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JCS-07 Proving Rites Anew

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    JCS-07 Proving Rites Anew

    [Cardinal Sins]

    JCS-07 Proving Rites Anew
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    February 9th, 2020

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, South Dakota; Planet Earth FE-11:
    Early the next morning, fishing breakfast, Firepaw stood just off camera as he began his deepened voice narration. "A few months ago, the Council of Hellhound Alphas chose to embark on a daring and fantastic experiment in training the newest generation of troublesome Hellhound youths. The decision was made to send these chosen Hellhounds to the surface world. For the next several months, these select few Hellhounds would be Exiled to Earth! Now presenting the reality documentation of the [Proving Rites.] Four troublesome Hellhound youths interacting with a minor few humans and unlocking a lost legacy at the same time. Now to introduce you to these chosen Hellhounds from different packs..."

    Firepaw stepped in front of a camera imp and his camera. "Hi, I'm Crown Prince Firepaw Flamerush of the Hell Furnaces; pack designation, Brimstone. And the following scene depicts how my Alpha commands those of us in his pack to prepare for the proving rites; and I kid you not." He then paused indicating that this was the spliced portion of the flashback. "During my journey through the vortex, I initially was paired up with several fakers whom wanted the proving rites to fail. Two of which were male and the remaining two were female. Yes, I said female. The first female had escaped from her pack to avoid an arranged marriage into another pack and thus, she chose to call herself Dragontail of Dragonbane Pack. But she was soon found out and thus, our next true Hellhound brother joined us..."

    Dragontail then stepped in front of the camera imp and his camera. "Greetings, I am High Royal Prince Dragontail Warsurge of the Warsurge Pack. A militant pack whom do everything by the book. We are trained to be fearless and will confront someone whom appears to be breaking the rules at a moments notice. We would fight to the death in regards to an earned ally if the need arose. I was in the process of working my ass off in preparation for the Proving Rites on Earth when Lazynose took my place by jumping through the Rites Portal to escape from her betrothal to another pack's alpha." He now paused to allow the spliced in film data to be added to the opening. "The second of the three fakes was actually a shadow given solid form. They had given him the name of one of Diablo's grandchildren whom was recently deceased. Southfang of Cometmoon Pack. He was so convincing for the first few months until he was found out and dispersed. The third of the fakes was an assassin type of Hellhound from a pack that the entire Underworld knows all too well; her original name was Poisonpaw Bladetalon of the Blade-Talon Demon Hound Pack, but she was calling herself Spiritfang, formerly of Eyremist Pack. When she was found out, she was banished back to the pit fiends in PATHS but she didn't stay there long and escaped; that is until Overseer Zecma banished her the second time when she tried to weasel her way back into the Proving Rites pack."

    Firepaw then said, "The final fake was a demon shadow hound whom chose to take a Hellhound's place, a Hellhound whom was sitting in jail for trying to cheat a Hell Lord during a poker game. And now we introduce the real Hellhound version returned to us from his former jail cell..."

    Coingazer then stepped out in front of the camera imp and smiled at the camera. "We can always use some luck, my friends. I am Coingazer Shadowtalon, a shadow based Hellhound of the Twilight Packs where we specialize in gaming, gambling, and luck. But since I wasn't an adult, my skills in poker were great enough to win fairly against an opponent, and when I tried to cheat, I was arrested, which I deserved. Thus, my preparation for the proving rites are non-existent since I was in jail."

    Southpaw finally stepped out in front of a camera imp and his camera. "Hi, I have no fancy title nor a pack name anymore, since I am technically a loner as well as a deserter from the last Planar Wars. My name is Southpaw, formerly of the 187th Imperial Hellhound Brigade. I got scared at an outpost I was assigned to guard and I went AWOL in fear. When one of the captains tracked me down, he enacted a punishment on me without General Diablo Kisume's permission which resulted in my being stretched over a dildo tree in the far southern portions of Hell at a location where no one would ever have a chance of encountering me... until the one day when one of Diablo's actual scouts happened upon me at that location and reported my being there back to Diablo himself. And then my release was enacted when the Rites pack human host requested my being rescued to come and join them."

    Firepaw now resumed his narration voice, "And that brings us to the introduction of the three humans whom would assist our pack with our stay on Earth. First up, our original host whom was a Jack of All trades..."

    Isaac then stepped out in front of a camera imp and his camera. "I'm Isaac Freeborn, raised as a human most of my life until I encountered the Proving Rites pack. It was through their aid that I discovered that I was in fact, Low Prince Repairpaw Halofang of the Angelhound Repair Squadron. Mechanical and Reparation specialists. It the job of my original people in Arcadia to service the Angelic war machines and other mundane devices. But as a human, I never learned any of this until the Proving Rites pack permitted me to join them on their quest to prove themselves. Behold..." And Isaac then transformed into his entirely off-white Angelhound form with shiny silver eyes. "As Repairpaw, Firepaw is my sponsor in the Proving Rites pack."

    John and Maria then stepped into view. "I am John Holden and this is my wife, Maria Phelps Holden. Maria was once Isaac's childhood sweetheart when they attended school together. we are both Veterinarians by education, although I held a government animal testing labs position as their official vet. I never like the job, but they did pay my way through college so I owed them a few months of work. When I learned about Isaac's involvement in the Proving Rites pack, I wanted to learn more about their lifestyle and mating habits, thus, I offered to do as Isaac was doing by becoming Curetail of the Medical Pack to reflect my training in veterinary medicine. Behold... " John then transformed into his Hellhound form which had green eyes with an all black overcoat of fur with a faded blue undercoat covering his chest, belly, and ending over his sheath. His pawed feet were dark red in color with silver claws. "As Curetail, Dragontail is my sponsor in the Proving Rites pack."
    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two
    Maria then said, "I am Maria, the local vet here in Ridgeview, South Dakota. The Proving Rites pack have agreed to permit me to be their pack doctor during their stay here at Isaac's farm. I also sometimes prepare meals for the pack. The other chef in the household is one of Devi-TV's top porn stars turned part-time chef and Records secretary for Lord Impy..."

    Recordspaw hopped into view and struck one of his classic sexy boomer devil kangaroo poses. "'owdy folks. As many of as may know me from my 'it Devi-TV porn movies, Ah am Recordspaw Darkpouch, Porn star and part time archivist for Devi-TV. Ah 'osted the sexy studs Fuck-Off Competition a few years ago. Everyone always forgets the 'ost. When Isaac asked me to stay on to assist 'im in making a good cover story for where these 'ounds came from, 'e was so nice to me... 'ow could Ah say no?"

    Firepaw then resumed his deep narration voice, "After several false starts in the Proving Rites, the corrected pack are choosing to start the rites all over from scratch here in Mid-December. All other activities you may have witnessed from before were pirated videos from a non-authorized video source which had nothing to do with the true Devi-TV. And now, on with the Proving Rites..."

    The camera imps then gave the thumbs up to indicate that the first part was completed. Now they just had to wait for Overseer Zecma to return so the splicing of the videos could be placed into the proper order.

    Southpaw now looked to Dragontail and Firepaw. "Am I in trouble?"

    Firepaw shook his head. "No... as long as you continue to be honest to the Proving Rites pack, then you can stay. But if you betray us in any way, you could end up back on the dildo tree in the underworld. But you won't do that, will you?"

    Southpaw shook his head and looked apologetic. "I'll try not to."

    Coingazer nudged Repairpaw and said, "Hey, pack brother. Let's go find something to fix. I want to have an outing with you."

    Repairpaw licked Coingazer's muzzle. "If I can figure out how to fix this weather, then we wouldn't have to do our rites in the snow. Of course, Santa Claus might get upset if I make all the snow disappear before Christmas."

    Dragontail smirked. "Be patient, Coingazer. I am in no hurry to go roll in the snow."

    Curetail said, "Could you give me a run-down on the rites we will have to perform, Dragontail?"

    Dragontail replied, "Greeting each other was first; second is to scent mark our surroundings which means that we have to scent mark the fence posts by peeing on them; Next, we sniff each other's tails; Following that, we have to sniff all of the common animals in Ridgeview. Thankfully Maria has some packaged scent glands that are legal for our purposes. Otherwise, we would have to track down the real things and sniff their tails; The next step is a trip down into the canyon at night as a group where we have to bond with each other, meaning mounting each other and sucking on each other's cocks. And yes, we must fill each others backsides and muzzles. Then we return to the farm in the morning to get cleaned up before we prepare to travel to the mountains to survey our surroundings. That is why Isaac mentioned our climbing the mountains when you asked about it; Then we return to the farm and display our elemental Hellhound powers in front of the judges; the final step is to form and join a pack. Firepaw has offered to lead the pack when we get to that step of the Rites; following this in the spring is our mating with each other to make the new pack stronger; And finally, we have to return to Hell for presentation to the Council of Hellhound Alphas. Once they approve of our new pack, then we can either return to the farm for the rest of Lord Impy's TV show or we can claim a realm in the Underworld to live in for the rest of our lives. Regardless, we have to live in the claimed realm for an entire year to make the full rites successful."

    Curetail then said, "Sounds like a lot more than you guys did the first time. Or was the extension Lord Impy's idea?"

    Dragontail arched an eye as something about John suddenly made him twitch. "Curetail, stay here for a moment. I need to go ask Lord Impy a question in his office."

    And the militant Hellhound headed for the Devi-TV elevator and he tagged Lord Impy, Recordspaw, Repairpaw, Firepaw, and Maria before getting into the elevator. He then pressed the button for the executive offices before saying, "Guys... I think we have a new problem. And for this, we need to speak to Lord Impy as well as a political IDM at the same time. This time it involves you, Maria; that's why I brought you with us." Maria asked, "What did I do, Dragontail? You said you liked how I prepared steaks." Dragontail said, "I cannot tell you in the elevator, Maria. But it will be clear in a moment when we get to Lord Impy."

    Within Lord Impy's office, and after the political IDM had been called once again... Dragontail exclaimed, "IDM... I need you to verify the human known as Johnathan Holden. Is he alive as Maria thinks, or is he deceased as I suspect?" Firepaw arched an eye but before he, Impy, and Maria could say anything, The IDM replied, "He never lived...."
    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three
      The IDM then continued, "Johnathan Holden is an Underworld code name for God's Hell. I was suspicious of this man after you people asked me to verify everyone the first time. But you never asked me to verify Mr. Holden back then. May I ask what changed your mind, Dragontail?"

      Dragontail replied, "It dawned on me that the fake Spiritfang played lie detector for John after we first met him. Then after she stated that the man was telling the truth about the Freeborn missing canine, the canine he turned over to Isaac was a puppy whom was wearing Silver's collar. Later when the fake Coingazer demon shadow hound recruited John, an actual legal cleansing of Mr. Holden was never performed. Usually to purge off demonic taint from a recruited victim, they have to undergo a Yuskay Groomer cleansing treatment and the only thing that occurred for John was a simple restoration from the fake Diablo Kisume. Therefore, I suspect that Johnathan Holden is in fact a Demon Shadow given human form. Just a moment ago, Curetail questioned my explanation of the by the book proving rites by stating, and I quote, Sounds like a lot more than you guys did the first time. Or was the extension Lord Impy's idea?, unquote. If you will all recall back when we did most of the proving rites the first time, John was not present with us to see what we did, yet now, he cites that he knows the proving rites better than we do. I want the truth, IDM... What is this current version of John Holden?"

      The IDM pointed to one of Lord Impy's viewing crystal screens and said, "Show us the man that Maria Phelps met in college on the day she first met him. As in show us the exact moment he came along from where ever he had been when Maria learned that she was failing Veterinary Medicine. And turn Thought Balloons on, please."

      Within the screen at the college student lounge several years prior, Maria was sitting at a small round table by herself just after the Dean had informed her that she was failing her Veterinary Medicine courses. Her thought balloons were a jumble of what if scenarios until they briefly went blank moments before the words [I'd give anything to be able to successfully graduate from my Veterinary Medicine classes with a B average at the minimum. Then I could move back to Ridgeview and practice being a vet legally. Isaac is probably wondering if I dropped off the edge of the world. He deserves far better than a loser like me.] appeared in the thought balloon. Then after a moment, her thought words became [Where's the Devil when you need him the most. I guess his depictions in the movies were just fictional. Like my grades, he probably has better things to do than to mess with a stupid bitch like me. Maybe I should just go back home and admit that I failed.] At that moment on the balcony just passed where Maria was sitting, a column of shadowy smoke appeared which solidified into the shape of an attractive young man wearing nice clothes. He then slowly entered the lounge and he stopped at Maria's table. "Pardon me, young lady... why do you look so distraught?" Of course Maria told him how she was failing and she was about to flunk out of her vet classes. "I am here on a government scholarship. My name is John Holden. If I were to tutor you in your class subjects, you could still get a passing grade. All I request in return is the privilege of dating you while we are at college. Nothing more has to come from it. I promise. What do you say? Its no fun to study alone." Maria thought about it and as he said, she didn't have to let it become anything more than a few harmless dates at college. "You have yourself a deal, John. My name is Maria Phelps of Ridgeview. I have a boyfriend back home who is waiting for me to graduate college so he can marry me, despite his probably never going to have enough money to be able to afford to give me an engagement ring. His name is Isaac Freeborn, a Jack of all Trades." When Isaac's surname and his occupation were mentioned, the stranger's attitude seemed to fluctuate for a few seconds as if just hearing the name had scared him. "My father once knew a man named Freeborn. My father said they were highly skilled mechanics whom were in high demand among the military. If your boyfriend is barely getting by, then perhaps he does not have the family skill. But for now, let us work on getting you confidently caught up on your classes."

      As Maria saw the exact events in the viewing screen including what she had thought and said; and she saw how John had simply appeared from nowhere... she was floored. "I am so sorry, Dragontail. If it would make you feel better, then feel free to punish me for my bringing John Holden into Ridgeview."

      Dragontail then said, "Back up the screen image to his full view when he was facing Maria. I think I saw something on his jacket."

      The IDM complied with the request and that was when Dragontail had the clan pin enlarged for all to see. It was the signet of the Blade-Talon Pack.

      Lord Impy said, "Good thing you got suspicious before the proving rites got started this time. I am going to have to insist that all members of Issac's farm undergo a Yuskay Groomers cleansing to scour away all demon taint from everyone in question. As of right now, you are no longer sponsoring Curetail, Dragontail. Your tools will be cleansed from where you had mounted John."

      Repairpaw then asked, "IDM... had there been a real human man whom had looked like how the shadow appeared when Maria saw him. Please check. I think I now suspect where the real John Holden went if the Shadow pack pulled off this trick." The IDM arched an eye. "Explain, Repairpaw also known as Isaac Freeborn." Repairpaw said, "Who all remembers when Overseer Zecma revealed that both I and John had died on a Halloween night? At the time he explained this to us, we mistakenly assumed that he meant the night the Hellhounds arrived. My van overturned and rolled in a flaming fireball, and someone looking like John Holden had pulled up at the accident scene in his car having come from the direction of the government testing center in the next county. He got out of his car and ran over and dragged me out of my burning van before there was an explosion that blew both myself as well as John off into a drainage ditch. We were both burned beyond recognition. We found this out the night Winston Phelps shot Maria."

      Using Repairpaw's memory as a projector, the IDM caused the playback of the accident scene to reply for those in Impy's office. Zecma cast a Seer spell over his own as well as the hounds' vision to discern the truth of the matter... ...And without warning, Zecma and the hounds seemed to be standing ethereally to the side of the highway back on a Halloween night. They saw Isaac driving his van home and when the van reached the encounter zone, the unholy circle of fire erupted all around the van instead of just ahead of it, which caused the van to be thrown off the road crashing and burning through a drainage ditch.
      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four
        The playback then continued. They also saw John Holden pull up in his car as he rushed out through the field to check on Isaac's van. He was seen trying to pull Isaac out of the burning wreck when the van exploded in a vast fireball, causing John's clothes and flesh to be baked as he nearly died while shielding Isaac's body from further injury. And then the two simply lay on the ground of the drainage ditch waiting to be found... ...and then the spell ended. Dragontail and Firepaw both lowered their gaze toward the floor at the same time and they sniffled. Coingazer said, "No! Not like this, Zecma! Throw me back in jail if you have to! We have to save them!" Dragontail lifted his head. "So you want to defy time and space to change a past event, Coingazer? No wonder that Hell Lord got so mad at you when you cheated him. Changing the past is dangerous unless the tithe to the time god is paid." Firepaw glared at Dragontail. "Talk! What tithe? You brought it up, so fess up or I will think that you are working with Poisonpaw! You are only a prince; I am a crown prince! Besides, I am in love with Isaac!" Isaac pulled the van over to a stop in a beer store's parking lot as he turned around in his seat and growled, "Are you saying that John and I died on Halloween night? And by driving the van into a blessed parking lot, it would have sent the two of us to Heaven! What a dirty trick, Zecma! No more games! By the Lord of us All, I demand to know the truth right now!"

        The IDM said, "I am scanning this event, everyone... this occurred the same night Maria learned that she was failing her classes."

        Repairpaw said, "You mean the lousy bums killed the real John Holden so they could use his likeness at college to get at Maria and to turn the whole town against her?"

        The IDM remarked, "It sure looks that way. However, with a carefully worded Imperial Decree scroll, we might be able to save the real John Holden. But remember... he likely won't ever remember meeting Maria; the last thing he might recall would be his trying to save your life, Repairpaw. Call your father, Lord Impy."

        Diablo arrived with a contingent of Yuskay Groomer detox clean up personnel as well as a handsome male human teenager with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. The human teenager presented Lord Impy with a box of chocolates. "Here you go, sexy." And then he knelt down and scratched along Dragontail's head and neck. "I brought you a meaty morsel of fang cleanser. Guaranteed to give you whiter teeth. Do you want me to give you a kiss as well?"

        Dragontail grinned. "Does Arnie Roo know that you are over on FE-11? You should hold off on kissing me until after my anti-demon detox."

        The teen aged boy popped the chewy mouth and teeth cleanser into Dragontail's mouth. "Chew it up real good. I was slumming with Diablo while my friends were laying out a trap for my arch enemies. So while I am waiting for that chaos to end, I am hanging out with the General and playing the hero when someone needs me for that purpose. And yes, the horse knows exactly where I am supposed to be. That is, until Lord Impy called for Diablo and the groomers to come over here. I tagged along since I can help you guys versus the stupid cold weather."

        Firepaw smirked, "So you are Diablo's newest butt fuck toy."

        The teenager replied, "I provide the gambling casino for the pirates and the Hellhounds over on AS-1.

        Dragontail smiled. "Sounds like you and Coingazer will have a lot to talk about."

        The teenager said, "I am open minded to all hounds. As for letting Diablo mount me, he said that he couldn't. So I am just a passing fancy to him currently."

        Repairpaw then said, "You said you could help us versus the local Winter weather? That's great. My friends need to do their proving rites and while I agreed to do these with them just after Halloween, the weather has been an unfair bitch making it so my friends could not work on the proving rites. I was tempted to do Firepaw's original idea by moving my farm to a warmer climate so my friends could get the proving rites accomplished. The main reason I didn't is because I am the jack-of-all-trades in Ridgeview and as we learned this Winter, the townsfolk cannot do without my services. So my moving is hardly fair to them."

        The teenager listened to Repairpaw's request with an open mind before stating, "Move your farm anyway. This is my ultimate advice, Isaac. You cannot be the only plumber in Ridgeview and likely not the only repair person in town. Because if you were, then you could charge a lot more than you are getting for your honest services. In fact, the main two reasons you get all the calls is because, one, having grown up here, the townspeople all know you probably better than you would care for them to know you; and two, because they know you, they also know that they can pay you the bare minimums and you wouldn't complain about it. They know you will work for little and thus, they don't pay you what the actual work is worth. You can be mad at me for saying this, but look at Maria's job in Ridgeview; how much does she get paid to treat the local animals versus what she gets paid to treat out of area animals? You've seen the lifestyle she and the fake John Holden were living in. The fake could afford to buy your friends steaks every day. Compare that to the cost of the food you normally would have bought for yourself before the Hellhounds arrived. The townspeople were low-balling you for your work and you were barely getting by. Then you had to start providing for your guests for whom you were starting to enjoy having around because you were lonely. You could be doing a lot better than this."

        Firepaw then added, "And when the fake Lord Impy offered to pay you for helping to produce the Cardinal Sins Devi-TV show, he said your money would be direct deposited, yet thinking you were having more money than you would have had, you were in truth over-spending your bank account dry. You barely have anything left, Isaac."
        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five
          Repairpaw sighed as he looked to the real Lord Impy. "Hard hitting truths really hurt, sir. I cannot keep doing this. I want to help my Hellhound friends, but feeding them isn't cheap as they said early on when they they first arrived. At first, I was having to do double the work just to have double the income to feed everyone. But after I offered to do their proving rites with them, my work load dropped back to what it had been before the hounds arrived. I don't want to renege on my promise to Dragontail and Firepaw. But without income, we are finished. They might even try to eat me."

          Firepaw growled, "I won't let them! You are mine!"

          Lord Impy then said, "Then we need to move your farm for the last time. The evil schnooks know this location too well; that's why they keep appearing here to mess with you and the pack. As for Maria, she has often said that you were the last childhood friend she had left in Ridgeview; if you moved, what would become of her? I fear that we will have to move her at the same time. Of course, the best case scenario would be to move the entire town to a warmer climate in the middle of the night without letting them know that it was about to happen. A la Wizard of Oz style. I know of an area in a warmer climate which has three mountains in nearly the same layout that the three mountains locally have arranged. There is even a nearby canyon."

          Repairpaw said, "Leave the Native Americans in the original area and only move the non-natives to the new area. However, recently Coingazer hired that Indian boy, Basil, to come work at the farm. If we move, then he will lose out on the job that was offered to him. And he supports his mother by doing odd jobs around the town. She is old and probably wouldn't survive another Winter like this one if she hasn't already joined the native spirits recently. They have no phones on the reservation."

          Lord Impy said, "I'll pop over there and check on the boy. If his mother has passed on then I will offer to move Basil into your farm so he can not only work here but live here as well. But as Diablo's friend has stated, we need to move the farm to a warmer climate. I'll return soon. I hate going out in this South Dakota weather." POOF, he left.

          When Lord Impy found Basil, he saw him kneeling at a pile of rocks looking sad. "Basil? Did your mother pass away?"

          Basil somberly replied, "Great Shakak took her while she slept; it was the way she wanted to pass. As naturally as possible. I must be strong so I may survive myself. Raven would want me to make that effort." He then turned his head and saw whom he was talking to. "Um... what are you?"

          Lord Impy said, "I am Impy Kisume of Devi-TV Networks. Isaac is about to move his farm and he wanted to offer you lodging at the farm so you still have the job that was offered to you. You don't have to join the farm when we leave; it is entirely up to you. Is there anything locally keeping you here?"

          Basil shook his head. "No. My mother has joined the spirits. I had few friends my own age. Isaac always tried to be everyone's friend but even I could see how the local white people often took advantage of his kindness. He isn't a European man himself; if you know what to look for, you can see that he originates from a spiritual origin." Basil then stood up and said, "I am ready to go to the farm, Devi-TV spirit. I only own what I am wearing now." Basil Orion Huxley had on his native Cheyenne clothing as well as a homemade leather backpack that obviously contained goods from his tribe in case he ever had to relocate. He had long black hair, green eyes, and native tanned skin.

          Lord Impy said, "Isaac will be sad to hear that your mother passed away, albeit peacefully. The farm has lots of talking animals. You will not be lonely there. Come with me." And he sat on the boy's shoulder and held him securely as he teleported himself and the boy back to Isaac's farm. After he dropped off the boy within the entertainment den where Recordspaw was sitting, Impy returned to where the others were waiting.

          Lord Impy then said, "We can move the farm and Maria's veterinary practice as well as the town to the new area. But it has to be tonight. Basil is sitting with Recordspaw in the den; the boy's mother did pass away when she succumbed to the Winter Cold. Basil was not sad, having grown up with the beliefs in which his mother believed in. The new locale that I know of is a vacation spot near the Grand Canyon that I own. The original town name was Desert View, Arizona. They are having far better weather than the local area is getting here. I will pull some strings to have Desert View renamed as Ridgeview, Arizona. And yes, it is on the edge of an Indian Reservation. Raven knows full well whom owns Desert View and helping the Cheyenne to magically relocate there would earn kudos with the American Mythos spirits. Even Coyote loves watching Devi-TV."

          Repairpaw then asked, "How many buildings stand in Desert View right now?"

          Lord Impy replied, "The current status of Desert View's visitor Center is about twenty to thirty buildings. Your farm would have to be located just east of the visitor center but near one of the canyon ridges and just inside the reservation land."

          Repairpaw then said, "Then place Ridgeview just East of Desert View and leave the vacation spot as it is. With a nearby town, visitors could get a bite to eat and fuel their cars without having to drive fifty miles otherwise. I know Ridgeview has a few hotels and motels, so the move would benefit the whole town. But how are we going to sneak this plan by the South Dakota and Arizona government seats. I think someone might get upset if a town vanishes from their state only to reappear in another state." Lord Impy grinned. "You leave that to me. As I said, I own land near Desert View. I'll just transplant the township from the old location to the new location as a Devi-TV project."
          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six
            Lord Impy then concluded his statement. "As long as I line the governor's pockets, they won't complain at all. Because if they do complain, then they get a ticket to Truth or Dragon Slitting... one way. The Highway 64 Business Route will be added to the north side of the existing Highway 64 highway so visitors can check out the town during visits to Desert View. Maria's Vet business can be located at the intersection of Bus64 and existing 64 to net her the best access to animal care provisions. So are we good with this?"

            Dragontail then said, "Maria thinks she married John Holden and that one town East of Ridgeview employs whom they think is John Holden. How do we handle the Government Animal Testing Labs? Because if we restore the real John Holden, then he won't remember ever being married to Maria Phelps and then the testing labs will be asking too many questions about where John vanished to and they will seek out Maria."

            Lord Impy grinned. "I can move their research labs at the same time. But they will be moved to Cameron, Arizona, which is just 15 miles west of Ridgeview's new location on Highway 89 North of Flagstaff itself. I know it seems like loose ends, but to keep the peace with everyone, we have to do this. I'll even contact the U.S. Government and explain to them why we have to do this. Otherwise, we get to plant all of Congress on Truth or Dragon Slitting."

            Repairpaw then said with a grin, "Would you really want to taint the nice Hell Dragons with people from that stock? Not even they deserve that."

            Every Hellhound laughed at Isaac's humor.

            Diablo's teen aged friend said, "Time to get to work, Impy; I'll entertain the Rites Pack while the Groomers sanitize them and remove the demon taint from every part of the farm. Maybe copy the farm to the new location making it out of more secure material and leave the old farm where it is sitting minus the Devi-TV connections. It would be as it was before the Rites Pack arrived there. Then if someone else wanted to purchase the farm, more power to them."

            Repairpaw grinned. "That is a pretty good idea, handsome. Leaving my original farm for my brother whom works at the horse racing tracks in the next county."

            Within the next few hours, and throughout the night, Ridgeview South Dakota was transported Wizard of Oz style from the snow covered South Dakota to its new location just east of Desert View Arizona. A new water tower was erected with a clean water source and the town was hooked up with Green energy. Even the cabin home of Ms. Sokoulis was moved to the new locale. In the end, Zecma and Lord Impy corrected the mail delivery zip codes for the new Ridgeview so they had the same zip code as Desert View. The new information was then superimposed over the old information in the townspeople's minds so they wouldn't make this mistake later. The federal government was then contacted by Lord Impy to let them know why this had to be done.

            With the real John Holden resting in the Cameron Arizona clinic and his true background found out, which was that he was a government veterinarian for the animal testing labs. He had never been attending college at all. The information of Maria being married to John was removed from everyone's minds and the demon arranged marriage was annulled. This freed Maria up to make things right with Isaac once he returned from Hell after the Proving Rites ended. As for Maria's wacky brother, Winston Phelps was left in county jail in South Dakota.

            Lord Impy then informed Isaac of one additional miracle that they were able to perform for number 47. The old miner had also been revived so Number 47 would not be lonely anymore.

            Diablo showed up at the end of the move to the new locale and he had an Imperial Hellhound soldier with him. The Soldier Captain padded over and sniffed Isaac. "You had better have gotten passing grades in grade school after I was kidnapped, son."

            Isaac hugged the Imperial Captain firmly. "Dad! It's really you! I missed you so much!"

            Diablo sat back with one paw-hand and arm around Gerard Prince and and the other around Lord Impy.

            Imperial Captain Ian Freeborn looked Isaac over and he sniffed him. "Angelhound aspect. I don't mind that your powers are like theirs, son, but don't forget about your Hellhound friends while you are being all angelic. I was told that Crown Prince Firepaw loves you."

            Isaac replied, "When I am a hound like them, dad... I am called Repairpaw. Firepaw is both a lover as well as my Sponsor. I also like Dragontail. The Proving Rites Pack are starting to get back into the normal status of their tests. Although we had to move the town since we couldn't get any real work done in South Dakota due to the crazy snow and ice."

            Ian said, "You just be there for them and I will be proud of you no matter what happens." And the two were hugging again.

            Lord Impy said to Diablo. "This was a nice thing you did for the Freeborn family, Diablo."

            Diablo chuckled. "Isaac deserved to see how his father had turned out. But I cannot keep Ian away from his unit for too long. All in all, I think this turned out well."
            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven
              It was a few days later and the real John Holden arrived at the Freeborn Farm just outside of the new Ridgeview in Arizona. Isaac greeted him and they were soon seated on the back porch which overlooked the nearby canyon. "So, John... what brings a government veterinarian out to the Proving Rites farm?"

              John turned to look at Isaac as he replied, "A few days after I got out of the Cameron Clinic and went back to work, my bank called me to tell me that my bank account was receiving direct deposits from some sort of financial firm called Direct Investments. When I called the number that was provided, they told me that my wife and I had been set up with an account in their bank and the overflow of interest was being directed to my Earthly bank account. When I tried to explain that I have never been married, they asked me if Maria Phelps Holden was my wife. I said no and I asked how I could contact her. They told me where she was and I drove over to her Vet office to talk to her about this financial oversight. She implied that I should talk to you and your boss, Mr. Impy Kisume."

              Isaac was now mentally cursing since it was apparent that one of the demons had done this while the other distraction had been occurring. Lord Impy! We have a new problem! Come to my back porch immediately and not via teleport. Use the elevator. I have a human guest out here whom just informed me that Direct Investments contacted his bank due to his AND HIS WIFE'S D.I. Account. John showed up.

              Lord Impy emerged from the house and sat on the drinks table between Isaac and John. "So you're John Holden. I've heard of you. Someone told me that you came to talk to Isaac and I. You can call me Impy Kisume or just Impy for short. I own and run Devi-TV 66. What can we do for you today?"

              John then re-explained the exact situation to Impy and then he followed it up by asking, "Direct Investments implied that I was married to Maria Phelps, but she suggested that I come talk to you two about this. She looked really busy and I thought that I would give her the space she was asking for since I just wanted to get this snafu explained and taken care of before I went back to Cameron."

              Lord Impy folded his arms over his chest and he looked John right in the eye. "Some months ago on Halloween Night, Isaac here was in a bizarre automobile accident and when you saw it, you went over to pull Isaac out of his burning panel van. You almost had him to safety when the van exploded and the fire blast threw you and Isaac into a drainage ditch. You were severely injured but you had shielded Isaac from receiving the full brunt of the blast. Eventually someone found the two of you and you were sent to the Cameron Clinic for your recovery. Isaac was nursed back to health locally. While you were in the clinic, a horrible creep assumed your identity to fool and trick Maria Phelps into agreeing to marry he whom she believed was you. Eventually, he crossed the wrong person and your doppelganger was killed. We assisted to get the legal records straightened out but apparently we missed the Direct Investments connection which your evil twin had set up an account in your name. You see, Maria is in love with Isaac whom she grew up and schooled with. The doppelganger disliked Isaac something fierce and was always present any time Maria planned to visit with her childhood friend. When Isaac started caring for my network's animals, and Maria found out that Isaac had animals, being the local vet, she wanted to see them. This led your twin to get directly involved with our project and eventually, he got killed when one of my security guards caught your twin trying to arrange for Isaac's death. After all the records got straightened out, Maria opted not to marry Isaac for a year so they could both get over the fiasco while doing their jobs. And then you showed up at her new Vet office. She had just called me before you arrived at the farm."

              John looked pained as he heard what someone had done in his likeness and his name. "I am so sorry. I didn't think it was that."

              Isaac said, "When I was told that you were the one whom had pulled me out of my van, I wanted to thank you, but then this other guy claiming to be you displayed that he hated me for trying to steal his woman. And then truth came out in the end and I knew the real you couldn't be as hateful as the evil twin had been. You did try to save me; if you had hated me, you wouldn't had event attempted to save me from the van. Now you know everything that had been going on while you were out. I am sorry about the Direct Investments thing. If you want a good way to explain the extra income, just tell your bosses that it is like the Stock Market. You are receiving dividends from your investment."

              John then stood up and he dug out one of his new business cards and he handed one to Lord Impy and the other to Isaac. "Since I did try to save you and there is no reason why we cannot be friends... give me a call sometime. I need to get back to work. This was my lunch hour. May I look over the animals before I head out? Once a vet, always a vet."

              Isaac quickly stood up. "John... there is one thing we didn't tell you... Impy's network does not deal in normal animals. They are Planar based, which usually means Hell, Hades or even Chaosmire based creatures. In fact, I need to go find the Rites pack to get our filming session started. I know they have to be getting tired of waiting around. Pay close attention, John. And no this isn't something you would ever want to try." Isaac lowered himself to the floor of the porch and he set off his transformation power.
              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight
                Once the transformation had ended, Repairpaw Halofang stood there in his gleaming white glory but only as long as it took for him to remember to turn off the angelic glow. "I am Repairpaw while in this form. Angel hound aspect. And as I said earlier, this is not something you would ever want to try for yourself unless you want an animal cock up your ass. Hopefully you are more decent than that. Impy can escort you around briefly and then back to your car. I need to go find the hounds." He then looked up into mid-air. "Camera Imp? Where are the others at?"

                An unseen entity replied, "They are waiting at the Northwest corner-post of your property, Repairpaw. I will inform them that you are on your way." And then the unseen entity was quiet.

                John smiled. "Sometimes I think the government facility needs to be secretly filmed. Let us get this tour started, Impy. Is Devi-TV some sort of subscription service?"

                Isaac didn't stick around to list to the rest since John had asked about the television services and that was none of his business. Shortly thereafter, Repairpaw arrived where the hounds were waiting on him and he explained how John had visited because the evil fake had set up a Direct Investments account in his and Maria's names. Impy had defused the issue and now John was interested in Impy's TV services. "Time to get these proving rites started, guys. You lead and I will follow as before. Since we are in a warmer climate now, the local animals are not hibernating like they would be up north. Although 47, Blacky and all of the coyotes also got moved when then town did. I heard the canine's howling last night chatting with the other local packs. I know Impy's name got mentioned."

                Dragontail said, "There are some tourists standing at the Southwestern fence. They were told that Devi-TV was filming some sort of show on your farm and they were trying to see the camera men." He chuckled after saying that.

                Firepaw then stepped away from the pack itself as he deepened his voice for the narration once again. "The Proving Rites pack will now be performing the first few easy to accomplish tasks of those they need to enact during good weather. Step One: Greet each other. Step Two: Scent-mark the fence posts all around the property. Step Three: Politely sniff every animal in this region. Notice that I said 'politely'. We do not need a tomato bath this early in the rites." Firepaw then rejoined the others where he resumed his normal voice.

                "Time to get this show on the road." And what followed was introductions between each of them followed by sniffing each other under their tails. Since Isaac had all of the hounds bathe earlier that morning; only their natural scents (and not shite scent) would be detected. Then the pack headed off to find and sniff all of the local animals. This would take the entire day. Thank the gods the weather was being nice in the new locale.

                That afternoon, the Hellhounds all came in pretty tired as they entered the pack cleansing chamber to wash the grime and possible odors off of their bodies. Earlier, Firepaw had given some narration in that deeper voice to explain what they aimed to do next. "Having completed the third task without making terminal mistakes, the hounds will now get the grime of travel out of their fur coats before they head indoors to see about getting a well deserved dinner from Recordspaw."

                After their experience with the new automated body washing machine, cleaned and dried Hounds entered the house and sat the new Pack dining table that would be more convenient for the hounds. Recordspaw grinned. "So mates, 'ow did it go?"

                Dragontail remarked, "The rattlesnake was a new experience until Repairpaw glowed and softly spoke to the snake to calm it down. Then we were able to sniff it and continued on to find the next animal. That herd of cattle were not as foul as we can get, but they were cooperative. The herding dogs chatted politely with us; very civil of them. That cowboy's son didn't have to pet all over us the way he did but it was a change of pace from what we encountered in South Dakota."

                Recordspaw asked, "What have yas boys decided in regards to traveling to the 'ighest point in the land?"

                Repairpaw said, "We were going to choose a place on the other side of the canyon, but upon checking the local maps, we discovered that Wildcat Peak to the Northeast of Cameron is actually a higher mountain in our portion of Arizona. It will be a hot trip by day to get there, but the mountain itself is quite secluded and dry. We do need to check the weather before we head out tomorrow. We don't want to be caught in a silly storm like last time."

                Lord Impy then appeared and said, "Good plan, boys. I found out from local forecasters that there will be a light rain before sunrise and then it will be hot and humid all day long. I do want you to be careful crossing the highways on your way over to Wildcat Peak. Motorists can be very crazy when they think they need to speed to get somewhere fast."

                Coingazer smiled. "Thanks for the warning, sir. Although I do want to check the winning Lotto numbers on the six o'clock news. I made a prediction this morning and I want to know how close I was."

                Impy looked to Southpaw the Scout. "How are you holding up, scout?"

                Southpaw replied, "Isaac is a great host, sir. I am surprised that Diablo didn't drag me back to the imperial army camps for my desertion in the past. I got scared."
                End of Chapter Eight
                End of JCS-07 Proving Rites Anew

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Declaring the Pack Again.