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DT-05 Rough Diamonds

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    DT-05 Rough Diamonds

    In the days before the funeral services for a college student, life at Kingdom U is not all glittering gold. Dennis is likely to be prosecuted for furslaughter unless Franklin can prove Dennis' innocence of the accident. Meanwhile, Lindsay begins his assigned duty as the captain of the Kingdom U Sun Ravens baseball team. Jade finds herself pregnant, but by who? As Shaq endlessly berates himself over causing Dennis' current condition, Kama begins dating a mysterious stranger.

    "Dunmore Tales"

    DT-05 Rough Diamonds
    By Darrel James VanWinkle

    Chapter 01

    The funeral for Von Stark was slated for the coming week. Somehow, it didn't seem like much of an end to spring. Most of the returning students were shocked by the news. Of course, they all supported Dennis Andrews, though they felt deeply for their departed German wolf friend, as well. The students could scarcely believe the story about what had happened.

    Jade sat in her bathroom, regurgitating into the open toilet. As she sat there panting, Jade rasped, "What's wrong with me? I've never felt so queasy before in my life."

    Across the campus at the Sun Raven baseball field, Lindsay and Joey checked out the field looking for flaws in the turf. They were walking along, hand in paw.

    Lindsay said, "You think I can do this, Joey?"

    Joey smiled. "Ah think ya'll look sexy in the team uniform, mate. If anything, Cordelia will be impressed."

    Lindsay hummed. "Joey? This is Cordelia's last month here at Kingdom U. After that, she'll be heading back north to spend the rest of the year with her mother."

    Joey hummed? "And your point?"

    Lindsay replied, "The point is, Cordelia and I always knew that our dating was a temporary arrangement. What will I do without her? Who will I tag up with during the times when I need to get out of the dorms?"

    Joey smiled and kissed Lindsay's cheek. "Yas will find someone, mate. Everyone on campus likes ya. Even your roommate, Bram, likes ya. Yas will find someone."

    Lindsay hummed. "If only I had an idea on who to look for..."

    Joey grinned and winked. "'ow about that football tailor, that 'andsome and slender, yet muscular, male dolphinoid named Chipper Shoals? Ya liked 'im, didn't ya? Or 'ow about that buff and muscular Arabian stallion, Asim Sahndeem, at the Reverse Polarity?"

    Lindsay smiled. "Chipper was nice. Maybe I should look into him. As for Asim, as Rudolph once said, he's was a little bit too big for me." Lindsay winked back at Joey. "I just wish I could find someone sexy, like you."

    Joey hummed as they walked. A sexy kangaroo like me, 'uh? Maybe Ah kin find someone like that for Lindsay. Ah jus' wish Lindsay wanted me for more than a friend.

    At the autopsy of Von Stark, Franklin lent the head physician a helping paw, mainly so he could see the results of the autopsy, first hand. Any information at all on Von Stark could be a huge help in the upcoming court case with Dennis. He wasn't sure what to expect, but he knew that this was his best bet in this terrible mess.

    Chapter 02

    Dennis was under house arrest at the hospital. There were both a police skunk and a police German shepherd guarding the door of his room. Dennis lay there in a seeming darkness, blinded from something in the accident. "Mom... Dad... It won't be long now..."

    At the main hospital desk, Warneeri, Huckleberry, Garla Canopyskimmer, Shaq, Zu`larr and Elizakat were gathered, talking to the head doctor.

    Garla said, "So that's why they called me in, doc. They want me to perform an Okali treatment on Dennis to try to purge out his cancer, as well as to try to restore his eyesight. But if you'd rather I not do it and force you to have to endure sometimes insane visiting college students, just give the word."

    The head doctor, a male sabretoothed tiger, made a horrible face as he remembered what it was like when Shaq was in the hospital some months ago. "Hell no! You have permission to do the treatments! Anything to get these two OUT of my hospital!"

    Garla smiled. "Thank you, doc. I'll certainly try to do my best."

    Shaq said, "What's the matter, Doc? Don't you like me and Dennis?"

    The doctor glared at Shaq. "The sooner you and your friend are out of here, the better." He glanced to Garla. "If you'll excuse me, I have other patients to attend to." He strode off.

    Warneeri giggled. "Why Garla... I never knew you had strong arm tactics in addition to your religious studies."

    Garla grinned. "The better to deal with bureaucrats, my dear!" Garla laughed. "Now, we need to go see Dennis and get these treatments started. You heard the doc: the sooner, the better."

    Rick, Colin, Duma and Aiden were having lunch at Sun Raven Stadium. They weren't the only ones having lunch there. The Sun Ravens Stadium was rarely open except during baseball season.

    Rick sipped his cola, then said, "I was thinking about trying out for this year's baseball team. But I think I might be too stocky to be accepted. I mean, I'm not built like Duma and Aiden, you know."

    Colin hummed. "Rick, you could always try out for umpire. As for myself... if the right people were on the team, I'd be willing to date whoever scored the best RBI for the season."

    Aiden and Duma looked at each other. Aiden then said, "Um, I was also thinking... er, about trying out for the team."

    Duma also spoke up. "I was never much for baseball, but I'm willing to try out, too." Duma gave Colin a knowing wink.

    Colin hummed. "I would jump on the band wagon, guys... but I've already signed up for another sports medicine course, but I'll cheer you on from the bleachers."

    Chapter 03

    Toby and Smokey were out at the auto accident scene carefully examining the site of Von Stark's destroyed automobile. Toby was dressed up like Sherlock Holmes, while Smokey was dressed up like Doctor Watson.

    Toby said, "We have to determine why Von Stark's car exploded multiple times instead of experiencing just one normal explosion."

    Smokey hummed. "I might hazard a guess by saying that multiple explosions would suggest that Von Stark was carrying extra containers of highly flammable accelerants, and that they contributed to the car's multiple explosions."

    Toby nodded his head. "If that is the case, then we need to find proof of the other accelerants to present to Franklin. Otherwise, poor Dennis is going to be in a heap of trouble."

    Smokey growled, "I just know that Dennis is innocent. He doesn't deserve this, especially on top of his cancer and auto injuries."

    The two continued to carefully examine the area.

    At the autopsy, the doctor was thankful of Franklin's expert assistance.

    Franklin wasn't just lending a welcome paw, he literally had knowledge of performing autopsies from his training back in the Connecticut Police Forensic Labs. Franklin had knowledge of what to look for. He suspected that Von Stark had been drinking heavily, due to Dennis' testimony, and was pressing the doctor to look for the presence of alcohol and toxins in Von Stark's body.

    Finally, the doctor finished his work, escorting Franklin outside into the offices where the skunk prosecutor was waiting for them. Only then did the doctor begin talking.

    The doctor said, "As is suspected, Von Stark had an alcohol content 14 times higher than would be normal for a wolf of his stature. At the levels that I discovered, he shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a car, at all. Also to be noted, there was an unusual type of alcohol in his kidneys. A type that would suggest that it was homemade, rather than store-bought."

    The prosecutor exclaimed, "So, you're saying that Von Stark was doing something illegal with alcohol?"

    The doctor shook his head. "No, I am saying that Von Stark had an excessively high amount of alcohol in his system. As to the whys, I will let you and Franklin determine why that was. I need to go write up my report. If you'll both excuse me..." The doctor headed into his office.

    The prosecutor skunk looked at Franklin. "In the courtroom, we'd be on opposing sides. But I now am curious as to what activities Von Stark would have been doing that would cause him to be so intoxicated, as well as being out that direction from the college. Therefore, in this particular circumstance, I will team up with you to find out what Von Stark was doing."

    Chapter 04

    Kama waited for Jade at the doctor's office. Jade decided she should go while she was feeling up to it. Finally, Jade emerged from the office with a grim look on her muzzle.

    Kama asked, "That isn't a pretty picture. What did the doctor say, Jade?"

    Jade frowned. "I'm pregnant. But not by Franklin. And he's the only one I've been with."

    Kama hummed, then asked, "Why not by Franklin?"

    Jade replied, "Because Franklin isn't a true dragon. He's a human, like Lindsay. Humans are warm blooded, and lizards, like me, are cold blooded. The DNA encoding is non compatiable. It wouldn't matter how much Franklin made love to me, nothing would ever come of it. But someone got me pregnant without my knowing."

    Kama said, "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that, Jade. Want me to drive you back to your dorm room?"

    Jade sighed, "Yes, please. My college plans are shot. How can I attend classes while pregnant?"

    Kama sighed, too, as she escorted Jade back to her car. Kama could see that Jade was scared and needed some sort of support. Hopefully something would come to mind, soon.

    Meanwhile, just down the hallway of the hospital, Dennis lay in his bed, having given up on life. He was prepared to die. But... his only worry was Shaq... how would he handle it?

    A thick calm voice replied, "Just like that, eh Dennis?"

    Dennis said, "Who's there?"

    The thick calm voice replied, "I am a messenger of Death. You may call me Buddy."

    Dennis said, "Huh? Buddy? What kind of Death's messenger has a name like that? Am I fortunate that I can't see you?"

    Buddy replied, "50-50. There is no fortune where despair breeds. Do you really want to end your life?"

    Dennis sighed. "I'm blind, I have cancer, I caused a fellow student to get killed, my best friend moved out behind my back, and I'm likely to rot in jail because of my stupidity. What reason do I have to live?"

    Just then, the room's door opened and Dennis could hear Garla's voice, saying, "Hey! Get away from Dennis Andrews! He isn't ready to go, just yet! Go on! Or do I have to invoke my goddess?"

    Dennis then heard Buddy, saying, "Garla Canopyskimmer! Dennis says he's ready! I am willing to fight you for his life!" Dennis then heard the sounds of combat in the hospital room.

    Chapter 05

    The next thing Dennis heard was the sound of a fireball spell going off, followed by alarms, then the hospital's water sprinklers activating. At this point, Dennis was getting soaked in water. Then, he felt his bed being wheeled out of the hospital room, down the hall, and into an elevator. Once the doors slid shut, Dennis heard the doctor's voice saying, "I never dreamed that Death's Advocate would deliberately visit my hospital!"

    Dennis heard Shaq reply, "That scared even me! Thank you for helping me get Dennis out of there! I promise you... Dennis and I will not do this again in your hospital... I'm... I'm... sorry I was so much trouble before..."

    The doctor said, "Well... I may have over reacted, myself, Mr. Pernardo. You were suicidal back then and people suffering from your condition often do things like that. I just forgot and let it get to me. You and Dennis are welcome here anytime."

    Dennis couldn't help but to smile. The doc and Shaq were patching things up. Perhaps it wasn't the end of the world, afterall. Now, he had to somehow get through his other problems. Would the Justice of the Peace see things Dennis' way? That scared Dennis even more than death.

    Shaq dried an eye, shaking the doc's paw. "I'll help clean up any damages caused by this fiasco. It's the least I can do."

    The doctor replied, "No, you don't have to do that. Just promise me you'll take care of your friend Dennis from now on. He IS your friend, regardless of what may be happening in your lives. You both need to be more honest with each other. If Dennis had told you about his problems earlier on, you wouldn't have abandoned him behind his back. But now, you both have a second chance. It'll be difficult, with the current events surrounding Dennis' future, but you will both prevail because you are friends."

    Shaq sniffled. "Yeah... Dennis is my friend..."

    Dennis felt a tear leak out of his eye. Then... he slowly blinked his eyes a few times... there seemed to be fuzzy lighted things all around... and it was getting clearer... "...Doc... I can... see things..."

    The doctor and Shaq turned to Dennis immediately. And once the elevator doors opened again, the doctor and Shaq wheeled Dennis into an emergency room and proceeded to wash and flush out any foreign materials in Dennis' eyes. The procedure took about an hour. Then finally...

    Dennis felt bandages being slowly lifted off of his eyes.

    The doctor said, "I'm not sure how it happened, but you're going to be able to see again, Dennis. Okali must've taken pity on you and healed you. But there is better news..."

    Dennis asked, "What else is there, doc?"

    The doctor smiled. "There isn't a trace of the cancer in your body anywhere. You're cured!"


      Chapter 06

      Dennis cried, then hugged the doctor and Shaq, very tightly! "Thank you! Thank you!"

      Shaq smiled, petting the back of Dennis' head. "It's an Okali miracle, Dennis. You get a second chance in life. I'm proud of you."

      The doctor dislodged himself from the hug, then went over and spoke to the police guards. After a while, the doctor came back and said, "Remember what I said about enduring against all odds? Well, your next life's trial is about to begin. Because you're no longer injured, there is no reason for me to keep you in the hospital. But that is not exactly a reason to celebrate."

      Dennis looked to the police skunk and police German shepherd. "I know. I have to go to jail now. I'll go... don't give up on me, Shaq... your words really helped me... thank you."

      Shaq released Dennis, as the two policefurries escorted Dennis out of the hospital.

      Hours later, Dennis sat in a comfortable jail cell. Garla had gotten permission to go speak with Dennis, and sat with him, telling Dennis all about Okali's teachings. Dennis listened intently to these with great interest. Okali had chosen to heal him. Dennis felt that he owed something back to Okali. Dennis decided that he would become an Okali minister.

      At the campus, Shaq was starting a rally to petition Dennis' release from jail. Dammit, he had to. He remembered how Dennis brought everyone together to keep Lindsay Dunmore, a human, on campus some months ago. Now, Dennis needed help and by Okali, Shaq was going to make sure Dennis received that support! By that evening, there was a huge crowd of campus students outside the jail. And there was a chant, too.

      "We want Dennis Andrews! Release Dennis Andrews!"

      Mr. Coyle Padraig was also among those gathered there. He had the foresight to get a legal permit to allow such a congregation. He wanted Dennis returned to them, as well.

      Some calls to the local judge were made, then a conference with Franklin and the Prosecutor took place. But finally, just before midnight... Garla and Dennis emerged from the jail.

      Upon seeing Dennis, there was a huge cheer. Coyle joined Garla, as Dennis was mobbed by adoring fellow students.

      Garla said, "Dennis really appreciates this support."

      Coyle replied, "You can thank Shaq. He showed unheard of political qualities that I never knew he had and rallied the students to support Dennis."

      Garla said, "Do you think this will change Shaq's major?"

      Coyle grinned, watching the students touch and hug on Dennis. "Ms. Canopyskimmer... under Okali's watchful gaze, almost anything is possible."

      Chapter 07

      The next morning, Lindsay was in his buck stag body wearing the Sun Ravens baseball uniform. He also wore a cap with the word, Coach, on it. There were many tryouts lined up for the day. Guys and girls. Lindsay was pleased that girls were trying out for this. Jade had certainly opened up the way months earlier. Lindsay motioned for the first person in line to come over.

      It was Rick.

      Lindsay had Rick get on the scales, weighing Rick in, then, Rick was measured. Lindsay then compared the results to the averages given for Rick's species. Lindsay then said, "Rick, you need to lose 10 pounds. But other than that, you within the appropriate range. Now, go over into the batting tunnel and show Coach Lance Sethnic what you're made of and I sincerely hope it isn't Jell-O."

      Rick smirked, heading over to the batting tunnel.

      The next in line was Aiden. Duma was behind him, urging him forward.

      Lindsay had Aiden get on the scales, weighing Aiden in, then, Aiden was measured. Lindsay then compared the results to the averages given for Aiden's species. Lindsay then said, "Aiden, for your species, you're only an inch off. Almost the perfect raccoon. Are you sure you want to do this? I know how nervous all this might be making you and I don't want to see you fail because someone else made you try out."

      Aiden sighed, his thoughts on Colin, and Colin's statement... (I'd be willing to date whoever scored the best RBI for the season.) Aiden replied, "I have to do this. I can't just sit on the side lines my whole life. I need to do this."

      Lindsay smiled. "Very well, Aiden. Head on over and wait for Rick to get finished. Then, take your turn. Just pretend that your hitting the balls to someone you really like."

      Aiden smiled, heading on over toward the batting tunnel.

      Lindsay then took care of Duma, and many, many more students. Then, he saw Jade sitting alone in the bleachers. He finished up getting the remaining students entered, then Lindsay headed up to where Jade was seated. "Hey Chalchi... You don't look so hot. What's the problem?"

      Jade smiled at Lindsay for using her real name, then she sighed sadly. "I'm pregnant, Lindsay. And it isn't by Franklin. My life is over."

      Lindsay awed, hugging Jade. "No it isn't... your life should be just beginning. You're helping new life join the world. Instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself, you should be seeking out who did this to you and arranging some manner of revenge on them."

      Jade looked up at Lindsay sharply. "Revenge? Yeah... revenge..." Then, Jade straightened up. "Damn straight! You're right, Lindsay! I've been acting like a fool! I'll find out who did this to me and I'll torture them to no end!" Jade was grinning once again!

      Chapter 08

      Colin walked into the tailor's quarters within the stadium. Sitting there in a hot tub was Chipper, the campus' resident team tailor. Colin cleared his throat. "Excuse me."

      Chipper looked over with a smile. "Hey! Hi there! What can I do for you?"

      Colin blushed as he noticed that Chipper was nude. "Well... I'm wondering if you could modify the Sun Raven mascot costume so as to fit me. A friend of mine joined the baseball team and I'm afraid he's going to get hurt... so I want to be pretty close in case they need someone with medical skills, like me..."

      Chipper smiled. "That is so sweet. You care about your friends. This campus needs more students like you. Of course I can modify the costume to fit you. How's your acting voice?"

      Colin umm'ed. "My acting voice? Why is that important?"

      Chipper grinned and picked up a remote control, clicking a few buttons. The stereo system activated and the Sun Raven's voice emitted from the speakers, saying, "Hello folks! I am the Sun Raven! Are we going to win today? I can't hear you.......! Are we going to win? That's right! We're going to win! S! U! N! R! A! V! E! N! S! What does that spell? Sun Ravens! Yay!!!"

      Colin was blushing. "I thought they just played a recording every year..."

      Chipper shook his head. "Nope, the mascot uses his own voice, every time. The mascot is the rallying spirit of the team, yet he's also the practical joker. He performs an act for the audience. He'll even step up to the plate holding a bat by the ankles, as the bat is yelling for help. Of course, it's all an act, but it's supposed to be fun. Are you sure you want to do this? If anyone finds out it's you, you'll never live it down. Most people who volunteer for this position think it'll gain them fame and prestige, but after one time, they never want to do it again. So, you need to conceal your identity if you play this role."

      Colin said, "Oh," a paw on his chin. "I never knew how involved it was. It sounds hard."

      Chipper smiled. "It is hard. But you're wanting to do this for your friend. He must be special. Special enough to endure any amount of embarrassment... because you care. So, are you in?"

      Colin smiled back. "Yeah... it's for my friend. I'm in."

      Chipper hummed. "I'll work on modifying the costume. I want you to go talk to Jacob Wrisley and Sabino Zaverio. They both played this role once. They can tell you what it was like. Be civil and polite to them. After they played the role, their lives on campus was finished. You'll find Jacob playing box boy at the docks. Sabino is in the St. Lucas Medical Observatory. He tried to commit suicide back around Christmas. I think I'm the only one who went and spent time with him afterwards. He likes getting company, though he's an emotional wreck."

      Colin said, "Oh. I'll go talk to them. Thanks, Chipper."

      Chapter 09

      Franklin and the prosecutor had driven out to the accident scene where Toby and Smokey reported their findings to Franklin. After the explanation had been given, the four then hopped into their cars, and drove slowly, further back along the road, in hopes of finding out where Von Stark had been coming from.

      The two cars then stopped at a gas station, where Franklin and the prosecutor talked to the gas station attendant, asking about Von Stark.

      At first, the country otter evaded the subject. But after Toby and Smokey cornered the boy, showing them their muscles and suggesting what might happen if he didn't talk...

      The otter gulped, then turned to Franklin and the prosecutor. "Wh-what w-would you like to know...?"

      Franklin showed a picture of Von Stark to the otter boy. "Have you ever seen this wolf before?"

      The otter looked at the picture. His facial expression showed that he did know Von Stark. "He... doesn't look very familiar... sorry..."

      The prosecutor swished his skunk tail. "It would be bad if you knew something and helped hide something important, then were arrested and thrown into the kingdom prison for the rest of your life. Are you sure you don't know him?"

      Franklin growled, "Look, kid! Your facial expression screams that you know something! You can either tell us here or we can drag your tail down to police headquarters, and let Warneeri interrogate you..."

      The otter went pale at Warneeri's name! "I'LL TALK! I'LL TALK!! JUST KEEP HER AWAY FROM ME?!"

      And boy, did he ever talk! He spilled out everything he knew about everything. Even non relevant stuff.

      Smokey was a little appalled by some of the information. As was Toby.

      Franklin was, back in the car later with the prosecutor, saying, "Mention Warneeri's name and everyone opens right up... I'll have to remember that."

      The prosecutor grinned. "Warneeri is a little firecracker. Okay, Okay... she's TNT. A real bomb just waiting to blow someone up. And most of the males in this area know that." Then, the prosecutor frowned. "A moonshine still. I can't believe Von Stark would've willingly have gotten himself mixed up in something like that. We need more data... for the record, your friend Dennis is cleared. The accident wasn't his fault. But I need your help to find out what was really going on. Will you help me?"

      Franklin tilted his head at the prosecutor. "Of course I'll help."


        Chapter 10

        At the Uhtlicue plantation estate, the telephone began to ring. Kameel, Jade's fiance', answered the phone... "Hello? Uhtlicue residence. Kameel speaking."

        Jade growled, "KAMEEL?! DID YOU GET ME PREGNANT?!"

        Kameel was starting to feel GLAD he was safely at the plantation. "Hello Jade, my sweet. Why yes, I did."

        Jade's following comments about Kameel cannot be repeated here. Let us just say that they were very unladylike. Then, Jade growled, "YOU FEEL PRETTY SMUG ABOUT THIS, DON'T YOU?!"

        Kameel grinned. "You've been promising me you'd do this for me since we were kids. I wanted to give you a reminder about your promise. Scaly eggs are a wonderful reminder. Besides, with you at the college, it isn't like you're going to come all the way home just to kill me, is it?"

        At about that moment, Kameel heard a car door slam in the front driveway!

        Kameel irked... "Jade, sweets... where are you right now?"

        Jade growled, "ENTERING THE MANSION!" The phone connection ended at that point.

        As the screams of terror arose from the mansion itself...

        ...the scene shifted back to the college, where Kama, the sweet young panda, was preparing to go out for the afternoon. Her other roommate, a female dalmation named Alice, asked, "Where are you going?"

        Kama smiled. "I have a date. Someone I met in World Literature class. I really like him. He says that I make his heart jump. He wants to get to know me better."

        Alice grinned, trying on a few bikinis she had bought at the mall. "I won't badger you with details, until you return. Then, I'll want to know how it went."

        Kama smiled again. "He's special. By the way, where's Jade?"

        Alice chuckled. "She said she had to go kill someone. You know how she is..."

        Kama turned around to face Alice. "Yes, I do know how Jade is... she's pregnant. When did she leave?"

        Alice frowns. "Oh no... I just thought she was putting on some weight. She left a few hours ago. What's going on?"

        Kama sighed, "We're going to have to call the police... Jade went to kill the person who got her pregnant. And Jade is just mad enough to perform the act. I sincerely hope the guy she's after can keep out of Jade's grasp long enough for the police to get there." Kama picked up the phone and started dialing the police department.

        Chapter 11

        Colin arrived at the Kingdom Campus docks. He checked his notes, looking at the picture of Jacob Wrisley, a male Belgian hare. Jacob looked, in the picture, as if he could make the women all swoon from his charm alone. Colin walked over to the wharfmaster's office to inquire about Jacob's whereabouts.

        The wharfmaster, a grisled old sea turtle, said, "Yer lookin' fer Jake, ar' ya? What iffen he don' want to see ya?"

        Colin replied, "Please. Chipper said I should talk to Jacob. If Jacob doesn't want to see me, then he'll miss a rare chance to undo a past mistake."

        The wharfmaster hummed a bit. Then, he picked up his mike, clicking the switch. "Yo, Jake! I need ya in my office! And don' bother cleanin' yerself up!"

        A few moments later, a studly hunk of a near weightlifter type Belgian hare stepped into the office. His face and eyes were still the same, however...

        Colin smiled, then said, "Jacob Wrisley? I am Colin Young. I study sports medicine at the college. I'd like to..."


        Colin cringed from the outburst. "Jacob, please... calm down..."

        The wharfmaster said, "I told ya he wouldn' want to see ya. No matter how much it might clear his name from that terrible event..."

        Jacob turned toward the wharfmaster, then eyed Colin. "You didn't come here to make me feel like a peon?"

        Colin sighed. "Please, calm down, Jacob... I came because Chipper said I should talk to you... but if you want me to go away and take any hope of helping clear you with me... I'll go..."

        Jacob slowly sat down. "Chipper... sent... you...? He was the only one who treated me like someone... still does... okay, what do you want to know?"

        Colin smiled, sitting down, petting Jacob's paw. "I want to hear your version... why you wore that... costume..."

        Jacob sighed, starting to sob, as he remembered that terrible mascot costume... the curse of all curses... Then, he grabbed a tissue and blew his nose. Finally, he focused on Colin. "Colin... if you have any thoughts about wearing that costume, slap yourself a few times... hard. And I mean hard... that costume is a curse... never, ever, wear that costume, even if your life depends upon it... I wore it for a chance, in writing, to be able to join the drama club. They wouldn't let me join unless I could prove that I could perform a public role. I was suspicious, so... I had them put the deal in writing and had them all sign it. My major was industrial technology, with some hardcore business thrown in for good measure. After I received my copy of the contract and placed it into a safe place, I spoke with Chipper. And he warned me... damned, I should've listened to him... and the rest you know... I guess... Afterwards, they said that I couldn't join because mascots are exempt from drama club activities. I took them to court and I won, dammit, but... it was too late..."

        Chapter 12

        Lindsay sat in the cafeteria of Ycehart Hall, having himself a cole slaw salad with an enchilada casserole. Being the coach of the Sun Ravens was about wearing him out. "Man oh man... our team stinks. I don't know what I was expecting, but surely we can do better than THAT."

        Smokey walked in with Rodney and Toby, seating themselves at Lindsay's table.

        Lindsay smiled. "Hi guys. What's up?"

        Smokey asked, "We're planning a nature hike and Rodney suggested that we ask if you want to come with us..."

        Lindsay looked at Rodney, who just smiled back. Then, Lindsay replied, "If it gives me a chance to clear my mind and see why our team stinks and possibly give me ideas on how to fix it... then yes, I'd come along."

        Toby asked, "They're THAT bad?"

        Lindsay sighed. "Worse... I think real skunks could play better."

        Rodney grinned. "I know where some real skunks live, if you want to ask them..."

        Lindsay laughed. "No, I have to somehow make the current team want to perform well and want to win, on top of everything else. But how?"

        Toby hummed, with a sly grin... "Well, you could offer to go on a date with the player who performs the best during the season. I know I'd snatch you up, Lindsay. You do perform every weekend at the Reverse Polarity." Toby winked an eye.

        Lindsay hummed. "Bribery?"

        Smokey asked, "What seems to be the biggest problem?"

        Lindsay replied, "The biggest problem seems to be that only one-fourth of the team is even trying to do good. That equals out to five girls and two boys. The rest seem to be either staring at each other or at my privates... if you know what I mean..."

        Toby grinned. "That's where I'd be looking!"

        Rodney poked Toby with a finger. "I'm sure that's not helping, hon." Rodney then asked, "What two boys are doing the best?"

        Lindsay smiled. "That's easy. Rick and Aiden."

        Smokey hummed. "I didn't know Aiden was on the team. I'd be afraid that he'd get hurt playing college baseball. But if he's doing as well as Rick, that's a surprise to me."

        Chapter 13

        Shaq was working cleanup detail around campus. He had actually volunteered to do it, which had surprised campus sanitation services. While Shaq was working, Colin joined him, helping to finish up one last section. When it was done, Shaq eyed Colin with a arched eye. "What are you up to, Colin?"

        Colin grinned. "I need you to come with me for awhile. Please? I'll pay you if you say no, but I want someone to come with me."

        Shaq hummed. "Keep your money, Colin. You stink at being sneaky. What are you up to?"

        Colin sighed. "I'm getting ready to go talk to someone over at the St. Lucas Medical Observatory. This someone tried to commit suicide back around Christmas..."

        Shaq interrupted Colin. "...and his name is Sabino Zaverio. Right?"

        Colin blinked his eyes! "Damned! How'd you know?"

        Shaq grinned. "I tried to commit suicide, too, you know. I met the guy while I was in there getting some treatment." Shaq got serious. "If you're going there to harrass him over that 'incident', then you can just forget it. I won't let you destroy what little sanity he has left. I mean it, Colin. Okali help me, I will place a serious hurt on you if you're going to badger him about that incident, and I'm not joking."

        Colin irked, when he saw how serious Shaq was about this. "Um... that's what I needed to talk to him about... Chipper said I should talk to him. I don't want to harass him, Shaq. I'm thinking about wearing the costume this year."

        Shaq slapped Colin's muzzle hard! "Now, are you thinking straight? Or do I have to do that again? Are you out of your mind, Colin? It isn't worth it! I've seen what it can do to someone! Sabino doesn't deserve to have to live through that moment, anymore! Let him be!"

        Colin rubbed his sore jaw. "But... but... Chipper said..."

        Shaq hummed. "I'll come with you, but so help me... if you make Sabino cry, you'll be needing a doctor yourself, when I'm done with you. Let's go..."

        Colin was still rubbing his sore jaw, as Shaq led him off toward the other side of the campus.

        Right after the two departed, the bushes that Shaq and Colin had been standing by suddenly moved. Rick and Aiden looked at each other. The two had been sitting on a picnic blanket behind the bushes, reading up on the baseball rules.

        Rick said, "Colin's going to wear the mascot costume?"

        Aiden replied. "He's doing that for me... we can't let him. We got to stop him, Rick."


          Chapter 14

          Franklin and the prosecutor skunk were soon seated at a table in one of the finer restaurants in the college town. After their orders were taken, they both exhaled a sigh of relief.

          Franklin said, "Moonshiners are crazy. You and I are lucky to be alive."

          The prosecutor skunk, whose name was Gareth, replied, "We're lucky your metallic scales are bulletproof! Especially on your wings! That probably saved our lives!"

          Franklin grinned. "I'm glad I had Warneeri make my scales be like that! I was surprised when you sprayed them, though... I didn't think that you wanted to do that."

          Gareth grinned. "Well... that was embarrassing but it was necessary. Thanks for taking me back to my apartment so I could bathe. An illegal brewery... who would've guessed? And with your help, we bagged all of them. I'm sorry your friend Dennis got dragged into this case in the way that he did. But without him... we'd never have discovered this plot. Okali was smiling on us."

          Franklin smiled. "Tell me something, Gareth... what's it like to be a full time furry?"

          Gareth arched an eye.

          Franklin lowered his voice. "Sorry, I forgot that you weren't aware... Warneeri gave me this form in addition to being human. I came to the college to learn the furry laws. I was thinking about... well... going all the way... and joining the species..."

          Gareth nodded his head, replying, "Franklin... as a detective, I think you'd have a wonderful career in our society, regardless of what species you were. I'd vouch for you. We made quite the team. But as a full-time furry... I personally don't think you should totally surrender the gift of being human just for a passing fantasy, no matter how much help you'd be to the rest of us. I'm sure Warneeri could change you fully into a furry, but the thing is, I don't know if she'd do it. If you have any loved ones on Earth at all, your giving up being human might devastate them, unintentionally. How would your family handle such a loss? There are many things to consider before going all the way. But if you do choose to go through with it, I'll stand beside you. I think you'd make a fine furry investigator."

          Just then, the waitress brought their meals to them, and departed once again.

          Franklin ate his hot food, pondering what Gareth had just said. It was an important decision. There were many things to consider.

          When Franklin and Gareth finished their meals, Gareth took care of the bill.

          The two of them emerged from the restaurant, just as a call came in over Gareth's police radio. "Dangerous armed, pregnant female with a hostage. She's threatening to kill him, then herself. Location: Uhtlicue Estate."

          Franklin and Gareth looked at each other, both exclaiming it at the same time. "Jade!"

          Chapter 15

          Kama sat across from the handsome athletic male jaguar, her current date, eating her dinner in a very trained manner. "Thank you for treating me like this, Clifford."

          Clifford smiled. "It's always my pleasure, Kama. But you should be aware, I am not a college student yet. I took a year off after my high school graduation to decide on a college to attend. I officially begin classes here after the Senior's graduation. Only then will the room I've requested be available."

          Kama said, "I thought you had a scholarship...?"

          Clifford replied, "I do, but it's written up for the college of my choice. And I've chosen Kingdom University. It's a nice place, with even nicer people." He winked.

          Kama blushed softly. "I think you're nice, too. What dormitory are you waiting for a room in?"

          Clifford grinned. "It's the new one being dedicated to a graduating senior named Andrews. They're calling it Andrews Hall or Omega Phi Vulfi, I think. Fourth floor, room 403. It's a double, so I'll be getting some kind of roommate, but it shouldn't be too horrible."

          Kama nodded her head. "I have a triple, and it's not too horrible, unless the lizard is on the warpath. Otherwise, life in Rosethyme is pretty quiet... Did you say Andrews?"

          Clifford smiled. "Yeah, do you know him?"

          Kama grinned. "Dennis Andrews is an arctic fox built like a football player. But he changed his major to religion during this last semester, and is now studying to be a priest of Okali. So, it will be likely that your new dorm will earn the nickname of Saint Andrews Hall."

          Clifford laughed. "I'm anything BUT a saint! That dorm will likely end up full of devils!"

          Meanwhile, over in Dean Kinsbert's office...

          Dennis said, "The new dorm is being named after ME? Why me? I can think of lots of people who deserve it more than me... Why me?"

          Omar Kinsbert replied, "We chose you because you are an icon of the students. They love you. If you were a god, they'd follow you to their own deaths. Plus, you just pulled through a very difficult life and death situation, recently, and it would honor your parents."

          Dennis sighed. ""

          Omar softly said, "If you won't accept this for yourself, then accept it for your parents. A finer memorial you could not ask for. Okali has smiled upon you, after all."

          Dennis nodded his head slowly. "Very well, but I get to choose the names of the floor levels."

          Chapter 16

          The next morning was the first day of Campus Visitation Week. This was a whole week dedicated toward allowing potentially new students to come check out Kingdom U's facilities and the campus itself. Omar, Warneeri, and Dennis greeted people as they entered Registration Hall.

          Standing near the pamphlet table was a male jackal, a female wild cat, a male fabbit (fox/rabbit), a male wolf, a male ocelot, a male silverback gorilla, a male Utah raptor, a female black tiger, and a male polar bear. They weren't here as a group, but had arrived at about the same time.

          Omar was dressed in his usual casual clothing, Warneeri was wearing her mage's robes, and Dennis was dressed up in the garb of an Okali minister, the clothing acquired through Garla's aid.

          The five foot ten inch tall, 187 pound polar bear walked over to Dennis' desk, and asked, "I couldn't help but notice that you're an arctic fox. Do the dorms have good air conditioning? I sort of dislike humid climates."

          Dennis smiled. "You can trust me when I say that all of the dorm rooms have their own thermostats. If you want to turn your room into the North Pole, you can." Dennis winked.

          The polar bear grinned. "I like you. You're funny. Thanks." He walked back over to the pamphlet table and resumed reading some papers.

          The six foot two inch tall, 158 pound jackal approached Warneeri and said, "Um, I can't really decide what to major in. Maybe you and I can go have lunch somewhere and talk about it..."

          Warneeri chuckled, then replied, "If you'd like. But I'll have to pick up my husband first."

          The jackal paled a little. "Oh... sorry. You aren't wearing a wedding band."

          Warneeri laughed. "Where I come from, we don't wear wedding bands. Besides, if my ferrety husband fooled around, he knows that I'd zap him with one of my spells." Warneeri winked.

          The jackal smiled. "At any rate, where can I go on campus to pick up some food?"

          Warneeri smiled back. "Well, there are several places, actually. The best lunchtime meals are usually served over in Ycehart Hall." Warneeri handed a paper to the jackal. "This is a map of campus and directions to Ycehart Hall. It was nice meeting you."

          As the jackal was heading off, a five foot nine inch tall, 185 pound male human teenager walked into registration hall. He had sandy blonde hair, steel blue eyes and fair skin. He walked up to Omar and asked, "Excuse me, but is this registration hall? I was referred here by a skunktaur I met on the surface."

          Omar smiled. "Why yes, it is. We don't get many humans at this university. Why don't you read over our pamphlets and leaflets, then come back when you're ready to sign up."

          Chapter 17

          The human boy walked over to the pamphlet table, attracting some odd looks from the other would-be students.

          Omar raised his voice, and said, "Here at Kingdom University, it is not the species that is important, it is the quality of learning that you seek to receive. If any of you have problems dealing with humans from the surface world, then perhaps Kingdom University isn't for you. Please keep this in mind as you make your choices. No one will force you to have to deal with them, though I am sure you will encounter Lindsay Dunmore, eventually. He's one of the most popular humans on campus. You'll find him over at the Sun Raven Stadium training this year's baseball team, with Coach Lance. If you have further questions, please... let me know."

          The five foot three inch tall iriomote yamaneko said, "You allow humans here? Is Lindsay cute?"

          Dennis grinned. "I was his roommate for a while, and I can vouch that he is VERY cute. Keeps a clean room, too. I am pleased to know him."

          The six foot one inch tall, 148 pound Utah raptor grinned. "And loves games too. Sounds like an active guy. Can't wait to meet him. Um, the pamphlets don't mention any weekend role playing clubs. Are there any? I have to get in my weekly fix, you know."

          Warneeri replied, "Mynotalis Hall is where the role playing clubs are located. You'll find their pamphlets on the table, as well."

          Just then, outside the building, everyone heard...

          "Let me go! What's with you guys?!"

          "We're saving you from yourself!"

          "It's for your own good, Colin!"

          "About time someone knocked some sense into this wacky fox! If you need some duct tape, I have a whole frucking box full of the stuff!"

          "No! Not duct tape! Help!!"

          The five foot six inch tall, 167 pound silverback gorilla asked, "What is that all about? Or do we want to know?"

          Omar laughed. "I think some of the students found out about another student's plans to wear a costume and they're stopping him from embarrassing himself."

          Then, the telephone rang, and Omar picked up the receiver. "Hello? Kingdom University. Omar Kinsbert speaking..." There was a long pause, as Omar facewinged himself. Omar sighed, "I understand, officers. Yes, please bring her back to the campus jail. Yes, I know she's trouble."


            Chapter 18

            The black tigress arched an eye. "You're having problems with a certain female? Perhaps I can help you there. It's the least I can do." The black tigress struck a pose and flexed her muscles with a wink and a grin.

            Omar hummed. "Very well. I'll let you help, but please be warned... Jade is a very large problem. I hope you don't regret helping out."

            The wild cat chuckled. "This might be a fun outing. I think I'll tag along and see what kind of trouble this Jade really is."

            Just then, Lindsay, wearing his baseball uniform, came in with Joey. Lindsay exclaims, "Omar, someone stole all the baseball bases off the field. Mr. Sethnic said I should ask you where the spares were kept."

            Omar facewinged himself again. "Why is all the crap hitting the fan this week?" He sighed. "Get the master keys out of my office desk, top right drawer and use them to get the spare bases out of the stadium's storage locker."

            Lindsay nodded his head. "I'm sorry, Omar. Thanks." Lindsay and Joey headed into Omar's office.

            The polar bear smiled, saying, "So... that is Lindsay. Not a bad looking human." The polar bear was starting to get some ideas.

            The ocelot said, "Was that a wereroo? Seeing a lycanthrope on campus doesn't really make me so nervous anymore. I can't wait to attend classes here."

            The Utah raptor nodded his head. "I agree with that. The zaniness I've seen so far reminds me of home. I can't wait to see the rest of the campus."

            Dennis stood up with a smile. "If you're ready to see the rest of the campus, I can escort you around, this first time. My name is Dennis Andrews. I'll be graduating next month, but the campus has asked me to stay on to help others who might go through what I and my many friends have gone through. Follow me, folks, and please, feel free to ask questions as we go."

            After the new visitors had left with Dennis, Omar slowly turned a gaze over at Warneeri.

            Warneeri was straightening her desk, as she pivoted an ear at Omar. "What are you wanting to say, Omar?"

            Omar said, "What is your honest opinion about this week's newcomers?"

            Warneeri grinned. "That's only the first batch. Wait until the next load arrives."

            Lindsay and Joey emerged from Omar's office, each sucking on a lollipop. Joey said, "We found the keys, Omar. And we found some lollipops, too."

            Chapter 19

            The golden jackal walked into the lobby of Ycehart Hall looking around left and right.

            The older male cheetah at the lobby's front desk asked, "Can I help you, sir?"

            The jackal asked, "Where can I find the cafeteria? Ms. Warneeri over at Registration Hall said that this was the best place on campus to get a meal."

            The cheetah receptionist replied, "You can find the cafeteria through this doorway. But unless you're a campus student, then you'll be charged for your meal."

            The jackal smiled, showing his signup papers and temporary campus pass. "I will be attending classes next month."

            The cheetah smiled back. "In that case, go on inside. The university will pick up the tab. And please, let me know if you need anything further."

            The jackal headed through the doorway into the cafeteria.

            It was quite the cafeteria hall. It had a double row of buffet island counters arranged horizontally, pointing toward the entrance to the kitchen. One of the cooks in the cafeteria asked to see the jackal's pass, who showed it, then the cook welcomed the jackal, and returned to his own kitchen duties.

            The jackal said, "This is pretty nice place. I like it here."

            As the jackal was getting his meal, Elric and Bram entered the cafeteria, both wearing their campus Sun Ravens jackets. The two, a hellhound and an English rat, began to fill their plates with food.

            The jackal said, "Hi guys. My table is free."

            Elric and Bram came over and sat down with their food. Elric said, "Thanks. But we have a third party joining us in a moment. I hope he's not too big for you."

            The jackal said, "Naw, the more, the merrier."

            About the moment, Asim tread into the cafeteria, having to duck his head a little as he came through the door, and he began to fill up a large plate with food. Then, Asim walked over and joined the three at their table, setting his plate down, and fetching a sturdy chair to support his overly large, buff weight. Asim smiled, saying, "Thanks for getting us a table, guys." Asim was a studly Arabian stallion, who most of the campus knew worked at the Reverse Polarity.

            Bram looked the jackal. "And what's your name? I don't think I've seen you around campus before."

            The jackal smiled, saying, "I am Philip Hunter. I'll be signing on next month."

            Chapter 20

            Kama and Alice sat outside of Jade's campus jail cell. Kama was pretty disappointed in Jade's actions that had landed her here.

            Kama said, "Jade, how could you? Are you trying to give Rosethyme Hall a bad name? We're supposed to be better than the guys. And here you go off and pull a jock stunt."

            Alice said, "Lighten up, Kama. Jade has been humiliated enough by having her own 'on campus' boyfriend be the one to put the handcuffs on her and throw her into this cell."

            Jade growled, "Franklin didn't throw me. He was a perfect gentleman. He escorted me into the cell. Besides, you can't tell me that any other female would've done any differently."

            The black tigress and the wild cat entered the visitation area, just then.

            The black tigress said, "So, you're the famous Jade. My name is Luna Shadowpaw. I'll be attending classes next month. I told Omar that I'd help straighten you out. And believe me, it looks like that you need it."

            The wild cat said, "Don't mind me. I'm Naomi Kurosawa and I'm here to keep the mood happy. I'll be attending classes next month, too." She swished her tail.

            Jade grumbled. "Neither one of you are pregnant..."

            Luna grinned. "Tell us about the guy who did this to you."

            And Jade sighed, as she began to tell them all about Kameel and his shape shifting abilities and how he tricked her into having sex with him.

            Luna said, "He can change his shape at will?"

            Jade replied, "That's right."

            Luna grinned. "I think I know how we can get back at Mr. Kameel without killing him, I mean, her." Luna winked with an evil feline grin.

            Jade lifted her head, turning toward Luna. What she saw was a grin that Jade was all too familiar with. The same kind that Coral often had when she had a new scheme. Jade grinned back. "You've picqued my curiosity. What's the plan?"

            Luna explained, "All we have to do is make another trip to your estate, but we not let Kameel know you're there. Coral will have Kameel change into you and then, we'll stuff his eggsac with your eggs. He'll be stuck like that and you'll be free."

            Jade grinned. "I like it! And he'll have to stay in that form or he'll destroy all the eggs when he changes back, I mean, she changes back! You're a lifesaver, Luna!"

            Chapter 21

            Franklin nervously knocked on Warneeri's and Huck's door hoping that he wasn't catching them at a bad time. He had just knocked a second time, when suddenly, the door opened revealing the cutest little bunny boi holding a stuffed bunny-puppet.

            "You wan momma?"

            Franklin smiled. "Yes, is she home?"

            The bunny boi replied, "Momma fix'n food in kitchen. In there." He pointed.

            Franklin walked into the home, through the living room of chaos and into the kitchen of disaster. Standing there, covered in flour and milk spatter was Warneeri.

            Warneeri lifted her head slowly at Franklin. "What can I do for you, Franklin?" she asked, in a very defeated and sad voice.

            Franklin could feel Warneeri's pain and hugged her gently. "What happened, Warneeri?"

            Warneeri sighed, looking down into the mixing bowl. "We've lost one... Toxic chemicals... there was nothing we could do. By the time we found Garla, it was far too late." Warneeri choked a little, sobbing. "Am I a bad mother?"

            Franklin hugged Warneeri again. "No, no, no, Warneeri... you're a very good mother... it was an accident. It was out of your control. It's not your fault."

            Warneeri sniffled. "Then, why does it feel like that it's my fault?"

            Franklin petted the overgrown little girl rabbit. "You simply cannot be everywhere, Warneeri. It just can't be done. Where is Huck and your brother at?"

            Warneeri sighed. "Burying the dead, Franklin. We should've been more cautious. I blew it."

            Franklin petted Warneeri some more. "Maybe it's not for me to say, Warneeri, but you're allowed to fail once. It's happened. Now, it's your job to make sure that it never happens again. And it won't happen again, will it?"

            Warneeri shook her head slowly. "Thank you, Franklin. Why did you come here?"

            Franklin replied, "It can wait... you need to be at full strength for what I want and you're a wreck right now. It can wait."

            Warneeri hugged Franklin tightly. "I just need someone my size to hold for awhile."

            Franklin nodded his head, holding the poor little black bunny mage against his strong draconian body. His friend needed support right now. And he aimed to give that support.


              Chapter 22

              The next morning was the day of the baseball game between the local Sun Ravens and the visiting Peconic Robins, a team of robins and roosters from Long Island far to the north. The stadium was packed with locals, visitors, and campus students, while in the wings, so to speak, Colin prepared for a special performance to occur mid-game. Colin had acquired clearance to do this from Coach Sethnic and Lindsay, and told them of what to expect, but to also keep quiet about the details of the show. Colin glanced over his shoulder at the three guys he had in tow who he hoped would be able to help him pull this off. But for now, he pulled on the mascot's head costume, hooked up the voice distorter (glory be to good old Shaq for suggesting that part) and entered the baseball area to pep up the locals.

              The Sun Raven mascot's voice emitted from the voice distorter shouting, "Hello folks! I am the Sun Raven! Are we going to win today? I can't hear you.......! Are we going to win? That's right! We're going to win! S! U! N! R! A! V! E! N! S! What does that spell? Sun Ravens! Yay!!!"

              The crowd loved it and was cheering. Though the campus students were wondering who was wearing the costume this year. All would become apparent later on. Colin had done some careful research on the Sun Raven itself. This would be a game to remember.

              As Colin ran off the field, the visiting Peconic Robins team started coming on to the field, their names being announced as each one appeared, waving to the crowd as they headed over into their dugout. Then, it was Lindsay's team's turn. Lindsay had finally taken the advice given by Rodney and brought in some local skunks to play on the team. Groin lookers were a liability to the team and he wanted his team to win. The names of the Sun Ravens team players were given, as each one waved with a smile and headed over into their own dugout.

              In the Sun Ravens dugout, Duma, who had somehow managed to get Lindsay to let him stay on the team, was sitting near Rick and Aiden. "This is it, guys. Whoever does the best, gets to go on a date with Colin."

              Rick arched his eye. "Say what? Is that the only reason you're on the team? Let's get something perfectly clear, Duma... if you humiliate Colin for any reason, I will bash your privates with a baseball bat." Rick's glare and growl showed that he meant business.

              Aiden gulped when he heard Rick say that, and he wisely kept his mouth shut. Besides, Rick had a very nice body. It was really nice to look at when Colin and Duma weren't around.

              Lindsay, who was in his big buck stag body wearing his team uniform, walked out to the pitcher's mound to meet with the coach of the Peconic Robins. The umpire oversaw this meeting.

              Lindsay said, "I've heard some good things about your team. I hope they give my team a run for their money."

              The Peconic Robins coach, who was also a big buck stag, replied, "You're the famous Lindsay Dunmore I've been hearing about. Lance Sethnic must be trying to make you into a nervous wreck by making you do all these sporting events. If you want, I'll help you beat the crap out of him after the game."

              Chapter 23

              Up in the score keeper's and announcer's booth, the local favorite, Yeo Orlando, and a handsomely slender male squirrel named Raoul Randolph, from Peconic Bay University, had greeted each other and sat down to give play by play over this afternoon's game.

              Raoul said into his microphone, "The two studly looking coaches have just met on the pitcher's mound, and it looks to me like love at first sight. They are certainly giving Coach Lance Sethnic the evil eye, which seems to indicate to me that some sort of agreement was made out there, Yeo."

              Yeo replied, "In love bucks, be to sure! It definitely looks like a typical day here at Sun Ravens' Stadium. This is Yeo Orlando and Raoul Randolph reporting live from the announcer's booth, with the first televised college baseball game that the Sun Ravens have ever had. And quite frankly, I just know that something embarrassing is sure to happen."

              Raoul grinned. "Embarrassing how, Yeo?"

              Yeo grinned back. "If you knew these people like I did, you wouldn't be asking that question. The Umpire is flipping the coin, looks like, and... yes, it looks like the Peconic Robins will be batting first. But oh look! Queen Crysalandra, first woman of the kingdom, is coming out to the pitcher's mound to... yes, I've just received word that she's going to be singing the international anthem for the Furry Realms. What an event!"

              Raoul whistled loudly! "That's your queen?! Wow! What a woman!"

              Queen Crysalandra was a winged unicorn mare, with beauty and grace that seemed to melt the hearts of any male who saw her. And in the more recent years, she was rarely seen outside of the palace. Yet here she was, to mark this moment for Sun Ravens Stadium. As she held the microphone, she motioned for silence, which was given to her. Then, she smiled, and sang...

              "Oh see this free land, where the oak groves do grow;
              the veil keeps us safe, from the evil ones below...
              Through our unity, we must work without tears;
              the winds bring us hope, so we can be with our dears...
              The knights guard our life, so we can live without strife,
              gives proof to us all that the flags flew with rife.
              Oh say that we are free and we all strengthly stand...
              May the furs remain true, and the rest, can be, damned!"

              There was an enormous applause, as Queen Crysalandra took a bow and threw kisses all around to the audience, before she turned to Lindsay and whispered, "The anthem was written long before you came among us, Lindsay. Most humans are evil, but you are not. I extend an invitation to come see me in the palace, some day." Crysalandra kissed Lindsay's muzzle, then turned and slowly walked away from the pitcher's mound.

              Lindsay was sorta in shock over the kiss, his eyes focused on that nice tail.

              Chapter 24

              By the end of the fifth inning, the Sun Ravens were losing with a score of 18 to 22, in the Peconic Robins favor. And Lindsay could plainly see that the skunks were playing better than the college students. He could only hope that Colin's mid game show would allow Kingdom U to save some face.

              Yeo announced, "I've been informed that Colin Young will be entertaining both teams in what is said to be a spectacular mid game show. I don't know what he has planned, but his show is beginning now... and what is that huge thing being wheeled out unto the playing field? It almost looks like a sacrificial altar."

              Colin, Jake and Sabino were all wearing Sun Raven mascot costumes. The crowd wasn't sure what was going on. How could there be three Sun Raven mascots? Colin gave the cue and the ancient ceremonial drums began their eerie tune, as pyres of flame shot upwards, out of the four corners of the sacrificial altar.

              Jake then loudly announced, "I am the Sun Raven!" He rushed up the altar's stairs and stood at the altar.

              Sabino was next. He was afraid but Colin had reassured him that this would clear him. Sabino loudly announced, "I am the Sun Raven!" He, too, rushed up the altar's stairs and stood at the altar.

              Colin was grinning under his mask, as he announced aloud, "I am the Sun Raven!" Colin then charged up the stairs to stand near his friends.

              Then, on cue, a massive fiery explosion went off from all four of the altar's corner posts! Arising from the flames came a massive, phoenix like, black sun raven, ominously and loudly proclaiming, "I AM THE SPIRIT OF THE SUN RAVEN! WHO CALLS ME FORTH TO PURGE HIMSELF FROM ALL MISDOINGS FROM SIMPLY SERVING AS MY PRESENCE HERE AT THESE INSIGNIFICANT GAMES?!"

              Jake and Sabino were frightened by this even though they had been prewarned of what was to occur.

              Jake proclaimed, "I seek a purging, mighty Sun Raven! I was tricked into wearing your body all for the humiliation and glee to a group known as the Kingdom Drama Club! Take me and release my shame!"

              The Sun Raven spirit exclaimed, "I RECOGNIZE YOUR CLAIM AND ACCEPT YOUR SACRIFICE!" The Sun Raven spirit then spread it's wings, as it breathed a gout of black and red flames all over Jake, just as the four corners erupted in fiery explosions once again! As the flames subsided, Jake had vanished or so it had seemed. Colin was glad that the trapdoor worked so well. He knew that Jake was inside the altar removing his mascot costume and awaiting his cue to rejoin them on top of the altar at the right moment.


                Chapter 25

                Sabino stepped on top of the trapdoor next and proclaimed, "I seek a purging, mighty Sun Raven! I wore your body on the dare of a friend I thought I could trust! Afterwards, his dishonor became all too clear as he told everyone on campus who had worn your body! Please, take me and release my shame!"

                The Sun Raven spirit exclaimed, "I RECOGNIZE YOUR CLAIM AND ACCEPT YOUR SACRIFICE!" The Sun Raven spirit again spread it's wings as it breathed a gout of black and red flames all over Sabino just as the four corners erupted in fiery explosions! As the flames subsided, Sabino had vanished just as Jake had vanished.

                Colin was next to step on to the trapdoor. "I seek a purging, mighty Sun Raven! Out of concern for my friends, I wore your body so that I could be close to them without their knowledge, so that I could provide my healing aid at a moments notice! Take me, for what I do, I have done with honor! Let this be the end of the line!"

                The Sun Raven spirit exclaimed, "I RECOGNIZE YOUR CLAIM AND ACCEPT YOUR SACRIFICE!" The Sun Raven spirit again spread it's wings as it breathed a gout of black and red flames all over Colin just as the four corners erupted in fiery explosions again! As the flames subsided, Colin had vanished joining Jake and Sabino below.


                More fiery explosions erupted from the altar several times and when the flames subsided, Jake, Sabino and Colin stood there each holding their costumes rolled into a ball within their hands. The three were wearing only simple loincloths yet their faces and muzzles were decorated with the greasepaint markings of those who had been purged.

                Colin then proclaimed, "From the past we have come... each honoring this noble fire spirit! We now return his form into the pyre from which his honor was created!" Colin nodded his head to Jake to go first.

                Jake stepped up to the railing overlooking a tank of flames. "I, Jacob Wrisley, shed my shame and have been purged! I now return this form to the flames!" He threw his costume into the pit of flames and stepped back beside the others.

                Sabino stepped up to the railing next. "I, Sabino Zaverio, shed my shame and have been purged! I now return this form to the flames!" He threw his costume into the pit of flames and stepped back beside the others.

                Colin now stepped up the railing. "I, Colin Young, shed my shame and have been purged! I now return this form to the flames!" He threw his costume into the pit of flames and stepped back beside the others.

                Chapter 26

                The Sun Raven spirit smiled, exclaiming, "I ACCEPT THE RETURN, NOBLE WARRIORS! LET NO ONE SAY THAT YOU THREE ARE ANY LESS IMPORTANT THAN ANYONE ELSE! IF I AM FORCED TO RETURN AGAIN, I WILL INVOKE A PURGING THIS CAMPUS HAS NEVER SEEN THE LIKES OF BEFORE! FAREWELL!!" And a final explosion of flames and pyrotechnic fireworks occured, as the Sun Raven spirit vanished from sight! In truth, he simply entered the insides of the altar to restore himself to normal.

                Colin, Jake and Sabino took a bow as they hugged each other and slowly descended the altar's stairs. The crowd of the audience were applauding the magnificent show. Colin and the others then wheeled the huge altar off of the playing field.

                Once the field was cleared, the baseball game resumed. While the midgame show did motivate the players to play better, they still lost the day, with a score of 37 to 52, in favor of the Peconic Robins. Lindsay shook the Peconic Robins coach's hand, saying, "We gave it our best but the better team won, I suppose."

                The Peconic Robins coach kissed Lindsay's cheek. "You're a good kid but not every sport is for every college student. Even I could tell that your team was put together on the spur of the moment. My team has been together for about six years. Better luck next time, Lindsay."

                Lindsay then crossed the field to rejoin his teammates. Once he was facing them, Lindsay said, "First of all, the other coach was pleased that we played so well. Secondly, however, some of you simply didn't perform to your fullest. And as much as I'd really hate to dismiss anyone, I'm going to have to because your performance suggests that you'd only hurt the team, the next time we played. Please don't presuppose or preguess who I'll be releasing, as this will take time to decide. But if you want off the team right now, speak up, or come by my office later and tell me. I think that's it, people. Hit the showers... even the girls are starting to smell like a lusty stud and that's not always a good thing."

                All of the non skunk players then departed.

                One of the skunks asked, "How did we do, Lindsay?"

                Lindsay smiled and hugged all of them. "In my opinion, you guys did better than the others but I won't be disappointed if any of you leave the team."

                The skunks all hugged and nuzzled on Lindsay. One said, "We'll stay for as long as you'll have us, Lindsay. We like you."

                Lindsay blushed, then replied, "Okay, guys... go hit the showers. You don't smell, but your fur is wet."

                The skunks all headed off toward the showers as Joey hopped up and joined Lindsay. Joey said, "Ah'm sorry yas didn't win, Lindsay. But Ah didn't let yas down. Ah found yas someone yas kin date."

                Lindsay hugged Joey and kissed him on the muzzle. "Right now, I just want to be with you."

                Chapter 27

                That night, Lindsay, along with Joey, Lance, and the entire baseball team, were in the banquet room of one of the local restaurants. Lindsay and Lance had paid for everyone's meals, simply to get them there that night.

                Lindsay stood up and cleared his voice. "May I have your attention please?"

                The chatter calmed down immediately.

                Lindsay didn't smile as he continued. "I know I told you that I'd wait until tomorrow to reveal who made the cut, but upon reminder, Von Stark's funeral is tomorrow. Therefore, I need to clear this matter tonight."

                Lindsay panned his gaze over those gathered here tonight. "I know that you all tried your best to show me that you could do this, but let me be frank with you on something. I also know that most of you only joined the team so you could stare at my, ahem, privates... up close. I was very disappointed to learn this. And worse, your performance was harmed by your actions, AND, it affected how well you played today. After reviewing the videos that were shot of our game, I saw that most of the non-skunks were more focused on me than they were on the game itself."

                Almost all of the gathered students paled a little at this information. They hadn't known that they were being filmed.

                Lindsay again continued. "The performance during practice was so stinky that I acted on the advice from a friend and brought in the skunks from the local farms to help the team out. But even in doing this, and let me say that the skunks completely upheld their part of their performance, most of the rest of you never improved."

                Lindsay took a breath then continued. "Now, I really don't want to kick anyone off the team, but if the poor players remain, it'll hurt us during the next game. Those who made the cut, in order, are..."

                One of the girls was very surprised to be named first. Then, Aiden and Rick were named. This was followed by the skunks and another female.

                Duma frowned as his name wasn't called upon. "Lindsay? I'm probably the best runner you have. Why am I not on the list?"

                Lindsay replied, "As a designated runner, there is no one better. But your overall performance on the team was actually worse than Moira's, and her's wasn't as bad as she thinks it was. However, your's was so low that you're the odd cheetah out. Sorry to say, baseball just isn't your sport. Perhaps track and field, but not baseball. I am sorry."


                  Chapter 28

                  Lance spoke up at this point. "Now, we don't want anyone feeling like they failed. You all played very very well. Filming the team's performance for administrative viewing was Lindsay's idea. And yes, I, too, have viewed the video. Duma... on several occasions, you had your hand on someone else's rump. That sort of behavior is heavily frowned upon. Because of that, I had to agree with Lindsay to let you go. This isn't a dating club."

                  Lindsay then said, "Only five of you played beyond your abilities and showed real merit and dedication. Those five will be photographed together for the campus newspaper's front page. The five are... Carla Kempton..." She was a Siberian Wolf. "Aiden Harris, Rick Mooney..." Raccoon and Wolf from JeffKun's comic strip. "Danneth MacGuile, and Patrick Carter..." They were two of the farm boy Skunks that Lindsay had brought in. "Everyone who played this time who is attending classes will receive some extra credits for participating. Only those remaining who continue to play to the best of their abilities will continue to reap the rewards of the extra credits, per game, for the rest of the season. Now, as a final treat for the evening, I want to show all of you the team video shot earlier today. I want all of you to be able to learn from your mistakes and your overall performance so you'll do better next time."

                  And the lights were dimmed and the video began to play.

                  Just after the video started, Lindsay quietly pulled Rick and Aiden off to the side, into the outer hallway, but still within view of the video that was playing.

                  Lindsay quietly said, "I'll give you two another chance to review the video later, but I needed to talk to the both of you in private."

                  Rick smiled. "Sure thing, Lindsay. What's up?"

                  Lindsay said, "When you two first joined, I had my doubts about you both. You both proved me wrong, and I am ever so glad you did. As you might guess, Duma's RBI score stank. And even though I don't support privately held bets made on team sports, I am willing to reveal to you guys who had the best RBI of the three of you. I must admit, you two scored pretty damned good. The best players I named were in order of their RBI scores, but for you two... Aiden, your score isn't higher than Rick's score..."

                  Aiden and Rick blinked their eyes. Aiden said, "But you named me before Rick."

                  Lindsay smiled. "You two made the exact same score. It's a tie. Lance told me that it's never happened before. I think you both should be proud of yourselves. And I know I am proud to be able to call you both my friends." Lindsay then reentered the banquet hall with Aiden and Rick.

                  Duma sat there in the darkness of the room, tears dampening his muzzle. He really wanted to be on the team. Lindsay then escorted Duma out into the hallway.

                  Lindsay dried Duma's eyes. "Duma... I know you really want to be on the team. I didn't want to make anyone leave. And you won't have to leave, if you promise to do better next time."

                  Duma looked up at Lindsay. "I promise, Lindsay. I promise."

                  Chapter 29

                  Saturday morning conveyed the student's silence like a feather in the wind. The only sound that wafted over the campus was the church bells from Okali's Oak Grove Cathedral.

                  Several male students were the pall bearers of the fancy decorated container which held the peacefully resting Von Stark, a German wolf who attended this university with very high hopes. Now, he lay silent as his friends and family looked on.

                  Some were crying quietly. Others were remembering his kindness.

                  The faculty members, Lindsay, Warneeri, Dennis and Smokey awaited by the gravesite for the arrival of Von Stark's coffin. This was not a joyous time, but a time of sorrow.

                  It effected Dennis the most. (If I hadn't been driving that evening... Von Stark might still be alive today. If only there was some way to bring him back...) Dennis wanted that more than anything.

                  The pall bearers brought the coffin into the area and slid it unto it's resting place. Then, they all stepped away and stood silently within their own group.

                  Dennis stood at the podium and spoke first. "Praise Okali." This was repeated among many. "Von Stark was my friend. Heck, I've known him since he and I first started college together. This would have been his last year, just like me. And whereas I was given another chance to repair my mistakes, I pray hard every night to wonder why Von Stark wasn't also given this same second chance. Its not important that the majority of the students have voted me as the most popular student on campus. What matters is life. What matters is redemption. What matters is being able to repair your mistakes, your errors... friendships..." Dennis was looking at Shaq, who stood with his Mynotalis Hall friends. "Apologies cannot be given if you lay cold to the earth with a forever gaze to the sky. Von Stark... my friend... what wrongs you may have done in the past are small, but life you deserve yet one more time. Okali... may take a year of my life so that my friend may yet live. Am I alone in this thought? Is it worth the effort to wish him back among us? Is Okali not the mistress of the forest path where the lost may find comfort within her branches? I am such a branch... and I am willing to give part of myself to Von Stark..."

                  It was silent for a moment.

                  Then, there came offers from those gathered. A few, at first, then more, and soon, a deluge. The spoken offer was, "I offer my branch."

                  Dennis closed his eyes. (Okali... please... I know I am still new to your faith... but please... grant another miracle for us... just this once... I will repay you later... whatever you ask...)

                  Von Stark's coffin remained dark and lifeless. Dennis was about to think that his prayer had not been heard, when suddenly... the coffin began to glow with an intense energy... then... the glow subsided, as Okali's voice was softly heard. "I accept your prayers, my friends. I will return Von Stark to you. But his crimes must be admitted and served. This is all that I ask."

                  Chapter 30

                  And with that, Von Stark slowly opened his eyes and groggily said, "...the afterlife sure does hurt..."

                  Franklin, and Gareth the skunk prosecutor, came over to the coffin, as Dennis leaned over Von Stark and smiled, saying, "Welcome back, my friend. Praise Okali... praise Okali..."

                  Von Stark had to be helped out of the coffin, as he was extremely weak from his ordeal in the afterlife. He turned a gaze to Gareth and said, "...I have some explaining to do, don't I?"

                  Gareth nodded his head. "Yes, you do. But I think the hospital should look you over first." Gareth turned to Dennis. "A finer minister of Okali I have yet to see, but you've impressed me, Father Andrews. Miracles DO still occur in this day and age. You have a fine career ahead of you. Don't blow it. Now... let's get your wolfie friend over to the hospital. Life is very precious, isn't it?"

                  Dennis smiled. "Yes, it is."

                  Several hours later, Dennis sat in the minister's portion of the confessional. This was his first day for hearing other people's sins. As he sat there, someone entered the repentant's side of the confessional and sat down, saying, "Forgive me father for I have sinned."

                  Dennis calmly exclaimed, "How long hath it been since your last confession... my son?"

                  The individual was quiet for a moment, then replied, "...I have never confessed anything. This is my first time."

                  Dennis smiled, and calmly said, "Relax, my son. Okali can forgive all. Tell me of your sins."

                  The person sadly said, "I grew up in a poor neighborhood in a dirty city. I had to wear hand me downs from an older brother who got smart and left as soon as he was able to. My father abused me to no end and directed his foulest comments upon me. I had no friends and almost no hopes. I barely graduated high school." He sniffled. "A teacher there suggested that I attend college at a new university called Kingdom U. This teacher was willing to pay my way into the new college. My parents forbade my going. My father told me that if I went, I'd be disowned..."

                  Dennis felt sorry for the person. "Please continue, my son."

                  The person continued. "I suffered one more night of abuse, then I announced that I was going to the college. I didn't bring anything with me, as I felt that I had nothing to bring, and the teacher personally drove me down to the college. Good old Mr. Camptonshire. He believed in me. He said I had the makings of a great computer specialist. With his recommendations, I was admitted into Kingdom University. But the one problem I could never seem to get over was my inherited foul mouth. After years of enduring my father, I was almost a mirror image of my father. I never seemed to be able to get over it. My older roommate thought it was cute, and offered to let me bunk with him at Ycehart Hall. But even that kindness turned sour, as events drove us apart. I even tried to commit suicide at one point, but Okali kept the safety on the gun, and I failed in that endeavor, as well. Then... I met a zebrataur from Mynotalis, and through him, I finally got the help I needed to conquer my foul mouth. But my best friend on the whole campus... I hurt inside... he called me a girl..."


                    Chapter 31

                    Dennis silently cried, as he knew who the confessor on the other side of the screen was then.

                    It was Shaq.

                    Shaq was confessing his terrible life and foul mouth to Okali... but moreso, he was telling what Dennis had never known about Shaq before.

                    What made Shaq who he was.

                    Dennis sadly exclaimed, "Shaq... I'm sorry... if only I had known before..."

                    Shaq sniffled. "Dennis? Is that you?"

                    Dennis replied, "Yes, Shaq. It's me. I'm sorry I called you a girl. That was wrong of me. I hurt you to no end. While I don't expect you to ever forgive me, you deserved far better than anything I could ever give you. I think you made the right choice when you moved out of Ycehart Hall and into Mynotalis Hall. Shaq... you're my best friend... I've been so cold to you, just like an arctic fox... but all you ever wanted was my understanding and my friendship. I named the cybercafe club in Andrews Hall after you, Shaq... Pernardo Labs... I miss you, Shaq..."

                    Shaq leaned on the mesh between the confessional booths. "Will we... will we ever be together again, Dennis? Or is it too late?"

                    Dennis also leaned on the mesh, and kissed Shaq through the mesh. "In our hearts, we are never apart, Shaq. Thanks to us, Ycehart Hall is famous for being known as our starting place. Ycehart has us to thank for making it what it is today, though it is Lindsay who makes the hall the most desirable to live within. I was thinking about trying to get Lindsay moved over into my building for the next semester. I was almost tempted to have you blow up Ycehart again. Almost... Shaq... you're one of a kind... you were also my rebounding board... you kept me sane on campus. Without you, I'd have succumb to the cancer long ago. But you gave me life. And it's obvious that I gave you life, too. We made mistakes, Shaq... but our sins must remain here... in the confessional. We are now free, my friend. Go forth and live."

                    Shaq sniffled and smiled, kissing Dennis through the mesh. "I love you, Dennis. I've always loved you. When I meant together... I meant... you know... together..."

                    Dennis smiled. "Okali frowns on that sort of behavior in the confessional, but I do know what you mean, Shaq. We can date, if that's what you meant. Though, I'll have to attend some classes dedicated to Okali. She did save my life. I owe her everything, Shaq."

                    Shaq grinned. "Okay. You can attend those classes. But if I find out that you're dating Okali, I'll be a little upset... but I'll also be glad that I was your first... Dennis... I need to get going... there's quite a line out there. Thanks for hearing my sins. I'll always love you."

                    Dennis smiled, leaning back. "Okali forgives you, my son. And so do I. See you later, Shaq."

                    Chapter 32

                    Lindsay was out of his funeral attire and was sitting out on the open beach in a lawn chair, watching the waves gently frolicking on the edge of the sands. He was already missing Cordelia, who had left right after the funeral services and he was feeling empty without someone to date.

                    Joey appeared nearby with a buddy he had found and pointed over at Lindsay, with a grin. The two then slowly approached Lindsay.

                    Joey said, "'ello mate. Ah'm glad ta see yas resting. Ah brought yas a surprise."

                    Lindsay turned his head around and about fell out of the lawn chair when he saw Joey's surprise.

                    The male/female who stood there was a black phoenix with red markings. He/She had glowing eyes of bluish-silver, and was easily as tall as Lindsay's buck stag form. "Hello Lindsay. I am Vanessa Monitazini. I recently signed up for classes here, majoring in the performing arts, though I have already performed once already at a baseball game." Vanessa winked.

                    Lindsay stood up and smiled. "The Sun Raven spirit! That was you! I'm very impressed! I had no idea that was a phoenix! I thought it was a real spirit! You're a good actress!"

                    Vanessa smiled. "Actor/Actress. I am both sexes, Lindsay. I hope that doesn't bother you too much. Your cute friend, Joey, told me that you needed someone to date, and he explained why. He loves you a lot. If you'll accept me, I can be your new date."

                    Lindsay smiled, shaking Vanessa's hand, as he looked to Joey. "Yes, Joey is one of a kind. He's my best friend and he deserves far better than me. And yes, I know he'd mate with me and marry me in a heartbeat, if he could. Though I think Uncle Reed might have something to say about that. We all know how wereroos can be..." Lindsay winked and grinned.

                    Vanessa and Joey laughed out loud.

                    At that moment in his home in California, Reed Huxley lifted his muzzle at his apothecary and proclaimed, "Someone made a joke about me!"

                    Back on the beach, Lindsay said, "Reed's a real sweet guy. He saved my life once... I like him a lot. If he'd have me, I'd become your Uncle Lindsay, Joey." Lindsay winked again.

                    Joey snarled, "Don't yas dare! You're mine! Ah saw yas first! Mine!" Joey smiled. "Ah kin share, though. You're my best friend, mate."

                    Lindsay smiled and kissed Joey squarely on the muzzle. "You're my best friend, too. Now scoot... I need to get to know Vanessa better. Thank you for introducing me to him/her." Lindsay then whispered. "Expect a reward later tonight..." Lindsay winked slowly.

                    Joey grinned, and departed the beach! Happy wereroo! (Lindsay loves me! Yay!)

                    Vanessa and Lindsay then hugged, as Vanessa wrapped her wings around Lindsay's whole body.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, DT-06 Senior Exchanges

                    Name: Jacob Wrisley
                    Age: 20
                    Species: Belgian Hare
                    Height: 6'8"
                    Weight: 230 lbs (nearly all muscle)
                    Major: Industrial Technology; Business
                    Blood Type: B
                    Likes: Dock Working, Weightlifting, Security, Ballet, Golf
                    Dislikes: Liars, Jokers, Mathematics, Kyootsie Talk, Snobs

                    Name: Sabino Zaverio
                    Age: 19
                    Species: Italian Sheep
                    Height: 5'5"
                    Weight: 165 lbs
                    Major: Accounting
                    Blood Type: A-
                    Likes: Singing, Mathematics, Dating, Poetry, Gardening
                    Dislikes: Winter, His Ex-Boyfriend, Knives, Macho Talk, Tennis

                    Name: Alice Smithe
                    Age: 18
                    Species: Dalmatian
                    Height: 5'10"
                    Weight: 128 lbs
                    Major: Courier
                    Blood Type: A
                    Likes: Boys, Shopping, More Boys, Yet More Boys, Sex!
                    Dislikes: Boredom, Waiting, Being Stood Up, Insulters, Her Parents

                    Name: Vanessa Monitezini
                    Age: 20
                    Species: Black Phoenix
                    Height: 6'4"
                    Weight: 189 lbs
                    Major: Performing Arts
                    Blood Type: O
                    Likes: Lindsay Dunmore, Group Sex, Foreign Films, Skiing, Billiards
                    Dislikes: Unfaithful Bastards, Foods With Weird Names, Ping Pong

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