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JCS-08 Declaring the Pack Again

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    JCS-08 Declaring the Pack Again

    [Cardinal Sins]

    JCS-08 Declaring the Pack Again.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    November 27th, 2020

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, Arizona; Planet Earth FE-11:
    Sitting in front of the pack den television, Coingazer and the other hounds listened to how the sports teams had done badly due to the hot weather and then there was the evening and early morning weather forecast for the Cameron zone. It was as Impy had said, but something got added at the last moment. "Bill, the national weather bureau told us to watch this depression that is coming up out of Southern California and Mexico's Baja region. They aren't expecting it to do much in our region, but we should watch it just in case since it has the potential to dump heavy rains that could cause flooding in dry river beds and drainage canals. I know the ranchers could use the water; so we are watching this small system just in case. And after these messages, the winning Arizona Lottery numbers for tonight. Good luck to everyone whom entered." Then the commercials began. A car dealership, a clothing sale at a woman's department store and a few fast food franchise commercials. "Coming up next on local channels will be Wheel of Fortune and speaking of fortunes, tonight's winning lotto numbers are: 6, 10, 38, 41, and 64. If you chose these numbers, congratulations. You will have until Friday morning to turn in your winning ticket. Thank you for watching."

    "WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Have a look at the prizes our contestants could win tonight!" Coingazer turned off the TV. "Nailed it! A shame I am am not eligible for the state lottery."

    Southpaw said, "Possible flooding. How does that change our travel plans tomorrow?"

    Isaac said, "I know Hellhounds hate getting wet so the rain gear we ordered for the pack will get used in case it is still raining when we head out. But I'd rather be in the rain over that shitty frozen ice cream we endured in South Dakota earlier this year."

    Firepaw grinned. "And how!"

    Dragontail smiled. "We are so lucky that you care about us, Isaac. I am not sorry that I gave you a chance to prove yourself in our pack."

    Recordspaw hopped in with a large mail bag and said, "Fan mail, guys. Impy said to give this to you after dinner. Mind you that some of the junk in here covers activities done in South Dakota and may have questions directed at the fakes, so answer these as carefully as possible."

    Firepaw then stepped out of camera shot as he deepened his voice and said, "With a fine meal in their tummies, the pack has retired to the pack den where they are surprised with fan mail from viewers at home. How will our heroes react to this unexpected surprise?" And then he stepped back into the scene and opened the mail sack and starting sorting out mail to those present. "Ooh, lots of stuff... almost reminds me of the Hell Furnaces where we often got to read other people's mail that they threw away."

    Isaac ripped open one of his envelopes and pulled out the letter. "Dear Jackpaw, It must be amazing to get to hang out with a bunch of dogs and do all manner of fun dog things. Will we ever get to see you mount Spiritfang, she seems to like you and I think she might lift her tail for you. Signed Aaron Dennings of Nome Alaska, Navy Base #29635; PS: Mainland US snow is nothing like it is up here. It was funny to see you guys complain about a little snowfall." This prompted some growling from the others. Isaac then turned his gaze toward his own camera imp as he replied, "Dear Naval Cadet Aaron Dennings, Until you have been in South Dakota yourself, never call it a little snowfall. The proving rites would have been completed in one week had it not been for all the ice and snow and other sabotage that we encountered. Due to the restart of the rites, we are in a new location in Arizona and hopefully the snow doesn't follow us or else we may migrate to the South Pacific to get these rites done. Also, I am no longer called Jackpaw since that name was labeled on me by a non-Hellhound demon DOG whom I hope is suffering greatly in the frozen underworld. As for Spiritfang, she lied about her identity and her standing; it was discovered that she was an assassin that was sent along with these nice hounds to make them fail in their rites. Signed, Repairpaw of the Angel Hound Repair Squadron. Mechanical and Reparation specialists." He then settled down and set the letter aside to let someone else go next.

    Dragontail opened his letter next. "Dear Dragontail, For a Hellhound whom originated from a military pack, you sure are lazy. Sleeping on the couch all day long watching TV while your pack mates are busting their chops in training in the hot sun doesn't seem right. With your claim of being in a war and then you act that way just seems way off. I would like to see you do something very militaristic. I'll bet you would be awesome if you could ever get off that couch; Maybe your pack name should have been Couchpaw. Signed, William Rupert Silvercrown the third. PS: I hate writing the number on the end of my name. My mother makes me do it. Can't we kill her?"

    At that moment, Isaac as well as all of the others in the room all muttered, "Lazynose." Isaac then added, "Couchpaw is a good extension to her nickname though."

    Dragontail rose up and looked to his own camera imp as he said, "Dear William, The fake version of me whom lounged on the couch whom we all call Lazynose had been betrothed to another Alpha in another pack and she chose to run away and escape to Earth through the very portal that was being prepared for me. I am the real Dragontail and you will never catch me being that lazy during the proving rites. As for killing a dragon... AS IF! No one in my pack can do that! They would like to think that they could; but we don't need the Kisumes breathing down our necks. As for mothers humiliating us into doing things we hate; they all do that, but they get theirs in the end. Evil Laugh. Keep watching and you will see how awesome I can really be, Signed, High Royal Prince Dragontail Warsurge."

    Isaac then said, "What does your look like Firepaw?"

    Firepaw grinned. "Pretty naughty in truth. The first is from someone I know. I don't want to embarrass them."
    End of Chapter One