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JCS-05 Rescue Rites

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    [Cardinal Sins]
    JCS-05 Rescue Rites
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    August 4th, 2019

    Chapter One
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, South Dakota; Planet Earth:
    The Information Devil Mouse whom specialized in politics then continued speaking, (See the last episode to see the highlights that led up to this point.) "I am going to skip over your background, Isaac Freeborn since yours and Halopaw's history were witnessed by Lord Impy already. And before you complain, your Angel pack name was Halofang, but until you become an alpha, the legal suffix is -paw."

    The IDM now focused on the tablet in his gloved paws. "High Royal Prince Dragontail Warsurge of the pack of the same designation. A militant pack whom do everything by the book. They are trained to be fearless and will confront someone whom appears to be breaking the rules at a moments notice. Will fight to the death in regards to an earned ally if the need arises. Was in the process of working his ass off in preparation for the Rites on Earth when that female fake took his place by jumping through the Rites Portal to escape from her betrothal to another pack's alpha. The female whom was often called Lazynose... not her real name, but should have been..."

    Isaac muttered, "...agreed..."

    The IDM continued as if no word had been stated. "...When her deception was discovered, she was handed over in chains to the alpha whom had purchased her. And the real Dragontail then made his journey topside to join you. At first he was suspicious of you, Isaac, but eventually he warmed up to you when you impressed him by making the offer you made to come with the pack to the second Rite."

    "Crown Prince Firepaw Flamerush of the Hell Furnaces. You were constantly impressing him, Isaac. He regards you as a loving close brother whom he feels that he could share his deepest secrets with. Even when you kicked his rump for the programming card, he didn't hate you for it. He cared too much for you to let you take the fall by yourself. He would have signed his soul away to save you from Impy's accusation. When he made the pack joke statement of Former Slave of the Hell Furnaces and oh so glad to out of that cess pit... it was not a serious statement. Anyone who works in the sewers of the Underworld has the right to make that joke."

    Isaac then took a stab at something since it appeared that the IDM was preparing to speak of the next Hellhound. "Am I some sort of Prince as well?"

    The IDM nodded his head. "Don't let this go to your head... Low Halo Prince Isaac Freeborn of the Angel Hound Repair Squadron. Mechanical and Reparation specialists. It was their job to service the Angelic war machines and other mundane devices. Thus your profession of Jack of all Trades is connected to the truth of your heritage."

    Isaac nodded his head slowly. "No wonder Dragontail and Firepaw got along with me so well. We are all royalists of some sort. What about the others?"

    The IDM looked over his tablet again. "Coingazer Shadowtalon, Shadow based Hellhound of the Twilight Packs. Specialists in gambling, predictions and luck. And from the title alone I think you can guess what that implies for the Demon Hound in the main house. The real Coingazer is currently in juvenile prison for cheating at a poker game against a powerful Hell Lord. His proving rites would have occurred with the others had he not been in lock-up. The Demon Hound whom was never a part of the council hounds chose to take Coingazer's place when he learned that Lord Impy was looking to make a new show and the Proving Rites were to occur on Earth for the first time; a prime place to do recruiting."

    Isaac was starting to glow slightly becoming angry over the deception that the demon hound had performed.

    The IDM not noticing the glow from the Angel Hound in human form continued, "Royal Alpha Southfang Kisume the First was the pack alpha of the 87th Hellhound Brigade. He had one son whom defied his orders on multiple occasions. His son, calling himself Southfang the Second, recruited several other young Hellhounds, both male and female, from his father's pack to join a pretend pack of his own in an act of defiance to his father's constant seemingly unfair instructions. His true name was Southpaw Kisume but his father often referred to him as Toiletpaw Kiss-My-Ass because he was rebelling so often. Between times of running around with his fake pack, Southpaw encountered a Hellhound female who falsely showed a love interest in his, and I quote, ...intelligent and rightful to rule sexy studliness... unquote. This female was none other than Poisonpaw Bladetalon. She dated him long enough to get him to reveal the weak borders of his father's pack grounds which she in turn told her alpha about for the strike to kill off the Kisume pack in the middle of the night. Her final mission was to slay Southpaw so no loose lips could testify that she was even there. When she attacked the fake pack, the strike she performed on Southpaw sent him rolling off into the bushes so he would not see her kill off his friends. Later she came back to him and told him to keep quiet about her being there and she would let him live because, and I quote, ...she still loved him... unquote. She then cast amnesia on him as she knocked him unconscious and left him there in the bushes. Later, when her alpha learned that he had survived the assassination, he gave Poisonpaw one last chance to go finish the job on Earth and afterwards, perform some recruiting there to add new blood to the pack. Then he sent her through a Proving Rites portal where she met up with Southpaw. She kicked him out the side of the Proving vortex and then she cut a deal with the Demon Hound whom she recognized and together, they made a fake Southfang whom only had a portion of the memories of the former Southpaw. When she saw you, Isaac, she realized that the Freeborns could recover and undo her pack's evil work and thus, her focus turned to you to make you completely lose the Freeborn ability by permanently becoming a Hellhound. But then Impy's Nightmare judges and Devil Kangaroo administrator showed up and she had to change her plans."

    As he took a breath to continue, the IDM couldn't help but to notice that Isaac was glowing so white that one wouldn't be able to tell that he was even human inside the light.
    End of Chapter One