This is rich especially since you are also the one whom paid Yuskay to instate the Anti-Recruiting Law before you escaped with your pack to Acheron so you wouldn't be affected by that law. Talk about corruption. I and Mack Roo had the Horse and the Tiger to help us verify whom was to blame for that idiotic law all because other alphas were about to top your all-time recruiting record. And you were also responsible for the Green Card Law."

                Lord Impy growled, "My own father made it so we Imps cannot go to the surface world whenever we want?"

                Zecma replied, "Unless summoned by a surface world mage, no. The one sole exception was Information Devil Mice which Diablo changed the rules on after he tried to summon one to Acheron and was told that the current law forbade summonables from leaving Hell unless the summoner was a mage, which he wasn't. And that's how I am free to leave whenever I like. Before becoming the Imperial Council Overseer, I was a humble member of IDM. And since then, I have a gaming factory on the surface world. ZecCorp."

                Diablo had the look of the Alpha that attempted to escape, but when he vanished from the chamber, a second sickening KER-SPLUT sound was heard by one and all. This one louder than the first. The Emperor on the monitor remarked, "Let me know when I can turn off the instant punishment teleporter that surrounds Devi-TV studios at the moment. Guess what Diablo is neck deep in..." He grinned showing all of his teeth.

                Repairpaw whispered to Coingazer, "I really don't want to know what is down there, do I?"

                Coingazer replied quietly, "Imagine the worst smell you've ever dealt with in your human jobs and multiply by a zillion. And then make it into a sticky paste like glue."

                Repairpaw turned green for a moment.

                Coingazer grinned. "Well, you did ask."

                Repairpaw muttered, "Yuck! I assume used Tampons are down there, too?"

                Coingazer grinned again. "Not yet, but they pay for good ideas."

                Southpaw stepped over to the two hounds. "That's why Hell has the dildo trees as a punishment. Cleaner and a lot nicer smelling. And fun too, at times."

                Repairpaw sighed. "I'm afraid you have more experience and knowledge about them than I do, Southpaw. Before I was told you were stuck on one, I had never heard of them. Ever."

                Southpaw hugged Repairpaw fondly. "As soon as the executives are done with us, I'll be glad to safely educate you on what they are."

                Coingazer said, "We should plan for an overnight stay. The whole pack shouldn't go. And you need to be in your Repairpaw form for this experience."

                Southpaw stated, "He's right. We could be back at the farm by the following day. At least we can dodge the cold by doing this."

                Repairpaw hummed. "So we'll be roughing it as hounds."

                Coingazer smiled. "I'll bring along some slippery oil lube for your tail hole. That way you don't get hurt learning about this."

                When the executives were finally done with the Cardinal Pack, Firefang and Dragontail returned to the farm while the remaining three acquired the lube and headed out into the Underworld to the Dildo Tree Forest. Arriving at a small grove with the number 24 on a sign post, Coingazer applied the slippery oil lube all over and inside of Repairpaw's anus. Then Southpaw escorted him over to a clear spot where he had Repairpaw spread his back legs and lift his tail. "Remember to lift your muzzle upwards when you feel it."

                Before he could ask Southpaw what he meant, the scout hound stated, "Minimum time limit; begin!" And in the next moment, Repairpaw's body felt as if he was a rubber doll as it got stretched upon something the height of an oak tree. He thankfully remembered to lift his muzzle so he could breathe. Once the stretching stopped, sheer pleasure rocketed through his insides as he felt himself bouncing in place through no accord of his own. Words were lost at the point. His vision blurred and he couldn't remember much else.

                Southpaw grinned. "Total noob." Coingazer grinned back. "I agree. We were all like that once."
                End of Chapter Eight
                End of JCS-08 Declaring the Pack Again

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Spring Mating Habits.