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DT-07 Ode to a Devil Mouse

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    Chapter 16

    Omar and Warneeri arrived at the campus jail, where Warneeri magically removed the muzzle from Darian's head. "How are you feeling, Darian?"

    Darian looked down. "Terrible." His ears were flat and tail curled tightly around his legs. He even looked miserable.

    Warneeri said, "You're being released from jail, Darian, under the condition that I become your guardian while you're on campus. My name is Warneeri the Mage, 29th Circle of Stars." She bowed, then arose.

    Darian looked up slowly. "You're...You're gonna send me home?"

    Warneeri said, "Yes, to your home in Dorm Room 301. Your uncle is a pretty nice and understanding guy. He was really worried about you."

    Darian smiled hugely and hugged everyone there!

    Omar said, "Darian, I am Omar Kinsbert. The head Dean of this university. There is an off-campus group that would love to box you up and ship you one-way back to the jungle. Because this is true, I've asked Warneeri to be your Guardian while you attend classes here. And I strongly hope that you strive to resist the evils of even the simplest drugs from now on. Catnip is a drug to a cat and that is what happened to you."

    Darian looked down again. "I...I didn't know.. I just...smelled best thing I'd ever smelled...I just...had to get closer...but...the closer I got...The...blurrier it gets..."

    Omar said, "I knew that you didn't know. That's why I want you to take a medicine class that will introduce you to drugs to be wary of. It is a highly supervised class and Campus Security are always on hand in case of accidents. I have worked this into your schedule and it won't hinder your time on Campus."

    Darian said, "Thank you...sir... I...I didn't...hurt...anyone...did I?"

    Omar said, "You scratched a few Mall Security people, but your Uncle is smoothing things out with them."

    Darian said, "In...the jungle...hunting... is a way of life... I...I really didn't mean to...hurt them..."

    Warneeri said, "We know. I've traveled through your jungle before with my old adventuring party. Your people probably only remember the beaver, Brand Irondam. He hates civilization." She smiled as she remembered Brand.

    Darian thought for a long moment, then nodded his muzzle rapidly. "I think my dad's mentioned that name!!!"

    Warneeri smiled. "Ready to head back to your Dorm? I can imagine that you'll need a nice rest in your new hammock."

    Darian nodded his head! "And a long way away from any catnip!"

    Warneeri smiled. "Catnip is a drug, yes, but it can also be used to revive felines who have been knocked unconscious. Garla's used that trick many times."

    They all headed out as a group and began walking across campus toward Ycehart Hall. Once they had arrived at Dorm Room 301, Warneeri helped Darian get extremely clean before putting his naked tail into his new hammock.

    Darian kissed Warneeri's nose. "Thank you, ma'am...I...I really appreciate it."

    Warneeri smiled. "You're welcome, Darian. I'll be back to pick you up in the morning. You've had an exciting two days, but classes start tomorrow morning and I am your escort."

    Darian looked down again. "I didn't get to buy any of the stuff for class... What will I need, ma'am, to bring?"

    Warneeri smiled. "I'll make sure you get what you need. I promise. Just sleep. You need it.."

    Darian licked Warneeri's nose again and curled up in his new hammock...and he's soon fast asleep. He was very exhausted.

    End of Chapter 16


      Chapter 17

      When the falling and spinning stopped, Lindsay found himself inside of one of those lovely containment orb things that he often saw all over Warneeri's chambers. Only this orb wasn't in her chambers. It was in the magical workshop of something that made him glad he was in the orb.

      The 'something' in the chamber was an anthropomorphic mouse with leathery dragon like wings, small satyr like goat horns, and he had a devil's tail that ended in the classic red barb, though miniature. He was dressed, at the moment, in something like a leather apron.

      When Lindsay arrived in the orb, the mouse pivoted his eyes directly toward him and turned slowly to see what had appeared.

      "Looks like a human male of the young adult chronology," the mouse said in a calm though smooth voice. "Naked, which would indicate that he was messing with a spell that he wasn't familiar with, and the end results sent him here, rather than accomplish what he thought would happen. How close am I, human?"

      Lindsay was now blushing. He hadn't been aware that he had lost his clothes. "Um, pretty right on... it was a summon companion spell and it looked so easy. I don't know what went wrong. The name is Lindsay, by the way."

      The mouse smiled. "Don't worry. I won't hurt you. They call me Masya. I am an information devilmouse, though I specialize in both temptation as well as magical instruction. Mages are all the time trying to summon me because I am the best information devilmouse in all of Hell. Which is, by the way, where you are right now. You're in my cottage home, which some might call a keep. And I try to keep tabs on everyone." He paused. "Lindsay... Lindsay... I don't know any mages by that name. Do you have a surname?"

      Lindsay was still blushing, regardless of being in the presence of a Hell being. "Dunmore."

      Masya looked amused. "Oh keen! You must be Warneeri's friend! She's always mentioning you when she summons me for things!" Then he frowned. "You tried out a spell from her spell book?"

      Lindsay replied, "Yes. But it looked so easy and I tried to do everything just right. It was supposed to summon a small companion friend. Instead... it opened up a big hole and sucked all of the candles and me directly into it. And I ended up here without my clothes and without the candles."

      Masya hummed. "Vanilla candles, right?"

      Lindsay nodded his head slowly.

      Masya then said, "Remember that I said I keep track of everyone? I meant mages. Warneeri hasn't had any vanilla candles in about four months. They are a rare spell item. She was waiting for a delivery of vanilla candles last time I was there."

      Lindsay said, "But she had a box of candles in her storage room. The box definitely said vanilla on it, but the candles weren't white, like I thought they would be. But I figured that Warneeri would never mislabel her own ingredients on purpose, so I used them."

      Masya smiled in a knowing sort of way. "Were they brown, by chance?"

      Lindsay was starting to get worried now. "Um, yes they were."

      End of Chapter 17


        Chapter 18

        Masya said, "Chocolate candles are always used for casting the reverse of any spell that requires vanilla candles. Its not a common known knowledge. But that's what you accidentally did to yourself. You cast the Send To Companion spell. And if it is the spell I am thinking of... then you have to speak very specific words. And you probably got startled by something and added some words on the end by accident. Right?"

        Lindsay then recalled that he had indeed added something extra. "Oh boy... how do I get out of this and back to Ravibren?"

        Masya hummed. "Getting you out of the orb is no problem. Getting you back to Ravibren is going to be tricky. Because you're here with no way to repay me for my services... you need to decide what you will do to make it worth my while. This is a standard mage's fee. I have to charge anyone for my helping them. So think it over while I finish my spell work here. You are safer in that orb, by the way." And with that, he turned and got back to work.

        Lindsay watched Masya work for a while, then curiosity got the better of him and he finally asked, "What exactly are you doing, Masya?"

        Masya grinned over one shoulder at Lindsay. "My brother Yasma is an evil little turd and when he's around, people get really upset. He likes to cause loads and loads of trouble. So I am crafting a Protection From Yasma spell. I know it sounds weird, but no one is safe, in Heaven or Hell, when Yasma is visiting. So I am making this spell to protect people from his wicked mischievous ways."

        Lindsay grinned back. "Weird wasn't the word I was thinking. Funny was more the word."

        Masya said, "My brother is anything but funny. He thinks what he does is fun, but to everyone who has to put up with it, it's no laughing matter. If you have a brother, then you know what I mean."

        Lindsay sighed. "No, I wouldn't know what you mean, Masya. My only other sibling that I could have had died in a miscarriage. I'm an only child and my dad and mom are not unhappy that I turned out so well. We never speak about what could have been. Sometimes I wonder what having had a younger brother or sister could have been like. But oh well, it's too late; I'm literally an adult. Except I still make dumb mistakes. Like using chocolate candles in place of vanilla ones."

        Masya said, "Aw. Perhaps there is something we can do for each other after all, Lindsay."

        Lindsay arched an eye. "What are you thinking now?"

        Masya smiled. "It's simple, really. In exchange for my getting you back to Ravibren in one piece, you let me move in with you part time in your dormitory room, or on campus house, or off campus house, or whatever else you have worked out with the faculty there. When I come to visit you, I'll teach you magic, as if you were my apprentice. The trade off is simply this... when I am in your home at Ravibren, no one else can summon me. Period. Unless I allow it. So what do you say?"

        Lindsay was chuckling. "What I say is that Warneeri is going to be ticked off any time she tries to summon you and you happen to be with me on that particular day." He winked with a smile.

        Masya giggled, too. "Deal or not?"

        Lindsay smiled. "You have yourself a deal, Masya. My room anytime you want to hide from your brother."

        End of Chapter 18


          Chapter 19

          The next morning in Darian's dorm, Warneeri was in the kitchenette making Darian some breakfast. She had an apron that read, 'Insult my cooking and become a frog!'

          Darian awoke slowly sniffing the air as he sat up... "Something smells good!" He then noticed Warneeri and gave himself a QUICK freshening up bath before heading out to say good morning. Darian knew it's Warneeri cause she's got a special scent that he can detect.

          Warneeri obviously smelled like both a rabbit and a mage. Mages had a special scent all their own.

          Darian mewed! "Morning!" Something about that mage scent just sorta reminded him of home and mom.

          Warneeri smiled. "Hello Darian. I already fed my brood and left Huckleberry with them, and then I came right over here to get you ready for classes."

          Darian said, "I really appreciate it, Ms... um... what...did you say you're name was? I... I don't remember last night all that well... I was tired..."

          Warneeri smiled again. "Warneeri. No last name. I was born up north in a village called Trail Down. It's all rabbits there. Rabbits and Hares."

          Darian smiled, too. "I don't have a last name either. It's just Darian."

          Warneeri said, "The region to the north is like that, Darian. Most of us are like that."

          Darian nodded his muzzle and jumped up to the chair. "Making breakfast? It smells really good." He politely didn't mention that he usually ate raw meat.

          Warneeri began setting food on the table. "I want you to use the silverware this time."

          Darian asked, "Silverware?"

          Warneeri grinned and taught Darian some etiquette.

          Darian didn't like it... but he did it for Warneeri.

          Warneeri said, "You could have ended up with my husband, Huckleberry Slyfingers. He's a ferrety thief, but he's one of the Furry Realms most expert cooks. He can take yucky stuff and make it delicious."

          Darian said, "He sounds... interesting, Ms Warneeri. I've never met a ferret before."

          Warneeri said, "I'm sure your father has! Huckleberry tried to steal the gems out of your dad's headdress while he was wearing it."

          Darian GIGGLED! "How far did he get??"

          Warneeri said, "He about had them all, until some kid asked what the snake man was doing all over daddy's head."

          End of Chapter 19


            Chapter 20

            Darian LAUGHED so much that he fell out of the chair into the floor. He panted heavily, tears in his eyes.

            Warneeri said, "Do you know the kid?"

            Darian said, "How long ago was it? It could have been me or my older brother... but I'd have to have been pretty young."

            Warneeri said, "It was about 2 years before they built Ravibren. I was honored that they wanted ME to help build the modern region."

            Darian said, "I would have been 14... I don't think it was me..." He frowned a little. "I would have remembered something... OH! Wait... 14... Adulthood trials! I wasn't there that year."

            Warneeri said, "That's a shame. You missed some humor. I think they were glad to be rid of us when we left."

            Darian said, "Adulthood trials is when you're stripped of everything and taken to the deepest part of the jungle and left there for most of the year."

            Warneeri said, "Brand refused to enter your dad's village. He said, quote, This is too civilized for me, unquote."

            Darian paused and thought back. "I think... I think I remembered... your scent... it was the... strangest scent I'd ever smelled." He blinked his eyes. "we're too civilized for him?"

            Warneeri said, "Brand's people live inside a super primitive dam on a major river. Buildings... Brand hates buildings... anything that sticks out like a sore thumb is icky to him. But he certainly did whatever Dominic Vanlyone asked of him..."

            Darian said, "How can you call trees... oh... probably the meeting area... it's only major 'building' in the entire place." He made a face. "A lot of icky 'honoring the vistors' stuff... Who is he?"

            Warneeri said, "Yes, that is the area he refused to enter. He hated it. Dominic Vanlyone is a human that lives on the surface world. He got the unicorns on the endangered species list a while back."

            Darian nodded his head, then said, "I sort of agree with Brand there."

            Warneeri grinned. "There... you see? I distracted you, and you used the silverware like anyone else. You did it."

            Darian blinked... and grumbled, "I feel dirty," he said. "At least you're proud of me."

            Warneeri laughed! "Yes, I tricked you. But we're doing this to prove to that group off campus that you're as refined as anyone here, yet are still wild at heart."

            Darian said, "Why do people hate, Warneeri?" He was....surprisingly naive...and honest.

            Warneeri said, "Therein lies the sins of the heart and mind, Darian. Hate, to me, is a sin."

            Darian said, "I... tried to ask other people... but that just said it was cause of fear... but... I got scared of Elric... and now we're friends. And I never hated him at all. Just scared when started talking about... you know."

            End of Chapter 20


              Chapter 21

              Warneeri said, "Talking about what comes natural to his people."

              Darian said, "Yea, that. It scared me. But I can't say... I hate him or them... And I like Elric... he's kinda... cute."

              Warneeri said, "I know. He'd make a great mage, if he wanted to go that route."

              Darian said, "What makes someone a mage?"

              Warneeri said, "Three things. Channeling, Spirit, and Essence. If you have an equal portion of all three, you could be a great mage. That shaman of your tribe would understand it better."

              Darian said, "Oh, ok." He didn't understand it at all. "When does class start?"

              Warneeri said, "Time for another challenge, Darian. The classes require shirt, pants, and supplies... yes, clothes."

              Darian whimpered, "ICKY!" He obeyed though... and went to change.

              Warneeri grinned slyly. Everyone obeyed Warneeri! She was then thinking, He acts like my sons and daughters. 'I don't wanna wear icky clothes, mommy!'. Kids... Gotta love 'em!

              Darian finally came back out dressed. Typical of him... shorts and vest if he could get by with just that.

              Warneeri said, "Nice try, Darian... Looks like I'll have to force you to put on something more suitable." She grabbed him by the ear, and dragged him back into the bedroom where Warneeri selected a 'proper dress shirt' and 'jeans', and magically made Darian naked, then started getting him into the 'chosen' clothes.

              Darian WHIMPERED and complained the entire time! Of course, it was very hard finding jeans that fit a digitigrade ocelot! Size and shape were both important factors.

              Warneeri said, "It's either pants, or a robe. Choose one."

              It was required to make the jeans fit. Though he flatly refused a robe.

              Finally... Darian was wearing 'nice' clothes and a small red bow tie, which he didn't like a bit.

              Warneeri said, "I think you look sweet." She kissed his cheek.

              Darian blushed but still didn't like it. He looked like a mommas boy.

              There was a small flash of light, as Warneeri lowered the camera and an instant picture came out. After a few minutes, it cleared into a color photo. "Your uncle will likely never get to see you looking so nice again."

              Darian BLUSHED! If there is a great spirit out there, please slay me now and tell my dad he was right!

              Warneeri then teleported the picture to Darian's uncle. "Ok, let's get your supplies... then we'll get you to your classes. We have time. And yes, we're going back to the Mall."

              End of Chapter 21


                Chapter 22

                Within Dean Kinsbert's office, Colin was seated in a chair directly across from Omar. "...and I wasn't sure who to turn to about this, Mr. Kinsbert. I mean, I don't want to get any other faculty members in trouble, but the way Coach Sethnic keeps hitting on me when I have to be in a room alone with him is pretty nerve wracking. He's a good coach, but this behavior is a bit beneath his station, if you don't mind my saying so. Can you help me?"

                Omar arched an eye. "Lance struck you?"

                Colin quickly said, "No no. Not that kind of hitting on me. You know... he was fawning all over me. Sexually."

                Omar said, "Oh. That kind of hitting. Yes, we cannot allow that kind of behavior to continue. Though I am pleased that you don't want to see Lance get fired. What would you suggest we do about him?"

                Colin responded with the statement, "I think I need a bodyguard."

                Omar grinned through his beak. "Would you prefer Luna or Jade?"

                Colin irked. "I know Jade as much as I care to, thankyouverymuch. Even though Lindsay suggested that I could get her to help me out, I don't really want to be a problem to her and her new studies. I'll take Luna."

                Omar laughed a little. "Luna Shadowpaw, although a new student on campus, has already been putting up with crazy students who have somehow gotten it in their heads that she is actually Shadowpaw, the Were-Goddess of Changing. And that is about as ridiculous as having a squirrel girl name Okali join campus and everyone think she was the real Okali. Let me give Luna a call and we'll see about her helping you for extra credits."

                Across campus in the Were-Domes, Dennis and Chalchi stood there with Joey as they looked at the other kangaroo in the scraps of destroyed clothing.

                Dennis said, "How long did you say he's been like this, Joey?"

                Joey replied with a sigh, "For about three weeks, Dennis. 'e asked me to infect 'im so 'e could go 'unting with me. Ah was reluctant at first, but Ah gave in and did as 'e asked. Every thing was fine for the first two weeks. 'e was able to shift from tabby cat to wereroo without any problems at all. Then suddenly... Shaq went full kangaroo and lost 'is voice. Ah called for yas to come immediately, Dennis."

                Chalchi knelt and examined Shaq's new body carefully. "You really did it to yourself this time, Shaq." She then stood back up and looked at Dennis. "What's the plan, Father Andrews?"

                Dennis wasn't used to having Chalchi call him by that title. "Um, I'm not really sure. He wanted to join Joey more than anything else. But I bet he wasn't expecting to lose his feline side in the exchange. I have never dealt with a case like this before, Chalchi. I don't know what to do. In order to get him restored to his feline self, we would have to call Reed and have him purge out the wereroo, if it's not too late, that is. The simple fact of the matter is this... Shaq needs to decide which is more important: his being a wereroo with Joey as his permanent mate, or his having his tabby cat body. He can't have both. It's one or the other, but not both."

                Shaq lay there on the shreds of his former clothing with a frown on his muzzle. He didn't like what had happened to him, but he had made his choice... he was staying with Joey no matter what. But right now, Shaq was scared.

                End of Chapter 22


                  Chapter 23

                  After getting a change of clothes from his dorm room, Lindsay and Masya were off looking over private housing, for sale preferrably. With Masya living with him, Lindsay figured it was high time to find his own place, and again, preferrably off campus and out of Sun Raven City. While he liked Ravibren University overall, he was actually tired of being stuck in one locale. He really wanted to relocate to a new location. Preferrably one with a college or something like that.

                  "Are you sure you want to move away from Sun Raven City, Lindsay?" asked Masya.

                  Lindsay replied, "All of my former roommates either moved out or graduated already. Besides, I've been on campus for two years. I am ready to see another region or another college. I know that I would probably have to re-prove myself there to the local furries or scalies, but how else can I progress in life?"

                  Masya hummed. "In that case, I have a suggestion for you. I know where a new college has been founded where the locals have been wanting to bring in a human as an experiment within their institution. Perhaps you could be that human."

                  Lindsay smiled. "I assume there is a mage there and that is how you know about this place. Right?"

                  Masya grinned. "Is Swiss Cheese holey?"

                  Lindsay chuckled, then hugged Masya. "Our deal still holds, you understand."

                  Masya slyly smirked. "You can't get rid of me that easily."

                  Lindsay smiled, giving Masya a kiss on the nose. "Let's go talk to Dean Kinsbert then. Its time the Dunmore headed for greener pastures."

                  Moments later within Dean Omar Kinsbert's office, Lindsay and Masya explained to Omar what Lindsay had on his mind. Dean Kinsbert listened with great interest, then he finally said, "The purpose you had originally come here for, Lindsay, has expired, true. And I don't blame you for wanting to see more of what the realms of reality has to offer you. Or what you can offer them. Therefore, I will permit your departure, providing that you do it as quietly as possible. We don't need a four day weekend of well-wishers throwing a party to wish you luck in your new choice of college or realms. I'll simply create a story that is believable and you can rest assured that we will do just fine. I have heard of Lutra City many times. Our Winters are their Summers. And its warm there nearly year-round. And their dress code... well, you'll get used to it." He winked with a grin.

                  Lindsay smiled at Omar Kinsbert and shook his feathered hand. "It was a pleasure to work with you, sir."

                  Dean Kinsbert grinned. "You better let the Reverse Polarity know where you're going or Asim will track you down and drag you back. I've seen his and your show myself and you're both good."

                  Lindsay blushed, as he and Masya departed the Dean's office. "He's seen my show. I never knew."

                  Masya said, "If its anything like the show I got when you arrived in my orb, then its not a bad show to see."

                  Lindsay blushed harder, as he and Masya finished up Lindsay's business in Ravibren and Sun Raven City, and made good their departure in as quiet a manner as possible.

                  End of Chapter 23


                    Chapter 24

                    They were no sooner gone than Masya's evil turd of a brother, Yasma, appeared on campus looking for his sibling. And when he appeared, so did a multitude of abject chaos and literal insanity. Park benches flew through the air, female student's dresses were pulled up over their heads, ages old rotting sewage and garbage swept through the air causing gagging, coughing, and overwhelming nausea. And then Yasma did the unforgivable: he accidentally defaced a statue of Okali.

                    And that's when the goddess personally arrived on campus in a thundrous boom and with a spectactular flash of light. But even with the power of the local goddess, they couldn't get a grip on the wicked mousy turd and his messy destruction. But just as Yasma thought he was free and clear of all the powered women...

                    SMACK! The flat portion of an ordinary clipboard struck him in the face hard and fast, leaving him dazed on the ground seeing stars.

                    Standing there was a female mouse wearing suspenders and a pink blouse. She also had a pencil over one ear.

                    "Good shot, Ms. Murrieta," exclaimed Kinsbert. "You stopped him cold!"

                    "Just call me Dani," replied the resident authority from Vince Suzukawa's Class Menagerie, Danielle "Dani" Rosalina Murrieta, who was visiting Ravibren campus for just one day. "I hope I didn't choose a bad day to tour your college."

                    Okali replied, "We can handle this little troublemaker now, Kinsbert. Why don't you escort your guest around campus while the rest of us clean up this disaster."

                    Although Lindsay and Masya were off campus for about a week, it wasn't long before the both of them had returned and were both within the Reverse Polarity nightclub one evening where Lindsay in his strappingly sexy buck stag form was performing a number for the audience. Masya hadn't actually gotten to see one of these shows before and he was not disappointed with this one at all. The boy could really make you forget that you could summon a playmate magically at any given time. Yes, the devilmouse was quite pleased with the show. Afterward, the two along with Asim and Smokey were off browsing over off-campus housing when Dennis came and found them to get some advice over his latest dilemma.

                    "Lindsay?" started Father Andrews. "I need your help. And thankfully, it's not for sports."

                    "If it was, I'd have to kill you," replied the buck stag as he held a map of the off-campus area of homes. "What's the problem?"

                    "Shaq and Joey."

                    Lindsay stopped and gave his full and immediate attention to Dennis when those two names were spoken. "Go on."

                    Dennis then explained the situation with how Shaq had convinced Joey to convert him via bite... and how things were going well until recently and then... "-and now Shaq is stuck in full kangaroo form and cannot speak nor shift between forms at all. He loves Joey a lot, but... when Shaq got stuck, Joey called me and Chalchi for help. Okali told me that lycanthropy was beyond her field of control. I was hoping you knew some way to help solve this problem issue."

                    Lindsay glanced at Masya, then he looked at Father Andrews once again. "Okay, I think I know how to fix their problem. Lead the way, old friend. Although I was saving them for a rainy day, I'd do anything for Joey at all. And nearly everyone knows it. Let's go." And the group headed for the Were-Domes.

                    End of Chapter 24


                      Chapter 25

                      Lindsay gently rubbed on the young were-kangaroo's head. "Dennis told me what happened. I can help, but you both need to decide exactly what it is you want most. And I mean exact words. And no, your uncle Reed didn't tie me down. He tried, but you're my special were-roo."

                      Joey blushed from those words although he loved hearing Lindsay talk to him like that in a very fond way. "Ah'm glad yas came, Lindsay. Ah know Ah can trust yas."

                      Lindsay rubbed a hand over his favorite lycanthrope's head fur with a gentle smile. "I am here to help you guys. So what do you both want exactly? And you will have to translate for Shaq since I can't understand kangaroo speak."

                      Joey turned to his very nervous and scared boyfriend and repeated the request to Shaq and waited for a reply. Once the statement was made, Joey Huxley turned to Lindsay once again. "'e just wants the ability back to shift like Ah can. 'e says 'e made 'is decision and 'e loves me and no one is taking that away from 'im."

                      Dennis sighed when he heard that, but he kept his arctic muzzle shut. I guess it really is over between Shaq and I. He loves Joey and no one else. Maybe I am sleeping with the goddess like he always claimed I was.

                      Lindsay was in the process of opening the shimmering air portal in the meantime and he spoke Shaq's desire into the opening hoping his white cervine friend was around to hear him.

                      But instead of Ivorastej emerging, Whitey himself (the main White Stag) emerged. "Lindsay Dunmore... I know Ivorastej gave you this ability and I am pleased you only use it sparingly. But this wish cannot be granted and here is why..."

                      Joey was about to growl at the White Stag, but Chalchi held him back with a big iguana hand over his muzzle.

                      "...if we granted that wish, it would be murder," finished the White Stag. "As you know, we respect life in all of its forms. Your friend Shaquil Pernardo, as weird as this is going to sound... isn't... I mean he..." He paused looking flustered. "Joey, Shaq was transgendered when you converted him and she is currently pregnant. The entire reason she cannot transform is because doing so would kill your own sons and daughters whom she is currently carrying. You are going to be a father. Once Shaq gives birth to the young, she will regain the ability to shift forms."

                      Joey fainted dead away!

                      Lindsay blinked his eyes. "Are you serious? That's all that is wrong with Shaq?"

                      The White Stag nodded his muzzle slowly. "Were-Creatures who attain pregnancy always lose the ability to shift forms until after they give birth to their young. Love does strange things to people, Lindsay, and I don't need to tell you that myself. You know fully well what I mean and what happens when you fall in love with a species that is not your own. You take your chances. Shaq wanted to be with Joey no matter what and because Joey is the master in this relationship, he got to be the male and Shaq became the female. In any event, Reed is going to be a grand-uncle."

                      Dennis was likewise in shock. And disgusted at the same time.

                      Chalchi on the other claw was actually smiling. "That's great! Now I can buy feminine things for Shaq and teach her how to use them! I am going to have so much fun explaining Tampons, and bras, and douches, and..." and she went on and on all the while the guys present all turned a little green from having to hear it.

                      End of Chapter 25


                        Chapter 26

                        As the White Stag was starting to depart, Lindsay quickly stepped up beside him and said, "Pardon me, sir? But may I speak to you in private please. This is an urgent quandary."

                        "Very well," replied the famous albino buck hart. "Come with me." And he escorted the human back through the shimmering air portal through the psychedelic between space and they eventually emerged into a very secluded glade with a crystal clear pool of water with a well trimmed green grassy clearing. "Welcome to my rejuvenation glade, Lindsay. You are the first human whom I have ever allowed to come here and I permit this now because I know that I can trust you. Make yourself comfortable and explain your dilemma to me." He himself settled down close to the water and got himself a drink.

                        The human young man settled down himself near the white cervine and unfastened his shirt and jeans. Then he casually rubbed on the stag's body gently. "It is actually two problems. One is more major than the other. First of all... as you already know, every time there is a quarterly break from the college, I would go and spend that time with Reed Huxley."

                        "Yes, Lord Kangaroo," commented the White Stag. "What of him?"

                        "Recently..." he paused, worried about what the stag would say. "...Reed started... fawning... and hovering over me a lot. I like him a lot as a friend only, but he's... starting to get a little too close to the point of... making me go defensive. The last day of my vacation with him... I woke up in bed and he was... almost literally on top of my bed with a strange wild look in his almost glazed over eyes and... he was in his were-kangaroo form and... at high mast, to put it politely. When I saw that, I calmly threatened to kick him in the joey maker and he left the room. Later at breakfast, he claimed he didn't remember being in my bedroom that morning. And that tells me there is a problem. Do you know what's wrong with him?"

                        The White Stag turned his head around to gaze directly at Lindsay, "He is going through a mid-life puberty. You are fortunate that you got away from him when you did. Everyone always forgets that he isn't as old as he looks. Plus, fur lords often go through nine puberties in their entire lifetime, where as humans only have to endure one. Had you not defended yourself that morning, you would have been a were-kangaroo yourself and likely pregnant as well. From now on, I would best suggest that you completely avoid Reed until he is able to get over this stage in his life."

                        Lindsay continued to rub on the White Stag as he said, "That is all well and good, except... I have two more college breaks coming up this year and I am not sure where to go when they occur. If I can't go work at Reed's apothecary, where should I go?"

                        "I can suggest a few places that you might consider if you're desperate to find a good place to distract yourself from the university." He then paused. "Lindsay... um, you are... rubbing my privates. Were you even aware you were doing that?"

                        The young man sighed and stopped. "Sorry, sir. That's my other problem. When I am in human form... I am very attracted to cervines, like yourself. But when I am in my buck stag furry form, I tend to want to be with any species other than cervine. I don't know why I am suffering from this."

                        The White Stag smiled at Lindsay and... slowly got up and nudged his friend over on all fours. "I know how to solve that problem although it may hurt at first. So just remain still and I will try to keep this as gentle as possible." And so saying that, he slowly mounted his human friend and proceeded to stretch and fill the young man with the entirety of his pride.

                        Needless to say, Lindsay wasn't expecting the White Stag to be so forward about this in that particular way. However, after a few minutes, it began to get fun for the young adult although the albino hart was in no way, shape, nor form in any manner of out of breath. He filled the young man, then he proceeded to give Lindsay more helpings of the buck gift.

                        Lindsay panted as he tried to milk the White Stag for all he was worth. As he did this, he couldn't help but to crack a joke. "Since you caught me fair and square, Whitey... I owe you three wishes. Those are the rules, after all. Make your wishes." Of course, what he heard after that was, "I'll show you three wishes!" And then he really got it fard and fast. *BAM*

                        End of Chapter 26