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The Champions (Volume 2) - Profiles

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  • The Champions (Volume 2) - Profiles

    The Champions (Volume 2) - Profiles

    In a world of Paint and Ink, join Night the Superdog (Harold Dangers) and his friends as they continue their adventures in Q.C. West's Lycopolis Lake.

    This Role Playing Game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    The Character Profiles in this thread are only for the Players / Writers who are going to be joining me in this Role Playing Game adventure.

    The Champions:
    Harold Dangers, Alias "Night the Superdog" - Warheart
    Rya Quetzales, Alias "Jungle Cat" - Warheart
    Chou Mauk Sing Lu Yok, Alias "Chou Tetsuo" - Warheart
    Valatraint, Alias "Leviathan" - Warheart
    Zularr Ze Bronx, Alias "Eclipse Zebra" - Warheart
    Krieg Blitzenburg, Alias "Blitzkrieg" - Warheart
    Don Boomer, Alias "The Mobfather" - Warheart
    Doctor Athame Kingsan, Alias "Apex" - Darquirrin
    Marc Garfield, Alias "Arclight" - Darquirrin
    Aeon Firestar, Alias "Firestar" - Darquirrin
    Talbot Lorne, Alias "Mystikat" - Darquirrin
    Lionel Kazimierz, Alias "Savanna King" - Darquirrin
    Cero Fox, Alias "Cero" - Darquirrin
    Westy, Alias "Super Fimpy" - Darquirrin

    Guardian Argonauts:
    Hal Dangers, Alias "Decadex" - Warheart
    Amethyst Thunderscale, Alias "Elementasia" - Warheart
    Celare Canis, Alias "Pyrotechnic" - Warheart
    Asterion Minos, Alias "Paladar" - Warheart
    Bartholomew Kaleson, Alias "Knightstar" - Warheart
    Dorwin Watson (Mister Whistleplix), Alias "Captain Chaos" - Warheart
    Stephan Steele, Alias "Faustian" - Darquirrin
    Azuragos, Alias "Azuragos" - Darquirrin
    Samantha Bontinca, Alias "Druidia" - Darquirrin
    Serilon Stagg, Alias "Super Buck" - Darquirrin
    Marigold, Alias "Thanatos" - Darquirrin
    Huskiana Du Bois, Alias "Hybros" - Darquirrin

    Ace the Bathound - Warheart
    Dalis, leader of the UEC - Darquirrin

    From the Muck:

    Champions (Citadel) Adventures / Extreme Darktrailers RP:

    Shadow the Midnight Crusader (Aaron Labrador)
    Elongated Leopard (Rya Quetzales)
    Yok Mauk (Chou Mauk Sing Lu Yok),
    Blitzkrieg (Krieg Blitzenburg)
    Mister Whistleplix (Dorwin Watson)
    Shift (Orion Angeles)
    Octopanthor (Octavius Ludwig von Thorandeshankmeier)
    Flipsize (Wilson Flipperson)
    Cyscale Knight (Athame Kingsan)
    The Arcanist (James Talbot)
    The Cat Prince (Jonas Spellman)
    Druidia (Samantha Bontinca)
    Firestar (Pheon Starspire)
    Arclight (Stalone Irondrift)
    Zero-G (Zare O'Gradius)
    Po-Shaun (Shaun Lan Zho Chi Po)

    Saro, the Vermin Shadow Warrior (Zularr Ze Bronx)
    Mayze (Ubert Godfrey)
    Spellcraft (Sargon Keir)
    Twister (Tyger Bardeau)

    Magicwood All-Stars RP:

    Harold Dangers
    Reynard the Foxtaur
    Saro Ze Bronx (Vermin Ninja)
    Weston Wolfram Harte
    Gregory the Dwaggy Boi
    Tyr the Golden Wolf
    Ace (Bat Hound)

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    [frame]Night the Superdog "the original" & "head instructor"Alter Ego: Ta'fortia the Black Kitsune (before all the time changing restarts)Home of Origin: Inari's Kitsune RealmSex: MaleType: Black Kitsune turned Kryptonian Black LabradorQC Relation: N/ASponsors: Timesheart Tiger, Ace the Bat Hound, Krypto the Superdog, The Dog StarsPowers: Same as Krypto (with a Pink Kryptonite weakness (opposite of Green Kryptonite))Catch-Phrase: "Every one of you have a hero within your bodies who is just itching to get out to defeat evil."[/frame]Ta'fortia was in a lesson with Ace as they walked around Lycopolis Lake. It was odd to see Ace as himself rather than in his Bat Hound gear, but Ace looked far better without the cape and cowl. And Ace really LIKED the real Harold Dangers more than he liked Hal.And that was saying lots.But today he was with Ta'fortia.With the Guardian Weyr's new agreement to work with the Argonauts, the co-joined team became the Guardian Argonauts. And they were actually pretty awesome. It was also revealed (in game) that 'Steel Dragon' had become 'Knightstar' and had been acting the 'Harold' role at Hal's request while Leviathan searched for the real Harold.[frame]Eclipse ZebraAlter Ego: Zularr Ze BronxHome of Origin: Jaded ShadowSex: MaleType: ZebraSponsors: Ace the Bat Hound, Night the SuperdogPowers: Super Light, Super DarknessCatch-Phrase: "I can make the brightest day and the darkest night and I ain't even a Green Lantern."[/frame][frame]Jungle CatAlter Ego: Rya QuetzalesHome of Origin: QC South America (Brazil)Sex: FemaleType: Jungle LeopardSponsors: Wonder Dog, Don BoomerPowers: High powered weapons, Black agent protection suit, Climbing claws, Mob trainingCatch-Phrase: "This is more fun than stretching ever was."[/frame]Formerly known as Elongated Leopard until her stretching powers abruptly turned off by themselves after a timely warning from her former employer, the Mob Kangaroo known as Don Boomer. Wanting to help his old friend, he tagged up with Rya and gave her a whole new arsenal of goodies that would make her more formidable than she had ever been before.[frame]The MobfatherAlter Ego: Don BoomerHome of Origin: QC North America (Atlanta)Sex: MaleType: Mafia KangarooSponsors: n/aPowers: Wealth, Resources, Vehicles, Weapons; Invulnerability, Aero-Layer Shielding, Power LeapingCatch-Phrase: "Didn't know Ah could do this, did yas?"[/frame]


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      [frame]ApexAlter Ego: Doctor Athame KingsanHome of Origin: JapanopolisSex: MaleType: Black/Gold Gecko / Alternate Form with Increased PowerSponsors: HimselfPowers: Psionics, Technopathy, Super Genius, Super CuteCatch-Phrase: "I am the Apex. Through my mind and will, I shall make all things possible."[/frame]As the two were talking, a large metallic ship eclipsed the courtyard. The ship was a shiny smooth but slightly pebbled with an very interesting scaled look when viewed up close. Each 'faux-scale' appearing to be a metallic color that shifted every so subtly as if to confuse and bewilder the eye, twinkling with hints of chaos energies.Silently a hatch slides open on the bottom of the craft as what from a distance appears to be a rather small figure descends from it, apparently walking on air from the distant spectators view but Kaleidoscope could the truth was actually that he was walking on rapidly formed and deforming steps apparently being formed and disassembled at incredible speed.The figure, as it drew nearer, was one that was both instantly familiar and strangely dissimilar from the person Knightstar knew before. The young scaly was indeed a gecko, covered in smooth black and gold metallic scales but instead of his typical outfit, the young hero wore instead a similarly scaled set of carefully crafted armor that blended into his natural pattern nearly perfect and only the glowing lines of energy running over the armor's inlays and readouts belay the illusion. In truth, only about 1/3 of the gecko's frame is armored, but it's enough to protect the vital organs as well as provide an up-link to his ship and main laboratory base. After a moment of looking around the area, his gaze settles on Knightstar and he approaches as the ship behind him actually appears to phase out of reality as it cloaks, restoring the normal lighting, with only the slightest ripple of chaotic energy.The gecko looks up at Knightstar as he is still rather tiny in comparison, "I am Apex. Are you accepting new team members?"[frame]Super FimpyAlter Ego: WestyHome of Origin: Infernal Planes, Vulpina, HellSex: MaleType: Fox-Imp HybridSponsors: Night the SuperdogPowers: Infernal Powers, Imp Powers, ConjurationCatch-Phrase: "I SUPER FIMPY! I SAVE THE DAY!"[/frame]Westy looked around at all the people... And shook his head. He didn't understand why all the new people were here and not so many of his friends were. Then he spotted Night the Superdog and got an idea! He giggled to himself and teleported straight into Night's lap, "Hi! Me Westy. Me BIIIIIG fan!! Me join? Yes?" He looks up at Harold with biiiiiiiig pleading fox-imp eyes.


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        [frame]Chou Tetsuo (Powerful Wise Hero)Alter Ego: Chou Mauk Sing Lu YokHome of Origin: Tibet-JapanopolisSex: MaleType: Tibetan YakQC Relation: N/ASponsors: Dasher Sleighton, Hong Kong PhooeyPowers: Martial Artist; Shaggy Fur Coat of Infinite Holding; Shukenja spells.Catch-Phrase: *gong rings* "A good martial artist knows where all the pain centers are. Pardon my cloven hoof." POW![/frame]Chou Mauk Sing Lu Yok sat on the floor with crossed legs while quietly meditating in a darkened chapel before 3 small candles that burned in yellow, blue, and orange. His thoughts were on his friends Athame Kingsan, Dorwin Dorchester, and of course, Harold Dangers. He reflected again on his origin as he meditated within the shrine.Yok had been studying under a master in a secluded monastery until the day a super villain came and murdered his master. It mattered not that he was an anime yak studying under an anime human, his master destroyed... he knew that he either needed to get revenge on super villains or he needed to find his true parents.Yok had been an orphan.Yet his master thought he had the spark for becoming the most awesome martial artist ever known.But he wasn't just a normal yak... he had a magical coat of fur that he could store almost anything inside of. A natural shaggy fur coat of infinite holding.His first excursion into the outer world had him encounter a famous reindeer named Dasher and a famous super hero of martial arts, Hong Kong Phooey. At first, Yok wasn't going to help them against their enemy until... the enemy made the mistake of calling himself... a super villain. And what happened next was too brutal to repeat. Too brutal for even the heroes themselves to even remember.When it was over with, Dasher and Phooey escorted Yok to the Maverick College, explaining that the masters there would be able to help to instruct him on how to handle super villains properly. And the two hoped they never saw what Yok had done again.Yok slowly stood up and extinguish each candle and slowly departed the chapel. Since his Shukenja powers began to develop, he was now not only a martial artist, but a healer as well.[frame]Leviathan "The new MIT dean"Alter Ego: Valatraint "Noble Justice"Home of Origin: QC MagicwoodSex: MaleType: DraconianQC Relation: N/ASponsors: N/APowers: Super Strength, Flight, Flame Breath; Draconian LawyerCatch-Phrase: "Now that I am involved, you will learn just how strict the laws really are."[/frame]Last seen in Champions Episode 1, Leviathan was hired by Hal to locate the REAL Harold Dangers and bring him back into the fold. Since the A-Squad fiasco at MIT that almost got him and his friends demoted, he served his punitive public service duties and then left to start his hero career. But he quickly found that unless you were a Champion, then no one on Q.C. Planet would take you seriously. That is why he so quickly agreed to do as Hal asked. If he rescued the REAL Harold, then Q.C. Planet would see that he was a real hero without being a Champions member. But strange things happen in space when you least expect it. And when he found Harold in a battle with a band of Frontier super villains, he realized that Frontier had no Mavericks of its own. A new hero school was needed and Harold offered to help him set up and run the new school... in space.[frame]BlitzkriegAlter Ego: Krieg BlitzenburgHome of Origin: QC GermanySex: MaleType: Doberman PincherSponsors: Solomon, Hercules, Zeus, ApolloPowers: Lightning powers, Weather control, FlightCatch-Phrase: "Today's forecast calls for... me. Don't you criminals feel lucky?"[/frame][frame]Captain ChaosAlter Ego: Dorwin Watson (Mister Whistleplix)Home of Origin: Interdimensional MansionSex: MaleType: DormouseQC Relation: N/ASponsors: N/APowers: Chaos Magic ManipulationCatch-Phrase: "Den Da DUH! I am Captain Chaos! Lying in wait with a chocolate cake!"[/frame]