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Jackpaw [Cardinal Sins] Character Notes

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    Jackpaw [Cardinal Sins] Character Notes

    [Cardinal Sins]

    Synopsis: When a collection of Hellhounds are sent to Earth for their pack rites, they meet up with a new friend where upon new adventures begin.
    The Hell Hounds in question:
    1. Southfang
    -- son of a former pack alpha. Was at the crossroads of life trying to choose where to go.
    2. Dragontail
    -- a hound from an established military pack. A true trooper; a steadfast supporter of the truth.
    3. Firepaw
    -- a fire stoker for the former Hell furnaces. Was glad to be freed from that shile of pit.
    4. Coingazer
    -- a shadow hound who spins the wheel, flips a coin, and bets on the results. He is always smiling.
    Firepaw is wall of fire from his breath weapon
    Coingazer is shroud of shadowy darkness
    Prince Dragontail is Earth caused a solid rock formation to grow from the yard itself
    Southfang is tropical wind powers
    Jackpaw is Lightning
    Their contact(s):
    1. Isaac Freeborn Jackpaw, jack-of-all-trades; drives a padded panel caravan
    2. Maria Phelps Holden, veterinarian; the only woman Isaac trusts
    3. John Holden Testingtail, animal research scientist with a govt animal testing department
    The proving tests:
    Test 1: Sniff your pack mates as well as every other animal in your testing region.
    -- It is always important to know just who your neighbors are because you never know when you might need their help.
    Test 2: Male bonding session.
    -- Mount and be mounted sharing your essence with the rest of the pack; for this makes you a stronger pack.
    Test 3: Survey your surroundings.
    -- Travel to the highest mountains and back to assess your immediate area. Then return to home base.
    Test 4: Demonstrate your powers and the proper usage of said powers.
    Test 5: Either join or form a pack to become members of but only after all other proving rites are completed.
    -- The formation of this pack does not require established Alphas... only official Underworld judges to witness the formation of the pack.
    Two extremely sexy nightmare stallions with ribbons and a badge around their necks:
    1. Nightmare stallion herd leader Cerebrum
    2. Nightmare stallion herd leader Distractus
    A kangaroo boomer with an oversized pouch and two small satyr like horn nubs on top of his head. Holding a clipboard in one furred hand, having a pencil over one ear, and wearing reading glasses:
    1. Devil kangaroo archiver Recordspaw Darkpouch
    :Freeborn farm, Ridgeview, South Dakota; Planet Earth:
    :Ridgeview Veterinary Clinic, South Dakota;:
    Freedom Knights Pack:
    Rinnose - Ice element
    Stinkpaw - Earth element (garbage collection Pack #17)
    Bluepaw - Fire element
    Nightpaw - Dark Lightning (Outcast pack 573) - Alpha
    Easttail - Wind element