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[K9JI] RTS-HHD-01 Preparing For the Weekend

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  • [K9JI] RTS-HHD-01 Preparing For the Weekend

    This is an ongoing story I've been writing that occurs in the QC Planet continuum that is part of my Night the Superdog serial universe. It is about the teenage son of the all black version of Krypto the Superdog, and of all the circumstances revolving around his life and the ending results thereof. Enjoy.

    This was started on April 26th 2019 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)

    Tags: Human, Cartoon, Anime, Various Animals, Transformation, Male, Female

    River the Superdog
    Hudson Hoover Dangers

    [K9JI] RTS-HHD-01 Preparing For the Weekend
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    April 26th, 2019

    Chapter One

    Jules' Fantasy Earth

    A group of students were giving praise to the heroic student of the school who had just did nice things for them. "Thanks for getting that guy off of me, Hudson." "You're the coolest." "Do you have any girlfriends?" "I'll bet he would like a kiss." "I could use your help in Math Study Hall, Hudson."

    Hudson Hoover Dangers just smiled with a slight blush. "It was the right thing to do, guys. And we shouldn't be kissing or dating in school. The counselor might lecture us." He grinned as he picked up his backpack and headed off toward study hall with a group of the others. Hudson Dangers really LIKED being in school, although most toons hated being in school. Nearly the entire school worshiped him. The teachers and staff also liked him. It's like having a human Krypto in school.

    Hudson Hoover Dangers was the first born son of Harold Harrison Dangers (Night the Superdog) and Gerard Klayton Prince (Captain Rabbit.) In his toon human form, he stood at about 5'5" tall and had brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin, while often wearing a red tee shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. In his Kryptonian canine form, he had the shape and markings of a German Shepherd, willingly wore a GPA tracking collar, and had a license tag in the front that read: River Rider. His hound form also had brown eyes, although his voice differed in both forms. He often smelled like his father, Night the Superdog.

    Hudson sat with his friends, Nicholas "Nick" Luther King and Lawrence "Saint" Davison, at a shared table in study hall where he pulled out his favorite book to read: Meta-Star City Laws and Regulations. Hudson liked rule books.

    Lawrence then inquired, "Going into Law?"

    Hudson replied, "Not really. It's just my most favorite book. Some of the laws are written in a funny way. Its a comedy drama adventure."

    He tilted his head, "Oh?"

    Hudson read off one of the funny sounding ones.

    Lawrence giggled. "Okay you're right."

    Hudson remarked, "I can't bring my other favorite book to school because Uncle Krypto compounded it once he found it in my room one time. Like he was never a teenager once."

    Lawrence blinked his eyes. "Other favorite?"

    Hudson said, "Playdog Annual from three years ago." He chuckled.

    Lawrence blinked again... then he giggled. "Oh! Is that the one with you in it?" He grinned at the thought

    Hudson said, "Yep. Well, someone who looks a LOT like an older me..."

    Lawrence smirked before asking, "So will you be at the photography club meeting?"

    Hudson replied, "I sure will. Who else can help club members get shots that no professional can get?"

    Hudson then asked, "What are the gang's weekend plans?"

    Nick smirked as he remarked, "I'm gonna be heading to the fair to cover their contests for the school newspaper."

    Hudson said, "I might see you there when I am in my other identity then. Dad got me hired on as junior security for the weekend. It is for pay, so I couldn't say no."

    Lawrence said, "I'll be there too. Photography."

    Hudson smiled. "Extra money helps all of us have better fun."

    Both of his male friends nodded their heads at once! Hudson hugged his two friends as they both hugged him in return.

    End of Chapter One

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    Chapter Two

    Night and Krypto were watching via telescopic x-ray vision and super hearing. Night said, "Told you he was staying out of trouble. You owe me lunch." Krypto nodded his head. "Okay, come on. We'll hit Vinnie's Cafe."

    Hudson slowly grinned at his two friends. "I wish they wouldn't spy on me while I was in school. I can hear them."

    Lawrence grinned. "Oh? Does that mean we can sneak out now?"

    Hudson replied, "Yep, they headed off to Vinnie's Cafe for lunch."

    Nick grinned as well. "Let's go"

    Hudson packed up his backpack and headed off with his friends. "Streaky is napping and Ace is teaching heroes at MYTHS."

    The two friends were happy to sneak off with Hudson.

    Once they got out of sight of any human/toon witnesses, Hudson transformed from the humanoid toon into his feral German Shepherd of steel form... River, well, it's his trial name, for now. He then allowed his friends to get on his back and they flew off. Hudson said, "Direct me. Where we going this time?"

    Lawrence directed the super canine, "It's in the old district. Apparently some people have been seeing strange things and rumors are flying."

    Hudson said, "Reporter Legion to the scene of the report. I'm your ride and way back to school, so try not to get too messed up. I can get clean by transforming; you guys can't."

    Lawrence smirked. "Well, last time the bakery exploded and you got me pretty clean with that tongue of yours..."

    Nick made a face. "Eww..."

    They soon arrived in the old district and River landed. "In doggy form, the pastries was delicious." Nick said, "I don't need to be reminded of how much 'fun' he thought you licking him was though." The two got off of River and looked around as Nick noted, "It's darker here than I thought it would be." Lawrence nods, "It's a good thing we have Hudson with us." Hudson says, "If you were a dog, you wouldn't be so disgusted by the idea. Here, time for some search beam vision. Don't know why I developed flashlight eyes when no one else in the family has the ability." Hudson turned on his light beam eyes. Lawrence said, "Cause you're cooler and more awesome than the rest of your family?"

    Hudson said, "Dad says that I am still developing. Like film." Lawrence nodded his head. "And getting more awesome every day." Nick rolled his eyes; He's used to Lawrence going gaga over Hudson. Hudson said, "Two girls wanted to kiss me during P.E. I used the faculty excuse to get out of it."

    Lawrence REALLY liked Hudson. Nick was just good friends with him and liked to do the reporting. He's more serious. Lawrence remarked, "I don't think girls get it. Boys are just better." Hudson replied, "Well, I think they are hitting puberty or something and Murphy isn't on this planet." He then broke the fourth wall as he winked at the audience with a grin. Hudson then asked, "Where is this weird stuff we're looking for?"

    Lawrence shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe so. But I'm not really interested in them." He then pointed just ahead. "It's suppose to be that way... Near the whole crack thing."

    Hudson remarked, "Let's go, but be careful near the crack. I don't want you guys to fall in where I can't reach you."

    Nick stated, "But you can fly..."

    Hudson said, "In dog form, I can only grab with my mouth. So if you both fall, I can only bite into one of you. I guess I could try dad's harder trick of saving two people at the same time."

    Nick ummed, "Let's avoid the teeth then."

    Lawrence smirked. "You can bite me any time. Let's go!"

    Hudson wondered what was wrong with Lawrence since he was always wanting to do kinky things with River; while Nick was thankfully more focused.

    End of Chapter Two


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      Chapter Three

      Lawrence started off toward the darkest, gloomiest, and most dangerous part of the place... without hesitation.

      Hudson sighed and followed him as he mentally thought in regards to Lawrence. 'And somewhat flighty... He reminds me of a Streaky on dope. He SAID it was catnip. Yeah right.' Lawrence was much more... fun loving and into weird things while Nick was more calm and steady. He's much more stable but less 'fun'. Lawrence pulled out his camera, flashing a few pictures on the way. Hudson was sniffing the air trying to detect familiar scents, just in case. Thanks to the Gargoyles, he knew what scales smelled like.

      There was a bit of an odd scent... sorta a slimy, acrid scent and as they got closer... dead smelling.

      Nick whispered to Hudson, "I have a bad feeling about this..." Hudson whispered back, "I am smelling acidic, slimy, and somewhat dead scents... and that isn't always good. There is a slight scale scent somewhere close. I have never smelled this species before." Lawrence whistled, "WOW... This is COOL!" He started climbing down several ledges that... shouldn't be there... Nick then face-palmed a little. "Come on, Hudson. Let's go make sure he doesn't get his ass in trouble again."

      Hudson loped ahead and to the edge, where he looked down toward the first boy. "Slow down or you'll fall. Man... the air is making me feel... woozy around here."

      Nick joined Hudson at the edge as well. "And if you break your neck, I'm gonna call your parents instead of the doctors."

      Lawrence pshawed! "It's just a few ledges! Come on, you don't know wanna know what's going on around here? What if it's a REAL Ghost!"

      Nick stated, rather dryly, "Then we'll call Slimer and the Ghost Busters."

      Hudson shined his light vision down past Lawrence to see what he could see further down the hole. There was a rather growing trail glowing 'stuff' further well as what looked like dead half-eaten things. Nick scrambled back from the edge, "Shit, holy FUCK!"

      No self-respecting dragon would be THAT messy... At least not if they were alive.

      Hudson says, "Now you know why I wasn't too keen on going too fast. That's the dead smell I was smelling. No dragon did this. Dad spoke highly of the dragons he knew... he said they were clean. Nothing like... this. If you don't come back up here, I'm going to have to call my dad and Krypto to let them know we're not in school."

      Lawrence started trying to climb back up the ledges, "Fine..fine.."

      There was a sudden hot wind of that reeks of decay.

      Hudson said, "Besides, if that green stuff is Kryptonite, I cannot fly anywhere near it or I'll drop like a stone."

      Hudson could see a slithery scaly couple of tentacles sliding out of the depths of the cavern...

      Lawrence was only half way back up when he noticed the tentacles as well as he started scrambling much faster. "Okay... You win Hudson... Let's go..."

      And that was when Mighty Mallard arrived on the scene with Parallax and they both dived down the hole to do battle with the ugh monster thing.

      Hudson whispered, "I forgot they went international after the move." Hopefully they would have good luck since the creature was a mutated dracolich! It looked like something out of a Cthulhu horror from H. P. Lovecraft.

      Lawrence panted raggedly. "Sorry, Hudson. Let's get out of here... I'm sorry for rushing ahead."

      Darcadia and Terra were joining them along with Mystic Duck (a duck lord and professional doctor, too. He was last seen way back just after Bart and his mom moved into the new mansion outside of Studio City on QC Planet.)

      Nick was taking notes on what he's seeing the super heroes doing; Lawrence said, "Should we back off or snap pictures first?" Hudson replied, "If you want to use the excuse we were getting a story for the school newspaper then start snapping. Otherwise, I'll have to tell my dad the truth on why we were out of school. He will find out when one of these others mention to him that they saw me out here." Lawrence nodded his head and he started taking pictures. Nick said, "I guess we kind of struck out this time, huh, Hudson?" Hudson replied, "No, we aren't striking out; it is better to stay safe and be able to report on what we saw that the heroes might have missed seeing."

      End of Chapter Three


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        Chapter Four

        Bat Hound cleared his throat from his position behind the toon boys. "You mean like my being behind you boys?"

        Hudson gulped. "Um, Hi Uncle Ace."

        Nick jerked a little...jumping as his pen on the paper made a mark over what he had been writing... "Er... Hi, Bat Hound..."

        Lawrence kept snapping pictures.

        Bat Hound said, "I called in those heroes after I discovered this hole last night. Aren't you supposed to be in school?"

        Lawrence grinned as he said, "The news can't be held back! We have to get the word out!" snap snap snap.

        Hudson said, "Its a school newspaper report, Uncle Ace. Someone told my friends about it and... well, you know how the press is."

        Bat Hound said, "And you came along to make sure they didn't get hurt."

        Hudson said, "Someone had to."

        Nick nodded his head. "Hudson wanted to do his best to make sure we didn't get in trouble. And for the record..." He pointed to Lawrence. "He did save him from going down there himself..."

        Bat Hound remarked, "Had he gone all the way down, he wouldn't be back up here now. He wouldn't be alive at all. Kryptonians are weak against magic."

        Nick nodded his head. "I know. That's why it's a good thing he stopped him from being stupid."

        Bat Hound said, "Dracolichs are not nice to trespassers. And not very wordy. Even natural dragons don't want to claim them as kin."

        Nick said, "Plus, based on what I say and my notes..." He pulled out several, several notebooks, flipping through them, "Based on my research, this probably was not a random event. And based on the world transports and everything, even the villains are seeking to escape from Murphy. And that green glowing stuff has the viscosity and texture of mutagenic fluids.... Probably derived from magical ooze and the fading remnants of Toonium that is still decaying here since this place doesn't have any."

        Hudson asked, "Is that Kryptonite down there, Uncle Ace?"

        Bat Hound replied, "No, your friend is more correct. However... Toonium deteriorates on this planet. Jules won't let it exist here."

        Nick stated further, "As I stated. Decaying, however, when mixed with mutagenic fluids, and the radiation and magic inherit in dracoliches, the outcome could be really devastating. Even to heroes. I hope your friends avoid being submerged in it. The newspaper didn't know it was anything more than some rumors."

        Bat Hound said, "Since this is for a newspaper report, I'll smooth things over with Night and Krypto. But be warned... if you get in serious trouble worse than this, I'll make you babysit the Junior Champions some weekend." That's what he called the F Squad who are worse than the original F Squad ever was. Even natural F Squaders feel sorry for these new guys. Hudson ewwed. "No... I've heard about them."

        Bat Hound then asked, "When were you going to choose a real hero name? I mean... River sounds like a cub scout name." Hudson grinned. "It is." Bat Hound rolled his eyes.

        Nick said, "Are you publicly encouraging a new hero to rush his name selection, Bat Hound?" Pencil in hand

        Bat Hound remarked, "Didn't you hear me say 'when' as opposed to 'do it now'?"

        Nick grinned and nodded his head before continuing. "But you're asking the question which means you think it's past time, correct?"

        Bat Hound said, "He has been calling himself River for three years. He really was a cub scout when he earned the badge the name was on. But he was 10 then. He is 13 now. A teenager. He needs a new name. Look, Hudson... if you cannot decide, then hold a contest in school and see what your friends can come up with."

        End of Chapter Four


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          Chapter Five

          Nick was making notes on all this.

          Hudson said, "Do you seriously think Batman would let his friends suggest new hero names for an outdated name like... say, Batman?"

          Bat Hound made a face and walked over to look down the hole; he's said enough.

          Nick was HAPPY he's there now... he has a LOT of information for the newspaper now.

          Hudson winked slyly at Nick with a grin whom chose to wink back.

          Bat Hound then made a telling remark. "Just remember, Hudson... until you register your hero name, you are not official on the records as a superhero. So any trouble you get in is reflected back on your father." Hudson was now the one to make a face. Night would ground him for a stunt like this. Bat Hound remarked, "Although I would pay to see your adventures on TV."

          Nick said, "Mmm...So established heroes would like younger generations to grow up faster and squander precious years of childhood in which making mistakes and learning are par for the that wouldn't make a very good headline...mmmm..." Hudson was grinning again. Lawrence grinned thoughtfully. "So would I. I'd make an awesome TV star."

          Bat Hound turned and looked at the Nick. "Study Hall ended two minutes ago. I know Hudson's schedule in school. And that means, I partly know your schedules. And Night's lunch break is about to end. Now are you done threatening me or do you fancy the parents lecturing you on skipping school?" Hudson then said, "Uncle Ace doesn't like being on the target end of conversations. Of course... we could always ask the Bird Wonder if he'd like to come back and keep Uncle Ace company..." Bat Hound growled.

          Nick put down his pencil and looked up at Bat Hound, "I don't have a class right now and while I'm suppose to be in school, I don't have parents that would care. This school newspaper is my big break. I'm willing to put anything on the line for my friends, though I have a lot less to lose than they do, I suppose. So all in all, the threat is empty on both our ends and we both know it, Ace. It is out of respect for Hudson that I would defend him... even in front of you. I would think an established hero like yourself could know the benefits of having friends willing to go that far. But perhaps we have stepped a bit beyond what is reasonable in this case, if so, I'll not report on your hostile attitude toward members of the press and we can let it go at that."

          Lawrence looked back at the other three, "Um... Guys? we might wanna move...there's like... this huge wave of crap coming this way... I'd not like to be under it"

          Bat Hound slowly grinned. "I was expecting that. Let's go, boys." And he herded them back down the trail as the fight surfaced and was more noticeable by all now. "According to the new union, son... you are not registered with the press, therefore, you cannot possibly claim to be one of them. But if you want to be on the press someday... one good word from the guy you're making notes on can pull some strings... or you can take your chances after I make a bad report to the union about your blackmail attempt. Reporters, even those in studio City, are totally honest."

          Nick adjusted his glasses, "Actually, under the Press and Legal Accountability laws, any freelance reporter can claim press benefits outside of the union. I simply cannot claim to represent anyone I do not write articles for regularly. I regularly represent the school news paper. Also, if reporters were required to use the union exclusively, freelance reporting and non-union photographers would be outlawed. They are not because union reporters can't be everywhere at once. If I was required to be in a union to report on news, I'd leave this planet back for Earth and never come back. Such gags on freedom of speech and public reports would defy every resolution and statue that this world represents. I never am dishonest in any report I make however, reports are allowed to give their impressions so along as they are stated as such. The limits are they are not allowed to editorialized their content."

          Bat Hound said, "Then I better pay for your ticket back to Earth then since it is a LAW on this planet that you have to join the union in order to be on the press. Jules' own rules, in fact."

          Nick said, "Then I suppose I'll have to see Hudson on the weekends." Hudson exclaimed, "Uncle Ace... stop it! Don't be a killjoy. You KNOW there are freelance reporters out there." Bat Hound explained, "And when they get a story wrong, you know what happens to them? They, not the paper the sold the story to, end up jailed."

          Hudson said, "Don't make me flash you." Bat Hound ended up laughing. Nick just remained quiet, packing up his stuff back into his various pockets. Lawrence said, "Well, I shot two whole rolls of film. I can't wait to get back to the dark room."

          Night cleared his throat from where he was hovering at that moment. "Your next hour teacher just beeped me at the cafe, Hudson. I can overlook your playing protector for your friends as long as no one got hurt out here. As for Batty, one of his instructors were asking where he was."

          End of Chapter Five


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            Chapter Six

            Bat Hound grumbled. "Can't they wipe their own butts without me for even an hour?" And he hopped on his bat glider and took off.

            Hudson said, "Thanks for getting rid of him, dad." Night grinned back. "I could have sent him to Champion Pony again during the Gay Pony Land heat. So what is the big story I'll be hearing about later?" Hudson gladly told his dad honestly about the story. Being honest kept his rights to be out on these excursions OPEN. Nick said, "Decaying Toonium, Mutating Magical ooze, and Cthuluian Dracoliches." Night chuckled. "Sounds icky. But Jules doesn't get upset over bad guys being loose on his planet. He said that with good there must be bad. But he draws the line on Toonium. Anything Toonium producing is destroyed if he learns about it. He said that Mutagen was okay; but NOT Toonium. At least he isn't as stupid as Murphy."

            Both boys nodded their heads.

            Night then said, "Don't let Ace scare you. He just likes getting his way. You report whatever you want. But the day someone gets hurt, no more outings like this. Promise?"

            Hudson says, "I promise, dad, as long as you don't get hurt on one of your outings."

            The two toon boys both nodded in agreement with Hudson, but Nick was eyeing Lawrence... somewhat annoyingly.

            Night sighed. "Don't make me turn on the GPA tracker while you're in school." And he flew off to resume his own patrol.

            Hudson said, "Now dad is out of the way. But he didn't come to check on me; he was looking for Ace."

            Nick nodded his head. "Which is fine with me."

            Hudson says, "Please don't make a report on what Ace said. He can make my weekends a living hell."

            Nick sighed and nodded his head again. "For you, Hudson... I don't want to cause you any problems."

            Lawrence grinned as he replied, "Of course not. He didn't even say much to me. Hey, let's head back to school and get this day over with."

            Hudson said, "I hope I'll be free after school. The usual place?"

            Lawrence nodded his head briskly. "Yep!" Meaning the teen hangout which is actually called, 'The Usual Place'. The owners, a Foxtaur and a Rabbitaur, thought it was a funny sounding title.

            The rest of the school day passes by and Streaky comes by to escort Hudson home... after a small detour to pick up an order of tuna... then home. Hudson has to drop off his backpack, then 'god-mom' (meaning Apollo) has to give him an after school snack before turning on his GPA tracker. Then Hudson had the rest of the day until curfew to do as he liked.

            Hudson gets his after school treat, then he kisses Gerard, gets the tracker turned on, then he heads out the back door to go join the others at... 'The Usual Place.'

            Both boys were there, though only Lawrence was having 'fun'. Nick was writing up his notes into a story while waiting. Hudson walked in (in his toon human form) where he greeted the foxtaur and rabbitaur with gropes and hugs, then he got a cola and a sandwich and headed over to his friends' table and sat down to eat. "I'm here. Where is Mr. Fun?"

            Nick pointed to 'Mr Fun' hitting on several older canines with a sigh.

            Nick said, "By the way..." He pointed toward a real world young man across the way. "Do you know how that boy is? He looks our age but I've never seen him in school... and I try to keep up with all the new students so I can do an intro on them to everyone." The boy he was pointing at was a fairly plain looking boy, nothing that remarkable about him. Dark reddish hair, rather unruly, grey eyes, no freckles, fair complexion, in typical school clothes. Certainly looked human and not toon and also not a boy Hudson's seen.

            Hudson said, "There are several boys in the region who get home schooled rather than go to school. And then there are those who don't school at all. Three groups, which includes ours. But he looks like a real boy; not a toon like the rest of us."

            Nick said, "I haven't seen him around here before either. The rumor is just showed up and started working here one day and the owners haven't told anyone who he is either. And you know how I like a mystery." He grinned.

            End of Chapter Six


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              Chapter Seven

              Hudson grabbed a camera out of Lawrence's bag and sneaked a camera shot of the boy in question, before quickly putting the camera back into its bag pouch. "I'll show that to my dad later and see what he has to say about it." Nick grinned. "Now that's a good idea!" Hudson said, "It's not a superhero case, so he might let me follow up on this."

              Nick nodded his head. "I'd like to know. It's a mystery." He then smiled. "I'm almost done writing up this story; Want to see?" Hudson said, "Sure." Nick slid the story over for Hudson to look at it. Nick did end up taking a very neutral reporting stance, not going into detail about any of Ace's comments. Just like Hudson asked. Hudson then said, "Looks like you did listen to what Ace said about the honest reporters. That actually reads like a professional news story instead of a school paper news story."

              Nick shrugged his shoulders. "I just didn't want you to get in trouble." Hudson said, "But I think this is why he said what he said to you. When you read over this story, you see a professional eye instead of personal gain." Nick shook his head. "I wouldn't give him that much credit... But maybe. I just wanted want do the best job I could with it."

              Hudson said, "If you don't get a scholarship for writing this story in this particular way... then the teachers are crazy." Nick smiled as he commented, "Thanks, Hudson... I hope you're right. What about you? Anything you think I should add?" Hudson said, "I think it looks fine. It was your scoop."

              Nick smiled again and nodded his head. "Thanks. I think it will be."

              Hudson looked over to where Lawrence went to have fun. "Um... I need to ask you a question..." He glanced at Nick. " you think Lawrence gets a little... impersonal... when he's around me. You know... when its just the three of us, he acts a little weird and says some things that embarrass me."

              Nick looked over at Lawrence for a moment and then back at Hudson. "I think he likes you, Hudson. And he's trying to act carefree and 'fun' to hide how giddy you make him feel."

              Hudson said, "I ask because... Uncle Streaky asked me on the way home from school... if any boys have been making sexual advances toward me during school hours. He asked me that as if he suspected something." Nick replied, "Well as far as Lawrence... you can say 'yes'." Hudson stated, "I know you don't, but I wanted to be sure before I said yes about him. He is our friend." Nick nodded his head. "He is. But he's also drooling over your tail. And every other tail in sight, it seems." Hudson remarked, "I noticed that."

              Nick nodded his head somewhat in agreement. Hudson then asked, "How far do you think he would go if you weren't around and it was just him and me?" Nick ummed... "Probably groping or further. I don't think he's try to rape you or anything like that." Hudson said, "Another reason I ask that is because as you heard before today's outing, he and I are going to be at the fair this weekend. I'm supposed to be working, but if he's into tails and butts; will I be seeing him photographing my rear end?" Nick laughed! "Maybe."

              Hudson said, "If I catch him doing that, what should I do?" Nick shrugged his shoulders again, saying, "Probably slap him. Maybe it'd slap some sense into him." Hudson replied, "Um... I'll be in super canine form. If I slap him, it might hurt him." Nick ohed. "Right... Grab him by his clothes and drop him in the river?" Hudson said, "My dad will be at the fair with Ace and Krypto. Oh well, maybe I can wear something to cover my furry bottom." Nick grinned. "OR maybe you can get him to photo them instead."

              Hudson then changed the subject. "Saturday Night we're supposed to have a PP outing at a campground outside the city. Krypto made sure to get the permits for the outing so we didn't break the stupid curfew law. Even Ace calls it a stupid law." Nick nodded his head in agreement. "It kinda is. But we have to do what we have to do, I suppose. PP outing huh? I don't know many PPs other than you in your other form." Hudson explained, "Well, dad did give me a hint that I could bring a friend in a PP costume if someone wanted to camp out with us. So, what do you think of a camping outing on Saturday night. Cause I'd hate to ask Mr. 'Likes My Tail'." Nick grinned. "Sure. I'll come. Though... Isn't it a little disorienting to being in a PP costume for the first time?" Hudson said, "The first time, yes. But no one will be mounting you on the outing, so you don't have to worry about that." Nick smiled. "Alright. I'll be sure to come though you may have to help me out a lot." Hudson said, "I'm glad you'll be coming now because... Lawrence will be there too. He asked me permission to come yesterday and I might need your help to slap some sense into him or... to help me dunk him in the river." Nick blinked his eyes. "But you just said you'd hate to ask him..." Hudson sighed before apologizing. "Sorry, but I was really TRYING to get you to say yes. If you want to opt out, then I'll have to worry about his hands all night. By myself." Nick nods, "I'm your friend, Hudson. You could have just said that. But, for certain, I'll be there."

              Hudson said, "Now, here's the good news... its NOT a canine only outing. Streaky will also be there, so the PP costumes can be any PP species. Do you have a preference?" Nick rubbed the back of his head, blushing, "Well, not really. I haven't much met one I didn't like. I bet he picked Canine, didn't he?" Hudson replied, "He said he would tell me tonight, unless he forgot." Nick nodded his head. "Alright. Well... I'll take whatever you can get me. I'm not really a good judge so... You'll need to help me out there. Do we need to go to some shop or something?" Hudson replied, "It might be a good idea, however some PP costumes do come with a press card add on to make you look official."

              Nick nodded his head happily. "Okay. Then we'll have to look at those."

              Hudson said, "When I was born, dad said that he had visitation limited to PPs only. So everyone scrambled to get a costume." Nick tilted his head. "Really? Why?" Hudson replied, "Because Uncle Rudolph's uncles were going to be there and most of Dad's friends were all PPs. Not to mention, I was born in my PP form, at first. I am not sure how Captain Rabbit endured live birthing me out of his bottom. Uncle Lightstrike was definitely present as the All Stars representative.

              End of Chapter Seven


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                Chapter Eight

                Hudson continued, "He was mainly there to keep the bad guys away from my 'mom' whom they all wanted to capture for some dumb reason." Nick ohed. "I didn't know that. So you're real form is Posture Problematic." Hudson said, "Because of Captain Rabbit's United Nations work, he assigned Apollo as my live-in god-mother. Yep. And that's why I look forward to the weekend PP outings. PPs only. But as long as a friend wears a PP costume, they can come too." Nick nodded his head again. "I understand."

                Hudson said, "We'll take you to the PP shop and you'll love it. There might even be a newspaper story there." Nick grinned at the mention of a possible scoop. "Alright. Sounds good. Should we go now or tomorrow?" Hudson smirked. "We can go right now. I don't think Mr. Tail Groper will even notice our leaving." He giggled. "Will he?" Nick grinned as he replied, "Probably not." Nick got up and put his stuff away in his backpack again before saying, "Where to?"

                Hudson got up and led Nick out of the hangout and down the street to a crosswalk, then when they round the corner, Hudson became River and he got under Nick and flew him off to the PP shop which didn't have a front street entrance. River landed and carried Nick inside where a PP Lion dude (Sylver Streakmane) was working a crossword puzzle with a stymied look. And this silver lion is a BIG guy... a titano type, but not so big he can't fit in the shop. Its more like a warehouse at second look. River grinned and said, "Hey Streak! Nick needs a PP costume for this weekend! Lawrence hasn't made up his mind yet!"

                Streak lifted his head with a grin. "PPs rock. Feel free to look around."

                Nick blushed before answering, "Apparently. Thanks." He petted the lion's head...then ohed as he pointed out something that doesn't solve it... but might give the big guy a nudge in the right direction for his crossword puzzle.

                Streak gave Nick's face a nice lick. "Thanks, boy. A word of advice for PP costumes. Normal costumes had a white info tag, the living ones have a green info tag and they can talk to you. And the magical PP costumes are in the locker. If you want to see them, come back to me and I'll unlock that area and watch you while you're in there. Another tip... when wearing one of these costumes, its best to remove all of your clothes before getting in... or else, chafe city. Pain all the way and walking funny."

                Hudson giggled since he has heard the funny stories in regards to people chafing in the costumes. Nick winced at the painful thought. "Okay." Nick starts looking through the costumes, he plans on staying with the SAFE non-living white tags. Hudson was staying near Nick, but letting Nick spend time feeling the costumes. Nick hummed. "There are so many... How the heck am I gonna make up my mind, Hudson?" Hudson replied, "Just find one that looks like a reporter. That's what you told Bat Hound that you wanted to be."

                Hudson said, "If you want something with hands and fingers, then get a raccoon or an otter costume. They have workable fingers on their fore paws. Those two types double as wet suits." Nick nodded his head at the thought. "That's true. And fingers are kinda important... I need those to write with but I haven't seen any otter costumes... Hrm.. I guess Raccoon would have to be it... Unless there are otters I'm missing. Maybe a ferret would be as good?" Hudson remarked, "I'll show you where the otters are kept. I look at them a lot when I'm in here. But I also talk to the living ones." A few aisles over and they are in the otters and coons aisle; it is both white and green tags here. "This is it, Nick. Hi guys. Nick wants a PP costume with workable fingers. He's an aspiring reporter."

                Nick blushed again. "Uh..Hi guys." One otter explains, "Old Nicholas down the row had dreams of being a reporter before he became a costume. Maybe you should look him over. He even has the optional press card." Nick looks toward that costume down at the end of the aisle. That otter costume looked... well, he looked a little dusty and seemed to be an older otter costume, with the card clipped on his hat. He opened his eyes and looked at Nick. "Hello young man. Looking for a costume? Streak's place is the best place to find one." Nick smiled. "You seem... distinguished... Though you do look a little dusty." He dusted the guy off for him. Nicholas the Otter replied, "Thank you, young man. I was one of the earliest otter costumes made for the shop. I've been rented a few times, but I am always returned, usually not in the best condition. But Streak doctors me up and puts me back on the rack for the next customer. What are you in the market for?" Nick said, "Why don't people take better care of you? I'm looking for a press otter." Nicholas the Otter explained, "I'm the only press otter Streak has. As for why they don't take care of me, most of those who have had me are reporters. They would use me to get close to stories that were not in the best of areas. I almost got torn apart by hunting dogs one time. Another time, the stupid reporter thought that a costume would protect his legs from running through a briar patch; it didn't and when he had me off later, he pitched me out of his car and I got run over by several vehicles before I was rescued by Krypto who was on a patrol, and he brought me back to Streak. Lucky the dog of steel recognized me. I wouldn't have survived out there alone. Since that outing, I've not had a customer in months. So here I hang... waiting..." Nick hummed. "Well I'm just going to a weekend get together... I'm not sure how I'll like another voice in my head but if you wanna come, I guess you're probably the best candidate." Nicholas the Otter replied, "That sounds pleasing. I could use some time out doing pleasant things. When you wear a living costume, we don't speak verbally. Instead, you can mentally speak to the costume while using your own voice from the costume. We are waterproof and we can be equipped with an air tank and a snorkel on the inside. Perfect if you fancy exploring in the river or a lake. As for another voice in your head, we living costumes tend not to talk randomly unless you speak to us first."

                Nick nodded his head. "That's why I said in my head. But I guess I'm gonna lease you then for a while." Nicholas the Otter said, "Say... I never got to cash in my certificate for joining the Press Corp, but if you rent me three times... I'll give you my certificate. Its like a free pass into the Press Club to get your license." Nick smiled. "Sounds good to me then!" Nicholas the Otter said, "The first rental will be this outing. This will give you a chance to get used to my body. After that, you get to choose when you need a good otter again. Just don't forget about me." Nick remarked positively, "Alright."

                End of Chapter Eight


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                  Chapter Nine

                  Hudson thought Nick found a good costume. They seem to be getting along great.

                  Nick said, "I think you made a very convincing argument." He picked the costume up, "Just make sure to tell me if I screw up the maintenance part." Nicholas the Otter replied, "I'll teach you how to pee and poop while using me. Only the magical versions of the costumes take care of your bodily needs. A few of them can talk and use magic themselves." Nick irked. "I hadn't thought about that. That's going to be... Odd." Nicholas the Otter said with a smile, "Trust me, it isn't that odd at all. After the first time, you'll do it naturally as if you were born in the skin." Nick said, "No offense... but that makes it sound even weirder." Nicholas the Otter explained, "Actually, it is safe. If you ever have trouble removing a costume you got from here, the owner can help you get it off. He has the tools and lubrication to get you free... as long as the costume was gotten from his shop." Nick nodded his head as he remarked, "I understand. It's more... Just the weirdness factor of using the bathroom inside a costume... in a way I never have before... since I'm not sure PP otters can use modern toilets."

                  Hudson chuckled at his friend's overcautious nature. "Nick... where we'll be camping, there are no out buildings. It is do it natural or hold it in until you get home. And I don't see that as being possible what with eating, drinking, and story telling." Nick sighed. "That's what I meant, Hudson. Not the difficulty of using one, just the difference in ways and in the hows." Hudson said, "He will teach you; he said he would. You just have to trust him." Nick nodded his head again still somewhat worried. "I do, It's just... a little scary... That's all. I take it that I'll be shrinking when I put you on too?"

                  Hudson remarked thoughtfully, "I wonder what kind of costume Mr. Yiffy will end up with?" Nick replied in kind, "No idea. I guess we'll have to wait until he asks or tells you."

                  Nicholas the Otter explained further, "Living costumes can grow to fit the wearer, so no; you don't shrink unless you just want to experience our usual size instead of your own size. It is totally up to you; just tell me before you put me on." Nick said, "I thought it was a PP only thing, so it was 'au natural' for the PP in question. That's all." Nicholas the Otter said with a smile, "If you want me to control the size every time, I can handle it. I can also keep you from freezing, just in case you and I are out in cold weather." Nick said with a shudder, "The freezing part... DEFINITELY! I don't like cold. But I guess the question then goes to you, Hudson... Is it size doesn't matter or 'au natural' or who cares." Hudson says, "I just want you to feel comfortable, Nick. Besides, when you're wearing the costume, other otters might think you're an otter too. And your costume can help you with the species scent thing. Meaning au natural. Also... no tents at our camp site. It's literal roughing it. So if you want comfort, you can sleep against one of our bodies... or find a mud flat and sleep in that." Nicholas the Otter giggled. Nick face-palmed, "This is certainly going to be a learning experience this weekend, isn't it... I guess I'm going to be counting on you a lot, Nicholas." Nicholas the Otter stated, "I know where a LOT of warm mud flats are." Nick ummed, "Okay... Though I don't know about mud." Nicholas the Otter said, "Warm bodies are good. We can do that." Nick nodded his head a little, "Okay."

                  Hudson said, "Lawrence might do that too." Nick made a face at that; he didn't like Lawrence that much. Hudson said, "Sorry. Let's go see Streak and show him your find."

                  Back up front, Streak was having a steak dinner with a bottle of wine and what looked like a salad of all natural savanna greens. "Hello boys. What did you find back there?"

                  Nick nodded his head briskly, saying, "Yes sir. I'm gonna borrow Nicholas here. Who seems to have the same name as me for some reason." Streak said, "He hasn't had much luck with rentals. Are you sure you want him?" Nick said, "Why wouldn't I?" Streak remarked, "He told you his story, didn't he?" Nick nodded his head, saying, "Yeah but why would that make me not wanna take him? Sounds kinda like my luck in general before Hudson rescued me." Streak said, "So he told you why he became a costume and you still want him."

                  Nick ummed. "No... Just his luck since he was a costume. And that he was one of your oldest."

                  Streak gently placed a large paw around Nick's shoulders. "He had a scholarship for a news journalist career and when he went to attend colleges to use his scholarship certificate, they wouldn't let him join because he was a PP. It was the same everywhere he went. No one wanted him in their college because he couldn't stand like the rest of them. In the end, he arrived in the alleyway near my shop where he saw the delivery guys unloading my new costume making device and... he threw himself into the machine thinking it would rip him apart. Instead, when I plugged it in, I was surprised when he popped out the other side as a living costume. I promised to restore him, but he said he would rather be a costume and someday give his press certificate to someone who would willingly rent him three times. And that is how he got to be a living costume."

                  Hudson felt sorry for the costume otter. And it pissed him off that colleges were so racist and closed-minded. "Closed-minded assholes."

                  Nick said, "...I see. Well I still want to rent this one time." He then poked the costume. "And you're not going to give me that press certificate. You're going to get restored and use it yourself. And if you need a good lawyer to make sure you get there... Well, I'm sure I can convince my uncle to take your case pro bono." Nicholas the Otter said, "No, I like being a costume, Nick. Streak takes good care of us. You are the one who wants to be a reporter. But now you know what you will be dealing with in the Press Corp." Nick then said, "So you've just given up on your dream?" Nicholas the Otter said, "I figure if I can help out someone else who can't get a certificate, then I'll have fulfilled my dream in a small way." Nick said, "Yeah but it'd a lot more fun to attend college with you as my classmate than having to use your ticket... But if you've made up your mind..." He sighed since he also felt moved by the otter costume's tale. Streak said, "He is a good otter costume, Nick. Those colleges are long gone now; they were on QC Planet." He blinked his eyes. "That could be an idea... attend the college and take the costume to classes with you.

                  End of Chapter Nine


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                    Chapter Ten

                    Streak then continued, "The new colleges permit living costumes to sign up providing that they can turn in homework, do tests, and pass their classes. And if you're helping him as his classmate, then you can both graduate at the same time. But as for restorations... only the original machine that did it can undo it. And that machine broke down over a year ago and I had to replace it with a new one. I still have the old one, but I cannot safely use it. Fall in human, come out as an animal costume, whether PP or not." Nick said, "Well, that's an idea. If he's willing." Hudson remarked, "You mean... one way with no restore." Streak said, "exactly." Nick irked, "Not something I would want to do." Streak said, "Repair guys had it happen to them because they forgot to unplug the thing first. One guy did unplug it and it still did it to him. So now, I just keep it in storage." Nick blinked his eyes. "Really? Weird!"

                    Streak explained, "Costuming machines tend to gain magical properties over time. That's what makes them dangerous to work with." Nick said, "I'd avoid it too knowing that." Streak then said, "The only alternative to living costumes are wearable species." Nick asked, "So is that what the machine makes now?" Streak replied, "No, the old machine still makes them into living costumes. Wearable species are born; not made." Nick ohed. Streak said, "You could make friends with one and never know they were wearable." Nick asked out of curiosity, "So... is it possible to make a costume into a wearable?" Streak replied, "Yes, in fact... my newest costuming machine can actually do it. I've had herd leaders and pack alphas and mob leaders come to me to have someone altered so they could be a member of their clan. They pay for the service, so I cannot say no."

                    Nick said, "So wouldn't that be an option for Nicholas, too?" Streak replied, "It could be, but if we did that, there would be no option for a full restoration at a later date. It would be permanent." Nick remarked, "But you said it's already impossible... right?" Streak explained, "I said the old machine broke down. But if it could be repaired so the restore option worked, then we could restore Nick to his old self." Nick said, "Well I guess, it's his choice then." Streak further explained, "The dangerous part: fixing the machine has to be done from the inside. And I told you what happens when anyone goes in." Nick said, "I know it's risky, but I'd do it to help a friend. But again, its his choice."

                    Streak arched an eye. "You'd risk trying to fix the machine?" Nick stated, "Of course. That's one of the things I learned from Hudson. You stick up for your friends." Streak said, "Um... well; the day you want to try it, just make sure all left over business is taken care of because if you get sucked into being a living animal costume like the others, then I cannot restore you and you'd be stuck here. For now, let's get Nick's paperwork filled out for your rental. Oh, will you need the PP costume booklet that explains various things done while in costume?" Nick nodded his head. "Probably, yeah. What do you think, Nicholas?" Nicholas the Otter said, "If you want to try it, Nick, and you get changed, then you won't be able to go to school cause you'll be stuck here with the rest of us. And no one would recognize you even if they came in and looked at you. But; if you somehow fixed it; I'd only agree to be restored to normal if you went to college with me - as my class mate. And dorm mate. After college, I might come back to gain a wearable status form. Cause I do like to be worn." Once you're worn, it was very addictive.

                    Nick said, "Then if you like being worn... Why not just go straight for the wearable species option instead of getting a restoration? Then I could wear you some AND you could go school with me." Nicholas the Otter said, "I'd do that. Believe me, Nick; once you've been worn a few times, you love it and you want to do it a lot more. Its better than drugs and its a natural high." Nick poked the costume. "I'm asking your preference in light of that statement." He then chuckled. "I don't want to feel like I talked you into anything." Nicholas the Otter said, "I'd like to wear you once, stud." He winked. "My preference is that I like being worn over not having that ability." Nick said, "Then I'll pay for your change into a wearable species, wear you over the weekend trip, and then, take things from there. How does that sound?" Nicholas the Otter said, giggling, "Okay Nick. I think you'll like being an otter. Our thick tails are good for tripping people." Nick smirked, before looking to Streak. "Alright. Is that okay with you? How much is it?"

                    Hudson explained, "Nick; I was going to pay for your costume the first time. The better the costume, the higher the price, usually. The magical ones cost in the thousands but they are nice to talk to." Nick said, "I know; but it's not right to make you pay for something that's not a costume and stuff." He smiled. "Besides, I'm the one who said I'd help him." Streak said, "Since you're making a deal with Nicholas and I do have him insured these days, I'll let you rent him for whatever you think is fair, per outing. Just bring him back in one piece so I can clean him and heal any accidental hurts." Nick said, "But; that's not what I said." Streak arched an eye. "You want to buy him then?" Nick looked confused and said, "I want to pay for him to get the wearable species treatment so he can be free like we just talked about. So; I guess so?"

                    Streak said with a smile, "Oh, I'm sorry; I got a little confused. So much got said. The normal fee I charge to the alphas and leaders is $500 from a living person into a wearable species. But because he is a living costume and not a living person, I can reduce the fee to $50. That covers the wattage for the machine and gives you personal assistance insurance just in case the wearable species gets you stuck in there, so I can help remove him from you." Nick said, "Only 50? That's... great; I can definitely afford that. I thought it would be a lot more since you own him." Streak said, "After I do this and you wear him, if you start liking being an otter yourself, let me know; I can help with that, too, although I don't openly advertise that part. But because I insure the costumes here, some people think it is better to get an uninsured costume from questionable sources." Nick nodded his head again. "Alright." Streak inquired, "Have you tried him on as yet or do you want to wait until he is in the wearable species form?" Nick replied, "Well.. I'll probably wait so I'll know how he's going to feel this weekend." Streak said, "If you ever want to wear a lion like me, I'm free on Sundays."

                    And with that, he led everyone into the workshop portion of the shop where Nick got a privileged look at how 'easy' it is to make costumes and wearable species. There was currently what looked like a feral Donkey in there sitting on a couch watching TV. He turned his head with a smile when saw the boys. "Hi, I'm Jack, wearable donkey and assistant costumer. And more than willing to help nice boys with their homework." He winked as he turned back to watch TV. Nick chuckled and waved as he carefully carried Nicholas the Otter. He was happy to have been able to arrange for his friend to get some help. Jack fetched a Costumes Made Easy book and placed it into Nick's bag. "Give that a good read in your spare time and then bring it back when you're done. If you think you'd like to make a costume someday, you'll know something about doing it." Nick nodded his head, "Okay."

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One: Preparing For the Weekend.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Misadventures in Costume Acquisitions.