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C/GW-14 Evil's New Name

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    Athame was being quick really busy himself. He hadn't expected the swamp of television shows who wanted his appearance to endorse various technological items, his teaching classes, and so on.

    Marc grins, "Hey atleast we don't to worry about half of those big problems we used to this way. We're too busy to get in trouble."

    (Terra would break things... She doesn't necessarily believe in subtly)


      Night peeked in on Zularr with a grin. "How's it going, boss zebra?"

      Zularr looked at the black super canine. "How can you possibly hold down a schedule like this?"

      Night grinned. "Super speed helps." He waved a paw at Marc. "How's it going, Marc?"


        Marc grins, "Pretty good. Just adjusting my schedule a bit here so I can balance things out a bit. I got invited to teach a species assignment class.. helping young people, toons and humans alike, who feel they are the wrong species experience their options more safely and such. Given my wide range of experience with different species, I was asked to work some of the more problem youth. Including some with issues similar to the very ones me and Zularr had problems with."


          Night came over and gave Marc a hug first, then he went over to Zularr and gave him a hug too. "Just remember guys... now that Zularr is running the team himself, he is going to be learning just how much Hell the rest of us had in the early days of the Champions. Keeping things clean isn't easy, but worth every fan in the end. Believe me. The only original member who would know what I mean is Athame. And if you haven't looked, read over his schedule sometime. It isn't as bad as mine, but it is still just as involved. Friday night is Buddy's Cookout; males only; the Crusaders are invited as my guests. Anything goes in the SFW format until Midnight. Then the action shifts into NSFW, so it is best to leave at Midnight and go over to the Knight compound where we get milk and cookies, and we can discuss hero stuff."

          He then padded back to the door once again. "Also sometime next week, I'd like for the Crusaders to accompany my team on one of our standard hard core outings. Anyone who have something else to do can opt out. The action can get hot and heavy. And I don't mean in the sexual field, either. Otherwise, I'll see most of you guys for dinner tonight. I need to get my patrol started. See you boys later." and he departed, flying.

          Zularr grinned. "I like this original Night a lot better than all the clones, personally... he not only cares about all of us, but he strives to keep all of his promises. Someday... if we're good... we might be like him and helping out a younger team who is just getting started."


          A few days later; Aussieland

          Standing at the ready was Night's hard core team, the New Super Stars: Wonder Dog (a golden retriever), Arcana (a magic using mare), Lord Darcadia (a black noble vampire canine), Reliquary (a vampire hunting feline), Kangaroo King and Joey Boy (a pair of were-kangaroos), Warpdrive (an Australian husky), Arch-Angel (a white Great Dane), and Egyptia (a white feline.)

          In the Crusaders were Zularr's team: Zularr Ze Bronx (Eclipse), Don Boomer (The Mobfather), Rya Quetzales (Elongated Leopard), Chou Mauk Sing Lu Yok (Chou Tetsuo), Jeremiah Goodman (Twilight), Herald Danvers (Midnight), Oren Tokala (Alpine Rabbit), Pulsar Porcupine (Gatling Quill), Cornelian Olympus (Zeus),; Doctor Athame Kingsan (Apex), Marc Garfield (Arclight), Aeon Firestar (Firestar), Westy (Super Fimpy), and Robin Rabbit (the Buckshot.)

          Night was debriefing all of the heroes gathered there. "Here in Aussieland, the villains defy the union's laws and therefore, they play hardball here. That means... when fighting bad guys... anything goes... except killing them. We draw the line at murder. Otherwise, you can let it all hang out while you're here. For this outing, accompany any of my team members you want. If you get into a fight, you better hope you're in a top form. The bad guys will target you if you're acting weak. Good luck, heroes. You'll need it."

          And then their hard core patrol outing began. And they would be in many fights before that evening.


            Westy thought this was the best fun he had since the start of the Champions. These guys were bad.... and he liked being able to show the bad guys what being bad gets you. (And definitely not in the sexual way)

            Athame mostly ran intelligence for the teams, keeping up with who was where and what was going on at every location. With his practically army of robotic drones watching everything, he could keep tabs on all the heroes, offer support and backup whenever a fight erupted and even a few times, personally assisted in taking down the villains who were particularly recalcitrant. It certainly makes things easier when you have a brain like his organizing the fights and offering up to date strategy and tactics on the fly.

            Marc could more than handle himself, but he mostly wanted to observe how the other team worked together and functioned.

            Buckshot was glad for the chance to show off what he could do... And not being in jail any more helped a lot.


              After the outing session, Night was conferring with Athame as they went over the results of the team up patrol since a lot of villains did initiate combat against the Crusaders.

              Zularr stood to one side as he wore a cold compress on his head while he sipped on some Aussie made tea. "What a brutal outing. I thought I was in better shape than this. No wonder Night wanted a Hard Core team. If this is a sample of what he deals with, then I would have to agree that Myths is super lacking in this department."

              Don patted the zebra on the shoulder. "It's not yer fault, mate. Before today, the Champions only 'ad to deal with cushy posh incidents. In comparison to what we 'ad to do today... we're still cadets. Ah'm surprised that one bloke 'urt Fimpy like that. Never saw what 'appened to the bloke after that, tho..."

              Twilight and Midnight stood side by side grinning looking like duo twins of Night the Superdog only older.

              Oren hugged Buckshot and gave him a bunny to bunny kiss.