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MEMO-LL-01 Party Pack Pride

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    MEMO-LL-01 Party Pack Pride

    This is an ongoing story occurring in the QC Planet continuum. It follows a young male human adult who learns magic and transforms into a handsome cervine anthropomorphic stud in the city of Mascot Electives and Magical Operations, Sun Raven City, where he would be attending Kingdom University with other unique personalities as well as teaming up with Horus the Sun Raven. Enjoy.

    This was started on July 10th 2016 by me (Darrel James Vanwinkle)

    Tags: Human, cartoon, Anime, Cervine, Fox, Tabby, Were-Kangaroo, Raven, Horse, Iguana, Transformation, Multiple Characters

    Zodan (the Cervine of Memo)
    Lindsey Lochmond Dunmore

    MEMO-LL-01 Party Pack Pride
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Ratseye/Pouchlaw)
    July 10th, 2016

    Chapter One

    Hi there. I am Lindsey Lochmond Dunmore; originally from Forestgrove Montana. This story is a re-write of an old adventure I had that was set in Hollow Earth; it is being updated to fit into the QC Planet universe where human interaction with Toon and furry kind is more commonplace. Former guest characters from the old series are being removed and changed due to no longer having permission to include them in the updated story universe. Not to mention, the writer feels that he can now do better than he had in the original series. Most of the old content will be retained with minor alterations. My actual story began way back when I was attending furry conventions in my teenage years.

    I will begin by describing myself to those of you who haven't read the original story.

    I originally stood at six foot four inches in height and weighed in at 207 pounds. I had fair skin, brown eyes and short sandy golden-brown hair. I often wore blue jeans, brown hiking boots and occasionally a plaid blue-white buttoned shirt but more often I could be found without a shirt on doing chores for the local ranch owners. After my move to Sun Raven City later, I would acquire a black leather, fur-lined jacket, emblazoned with the university's symbol, the Sun Raven, in glorious flaming cardinal, harvest gold and butane sapphire. I also occasionally carry a small laptop computer used for keeping in touch with my furry friends. My likes included Comic Books, Hiking, Theater, Easy Listening, Calligraphy and Architectural Engineering. My fursona was an anthropomorphic cervine who was as built as myself.

    The planned Toonium accident which allowed me to meet then CHESS operative Dominic Van Lyon (otherwise known as Anhur the Egyptian Leonine God of War) as well as his associates happened while I was still in junior high. Thank the gods it was Summer vacation when this occurred. Now for the flashback.

    A few days after my transformation, I was sitting in my back yard with my parents trying to figure things out. My parents were very surprised to see four people step out of mid-air into our back yard. Dominic approached my parents and introduced himself and the others. Reed Huxley an all-natural Were-Kangaroo alchemist explained that he was a professional in these matters and began examining my body. K-JAG News Reporter Sallee Tanner and her brother Dominic asked me in-depth questions about the incident. Sallee's sister, Jocelyn "Jo" Tanner just watched everything; she was still surprised that they had made it to Montana in under five minutes.

    Dominic then asked me where I had heard about the people who had sent me the parcel and picture. My father handed Dominic the "Funny Animal Fanzine" and pointed out the advertisement in the back of the book. Dominic and Sallee read it to themselves. They both copied the advertisement into their private notes, then stood back and looked to Reed. By then Reed had completed his cursory inspection of my body and was running some final tests with my bodily fluids. Soon he looked to those gathered and said, "Ah can reverse this, mates, but it will take a few weeks of constant care. May Ah take Lindsay back to California with me to cure 'im? When 'e has been restored to his 'uman form, Ah will contact the Dunmores and return 'im to them if that is what they desire at that time."

    My mother and father gave their consent gladly. Reed and the others then led me through the shimmering gate of air. Within a few minutes, we were all in Reed's front yard in Shelter Cove, California, where Reed smiled as he handed the keys to his store to Dominic. "Show your sisters the store, mate. Ah will take Lindsay out to the apothecary workshop and get started on curing 'im." Reed then led me around the building to the apothecary workshop building directly behind the store.

    By the time Dominic joined us there without his sisters, Reed was mixing ingredients in a bowl. He looked over at me where I was sitting there in a state of depression before having a seat beside me. With a sigh, I said, "I never dreamed something like this would, or even could, happen to me. I used to have fantasies about being something like this. Now it just seems so unexpected. I was going to go to college soon. Now I am a furry like in the comic books."

    Dominic replied, "Reed can fix you up; can't you, Reed?"

    Reed took a deep breath before slowly turning to face the two of us. "Ah didn't want to say this in Montana, mate, but Lindsay's transformation is not a natural one. It was caused by magical alchemy. That means none of my natural cures will change 'im back. The only way to change 'im back is with a similar type of magic that changed 'im in the first place." I sighed again when I heard him say that.

    Dominic then said, "You knew he could only be cured by magic and you still asked to bring him here? What on Earth for? I'm no mage. How were you planning on getting the magic to change him back? Just tell me that." Reed gazed at his human friend. "Call Lord Paul Pardusius, mate. He is currently working with Lord Albert Atticus on the animation project world known as Quad Counties Planet." Dominic blinked his eyes. "You want me to call 'him'? That would be long distance. Are you sure about this?" Reed repeated himself. "Call Lord Paul. It's the only way."

    Dominic departed to call the demonic panther mage who was a professional costumer.

    While he was off doing that, I had a brief chat with the Were-Kangaroo apothecary. "Who is Lord Paul and what is this animation project world thing?" I asked with interest.

    Reed replied, "The animation project world is a place where classic cartoon, anime and live action television personalities go to retire after their shows end. Lord Paul is a demon panther man who is partnered with the cat lord known as Albert Atticus. Lord Paul is well versed in removing magical transformations. Ah am glad 'e is available when things of this nature occur."

    I then asked, "Can regular humans go to visit the place? If so, I think that would make a fine Summer Vacation for someone like me."

    Reed smiled as he patted me on my back. "Yas would 'ave to take that up with Lord Paul. 'e is very reasonable and he likes human males."

    Soon, Lord Paul entered with Dominic as the human stepped off to the side to stand beside the Were-Kangaroo. The demon panther man stood at about six foot two inches in height and he wore an English black suit with a standard black bowler hat upon his head and between his ears. Otherwise he had black fur all over his body and he was quite handsome. He then conducted an examination upon me as the others quietly watched from the sidelines. Lord Paul soon asked, "What did you say did this to him?"

    Dominic brought over the Funny Animal Fanzine and showed the advertisement in the back to Lord Paul. "Lindsey placed an order for one of these samples with the furry of his choice and when he opened the envelope, the drawing within caused him to become the animal man in the picture before igniting in flames and destroying itself."

    End of Chapter One