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DT-06 Senior Exchanges

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    DT-06 Senior Exchanges

    Out with the old and in with the new. The upcoming senior graduations just around the corner, new faces and personalities come to Kingdom U campus. Omar commissions the building of the new lycanthrope dome facility, a place for the moon-touched students on campus. Dennis and Shaq date, while Dennis strives to understand Okali's teachings. Jade's long lost brother arrives on campus where he opens a new restaurant. Lindsay gets sick on something, and his friends rush to discover the cause of his ailment.

    (This is the last episode of the ClosetCoon crossovers)

    "Dunmore Tales"

    DT-06 Senior Exchanges
    By Darrel James VanWinkle

    Chapter 01

    A golden jackal and the black tigress sat near the swimming pool in Ycehart Hall, enjoying iced cold fruit drinks. The golden jackal, Philip Hunter, exclaimed, "I can't wait to start classes here. It's so warm and friendly."

    The black tigress, Luna Shadowpaw, replied, "And the staff has been extremely helpful, too. I am definitely looking forward toward attending classes on campus."

    About that moment, Asim Sahndeem emerged from the Ycehart Hall locker room wearing nothing but a speedo thong. Asim approached the swimming pool, as he gave a welcome smile to the two spectators, and proceeded to climb up the ladder to the high diving board.

    Philip and Luna were both looking square at Asim's package!

    Asim knew what they were looking at and flaunted it with precise showmanship, as he positioned himself gracefully on the diving board. Then, Asim made a few test jumps, and performed a double backflip off of the diving board into into the deep end of the swimming pool with a huge resounding splash!

    Philip and Luna were drooling so much they didn't notice getting splashed from Asim's landing.

    Then, Lindsay Dunmore and Rudolph Ranger entered the chamber, both wearing their swimming trunks.

    Rudolph exclaimed, "How's the water, Asim?"

    Asim grinned as he swam. "It's lukewarm, but we can make it hotter if you and Lindsay joined me in here..."

    Rudolph grinned back. "I'm sure we could."

    Lindsay was already climbing up on the diving board. "I'd ask you to catch me, Asim, but the collision might knock a hole in the bottom of the swimming pool." Lindsay winked.

    Asim laughed! "Depends upon where you land!"

    Lindsay blushed hard, then he made his dive into the swimming pool.

    Rudolph laughed out loud, as he made his dive, joining the two in the water.

    Luna laughed. "It certainly won't be boring around here, Philip."

    Philip smiled. "Good! I was worried that it might be, but I strongly doubt it would be boring."

    Luna asked, "Where are you going to be bunked? I have a dorm room all to myself in Andrews Hall."

    Philip replied, "I lucked out and got an invite into one of the Ycehart rooms."

    Chapter 02

    At Warneeri's magical workshop, Franklin Murdock stood in his winged storm draconian form, while Omar Kinsbert, the owl dean of Kingdom, stood to one side as a witness.

    Warneeri emerged from her preparation chamber, and eyed Franklin carefully. "Are you sure you want to fully cross over, Franklin? Once this is done, you'll need to power of Okali or better to undo it. Have you considered all of the what ifs involved in this change?"

    Franklin nodded his head. "This is what I want, Warneeri. I have thought about all the things that might crop up, and weighed them against the benefits for fully joining the circle, as it were. I want to ditch the human form and fully join the university. Besides, there is a very nice police skunk who is ready to support me in case this falls through."

    Warneeri smiled. "You and Gareth make quite the dynamic duo, Franklin. Very well, I'll do this for you, but remember... I won't be able to undo it once done. Restoration of a form is a religious feat. Whenever you're ready, please disrobe and step into the center of the conjuration circle." Warneeri stepped over to her podium, commanding the tome to turn to the proper pages. To one side of the podium, within a transparent containment orb, there was a cute devilmouse creature wearing what appeared to be a leather apron and a violet headband.

    Franklin disrobed and stepped into the circle. He was certain that this is what he wanted. Gareth had said that he would vouch for Franklin if this was done, and he longed for a chance to work with the skunk investigator once again.

    Warneeri then initiated the spell process, as Franklin felt an unending ripping sensation, as if his soul was being torn in half, and his humanness was being pulled up and out of his storm draconian body. It was far more painful than anything that he had ever felt before, as he screamed in unholy pain. At the end of the process, the ghostly spirit of Franklin was sucked into the containment orb with the devilmouse, vanishing from view.

    Franklin was on his claws and knees on the floor of the conjuration circle, panting and rasping hard.

    Omar grinned. "I failed to mention how much the process actually hurts, but Warneeri asked me not to tell you." He chuckled.

    At the campus gym, Duma and Colin were working there, together, putting up new wallpaper on one of the deserving walls. The two were both stripped down to their waists, wearing shorts, as they coated the walls in layers of the 'glue' necessary for holding the wallpaper.

    Jack Carlos walked in and said, "Duma, Colin... some friends of mine and I were having a discussion about height. Could the two of you help out by standing back to back, so as I can measure you both? It would really help solve our little debate."

    Duma said, "Sure. We can do that. Give us a moment to finish putting this layer of 'glue' up."

    As the two continued to work, they didn't notice Jack spraying the fur on their backs with some sort of light mist. When they finished putting up the layer and the sheet of wallpaper, Colin and Duma walked over to the middle of the gym and pressed their backs together, firmly.

    Jack then measured the two, taking his sweet time, and grinning the whole time. Then, as Jack was heading out the door, he chuckled and said, "April Fools, guys! See ya!" And Jack ran out the door!

    Colin and Duma blinked their eyes, and fell over sideways, as they discovered that they were totally stuck to each other, back to back!

    Chapter 03

    It was a place known as the Mirror of the Sun. It was a swanky new restaurant with a South American feel to it. The owners were a muscle bound male jaguar who wore nothing but a tribal flap, and a muscle bound, though very familiar, male iguana who dressed the same as his partner. The entire place seemed to have a permanent equator styled environment, along with a zone controlled heating system, to allow the patrons the experience of being in the Amazon.

    Shaquil Pernardo had brought Father Dennis Andrews to this restaurant as part of their ongoing dates. Shaq wanted desparately for Dennis to accept him as a mate, but inwardly, was afraid he'd already missed the boat, as it were.

    Dennis seated himself at the cozy fountain side dining table, as he looked around. "This is a very nice place, Shaq. Okali bless you for bringing me here. I love it."

    Shaq sighed. "Must you bring the goddess on the date, Dennis? I want this to be between you and me. What does she have that I don't have?"

    Dennis focused on Shaq. "For one, she saved my life, Shaq. She removed both my blindness and my cancer. I owe her my life. I had done nothing to earn her favor, and now, I feel compelled to repay her for the kindness that she has shown me." Dennis noticed the tear in Shaq's eyes. "Although, she can never replace you, Shaq. You're one of a kind. You're my friend. Look at what all we've been through together. Only you and I could treat each other like peons and come away from it as close as friends could ever be. But let me ask you something... do you still love Zu'larr and Elizakat? It would be a shame if you tossed them aside just for a chance to earn my love."

    Shaq nodded his head. "Zu'larr and I are roommates. And Elizakat and I have continued my anti foul mouth lessons. I'm actually improving, Dennis. Although... the more civil I become, the further away you seem to get from me... is it too late for us?"

    Dennis smiled, patting Shaq's paw. "Only if you quit is it too late, Shaq. Through Okali's teachings, I have come to understand that we are all here for a reason, even if we don't know what that reason is. You and I were meant to meet, Shaq. Why? Only Okali and the other divinities will ever know. We can question, but answers are fleeting until we earn them. I mean, it's not like we can ask Jade why she's wanting to be separate from her father. Only the gods really know."

    At that moment, the iguana came over and served the two their drinks, saying, "Do you two know my sister Jade?"

    Shaq blinked his eyes. "Yeah, we do. So that's why you look so familiar! You're Jade's brother. Jade is attending Kingdom and is staying at Rosethyme Hall. Females only, you know."

    The iguana hummed. "Please do not tell her you saw me here." He quickly exited into the kitchen.

    Dennis hummed. "I wonder what that is all about? Anyway, Shaq... we still have a chance together. You just have to believe in that chance."

    Chapter 04

    Rocket James, a male flying squirrel morph, was lying on the couch within his dorm room at Ycehart Hall reading a comic book, when suddenly, the front door opened. The male cheetah who was both the Resident Housing Authority, as well as the front desk clerk for Ycehart, stepped inside, saying, "Right this way, Aiden. Yamato. Kar." The cheetah led a raccoon, a fabbit, and a Utah raptor into the front room of the dorm.

    Rocket sat up suddenly, holding a blanket over his nude parts! "Hey! What gives, Chez? I thought you said I'd be left alone!"

    The cheetah, Chez Fuller, replied, "The Northside dorms are being torn down. That's why Aiden is here. As for the the other two, they were on Ycehart's waiting list, and they both requested to be roomed with quiet, timid roomies, like themselves. Then, I remembered that you fit that description to a tee, due to your anti-radiation treatments. You'll still be left alone, if they know what's good for them, though you'll be roomed with Aiden, now. I'm sorry, Rocket. Everyone at Northside is being displaced into the other dorms. Anyway... This is Rocket James. He's in charge of this dorm room. If you get out of hand, he's to report you to me. And he will, too. And above all else, Rocket has preset timed anti-radiation treatments. And... he usually sits around unclothed, due to an allergic reaction to clothing fabrics he has which is attributed to the radiation he was exposed to a few years ago. Treat each other good and there shouldn't be any problems." Chez then departed the dorm room, closing the door.

    Aiden came over slowly, and shook Rocket's hand. "I'm Aiden Harris and I promise not to be a pest to you."

    Yamato said, "I'm Yamato Ito. A fabbit. That's a rabbit/fox hybrid. I think you can guess what happened to result in my being here."

    Kar said, "Kar Suppilin. Just don't hurt me. Please." He paused. "Um, I'm a Utah raptor." He then shut his mouth and picked up his things. "Which dorm bedroom is ours?"

    Rocket said, "Aiden and I have the one on the right. Yours and Yamato's is on the left. Let me go clean out the bathroom. That's where I leave my anti-radiation gear set up, just in case of night time emergencies." And Rocket got out from under the blanket, naked and *ahem* very obviously interested in his new roomies, as he headed off for the shared bedroom bathroom.

    Aiden smiled, thinking, Rocket has a tail and bottom like Colin's. This might not be so bad, after all. Though I am glad Colin and Duma are trying to get along, for my sake. Aiden picked up his gear and headed into the righthand bedroom to the empty side of the room, where he began setting up his gear and stuff.

    Yamato followed Kar into the other bedroom with his luggage.

    Rocket soon rejoined Aiden and said, "You remind me of a friend I used to know back home, Aiden. He and I would often go skinny-dipping together in a secluded old swimming hole in the woods. I sorta miss him, but he's... dead... like I almost was. Radioactive waste..."

    Chapter 05

    Rudolph and Asim stood in the hospital hallway, while Lindsay lay in a hospital bed and the now familiar male saber-toothed tiger doctor, who had treated both Dennis and Shaq, thoroughly examined Lindsay's pale human body.

    The Doctor sighed, "Just when I thought that I was free of college students... at least it's you, Lindsay." He slowly swished his tiger's tail, as he took some blood samples, looked at the thermometer. "You just rest here, Lindsay. Hopefully, you won't be in here for long."

    Out in the hallway, Rudolph and Asim awaited news on Lindsay, as the doctor emerged from the room, closing the door behind him.

    Asim asked, "How is he, Doc?"

    The Doctor looked to the two studs. "Tell me exactly what was going on when he got sick. I need some precise details."

    Rudolph exclaimed, "We were all swimming in the Ycehart Hall swimming pool. Two new students were sitting on the side watching us. They weren't even in the pool. Asim took the first dive, a very beautiful power dive. Then, I was next and barely made a ripple. Finally, Lindsay climbed the ladder, and he dove into the water. And I have to say, he wasn't that bad. Better than me, in fact."

    Asim then added, "There was the typical horseplay, pardon the pun, between Lindsay and myself, but it was good clean fun. Then... Lindsay groaned and needed help getting out of the pool. We got him out, then he collapsed and started looking pekid. Rudolph and I immediately brought Lindsay in to your hospital. We figured that the faster you could check him out, the quicker he'd be out of your fur."

    The Doctor nodded his muzzle. "You both did the right thing. Lindsay has a very rare furry disease. It can be contagious, therefore, I hope you'll both submit yourselves to an examination. And make sure the other two new students come in, as well. I'll need to check them out, too."

    Rudolph said, "But Lindsay wasn't even in contact with them. He'd been with the two of us all day. We had lunch, and ran on the beach, and attended an art show."

    The Doctor said, "Somewhere along the way, Lindsay was exposed to this disease. And because he has no immunities to it, he caught it immediately. Now, if you don't mind... I need to examine you both."

    Asim groaned. "I sure hope I'm not sick... I have a show to perform tonight."

    Rudolph said, "I better call the club. They need to know that Lindsay is sick. Doc, you can start your examination on Asim. If you ask nicely, he'll put on a private show for you." As Rudolph headed over to the phone, Asim smiled and winked at the Doctor.

    Chapter 06

    On another floor of the hospital, two doctors and a nurse were overseeing Colin's and Duma's newest problem.

    Colin asked, "How does it look, doc?"

    Duma had been crying a little. "Is there good news, doc?"

    The doctor this time was an older male lynx. "You can either wait for this industrial stuff to wear off in a week, or you can allow us to shave the both of you apart and afterwards, hope your fur grows back. This probably wouldn't have happened if you both had been wearing your shirts. What would you like to do?"

    Colin heard Duma sigh, and Colin had to make a quick decision. "Doc... Duma and I will wait for it to wear off. The two of us have been needing to have some, um, classroom studies to ourselves for some time, and, er, this is perhaps the perfect time to have this discussion."

    Duma arched an eye, wondering what Colin was talking about.

    The lynx doctor nodded his head. "That is perhaps the best decision then. Because it might've taken up to 3 months for you both to regrow your fur. And don't worry, we'll have your dean look into Jack Carlos' pranks."

    Colin carefully urged Duma to stand up with him. "Thanks, Doc. Duma and I will head back to his dorm room now."

    Duma was starting to blush a little now. The fox wanted to see 'his' dorm room? When Duma had agreed to try to get along with Colin, at Aiden's request, he never dreamed of getting the fox into his dorm room. And now... he was about to have that privilege.

    Once Duma and Colin were in the elevator, Duma asked, "Why are we heading to my dorm room?"

    It was Colin's turn to blush somewhat. "Because I don't want Rick to see me taking you into my dorm room. And... we need to have a long overdue talk about..." he paused. "everything..."

    Duma ohed, as he thought about Colin's somber tone of voice, and of what the 'everything' could be. In a way, being stuck to Colin turned him on, because if Aiden wanted to see either of them, he had to see both or neither. Duma was starting to see how this might work out. Though he was slightly disappointed that he couldn't have been stuck to Colin while facing Colin's back.

    Colin had also had time to think. Duma wasn't a bad guy at all... they just happened to like the same coon, but for different reasons. Though at oddly off times, he had caught himself thinking about Duma for no apparent reason.

    Colin and Duma exited the elevator, still trying to walk sideways. Getting around was tiring, but hopefully after they returned to Duma's dorm room, the two could get comfortable and talk.


      Chapter 07

      In the Ycehart Hall cafeteria, Philip joined several other students at their table. These other students were people he had seen weeks before during the pre-registration visitation.

      Mike Soscikuq, a polar bear who was staying at St. Andrews Hall; Trounce Carlson, a doberman, and Tennessee Queen, a percheron, both of which were staying at Alpha Tai Dashpaw; Mark Kongison, a silverback gorilla, Rand "Random" Javin, an ocelot, and Justin Darkstryde, a wolf, were all residents of Ycehart Hall, currently.

      The females he had met a few weeks ago did not seem to be present, at the moment.

      Mark smiled at Philip. "Hey there, Philip! Where you been keeping yourself?"

      Philip sat down with a tray of food. "Been hanging out around the pool. Nice view and all, you know. Where have you guys been keeping yourselves at?"

      Mike replied first, "I've been helping that new human get settled in over at St. Andrews Hall. He's got quite the story, really. He wanted to attend a college in the surface world that had been allowing furries as students. And when he got to this college, he found out that the furry program had been discontinued. Imagine his disappointment. He was about to return home, when he encountered that pretty feminine skunkette that operates the French Aerosmith Diner over on the northside, and she redirected him to Kingdom. He's a nice guy, though not really... I think the word is... yiffy? Anywho, that's what I've been up to lately. That and trying to stay out of the heat of the sun."

      Justin said, "The main discussion was about Lindsay and his current illness. Before he got sick, we were trying to think of ways we could get him off to ourselves..." Justin grinned thoughtfully. "We know he dates furries and IS a part-time furry, and we know that he strips on Friday nights at the Reverse Polarity. The only wild card in this equation seems to be that little wereroo that has a lasting crush on Lindsay. If only there was a way to redirect the roo's attention to someone else..."

      Philip hummed. "What we need is someone who is similar to Lindsay, just as caring, and is actually interested in the little wereroo for more than just 'a friend'. Unfortunately, I don't know too many humans. And I am sure that is the aspect that makes the roo like Lindsay."

      Just then, Tennessee exclaimed, "I don't like where this discussion is going..." Tennessee stood up, so his full height and power could be seen. "...if any of you hurt that little roo's feelings, I'll tie all of your testicals into pretzeled knots." He then departed the table looking a hair upset.

      Trounce chuckled. "Guys, I think I have the solution. One of my so-called 'surface friends' is a human and has a strong interest in kangaroos. If I were to accidentally introduce my friend to the wereroo, during a chance encounter on campus... the two might hit it off really well, and then, Lindsay would be ours to fight over. Am I smart or what?"

      Chapter 08

      Jade, Kama, and Becky were wearing white muzzle masks while they were visiting Lindsay in the hospital. Becky said, "We're still investigating where you might've caught this infection, Lindsay. I must have forgotten how large Kingdom U really is. We're still searching various areas."

      Lindsay could barely speak, let alone move. "you don't have to search the whole campus. we had lunch as a place called, Mirror of the Sun, a south american restaurant ran by a jaguar and an iguana. afterwards, we ran on the beach, and saw an art show over at the cervus market. those are the only places you should search." He then felt that return weakness wash over him.

      Kama hummed. "Mirror of the Sun. I've seen that place. The meals are prepared the same way the natives in South America prepare their food. It's possible that Lindsay ate something that wasn't fully cooked and caught the contagion that way."

      Jade had an odd look on her face. "One of my brothers is an iguana. I think I want to see this new restaurant for myself."

      Becky saw the look that had crossed Jade's muzzle. "Um, I better come along to make sure you don't go ballistic. I still remember what you did to your fiance."

      Jade grinned. "But SHE deserved it! I mean, 'he'."

      At that moment, an older sounding male Australian voice was heard. "'ow is the patient? Ah came just as soon as Ah was told about this. Yer lucky that Joey 'as such a good uncle, mates."

      It was Reed Huxley, the natural herbalist were-kangaroo lord.

      The tiger doctor was standing just behind him. "I am really glad you came, Mr. Huxley. This isn't something that we here at this hospital know how to handle. I've never heard of a human catching this illness before."

      Reed grinned. "Yas called in the right bloke, mate. Ah've seen almost everything."

      The tiger doctor then said, "Then I'll let you get to work, and I'll clear the room of these females for you."

      Jade grinned. "We get the message. We're on our way to investigate the places Lindsay went this morning. We'll notify you if we find out anything."

      Kama added, "We're going along to make sure people stay alive."

      Once the females had left on their task, Reed petted Lindsay's forehead. "Ah'm real sorry to see yas all bedded down like this, mate. Ye're as sexy as Ah'd remembered."

      Lindsay had to smile at that statement. "lucky me. i'm the only human on campus that even joey's uncle wants to molest."

      Chapter 09

      Colin and Duma somehow managed to get back to Duma's dorm room and inside where they both somehow got on the couch. Duma sighed. "Well, this is my place, Colin. What is it that you think we need to talk about?"

      Colin sighed, too, wishing he could be facing Duma. "I think you know who we need to be talking about. Aiden, of course. Before you interupt... hear me out."

      Duma had been about to say something but he remained silent, for a change.

      Colin continued. "When I first met Aiden, he wasn't someone that I wanted to actually be that kind of guy with. I think he had a crush on me and I was hoping that it was a temporary crush. I mean, I'm a fox, and according to an internet study, foxes are extremely sexual people. Except... in my case. Don't get me wrong, Duma... I can clearly see why you want to be Aiden's main fix. And I wish you the best of luck, but it just seems to me like the more you try to drive Aiden and me apart, the more together he seems to come toward me. And I end up feeling awkward and... afraid." He sighed again. "Mainly afraid that I'll end up hurting his feelings. I care about him a lot, but with two boyfriends competing against each other, I just know that he will end up being the one hurt... not us. Which is why I suggested to Coach Sethnic for the two of us to do some work together at the gym. I knew that we needed to talk about this, yet... people kept coming and going and we couldn't get any real privacy to have this discussion. Duma... I am really sorry that I'm your rival for Aiden."

      Duma quietly wiped a tear out of his eyes. "So... you're not gay... are you? Aiden is sorta trying to force it on you. And it's making you feel... out of place. And my coming along and saying all those things I said didn't make it any easier, did it?"

      Colin sighed. "At that Halloween party, you provoked me by saying those things about Aiden. But the thing is, you're really the better guy for Aiden. Me? I'm just a friend that Aiden wants to spend time with. The most he's ever done with me in a bed has been a back massage after I'd hurt myself. If I had to guess, I'd say that you and Aiden have done a lot more than that. Don't lie, Duma, you're a hot guy. And you know it. Aiden would have to be crazy to resist someone like you."

      Duma smiled a little. "Yes, well... we did do something the first night after we met. It was supposed to be a study session, but he sorta advanced on me and... I know, he doesn't seem like the type to advance on people. But you really don't know this guy, Colin. In bed, he's a take charge sort of raccoon. I was feeling helpless in his grip. I'm lucky there was a sound outside my window or I might've ended up getting bound and gagged by him. He's got a lot of strength, for a raccoon and I think that's part of what turns me on about him... but as for us..."

      Colin nodded his head. "Yeah, you and I... how are we going to handle this, Duma?"

      Duma hummed. "I know we've slighted each other heavily. But you have a point, Colin. We should be friends, for Aiden's sake. You know, we are going to be stuck together for a whole week. We could try to get to know each other better during this week. I mean, I'd never have planned it like this, but we should look at this like... divine intervention. Perhaps Okali needed us together."


        Chapter 10

        After a car had dropped off a badger boy and his luggage at the entrance to the Kingdom Campus, the boy sighed once again, as he lugged his gear across campus, looking for the dormitory building that he'd signed up for. He couldn't help but to smile a little when the name of the building came into view. Ycehart Hall. He slowly carted his luggage in through the front doors and up to the front desk where the studly Resident Authority male cheetah, Chez Fuller, sat double-checking the new student roster.

        "Excuse me, but could someone please direct me to my room?"

        Chez glanced up and replied, "I'm Chez. Welcome to Ycehart. If you preregistered, then your name should be on my list. If you'll just tell me who you are, we can get you settled in."

        The badger boy said, "Oh, heh, didn't even see you there. Anyway, I'm Scott Finelli; that's F-i-n-e-l-l-i."

        Chez smiled. "Room #303, looks like. I hope you like your new roommates. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, and the door is well marked. Enjoy your stay here at Ycehart, Scott."

        "Thank you," said Scott, smiling back. He then picked up his baggage and made his way to the elevator. It quickly opened, as Scott went inside and pushed the 3 button. Once reaching the 3rd floor, the elevator door slid open and Scott walked out. It wasn't long until he found room #303.

        "I wonder who my roommates will be. I wasn't always the best friend maker back in high school..." he mumbled to himself.

        From out of Room #305, Joey and Shaq emerged, carrying on a conversation.

        "...and I frucking told campus security that it was an accident, and the mofoing furballs carted me over to administration and..." Shaq growled tiredly. "I've had a real bad day, Joey."

        Joey replied, "Yas just needs ta get some food in yer tummy, mate. Yas did skip breakfast, Shaq. Ah get like that if Ah don't eat."

        Shaq slyly grinned at Joey. "You cuss?! I've never flipping heard you say anything bad. Tell me an Aussie dirty word. Come on... please? Pretty please?" And as they both entered the elevator, and just as the doors were sliding shut, Joey uttered something off and Shaq gasped loudly!

        Scott just glanced over as Shaq and Joey walked by him with their intriguing conversation.

        "Let's see...I can either A) Get unpacked and do pretty much nothing for the rest of the evening or B) Try and make some new friends...tough...but I think I'll take B as my final answer But I should at least put my bag inside first."

        Scott opened the door to #303, a bit surprised it was already unlocked. Sitting across the room at a desk was an ocelot hard at work on something, while in the family room on the floor was a dragon like person with a human on top of him, massaging the dragon boy's shoulders with what appeared to be oil.

        Chapter 11

        The ocelot glanced up and over at the door when he heard it open. "Hello there. You must be our new roomie. I'm Rand and that's Kenneth and Kalas. Kenneth is the human, of course. What can we call you?"

        Scott replied, "I'm Scott. Where's my bed located?"

        Rand stood up. "You'll be bunked with me. Kalas has special needs that he is often in need of, and Kenneth is... well, he's adjustable. He's available to all of us. I'll show you where your bed is." And Rand led Scott off into one of the two bedrooms. He pointed to a bed. "That bed is yours, as is that chest of drawers. Bathroom is through that door," he pointed to another door. "And I'll see about getting you a desk of your own to work at. I really need to get to my homework. I hate Calculus." He grinned and headed back into the other room.

        Without much time to admire the room, Scott tossed his bag onto his beds, and left the dorm room. He waited for the elevator to come back up so he could go down. "Wait a minute, did they go to the top floor, or the bottom... maybe I should just go back." he stopped thinking for a moment to notice his growling stomach. "Ok, food first, then room..." he thought, as he pressed the bottom floor button. Eventually he arrived in the lobby, and made his way to the cafeteria.

        Within the cafeteria, Shaq and Joey had joined a male arctic fox who wore a minister's outfit, Dennis Andrews, at his table, and were having meals, while still talking.

        Shaq said, "Thanks for calling admin and getting them off my backs, Dennis."

        Dennis smiled. "It was truly an accident, Shaq. When you are around electronics, we have to expect that sort of thing to happen."

        Joey giggled. "Dennis knows yas good, mate."

        Scott arrived inside the cafeteria. The food look quite appitizing, as he struggled on deciding what to eat. Eventually, he chose, and found himself a table to sit at. "My first college meal, yay." he muttered, as he took his first bite.

        Joey asked Dennis, "Meet any 'ot new students, mate?"

        Dennis BLUSHED hard when Joey asked that out loud. "Um, maybe. You trying to force me apart from Shaq?"

        Shaq began coughing. "I'm trying to eat here, guys!"

        Scott glanced over at where he heard the loud cough. Turned out it was the tabby cat he saw on his way to his room, and he was with the kangaroo, too. Also, they were with an arctic fox. He didn't think too much of it and continued eating. Once he was finished with his meal, he got up and went over to the garbage can to throw his things away, not knowing that his shoes were untied. He tripped on his shoelaces and fell down with a nasty thud, with Scott nearly cursing out loud after his landing. "Smooth...real smooth."

        Chapter 12

        Dennis got up and came over to Scott, lending him a paw. "Let me help you up, friend. I'm Dennis Andrews, the new campus minister of Okali. This is my senior year, so I'll soon be graduating later this month. Are you hurt?"

        Scott grabbed Dennis' paw and got up. "No and thanks... these shoes were a gift from a human friend of mine. His dad makes shoes and he made a custom pair for me... I gotta be more careful though; that's the third time this week this has happened to me." he sighed. "I should really be a bit more careful."

        Dennis smiled. "Kingdom is a great place to meet new friends. If you ever need anything, just drop on by."

        Scott dusted himself off a bit. "I'm already starting to like this place, and I'll be sure to give you a call or something if I ever need your help with anything. I'm in room #303 if you need me though." He picked up his empty tray and tossed it away, then turned around. "Oh, by the way, my name's Scott."

        Dennis replied, "Nice to meet you, Scott. That's my friend Shaquil Pernardo, a real wizard with electronics, and the werekangaroo is Joey. He pals around with the campus' first human, Lindsay."

        Joey and Shaq both waved, as they continued to eat their meals.

        After Dennis walked out of the cafeteria with Scott, Trounce and Justin both came in and walked directly over to Joey. Trounce said to Joey, "Joey... Justin and I need your help with something. Could you excuse us while we borrow Joey, Shaq?"

        Shaq arched an eye then smirked. "What are you guys really up to?"

        Justin irked. "We need Joey for something. What makes you think we're up to anything else?"

        Shaq replied, "I'm the campus expert on being sneaky and I can tell by looking at people when they think they're being sneaky. What are you really wanting Joey for?"

        Trounce then said, "A friend of mine is having the jitters over attending Kingdom. He secretly likes kangaroos and I just thought Joey could help him get settled in a bit better. That's all we need Joey for. You're questioning us like we're criminals or something."

        Shaq didn't reply, but had a very peculiar look on his muzzle. "If I find out something sneaky went on, I'll bring you both down." He got up from the table and put his tray away before departing for Mynotalis Hall.

        Joey grinned at the doberman and the wolf. "Ah'm ready ta see yer friend, mate. Ah'll get 'im all calm and such for yas."

        Trounce and Justin led Joey out of Ycehart Hall, beginning their trek across campus.


          Chapter 13

          Jade, Kama, and Becky soon entered the Mirror of the Sun, the South American restaurant ran by a jaguar and an iguana. Jade was already looking around, while Becky spoke with the muscle bound male jaguar who wore nothing but a tribal flap about tables. "Table for three, please. And I think we'd like the buffets, too. And we need to speak to the chef, if possible. It's a medical emergency."

          The jaguar arched an eye. "Of- of course. We alternate cooking chores here at the Mirror of the Sun. Part of the time, I cook, and other time, my partner cooks. In fact, he's cooking currently. Although I was the cook this morning... what do you want to know?"

          Becky explained, "Do you recall preparing a meal for a human, a horse, and an arctic fox? Well, the human got sick and he now has a rare disease that is supposedly only contagious to furries. Because he is human, he couldn't normally get the disease unless he ate it, which brings us back to your establishment. He had a meal here and ate no where else. What did you prepare for him, and is the food you made it from still available?"

          The jaguar sighed. "Your friend ordered one of the morning specials. I thought I had fully cooked it, but apparently, I hadn't. He's the cute one, isn't he?"

          Becky nodded her head. "He's pretty popular, although," and she lowered her voice now, "he has trouble keeping a date, as it were, if you know what I mean..."

          The jaguar understood what Becky was implying. "Come with me into the kitchen and I'll show you what your friend ordered this morning." And he led the three women into the kitchens in the back.

          And that's when Jade saw her brother Kukori preparing a meal. "So... you are here!"

          Kukori, the iguana, cringed when Jade spoke. "Can't I have my own life without the family getting involved?"

          Jade had to smile at that statement. "Now you sound like me. Let's talk."

          And while they spoke, the jaguar packed up the food in question, securely, and headed back to the hospital with Becky, leaving Kama to watch over Jade.

          After they arrived at the hospital, the doctor procured the food for detailed examination, then gave the jaguar a complete physical. After the physical was completed, the doctor said, "Clean bill of health. And the food you brought was clean, too, even in it's raw form. So that isn't the culprit. Lindsay had to have gotten this from someone else... possibly through saliva sharing, especially if he's kissed anyone lately on the muzzle."

          Reed happened to overhear that last part and said, "Um, Doctor... Lindsay told me that 'e kissed my nephew Joey this morning quite deeply. And my nephew 'as been going through 'is transitional were development period. So if Lindsay caught this disease through a kiss, then... Joey is likely the carrier and doesn't know it. We'll 'ave to find 'im before 'e kisses someone else."

          Chapter 14

          Colin and Duma were still stuck together back to back in Duma's dormitory room. They were actually finishing up some homework that they each had left over. Then, the telephone rang and Duma reached over and answered it.

          "Hello? Duma speaking." He listened to the person on the other end of the line, then smiled. "That's great news, Doc. Yeah, I'll tell Colin right away." There was another pause as the doctor spoke to Duma. "No, thank you. Thank you."

          And Duma hung up the phone. "Good news, Colin. The Doc finished analyzing the glue spray that is sticking us together. He told me how we can get unstuck right now, if you're willing..."

          Colin surprisingly sighed when he heard the news.

          Duma arched an eye at the obvious sigh. "What's wrong, Colin? I thought you'd want to be unstuck from me by now. I know I'm not the best host, but still..."

          Colin said, "I was starting to get used to our being together. If we're apart, will we degrade back into disliking each other?"

          Duma had to think about that for a moment. Apparently, Colin was starting to like him. "Want to spend the rest of the week with me, Colin? I am sure there is more we need to talk about, whether we are free or not."

          Colin quietly said, "I was curious, Duma... what sleeping with you would be like... you know..."

          Duma smiled. "If you let me do what the Doc suggested, I can show you what sleeping with the cheetah is like."

          Colin asked, "So how do we get unstuck?"

          Duma grinned slyly. "The Doc said we had to use lube. And I just happen to have some."

          Colin nodded his head. "Okay, let's use it."

          Duma maneuvered himself and Colin into his bathroom and into the bath tub. There, Duma helped Colin out of his pants and undershorts, then got himself out of his own. Then, the hot water was turned on, as Duma began applying the KY-lube all over both himself and Colin, making sure to get the stuff in all the right places...

          Colin was starting to enjoy the cheetah's smoothly rubbing paws, as the lube and hot water did their work on the glue and soon, the two were no longer stuck together. Instead, they were both cuddling together in the bath water, exploring each other's bodies.

          Duma smiled, as he rubbed slowly and gently. "I'm really glad you and I are making this effort for Aiden. And I think he'd be happy to know that we're doing good."

          Chapter 15

          Shaq had just finished another anti foul language lesson with Elizakat and Zularr, and was returned to Ycehart Hall to get in some studying in the Study Hall. He was halfway across campus when he was stopped by that black arabian stallion, Tennessee Queen.

          "Good, I found you. We need to talk as we head off to find Joey."

          Shaq arched an eye. "What's going on with Joey? Trounce and Justin took Joey off to get another new human student used to life on campus... though they were acting mighty suspicious..."

          Tennessee explained, "Joey is, unbeknown to himself, the carrier of a really bad saliva based disease. He accidentally made Lindsay sick this morning and currently, Lindsay is in the hospital. We need to find Joey before he kisses anyone else. So if you know where Joey is, you better get me there."

          Shaq almost sweared. Almost. "I knew something was up! Trounce said it was a friend of his over at St. Andrews Hall! So we'll check there first!"

          Tennessee picked up the tabby cat and began his sprint across campus toward St. Andrews Hall!

          Shaq was surprised by being picked up, but glad that the urgency required speed.

          The two arrived in Ycehart Hall and dashed inside and inquired what room Joey had gone to. And after getting the room number, they both dashed upstairs heading directly to that room.

          As Shaq was finding out, nothing stopped the locomotive stallion once he got going. Shaq was glad he was being carried still. Being trampled by Tennessee wouldn't be nice.

          Inside the room, Joey was just about to plant a nice kiss on his new friend, when Tennessee and Shaq burst into the room! Shaq shouted, "JOEY STOP!"

          Joey about leaped up and hit the ceiling when Shaq shouted so loudly! "What the 'eck is the matter, Shaq? Ya about scared my life out of me!"

          Trounce and Justin was sitting nearby actually quite surprised by Shaq's and Tennessee's entry.

          Tennessee exclaimed, "Joey! We have to get you to the hospital right away!"

          Joey huhed? "The 'ospital? What for?"

          Shaq said, "Two reasons. One, your uncle Reed said so. Two, Lindsay is in the hospital and it's your fault. Grab your stuff, Joey. We have to get you over there right away."

          Tennessee said, "Get Joey over there, Shaq. There is something more I have to do here." And the moment Shaq and Joey were out the door, Tennessee turned to Trounce and Justin. "Remember what I said earlier about hurting joey's feelings?" He then cracked his knuckles.


            Chapter 16

            Inside the hospital, Shaq waited outside in the hallway, while the doctor and Reed examined Joey's open muzzle collecting saliva samples.

            Finally, the doctor said, "No doubt about it... this is the source, Mr. Huxley."

            Reed sighed with a frown as he petted Joey's headfur. "Ah'm sorry, Joey. Yas about accidentally killed Lindsay today. Ah know yas didn't mean to. That's the last thing in the world ya'd want to do. But... it's now too dangerous to be sharing a room with Lindsay. Ah'm going to 'ave Omar move ya over to the WereDome dormitory."

            Joey openly cried!

            It was obvious how he felt about Lindsay. Obvious to anyone who knew the two of them. Joey would never do anything to purposely hurt Lindsay. This was the worst news ever.

            Reed sighed, as he gave Joey a hug. "Ah'm sorry, Joey. It's for yer own good. And it'll save Lindsay's life. Until yas hit second puberty, ya gotta live at the WereDome. Ah am really, really sorry. It's beyond yer control. It's... life... and it's damned unfair. Ah 'ad to go through this and Ah made it. Ah know yer strong, Joey... yas can make it, too."

            Joey whimpered and sniffled, as he quietly sobbed, "ah'm a monster."

            Reed turned to the doctor. "Ah was afraid e'd feel this way. Ah'll make the cure for the saliva, then Ah'll escort Joey over to WereDome Hall. Yas should call Omar Kinsbert and 'ave 'im move Joey's belongings over to WereDome. We don't want this 'appening to another student."

            The doctor replied, "I understand. I've never seen a fur totally break down before...and I'm sorry I got to see it now." He departed the room to make the phone call to Omar.

            Shaq, who had been waiting in the hallway, saw the doctor emerge and head over to the phone. Shaq hurried over and said, "What's the verdict, Doc? How is Joey?"

            The doctor sighed, as he turned to Shaq frowning...and he laid the situation on the line.

            Shaq sighed with a frown, hanging his head a little. "Poor Joey. I love the little roo with all my heart. He's always been there for me when Dennis wasn't around. I'd do anything for Joey. Anything. At. All. Can I see him? Please?"

            The doctor nodded his head. "Sure, Shaq. Head on in. I have to call Omar."

            Shaq dashed into the examination room and immediately hugged Joey tightly! And Joey hugged Shaq back, still crying. Shaq petted the back of Joey's head, whispering, "I love you, Joey. I promise to personally help you through this. I owe you that. You helped me when I needed it most. And need it more than anything." He wanted to kiss Joey, but knew not to. "I love you, Joey. I want to help you get through all this..." Shaq paused then said, "...mate."

            Chapter 17

            In Lindsay's room, Reed grinned at Lindsay, saying, "Ah got yer cure, mate. Yer gonna 'ave to drink it, and let me tell yas... it's not gonna taste good at all. Emergency cures are like that. Now drink up so yas can get better."

            Lindsay slowly sat up in bed and sniffed the drink. "PHEW! You're kidding, right Reed? This reeks! You want my breath to smell like this?"

            Reed laughed. "If yas drink it all at once, fast, ya'll never 'ave to sniff it again. Now drink it! 'old yer nose if yas 'ave to, mate."

            Lindsay muttered, "I am going to be sick, but here goes..." Lindsay held his nose closed, exhaled through his mouth, then... drank the cure down quickly!!

            And yes... the need to vomit arose! Lindsay RAN into the adjoining bathroom!

            Needless to say, bad sounds were heard afterward... but that wasn't the end of it, as Lindsay next found himself sitting on the toilet stool with a good hour's worth of diarrhea. Lindsay emptied out a good continuous soft serving of liquid that was mixed with the former illness. This continued until all of the saliva illness had been purged out of his body.

            Finally, after bathing himself three times, Lindsay emerged from the bathroom looking very weak. "I am going to kill you, Reed."

            Reed laughed. "Ah 'aven't 'eard anyone say that to me in a long time, mate! Ah love yas, too."

            Lindsay said, "Is it okay if I just return to my dorm and stay in bed?"

            Reed grinned. "Ah think that might be the thing to do, mate. Asim and Rudolph can escort yas. They're still 'ere. Ah'll be by later to make sure yer cured." He winked.

            An hour later, Lindsay was back in his own bed in room 305 of Ycehart Hall. Sitting by his side was Dennis, who was making sure Lindsay stayed hydrated.

            "When I heard what had gone down, I came right over, Lindsay. This is perhaps the worst news ever. First Shaq moves out, then I move out, and now... Joey is forced to move out. I know how you feel about him. We all feel that way about him. Joey makes life fun around campus."

            Lindsay sighed. "It's life, according to Reed. Wereroo life. It's beyond our control. I could have died if they hadn't called in Reed. This makes twice now that Reed has saved my life."

            Dennis patted Lindsay's chest. "What will you do?"

            Lindsay thought about that question for a while. Then he said, "I really don't know. Maybe offer to marry Reed? I know I owe him twice, but I don't know how to repay him. He's one of the greatest guys I know. I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for Reed."

            Chapter 18

            Omar and Lance had Jack Carlos standing before them in Omar's main office. Omar didn't look none too happy and Coach Sethnic looked even less happy than Omar did.

            "What's this all about, mates?" he said in his best dingo voice, hoping it wasn't as bad as they seemed to be making it seem.

            Lance said, "This campus has been putting up with your pranks for the last 2 years, Jack. But this time, you went too far."

            "What did I do?" The innocent act. It's always worked before.

            Omar picked up the closed circuit TV remote and flicked it on. The TV on the side of the room came on and there on the screen for all to see was Colin and Duma wallpapering the campus gym, and suddenly, Jack himself entered the gym holding a can of industrial strength glue behind his back.

            Jack slowly gulped as he watched the scene unfold and how he tricked the two into standing back to back after he'd sprayed their backs with the glue. Jack knew the jig was up at that point.

            Omar then turned off the TV via the remote. "The doctor at the hospital reported this incident to me and I had Lance retrieve the campus gym's security tapes for yesterday. We previewed the tapes with your parents this morning."

            Jack slowly hung his head.

            Lance folded his arms in disappointment.

            Omar continued, "They agreed that you were simply not mature enough to attend an institution like Kingdom U. Therefore... I want you to return to your room and pack your belongings. Your parents will pick you up at six sharp. You, Jack, are being expelled."

            Jack simply sank to his knees on the floor and cried, right there.

            Omar turned to Lance. "What did Jack's father call it?"

            Lance grinned. "Crying to get his way. We know all your tricks, Jack. Your dad was all too happy to reveal all of your tricks to us. We know you're faking it."

            Omar stood up and said, "You're lucky you're only going home. The doctor suggested that we press charges and turn you over to King's Court."

            Jack bawled like a little baby! "But Ah was going to graduate next year! It's not fair!"

            Lance said, "You should have thought about that before you conducted a prank against two seniors and an alert doctor. Omar? I'll escort him back to his room. He's too much of a wreck to be trusted to go pack his things on his own."


              Chapter 19

              The resident authority, Chez, knocked on Rocket James' dormitory door. Aiden, of course, was the one who opened the door. Chez said, "Aiden, may I speak to you in private please?"

              Aiden grabbed his dorm keys and then took a short walk with Chez. "What's up, Chez? Did I do something wrong?"

              Chez smiled at Aiden. "Not at all. But tell me... What do you think about Kingdom University?"

              Aiden hummed. "It's a pretty nice place. I know our stay here was supposed to be temporary while the work crew repaired our own college..." He stopped and looked at Chez with wide eyes. "That's what you came to tell me, isn't it? That our college has been reopened?"

              Chez nodded his head. "Yeah, that's what I came to tell you. I got the letter this morning asking me to contact our temporary students, including you, and inform them that by the end of the month, they are to return to their own college."

              Aiden sighed. "At least I finally got a chance to live here in Ycehart Hall. It's a really nice place, Chez. The residents are nice, too. Especially Rocket James. He said I reminded him of a friend he used to have. So we have until the end of the month?"

              Chez nodded his head once again. "Of course, we at Kingdom will miss you guys being around. As you know, Colin and Duma graduate this year, though you've barely started college. I guess I am just worried that you and your two love interests are going to get separated after graduation."

              Aiden slowly walked with Chez in silence thinking about what he'd do without Colin and Duma. "Was I really the first one you told, Chez?"

              Chez sighed. "No... I told Colin and Duma first... I sorta accidentally caught them... in bed together... They simply told me to come tell you the news and if you were happy about going back, they'd be happy too. But then I reminded them that they both graduated this year. And they... Colin showed more concern about how you'd cope next year if he wasn't around. Duma remarked that he could help you find a new boyfriend."

              Aiden sighed too. "They were in bed together? Who... who was on top?"

              Chez grinned. "Duma was. Colin looked totally pinned down." He turned to Aiden with a smile. "Aside from that, Aiden... you'll always be welcome to come back and visit Kingdom later on. Or, you can even transfer back officially, if you want to. But I know you just want to be where Colin and Duma are. And I know they're heading back." (But one of the two will not be returning. I hate keeping secrets from friends.)

              Aiden smiled. "You're right. I'd want to be where they are and that's back at our college."

              Chez then handed Aiden a sealed letter. "By the way, Rick asked me to give you this. I didn't open it, so I don't know what's in it. I have work to do. Thanks for walking with me." And he headed off.

              Chapter 20

              A few hours later, Aiden found himself at the address that was mentioned in the letter. The place was off campus, but in the letter, Rick had asked Aiden to come alone and it was an urgent matter.

              Aiden knocked on the door of the nearly secluded one-room black shack.

              "Who is it?" came Rick's hushed voice.

              Aiden looked at the letter then replied, "It's not your sister." Of course, he was just reading what it said to say in the letter. He then heard the door unlatch, and then, Rick quickly pulled Aiden inside and relatched the door.

              The one-room shack had a single mattress lying on the floor, with sheets and pillows, and nearby, there was a cooler full of beer.

              Rick sat on the mattress and said, "Have a seat, Aiden. Thank you for coming."

              Aiden sat down close to Rick by accident. "You said it was urgent. What's the problem?"

              Rick turned and placed a firm grip on both of Aiden's arms and replied, "Look me right in the eye, Aiden..." and when Aiden did as asked, Rick asked, "Tell me the truth... Are you really gay?"

              Aiden irked. He almost wished he was anywhere but here, now. But Rick was holding him. And Aiden knew he had to give an answer. Finally, he sighed and said, "...yes... and you're hurting me..."

              Rick loosened his grip a bit and said, "I want you to leave Colin alone. Do you hear me? What would it take for me to get you to leave Colin alone? Just tell me that please."

              Aiden already had an answer in mind. "Take his place, Rick. I know you like girls... you and I don't have to sleep together to prove or disprove anything. But if you want me to never bother Colin again, then I need a replacement for Colin. And you have to be that replacement. Besides... I'd be lying if I said your body wasn't hot..." He blushes.

              Rick wasn't expecting that response from Aiden.

              Aiden sighed. "During baseball training, you and I...we simply clicked. Was that just an accident, Rick? Or maybe we were meant to be together in some weird way. I didn't plan it this way, but maybe you secretly wanted it and didn't let yourself in on the secret."

              Rick gulped and asked, "Have you and Colin... ever... um, you know... had sex?"

              Aiden smiled at Rick. "No. But I'd like to. I'd never betray Colin's trust just for a quickie. Although... I'd do it with you if you... if you wanted to find out if us being together is a fluke. You already have a bed here and a cooler of beer."

              Rick thought about it for a long time. Becky would call him a hypocrite. Then Rick smiled at Aiden and...

              Chapter 21

              About a week later at Kingdom, everyone was preparing for the upcoming graduation ceremonies. Almost every senior on campus was wandering around wearing black graduate robes and the obvious cap with tassle. Dennis Andrews was no exception, though he had finished his primary major in political sciences, he was beginning a new major in religious ministry. Of course, the first person he wanted to see was Shaq. He wanted to give Shaq a chance to make fun of him wearing a black gown and a silly hat. However, finding Shaq was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

              "Where in the flipping hell is he? Oh my... listen to me... I'm talking like the old Shaq."

              Dennis continued to search for Shaq, but no one had seen hide nor hair of him since Lindsay's hospital visit. And that was primary cause for concern for Dennis. He worried about Shaq a lot.

              Finally, just as Dennis was about to call it quits, he overheard two werewolves talking in front of one of the campus clubs.

              "...and that tabby cat has almost literally moved in with that sweet young wereroo at the WereDomes."

              Dennis confronted the two. "Did you say a tabby cat? Where can I find him?"

              The two gave Dennis directions to the WereDome's dormitory complex and soon, Dennis was within chatting to the resident authority of the dome, a male wererabbit named Bigwik.

              "So you see, Bigwik... I'm worried about Shaq. I know he's here keeping Joseph Huxley company. I really need to see him and talk to him for just a bit."

              Bigwik chewed on a carrot while stroking one of his long ears. "Sure thing, Dennis. I remember when you helped me during registration a few years ago." He pulled out a form and a pen and handed them to Dennis. "Fill this out and sign where the 'X' is. It's an anti-clause protection form. What it literally says is that you will not hold any of the therianthropes living within responsible for any accident that befalls you during your visit here. All standard procedure, in case you get infected or attacked or some other weird thing."

              Dennis read the form over twice and filled in the necessary information on himself, then signed his name at the bottom. He handed the form back to Bigwik. "Here you go. Now can I see Shaq?"

              Bigwik read over what Dennis had filled in, then notarized and stamped the form before filing it away. Then he stood up and said, "Follow me, Dennis. I'll escort you the first time. This place is like a maze at night. Every mini-dome is it's own environment. Sometimes, as many as 40 therianthropes or more live in each minidome. However, Joey is the only werekangaroo we have, so he has a minidome all to himself. Sorta like VIP status. If Shaq wasn't keeping Joey company, the poor wereroo would have lost hope and his sanity days ago."

              Bigwik led Dennis through the corridors between the minidomes, getting glimpses into each minidome's environment as they continued to Joey's private outback minidome.


                Chapter 22

                At Joey's minidome, Bigwik pushed the button of the intercom and spoke into the mic. "Joey? Shaq? You have a visitor. I am letting him in now." He released the button and turned to Dennis. "You can go right in now. I have to get back to the front desk now." And he headed off.

                Dennis carefully let himself into Joey's minidome and noticed immediately how nice it felt in there. "At least he's not suffering in this kind of environment. Now I wonder where Shaq and Joey are?" And he walked further in, staying on the designated path.

                He eventually found the two of them. Dennis was a little worried when he saw that Shaq wasn't wearing any clothing. "Um, Shaq? Where are your clothes?"

                Shaq glanced up with a smile. "Hello Dennis." Then he laughed uncontrollably. "Oh man! That senior gown makes you look more female than my alchemist's tunic made me look! And that hat!"

                Dennis grinned. "I know. I look ridiculous. And now that you're laughing at how stupid I look, I've accomplished what I came to do... which was to give you a chance to make fun of my 'dress'."

                Joey chuckled. "'iya Dennis. Ah'm glad to see yas." He then got serious. "Um... 'ow is Lindsay?"

                Dennis replied, "He's better. He was in bed for several days at the dorm, then this morning, I heard that he was having breakfast in the Ycehart cafeteria, so he must be recovering quite nicely. But I am sure he's still thinking about his best friend who is stuck here."

                Joey smiled. "Thanks for telling me that, mate. Ah was so worried about 'im. Shaq? Why don't yas visit with Dennis for a bit, while Ah go check on our clothes." And he turned and bounded off beyond a row of tall hedges.

                Shaq grinned at Dennis. "Our clothes got muddy and we had to wash them and hang them up to dry. That's where my clothes are. Besides... Joey's been the perfect host. Plus, he still needs me. And as long as he still needs me, Dennis, I am going to stay here with him."

                Dennis was quiet for a while, then asked, "Shaq... what about us? Or is that over and gone now?"

                Shaq stood up and replied, "I can't think about trying to date you while Joey has need of me, Dennis. For now, let's call it a vacation from each other. Besides, you have the graduation to think about and what you'll be doing next year."

                Dennis nodded his head. "I understand. Better than you think I do, Shaq... you're dating Joey, aren't you?"

                Shaq sighed and nodded his head. "I'm sorry, Dennis. Joey was really needing someone, and I realized in the hospital how much I really loved Joey, so... I agreed to be his live in boyfriend. I never meant it to hurt you, Dennis. I just haven't had the time to tell you. I love Joey. And he loves me." Shaq turned away for a moment, then turned back and said, "I want to get married to Joey someday, Dennis. Please don't make my decision any harder than it has to be."

                Chapter 23

                When Joey returned from checking on the clothes, he noticed that Dennis was no longer there. "Um, where'd Dennis go, mate?" he asked of Shaq.

                Shaq turned and hugged Joey tightly and kissed the side of Joey's face. "Dennis had to go do some Okali things. He... figured out that I was dating you, Joey. And I think it hurt him. But I am not backing down this time, love. I agreed to be your boyfriend and that's that. I think you still need me and I'm willing to do anything for you. Anything at all." He then grinned slyly. "Besides, you are the best muddyball player I've ever seen... mate." He winked.

                Joey giggled and pounced Shaq enthusiastically, hugging, rubbing, and nuzzling the tabby cat all over. "Ah am glad yas want to stay with me, mate. Were yas serious, though, when yas said yas wanted to marry me someday?"

                Shaq nodded his head. "When we make it official... you can infect me properly. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Joey. I've already decided on this. I love you."

                Joey grinned. "Ah think yas just want to learn more of my Aussie dirty words."

                Shaq grinned back. "Yeah, that too." He winked again.

                Across campus, Jade was seated at the counter of a small ice cream parlor with Becky and Kama. "...and my brother was really glad that I wanted nothing to do with the family. And I promised him that I'd leave him alone in the future. He looked really happy."

                Becky nodded her head, while she ate her ice cream. "I wished I looked really happy."

                Kama asked, "What happened, Becky?"

                Becky replied, "They got my original college repaired and all of us that were sent to Kingdom temporarily are being called back now."

                Jade growled when she heard that. "When do you have to go back, Becky?"

                Becky said, "At the end of the week... literally this weekend."

                Kama also growled. "You mean they're going to make you guys come back before Kingdom Graduation week? That's nuts! I mean, you've been here all year! What is one more week to them?"

                Jade said, "It's out of our hands, Kama. There is nothing we can do about it."

                Kama hummed. "...maybe if I paid Shaq to go blow up their college..."

                Becky was shocked by what Kama said! "Kama! That is bad karma! Who's thinking like a jock now?"

                Jade laughed out loud at Becky's statement!!

                Chapter 24

                Omar walked into the Kingdom U Auditorium and up on stage to stand behind the podium. He was always glad to see the families and friends to the students who had been attending the university. And this afternoon was no exception. After the applause ended, Omar began his speech...

                "As Dennis and Garla would say, Praise Okali. We have reached the end of yet another Senior exchange. And many who are gathered now are sure to be looking forward to their coming lives outside of this institution of learning. And the adventures on campus that each have been a part of... will never be forgotten by those who were involved in them. Now, I would like to thank the mysterious benefactor who was so kind to convince the Procyo-Vulpine University to the north to allow it's students who had been taking classes here to graduate from Kingdom properly. I don't know who spoke up on our behalf, but the effort is appreciated."

                In the audience, in a balcony seat, Giovani Uhtlicue, Jade's father, beamed proudly as his two bodyguards stood behind him, each with a silent grin and quiet chuckle.

                Omar continued, "When I call your name, please come forward and stand on stage with me. Rebecca Mooney."

                Becky came forward wearing her cap and gown.

                "Richard Mooney."

                Rick blushed when he heard Omar call him by his real name, but he too proceeded up on stage.

                "Dennis Andrews."

                There was an applause when Dennis slowly walked up on stage to join the others.

                "Rolfe von Stark."

                Rolfe was escorted up on stage by two police hounds. He knew that this was merely a brief moment of freedom. Then, he'd have to return to jail to serve out the rest of his sentence.

                "Chalchi Uhtlicue."

                Jade came walking up on stage with a smile. When she turned around, she smiled more when she saw Franklin and Gareth seated in the audience. Then she saw her father in the balcony and she was instantly nervous.


                Smokey grinned wide as he came up on stage.

                "Asim Sahndeem."

                As Asim came up on stage, there were many wolf-whistles and cheers from his fans who knew all too well what he packed under his gown.


                  Chapter 25

                  "Colin Young."

                  Colin smiled as his name was called. He stood up and threw a wink at Duma and Aiden, then headed up on stage to join the others.

                  "Kama Chan."

                  Kama arose like a lady and strode to the stage where she then turned and bowed to the audience.

                  "Toby Romsawai."

                  Toby got up and walked up on stage. When he turned to the audience, he saw his mom waving at him.

                  "Rodney Waters."

                  Rodney headed up and joined Toby on stage, though he refrained from hugging him.

                  "Kyle Lanthir."

                  Kyle, a wolf by reputation, proceeded up on stage with a smile on his face. His mate sat in the audience quietly smiling up at him.

                  "Clip Fox."

                  Clip smiled as he stood up and headed up to stand with the others.

                  "Leaf Dog."

                  Leaf also smiled, for he was proud to graduate with his graphic design degrees.

                  Omar, one at a time, handed each their diplomas, and wished them well in their endeavors in their coming careers.

                  Jade grinned when she got her diploma and made a statement loud and clear. "I may not have earned this, but it's been a very hard year for me. I got to know some very nice people. I learned some very hard lessons that had nothing to do with the college. In short, I learned how to be a person. Therefore... I will be rejoining Kingdom U for one more session. I never had a major before... but now, I know what I want to do. My father will be pleased to hear me say this, for the one's that work for him aren't always the most trustworthy bunch that exist, so he'll need someone in the family who has the skill. I will be majoring in accounting."

                  Giovani smiled, as he wiped a happy tear out of his eye.

                  Jade then said, "And the next time I graduate... you all can expect this big old iguana to tie the knot! I have a fiance back home who has been waiting for me to come back and marry him!"

                  Chapter 26

                  Later that night, there was a huge party at one of the on campus banquet halls. Everyone who was anyone was there. In fact, even the local King and Queen were attending.

                  Lindsay assisted Garla in guarding the punch bowl, though Lindsay's eyes were almost constantly looking at the Queen's unicorn like tail, as she danced with the King on the main ballroom dance floor. Garla just grinned, for she knew what was going on in Lindsay's life.

                  Coach Lance Sethnic was quietly talking with Colin outside on one of the many terraces. "Are you sure you want to work here at Kingdom, Colin? I am sure you have tons of other offers for someone with your new graduate skills. And what of your little coon friend and the cheetah? Have you told them you'd be working here yet?"

                  Colin replied quietly, "No, I haven't told them yet. And I am not going to tell them until after they both get back to the other college. They deserve some time together without me being in the way. I owe Duma for these last few weeks. And yes, I want to work here at Kingdom U. You're not making Dennis leave, are you?"

                  Lance grinned. "Okali would fry me where I stood if I even suggested it."

                  Colin laughed at that statement.

                  The silverback gorilla, Mark, lumbered up to the punchbowl and filled himself up a glass. Then he turned to Lindsay and said, "I hope you don't mind, but your former roommates have accepted my invitation to join me in my dorm room next semester. You'll have 305 all to yourself, until Omar forces others to join you."

                  Lindsay just smiled a little. "It's okay, Mark. I am sure no one will want to be around while I am dating that drama phoenix, Vanessa." Then he sighed. "I thought for sure they'd let Joey come to the final party of the semester..."

                  In another corner of the banquet hall, Becky was talking to Kama. "...and I about flipped when Rick told me that he was going to be dating Aiden."

                  Kama laughed out loud. "That's rich! Mr. Prude is trying out the other side of the fence?"

                  Becky nodded her head. "Yeah! I don't know what's gotten into him!"

                  Kama then asked, "Where is Mr. Prude right now? I see Aiden over there talking to Rodney and Toby, but I don't see your brother anywhere."

                  Becky looked around slowly. "That's a good question. He was here a moment ago."

                  Outside the banquet hall and behind the bushes, Rick and Duma were together on a dark blanket having a very quiet discussion about Aiden, Colin, and life itself... and moreso, what Rick might expect to occur when he started dating Aiden.

                  Chapter 27

                  About that moment, Lindsay felt a tug on his right hand shirt sleeve. When he turned to see who it was, he smiled widely. "Joey!" And he hugged his little werekangaroo friend. "I thought for sure they weren't going to let you come!"

                  Joey wore a white muzzle-mask over his mouth and muzzle, and Shaq stood nearby as Joey's escort. Joey gently snugged Lindsay, then said, "Not even Omar could keep this ol' Aussie roo boy away from 'ere, mate. Just no kissing." He winked at Lindsay. "Will yas dance with me or do Ah 'ave to go feral on yas?"

                  Lindsay grinned! "Yas know it, mate! 'ere we go!" And he carted his buddy out on to the dance floor!!!

                  Shaq smiled to Garla and asked, "Where's Dennis tonight, Garla? I was hoping he'd be around so I could spend some special time with him. Or did he decide that Okali was more important than me... again..."

                  Garla sighed and gently hugged Shaq. "He didn't think you'd come to the party, Shaq. So he stayed at his chapel in Saint Andrews Hall to remember his deceased parents. He's there by himself, if it's any consolation to you, Shaq."

                  Shaq sighed. "Nevermind then... I can't afford to go see him. I promised Bigwik that I'd escort Joey and keep an eye on him, just in case of you know what... I guess it's over with between Dennis and me. He has Okali now... I hope she likes dating him."

                  Garla wanted to slap Shaq when he said that. "That's not how it is at all, Shaq! We DON'T date the goddess! Do I look lesbian to you?"

                  Shaq stepped back from Garla's anger. "No! I'm sorry... I didn't mean... I'm sorry." Shaq turned and ran off to sit by himself in a corner of the dance hall. He had been really hoping to see Dennis one last time. He knew he was alone now. Dennis was gone.

                  Garla sighed as she stepped back over to the punchbowl and slapped Huckleberry's paw really hard. "No booze in the bowl, ferret."

                  Huck rubbed his sore paw. "That smarts, Garla. I was getting a glass for Warneeri. What's your problem, anyway?"

                  Garla matter of factly told Huck what Shaq suggested.

                  Huck busted up laughing! And dodged Garla's swinging fist and ran!

                  And Garla gave chase!

                  Omar took over guarding the punchbowl and slyly smiled. "Just like old times." Then he lifted his voice and shouted, "Run, Huck! Run!" He then giggled and poured himself a glass of punch.

                  Many more such antics occurred late into the night and then...


                    Chapter 28

                    Dawn brought on many hangovers, visits to the local campus hospital, and the discovery of people behind the bushes.

                    The saber-toothed tiger doctor exclaimed, "Oh no! Not more campus students!"

                    Campus security were making their rounds when they found Rick and Duma asleep behind the bushes. Franklin grinned, as he whispered to his security friends, "I'll handle this. I know these two. That one just graduated and this other one will be returning to the other college soon. They sure are in a compromising position. One of you hand me a camera, will ya?"

                    Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap.

                    Franklin grinned. "That should be enough blackmail evidence. Okay guys, you can wake them up now."

                    Across campus, on a small hilltop facing the college, Dennis, Joey, Shaq, and Lindsay sat on a picnic blanket, with several hot breakfast meals and drinks.

                    Dennis said, "I'm sorry about last night, Shaq. And it's not over between us. Garla told me what you said. It hurts my feelings to think that you gave up on me so quickly. But... I had given up on you. When you said that you wanted to marry Joey... and then... Garla told me what you said..."

                    Shaq sighed. "We make mistakes, Dennis. Sometimes big mistakes. Sometimes small mistakes. Us dating has always been a big mistake. As friends, we couldn't be closer... but as lovers... we're a flop. And Okali knows it." He then grinned at Dennis. "By the way, I heard a rumor that you want me to blow up Saint Andrews Hall. Name the time and I'll do it."

                    Joey munched on his breakfast and said, "Thanks for arranging this meal for us, Lindsay. And... yas danced beautifully last night. Ah felt so special. But Ah've decided that it's okay if yas become my Uncle Lindsay. Reed sent me an email last night. 'e's 'orny again, ya know?"

                    Lindsay facehanded himself. "No wonder he asked me to come help him during Summer break. He's wanting to pounce my ass. Maybe if I tie a frying pan to my butt..."

                    Everyone cracked up laughing!

                    Shaq then said, "Hey look! The Procyon-Vulpes crowd are heading off on the overland transit bus! I sure am going to miss seeing them on campus... but when you gotta go, you gotta go."

                    At that moment, Colin joined the five on the hill top, sitting down and looking in the picnic basket. "I sure hope you saved something for me, guys."

                    Lindsay smiled, handing Colin some food and drink. "What are you doing here, Colin? Why aren't you on the transit bus with the others?"

                    Colin grinned. "I got a job here at Kingdom U. You'll be seeing me here next year."

                    Chapter 29

                    On board the transit bus, Rick and Duma were blushing as red as could be, as most of the students were laughing and chanting "Mr. Prude and Duma! Sitting in a tree! F! U!" The rest was dirty.

                    Aiden was looking around the bus seats, thoroughly.

                    Becky noticed him and asked, "What are you looking for, Aiden? You are acting like you're searching for buried treasure."

                    Aiden replied, "I can't find Colin. Where is he?"

                    At that moment, everyone on the bus did a quick head count. Sure enough, Colin simply wasn't there.

                    Taro grinned. "You people look so silly looking around like a chicken with it's head chopped off. I thought it would be obvious where Colin was after I read the Kingdom Campus newspaper this morning."

                    Aiden was immediately in Taro's face! "Where? Where is he?"

                    Taro just grinned as he handed Aiden the newspaper.

                    Aiden searched the newspaper, then finally found what he was looking for on page four, in the sports section. "Colin Young, a fresh young graduate, joined the Sun Raven campus medical staff today as their on site sports medicine doctor." Aiden paled after he read that, dropping the newspaper.

                    Rodney said, "Bullie for him! I knew he'd put his graduate skills to good use someplace. And around all those fresh hot bodies, too. Yessiree, he's certainly in the right place and..."

                    Aiden shouted, "STOP THE BUS! I WANT MY FOX! WE GOTTA GO BACK FOR MY FOX! I LOVE HIM!!!"

                    Toby winked at the bus driver. "Just keep driving, sir. We'll sedate the coon, don't you worry. He's just learned that a friend of his got a job at Kingdom U and he's going to miss him."

                    Aiden was starting to go a little berserk. "MUST! HAVE! FOX!" he screamed, as the other students held him down and Duma injected Aiden with a sedative. "MUST! H..A...v..e.........fooooxxxx...." And Aiden passed out on the floor.

                    Duma sighed. "I hated to do that to him. I'm going to miss Colin, too. He and I finally patched up our differences. Why didn't he just tell us that he was staying at Kingdom University?"

                    Toby said, "You saw how Aiden reacted just now. That's the exact reason he didn't tell us. Besides, we'll see him again."

                    Becky arched an eye. "What makes you say that, Toby?"

                    Toby grinned. "Because Colin still has the raccoon underwear that Aiden lent him."

                    Thanks to LeafDog for these last few years of allowing me to use his characters in the first six episodes of Furry University. With the exception of Colin Young, the rest of the ClosetCoon characters will no longer be appearing in this series. Thanks again for letting me use these characters, LeafDog. It is greatly appreciated.

                    Chapter 30

                    Later that day, Dennis helped Colin move into private housing just off campus. In truth, is was a place right next door to Smokey's residence.

                    Colin smiled. "Thanks for helping me get moved in, Dennis. I really appreciate your help."

                    Dennis pushed the new couch into place. "It's perfectly all right, Colin. I know what moving is like. And you're going to be a faculty member, same as me. So it's the least I can do."

                    Colin set a table lamp up and plugged it in. "I may need to go to confessional before the new semester starts. Duma and I got dirty in the weeks before graduation." He winked.

                    Dennis grinned slyly. "That's not so bad. If you want to get dirty some more, I don't have to be back at the temple until later tonight for services."

                    Colin laughed out loud and hugged Dennis! "Shame on you! You'll make my friends jealous!"

                    Dennis licked Colin's neck. "Nothing gained, nothing lost. Have you see your bedroom yet?"

                    Across campus inside the WereDome, Joey and Shaq relaxed on an artificial muddy shoreline of a sythecated river in the Aussie Dome.

                    Shaq slowly licked Joey's left thigh. "Your thighs taste really good, love."

                    Joey giggled from the licks. "Yer tongue is raspy, mate. And it tickles."

                    Shaq smiled and made a schuberting sound on Joey's thigh! "You what I'd really like, Joey?"

                    Joey panted with a smile. "What's that, mate?"

                    Shaq slowly pulled himself up over Joey's body and kisses Joey on the muzzle deeply. "Bite me, so I can go hunting with you."

                    Joey sighed, then said, "If Ah do this, Shaq... there's no turning back. It's one way, unless yas get Uncle Reed to cure yas. Are you sure it's what yas want?"

                    Shaq grinned. "Ah think it'd be kinda funny if Ah bit you, mate." He replied in his best Joey voice.

                    Joey chuckled, then slowly pressed his werekangaroo fangs into Shaq's neck and broke the surface sharply, drawing blood, as he very carefully continued to turn Shaq's blood feral like his own.

                    When Joey's fangs pierced Shaq's skin, he screamed, though the sound was soon muffled entirely.

                    Lindsay was glad to see his white stag escort on the hilltop outside of campus. "I'm ready for Summer break at Reed's place. Let's go." And the two headed off through the shimmering air portal.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, DT-07 Ode to a Devilmouse

                    For a special treat, I'll reprint LeafDog's ClosetCoon Character Bios this time.

                    Thanks, LeafDog and Clip Fox for giving us such great characters!


                    Name: Aiden Harris
                    Age: 19
                    Species: Raccoon
                    Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
                    Weight: 149 lbs (68 kg)
                    Major: Chemistry
                    Blood Type: B-
                    Likes: Running, peaches, computers, skinny-dipping
                    Dislikes: Durian, Yu-Gi-Oh, crowded places, default cell phone ring

                    Name: Colin Young
                    Age: 19
                    Species: Red Fox
                    Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
                    Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
                    Major: Sports Medicine
                    Blood Type: A+
                    Likes: Basketball, video games, soap-making
                    Dislikes: Homework, hangovers, telemarketers, affirmative action

                    Name: Rebecca Mooney
                    Age: 18
                    Species: Tundra Wolf
                    Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
                    Weight: 161 lbs (75 kg)
                    Major: Sociology
                    Blood Type: AB
                    Likes: Kayaking, eastern religions, shopping, slumber parties
                    Dislikes: Family gatherings, "bitch" jokes, sci-fi movies

                    Name: Richard "Rick" Mooney
                    Age: 20
                    Species: Tundra Wolf
                    Height: 6'3" (191 cm)
                    Weight: 207 lbs (93 kg)
                    Major: Economics
                    Blood Type: AB
                    Likes: Sports, frat parties, getting drunk, womanizing
                    Dislikes: Liberals, vegetables, studying, Mexican food

                    Name: Rodney Waters
                    Age: 22
                    Species: Coyote
                    Height: 5'10" (177 cm)
                    Weight: 158 lbs (72 kg)
                    Major: Education
                    Blood Type: B
                    Likes: Backpacking, reading, jazz
                    Dislikes: Mean people, fundies, calculus

                    Name: Toby Romsawai
                    Age: 21
                    Species: Indochinese Tiger
                    Height: 6'4" (193 cm)
                    Weight: 211 lbs (96 kg)
                    Major: Veterinary Medicine
                    Blood Type: O+
                    Likes: Anime, tea, kung-fu movies, kung-fu
                    Dislikes: Girl anime, Chinese opera, a dirty house

                    Name: Duma Matambo
                    Age: 18
                    Species: Cheetah
                    Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
                    Weight: 155 lbs (70 kg)
                    Major: Pre-Med
                    Blood Type: A
                    Likes: Fondue, gambling (especially poker), Linux
                    Dislikes: Country music, Apartheid, rainy weather

                    Name: Taro Nishikawa
                    Age: 20
                    Species: Akita Inu
                    Height: 5'11" (181 cm)
                    Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
                    Major: Undeclared
                    Blood Type: B-
                    Likes: Taiko drums, being pampered, astronomy
                    Dislikes: Hard liquor, hyper folks, stereotypes

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                    Permission to use the ClosetCoon characters of Aiden, Colin, Rick, Becky, Toby, Rodney and Duma were given by LeafDog prior to writing this story. The ClosetCoon characters are all copyright 2003 by LeafDog. All rights are reserved.