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DT-02b A Kingdom University Christmas

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    DT-02b A Kingdom University Christmas

    "Dunmore Tales"

    DT-02b A Kingdom University Christmas
    By Darrel James VanWinkle

    Christmas eve. The snow was falling all over the campus, and many of the furry students were staying indoors. The same was true for our intrepid heroes. Lindsay was playing his new video game system. Joey was writing an email to his uncle Reed. Shaq was watching TV in the living room. At that moment, Dennis, Rudolph, Gusto, Rick, Colin and Aiden entered the dormatory apartment carrying groceries and presents. Smokey and Jade soon followed carrying a Christmas tree. A real one, not one of those plastic ones that many students were setting up. The smell of pine wafted into the room.

    Shaq glanced over his shoulder and asked, "Are you guys back already?"

    Dennis smiled and came over to stand behind Shaq. "Oh yeah. We're going to have a lot of fun tonight. We're going to set up the tree, decorate the apartment, sing Christmas carols, give out the presents and imbibe a little Christmas cheer. And I expect you to share in all these festivities."

    Shaq merely exclaimed, "You guys go right ahead. I'll watch the rest of this show."

    Dennis asked, "Whatcha watching?"

    Shaq grinned. "It's a new series about intersexual college students living on a campus and discovering themselves while trying to score, er, keep their grades up. It's been pretty interesting, so far."

    Dennis kissed Shaq's forehead. "We'll let you watch TV." Dennis turned to the other students and announced, "Okay, everyone... let's set up the tree and decorate the room!"

    The students began working in their festive activity. While they were working, Duma and Becky arrived with the Christmas ornaments and colorful strings and ribbons.

    Soon afterwards, Rodney and Toby arrived carrying even more presents. Rodney asked Dennis, "There is a whole trunk-load of presents to bring up still. Where do you want all this stuff?"

    Dennis walked over and hugged Rodney, and smiled. "Better take them into my bedroom and put it on my bed. It's the bed that Joey isn't on." Dennis winked, and Rodney grinned.

    Rodney nuzzled Dennis in return, then he and Toby proceeded to take the presents into the bedroom. Then, they headed out after the rest of the presents.

    Mr. Sethnic and Mr. Paidraig arrived, not long afterwards, carrying liquor and eggnog mixtures. They took their goods into the kitchen and began preparing a punchbowl of eggnog.

    Lindsay and Joey emerged from the bedrooms, finally, and joined the others in the decorating activities.

    Dennis waited for Shaq's TV show to end. Then, he scooped Shaq up in his arms and nuzzled him with a grin. "I expect you to sing carols and spread Christmas cheer with us, Shaq. I'm going to help you into the Christmas spirit, or would you rather Jade help you instead..."

    Jade glanced over and cracked all 52 of her knuckles with a lizardish grin.

    Shaq gulped. "I think I can be just as merry as the rest of you without Jade sending me back to the hospital." Shaq grinned big!

    Rick slapped Shaq on the back with a smile. "That's the spirit, Shaq, old buddy." Rick then whispered into Shaq's ear. "And later, I can tell you some horror stories about dating Jade." Rick winked and grinned. Shaq stifled a giggle.

    Soon, the Christmas tree was all decorated and the many presents placed under the tree. Dennis dimmed the lights in the room, while Mr. Paidraig turned on the Christmas tree's lights. Everyone applauded when the beauty of their efforts alit all over the tree. Becky then initiated the carols, starting with O Holy Night; the others slowly joined in. Dennis prodded Shaq to sing. When Shaq finally did sing, who would've thought that this foul-mouthed tabby cat would have such a beautiful singing voice?

    After the carols were sung, Dennis turned the room's lights back on, and the gift-giving began. Everyone received at least one gift. Rick had even purchased Jade a new pair of komodo leather cowboy-styled boots. Jade grinned and kissed Rick's lips, deeply, saying, "You're a saint, Rick." Rick kissed back and grinned.

    Many other wonderful presents were exchanged in the coming moments.

    Then, the food was served, along with the eggnog, wine and beer. Mr. Sethnic and Mr. Paidraig were pleased to assist in these festivities, and ate and drank right along with the others.

    Lindsay wisely stayed sober. He knew what to expect from drunken friends. Yes, Lindsay is a goodie-two-shoes type of guy. Plus, he had plans the following day involving Huckleberry and Warneeri, their new children, and the other adventuring friends who were there for the holiday.

    Surprisingly, Aiden also remained sober during all of this cheerful merry-making. Lindsay took Aiden off into the bedroom, where the two chatted for awhile, then they both gave each other a nice deep full-body massage. Afterwards, the two went to bed in serperate beds, as the merry-making friends in the living room began passing out in the floor and on the couches, many of them on top of each other. The night wore on, but was not over by a long-shot.

    An hour after the last student passed out, Lindsay felt a firm paw on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and slowly focused on the very handsome, nude morphic reindeer in the room. One of them had a glowing red-nose. Lindsay blinked his eyes and whispered, "Rudolph?"

    Rudolph smiled and helped Lindsay get up quietly. "Our all-over-the-world Christmas run ended early, and Santa thought it would be nice if you were treated to some christmas cheer among fellow bucks and does. Want to join us for awhile? I promise that we can have you home before your date with Warneeri and the others."

    Comet, Donder and Blitzen all nodded their muzzles, in agreement.

    Lindsay smiled, hugging the gathered reindeer, snugly. "Thank you for the invitation. I'll come with you, but let me get into something warm first. Unlike you guys, I am still human underneath." Lindsay winked and kissed each one. Then, he got on his clothes and his new wool winter scarf, and joined the other reindeer.

    Rudolph was seen in Aiden's bedroom placing a very cute, anatomically correct, life-sized plush foxy into Aiden's grasp. Rudolph rejoined the others, and whispered to Lindsay, "It has both an internal heater and a vibrator, built in. Aiden has been an extremely good raccoon this year."

    Lindsay grinned. Then he, and the other reindeer, all departed to attend a festive gathering of reindeer bucks and does. No one would really know what all Lindsay did that night, but he'd remember it always.

    When morning arrived, Lindsay was back in his bed awakening at home, as promised, in his dormatory bedroom. When Aiden awakened to find his plush present in his arms, he smiled and whispered, "Thank you, Santa... how did you know?" Aiden cuddled and kissed the plush foxy, spending extra time with it.

    Lindsay then wrote out a note and taped it to the TV screen, before heading off to spread some Christmas cheer with his other friends.

    And so ends this Kingdom University Christmas story. And while there was sure to be more to be told, such a tale must wait until another time. May all your wishes, like Aiden's, always come true.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

    PS: If anyone wants to know what went on at the North Pole, let me know and I'll write it up.

    Send all inquiries to Darrel at:

    Permission to use the ClosetCoon characters of Aiden, Colin, Rick, Becky, Toby, Rodney and Duma were given by LeafDog prior to writing this story. The ClosetCoon characters are all copyright 2003 by LeafDog. All rights are reserved.