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[K9JI] RTS-HHD-02 Misadventures in Costume Acquisitions

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    [K9JI] RTS-HHD-02 Misadventures in Costume Acquisitions

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs in the QC Planet continuum that is part of my Night the Superdog serial universe. It is about the teenage son of the all black version of Krypto the Superdog, and of all the circumstances revolving around his life and the ending results thereof. Enjoy.

    This was started on April 26th 2019 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)

    Tags: Human, Cartoon, Anime, Various Animals, Transformation, Male, Female

    River the Superdog
    Hudson Hoover Dangers

    [K9JI] RTS-HHD-02 Misadventures in Costume Acquisitions
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    April 27th, 2019

    Chapter One

    Sylver Streakmane's Costume Rentals; Jules' Fantasy Earth.

    Jack said, "If you just want to spend a day with good old Jack, feel free to drop by and we can talk about anything you want to talk about." Nick nodded his head briskly. "Okay!"

    Streak opened up the wearable costume converter. "Place Nicholas on that stool inside, please. And don't worry; you can't get changed in this one simply by going in. The controls on this model have safety switches." Nick nodded his head as he carefully placed Nicholas inside. What Nick noticed while inside was that it smelled nice in there and; Nick got an erection for some reason from the scent. He tried not to show too much although the scent was very likable. But the smell was simply part of the device. Nick did like it but he's trying to be professional for Nicholas and Streak. Streak chuckled when he saw Nick's tented pants. "The machine oil scent strikes again, seems like. Don't worry, it wears off in an hour. Be pleased it doesn't make you want to have sex, like some oils do. Now, let's get Nicholas' conversion started. Pay attention and you'll learn how to do this. You might get to do it to someone some day." (Meaning a 'friend' who got in trouble with a costume.) And he walked Nick through the steps. Nick nodded his head.

    Streak pointed to the viewing window. "Now watch how your new friend changes from costume to wearable species." And he activated the machine and the process began. Nick went over to watch. Thankfully with all the safeties, even if he tripped, nothing could go bad. It didn't look painful at all; instead, it looked like it might be fun to try for himself but Nick didn't wanna end up like that yet - He'd just watch.

    Jack then said to Streak, "The authorities closed down another illegal soul costume place, Streak. McKilister's Costumes this time. Heck, I didn't even know he was into that kind of business. He used to be on the up and up. I wonder why he switched?" Streak replied, "Good people get sucked into bad things too easily. Oh well, I hope he had good lawyers." Nick said, "McKilister's? That name sounds familiar..." Streak replied, "In what way, Nick?" Nick said, "I dunno. Just sounds familiar. I think I saw they were auctioning off some of his costumes or something." Streak replied, "He used to produce school mascot costumes." Nick said, "Maybe that's where."

    Jack said, "I remember that a few schools complained that the mascot costumes didn't look real enough. And then he started producing these unbelievably realistic mascot costumes. But then school kids were disappearing. And according to this news story on TV, those kids were the designated Mascots and the mascot costumes were transforming them one way into the species, then once changed; the victims were being ported to a slavers camp in the Planar Middle Lands. A traveling lord spoke to one of the captives and after getting the true story, he contacted the authorities on planet." Nick made a face, "ICK!" Streak replied, "Like I said, good people get involved in bad things."

    Through the window, Nicholas suddenly sat up and waved at Nick with a smile as he bent over and lifted his tail where Nick got to watch the wearable part occur. Very sexy, actually. And if the erection wasn't enough before, Nick definitely felt interested in the otter. He blushed even more at that. "You're being naughty, Nicholas, but at least you're looking better. Less worn too." Nicholas said, "I just wanted to show you the conversion process, Nick. It actually feels super. And I do feel younger and more energetic. Are you still going to wear me this weekend?" Nick nodded his head, "Of course. I told you I would. Plus I do need a posture problematic costume." Nicholas said, "The difference between my being a living costume and my being a wearable species is that I have more control in this form than I did as a costume. That means I can be active while you're resting." Nick smiled as he asked, "Which is good for you, right?" Nicholas said, "It can be, yes. But I love being worn. And once you wear me for a while, you might find yourself not wanting to take me off when you're done. But it doesn't mean you're stuck; it's just the pleasure feeling." Nick nodded his head again. "Well I don't want to be stuck." Nicholas said with a smile, "You won't; but you might orgasm if you get too excited."

    Hudson giggled since he had heard some of these explanations before.

    Nick giggled as well. "You're in a good mood. Things almost done?" He went to open the door as Nicholas replied, "I think so." Nick opened the door immediately then. Nicholas couldn't see where Nick stepped to until the door opened. "No wait, Nick." But before he could say the rest the toon human male had taken a step closer into the machine with Nicholas. "Don't come in here. The machine is still on. You said you wanted to be careful, remember?" Nick remarked, "But the door makes the device auto-shut off, right?" He then fell in as the door closed behind him. Fortunately, Streak was half expecting something like that happening; and he tried to stop the machine before anything can happen to Nick. Because the machine took time to shut down, Nick would definitely get something from this experience to his own body. Nick rubbed his head, wincing. "Ow...." Nicholas helped Nick to his feet. "I tried to warn you... are you alright? Oh man... I hope Streak can stop the machine before anything lasting happens to you." Nick nodded his head again as he allowed the otter to help him to his feet. "Me too... Um... He looks like he's struggling with something..." Hudson and Jack were trying to help Streak at that point.

    Nick said, "Super strength? Please don't break it, Hudson." Nicholas said, "I'm sorry you ended up in here like this, Nick. Although you might not feel a thing during the process, it could still be happening; but what you need to watch for, Nick, is animal parts forming. Streak had the machine set to wearable otters." Nick looked himself over, "Nothing yet... Though if they break it, gods knows what could happen." Nicholas said, "Hudson is speed-reading the manual out loud to Streak; and Streak and Jack are working the controls. Now you know why we are insured. In case accidents like this happen." Nick nodded his head again; something he obviously did a lot. "But I'm not sure insurance covers new arrivals -" Suddenly Nick felt his pants rip open in the back as his otter tail grew out and his ears shifted and formed. Nick loudly remarked, "ACK!" before falling over as a result! "NOW would be A GOOD time, Guys!" His legs, feet, arms, and hands were now transforming. Nick started scratching as the fur was starting to form, "GUYS!!!!" Then the painful part... his muzzle formed as his torso grew fur. Nick YELLED loudly at that point... his bones, digitigrade paws, and the shrinking were even worse though. Feral otters weren't that big to begin with. Nicholas was trying to help Nick through this by being there for him. He knew how much transformation could hurt.

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Nick was in bloody agony at that point... and yelling very loudly, he's not wearable yet, but after the animal transformation, that part of the conversion would be next. And then the wearable transformation occurred, but it wasn't painful at all... instead, it was like the total opposite of what Nick had just went through: the ultimate pleasuring sensation. Which was exactly what Nicholas told him earlier. It felt good.

    The sudden change threw Nick off, shocking him into blissful silence when that started; pleasure, arousal, orgasm, cum, and happy happy joy joy... just as his friend had told him that it would feel. He didn't mean to be naughty in the window when Nick was watching, but now Nick knew why he was doing it. Before the machine could finalize the changes to Nick's body... the costumer machine went dead and quiet. Nick panted heavily, laying there on the floor... He felt like he ran a 10K marathon.

    Hudson had the machine's plug in his toon canine muzzle. He had unplugged the machine. "Nasty tasting cord. Yuck."

    Streak got Nicholas out of the machine, then he set the machine into reverse before having Hudson plug the machine back up... and now it started to undo the changes to Nick... he would get back to normal, but his clothes were gone. Naked boy. When the whole situation was done, Nick was not just naked; he's unconscious. It might not hurt as much undoing it; but GOD DAMN the previous experience HURT and it was not pleasant. Thankfully most magical wearable species could access the top level memories of their people inside so Nicholas the Otter could put the toon boy inside of himself and take him back to his home. Even unconscious. The machine was then turned off and Nick was brought out and laid down in Jack's bedroom on the big bed. Jack played bedside manner while Nicholas and Streak were off finishing up the paperwork for Nick renting Nicholas. Hudson went out to where the magical costume section was to visit with the costume guys therein.

    Restored to human, but still wearable. Only the toon human was restored; his wearable parts will felt like an otter much like Nicholas himself. Jack gently petted on Nick as he cleaned up Nick's lower quarters. Nicholas then (since the 50 bucks is in the toon boy's wallet to pay for it) found out that Nick's full name was Nicholas Luther King. Nicholas thought that it was interesting that Nick had the same first name. It would have been more funny if Luther was Lutra.

    Out in the outer magical costume section, Hudson noted that there was a few new costumes among the others as he looked them over. "Never saw this skunk in here before. Must have been a call for one or something." Or worse, someone got into the machine like Nick did. He also noted a solid black wearable Hellhound in the magical costume section as well. "This guy looks brand new, too. He is even more built than my dad is. Look at those muscular tones." He was impressed by any hound that was able to be sexier than his dad.

    The Hellhound costume opened his eyes and said to Hudson, "Skunky boy hasn't regained his speaking ability as yet, stud. And thank you for admiring my good looks. I don't know who your father is, but it doesn't take much for a Hellhound to outshine a surface worlder canine. As for my story, I had been found guilty of a crime I had not committed in the Underworld and when asked if I preferred the death sentence or conversion into a costume as my final punishment, I chose the costume route. It was my hope that I would end up at Lord Paul Pardusius' costume shop so I could tell him my side of the story. But instead, I was transported up to Streak's costume shop to receive my conversion herein. I watched to see how Streak set the controls; I knew if I was made into a non-magical costume, then no one would ever get to hear my story. After Streak set the controls, he turned to my jailer escort; the Hell Skunk; to discuss payment with him and while he was distracted, I reset the controls to Magical Living Costume before activating the machine and diving inside. When the stupid skunk saw me leap into the machine, he stupidly thought that I was trying to escape, and he gave chase inside the machine with me. Once inside, he saw that I was leaning up against the back wall inside of the machine with a dumb smile on my muzzle. And I said, 'Welcome to my Hell, asshole.' And then we were both hit by the conversion process; he was screaming in bloody agony while I withheld better dignity since I was prepared for what was about to happen to me. In his attempt to get the skunk out of the machine, Streak accidentally pressed the speech removal button on the console. Since I was smartly forcing myself to stay silent, the new setting had no effect on me. And since the skunk was being very loud, the machine removed his voice entirely as it changed him into a silent costume. When the process ended, he removed me from the machine and after giving me a pretty nice grooming, he initially placed me into the regular costume racks. Then he returned to see about restoring the stupid client. After being restored to normal, or so he hoped, he supposedly departed to return to the Underworld to have the Yuskay Groomers check him out to remove any effects from his experience. And that was when he made his biggest mistake." Hudson asked, "What mistake was that? And what was the supposed crime?"

    The Hellhound costume replied, "When he went to the Yuskay Groomers, he couldn't know that a living costume effect originating from Jules' world was grounds of committing theft from the Cat Lord himself. When the Groomers learned of the Jules connection, they contacted Jules and told him that a villain had been in the process of stealing property from the cat lord and they asked Jules if he wanted the costume property back. Or the criminal himself. Jules requested that the Groomers skin the criminal out of the costume and then restore the skin to costume status while transporting the de-pelted criminal directly to him. Doing as requested and receiving payment from Jules to get it done, they removed the pelt from the skunk and transported him without his fur directly to Jules where I assume the stupid bum became a familiar cat. The costume was restored to costume status and returned to Streak along with a legal note explaining that stolen property from his shop was being returned to him. And that's how the skunk costume got here." He then smiled at Hudson. "As for my supposed crime, my name is Lenspaw; and my father owns and operates Imperial Hellhound Productions. It is a military filming company in the Underworld. They mainly make documentaries for Lord Impy at Devi-TV. My crime was reported to be sabotage to one of Lord Impy's production properties; the accusers bribed Imperial Court to rush my case through the system. My father had hired a Mack Roo Lawyer to gather evidence to defend me in court and all of a sudden, I was convicted since I had no legal representation. If you can help me to get word to my father, Filmfang of IHP, then I will repay you some day if and when you want to get into a TV series."

    Hudson smiled. "I'll do it, Lenspaw; I promise! My father is Night the Superdog and he would want me to do the right thing!" And then he called for a Law Imp immediately.

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      In the Meantime at the Davison Household.

      Lawrence was already taking care of his own costume. He had put out an ad on Toonslist for 'cute human boy seeking awesome 2nd skin-costume for a PP outting, canine preference!' Most people knew that a person could get stuck in something if they weren't careful. It was a dangerous way to search for a costume. But Lawrence wanted to impress Hudson. This was one of the reasons that Hudson had taken Nick to Sylver Streakmane's costume shop. The costumes were guaranteed and Sylver had the implements for freeing someone from a costume as long as that costume was purchased or rented from his shop. Nick was smart and he had asked Hudson for help. Lawrence.. well... practically anyone could answer his ad. Lawrence didn't notice them leaving because he was heading home early to be at home to answer just such things... hoping someone got back to him soon so he could let Hudson know the costume side of things was covered. Lawrence was pacing in front of his house near the mailbox... Still waiting for someone to have answered his ad.

      Peddling up to the mailbox was a fox guy on a bike. "Are you the boy wanting a canine costume for a weekend outing?" Lawrence nodded his head. "Yes, that's me." The Fox said, "The name is Vule Phox; my dad used to run a costume shop before he retired and he has a lot of costumes locked up in storage, although he specialized in kangaroos and foxes. I brought a teen aged feral fox costume for you to try out, if you want it, that is. But I would like to see you try it on before we talk about the price. Because if you can't get it on, then I'll have to take you back to dad's storage building to find you another fox costume there." Lawrence remarked, "That sounds pretty reasonable to me. Come on inside." Vule stated, "A private room, I hope." He followed Lawrence into the toon boy's house. Lawrence said, "Yep. My parents aren't home." Vule said, "That's even better. Parents are sometimes yuck."

      Lawrence took Vule up to his room and said, "Let me see the costume." Once in the room, Vule looked it over with a smile. "Nice bedroom. Cozy." He unpacked the costume. "This is a Euro Todd Suit. Euro Todds are larger than standard foxes, but no less canine." He handed it over. "Word of advice for PP costumes... you have to strip naked before you put them on or else you will chafe something fierce. And no one likes that pain." Lawrence nodded. "He is a bit big... although smaller than I thought it would be. I guess PP foxes are - not dog sized." He took the costume and stepped into the bedroom's bathroom to put it on. Vule was a bit disappointed that he couldn't see the boy naked, but he grinned anyway as he looked at Lawrence's 'Super Fimpy' posters and comic books in the room. Vule grinned big at 'Super Fimpy' since he'd met the fan club before. Especially since Vule was from Hell himself. Noticing that the bathroom door had been left opened a crack, Vules peeked in on the toon boy. He's greeted by a very cute young boy's body as he's putting on the costume. Very light blond hair, smooth form, younger than the other two boys but it looked like he worked out. There was work out equipment in the room as well to support this. Like he probably worked out to avoid bullies.

      Vule moved back to resume looking at the stuff in the bedroom so he knew what Lawrence liked. There was a LOT of photography equipment, books, and journals, so he's obviously VERY big into that. He's also got a lot of books on art... although no obvious art tools... maybe he threw them away after giving up that.

      Lawrence said, "Um...Vule? I'm having a little trouble getting my feet settled into this thing... it's super slick... Can you give me a hand?" Vule entered the bathroom and began to assist the boy into the feet. "Yeah, getting the feet settled in right is sometimes tricky. The slick innards is to make it cooler when you wear it. No one likes to sweat in a costume. You look awesome though. I saw your Super Fimpy poster. I've met his fan club." Lawrence smiled. "Yeah. I like canines and super heroes and stuff. He's cute! I've always wondered what he'd be like in my lap." He winked and ohed as he felt the slurpy pop feeling. "There, I think that's right." He works to get his hands and head in, the last parts out. Vule made sure the feet were set in right... and feeling real; then he worked his way up the legs helping the legs get set in right as well. Then he helped with the rest. "I can arrange for one of his fan club foxy members to sit in your lap, if you'd like to try one. Fimpy is really busy these days with his own clan, or so I've heard. 600 and growing according to rumor." Lawrence said, "Wow... That's hu-, irk!" He laughed a little. "Sorry, the posture change surprised me when it hit my legs... oh..." He blinked his eyes as he tilted his head a little, rubbing it against his new fore paw. "I think it's all on. You look a LOT bigger now."

      Vule helped the rest of the costume get settled on all the limbs and head properly. "Optical illusion, actually. We're the same size; I'm just standing up. There is two more things I need to do to make the costume perfect... now hold as still as possible." And he reached inside the sheath and pulled Lawrence's penis into the sheath before releasing it and pulling his hand out. "How does that part feel? I still have to align the back." Lawrence gasped a little. "Oh wow; that felt... really odd but nice!" Vule lined up the tail hole and then... he gently mounted it with his own foxy cock and knot... doing it just so Lawrence would know how canine feeling a fox could be. Lawrence yipped a very vulpine like yip at that; he was surprised. "Vule?" But he's not trying to get away. Vule started out slowly, but he worked it up to devi-foxy pleasure... as he injects devi-foxy fluids into Lawrence's body... fluids which will make a fox without the costume. "Do you want a turn on me when I'm done back here, Lawrence? I mean, if you're going to play with canines while wearing the costume, you need to know how to do it right. Get it?"

      Lawrence moaned and pressed back into the knot before replying, "Y-yeah... I-I guess you-you're right." Vule said, "You're okay, Lawrence. Any time you want to spend the night with me, let me know, and we'll have a great time. I have a basement bedroom overlooking a fox club." Lawrence moaned, "Th-that sounds like fun, Vule!" The Hellish fox filled Lawrence and worked him some more. "So you really like the idea of Super Fimpy, do you? Would you like to be like him?" Lawrence nodded his head briskly, moaning and pressing back into Vule more. "O-oh y-y-yeah... He-he's a-awesome." Vule grinned. "I know dad has a Fimpy PP costume in storage if you want to try that some night... but I'm not allowed to take it away from home. So if you wanted to try it, you'd have to spend the weekend with me... maybe a Friday night and all day Saturday." Lawrence clenched on the hot knot inside of him. "Y-yeah that-that'd be awesome too!"

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Lawrence panted a little, his tongue lolling out cutely. "Maybe we can do this... more... too... You-Your knot fe-feels so... hot... an-and nice." Vule grinned. "You've never had a real knot before, have you? Well, know you know what canines do and why they are so secretive about it. But I'm willing to share this with you cause you need to know what a fox really has." Lawrence remarked, "f-first... time... It's awesome..." He whimpered softly, "Mo-more?" Vule grinned. "I'll give you all you want, Lawrence. And when you spend the night with me, I'll show you how the rest of what a foxy like me can do." Lawrence grinned, "T-that sounds like a lot of fun! Just like this!" Vule grinned. "And more. I promise." Lawrence clenched on the knot tightly, pressing against it like a good foxy. He's definitely liking his new friend!

        Vule grinned. "Did you know that one of Super Fimpy's favorite tricks is to use x-ray vision so he can see everyone naked." Lawrence giggled and shook his head as he thrust against Vule firmly. "N-nope... That's awesome... I bet they're sexy naked the people he works with." Vule grinned. "Mating season in his realm right now. Maybe someday you and I can go visit him, yes?" Lawrence nodded his head happily. Vule grinned as he set up the recruiters trick. "I wish I could go there right now. What about you?" He released more fluids inside of his new friend again. Lawrence yipped loudly, nodding as he panted and pressed against the cummy knot, his tongue lolling out again in pleasure. "Y-y-yeah... I-I wish we... wer-were the-there righ-right now too... especially since he's as good as you!"

        One of many 'fake' Super Fimpy realms in the Underworld.

        One sneaky teleport and Lawrence was in the same position he had been in with Vule, but he was locked into a breeding station in one of many 'fake' Super Fimpy realms getting it by the breeder up the rump, knot and all... only difference this time was that... Lawrence was starting to undergo male pregnancy. Apparently there were over 600 of these 'fake' Fimpy-like realms that recruiters and trappers worked for. When Lawrence realized he'd been teleported... he was trying to get out of the costume and the breeder's station really fast; trying being the operative word. Being in a feral fox costume made it a lot harder. (It could have been worse though; Lawrence could have been teleported to a DeviFoxImp Lord's lap and inducted.)

        The Breeder held him tightly in place and tightened up the straps on the holding station. If he did escape from this Breeder, he would end up in a DeviFoxImp Lord's lap. Lawrence would try just because he didn't wanna be with someone he didn't know! He's honestly scared. If Vule had been there he might not have freaked out like he did. The Breeder said, "Did you meet Vule? You are going to HATE him after today... he's our top recruiter/trapper. He finds foolish boys who want cheap canine costumes and he tricks them into wanting to come here." Lawrence growled, "Why did Vule do this to me? He was being nice originally. I thought he and I were really getting along." The Breeder replied, "He was doing his job for his lord, young lad... but he did get you to make a wish to be here and now you cannot leave until you pay off the cost of the wish in either the local currency or birthed fox kits. This is the exact reason you must be very careful in where you acquire costumes from when you are in the market for one. You could have ended up in one of those soul stealing costumes that the law top-side has been cracking down on. Recruiters and Trappers keep careful watch for foolish people who advertise on Toonslist. Perhaps someone can hold Vule in place when you kick his ass. He has been getting a little pompous lately."

        Many birthings later in that Underworld realm, night fell across the Planar land and the lord of the realm received visitors in the form of Silversurge and Frostika. Apparently Jules was not completely clueless. He had a kidnapping detection field set up around the planet space his world resided within. Whenever trappers and recruiters nabbed someone out of his world, he was alerted to the transaction and he immediately got word out to those who were best suited to the emergency. The DeviFoxImp Lord politely greeted the famous 'Got Wolf' spokesman as well as the Battle Mage extraordinaire from the Wolf Stars. "To what do I owe your presence in my realm, stars? Neither of you are foxes."

        Frostika remarked, "Lawrence Davison is not a fox either, yet one of your trappers kidnapped him away from Jules' world earlier today and now we are tasked with getting him back. What price does he owe you that you are keeping him here?"

        The DeviFoxImp Lord replied, "He freely made a wish to be transported into our realm to participate with other Fimp-like vulpines after he placed an advertisement on Toonslist for a feral canine costume rather than going to a trusted and reliable source. He merely owes the value of one wish in either birthed kits or the remainder of the monetary value depending upon how many birthed kits he has provided. However, I am reasonable. I will lower the price of his release to a thousand credits in addition to Bart giving off his famous line over our realms' public announcement system. What do you say?"

        Silversurge exclaimed, "Contract Imp! Law Imp!" Two poofs later and the summoned imps were at the meeting. Bart repeated what the lord had stated in regards to releasing Lawrence into their custody. "I want this stricken to the record so no one can say we didn't pay the price to get a kidnapped victim back to Jules' World. Jules' has authorized payment in a reasonable amount. I surely hope this boy is truly worth all this effort. I find the whole thing mighty suspicious in truth."

        After recording the offer to the legal record, the monetary payment was made followed by Silversurge speaking over the P.A. system of the realm. "Ahem! Gotte Wolf!" Afterwards, Lawrence was brought forth by the Breeder who gave off an accounting of Lawrence's services and how many kits he had provided. Then the costumed boy was handed over to the two werewolves who then took him back to Jules' World where a visit to Sylver Streakmane's Costume Shop was made and a payment was made to help get Lawrence out of the costume. After delivering Lawrence to Streak, the two werewolves departed to return to Studio City. Frostika had a filming schedule to get back to and Bart had to go check on his son whom was struggling to make it in the filming industry. Streak and Jack then helped Lawrence to get cleaned up and to get a cleansing enema. "I hope you learned something from this experience you almost didn't recover from. Hudson and Nick would have been devastated if you had not been recoverable." Jack added, "Plus you have school in the morning."

        End of Chapter Four