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DT-07 Ode to a Devil Mouse

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    DT-07 Ode to a Devil Mouse

    DT-07 - Ode to a Devil Mouse
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)

    Chapter 01

    Lindsay's two weeks with Uncle Reed ended just in time. He had somehow managed to prevent Reed from molesting him on more than one occasion and even got to help Reed restore some more changees. And even better, he got to meet more of the local therianthropes.

    But it was clearly time to return to the university in Hollow Earth, for Ivorastej, the white stag escort, arrived promptly and on time, for a change. After bidding Reed goodbye, Lindsay and Ivorastej traveled through the shimmering air portal and through the psychadelic corridor, where they saw the other White Stag and many other travelers going to and fro, briefly, within this bizarre other worldly travel place.

    And then, the journey had ended. But it wasn't on the hilltop that they had arrived at this time. It was on the front deck of a huge campus club building.

    "Did you make a wrong turn, Ivorastej? Where are we?"

    Ivorastej replied, "This is the entrance to a club called The Dragons Roost. They built it on our favorite hilltop during your Summer break, so now... our arrival point in Hollow Earth is on their front porch. And this is where we must part company, Lindsay." He licked and kissed Lindsay's face, then touched his hooves to Lindsay's hands and feet and pressed his antlers to Lindsay's forehead and concentrated...

    Lindsay felt some sort of power enter into him.

    Ivorastej then stepped back and said, "You may now open shimmering air portals, Lindsay, for I might not always be around to assist you in the coming months. I know you won't abuse the power, for you are the most trustworthy human in Hollow Earth. So, until we meet again..."

    Lindsay dropped his suitcases and pounced/hugged Ivorastej. "Ha! I caught you!" He giggled and winked at Ivorastej, as he let go and bent over to pick up his suitcases. "Be thinking about what 3 wishes I can grant you, old buddy."

    Ivorastej laughed. "Don't you have that backwards, Lindsay? I'm the white stag, not you."

    Lindsay grinned and winked again. "True, but I am a lusty horny stag without a boyfriend. And I wouldn't know what to ask for even if you did grant me 3 wishes."

    Ivorastej said, "Tell you what... what say we reserve your requests for when you really need them. And then, I'll grant you whatever you ask for at that time. Just open the shimmering air and speak the wish into it." Ivorastej then leaped back into the shimmering air portal and was gone.

    Lindsay grinned. "Aww... he got away. Darn it!" He chuckled and picked up his suitcases and headed down the hill away from the club toward the now slightly larger university itself. "They must have really been expanding the university while I was gone. Did Shaq blow up the campus again or what?"

    Lindsay chuckled at the thought and continued across campus toward Ycehart Hall.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Lindsay walked into the Ycehart lobby and asked Chez if he had any mail during the last two weeks. After Chez gave the keys to 305 and tote bag full of mail, he noticed someone new, a wet looking ocelot, entering the lobby carrying a dirty piece of paper.

    The ocelot boy had a slight build that was athletic, with deceptively strong muscles moving under his spotted fur. He stood around five feet tall with a long tail that was nearly equal to his height. His feline grace made for a natural gymnist. His eyes were bright silver and his headfur was as black as his spots, reaching down in a ponytail down his back. His pearly feline teeth were sharp, and while ocelots might be smallest of the big cats, he could definitely defend himself if necessary. He was wearing his usually attire; nothing more than a vest and shorts.

    The ocelot walked into the lobby looking around a little nervously. His long tail flicked around as he tried to figure out where his new room was. He occasionally scritched at his fur under his clothes, a little annonyed at the itchy stuff. Even if it was just cotton. Something about the way he stood...poised and tense... suggested that he's not a normal furry like you'd see walking around every day. Not being on one's toes in the jungle could kill.

    Lindsay smiled at Chez. "Thanks, Spotboy." He then glanced over at the ocelot. "Are you lost?"

    The ocelot looked over and cleared his young throat a little... pausing a moment... then walked over slowly. "um....Yeah....I'm...trying to find my room." He had a definite...accent in his voice. Sorta rumbly and sexy.

    Lindsay said, "You have a room here at Ycehart Hall? What's the room number? Or the floor number?"

    The ocelot looked at the placement card in his paw. "um....One dash two oh one... Does that... sound right?" He rubbed the card with his slightly sweaty paw. " think it might be a three..." He blushed, as he handed it to Lindsay.

    Lindsay looked the card over. The room placement card was crumbly and sweaty... obviously from a nervous feline paw. It's hard to read but knowing the floors the way Lindsay did, he could make some sense of it. Room 301. "You're in luck. You're up on my floor in Room 301. I'll take you up there."

    The ocelot said, "Just a moment." and he headed back outside... and threw a big wooden chest up on his back, then came back inside. "Okay." It's not really that big, but compared to the small fur carrying it, it was large. The ocelot didn't have any 'modern' luggage.

    Lindsay nodded his head, got another set of keys for Room 301, and led the boy into the elevator. Once they were both inside and the door slid shut, Lindsay pressed the third floor button. He then smiled at the ocelot. "I'm Lindsay Dunmore."

    The ocelot had been... sorta staring... "I'm Darian Bateus. Nice to meet you..."

    "Yes, I am a human."

    "You're the first human I've ever met."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      "Well, I'm the first human that was allowed to attend this university."

      "Really? That's cool... you must be THE Dunmore. I read it in Evening Post a while back. You're one of the reasons I wanted to come to college here."

      Lindsay had been there a while...and Darian was just now hearing of him... He must not have gotten news very often, indeed! "I'm the only Dunmore on Campus. Better a Dunmore than an Uhticlu!" He winked.

      Darian asked, "A who?"

      Lindsay replied, "Jade. She's a huge iguana from somewhere down south of here."

      Darian ohed. "From way west and a little north of here...lies the Cynalhyr Jungle." Darian meeeped as the elevator suddenly stopped and the doors slid open. "I don't know if I'll EVER get use to these things!"

      Lindsay led Darian out of the elevator. "This is the floor you'll be living on." He then used the key to unlock Room 301 and opened the door, leading Darian inside. "Rooms on the 3rd floor are often shared, and I happen to know you'll be sharing this room with 3 others, who are probably off at classes right now. Mark is a silverback gorilla, Bram is a British rat, and Elric is a subterranean hound. Bram and Elric room together, so you'll be sharing the bedroom with Mark."

      Darian said, "Whoa... It's big!" He carefully set down his trunk.

      Lindsay smiled. "There are two bedrooms, a kitchenette, this main area and a bathroom."

      "Whoa!" Darian's eyes were BIG as he looked around smiling!! He then opened his trunk revealing a large assortment of tribal knick-knacks... and clothes... then out from the clothes he carefully pulled out his laptop and put it on a table. "Power in the room... sure beats having to travel to the trade station to power it."

      Lindsay replied, "I agree, Darian. Plus, you can set the temperature however you like in the bedroom. I believe Mark likes it hot in there to remind him of the jungle home he comes from."

      Darian said, "Awesome... It is a bit chilly out here!"

      To Lindsay, it wasn't cold at all!

      Darian put his nice spear in the corner along with other reminders of home as decorations.

      Lindsay went over to the device on the wall, showing Darian how it worked.

      Darian watched carefully, making an oohing sound.

      Lindsay grinned. "Luckily, the temps on campus are always a little warmer than usual."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Darian said, "That's good to hear. I won't freeze my fur off." He then paused as he looked at Lindsay. "How do you do it?"

        Lindsay smiled in a friendly way. "How do I do what?"

        Darian said, "How do you keep from freezing without any fur?"

        Lindsay chuckled. "Well, humans wear a lot of clothing, usually. But I tend to hang out with my furry friends, and sometimes, they help keep me warm."

        Darian ohed. "This itchy stuff? You must be alot better than me cause I don't have much on, just what Father said the campus required, and it's about to drive me crazy."

        Lindsay replied, "Actually, not having fur makes wearing clothes easier. Most guys I know on campus usually wear only shorts and running shoes, and sometimes a shirt."

        Darian scritchscritched under his vest, as saying it reminded him of how itchy it was. Though some of it was just plain pyschosematic. "Shoes?" He paled, shuddering. Of course he didn't have plantigrade feet either. "I tried a pair of shoes once... I'll never touch another!"

        Lindsay said, "Completely optional, I assure you."

        Darian sighed in relief! He took out a large wicker backet with several pounds of dried meat and offered Lindsay some, as he snagged another piece of the jerky for himself.

        Lindsay accepted it, chewing on it slowly. "Would you like to know anything else?"

        Darian devoured two pieces before chewing on the third. "Well..." He pulled out his class schedule and asked where the classes were taught, so he'd be able to find them. The other major question... was where the other students hung out. Lindsay smiled, explaining where things were in conjunction to Ycehart. Lindsay then told Darian about the gym, as well as the park and the other places.

        Darian smiled, flumping down into a chair. "I think I'm gonna like it here"

        Lindsay replied, "It's a nice place."

        Darian accidentally sat on the tv remote and the scene that unfolded was a truly comical looking Darian, looking JUST like a 'cartoon cat'. Every hair stood out as he jumped roof-high when the TV BLARED on!

        Lindsay showed Darian the remote control, the stereo system, and other electronic things. He loved that...after calming down from the fright of the TV's sudden activation. Lindsay also showed Darian the hot-tub spa-bathtub and how it worked. Darian spent the rest of the day trying to get used to the 'modern' apartment. There was a lot to learn and he loved learning about it... Though he was quite funny at times.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Over at the campus basketball court, Coach Lance Sethnic and Sports Doctor Colin Young were reviewing students who were applying to join the basketball team.

          Colin said, "This one checks out, Lance."

          Lance smiled. "Good. That was the last one. I am still surprised that you agreed to hire on here at Ravibren. Aren't you afraid that your buddies will try to come back to see you again?"

          Colin shook his head. "Not in the slightest. I graduated and I chose to hire on here when the position was offered to me. Not to mention, I made a lot of interesting friends here."

          Lance leaned in close and whispered, "Do you still have those coon print underwear?"

          Colin blushed. "Actually, yes. I keep forgetting to give them back."

          Lance grinned. "Forgetting or a souvenier?"

          Colin grinned back. "That's none of your business."

          Lance escorted Colin to his office and poured them both a cup of coffee. "Do you miss him?"

          Colin sipped on his coffee a little. "Yes."

          Lance slyly grinned. "And who do you miss the least?"

          Colin had to laugh. "Rick Mooney, of course! I hope dating Jade spooked him enough to never come back. He was a major pain in the butt."

          Lance smiled. "And besides the coon, who do you miss the most?"

          Colin sighed, as he looked out the window. "It's a three way tie. I miss Rodney, Toby, and Duma. Especially Duma... there at the end, we finally made up to each other and buried the hatchet. Oh well... he has the coon all to himself now."

          Lance grinned, as he came over and sat down, straddling Colin's lap, facing him. "I like to play around myself, after hours, you know. I am very fortunate that the college sports doctor is an extremely incredibly handsome fox guy who misses his friends. But I wouldn't mind becoming one of your new friends."

          Colin irked, as Lance sat in his lap. The coon and the cheetah were one thing, but a full grown horny sports wolf was an entirely different story. Colin was starting to wish someone would come rescue him from this amorous college coach.

          Just then, the phone rang, and Lance got off of Colin's lap to go answer the phone. Colin was very glad for the interuption. Saved by the bell, you might say.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Jade and Luna slowly walked around campus discussing something that had been on Jade's mind.

            "So you miss Becky?" Luna inquired finally.

            Jade replied, "Yes. The dorm room seems so unusually quiet without her there. Like a morgue. I wake up at night and catch myself trying to ask her stuff. I miss her a lot."

            Luna hummed. "Surely you remember that she graduated, don't you?"

            Jade nodded her head. "I know that. But still... she was my best friend."

            And Jade wasn't the only one undergoing ClosetCoon withdrawal...

            Smokey was helping the Sun Raven City maid servicing crew to clean up the former residence of Rodney and Toby. Two of the best friends he'd ever had on campus. It was true that they had all graduated together, he still missed the big tiger and sexy coyote.

            Smokey had promised the two he'd make sure they didn't leave anything important behind.

            Gusto and Rudolph were cleaning out Duma's old dorm room and finding all manner of what they thought were important mementos of the cheetah's life at Ravibren.

            Gusto sighed. "We have to get these guys back on campus. I miss having Duma around."

            Rudolph nodded his head. "I think everyone on campus misses those guys. So how are we going to do it? They're all the way back up north at their college."

            Gusto hummed. "There has to be a way."

            On the other side of Sun Raven City, a hot scene was unfolding...

            BLAM! CHA-ZING!

            "Great save, Franklin! Am I ever glad you came along on this run!"

            Franklin grinned, keeping his bulletproof wings at the ready. "Glad to be along, Gareth! We have these crooks on the ropes! That one about had you, if I hadn't opened my wings in time!"

            Gareth grinned back. "We make a great team! Now let's finish this job!"

            As the storm draconian and the skunk rushed forward, Franklin recalled back to the previous few months on how he had memorized all of the books that Jade's father had given him, and then, how he'd applied to the Sun Raven City Police Academy. However, he still made live runs like this one with Gareth whenever the prosecutor skunk asked him too, he mainly enjoyed the dates that he had been going on with his law enforcing friend.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Gusto led the way to Gusto's convertible car. "Get in, guys. The Mall is too far for me to walk." Then he got in behind the wheel.

              Justin got into the car, smiling.

              Darian climbed into the car, too.

              Gusto proved to be a speed demon, as he whipped out unto the freeway and drove like a maniac through the crazy traffic.

              Darian ACKED!!! as he dove under the front seat!

              Justin gripped his seat HARD... and urred... "Umm.... p-p-perhaps you should... slow... down?"

              Darian was already begging to be let out!

              Gusto grinned as he sped along, then he slowed down when they hit the Mall off ramp... now he's driving Granny speed.

              Justin hummed... "Okay, you can go A BIT faster..."

              Darian exclaimed, "NO!!!"

              Gusto said, "We're there, now. I'm just looking for a parking spot."

              Justin giggled.

              Gusto got parked, then... he did something weird... he got out of the car, went to the front, and... KISSED the hood of the car!!!

              When the car stopped, Darian BALED OUT, dashing 20 feet from the car, refusing to go NEAR the possessed thing!

              Justin got out as well and blinked. "Okay, I've gotta ask... why did you kiss your car?"

              Gusto replied, "Because it didn't break down on us." He then grinned and headed toward the mall.

              Justin's eye twitched and he sighed softly and followed... "Come on, Darian."

              Darian made a WIDE detour around the car... and followed the others. "I'm NOT getting back in that thing." He had left the carpet on that side of the car torn to pieces. "Tho-tho-those things... should be banned!"

              Gusto said, "It's either cars, or Campus Transit. And you said there was a bunch of stuff you wanted."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Justin giggled. "Cars are better than Campus Transit."

                Darian says, "I like vines, and trees, and slides." He stuck out his tongue.

                Justin hummed, "There's a thought: a REALLY long slide from the mall to the Campus." He giggled, "For the angle to work right it would be HUGE, you'd need an elevator to get to it..."

                Duh duh de DUM! ELEVATOR!

                Darian made a face.

                Justin grinned and looked around.

                Darian sniffed... then sniff sniffed and... "Oohs..." He walked off zombie like.

                Justin said, "Why do I have a sinking feeling that I should fear that look?"

                Gusto said, "You better go after him, Justin. I need to check my account at the ATM."

                Justin nodded his head. "Right, see you in a bit, Gusto!" He ran off after Darian. "Hey! Wait up!"

                Darian was drawn to a catnip display!

                Justin facepalmed himself. "You're a nip head?"

                Darian had a glazed over look in his eyes and he wasn't hearing a word that Justin had said.

                Justin said, "Well, I guess that answers my question."

                Darian had eventually scratched and sniffed the display to pieces. And the incense store owner wasn't too happy about it, either.

                Justin irked. "Umm, Darian... we should GO now. They're staring at us and not in a good way."

                Darian looked at Justin with dopy eyes. "Haaaappppyyyyy!"

                Justin said, "Yes yes, happy, we'll come back later! Come on..." He dragged, yanked, pulled, and tugged Darian away from the incense store.

                Once the stuff was gone, he was as obedient as a puppy.

                Justin went to meet up with Gusto again.

                Gusto was looking at a new surf board in a window. $27,650!

                Darian was just starting to come out of the daze by the time they met back up with the otter.

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Justin said, "Guess who trashed a Catnip display?"

                  Gusto smiled. "He's from the wilds. I'd hate to have to resort to leashing him."

                  Darian asked, "Leash?"

                  Gusto said, "It's a fun little toy."

                  Justin grinned slyly, thinking dirty thoughts.

                  Darian inquired again, "Toy? um...okay... What's it for? How you play with it?"

                  Gusto replied, "You put it around your neck and it has a fun little bell."

                  Darian smiled with a big grin. "Oohs!" He then asked dreamily, "Bell... fun bell?" He would need a little while yet for the catnip to be out of his system.

                  Justin tried VERY hard not to laugh. "Maybe we should go find him one Gusto!" He quietly snickered.

                  Gusto nodded his head and took the two over to a specialty shop called The Entwined Knot. It's specialty was heavily suggestive presents for active partners who are more than the normal in love. (FU-03 reference) It was a shop that Lindsay had never ever been in.

                  Justin smirked. "This could be interesting."

                  An extremely well-built male mink smiled to the shoppers. "Welcome to the Entwined Knot. I am Knimi Cossahl. If you don't see it on my shelves, tell me. I'll specially order it just for you."

                  Darian slurred out an almost hypnotic reply, "Sexy minkishy."

                  Justin grinned. "Umm Thanks!" He chuckled and went to look around on his own.

                  Gusto bought Darian a sexy flea collar with a cute little bell on it. He also bought a catnip mouse and gave it to Darian.

                  Darian instantly pounced the mouse, trying to rip and eat the thing!!! The mouse made a cute squeak sound when it was pounced. Darian ripped and chewed and GNAWED on it!

                  Justin LAUGHED! "Oh my god... Gusto that has to be hands down the cutest thing I've ever seen."

                  Gusto said, "I didn't do it to be mean but he'll enjoy it as time goes by. Now, anything else?"

                  Darian was totally absorbed in his catnip play toy.

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    Justin hummed and blushed. "I... guess I could get a nice collar for myself." He giggled.

                    Gusto said, "Rudolph and I come here to play some of the naked games. They're in the back room."

                    Justin got a curious look on his muzzle. "Naked Games?"

                    Gusto said, "Surely someone has told you about Strip Monopoly by now?" He winked.

                    Justin doubly blinked his eyes! "No!" He giggled. "That could be fun..."

                    Gusto said, "Strip Monopoly, KY-Sorry, Yiff-Me Scrabble, Trivial Sex, just to name a few..."

                    Darian was totally obsessed with his 'prey'.

                    Gusto said, "In Trivial Sex, you either choose to answer the question right or wrong, or, to gain a piece of the pie, you have to do the dare listed on the card."

                    Justin said, "Wow... these sound sorta... fun." He giggled again. "Can I come next time?"

                    Gusto said, "Sure, unless you're too kindergarden for it." He winked. "I think we better get moving."

                    Justin humphed! "I am definitely not too kindergarden for it!" He walked up and grinned. "Alright, Darian! We're going!"

                    Apparently, giving Darian that mouse had been a bad idea. He was ignoring Justin and Gusto... totally intent on the catnip mouse.

                    Gusto said, "At least if he's like this, he won't even notice the return car trip." Then he attempted to snap the 'collar' on Darian, but he didn't get a chance to, as Darian mock attacked him when he got too close... grabbing the mouse and running to the nearest high place, attacking the mouse again.

                    Justin blinked his eyes.

                    Darian was literally in running instinct mode.

                    Justin said, "Great another store owner is gonna yell at us."

                    Gusto giggled. "I need to pick up a few things. Let's leave him there. I'm sure he'll be there when we return from shopping."

                    Justin nodded his head a bit. "Alright... I need some new jeans."

                    End of Chapter 10


                      Chapter 11

                      Gusto and Justin went shopping. Justin grinned and got a couple of new jeans and a nice shirt, while Gusto was picking up some art supplies. Halfway through, there were security reports of a wild ocelot causing problems in another store.

                      Gusto exclaimed, "Dammit! Lindsay will be so upset if I let anything happen to Darian." He made his purchases and headed back to where they had last seen Darian.

                      Darian had moved due to other customers 'getting too close'. They noticed him up high on one of the top stores, running into a jewelers store. And several people were hot on his tail. Darian still had that mouse in his muzzle as he ran.

                      Justin said, "Oh gods! We better try to go get him!"

                      Gusto nodded his head and gave chase. "His uncle will kill me if I let Darian get hurt! I shouldn't have bought him that mouse!"

                      One of the security personale informed Gusto and Justin to 'stay back, specialists had been called.'

                      Justin followed as well. "Don't blame yourself... you didn't know he'd act like THAT!"

                      Gusto growled, "He's a college student who's high on catnip, sir! I have his picture ID right here!" He showed it to the security furry.

                      The security guard blinked and looked at Gusto. "He's related to... Alright, but I still suggest you wait on the authority." But he did turn to look the other way.

                      Gusto started waving around an even BIGGER rubber mouse. "DARIAN! OVER HERE!"

                      Justin was glad for that! "Come on Darian!! It's fun!!"

                      Gusto made it squeak, loudly!

                      Darian looked up, his lips curling back in a growl... he stalked forward slowly... Though they were not sure which one he was going after.

                      Justin grinned as he watched Darian go for the bigger mouse.

                      Gusto hoped that Darian would be pounced from behind by security while they had him distracted.

                      Darian snarled and growled... pacing closer... Just then, the security managed to get a clear shot and POUNCED him, restraining the feline with strong zip ties that only tighten the more he struggled... The security personale ended up with a lot of cuts... thoough all minor and one pissed off feline.

                      End of Chapter 11


                        Chapter 12

                        Justin released a sigh of relief. "Now, let's see if they'll let us take him home."

                        Gusto also released a sigh of relief. "Any idea how to un-high an ocelot on Catnip?"

                        Justin said, "Only way I know is... time."

                        About that moment, the specialist arrived, and upon hearing the question, he said, "Time or rapid de-tox."

                        Justin looked to the specialist. "Rapid de-tox? How's that work?"

                        The specialist replied, "It's a procedure where that rids the body of the toxin but the psychological affects can be profound. And it can only be done in a hospital." He paused and looked at the group. "Fat chance of avoiding much publicity. You're from the college, aren't you?"

                        Gusto said, "Yeah, we are. Ycehart Hall. The whole Mall knows about our dorm..."

                        Justin nod nodded his head.

                        Gusto said, "His uncle will probably be called in on this one and I dread that... Darian's uncle is a corporate executive."

                        Justin irked. "I feel sorry for him."

                        The specialist said, "I'll have to report this to the director. However, I'll have him transferred to the school's jail. And avoid any more embarrassment on any party."

                        Gusto rolled his eyes. "Oh boy... that doctor is going to hate having more Ycehart people in HIS hospital... oh well..."

                        The specialist then talked to everyone for a while, then he told Gusto and Justin they could meet back up with their friend back at campus. The specialist gave Darian a sedative and they took him away to the hospital.

                        Justin sighed softly and felt sort of bad for Darian. "Thank you."

                        Gusto said, "Come on, Justin... I'm going to have to break the bad news to Lindsay and the others..."

                        Justin nodded his head and headed off with Gusto and headed back toward the Campus in Gusto's car and to Ycehart Hall.

                        Gusto then told Lindsay what happened to Darian, then the otter returned to his own room.

                        Lindsay exclaimed, "Good gods... Poor Darian!"

                        End of Chapter 12


                          Chapter 13

                          Moments after hearing about Darian's problems, Lindsay's telephone rang. And after a brief discussion, Lindsay departed Ycehart Hall and had soon met up with Colin at the campus basketball court.

                          It was about all Lindsay could do to resist feeling sorry for Colin, because the fox was wearing the dreaded coach cap on his head and was holding a basketball.

                          "No way, Colin," Lindsay immediately exclaimed. "I am NOT going to join the basketball team. I was tricked into the football fiasco, had to be coach for the baseball stinkers, I mean players, and I am through with sports on campus."

                          Colin chuckled. "I didn't ask you to come down here for that, Lindsay. I just wanted your honest opinion on a few players."

                          Lindsay was still suspicious. "Well... if you just need a second opinion, then I'll give you some pointers. Anyone who is just going to be on the team to look at each others, ahem, privates do not need to be on the team. I learned that lesson the hard way in the baseball season."

                          Colin sighed. "Um, Lindsay... the real reason I asked you down here is... because... Coach Sethnic has been... you know... coming on to me. What do I do? I don't want to report him to Kinsbert during my first month as a campus employee. But it really bothers me and I don't know what to do about this."

                          Lindsay hummed. "I understand, Colin. Really I do. Lance is a nice guy and he's been lonely since his divorce. And you can't tell anyone that I told you about this. You're a new face and he's hurting for some companionship. But if you simply steel yourself up and tell him to back off, he will back off. And if that doesn't do it, find and hire Jade to protect you. If I recall correctly, Lance is afraid of Jade." He winked with a grin.

                          Colin grinned back. "Yeah, Jade..."

                          Lindsay smiled. "But remember... since the graduation, she's been trying to call herself by her real name. Chalchi. It takes some getting used to, you know."

                          Colin nodded his muzzle. "Chalchi. Do you think she'll help protect me?"

                          Lindsay continued to smile. "I know she will. She's a friend."

                          Just then, Lance Sethnic emerged from the offices and smiled at Lindsay. "Hey Lindsay! Are you here to join the basketball team?"

                          And all both Lance and Colin saw after that question was Lindsay sprinting at high speed for the exit, or rather, his after image vanishing out the main gates and down the street!

                          Lance arched an eye. "I don't understand. What did I say?"

                          Colin grinned. "He already told me that he was finished with sports on campus. He was here giving me some pointers on who to allow to be players."

                          Lance said, "Oh. With his height, he'd have made a great basketball player."

                          End of Chapter 13


                            Chapter 14

                            The leader of the Anti Wild Furry United Locals group, along with a large party of their members, where standing just inside Omar Kinsbert's office. Standing to one side of the desk was Warneeri and Huckleberry, while to the other side was Garla and Dennis. Omar glanced across his desk at the group with a cursory eye. "Would you mind saying that again?"

                            "Simply put," the large male Indian tiger furry said to Omar. "we feel that Darian Bateos should not have been allowed to join the campus based on his inability to react to the modern portion of the Furry Realms. A few of our group have offspring attending your college and based upon the commotion that occurred at the shopping center today, and the large number of people who were injured by this feral beast... we feel that our children might be in unsafe jeopardy if you allowed this wild ocelot to remain on campus. In short, Mr. Kinsbert, we are requesting that you send him back to the jungle where he belongs."

                            Omar placed his wing tips together before himself as he simply gazed onward at the group of furry adults. "Let me remind you that it was once thought that humans should not have been allowed to join this campus, either, but they are here now... and have been here for over a year."

                            A female griffin furry then said, "Mr. Kinsbert. As we were told at the time, having a human on campus was an experiment to see if the species had any redeeming qualities that we could seek out to spare in our once hated foes. The Dunmore boy was a fine example of a human on this campus. And the Murdock draconian, the second human to join the campus, is now attending the local furry police academy, because he wants to learn our laws. No, it is not humans that we must worry about here, Mr. Kinsbert... it is wild furries that simply cannot adapt to the modern furry world. He is wild and he will always be wild. We insist that you remove that ocelot from campus, post haste. The shopping center might be only the first. Should we live in fear of him attacking one of us in another public place? No, Mr. Kinsbert... we feel that there should not be a next time. He came to Sun Raven City and he showed his true colors. He's wild. There is no changing that."

                            Omar leaned forward a bit and growled through his beak. "This was simply one incident in which your group has no say so in, because you are NOT attending this college. And further more... the shopping center is actually ON Campus, therefore, it is a Campus problem, not a public problem. Now, unless all of you want to wake up as hairless apes, then you will get the Hell out of my office AND off of my campus!"

                            The male Indian tiger said, "You will regret this, Mr. Kinsbert. We have connections in Kingdom Court and we can make life very hard on this EXPERIMENTAL university. And I stress that word, Mr. Kinsbert. It's in the college's descriptive title. It's an experiment only. An experiment that we can get closed down, if you catch my drift."

                            Warneeri then said, "I would suggest that you leave now, Mr. Stryger. I haven't blown any one up in a few months and I have been itching to use my battle mage spells on local villagers again. If you catch my drift, then you better get your group out of here."

                            The male Indian tiger furry replied, "You have made your point, Warneeri. We are leaving now. But mark our words... we will be watching that ocelot. The next time he fouls up, it will be the Kingdom Court officials in here, not us." And with that, the large group left the office.

                            Omar then reached over and pushed the button on his speaker phone which was evidently on during that whole ordeal. "Did you hear what went on, Mr. Bateos?"

                            Gillias Bateos was the local civilized industrialist billionaire who just happened to be a large muscular ocelot from the same jungles that Darian came from. "Every word, Omar. Crystal clear." he replied through the open speaker phone. "And I will be checking out their story. Please keep Darian on campus and out of trouble, if that is within your power."

                            End of Chapter 14


                              Chapter 15

                              When Lindsay arrived at Warneeri and Huck's home it was very late. He knocked on the door, hoping that someone was about. He also hoped that he didn't wake up the kids with his knocking. When the door opened, Lindsay could see that it wasn't Warneeri simply by the gender of the rabbit's stature.

                              "You're Warneeri's brother Flash, aren't you?"

                              Flash smiled. "And you must be Lindsay. Come on inside." After he led Lindsay inside, he said, "The kids are all asleep and Warneeri and Huck went over to the Campus Jail to see about getting that wild ocelot out. They have both been gone a while now. If you'd like to wait in Warneeri's Sanctum, you may. I am supposed to be watching the kids."

                              Lindsay smiled, giving Flash a hug and back petting, then he headed downstairs toward the Sanctum. Warneeri's workshop where she did most of her high powerful magical mayhem in a sound proof environment.

                              The chamber seemed not as impressive as he had seen it in the past, though one of Warneeri's spell books lay open on a pedestal which was facing a large summoning circle. Lindsay walked over and stood at the pedestal, looking at the spell that was on the open page. "Dragon Binding. Summons and forces a dragon to your will. They won't like it. In fact, they will resent the summoning to the utmost." He blinked his eyes. "Why in the Hell would Warneeri be studying something like this? I would think that a mouse would be safer to summon. Let's see what else she has in this book." And he began to thumb through the pages, looking at the spells on each page.

                              "Skunk Growth, Tiger Lusting, Stallion Rearing, Pocket Companion.... Pocket Companion?" Lindsay stopped on that page and looked at the details of the spell. "Summons a pocket sized companion for friendly association and/or information inquiry. Light ten vanilla scented candles, break a cherry over a wedge of aged cheese, then place the wedge of cheese into the summoning circle and say the words, To Remind Secretly To Color With Minium More At. Well, that doesn't sound too difficult. Let's see how hard it actually is, though."

                              He then opened up Warneeri's candle storage closet and walked inside. Sitting open on a small table was a rectangular box marked 'VANILLA'. "This must be it." He then reached in and pulled out what appeared to be a dark brown candle. "I figured Vanilla would be white." He then sniffed it. "That's weird. It smells like chocolate. But the box says vanilla. It must be the right candles. Warneeri wouldn't mislabel her props on purpose, surely." He then collected nine more dark brown candles and stepped back out of the closet.

                              Lindsay then set up the candles in the proper order and then lit them. "Now for the cherry and the aged cheese. Huck has a refrigerator down here that he never cleans out. I'll bet he has some super aged cheese in there." And he bravely opened the refrigerator door and in horror, saw the objects that he had to claim. He quickly snagged them and closed the door. "Ghastly. Warneeri is going to HAVE to make him clean out that horrid thing."

                              He then entered the circle and knelt down to place the aged cheese in the right position, and then... he broke a cherry in his hands and sprinkled it all over the aged cheese. "Now I just have to go back to the pedestal and say, To Remind Secretly To Color With Minimum More At-" And suddenly, he heard a sudden noise from the back of the sanctum. "-The Hell?"

                              And this, folks, is exactly why amateurs should NOT dabble in a mage's spell books.

                              The spell circle suddenly flared up all around Lindsay, as all ten candles were sucked into the forming vortex. And the next thing he knew, he was falling through a magical one-way portal!

                              End of Chapter 15