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    DT-01 Furry University

    "Dunmore Tales"

    DT-01 Furry University
    By Darrel James VanWinkle

    Chapter 01

    The early May summer warmth mixed with the receding spring breezes were making the Lewis and Clark National Forest region more pleasant than it usually was. The little town of Forestgrove Montana was celebrating its Summer Days Festival and the people were socializing openly with their fellow neighbors. Almost no one took notice of the Greyhound transit bus as it stopped in front of the Dunmore residence.

    The bus driver turned his head back towards the only passenger still on board and exclaimed, "Forestgrove. Get your things together."

    The young man yawned and opened his brown eyes. He stood up and smiled. "Feels good to be back in Forestgrove, even if only for a short while." He ran a hand through his sandy golden-brown hair. "I hope mom and dad aren't too upset that I had my hair slightly bleached and retoned, but I was tired of the dark look."

    The bus driver replied, "I think you look very mature. Let me unload your suitcases." He exited the bus and opened the cargo space. He pulled out three large suitcases, setting them on the nearby sidewalk.

    The young man grabbed his laptop case and briefcase, then also exited the bus. He shook the bus driver's hand, then he and the driver carried all the suitcases into the house itself. The living room had not changed at all. It was extremely good to be home from college.

    After the bus driver departed, the young man put his suitcases in his bedroom, then headed out into the backyard to his father's workshop. He knew his mother would be helping the women's club in town. But his father would be spending the Saturday in the old wooden shed making wooden crafts for his shop in town. The young man opened the shed's door and stood there looking within. Sure enough, Mr. Dunmore was busy carving a wooden unicorn, though he stopped when he noticed the opening door. The young man smiled.

    "Dad. I'm back from college."

    Mr. Dunmore smiled and stood up straight.

    "Lindsay. Welcome home."

    Lindsay hugged his father, who in return, hugged him back. Lindsay stepped back with a smile.

    Mr. Dunmore said, "Let me have a look at you." He looked Lindsay up and down. "You look just fine, son. Although I hope your mother is okay with what you've done to your hair."

    Lindsay chuckled. "I was tired of the dark forboding look. I wanted to try something that made me look more to my nature."

    Mr. Dunmore replied, "It certainly makes you look more angelic. Your mother is helping the lady's auxillery in town. You can look over all the mail you received while you were away at college. I have a unicorn to finish. I hope I'm doing it justice."

    Lindsay nodded and headed back into the house. He entered his bedroom and sat at his writing desk. He rolled the wooden cover up, laying eyes on all the accumulated mail and parcels contained within. "Oh boy. This may take me a while."

    Chapter 02

    After a few hours, Lindsay picked up the last envelope. There was no return address on the outside. Only a name. Omar Kinsbert.

    "Dear Lindsay Dunmore:

    You are cordially invited to attend a newly started university as either a teacher, a counselor or a student. The choice is entirely yours. I am Dean Omar Kinsbert, previously of the University of Florida. I was hired to oversee this newly started academic college and was asked to contact various people to join us at this institution. The individual who suggested your name to me was a mage named Warneeri. If you are interested in this request, or seek further information, please call me at the toll-free telephone number provided below."

    A toll-free telephone number is given.

    "As always, your confidentuality will be held in the highest respect. I look forward in hearing from you soon.

    Omar Kinsbert
    University Dean"

    Lindsay blinked. "Warneeri? It can't be." He went over and picked up the nearby hallway telephone and dialed up the phone number.

    The phone rang a few times, then a voice answered on the other end.

    "Hello? You've reached the university offices. Omar Kinsbert speaking."

    Lindsay smiled. "Hello? I'm Lindsay Dunmore. I just got your invitation in the mail at my home address. Well, I was attending a local college and just got home from my graduation. You mentioned Warneeri in your letter. Is she there?"

    Kinsbert replied, "She is around, though not present at the moment. I assume you're interested in this invitation?"

    Lindsay's heart was racing. Warneeri was actually there. He hadn't seen Warneeri in ages since that adventure with Darek Vanlyone and his friends several years ago. (See F1)

    He took a breath and tried to continue speaking. "I am very interested in attending this new university if Warneeri is there. But I am not experienced enough to be a teacher or a counsellor, so if it is okay with you, I would like to attend as a student and help the other students get settled into the new environment. By the way, where is this university located?"

    Kinsbert replied, "Well, it is actually located in a modernized portion of the Furry Realms. Warneeri told me you were familiar with that. There is only one condition that I refrained from mentioning in the invitation. To attend this university, you'll have to be given a furry form. Warneeri told me that she'd help you handle that part, and she said she'd make sure you could revert to human whenever you needed to, so you wouldn't be stuck as a furry. Are you still interested in joining us here?"

    Lindsay's mind turned back to his shock over being magically trapped in a morphic buck stag body years ago, though, if he had full control over being able to change into that form and retain the human form, as well, he would be more inclined to accept the offer.

    Chapter 03

    Lindsay said, "I'd love to attend the university, Dean Kinsbert. And you can tell Warneeri that I want to meet up with her again, as well."

    Kinsbert replied with a happy tone, "I am sure Warneeri and Huckleberry will be looking forward towards seeing you, Lindsay. When can you be available towards joining us?"

    Lindsay blinked his eyes. "Huckleberry SlyFingers is there too?"

    Kinsbert replied, "Why certainly he is here! He and Warneeri are married. Have been for quite a while."

    Lindsay blinked his eyes at that! Warneeri married to Huckleberry? He was surprised they haven't killed each other by now. "That is pleasing to hear. So how do I get to this new university?"

    Kinsbert explained, "You will need to take either a flight to Fort Lauderdale Florida where I will meet with you and escort you here, or you'll need to, according to Warneeri, find passage through the shimmering air, whatever that means."

    Lindsay knew full well what that meant. And hey, it would give him an excuse to see Darek Vanlyone (F1), Reed Huxley, Damon Horse, and the others again. Of course, that meant telling his parents about his new plans. They were always pleased with whatever he wanted to do. "I believe I know what Warneeri is referring to. I'll just have to make another phone call to a mutual friend. When should I come?"

    Kinsbert replied, "I would suggest this weekend, or the next, if you have prior plans. Either way, we will be pleased to have you with us here."

    Lindsay smiled. "I just need to discuss this with my parents. Like I said before, I just finished a local college course in Architectural Engineering, and just returned home to visit with my folks. I am pretty sure that they will agree to allow me to come to the university. Especially if I don't have to pay for my classes and dorm rooms. I think you can look forward towards seeing me next weekend. I do need some time to clear things here."

    Kinsbert replied, "Very well, Lindsay. Next weekend we will be looking forward to seeing you. Thank you for calling me. Goodbye."

    Lindsay replied, "Goodbye until next weekend." He hangs up the phone.

    Lindsay was excited by all this. He was going to get to attend a real university AND get to see Warneeri again. Now he just needed to complete his visit with his folks. Oh, but wait... he remembered that he had to contact his mutual friend for help. He picked up the phone again and dialed the number for a certain little herbal cures shop in California.

    The phone rang several times. Finally, as Lindsay was about to hang up, a teenaged Australian accent answered the other end.

    "'Ello mate. 'uxley Cures. 'Ow kin Ah 'elp ya this morn'n?"

    Lindsay blinked his eyes. Who was this? It didn't sound like Reed. "Um, is Reed there? I need to ask him something. Its really REALLY important. My name is Lindsay Dunmore."

    Chapter 04

    The teenaged voice replied, "'Ang on! Ah'll fetch 'im."

    Lindsay waited patiently until finally a familiar Australian voice spoke on the other end of the phone line.

    "Lindsay. Ow's things going for ya in Montana?"

    Lindsay replied, "Hello Reed. Next weekend I am to attend a newly formed university for real furry folk and I will need shimmering air transportation, according to Warneeri. I was hoping you could help me out. Is there any way you can arrange my transport for me?"

    Reed Huxley thought silently for a few minutes, then replied, "Well mate, b'cause Warneeri suggested it, Ah'll 'ave a white friend of mine provide ya with the shimmering air transport next weekend."

    Lindsay smiled. "Thanks Reed. You're a real sweetheart." He made a kissing sound. "By the way, who was that younger person who answered the phone earlier?"

    Reed chuckled. "That is my nephew, Joseph 'uxley. Turns out that a brother of mine in Australia, that Ah didn't know Ah 'ad, contacted me by telephone out of the blue asking me if Ah'd watch over Joey during 'is development period. And ya know 'ow a werekangaroo's development period can be..."

    Lindsay erfed. "Sounds like you have your paws full. I wish I could help, but you've heard what my schedule is going to be like."

    Reed replied, "Yea, an education is very important in the world as we know it, mate. Though... do ya think that Joseph could attend this university thing that ya 'ave mentioned?"

    Lindsay hummed. "I think that Dean Kinsbert might allow Joseph to attend the university. He's a pawful, isn't he?"

    Reed stated in a very serious voice, "Ya don't know the 'alf of it, mate!" He chuckled. "But e's family, so Ah love 'im anyways."

    Lindsay smiled again. "Well, I better let you go, Reed, so you can contact your white friend to make the arrangements for new weekend. It was great talking to you again. See you next weekend."

    Reed replied, "Okay, mate. See ya next weekend."

    Lindsay hung up the receiver in it's telephone cradle. Not only was he going to get to see Warneeri again, but he was going to get to see Reed again. What could be better? He walked into the kitchen to prepare some dinner for his parents.

    He visited with his parents over the next few days, letting them know about his newer plans to attend this university by request. They were very supportive, as Lindsay was old enough to make his own decisions in the world. The rest of the time was used helping his mother around the house, attending to her garden, and assisting his father in the arts and crafts store in town.

    When the weekend came, Lindsay packed his gear and his personal favorites, and awaited contact in the back yard. He had found that he enjoyed traveling via shimmering air gateways, and was excited in the knowledge that he was going to see Reed Huxley again.

    Chapter 05

    It was getting late in the day when Lindsay started wondering if Reed had forgotten to arrange his transport. He turned to take his things back into the house, when suddenly, a calm voice exclaimed, "Are you Lindsay Dunmore?"

    Lindsay turned towards the voice and saw... nothing... "Yeah, I am. Are you Reed's white friend?"

    The calm voice replied, "Indeed. I must apologize for being late. I had to get directions from my superior. This is my first trip to Montana. You may call me Ivorastej, for lack of a better name. Normally, none of us are named, but I feel this should further our association with each other. Are you prepared to journey to Reed Huxley's Herbal Cures Shop?"

    Lindsay smiled. "I am prepared. I have a backpack full of clothing, and two large suitcases containing everything else I need. Where is the portal entrance?"

    Ivorastej replied, "It is ahead of you and a little to the left. Step inside and I will guide you to Reed's place."

    Lindsay picked up his suitcases and walked forward into the shimmering air portal, eyes closed until he got inside. Once inside, he opened his eyes to the psychadelic landscape. Standing before him was a large white stag. Lindsay smiled and nodded his head.

    Ivorastej smiled and replied, "Indeed. You are well encumbered. Mount me and I will carry you to Reed's place."

    Lindsay got astride on the large white stag, and the two set off towards Reed's place. Almost instantaneously, the two emerged just inside Reed's apothecary laboratory. Reed and a younger werekangaroo on roller blades was awaiting them.

    Reed Huxley smiled and shook Lindsay's hand. "'ello mate. Welcome to California. It's good to see ya."

    Lindsay shook Reed's hand, though feeling the furry fuzz on Reed's palm. "I'm glad to see you too, Reed. And who is this?"

    Reed chuffed, "This is my nephew, Joseph, or Joey, as 'e likes to be called. Joey, this is my friend Lindsay Dunmore."

    Joey smiled and shook Lindsay's hand vigorously. "Glad to meet ya, mate. We gonna be bunkees at the college?" He winked.

    Lindsay shook the definitive furry paw. "If you want to, I'll see about having the arrangements made."

    Joey grinned. "Ah'd like that a lot, mate."

    Reed then said, "Ah know ya don't 'ave a lot of time, Lindsay, but Ah was 'oping ya'd stay for some dinner with Joey an' me."

    Lindsay smiled. "I'd be glad to, Reed. You did save my life a few years ago. Having dinner with you is the least I can do."

    Reed and Joey led Lindsay and Ivorastej into the main house, and together, they all had a pleasing dinner. Reed seemed to be a very good cook, as well as being a fine herbal healer. Soon afterwards, Reed entertained his friends with a game of billiards and a relaxing walk on the beach. At sunset, Lindsay helped pack up Joey's gear, and Reed waved goodbye to them as Ivorastej escorted his two friends through the shimmering air once again.

    Chapter 06

    Emerging from the shimmering air this time, Lindsay got his first view of the furry university layout from the hill top in which they arrived on.

    Ivorastej said, "This is where we part company. We white stags prefer not to be seen among mortals. Fare thee well, Lindsay. You too, Joey."

    Lindsay smiled. "Thanks for the escort. Bye."

    Joey grinned. "Safe journey, mate."

    Lindsay and Joey picked up their gear and bags, and descended the hill to the university's main entrance. Lindsay smiled. He was finally going to get to see Warneeri and Huckleberry again.

    When Lindsay and Joey walked into Omar Kinsbert's office, Lindsay was a bit surprised to see that Omar Kinsbert currently wore the form of an elderly owl wearing clothing made to fit the new form. Omar waved his feathered hand at Lindsay and Joey. Then Lindsay smiled widely. He saw the two people he could not forget. Warneeri and Huckleberry Slyfingers. Warneeri was still a female rabbit with black fur and brown furry hands. She stood about seven feet two inches tall, and still wore the hooded navy blue robes. She smiled as she firmly held her long wooden quarterstaff with a metallic ball on it's tip. Huckleberry Slyfingers was still a male ferret with short tan fur all over his body. He looked to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, standing about five foot seven inches tall, and looking to weigh about eighty five pounds. Just about right for his slender size. His eyes were dark brown. He wore a short sleeved white silk shirt under a black komodo leather vest. He also wore small faded brown trousers, held up around his waist by a black komodo leather belt. His scabbarded short sword hung from the belt on his left side, and his scabbarded dagger hung from the belt on his right side.

    Warneeri hugged Lindsay and kissed his cheek. "Lindsay! It is so good to see you again. I am so pleased that you decided to accept our offer."

    Huckleberry smiled. "You've put on some muscle since I saw you last. Looks good on you. Who's your kangaroo friend? He looks a bit young to be Reed." The ferret was always in good spirits.

    Joey grinned. "Ah am Reed's nephew, Joseph 'uxley. Ah like ta be called Joey. Ah'm going ta attend some classes 'ere with Lindsay, if that's okay, mates..."

    Omar replied, "It is fine, Joey. Warneeri, I'll help Joey get signed in. You and Huckleberry do what you need to do with Lindsay's species." Omar led Joey into the next room.

    Warneeri grinned. "So have you chosen a furry species yet, Lindsay?"

    Lindsay nodded his head. "I have. And the deal is that I can control my changing between my human form and the furry form. That's what Omar told me that you offered."

    Warneeri nodnodded her head with a smile.

    Lindsay smiled. "I have chosen the male buck stag that I got changed into three years ago."

    Huckleberry smiled. "And I bet you look hunky in it too."

    Lindsay blushed. "It does make me look quite dashing."


      Chapter 07

      Warneeri nodded her head. "Okay, Lindsay. Hold still while I work my magic on you." Warneeri proceeded to granting Lindsay the shape-changing power.

      Warneeri finished her magic on Lindsay, and stepped back to admire her handiwork. Lindsay was now a morphic buck stag standing 6 feet 9 inches tall. A rack of antlers reaching proudly above his head as brown soulful eyes regarded those around him. The light brown fur of his head faded as it made its way down his muscular chest, before thickening and reappearing around his groin. He is wearing a pair of knee-length khaki colored shorts where a nice cervine bulge could be seen. His legs were also deer-like. Strong and delicate as they were drawn into a pair of black cloven hooves. Behind him, a small tail emerged from the base of his spine. Brown fur covered his back with a grey streak in the center as it thickened down the back of his neck.

      Lindsay smiled and softly said, "Thanks, Warneeri."

      Huckleberry grinned. "I knew you were a hunk."

      Warneeri smiled. "You'll be lucky if Joey doesn't molest you."

      Lindsay replied, "Aw, I'm sure Joey has more control than that."

      Warneeri smiled again. "Anyway, you and Joey start classes tomorrow, and it will be there that you will meet some of the other classmates attending here. We have about 1500 students currently, and I am sure you will meet some you will get along with. And with your build, you might check into joining the football team."

      Lindsay nodded his head. "Football? I'll think about it. But grades are more important, right?"

      Warneeri also nodded her head once. "You and Joey will be sharing a dorm room with two other furries. I think you'll like them."

      Lindsay hummed. "Okay. I think Joey and I can handle it." Lindsay was wondering who the two other furs were. Dean Kinsbert never mentioned he would be sharing a room with anyone else, but with all the students attending the college, it sort of made sense.

      Lindsay was also wondering what classes Joey signed up for.

      Sometime later, Joey and Lindsay were walking across the campus together towards Ycehart Hall.

      The two walked through the lobby of the dorms, entered the elevator, and rode up to the third floor. Lindsay smiled as the two arrived at their room. 305. Lindsay opened the door and walked inside with Joey. The two roommates were awaiting them when they arrived.

      Lindsay's and Joey's eyes were drawn to the male orange furred tabby cat furry on his knees wearing nothing but blue jeans, with his paws and head stuck inside an open computer casing. His tail casually swished to and fro, now and then, reflecting his mood and disposition.

      "Be with you folkers in a few. This mofo antique from the bronze age has got momma's arth'ritis all over it." the tabby cat was heard saying as he worked with attention all over the internals of the computer tower.

      Chapter 08

      A masculine voice from the next room called out, "Shaqil Pernardo! Are you bad-mouthing visitors again?"

      The tabby replied haughtily, "I can't even see who came in, Dennis. I've got my head up this antique's-"

      The masculine muscular slightly damp arctic fox emerged from the bathroom wearing a towel. "Nix, Shaq!" He blinked his icy blue eyes at Lindsay and Joey. "Well hello!" He MMMMMMMMMed aloud.

      Shaq pulled his head out of the computer tower and took his first look at the arrivals. "Oh wow! We must've won the lottery, Dennis. We hardly ever get THIS lucky." Shaq drooled a little. "I'm Shaquil Pernardo and this is my roomie Dennis Andrews. If you'll excuse me, this antique isn't fixing itself." He turned and stuck his head and paws back into the computer tower.

      Dennis smiled, and shook hands/paws with Lindsay and Joey. "From the baggage, I'd guess that Kinsbert is shacking you guys up with us. What can we call you?"

      Lindsay replied, "I am Lindsay Dunmore, this is my friend Joseph Huxley, but he prefers Joey."

      Dennis smiled again. "Lindsay, you'll be sharing my room. And Joey will share Shaq's room. I'll show you which flea-trap bed to avoid in Shaq's room." Dennis smirked.

      Shaq banged his head on the internals. "Dennis! My lair is CLEAN! You're the one who needs a maid!"

      Dennis chuckled. "That I do. But at least I can find MY stuff." Dennis led Lindsay and Joey into the bedrooms, helping Joey settle on his bed, then taking Lindsay into the obvious stud's bedroom. Dennis showed Lindsay his bed, and sat down on his own bed. "I think you'll like it here, Lindsay. I hope I can count on you to help me with my daily exercises."

      Lindsay nodded his head. "We'll work something out to be sure."

      Later that afternoon, Dennis and Lindsay left the dorms, and headed across campus to the gymnasium. Just out front of the gym's front doors, a nervous male raccoon was sitting on a bench seemingly staring off into space, though whatever passing thoughts he was having produce a slight dreamy smile on his muzzle now and then.

      Dennis whispered to Lindsay, "That's Aiden. Pretty 'A' quality student, moments of shyness, damned good artist too. His fox art is quite realistic, but don't tell him that, or he'll turn more red than an apple. Let's head inside."

      Lindsay nodded his head, and after glancing at Aiden casually, followed Dennis on inside the gym.

      Dennis led Lindsay into the locker rooms where the two changed into their gym shorts. Then Dennis led Lindsay out to meet the others.

      Dennis indicated from the left and around the room in an introductory sweep. "The female panda is Kama Chan. The male grizzly bear next to her is Smoke-Over-Rushing-Stream, but we all call him Smokey. On the barbells... the male tiger is Toby, the male husky is Rick, the male fox sitting next to him is Colin."

      Chapter 09

      Dennis then continued, "In the back in the boxing ring... the male dingo is Jack Carlos and the male jaguar who is sparring with him is Cliff Phillips. The male German wolf on the Bow-Flex is Rolfe von Stark. Over at the swimming pool... the male otter is Stuart Masterson, the male flying squirrel is Rocket James, and the female amazon iguana is Chalchi Uhtlicue, but everyone calls her Jade."

      Most of the stud boys waved at Dennis and Lindsay, as do a few of the females present. Dennis led Lindsay over to an open barbell machine.

      As Dennis was getting strapped into the machine to start his workout, the husky, Rick, glanced over and said, "Who's your friend, Denny?"

      Dennis grunted as he lifted the weight on the machine. "His name is Lindsay. Him and his kangaroo buddy are late arrivals. They got bunked with Shaq and me."

      Rick turned his gaze to Lindsay, "You're sharing a dorm with Shaq? I sure hope you brought some good ear muffs. That tabby has a very foul mouth."

      Jade piped in from across the gym, "Ear muffs nothing, Lindsay might need a bottle of Tidybowl!"

      Almost everyone in the gym started laughing at that statement. Lindsay did mentally admit that the joke made some sense.

      Meanwhile, back at Room 305... Joey was all unpacked and practicing his Kanga-Fu lessons, while Shaq worked on his computer diligently.

      Shaq glanced over at the undressed wereroo practicing. "Do you do that frak all the time, Joey?"

      Joey opened his eyes and smiled at the dusty Shaq. "Tis an' roller bladin', mate. Why do ye ask?"

      Shaq smirked. "And do you say 'mate' all the time too?"

      Joey grinned. "Of course, MATE!" Joey giggled. "Tho bein' a were-kangaroo teenager has it's moments."

      Shaq blinked his eyes! "You're a flippin' werebeasty? Isn't that dangerous?"

      Joey smiled again. "Only if I bite someone with my saliva covered teeth. Then the poor bloke suffers lunacy until 'e 'unts and kills 'is first victim. Not very pleasant, wot?"

      Shaq shuddered upon hearing this. "You're not going to eat me, are you?"

      Joey gave the tabby an odd look. "Of course..."

      Shaq gulped.

      Joey grinned. "...not, Shaq. I do believe that ye'd be a bit tuff for me young fangs."

      Shaq was starting to wish HARD that one of the others would return, and fast. He was clearly scared, though trying to retain his cool.


        Chapter 10

        Shaq pulled his gaze back to his computer. "This fraking thing isn't fixing it's own damned self."

        Joey asked, "Shaq? Why do ye seem to curse all the time?"

        Shaq, relieved for any change in topics, replied, "My dad had the foulest mouth in the county. Growing up put me in his direct path, and he would get drunk, come home, argue with mom, and curse at me while spanking me with his belt. I've tried to stop cursing after coming to college, but it's so mofoing hard."

        Joey smiled and exlaimed, "Dawwwwwww..."

        Shaq growled, "Don't you dare tell anyone what I just told you. I have an image to uphold."

        Joey nodded his head. "Mums da word, mate." He winked.

        Saturday brought way to movie night... Lindsay helped Dennis and Toby carry the snacks, soda and beer into Rodney's kitchen. Rodney smiled to the arrivals as they placed the groceries on the counter.

        Rodney stirred ingrediants into a chip dip. He said, "Thanks for helping out here tonight, guys. Not often we have a movie night."

        Dennis replied, "Glad to help, Rodney. What movies were rented for this evening?"

        Rodney winked an eye. "Murder in Monte Carlo and Revenge of the Cheerleaders. Two old classics. Should be an interesting evening."

        Lindsay hummed. "I think I've seen those before... Anyway, do you need any help here in the kitchen?"

        Rodney pointed over to the oven. "Could you get the baked treats out of the oven please?"

        Lindsay helped out gladly, while Rodney finished up the chip dip. Dennis and Toby entered the living room to get the floor pillows and VCR set up for the others. Joey, Shaq, Aiden, Colin, and Jade were already there, chatting and eager for the movies to start. Lindsay carried the plate of baked pretzels in, while Rodney brought in the bowl of chip dip. Everyone got some sodas and beer, then settled down to watch the movies.

        After the murder mystery ended, Lindsay exited the room for a bathroom break. Aiden seemingly had the same idea, as he entered the bathroom about the same time Lindsay did.

        Lindsay smiled at Aiden. "Go ahead Aiden. I'll wait."

        Aiden blushed and replied sheepishly, "Thanks Lindsay." He did his business, then as he was washing his paws, Lindsay did his business.

        Chapter 11

        Aiden glanced at Lindsay curiously and glimpsed more than just a view. Aiden sweated a little when Lindsay came over to wash his paws too.

        Lindsay smiled at Aiden again. "Are you enjoying the movies?"

        Aiden erfed and replied, "Um... yeah, it's been... large... I mean... great..." Aiden headed out of the bathroom as Colin was entering.

        Colin glanced at Aiden's departure, then back at Lindsay. "Was the coon bothering you, Lindsay?"

        Lindsay shrugged. "I asked him if he was enjoying the movie, and he got all nervous and left the bathroom. Are you having fun tonight?"

        Colin smiled up at Lindsay. "Sure am. Dennis asked me if he and you could join us tomorrow for some hoops and baseball. You're welcome to come along, if you want."

        Lindsay smiled. "Thanks Colin. It might be fun."

        Colin washed his paws, and the two rejoined the others for the second movie, which was already started.

        Jade smiled as people returned from the bathroom. "Rodney, if you need any help cleaning up afterwards, let me know. Just cause I have muscles doesn't mean I can't do housework."

        Rodney replied, "Thanks for offering, Jade."

        Toby returned from the kitchen and accidently sat in Lindsay's lap. He chuckled as he noticed Lindsay, and licked his nose. "You don't mind if I sit here, do you?"

        Lindsay shook his muzzle, "Naw... you're fine, Toby." He petted Toby's tail and sides while watching Shaq load the second movie into the VCR.

        Shaq was trying hard not to cuss in front of Jade. "Another antique from the Bronze Age. When are you going to get a DVD Player, Rodney?"

        Rodney chuckled, "Got one in lay-a-way, Shaq. It'll be about 6 more weeks."

        Shaq nodded his head. "Anyway, the movie is starting now." He backed off and sat on his floor pillow.

        After the second movie had ended, Shaq, Joey, and Dennis headed back to their dorm room. Rodney walked Aiden home, chatting about something as they went. Colin, Jade, and Lindsay remained behind to help Toby clean up the living room and the kitchen. Colin and Jade covered the living room cheerfully. Toby and Lindsay cleaned up the kitchen and washed the dishes.

        Toby grinned at Lindsay as he handed him a washed dish. "Thank you for letting me sit in your lap, Lindsay. Next to Rodney, you have a very nice warm lap."

        Lindsay blushed as he dried the dish. "Um, you're welcome, Toby. Er, your fur was nice and soft too... yeah..." He put the dish away.

        Toby smiled as he noticed how he got the nice stag to blush. "It is nice to call you a friend, Lindsay. What do you think of Rodney, by the way?" He handed another dish to Lindsay.

        Chapter 12

        Lindsay dried this dish too. "Rodney? He's very friendly. Kinda reminds me of someone I know... He probably has nice soft fur too."

        Toby hugged Lindsay suddenly. "Rodney is special. Thank you for helping out here tonight. Please drop by anytime." He released Lindsay, and the two finished washing and drying the dishes.

        It was the next morning. Sunday. Dennis and Lindsay had joined Colin, Rick, Smokey and Jack at the recreation center for a game of basketball. The boys hit the lockers and dressed out in their gym shorts, then they were soon on the basketball court.

        Dennis and Rick flipped a coin; Rick called "heads". The coin came up "heads", allowing Rick to make his choice of teammates first.

        Rick scanned over those here, while sneaking a glance at Dennis to see who he was checking out. Then he pointed at Lindsay, "Lindsay. You're on my team."

        Dennis sighed, then smiled. "You sneak. Just for that, I'm taking your best friend, Colin. Colin! You're on my team!"

        Rick chuckled. "My fox! You took my fox!" He winked with a grin.

        Colin blushed a bit wincing at Rick's knowing joke.

        Rick hummed. "Strength or speed? Which one do I want?" He was referring to Smokey and Jack now.

        Dennis grinned. "I -KNOW- which one -I- want!"

        Rick glared at Dennis, then looked to Smokey and Jack again. "Okay okay... I want... Jack! Jack... you're on my team."

        Dennis chuckled again. "Come on Smokey! Whoo hoo! I got da bear!!"

        Rick grred. "Why do you always make me feel like I got shafted?"

        Dennis laughed and winked at Rick. "I make you feel shafted? I don't remember you ever sleeping in my bed before!"

        It is Rick's turn to blush hard now. And he tried hard to hide it by turning away.

        Everyone was laughing now.

        Rick finally turned and said, "Come on, let's play some basketball. Best 2 out of 3. Loser buys everyone lunch."

        Dennis grinned. "You're on, Rickie-boy! Man, is this lunch ever going to taste good!!"

        Two games played with a win on each side. The third game was underway. Jack had the basketball dodging Smokey and Colin. Lindsay was blocking Dennis, while Rick was trying to get into a position for a free shot. Jack dribbled the basketball, then suddenly, feinted to the right and passed the basketball to the left. Rick caught the basketball, and shot it towards the hoop. The basketball bounced up from the rim, then fell straight down through the hoop.


          Chapter 13

          Dennis sighed, then grinned. "Congrats Rick. I owe everyone lunch. Which means I get to choose the restaurant."

          Rick was grinning. Now he thought, 'uh oh.'

          Everyone hit the showers, cheerful and smiling. It was a great Sunday morning so far. After the showers, everyone got their clothes back on and met out front of the gym.

          Dennis led his friends into the Fu Chew oriental restaurant. They got a table for six, and Dennis ordered drinks and food bars. They all went to the bar to fill their plates, then returned to their table and ate their meals. Later, they sat outside overlooking the ocean and gentle waves.

          Rick smiled. "That was a good lunch. Thank you, Dennis."

          Dennis gently hugged Rick's shoulder while looking out over the ocean. "I could have taken us all to a really hard core sushi cafe, but I have finesse toward pleasing my friends."

          Colin exclaimed, "I really need to finish a homework assignment."

          Jack nudged Colin. "Need some help? I haven't finished mine either."

          Colin blushed a little. "Thanks Jack. I appreciate it."

          Smokey and Lindsay had seperated from the others and were walking down the beach. Smokey held Lindsay's hand as they walked.

          Smokey gently said, "I liked how you played today, Lindsay. If you ever need someone to chum around with, my place is over at 1873 Forest Green Blvd. I live alone and I have my own swimming pool."

          Lindsay smiled. "Are you making a pass at me, Smokey?"

          Smokey winked an eye. "If the basketball shorts fit, then yes..."

          Lindsay arrived at Warneeri's large residence that Sunday evening at exactly seven o'clock. He had wondered what Warneeri had wanted at such a late hour, though because he respected her, and owed her much, he thought it best to attend her request. He had stopped by a florist and picked up some flowers, then a stop at the grocer for carrots and greens. He wanted to make a good impression. He also knew that Huckleberry would be somewhere around, as the short ferret thief was married to the tall black rabbit mage. He made sure his tie and dress clothes were in proper order, then rang the doorbell aside the front door.

          There was no answer right away, so he rang the doorbell again. After five minutes of silence, he decided to knock brusquely. Another five minutes passed with no response.

          Lindsay sighed and started to turn to walk away. Why weren't they answering? He started back down the walkway with a slightly heavy heart. Then, the front door opened up behind him, and he heard the familiar voice of the ferret.

          "Lindsay?" Huckleberry quietly asked. Lindsay stopped and turned back to the doorway, his expression obviously saddened. "It is you. I'm sorry I didn't answer right away. We were in the basement chapel getting things ready."

          Chapter 14

          Huckleberry then noticed Lindsay's expression. "Aw, come on inside. You're a bit overdressed, but you look very very nice. I am sure Warneeri will be impressed."

          Lindsay returned to the doorway, and was escorted inside by Huckleberry. The two entered a hallway, and descended a stairway to the chapel chamber. The entire room was lit with 777 candles, laid out in an obvious pattern. Warneeri was at the alter chanting and deep into her planned ceremony. Huckleberry and Lindsay sat in seats near the doorway and awaited Warneeri to finish her incantation.

          Finally, Warneeri stopped chanting, panting quietly from the whole ordeal. Then, her sensitive nose started twitching and sniffing. She slowly smiled, and turned towards Lindsay.

          "You brought me gifts?" Warneeri calmly exclaimed. "You shouldn't have, but I thank you. Aren't you the formal buck? I am very very impressed. If I weren't married, I would drag you off into my lair and introduce you to the lapine kama sutra."

          Lindsay blushed hard.

          Huckleberry set the dining table as Warneeri and Lindsay spoke casually in Warneeri's library. Warneeri looked very calm, though something was certainly on her mind, and it was very apparent to Lindsay as he watched her walk around slowly.

          Lindsay finally decided to take a shot at Warneeri's problem.

          "You're pregnant, aren't you?"

          Warneeri slowly turned to Lindsay and closed her eyes, and nodded her head. "Yes."

          Lindsay also nodded his head. "You haven't told Huckleberry, have you?"

          Warneeri slowly shook her head. "I've been afraid to. I am afraid he won't like me anymore."

          Lindsay stood and hugged Warneeri. "You have to tell him. It IS his cubling, isn't it?"

          Warneeri growled a little. "Of course it is his. Who else would want to be around a fickle black rabbit like me?"

          Lindsay nodded his head again. "You have to tell him, Warneeri. He deserves to know. And if he doesn't still love you, I'll spank him myself."

          Warneeri had to smile at that. "I could probably see you doing that."

          Just then, Huckleberry called out from the dining room. "Dinner is served, guys! Come and get it."

          Warneeri and Lindsay joined Huckleberry in the dining room, and the three were soon having dinner together.

          Lindsay noticed that Warneeri wasn't saying anything. "Um, Huck? Warneeri has something to tell you... Go on, Warneeri."

          Huckleberry turned his head to Warneeri. Warneeri shot a daggered-glance at Lindsay, then she sighed, and turned to Huckleberry and spoke slowly, "Love? I'm... I'm... pregnant..."

          Chapter 15

          The ferret's mouth dropped open. Then his eyes brightened. "Are you serious, Warneeri? We're going to be parents?"

          Warneeri nodded her head, worried about what Huckleberry thought.

          Huckleberry got up from his chair and hugged her. "I am SO happy. Our first cubling." He kissed her and hugged tightly.

          Warneeri glanced at Lindsay, who winked and smiled at her. His favorite magic using rabbit was going to be a mommy.

          When one sleeps, one does not expect to be so rudely awakened. But when one is on a schedule, the awakening is either necessary or deliberate. Whichever the case, this particular Monday morning came a lot sooner than Lindsay was expecting.

          It started with some familiar foul language from a certain orange tabby, and some apologies from a certain Australian werekangaroo. It was soon followed by a collision between the tabby and a certain arctic fox in a fight to use the bathroom. What finally awakened Lindsay was a very wet lick-slurping tongue over his nose and muzzle.

          Lindsay opened his eyes to see Joey nose-to-nose with him. Lindsay's eyes opened quickly at that. Joey simply smiled and lick-slurped Lindsay again, gently. Lindsay erfed, and blushed from the attention.

          Joey smiled. "Mornin' mate. 'Ow'ed ya sleep?" Joey was rubbing Lindsay's chest and right leg.

          Lindsay gasped and purred, trying to regain some composure. "Um, Joey... It's a bit early to be... er, doing -that-..."

          Joey nodded his head and stopped rubbing.

          Lindsay released a sigh of relief. "Thank you. You're very sweet to wake me up so gently. Um, I slept pretty well, I think. I got in late last night and passed out as soon as I was under the covers. What's up?"

          Joey smiled again, lick-slurping Lindsay's muzzle again. "It's Monday mornin'. We 'ave classes to attend to. Don't want to be late, now do we?" He winked.

          Lindsay yawned widely. Joey took that moment to lick the roof of Lindsay's mouth. Lindsay acked and coughed a little.

          Joey grinned and play-punched Lindsay's shoulder. "Get up, mate, or Ah'll 'ave to dominate yas in front of the others." He winked again.

          Lindsay smiled. He was thinking that Joey dominating him might be fun. But this WAS Monday morning, and they DID have classes to attend to. He slowly sat up and put his hooves on the floor. He glaced at the bathroom, hearing the commotion between arctic fox and tabby cat.

          Joey grinned. "It might be a few minutes. Seems they do this every mornin'." He leans in and kisses Lindsay again. "We 'ave the first class together, as well as the last."

          Lindsay grinned as he heard another collision in the bathroom. "Maybe we should go use the campus gym's shower room. I think it would be quicker." Lindsay and Joey grabbed their duffle bags and headed off to the gymnasium. Shaq and Dennis would never know.


            Chapter 16

            Lindsay and Joey, after having returned to the dorm room from the gym's showers to drop off their dirty clothing, headed over to Brookley Hall to attend the morning's general assembly meeting.

            Lindsay and Joey seated themselves with Smokey and Jack. Almost all of the students were here this morning, some more awake than others.

            Lindsay noticed Warneeri sitting up on stage beside Dean Kinsbert, and smiled her way. Warneeri seemed to notice and smiled back. Lindsay blushed slightly, then felt one of Smokey's paws gently plop on his leg, while Joey's paw was on his other leg. Why Me? Lindsay thought. At least they are being polite about it.

            Dennis sat behind Lindsay, and placed his paws on Lindsay's shoulders. "You could've showered at the dorm, guys. You didn't HAVE to go all the way down to the gym to get clean."

            Lindsay grinned. "No, but Joey and I finished, and was back before you and Shaq finished fighting in the bathroom. So maybe it was a generally good idea."

            Dennis chuckled and kissed Lindsay's cheek.

            Lindsay blushed very redly under the fur. Why was everyone coming on to him so suddenly? Not that he minded, but he didn't want to end up hurting someone's feelings later on.

            Kinsbert stood up and began his spiel of information about the college and his hopes for every student attending.

            Shaq YAWNED audibly! Then he grinned at the others. "Who all is as bored as I am?"

            Several furries chimed in! "I am!"

            Shaq grinned and pulled up his SuperSoaker5000 and started firing it at random furries! They respond with retaliating with their own waterguns and peashooters.

            Dennis was GLAD he and the others were far enough away from Shaq's little party. Joey massaged Lindsay's leg as he listened to Kinsbert's speech. Smokey was also rubbing Lindsay's leg with a paw.

            Dennis noticed that Jack was asleep on the bleachers. "Wow. This assembly must be more boring than I thought."

            Lindsay and Joey entered the first class and sat with two females, an okapi and a french skunk. The two quietly smiled at them then turned their attention to the instructor, a buff adult male panther named Mr. Coyle Padraig. The instructor smiled to Lindsay as the bell rang, then he walked over and closed the door.

            Mr. Padraig exclaimed, "Welcome to Social Anatomy 101. I am Mr. Coyle Padraig, your attending instructor. Most of you are here either because you thought this would be fun, or because this class was required as a prerequisite to one of the more challenging classes. Whichever the case, you are stuck with me for the next eight weeks. You will notice that you have been sectioned off into teams of four per table, so it is in your best interest to work hard to accomplish your end of the partnership towards the greater good of your team."

            Chapter 17

            Coyle then continued. "The catch here is this: each of the other seven teams will be grading YOUR team on how well they have learned the tasks given to you. At the end of the week, students may bid on acquiring one of the other team's students in exchange for their poorest student. What this does is it allows each team a chance to work with everyone else taking this class. If you feel this will not be fun, stand now, and leave the class. It is not too late to make class changes."

            Lindsay glanced to Joey, and Joey to Lindsay. This isn't what they were expecting. But neither one offered to leave. Although many others did stand and quietly left the class. Lindsay enjoyed smaller classes. Joey mainly stayed to be with Lindsay.

            Toby and Rodney glanced over at Lindsay and Joey, each smiling and giving a wink. Lindsay also noticed that Jade and Becky were in this class, as well. There were randomly about 12 others who stayed.

            Mr. Padraig smiled too. "I am pleased that we have some brave pioneer students this year. From those remaining, we have a total of five teams to accomplish the tasks I assign over the next eight weeks. For your first assigned task you are given an easy assignment. Study thyselves and write me a five paragraph description of your own anatomies. Remember: you will be graded by your peers."

            The french skunk whispered to Lindsay, "He zertainly eez attempting to make zees azzignment hard, eezn't he?"

            Lindsay glanced back and nodded his head. His own body? He looked at himself. This form wasn't really his own body. He pondered revealing the truth about himself before tasking himself towards working on this class assignment. Would the rest of the furs dislike having a human among them?

            Mr. Coyle Padraig and Lindsay stood in front of Dean Kinsbert's desk in the administration offices. Joey, Dennis, and Shaq eavesdropped from the hallway outside. Warneeri was also in attendance beside Dean Kinsbert. Mr. Padraig seemed mildly agitated by Lindsay's confession.

            Coyle said, "...and when he told me he wasn't a fur right there in front of the class... I was, to say the least, very shocked."

            Kinsbert looked to Lindsay with a stern eye, then tilted his head and exclaimed, "At least you were honest."

            Coyle affixed his gaze on Kinsbert. "You KNEW he wasn't a fur?! Don't you think the rest of administration deserved to know about... about..." Coyle glanced at Lindsay. "...HIM. As you might guess, I am quite upset by all this."

            Kinsbert touched his wing-tips together. "And what do you suggest I do about this?"

            Coyle turned back to Kinsbert. "I want him expelled. I refuse to give instruction to a... a... hyoo-MAN. And I am going to tell the other instructors about... him... as well."

            Kinsbert hummed. "Coyle. I would never have thought that you were prejudiced to other species. I will give this some thought." His resolve was like steel. "Do you have anything else to bring up?"

            Coyle's expression grew dark. "Kinsbert. I want him expelled -this- second. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with a teacher's strike." Coyle turned and stormed out of the offices, right past those in the hallway.

            Chapter 18

            Kinsbert covered his face with his wings. "Lindsay. I'm sorry. Go back to the dorm, pack your things and await further instructions."

            Warneeri released a sad sigh. Mentally to Lindsay, she says, I'll work on getting this cleared. If it's decided that you have to leave, you can stay with Huckleberry and me. We have plenty of room.

            Lindsay sighed and nodded his head. "I'll be at the dorms. I'm sorry I messed everything up." He turned and started back to the dorms.

            The time: Monday night. The place: the campus gym.

            Dennis stood at the borrowed podium glancing over those gathered. He was pleased that many felt as he did about Lindsay. He smiled as he glanced around the assortment of students and even a few teachers. Evidently not everyone wanted Lindsay expelled.

            Shaq gave a thumbs-up to Dennis when the last of the students and faculty arrived. Evidently everyone who was going to come had arrived.

            Dennis began his speech.

            "As you all know, we are gathered here for the support of one of our fellow students who faces expulsion from our fair campus of academic learning. His name is Lindsay Dunmore and he is a human."

            There were several murmurs at this point. Dennis continued.

            "I know some of you have misgivings over humans and what they have done to the surface world, and how they treat animals and the environment... but Lindsay isn't like that. He faces expulsion because he is unfortunate to BE a human. Not because he has threatened our very being or broken any rules. In the short time I have known him, he has never been anything but kind to us. Always helpful; willing to lend a hand when needed; and overall, a good sport. We know him to be clean and respectful to our kind and to our ways."

            Shaq grinned. He knew how commanding Dennis was in the field of politics. Dennis was a great student politician. Dennis pushed on.

            "Lindsay's expulsion may only be the first. After he is gone, which of us will be next. Will you be expelled because you are a poor example of your species? Can we take that chance? I say NO! We must show our support for Lindsay and DEMAND that he be allowed to stay."

            The crowd was starting to get excited. Dennis pressed to finish up.

            "When I first enrolled here, I was told that this was a campus designed towards promoting fair equality to ALL who attended here. I ask you: is the treatment that Lindsay is being given equal to the treatment the rest of us are to expect to be given? Is expulsion the goal we face now? I say again NO! Coyle Padraig gave an ultimatum of either expulsion or a teacher's strike. I say we give him and all others who share his thoughts OUR ultimatum: a student protest or a teacher's strike!"

            The crowd seemed to be enticed by Dennis' speech. They were chanting Lindsay's name. Dennis smiled and gave his finishing statement.


              Chapter 19

              "We came here to be equal! Who is with me?"

              The bedlam roar was overwhelming. Shaq grinned again, as Dennis and the others began handing out leaflets, T-shirts and buttons all with the words of "We Want Lindsay!" and his stag-like representation imprinted upon them.

              Shaq whispered to Joey, "We'll win for sure. Otherwise, I'll crash the campus' computer network." He winked.

              Tuesday morning. Lindsay was ordered to come to classes by Kinsbert, though he was not to attend Pradaig's class at all. Lindsay blushed as he noticed all the buttons and leaflets with his name and picture on them. What the heck is going on? Lindsay was surprised that everyone thought so highly of him. He headed on to his Scientific Engineering class, unsure of what to think of all the attention.

              Lindsay sat down in his seat, noticing Aiden and Duma nearby. He was pleased that not everyone was going crazy over drawing attention to him. Aiden smiled in Lindsay's direction, then the bell rang, and the class began.

              The ending bell rang, and Lindsay headed off for his study hall hour at the campus library. He has barely seated himself when a black furry paw taps his shoulder. Lindsay glanced up, and Mr. Coyle Paidrag stood there with an adult male grey wolf.

              Coyle said, "May I have some of your time, Mr Dunmore?"

              Lindsay hummed. "After yesterday, and the student's evident actions without my knowledge, you must be wanting to talk to me to make a deal of some sort, or to save face. Sure, my study session lasts until 4 PM, so you can have some of my time."

              Coyle, Lindsay and the wolf entered a private room and closed the door. The wolf remained standing near the door. He was obviously being a neutral observer. Coyle and Lindsay sat in two of the chairs in the private office.

              Lindsay asked, "So what's up?"

              Coyle exclaimed, "Look me in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with the student's current protest."

              Lindsay turned and focused on Coyle's eyes. "I had nothing to do with it. In fact, the attention is sort of embarrassing for me."

              Coyle hummed. "I believe you. So that makes this a -Dennis stunt-. Your friends must really like you to have go to such lengths to accomplish your being able to stay here. Tell me why you originally agreed to attend here."

              Lindsay took a breath and prepared himself for giving the explanation. He glanced to Coyle and the wolf, then began his explanation. "I originally had finished college in the state of Montana on the surface world. When I returned home, a letter invitation awaited me from Dean Kinsbert to come join this college, either as a faculty member, like a student counselor, or as a student. I chose to become a student with a hope to make friends as the true me, not the form I wore publicly. Warneeri suggested that I wear this form so that I would fit into the campus better. If I thought my attending here would've caused so many problems with the other faculty members, I would've stayed in Montana as an architectural engineer, my surface world major. I never sought out to mislead anyone. And if the the other students want my presence so badly, we should give it to them."

              Chapter 20

              The wolf arched his eye and quietly hummed to himself. 'This surface boy is perhaps exactly what I am seeking.'

              Coyle's reaction was also expressive. Lindsay's response was not what he was expecting, though he understood Lindsay better for hearing the explanation. Coyle leaned forward and said, "Perhaps I was wrong about you, Lindsay. Though with enough rope, a wrongful person will hang themselves. If your presence here is as sincere as you say, then you will provide more than just a relief to my tired panther heart."

              Lindsay managed a smile.

              Coyle continued, "Tonight, I will contact Kinsbert and drop my complaint against you. But in order to attend my class, I expect to see your human form. Everywhere else, you may walk as the other students do, as a stag, if you choose. Are we agreed, Lindsay?"

              Lindsay gazed into Coyle's eyes and replied, "You really want me to attend class as a human?"

              Coyle nodded his head. "I believe it would be more educational for me than for the students. And you are one of my students. You haven't tranferred out, as yet."

              Lindsay smiled again. "If that is how you want me to attend, then I'll do it. Wearing another form was mainly Warneeri's idea. Is there anything else we need to talk about?"

              Coyle closed his distance between himself and Lindsay, nuzzling Lindsay's neck, and running his paws down Lindsay's sides. "I am sure we can think of something..."

              Lindsay gulped a little when he realized that Coyle was coming on to him, and it was oddly enjoyable...

              The wolf helped Lindsay into the showers at the campus gym. Lindsay was very tired, and was barely able to walk. Jack Carlos and Stuart Masterson were also in the showers when they noticed Lindsay's arrival. They immediately came over to help.

              Jack looked up at the faculty wolf and said, "Wot 'appened to Lindsay, Mr. Sethnic?"

              Mr. Sethnic glanced to Jack and Stuart, and replied, "He and an acquaintance yiffed earlier. I think it was Lindsay's first time. Please do not ask who the person was. If Lindsay wishes to say, he will tell the story. But I will not spread rumors myself."

              Stuart said, "That's cool, sir." He lent a paw towards washing and cleaning Lindsay's exhausted form. Though Stuart was looking for signs of abuse on Lindsay's body. Fortunately, there were none.

              Jack also helped wash Lindsay, though he was very curious who the other partner was. Any other student could possibly handle the activity, but a human wasn't built for it, even if the human WAS in a morphic stag form. He had a suspicion about who the other person was.

              Mr. Sethnic exclaimed, "Thank you boys for helping out this evening. I am looking forward to seeing how sturdy Lindsay is on the campus' football team. After we're done here, I am going to escort him to the nurse's station, just to make sure Lindsay is okay."

              Chapter 21

              Stuart nodded somewhat slowly. "Jack and I are prepping for a book report. Can you excuse us now?"

              Mr. Sethnic nodded his head, and replied, "Of course, boys. Good luck on the report." He resumed washing Lindsay's back muscles.

              Jack and Stuart exited the showers, and Jack whispered to Stuart, "Ah think Lindsay was yiffed by Coyle Paidraig. Otherwise, Mr. Sethnic would've just said who it was."

              Stuart nodded his head back, and whispered in return, "We need to hear it from Lindsay first. Until then, we need to remain calm."

              Lindsay finally awoke enough to pant raggedly, as he looked up at Mr. Sethnic. "...wet... I'm all wet..."

              Mr. Sethnic nodded his head. "Yeah... Campus Gym... the showers... I'm helping you clean up. You think you're in bad shape, you should've seen the shape you left Coyle in." He grinned.

              Lindsay sat up in his bed and grabbed his laptop computer. He opened his email program and prepared the first letter to his folks.

              "Dear Mom and Dad,

              I am finally set up here at Ravibren University. Dean Kinsbert personally helped me get registered.

              My dormitory brothers are really interesting people.

              Dennis is a student politician. He'll have a definate future in the seats of power. If he lives that long...

              Shaquil is a real character. He's into electrical and technological repairs. Hates old computers. He also has quite the mouth on him. Aunt Betty's ears would burn off her head if she had to listen to him for even 5 minutes.

              Joseph is another one of my dorm mates. He's a native Australian and he is Reed Huxley's nephew. His specialty seems to be cooking and personal relations. He'd probably make a great counselor someday.

              There are several other students that show amazing promise here.

              Then there are the instructors. Mr. Paidraig and I had some problems early on, but we have resolved them and are okay now. Mr. Sethnic helped me get to the nurse's station today after I hurt myself a little. No major scars or life-treatening injuries, fortunately.

              I found out that two friends of mine are going to be parents. I'm very happy for them. It's their first time, and I can imagine they're being nervous, but they are good people and I am sure they will make out just fine.

              Tomorrow is another class day for me. I have Calligraphy and Tactical Strategy in the morning, then I am supposed to meet the guys at the Campus Gym in the afternoon for a game of basketball.

              I love you both and appreciate everything you have done for me to help me get to where I am today.

              Your loving son,

              Lindsay Dunmore."


                Chapter 22

                Lindsay smiled as he clicked the send button. He really was enjoying his stay here at Ravibren. He closed his laptop, setting it on his nightstand, and started to settle into bed. He flinched at the painful reminder under his tail, then slowly drifted off to sleep.

                It was Wednesday afternoon.

                Lindsay and the other guys were all at the campus gym playing basketball, lifting weights, and working out, in general. A few of the girls were there too. Joey had the ball and was on Rick's team.

                The little werekangaroo was definately hard to catch, not to mention he had full usage of that tail of his, not just for balance, but as a formidable weapon as well.

                Jack Carlos had already been tripped up by the Auzzy kinsman's tail, and was again bearing down on Joey.

                Joey passed the ball to Smokey, who boomeranged it back at Rick. It was a tricky maneuver, but effective.

                Rick leaped for the seemingly easy shot when Colin sailed into view, intercepting the basketball, and dribble-ran down the court towards the other basket.

                Colin noticed Stuart moving to block him, and yelled out to his left, throwing the ball that way. The basketball missed Lindsay's paws as it ended up in Aiden's paws.

                Colin yelled, "Shoot it, Aiden!"

                Aiden's eyes went wide as he noticed 3 others moving to close in on him, and he leaped, throwing the ball towards the basket.

                Everyone's eyes seemed to pivot towards the basket as the ball hit the top of the backboard, falling back into the rim, bouncing twice, and sinking the winning basket.

                Dennis' team cheered. Colin came over to Aiden in a rush, and hugged and kissed the raccoon in excitement. Aiden was blushing and in shock. He scored the game AND got kissed by Colin.

                Later, Jade treated everyone in the gym to pizza and pasta at a little Italian eatery she knew of. Dennis snugged Lindsay one time and winked. Shaq was glad to be eating anything. He was starved!

                Mr. Sethnic had also joined the outing for the meal, plus, he had something special for the students.

                Mr. Sethnic smiled at everyone, then said, "Attention everyone! It is my esteemed duty to present all of you with a time-honored tradition among those who attend Ravibren University. And that tradition is the receiving of your college jackets. These black leather fur-lined jackets have emblazoned upon them with the symbol of our college's football team, the Sun Raven, in glorious flaming cardinal, harvest gold, and butane sapphire. May you all wear your jackets with pride and respect as you contine your attendance here at Ravibren University."

                Lindsay whispered to Joey, who had gooey cheese half-hanging out of his muzzle, "I am glad you're here with me... mate."

                Joey grinned back, and whispered, "Aye bro, an' Ah am glad ta be 'ere with yas too."

                Stay tuned for the next episode, DT-02 Football Season


                Name: Lindsay Dunmore
                Age: 19
                Species: Human/Stag
                Height: 6'4"
                Weight: 207 lbs
                Major: Architectural Engineer
                Blood Type: B
                Likes: Comic Books, Hiking, Theatre, Easy Listening, Calligraphy
                Dislikes: Prejudicism, Anime Card Games, Mean People, Country Music

                Name: Joseph Huxley
                Age: 17
                Species: WereKangaroo (Trueblood)
                Height: 5'8"
                Weight: 161 lbs
                Major: Public Relations
                Blood Type: B-
                Likes: Rollerblading, Friends, Cooking, Pop Music, Kanga-Fu
                Dislikes: Vegetables, Calculus, Hurting People, Rap Music

                Name: Dennis Andrews
                Age: 21
                Species: Arctic Fox
                Height: 6'3"
                Weight: 199 lbs
                Major: Political Sciences
                Blood Type: A+
                Likes: Weight-lifting, Sports, Bathing, Heavy Metal, Shaq
                Dislikes: Runny Jelly, Frats, Flute Music, Vulgar Language

                Name: Shaquil Pernardo
                Age: 18
                Species: Orange Tabby Cat
                Height: 5'11"
                Weight: 158 lbs
                Major: Data Technologies
                Blood Type: A
                Likes: Computers, Captain Cat TV Show, Waterguns, I-Ching, Dennis
                Dislikes: Old Computers, History, Opera, Jade


                  Name: Chalchi Uhtlicue
                  Age: 20
                  Species: Amazon Iguana
                  Height: 6'5"
                  Weight: 215 lbs
                  Major: Debutante
                  Blood Type: O-
                  Likes: Football, Guys, Being Rowdy, Country Music, Dirty Movies
                  Dislikes: Being Told No, Threats, Snooty People, Whiners

                  Name: Smoke-Over-Rushing-Stream
                  Age: 21
                  Species: Grizzly Bear
                  Height: 6'7"
                  Weight: 223 lbs
                  Major: Chemistry
                  Blood Type: B-
                  Likes: Herbal Foods, Meditation, Balloons, Silence, Doing Chores
                  Dislikes: Obnoxious Noises, Comedies, Telemarketers, Buttermilk

                  Name: Kama Chan
                  Age: 18
                  Species: Panda
                  Height: 5'7"
                  Weight: 149 lbs
                  Major: Pre-Med
                  Blood Type: B-
                  Likes: Meditation, Pre-Planning, Bamboo, Noh, Magic
                  Dislikes: Potty Humor, Reality TV, Elevators, Gamblers


                    Name: Jack Carlos
                    Age: 19
                    Species: Dingo
                    Height: 5'8"
                    Weight: 165 lbs
                    Major: Sports Medicine
                    Blood Type: A-
                    Likes: Basketball, Reading, Rainy Weather
                    Dislikes: Sand, Bad Teachers, Radio Announcers

                    Name: Stuart Masterson
                    Age: 18
                    Species: Otter
                    Height: 5'4"
                    Weight: 149 lbs
                    Major: N/A (Wants to be the world's greatest comic artist)
                    Blood Type: O+
                    Likes: Swimming, Skinny-Dipping, Ice Cream, Comic Books
                    Dislikes: Heavy Clothing, Dry Heat, Women, Green Foods

                    (F1) Darek Vanlyone helped Lindsay Dunmore way back in "Second Eternity; Episode 03: Furry Flipside."

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