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JCS-06 Twelve Wishes Revisited

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  • JCS-06 Twelve Wishes Revisited

    [Cardinal Sins]
    JCS-06 Twelve Wishes Revisited.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    December 15th, 2019

    Chapter One
    :Rites Van; Ridgeview, South Dakota; Planet Earth:
    Zecma remarked, "You don't have to go that far, John. I know you want to make Isaac happy, but throwing away your humanity just so Isaac gets the hound he wanted is not the wisest of moves. First of all, an existing Alpha has to vouch for your transition and you could end up with some real ass holes if we leave this to chance. Worse ass holes than your government bosses."

    Firepaw then said, "And think what Maria might do if you just disappeared without a trace."

    Isaac sighed as he said, "Firepaw is right, John. You and I have already buried the hatchet and were starting to get along great. I know I am living a dream that you have always wanted to try since you were a boy, but this isn't a picnic ride so far. I don't even get to be a Hellhound like my friends. I'm an Arcadian Angel Hound or so everyone keeps saying. Unless they lied to me back then. I now recall that I didn't start using my angel hound powers until Poisonpaw began defending me from Dragontail. So now I have to wonder... am I truly an Angel Hound or is someone pulling another fast one? I don't want to start liking this only to suddenly lose it."

    Zecma cast a Seer spell over his own as well as the hounds' vision to discern the truth of the matter...

    ...And without warning, Zecma and the hounds seemed to be standing ethereally to the side of the highway back on Halloween night when the proving rites pack were to have made the crossing to Earth. Except this time, they saw Isaac driving his van home and when the van reached the encounter zone, the unholy circle of fire erupted all around the van instead of just ahead of it, which caused the van to be thrown off the road crashing and burning through a drainage ditch. They also saw John Holden pull up in his car as he rushed out through the field to check on Isaac's van. He was seen trying to pull Isaac out of the burning wreck when the van exploded in a vast fireball, causing John's clothes and flesh to be baked as he nearly died while shielding Isaac's body from further injury. And then the two simply lay on the ground of the drainage ditch waiting to be found...

    And then the spell ended. Dragontail and Firepaw both lowered their gaze toward the floor at the same time and they sniffled. Coingazer said, "No! Not like this, Zecma! Throw me back in jail if you have to! We have to save them!" Dragontail lifted his head. "So you want to defy time and space to change a past event, Coingazer? No wonder that Hell Lord got so mad at you when you cheated him. Changing the past is dangerous unless the tithe to the time god is paid." Firepaw glared at Dragontail. "Talk! What tithe? You brought it up, so fess up or I will think that you are working with Poisonpaw! You are only a prince; I am a crown prince! Besides, I am in love with Isaac!"

    Isaac pulled the van over to a stop in a beer store's parking lot as he turned around in his seat and growled, "Are you saying that John and I died on Halloween night? And by driving the van into a blessed parking lot, it would have sent the two of us to Heaven! What a dirty trick, Zecma! No more games! By the Lord of us All, I demand to know the truth right now!" John then looked to Dragontail. "While they are ranting, what is this tithe to the dragon god and how do we pay it?"

    Dragontail sighed one time and then he replied, "One of the pack priests mentioned this once although I was not to have overheard the conversation that day. They thought that I was asleep. Normally to bring back a beloved pack member, the Alpha, or the party in question, has to grant six wishes selflessly to six virgin young people. Since we need to save both Isaac as well as you, John, that would mean that we hounds would have to grant twelve free wishes to six virgin young people. Once the tithe is paid, then the reward of our choosing is granted. Eighteen wishes... if the request to save Southpaw is to be added into this as well."

    Mack Roo petted on Dragontail and on Firepaw as he commented, "Ah 'ave 'eard of this tithe and it is not an easy task to accomplish, mates. Their wishes cannot be for personal gain nor revenge that would inconvenience another person. They cannot wish people back to life since this would change time and yas are trying to gain the Time God's permission to save two souls whom 'ave died the same night. Remember 'ow Poisonpaw and the fake Coingazer demon 'ound created the fake Southfang? A shadow given solid form. On 'alloween night, when Isaac was killed, 'is body rolled with the van while 'is saddened spirit was just be'ind the encounter zone; 'is spirit loaded yas 'ounds into the spirit version of the van and then 'e took yas blokes back to 'is farm. 'e remained a spirit until the night that 'e offered to join yer Rites Pack in the canyon until the end. On that night, yas blokes changed 'is spirit form into a real 'ound like yerselves and then Poisonpaw got it in 'er 'ead that she 'ad to kill the Freeborn. But the first time she attempted to do it, she learned that Isaac wasn't really alive and 'ad already died somewhere. She didn't want to deal with a ghost, so she instructed the Southfang fake to deal with Isaac's ghost once and for all during what was to be a private meeting. But when 'e made 'is death strike to Isaac in 'is 'uman form, and the nice joey simply bled and looked stunned, 'e was spooked so badly, that 'e 'ad to leave to think of another way to off Isaac. But yas cannot kill someone whom 'as already died. In other words, yas can only die once, mates. But since Firepaw loves Isaac so much, per'aps 'e can be saved. The fact that John tried to save Isaac's life, despite his dislike for the jack of all trades, means that he didn't want to go to Hell when 'e died by 'aving an unresolved 'atred for 'is wife's child'ood friend. 'e tried to perform a good deed to make it up to Isaac for 'is be'avior when the two first met. And in trying to 'elp Isaac, 'e died 'imself. They truly don't deserve this, my friends. Fortunately, Ah 'ave a friend whom works for the time god; Ah'll send word to 'im while Dragontail grants four wishes, Firepaw grants four wishes, and Coingazer grants four wishes. That would equal twelve wishes."

    Zecma slyly smiled. "I have performed the twelve wishes spiel myself and it was not easy. I lost track of how many wishes I performed for the first time ever and I went over by one. And that's how I met a very nice human family of demon hunters and their sexy son of whom I am still friends with. The boy works for Arden's Pizza these days."

    Suddenly there appeared a massive Hellhound in the back of the Rites Van whom seemed to have gunpowder soot flaking off of his fur and armor. "Council Lord Zecma? I got word that you wanted to speak to me post-haste. I am General Diablo Kisume of the 187th Imperial Hellhound Brigade, currently residing in Acheron. I'm dripping on the carpet. Sorry."
    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two
    Isaac then said, "Do you have a grandson or some relation named Southpaw or have knowledge of any hellhound with that name? I am Isaac Freeborn the owner of this van you are sitting within. And don't worry about the carpet. I am a jack of all trades, by profession."

    Diablo sniffed at Isaac and then at John. "Either you both have the cleanest scents ever or you are both ghosts of your former lives. As for your question, I know of only two Southpaw entities. One is a were-kangaroo of Dreamtime. And he is in rut currently. He would infect your living body in a heart beat and not on purpose. He is generally a kind and obedient soul. The other, and I do not know why he is where he is stuck at, is a hellhound teenager whom is stretched over a dildo tree in the far southern lands of the Underworld. One of my scouts saw him there and he was blindfolded and gagged as he was being stretched over the cock shaped tree and knot shaped base. My scout said he was whimpering. He could be freed easily enough by Imperial Decree. My scout read the hound's aura and that is how his name was discovered."

    Isaac looked to Zecma. "Save him, while the others are working on gaining the tithe." And then to Diablo, Isaac added, "Your son Lord Impy of Devi-TV is filming the proving rites pack's first excursion to Earth to earn their adulthood status topside. While the others are working on their tasks, I will tell you the whole story. And I will prepare a steak for you later at my farm. I can even help you to get cleaned up and to polish your armor. It looks like it could use some TLC."

    Diablo growled when he learned of Impy's latest trick. He summoned the imp and he promptly sat on the prim and proper TV executive. "Why can't you act more like Darek Imp Kisume, your more successful brother? Even Zecma here would make a better son than you are being. You know it is illegal to film the proving rites for any reason. What do you have to say for yourself? And make it good, or else I will use your body as a tampon."

    Isaac said, "Tell him the truth or else I will have the angels in Heaven whom recorded the Thanksgiving episode that aired replay it and your involvement at the dinner for your father to watch and hear for himself."

    Impy said, "What proving rites show? I know nothing of this, father. I have been in Albany New York filming Lord Saberfang's police dog training between human cadets and hellhounds. I would love to have attended to a Thanksgiving dinner. I even sent a note to Lord Kisume himself to let him know what my assignment was to be while I was on Earth AS-1. This is the first time I have been on this Earth at all. And for the record, this Earth is referred to as Earth FE-11; it is a ways off the beaten track."

    Isaac then repeated the story to Impy and for the second time in an hour, they got to see an angry look crossing a Kisume's muzzle. "How dare they break into Devi-TV and authorize a TV show behind my back! Even I knew it was illegal to film the Proving Rites pack when they performed their deeds in the Underworld. But you said they were doing this here on this Earth. Then that's how they arranged this loophole. Zecma... Mack Roo... law book fourteen; section twenty-nine. Exceptions to Proving Rites Laws and Rules. But I swear to you all; I would never have arranged to authorize the proving rites to do their tasks on Earth. It would be sheer chaos."

    Zecma and Mack Roo both summoned the law books in question and looked up the specific rule in question. Mack Roo said, "Found it, Zecma. Page nine 'undred sixty-six." Zecma turned to that specific page and began reading aloud. "Should the Proving Rites subjects choose to perform their deeds outside of the underworld... the alphas may choose to personally film the exercise for pack education at a later date. But only the alphas of hounds involved have this legal right to do so."

    John then spoke up. "Listen to my theory, guys... When Poisonpaw Bladetalon was sent to join the Proving Rites on Earth, her alpha authorized the filming of the show utilizing this loophole in the laws. That way he could personally keep watch over his assassin's activities on the surface world. He must have gotten pissed when he saw that Poisonpaw still refused to kill the hound that they were calling Southfang. And later, Southpaw himself. Then when he recognized Isaac as a lost Freeborn of the Repair Squadron, he sent word to Poisonpaw to destroy Isaac so he couldn't undo all of their hard work. The IDMs that moved into the farm and even the phony Lord Impy were likely all members of a rogue sub-section of their former unions. Then the fake Lord Impy hired former porn stars Recordspaw Darkpouch as well as nightmare stallion herd leaders Cerebrum and his partner, herd leader Distractus to track down the VIP programming card that he made sure Firepaw just happened to rescue during a garbage dump into the Hell Furnaces. But when the porn stars confronted Isaac and he honestly offered to make restitution for Firepaw gaining access to the card, the porn stars were enjoying looking at the fresh honest human and chose not to obey the fake anymore. That is why they are still staying at the farm right now. I know Recordspaw really cares about us humans. He has slept with both Isaac and me at different times. He is looking into repairing the guest room while we were out and about today."

    Zecma grinned. "So you are both speaking up on behalf of the porn stars?" Isaac smiled. "Despite their former professions, they have never tried to screw neither me nor John over and I am sure they have had plenty of opportunities. Especially Recordspaw. He was the one whom taught me how to do male pregnancy one night. And it was a fun education, too." John said, "Recordspaw only slept with me, he said he would never have me cheat on Maria just for a quick nookie with a kangaroo boomer. Although, I'd bet Mack Roo would be fun in bed. Right?" Mack chuckled at first but then he popped John's bubble. "Ah 'ate to disappoint yas, mate, but Ah used to be a 'uman college student at Mascot University on one of the animated worlds. Ah got involved with a Devil Kangaroo's pouchmate and before Ah knew it, Ah was roo-cruited to be a devil kangaroo myself. This was before the anti-recruitment laws went into affect. Ah've been my current species ever since. But if yas want gay nookie with a devil kangaroo lawyer, just give the word." He winked. Lord Impy added, "He is an alpha is his own right these days. So if he mounted you, then you would join the species yourself and gay life would be normal for you from then on."

    Isaac then said, "Wait until we get our bodies back before you start playing with the lawyer's tail, John."
    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three
      Dragontail, Firepaw, and Coingazer arrived back at the McQueen Boys Ranch where upon they went and located the fourteen boys to check to see which ones were still virgin. As luck would have it, only eleven were virgin. This meant that the hounds would be one wish short of fulfilling their tithing goal. Coingazer opted to grant three at this location and then go look for someone else in town to grant the last wish to. Since he was the newest one to arrive with the proving rites pack, he wanted the others to have the better picks. Coingazer located the boy whom was almost tricked by Poisonpaw and spoke to him as he explained the rules to Peter Bartholomew Ericson. Peter petted on Coingazer and said, "Ms. Sokoulis lives in a rather dilapidated homestead. She could really benefit from having her home repaired, but she is too proud to ask for charity. If I could ask for anything on behalf of someone else, then I would ask that you repair her home while she slept and then when she awoken, her home would be as it was when she moved into it or even better. I know it gets drafty in there and the weather could blow it over as if the Three Little Pigs were in her house of sticks and the Big Bad Wolf wanted in there. So could you please help her to have a better home. I can give you a kiss on the muzzle and rub on your tummy if you help her. Her cookies are the best."

      After getting his kiss and the tummy rub, he went and spoke to the other boys about their requests. One asked Coingazer to have the police back in his home town re-open the investigation on his alibi since the mayor's son and the judge's son were with him that night and only he got sent to the boy's ranch. The other boy asked for his mother to locate her lost wedding ring that has been missing from her bedroom for a few years. It had sentimental value to her and that would make her happy. After that, Coingazer headed into town where he came across a young Cheyenne teenager on his hands and knees looking down through a drainage grate in the street. When Coingazer asked what the teen aged boy was looking for, he replied that he lost his last dollar down the grate and he couldn't reach it. "Jobs are scarce this time of the year. We all can't be like Isaac Freeborn. I don't even have the skills to do what he does. I cannot mow lawns in the Winter." Coingazer stepped around the young man and he bapped one paw against the grate and popped open the cover and then he waggled one paw at the dollar bill and made it float up to the boy's hand. Then the hound put the grate cover back in place. "I will tell you what lotto numbers to choose at the local store and then you use your dollar to purchase the lotto ticket. When the ticket wins, promise me you will donate one hundred of the winnings to the church and you can keep the rest. Do this for me and I will help you find work locally. And don't be afraid of my talking. I am a government hound that my masters are allowing Isaac to take care of at his farm. Have you ever helped to care for farm animals before?" The young man nodded his head unsure what he was talking to. Coingazer said, "Isaac has friendly animals at the farm and I can ask Isaac to hire you to help take care of the animals. You would only have to be at the farm for three hours a day, tops. The government would appreciate the help. And you cannot mention to anyone that a hound spoke to you. Keep this secret and you will never be broke again. What's your name, kid?"

      The male human teenager said, "Basil Orion Huxley. Isaac will know who I am when he hears my name. My grandfather is a Cheyenne Indian. My father married my Indian mother and while she and I live locally, my father has a job on Wall Street in New York City. Mom has told me stories about talking animals who teach their People about life. So what numbers do you want me to choose; and what makes you think I am going to win enough money to make a sizable donation at the church? My mother and I don't go to the church since she follows the Cheyenne religion. But I will do as you ask this once."

      Coingazer grinned. "I have the luck ability. And for the record, I know Raven and Coyote. Nice guys when you treat them fairly. As for the numbers..." and he recited off some numbers which the boy wrote down into his small notepad. " for how I know they will win, my luck has never let me down yet. When you make the donation, I will make sure you get your job." He then escorted the human teenager to the store where the lotto ticket could be bought and he watched the boy go inside where he asked to play the dollar lottery. When asked for the numbers he wanted, he recited off the numbers that Coingazer had given him and then it was entered into the system. He was then handed the receipt to prove he had bought the lotto chance. And before Basil could turn away from the counter, the lotto machine printed out a message for the owner to read. It said that the most recent entry was a winner to the tune of a thousand dollars. The shop owner called the boy back over and he showed the young man the message. Then he gave Basil ten one hundred dollar bills and thanked him for playing the state lottery. When Basil emerged from the store, he saw the black hound waiting for him. "Your luck, you said. I won a thousand dollars. My mom will appreciate this money. I just need to convince her that I didn't steal it. May I give you one of the hundreds for helping me to acquire this win or is that not allowed?" Coingazer said, "Let's go to the church. You gave me your word in exchange for the job offer. As for giving me a part of that, I cannot stop you from giving me money. I will accept whatever you share." Basil gave Coingazer one of the hundreds and then he pocketed the rest. Coingazer slid the big bill into his collar compartment and then he started walking with Basil once again.

      Soon a group of local bullies were detected following Basil as one said, "Indian boy has money! Lets roll his ass and relieve him of white man's money! We would be doing the spirits a favor!" Coingazer said, "Wait a moment, I'll deal with white man's garbage." And he turned to face the three bullies as he struck his fierce stand and as he let out a fierce growl, his red eyes suddenly lit up without warning and all three bullies filled their pants with fresh liquid manure as they began to run home to change out of their dirty clothes. He then turned off the scare effect and his eyes returned to normal as he turned and continued to escort Basil toward the church.

      Basil then said, "Those three were the sons of the mayor. He won't give them any money since they refuse to do the chores he asks them to do."

      At the church, Coingazer waited outside while Basil made the donation to Father Matthews. "The spirits had me buy a lottery ticket and when I won a prize, the spirits told me to donate a part of the win to your church. I apologize that my mother and I do not attend to your services, but we tend to do as the spirits tell us to do. And they told me to donate part of my win to your church. I need to go home now. By the way, Isaac is on his way, I saw that he was parked about a mile from here doing maintenance on his van."

      Father Matthews said, "Since you have your own beliefs, Basil, I will say, may the spirits bless you for this generous donation. This is more than the church gets in two weeks. I am glad you are such a good boy. Safe travels to you."
      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four
        After making sure Basil got home safely, Coingazer then made the lost wedding ring arrangement, and then using a power he didn't use too often, he subliminally convinced a few over-curious police officers to re-open the alibi that the one boy had given and they quickly learned that the boy had actually told the truth and was unfairly judged against and sent off to the boys ranch in place of the others who were too important to get a bad reputation. The police officers chose to let the school officials know of how the two boys lied to get a good boy sent off to the correctional ranch so they would be free to do what they wanted to someone else. The school would make arrangements for detention for the two lying boys in addition to removed privileges at the school itself. This meant, no sports outings nor field trips.

        Coingazer's last stop was out at the homestead of widow Sokoulis where he investigated the old stick house and found it to be exactly as Peter had said. The building was just barely hanging on. Coingazer peeked in a window to see where the old lady was and when he saw that she was laying in her bed resting, that was when he used his powers to begin repairing the old cottage. Clean insulation was put into place and all mouse holes were sealed up to prevent future drafts. furniture was restored to like new and groceries filled the icebox and cupboards. He then left a note taped to her icebox which read, Dear Ms. Sokoulis: It came to my attention that you have been a very good and kind young lady and while you never ask for anything for yourself, My wife and I have decided to reward your kindness with a repair to your home for free. Signed, Santa Claus. Coingazer then waited and watched as the old lady got up and exited her bedroom and saw the repaired living room and kitchen. The Hellhound had even repaired the outhouse building to also be resistant to the elements. When Ms. Sokoulis read the letter from Santa Claus, she said, "You didn't have to give me anything, Santa. I will make you some cookies for Christmas as I do for the children throughout the year. Besides, I am just an old lady whose children never come and visit me anymore. I guess they got too involved with their own lives to care about an old woman like me. But at least I have the local children." And then she returned to her like-new rocking chair and she began knitting a new sweater with her supply of yarn. "But it does feel quite cozy in here now."

        Coingazer felt a little angry that the woman's actual children only cared for themselves instead of honoring her with an occasional visit. He then returned to the Rites Van and laid himself down looking mildly upset. Isaac petted on Coingazer's head as he asked, "Why the long muzzle, Coingazer? You were so happy when you left earlier." The black hellhound replied, "I just learned something important about Widow Sokoulis and it makes me so mad." Isaac said, "You mean the fact that her own children won't even come home to visit her? The whole town knows about it, Coingazer. That's why the townsfolk allow her to consider their children as her own since they love her cookies so much."

        Dragontail and Firepaw then returned looking very tired. "All twelve wishes granted. I hope the time god will grant us our request now. To restore you and John to life as you both were on Halloween night. We can always re-initiate you later if you want your hound form back."

        Isaac said, "You will have to, Dragontail. I gave my word to join you guys until the end despite offers to let me back out of a Rites challenge when it seemed that I wouldn't do good at said tasks. I don't renege on my word once given, guys. I thought you had learned that by now. Earlier I retold Diablo and Impy about my missing father and how he disappeared along with all the animals butt naked right out of his shoulder just after I went to school as a boy. They headed off to investigate this mystery themselves. They went to make a pit stop at the house to see if the real IDM mice were in my attic."

        Zecma grinned as he sat with Mack Roo. "We are still here, however. And Diablo will return to help clean up your farm the right way. As you might suspect, Isaac, he hates cold weather and snow." Just then, Mack Roo's cellphone rang in his pouch and he reached in and pulled it out as he activated it. "Mack Roo 'ere. Lay it on me, mate?" "I rarely make it out into that neck of the worlds, Sexy. Gerard thinks you are crazy for hiding on Earth FE-11, but he says that he will lift his bunny tail for you any time. Anyway, the time god has given authorization to have the two nice humans restored to life as if the accident never happened. He says that he knows about Isaac's promise and to tell him that his father was captured by one of the horny Hell Dragon emperors in years past. Mr. Freeborn is currently an Imperial Dragon Hound soldier with the Imperial Army. As for the animals, they were sent to various Underworld realms since the emperor only wanted to fuck the naked human. That emperor is long gone, but the Dragon Hound still serves in the Imperial Army. Last message, Lighty wants to read your book on Devil Kangaroo Care. He cannot find a decent copy of the book anywhere." Mack Roo giggled. "Tell 'im that there should be a copy in the Underworld University library and if it isn't there, then the ISBN number is DKU-000014826-Q and a copy of the book can be ordered from Lord Eddie's Publishing firm. But it isn't cheap. But the 'orse 'as money to burn. Talk to yas later, tiger. And thanks." He hung up the phone and placed it back into his pouch. He then repeated the information for those in the van. "Drive the van out to the spot where yas first met the 'ounds and merge the spirit van with the real image of yer van which yas will find at that location. Yas both will then 'ave yer real bodies merge back into yer spirits and then its back to business as usual at the church and later the farm."

        Coingazer then said, "Basil will be working at the farm, from now on. He needed a job and I said he could help care for the government animals for three hours per day, tops. I really like the boy, Isaac. Please say that its okay for him to be working there."

        Isaac start up the van and drove out to the spot along the highway where he soon saw the image of his van sitting in the roadway ahead as he pulled the van neatly up inside of the other image and then both he and John felt their real bodies merging together with their spirits. It was painful but once done, the two were panting quite hard as hey both opened their eyes. "That hurt. But no pain, no gain. As for you, Coingazer, I'll let Basil work at the farm as soon as Diablo confirms the animals living there." The black Hellhound got up and did the happy dance as he licked Isaac's face. "Um... you taste like burnt toast. I think you and John need to bathe as soon as we get back to the farm." Isaac giggled, "Well we did just survive the Hell Furnaces the hard way."

        Firepaw then said, "No, if you were there, then you both would taste like a Sewer Hound and no one wants that in their muzzles."
        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five
          After repairing the plumbing at the church, Isaac drove the Rites Van back to his farm where Diablo awaited them. The entry sign over the gate had been corrected to read: Freeborn Farm / Devi-TV Family Filming Studio; Owner: Isaac Freeborn in association with Lord Impy Kisume. Isaac said, "Looks like Lord Impy corrected the sign over the entry gate... and... Diablo got rid of all the snow and icicles. It actually feels like early autumn here in the farm grounds. Did he move his training grounds to my farm? I see armored Hellhounds and Nightmare Stallions all over the place."

          Dragontail peeked over the dashboard and said, "I see my father and Firepaw's father standing near Diablo. I think the farce is finally over. Except... I really wanted to continue to work around Isaac. I had my misgivings around him at first, but now... I have accepted him and don't want to part company with him."

          Firepaw chuckled. "I hear you, Dragontail. Maybe now we can get these proving rites done properly. But who is that black Alpha hound standing near the back of the army?"

          Coingazer peeked over the dashboard. "It's my father. He dislikes public attention. I made a promise to Basil and I want to do the proving rites locally. By Devil."

          Isaac pulled the van up to a stop in his usual parking spot and then he and John got out of the van and slid open the side paneled door to let the hounds and Devil Kangaroo Lawyer out. Mack Roo immediately bounded out and he took a deep breath of the fresh air. "Ah smell a turkey cooking, mates. That must be Recordspaw in the kitchen."

          Zecma then emerged from the house with Lord Impy. "I see you boys made it home," said Zecma. "We altered your farmhouse on the inside in a slight manner. You now have an express elevator which will lead down to my executive Devi-TV offices and studio lot in Nexus Town. Your fathers used the elevator to come up and check out your chosen proving rites grounds. They looked into the canyon earlier and they saw Blackie the black wolf, the coyotes, and Number 47 the donkey down there."

          Lord Impy floated over to Isaac and said, "I need for you to recite the deal you had with the fake version of me so I can know exactly what kind of deal you thought you had with Devi-TV. The stupid boob never registered the contract for the show and because this contract is not on record, you and your hound friends were doing this show for free. And I know you boys have been through a lot, so I want to make it right for you guys."

          Isaac escorted Lord Impy over to the front porch where he sat himself down on the porch swing and he held Lord Impy in his lap. "Here's the original deal and concept for the Cardinal Sins TV show... The fake you said, It is refreshing to meet an honest human these days. Therefore, I propose something other than money. Permit my crew and reps to stay at your house and occasionally film your activities for a show we will present on Devi-TV. My camera imps are grade A filming executives and unless they allow you to see them, you would never know they were around. They are that good. Furthermore, perhaps the rites pack could continue to stay at your farm beyond the standard rites exercise and to allow us to film how they interact with a surface world human. We will send more denizens to live at your farm, Isaac, is there anything you could really use around here? To which I replied, Information Devil Mouse Services might be the most handy to have around the farm because the cold case of my missing father since I was a child is not making much sense to those trying to resolve the event. We thought we had a good clue just today but it turned out to be false lead. Of course, if the devil kangaroo and a few stallions want to stay at the farm, I don't see a problem with that around here. However, finances are tight since I am a jack of all trades and I work whenever I can just to feed the rites pack and myself. Is there a job I could perhaps do for you, Lord Impy? and then the fake said, I believe we can work something out, Isaac. And I can pay you in Earth money as well. and that is the extent of the verbal contract. Afterward he had Recordspaw draw up a contract with the Law Imp and Contract Imp watching and then after letting the entire pack who were there at the time read over this contract, we all signed it since we thought you were authorizing the deal for us."

          Lord Impy said, "You said he had Recordspaw draw up the contract in his own handwriting?" Isaac was beginning to suspect the lie involved when Impy Kisume asked that question. "That's right. I never saw where the contract went after we signed it. The imps all left and then we focused on waiting for the damned snow to stop so we could continue with the proving rites. I assume that the Contract Imp should have written the contract, am I right?" Impy then said, "I hope Recordspaw hung on to that paper or else the fake can force you guys to do Underworld pornography since they have your signatures." Isaac said, "The only real hounds including myself who are in danger of this are myself in my hound form of Jackpaw the name the fake Southfang gave me, Dragontail, and Firepaw. The fake Coingazer turned out to be a demon shadow hound thus making his signature null. The fake Southfang was a shadow given solid form thus his signature would also be annulled. The fake Spiritfang otherwise known as Poisonpaw also signed the form and thus since she lied about her name, she is also annulled. When the real Coingazer joined us, he was never presented with a contract to join the show; when the real Southpaw is medically fit to join us, he also was not shown the contract. And with Poisonpaw imprisoned by one of Zecma's prison cubes, she is out of the way finally. I would never let my pack brothers do this on their own. I love both Dragontail and Firepaw. I care about them, Impy. And with John wanting to document Hellhound mating habits, I fear he is going to get himself in trouble somewhere. And then Maria would be all alone again."

          Impy then said, "Maria is the local Vet, correct?"

          Isaac nodded his head. "My former childhood sweetheart and..." He paused as he got up and set Impy to one side. "John! Firepaw! We forgot to go fix the pipes at the Vet offices!"

          John came out of the house with Recordspaw, "It isn't too late to head over there, Isaac. We will just go over there right quick and then you can show me what Firepaw was doing to help you in your job." Firepaw came bounding over and he leaped back into the Rites Van, followed by Dragontail and Coingazer. And then, Southpaw the Scout slowly got in too.
          End of Chapter Five